BMF (2021) s03e10 Episode Script

Prime Time

Meech is the only out-of-towner
willing to work with us, not against us.
What Remi think about all this?
But look, I got a recipe to
whip the work without cutting it.
And when Henri can't sell her shit
for what she bought it for,
she won't be able to pay her plug back.
Then that nigga will
take the trash out for us.
And tell Terry he's next!
Whatever we get on this
wire won't be admissible
'cause we ain't cops anymore.
[BRYANT] Sometimes you
got to meet the bad guys
at they own level.
I've never been with
somebody like you before.
[CHARLES] This is
Denise, our new driver.
[TERRY] Nice to meet you.
[DENISE] He didn't
understand that whoever
slashed her tires is gonna keep coming,
so we got to fight back.
Our promoter friend booked us
on a six-week gospel circuit.
You should ride with us, Charles.
- [MAURICE] What?
- Okay, wait, wait.
What's wrong? What'd I do?
I'm still married and
I'll wait as long as I have to.
I'm asking again for you
to come with me as my wife.
The truth is, I
I don't I-I-I think
I'm in love with Maurice.
So that's it?
[TERRY] The safe only
opens with a combo.
The car has to be in park.
There you have it.
You motherfucker.
Hey, yo, can y'all stop playing
and just give us back our car, please?
Man, these going to impound.
They find out what's in
that fucking van, man.
Yeah, they won't.
They're called safes for a reason.
Yeah, but that's everything we had,
everything we worked for, bro.
[YOUNG MEECH] I said put the rock
in a safe place, not bring it home.
This is the safest place I know.
You a dumb ass a million
spots to hide this shit.
Man, fuck you, you always
think you know better.
Fuck you, too, I do know
better I'm the big brother.
Oh, all right.
What about your locker at school, then?
Locker? I'm not going back.
Wait, what? Are you dropping out?
Hell, yeah.
This rock gonna do
more to change our life
than any motherfucking
high-school diploma.
What if the hustling
don't work out, Meech?
It has to, Tee,
'cause I'm done putting
cardboard in my shoes,
getting bullied at school
for sharing raggedy-ass jeans,
stealing electricity
whenever it runs out,
and I'm done wondering where
our next meal coming from.
Hey, look, look, Pat putting us on,
and he's showing us the game.
It's our chance, Tee. We got to take it.
So what?
[TERRY] Listening to bro,
I couldn't help but
be inspired and shit.
It was the fact that he was fearless,
and I sometimes wish I had his courage.
- You got the cash?
- Nigga, you got the keys?

I told y'all boys we were gonna come up
when Meech peel away from Miami.
Let go.

Man, we got to get our
fucking cars back, man.
One of them vans is
registered in my name,
but them boys still putting
our shit on the auction block.
We just got to outbid
everybody, then we sweet.
I got Francois set up in a warehouse
ready to work on our new fleet.
[TERRY] Shit, it's fucking Remi.
[REMI] Eat shit, Meech.
[MEECH] Those are our vans and our work.
Man, how the fuck Remi get our shit?
[PERSON] Man, he got
the home-court advantage.
Has cops on his payroll and shit.
Okay, well, now we know who
called in that anonymous tip
into the Red Dogs.
And I'm gonna put an end to
this Remi shit once and for all.
Yo, I'm not getting in
another shootout, Meech.
Tee, J-Pusha is already on
my back about the delay, man.
If I can get just one of
these Atlanta heads to fight,
it will be on.
But Remi poppin' Claude fucked that up.
Look, you said Claude already planted
the bug in Sharp's ear.
Sharp is a businessman.
Once he see we got better product
and a way to move the
work past the Red Dogs,
he can't say no to you.
Sunday night
everybody and they mama be
outside JR Cricket's
parking lot pimpin'.
All right, that's the move, then.

Yo, Tee, Hoop just got lit up.
- Wait, is is he dead?
- What? Let me listen.
I don't know, man. The
doctors ain't telling us shit.
But the streets saying it was Henri.
- Your troops need you, Tee.
[TERRY] All right, I'm coming home.
- I'm coming.
What the fuck aren't you telling me?
Look, since you've been gone,
I've been fighting my own war back home
with this butch bitch, Henri.
You got to put that bitch down, Tee.
Put her ass down.
I convinced her plug to cut her off,
and now she shot Hoop.
He's laying in that hospital
bed because of me, man.
- This this bitch is crazy.
- You got this, Tee.

[MEECH] Both me and Tee was facing
defining leadership moments
for our organization.
And if we didn't rise to the occasion,
we could lose motherfucking everything.
everything on the line ♪
Out here I'm on the grind ♪
Trying to get mine ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
A nigga move the weight ♪
Trying to get the cake ♪
I'm in and out of state ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
Too many niggas fake ♪
It's hard to tell a snake ♪
One more flip and I'm straight ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
I don't go hand to hand ♪
It go gram after gram ♪
Yeah, holla at me, man ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
Too many niggas fake ♪
It's hard to tell a snake ♪
One more flip and I'm straight ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
[50 CENT] The D's ain't that good ♪
These niggas is ratting ♪
They tell them what's going on ♪
That's how they
know what's happening ♪
I'm riding with the top down ♪
Trunk full of yola ♪
Ghetto pharmaceutical ♪
I move that Coca-Cola ♪
Thousand grams of pure ♪
Though I fuck with the weirdos ♪
They snort away the pain ♪
Bang their dope in their vein ♪
Shorty crying Christmas ain't coming ♪
Her pop's locked up ♪
When it hurts the worst ♪
Your ace find out she knocked up ♪
Welfare ain't an option ♪
When the Feds come knocking ♪
It's all fucked up so wish me luck ♪
[CHARLIE] At least
You could wish me luck ♪
A nigga move the weight ♪
Trying to get the cake ♪
I'm in and out of state ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
Too many niggas fake ♪
It's hard to tell a snake ♪
One more flip and I'm straight ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
I don't go hand to hand ♪
It go gram after gram ♪
Yeah, holla at me, man ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
Too many niggas fake ♪
It's hard to tell a snake ♪
One more flip and I'm straight ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
Wish me luck ♪
At least you could wish me luck ♪
Oh, yeah, wish me luck ♪
Wish me luck ♪
All you got to do
is wish me luck, yeah ♪
[TERRY] I'm I'm sorry.
Oh, shit, man.
I'm so glad to still
see you above ground.
Hell, yeah.
We thought we lost you for a minute.
Nah, y'all motherfuckers
can't get rid of me that easy.
Henri says you next, Tee.
Man, fuck that bitch.
She's next, all right?
No, you ain't riding
on her without me, man.
Yo, chill, chill, relax.
You need to get some rest.
We gonna handle the payback.
You sit back and enjoy that
fine-ass nurse in the hallway.
Let her feed you all
the Jell-O you want.
- You rest up.
Man, make sure y'all get that bitch.
I'll have my guys handle Henri.
Nah, no more of that bullshit.
I'm gonna pull the
trigger for real this time.
Tee, that bitch is crazy
and out of your league.
- You not ready.
- Yeah, that's good.
That's why I'm gonna outsmart her ass.
[JIN] Your daughter was an amazing woman
and police officer.
I cared about her very much.
Things were complicated between us.
We'd we lost contact,
and I just well, I
wish I had tried harder.
Before Cobie died, she
said she wanted to call you,
that she wanted to let go of the past.
Thank you for that.
I want her killer brought to justice.
That's why I've been working
this case off the books.
You got any leads?
Yes, but I've been suspended,
and I can't legally make any arrests.
This goes way above my pay grade.
I can't trust anybody in the department.
And when the time comes,
I'm gonna need you to
help me make the arrest.

I want a name.
Have you ever heard
of the Andreas family?



[SINGER] God has not ♪
Promised me ♪
Sunshine ♪
That's not the way ♪
It's going to be ♪
But a little rain ♪
[SINGERS] A little rain ♪
[SINGER] Mixed with God's sunshine ♪
A little pain ♪
[SINGERS] A little pain ♪
[SINGERS] Makes me appreciate ♪
The good times ♪
Be grateful ♪
[SINGER] Grateful ♪
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Everything is right in front of me.
It's all within my reach.
You know, Remi ain't never gonna let you
make Atlanta your home.
Man, fuck Remi.
I'm looking at the next
step for BMF's expansion.
What if we just left together?
Just went away and
started somewhere new?
Angel, I left everything and everyone
that I love back in the D
so I could build a new family
and make Atlanta my home.
Much as I love ATL, it
ain't loving me back.
All the money that
you making in the club,
all those people come to see you.
Do you know how many girls
would kill to be in your shoes?
I guess I just never
thought of it like that.
Perspective is everything.
Me and my brother, we
always go by the saying
"see it, touch it, obtain it."
And I'm gonna make Atlanta and Remi
my bitch.

[TERRY] I need you to call Henri
and tell her that you changed your mind,
that you want to be her supplier again.
We don't want to get in
the middle of any shit
- between you two.
- I don't care.
If you don't play ball, I
will cut your supply off.
What's your plan?
Just give her a time
and place to meet you,
and I'm gonna handle it from there.
What's up, Pops?
Your mom and I signed divorce papers.
Oh, shi

And I got nowhere to go.

I like your new look.
You look handsome.
Yeah, Tyson told me to do it,
but, mm, I didn't have the courage then.
Now that he's gone, it's
a way of honoring him
and myself.
Whoever killed your cousin has to pay.
That kind of shit can't go unchecked.
Hmm, don't you worry, mama.
I'm gonna handle business,
and I'm gonna take down Terry
Flenory once and for all.
Like the boss you are.
When are you planning to do it?
[PERSON] That cop you killed
was your girlfriend's partner.
Councilman Amberson had a meeting
with Detective Veronica Jin.
She told him she's
building a case against you.
Our entire organization is at risk
because of your poor
judgment, Henrietta.
Work stuff?
I don't want to talk about work.
I want to play.
[JIN] Okay.
I want to take away
all your hurt and pain.
- [HENRIETTA] Mm-hmm.
- Give you pleasure.

[HENRIETTA] You nurturing as fuck.
So I'm gonna suck on
them titties like a baby.

Hmm. You want to play rough, huh?
Mama's gonna have to punish you.

- I can't breathe.
- Shut the fuck up, Veronica.
I know about your little fucking meeting
with Councilman Amberson.

Oh, oh, you fucking bitch!


[BRYANT] Henri's out.
Partner, you okay?
Cobie was right about her dad
being a fucking piece of shit,
'cause he was on Blaze's payroll, too.
Did you tell Councilman Amberson
- about the wire?
- No.
Good, then it's still in play.
We just stay the course.

Hello, Lucille.

Oh, my God, Reece, it's beautiful.

You look beautiful.
[SINGER] Tell me you know ♪
How I feel about you, baby ♪
It ain't no mystery ♪

Charles and I signed the divorce papers.
[SINGER] More and more ♪
When I'm with you ♪
Ooh ♪
And nothing compares to your love ♪
I have wanted you for so long.
Me too.
[SINGER] You were sent from above ♪
Oh ♪
When you get right down to it ♪
Get right down to it ♪
It's just you and me ♪
It's simple as one, two, three ♪
When you get right down to it ♪
Right down to it ♪
Where I wanna be
where I wanna be ♪
And it's fine with me ♪
Lately I been thinkin' 'bout ♪

Another round of wings
for everybody on me.
And I put a little extra
in there for you, too.
Okay, big spender.
Hey, yo.
There go Sharp.

Ooh, hey.
The rims on your ride are tight.
Good looking, big dawg.
Appreciate that. I'm Meech.
Yeah, from what Claude
say, you the second coming.
You know, I wanted to
get down with y'all,
but now that Remi got your cars,
it's gonna be hard to
fulfill that prophecy
when you ain't got no work.
You see, the joke's actually on Remi
and all you motherfuckers.
Y'all cannot get into my cars
without me and my mechanic.
- Is that right?
You see, y'all stole my
cars about two days ago.
If Remi was able to get into them,
you'd be the one standing
here feeding everybody.
[CHUCKLES] But instead,
I'm the one showing out
because I got that pure shit.
Now even the Red Dogs
can't even get into my shit
because my spots are secured so tight.

Well, what I got to
do to be down with BMF?

[LUCILLE] This is
everything I ever dreamed of.
- Mm, you better get used to it.
Well, that won't be hard.
You know, the truth is
Charles and I have been
over for a long time.
And when he started
cheating with our neighbor,
that was just that
was the last straw.
And then when you came along,
it was like God had closed one door
and opened another.

Lucille, there's something
I need to tell you.

What is it, Reece?
You know I love and admire you.

So I want to start the rest
of our lives with honesty.
[LUCILLE] Mm-hmm.

I've been engaged for two years.

A fiancée?
I couldn't bring myself
to walk down the aisle.

Sweet Jesus, help me.
She wasn't you.
I knew this was too good to be true.

I'm not gonna be with another cheater,
and I damn sure am not
okay being the other woman.
Lucille, please don't leave.
Goodbye, Maurice!

[SHARP] Remi usually out
walking the kids to school
in the morning.
All right, I just need my keys back
so I can get my cars out of here
'cause I ain't unloading
my shit in here.
Hold on man, I got to see the
weight before I believe it.
Look, I don't just have ATL on lock.
I also got a pipeline in Alabama.
Face the wall.
Face the wall, nigga!
[SCOFFS, CLICKS TONGUE] Man, chill out.
- [PERSON] You turn around,
your brain is gonna get
splattered all over that wall.
All right, now, Sharp,
you can turn around now.
You wasn't bullshitting.
Your spot's legit,
and these the whitest girls I ever seen.
'Cause I'm a man of my word.
Together, man, we need to finish up
what you and Claude started,
get the rest of the
Atlanta zones on board.
- Let's get it.
- All right.

- [REMI] Hey, homeboy!
Look like we got another fucking snake,
like that nigga Claude.
It's a good thing for me, I
got a few who's still down,
like my nigga Froggy.
Fuck you, Sharp. Game over.
- Nah, not even close.
- Motherfucker.

- Fuck!

[TERRY] Hey, Kisha, I was just calling
to let you know I love you.
Please give me a call back.
If you so confident about capping Henri,
why you making last calls?
I ain't making a last call.
I just wanted to hear her voice.
She haven't been returning
my calls since Miami.
But that bitch Henri, when she pull up,
she's gonna think she's meeting
with the Chaldeans, right?
So she ain't gonna know
what the fuck hit her.
Tee, you ain't no killer.
And just know, once you make that move,
ain't no turning back.
Yeah, well, maybe that's a good thing,
especially in our line of work.
Wow, the wall looks good as new.
[CHARLES] I didn't want
to leave behind any holes.
There's a there's
a lot memories here.
things aren't going to
work out with me and Reece.
You had a change of heart?
He just wasn't who I thought he was.
Does this mean you'll
come on tour with me?
I've been praying to God
that I could see you as a friend
and no longer my husband.
Did He answer your prayers?
Yeah. Um
And I realized that the only man
that I need in my life right
now is my Heavenly Father.
Fair enough.

Lucille, I will always love
and respect you as the
mother of our children.

And I will always be here.


- Fuck.
[PERSON] This doesn't look good.
Jin got away.
Do I have to do everything myself?
You have brought me nothing
but death and disappointment
since the day you were born.
How could you say something
so fucked up to me?
Because it's true!
First your mother.
Now your cousins.
I am not gonna let you
be the death of everything
I've worked so hard to build.

I am stripping you of your
organization, Henrietta.

My name is Henri.
Say it.
For God's sake, quit
acting like a child.

- Say it.
- Put the gun down.
Say it!
Henri, I know you're upset,
but this isn't the answer.

You see? This is why I didn't want you
in the drug game in the first place
'cause women are too emotional.
What the fuck?

Holy shit, murder one
a bird in the fucking hand.
I'm calling for backup.
Oh, my God. Where the
fuck is this bitch?
I don't think she coming, man.
She was supposed to
be here two hours ago.
We both got organizations to run,
and we ain't getting shit
done sitting around here.
So let's go. Let's roll.
Hit the gas. We out.
If Henri's not coming
to us, we going to her.

- [OFFICER] Don't move!
- [OFFICER 2] Get on the ground!
- [OFFICER] Let me see them!
- [OFFICER 2] Hands! Hands!
- Hands!
- Shit.
- [OFFICER] Move!
- [OFFICER 2] Put it down!
Don't even fucking think about it.
You're under arrest, asshole.
These bracelets are all
the rage on the runway.
- Man, fuck you.

Those cuffs you're wearing,
they belonged to my partner,
who you killed in cold blood.
We could have been happy together.
Reality is, you're gonna go to prison
for the rest of your life.
And every time you come up for parole,
I'm gonna be there to testify
about what a piece of shit you are.

[WHISPERING] I killed your cousin.

When we expose the
names on Blaze's ledger,
maybe I'll get my gun and badge back.

Damn, ain't that some shit.
[PERSON] Tee, you won.
That's all that matters.
[TERRY] All this time, I've been trying
to outshine Meech and prove to everyone
what kind of man and leader I could be.
But the truth is, nigga, Meech is always
gonna be the face of BMF.
I'm gonna forever be in the shadows.
What if you stop looking
at it as a weakness,
turn it into a strength?
Like move in the shadows?
They'll never see you coming.

[MEECH] So, when you down with BMF,
there's no infighting.
Everybody gets to the bag,
and everybody shines like new money.
Man, I done seen Meech's
weight with my own eyes,
and his spots are so next level,
even the Red Dogs can't fuck with him.
Boy, you a dumb fucking
outsider showing up in my hood
like this.
Man, your time is up.
You done, and now you
finna be a dead outsider.
Nah, Meech right, Remi.
Techwood don't want or need you anymore.

Hold up, let me get this shit straight.
Y'all displacing me?
Man, get the fuck on.

After all I done did for y'all niggas.
Now we're walking your
ass right out the door.

All right.
I swear before God,
you ain't seen the last of me.

Pussy-ass niggas.
Y'all ain't seen the last of me!


What's up, man?
Damn, fool, this shit clean right here.
Hey, you straight?
Thirsty or something?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, l-l-let
me get one of them.
[PERSON] Appreciate it.

- Keep the change, fool.
- Shit, for real?
- [REMI] Yeah.
- Good looks, man.



- Yeah, we got Missouri, Alabama,
Michigan, Ohio, and
Georgia up in this bitch.
[CHUCKLES] Now, this only the beginning.
We gonna have ten times as
many more clients as we go.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
J-Pusha, St. Lou.
Bleek, Cleveland.
That's what's up.
All right, y'all, check it out.
Now, moving forward, this is
where you pick up your work
and drop off your money, all right?
Atlanta is officially
our distribution hub.
[J-PUSHA] Yeah.
[RAPPER] I move a ton of weight ♪
Looks like Brooklyn Bridge shit ♪
I'm talkin' Sosa
more coca than Chapo ♪
I ain't cookin' dinner
but I'm in that pot, though ♪
Work, I'm whippin' it
stirrin' like the witches do ♪
I got that witch's brew
fiends twitchin' twitchin' too ♪
It's movin' ♪
- [OFFICER] Move along.
- Thanks, Officer.
[RAPPER] Land Rovers and PVs, work ♪
- [MEECH] Tee, what up, doe?
- [TERRY] What up, doe?
[MEECH] The artist
completed his artwork.
Remember what I told
you about General Sherman
building something
better here in Atlanta?
I did the same thing,
and I'm sending the tickets your way.
[TERRY] The ticket holders
are excited for the concert.
After they arrive, I'm gonna
head your way to celebrate.
Okay, okay, but how is the
ladybug that was bothering you?
Uh, she was a tough shell,
but she got caught in
my windshield wipers.
- I knew you'd handle it.
- Thanks.
Oh, yeah, and, uh, I've
been meaning to tell you
that, you know, Mom and Pops
are officially calling it quits.
[MEECH] How's Nikki handling it?
Not good.
[MEECH] Man, we modeled our shit
off the love Mom and
Pops showed each other.
Family's everything, man.
No matter what,
we gonna keep the Flenory
family legacy alive.
For sure. I'll see you
in Atlanta, all right?
No doubt.

A special friend sends their regards.

[MEECH] Ty, my man.
What up, doe?
I came by to check on you
and also to let you know
that Remi will never hurt
your family ever again.
Now I got Deanna and the kids
for life, like I promised you.
And I will always
keep your legacy alive.
You'll never be forgotten.

- Hey. Wow, you look beautiful.
Thank you.
I'm excited to go to church as a family.
Hey, what's up, TJ?
What's up?
Look, Wanda, with, uh, my
folks getting a divorce and all,
it's been making me think a
lot about our family and us.
the kids are the best and
most innocent part about us.
Right. You know, I ain't
really been my best lately,
either, for anyone.
I've been so wrapped up in
all the bullshit with you
and Markisha that I, uh
I lost sight of myself.
Yeah, well, I think you're
amazing at everything you do.
But I-I do want more.
So I decided to enroll
in cosmetology school.
I'm gonna be a stylist.
Oh, okay, but who's
gonna watch the kids?
Really, Terry?
Y-you know what? When we go to church,
I'm gonna pray you get
on some New Testament shit
'cause you clearly still
stuck on the Old Testament.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, look,
I'm I'm not trying
to pick a fight at all.
It's just I can provide
for y'all just fine.
Terry, it's the '90s, okay?
And I'm gonna have a career,
whether you support it or not.
Look, listen, you're you're right.
And I've-I've watched my
mother and father's dreams
get destroyed when they had kids.
So I don't want that to
happen to either of us.
So I'm gonna support you, LaWanda,
with whatever you decide to do.
No love? I can't get a hug?
- Come on.

We have a praise report.
Sister Lucille has accepted the role
as assistant pastor.
Glory to God.
- [PERSON] Praise the Lord.
And today she will share her testimony
- Amen?
- [ALL] Amen.
Come on up here, Pastor. [APPLAUSE]

- Good morning.
- [ALL] Good morning.
God chose a teenage girl
to carry the savior of the world.
And he chose a woman, Mary Magdalene,
for Jesus to speak to
when He first appeared
from outside the tomb.
Although God called on
women time and time again
in the Bible,
when Pastor Fleming
offered me this job, I
I still felt unworthy to stand
here in front of all of you.
And that is because shame
is a powerful thing.
- [PERSON] Yes.
- [PERSON 2] Amen.
I was ashamed
and embarrassed
about who I was.
But I am standing here today
because I am free from
the bondage of my shame
because God loves me,
despite my flaws and imperfections.
- [ALL] Amen.
Psalm 139, verse 14,
says, "I praise you
"because I am fearfully
and wonderfully made.
Your works are wonderful."
And I know that full well.
[ALL] Amen.
- Amen.
- [PERSON] Yes.
- [PERSON 2] Amen.

Why you packing? You leaving?
Tomorrow's gonna be my
last night at the club.
Come, I want to show you something.
Your visions.
[ANGEL] Yeah, you inspired me.
Angel, this is dope.
I've been saving up all my money.
I'm gonna put a down
payment on a small building
in my hometown.
I just really want to open up
a after-school program for girls
so they don't got to go
through what I went through,
a place where they'll feel seen.
That's great.
Thank you for giving me back my voice.
I'm strong because of you.
No, it's always been in you.
You just had to unlock it.
I'm proud of you.
Gonna miss you.
If you ever want to see
me, you know where I'm at.
Atlanta is my home now.

- [ALL] Damn.
- [LAUGHS] I told you.
Hoop, you don't know
what to do with that, boy.
No, look, I got something
special for you, brother.
[HOOP] Oh, calamari?
Yo, I'd rather eat all
the hospital Jell-O, man.
I already got that nurse's number.
She ain't fucking with you no more.
I mean, she is fine as hell.
[TERRY] Oh, man, but nah, look, look,
I'm about to head back to
the A with Meech, you know.
Now that we got the
cars safely on the road,
we're about to strategize
and see what's next for BMF.
Fuck a couple strippers
for me, will you?
- [SCOFFS] No doubt, no doubt.
Man, Hoop, I-I appreciate
you being the best right-hand
man a homie could ask for.
Thanks for trusting me, dawg.
Just rest up,
because this work ain't
ever gonna stop coming in.
- We on top now, baby.
- We on top.
I'll leave the calamari there.
Nah, nah, take that shit with you.
Nah, I'm gonna leave it. You never know.
- All right, fuck it.
- Give it to the nurse.
[PERSON ON TV] Ecorse Police
Department corruption scandal
leads to arrests on
both sides of the law,
as well as local City
Councilman Amberson.
Acting Police Chief
McClendon held a press conf
Good riddance.
Well, now that I got
my gun and badge back,
I'm gonna lateral out to LAPD.
There's some Asian gangs out there
who are moving some serious
weight out on the West Coast.
What are you gonna do?
Probably heading south.
Is that where Meech is?
- Hmm.
So the hunt for the
white whale continues?
Ah, I still got to sell the house and
clean Kevin's room.
When my sister died, uh
I helped my parents clean out her room.
I can help you.
Come on, let's get to
it. Let's start now.

Thanks, but, um
I gotta do this one alone.


Oh, Nicole, you did an amazing job.
- It's Daddy's favorite.
- Yeah.
All right, I got to go. The
bus is leaving earlier now.
But N-Nicole just made
this amazing goodbye dinner
- for you.
- Yeah, it's time to go.
I love you, Daddy.
I'm gonna miss you. I
hope you have a great time.
I love you, too. It'll go by fast.
- Wait. I-I
- [CHARLES] All right.
- All right, hey, y'all be good, okay?
I hope it's everything
you ever dreamed of!
[NICOLE] It's gonna be okay.

God, thank You for our family.
Please help Mama to remember,
like she always says,
that no matter where we are,
our hearts are always connected.
Help Pops to have a great
tour and safe travels.
And in the name of Jesus,
please keep Meechie and Tee safe.
God, thank You for
giving me a strong mama.
Comfort her in her sadness

bless this food for our bodies.
In Jesus' name, Amen.

[VOICE BREAKING] You're turning
into such a beautiful woman.
[VOICE BREAKING] Thank you, Mommy.

[TERRY] Hey, yo, Meechie,
you know I ain't come out
here to decorate, right?
Tee, would you shut the fuck up?
I'm looking at the
future of BMF right now.
Meech, we have half a ton
in five states already.
Can we just sit back and
enjoy our accomplishment?
No, we can't
'cause we capable of doing even more,
and you know it.
[CHUCKLES] All right,
Demetrius, so what's your plan?
Nigga, I'm talking about
a half a ton in each state.
Half a ton in each state?

All right, bet.
Tee, we about to take over
the whole fucking nation.

[SINGER] Ride it ♪

Ride it ♪

Ride it ♪
Out with the old, in with the new, boy.
Let's go, baby.
Damn, Tee, you see
Deion Sanders over there?
[TERRY] Get the fuck out of here.
Excuse me.
Can I please send some
top-shelf bottles over there
to Primetime and his crew?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
[ANNOUNCER] Please welcome
to the stage, Angel!
And she'll be dancing to
a request from Big Meech.
This joint is called "Breakbeat Buddha"
by Detroit's own Rip.
I promised to get your
music out there, Rip.
We love you for life, little homie.
[RIP] Too many hoes in
here that got a fatty ♪
Turn around and let me slap it, girl ♪
I can be your daddy ♪
It's too many hos ♪
- Too many hos ♪
- Too many hos ♪
- Too many hos ♪
- Way too many hoes ♪
- Too many hos ♪
- It's too many hos ♪
- It's too many hos ♪
- That's why I need a bitch ♪
That pop that pussy
with some attitude ♪
I need a bitch that pop
that pussy with some attitude ♪
I might just throw 100 racks ♪
[MEECH] Prime motherfucking Time, baby.
- What's up?
- What's going on, dawg?
I ain't took a sip of
alcohol a day in my life,
but good lookin' on them bottles, man.
- What your name is?
- Big Meech.
Man, you did your thing
at the World Series
and at the Falcons, too.
Yeah, yeah, that
that shit was ill, man.
That's what the nigga
do. I'm Prime, dawg.
I've been doing this before
the cameras was rolling, man.
Hey, yo, look, I'm I'm
a big fan, so I got to ask,
how do you do all this?
Let me tell you something, man.
You look good, you feel good.
And if you feel good, you play good.
And if you play good,
every day gonna pay good.
- You know that.
- [MEECH] Hell, yeah.
How you come up with the
name Primetime, though?
Let me tell you something, dawg.
You can't let everybody
know everything about you.
Deion is one thing.
Prime's a whole nother thing.
Football's my wife.
Baseball is my sidepiece.
She got a lot of love for me,
but just 'cause you
got love for the game
don't mean the game got
to love you back, dawg.
Remember that, man.
[MEECH] That's some real shit.
I'll see you around, dawg.
- Much love, my brother.
- [TERRY] Love.
Y'all stop by my spot, Primetime 21.
It's the hottest club in Atlanta.
- Hell, yeah, we'll pull up.
- 'Member have a good time, man.
Damn, that's crazy.
Is that Javier?
Oh, shi
What's wrong?
Loco got arrested in México.
No más supply until he free.
Tú only persona he trusts.
He need your help.
Loco's always had my back,
so I got him a 1,000%,
all right?
- I'm coming to Mexico.
- Vamos, vamos.
Vamos pa' México. Vamos pa' México.
y-yeah, uh, hold on. Let
me talk to you for a sec.
Yo, you're acting real
loco for Loco right now.
Leaving the country could
be damaging to our shit.
Man, without Loco, we
don't have no business.
Duffy can run shit while I'm gone,
and Stirl can oversee his organization
and ours while Hoop recovers.
I still don't think that's a smart idea.
Tee, Loco is family, and we need him.
So do you think we're
gonna be back in enough time
that when the crew runs out
of weight and needs to re-up?
I hope so.
If not, our whole organization
going down the drain.

This place got no reception.
[MEECH] Man, stop
trying to call Markisha
and get your fucking
head in the game, Tee.
Meech, we're two Black
men in a foreign country
out in the middle of fucking nowhere
trying to break a fucking
drug kingpin out of jail!
Man, quit acting like a fucking pussy.
What happens if we get stuck?
This place is lawless. The
cartels run the government.
Tee, when the fuck we ever
cared about the laws, huh?
We've always ran by our own rules
and stuck to our own playbook
'cause there's no turning back.
It's our time now.

[TERRY] Although me and
Meech had our differences,
one thing for sure was
that bro made every day
a motherfucking adventure.
And little did we
know, we was about to go
on one of the wildest, most
dangerous rides of our lives.
- [MEECH] What up, doe?
Nobody fucks with me.
[JIN] I got suspended from D.R.A.N.O.
just getting started here.
[BRYANT] This guy's always mirrorin'.
[TERRY] I promise you
I'm gonna handle this,
and ain't nothing gonna happen.
[MEECH] God damn.
This is a track meet. God damn.
Let me sort some truth.
God damn.
[TERRY] Still tryin' to call the shots
[ECHOING] And why the
fuck is he calling you?
[MEECH] Tee ain't built for no bullets.
- [MEECH] Got talent for real.
[PERSON 2] Feel me? Feel me?
[CHARLES] Boy, what are you thinking?
[LUCILLE] Everybody knows our business.
[CHARLES] Meech Meech gave you a key?
[PERSON] I want to give a
special special shout-out
- to my baby girl.
- [BABY] Dada, Dada, Dada.
Dada, Dada, Dada.

[PERSON 2] I want to give a
real real real special
shout-out to my team,
team, team, team, team.

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