Boat Story (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Last time
Take it, have another day.
..Janet and Samuel were given
a day to find The Tailor's money.
It's like watching mice
trying to climb out of a bath.
So Janet said I need a poo.
But she didn't.
She just slipped away to do this.
Then she showed it to Vinnie
..and said they'd all be next.
Motherf BLEEP!
And also that
I said I'd meet them tonight.
They won't be expecting you
to be there.
Meanwhile, Guy opened up to Samuel
about his true love, pottery.
You know, for some people
it's music or love,
but for me it was that vase.
The Tailor was having a date
with Pat, that got weird
So Vinnie and his crew turned up
to confront The Tailor,
which he wanted all along.
He had arranged it all.
To bring you up to the surface.
Then he was all like
Kill them all.
And I believe that's what
they used to call a cliff-hanger.
Did I say that right?
Kill them all.
Come on, man!
Jesus Christ! How many men
did Vinnie bring?! Four.
Let's hope they all shoot each other
and die, then.
Cover me!
He's coming
All right, you two,
there's nowhere to hide now.
Didn't work out how you'd hoped,
did it?
Let's not string this out, eh?
Hey, boss, I got them all.
Good boy.
We should make a run for it!
No, no way. They'll shoot us.
They're too busy
shooting each other.
Quelle Femme!
If we both go, then we'll
have better odds. OK. Now!
We're not going to make it.
Grab the gun!
Where's the pully backy thingy?
All right, then.
Now you got to reload
and I'm betting you ain't
got the first fucking clue
how to do that, have you?
Is this who you want to be?
A murderer?
You could be so much more than that.
Yeah, you could
You could make pots
like your grandfather.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Life's short, Guy.
It's so fucking short.
Remember what you said to me
at the hospital,
the way you talked about it.
You got to live your dream.
Remember your grandfather,
remember the Oh, just shut up!
Please, please don't kill us!
I'm just doing my job.
Which you don't love.
You could be so much more than this.
Your boss might not even live,
so then killing us,
that'd be on you.
Is that, is that who you want to be?
..don't live a life of regret,
because it hasn't worked for me.
If this goes wrong,
you remember, I know where you live.
Thank you, thank you.
We should go.
We can't be found here.
Where? My place. Camilla and Anya
are at her parents'.
Come on! Did I just kill him,
We need to go.
You bring that with you.
We might need it.
Oh, boy.
Now we got dead bodies
all over the joint.
I remember when this was just a
Can I just
What the fuck just happened?
What did we just do? It's fine.
We're fine.
I can't believe
I actually shot someone.
I didn't think it would be
like that.
We should call the hospital,
find out if he's still alive.
Do you really think I killed him?
I really hope you have.
Because if he's not dead, we are.
Hi, um
..look, a friend of ours
was brought in with a gunshot wound.
Erm, I just wanted to know
if you could tell me if he's OK?
What's his name? I don't know.
Eh, he goes by the name,
The Tailor. He's French.
So he's about 60,
he would have been brought in
They only give information
out to relatives
and we don't even have a name.
We're going to have
to go to the hospital.
Look, listen,
I'm going to need a few fellas.
It's all going to need
proper cleaning up.
I got to go.
Did you bring in the man
with the gunshot wound? Eh, yeah.
Are you his next of kin? No.
And to be honest with you,
I don't know who that would be.
Right. Can I ask your relationship
to the patient?
I'm, erm
I'm just a guy who works for him.
Well, he's lost a lot of blood.
So, you know, we'll have
to wait and see.
OK, thanks.
Don't you want to wait? I've waited
long enough. Thank you, Doctor.
Hang on, hang on. We can't
just walk into the hospital.
What if that bloke Guy's there?
Well, he had a chance to kill us
before and he didn't.
Oh. So, let's hope for the best.
That's a hell of a plan, innit?
It's got us this far, hasn't it?
Come on, let's go. Oh, OK.
Samuel? Can you open the door?
Ah, hiya, sweetheart. Eh, I thought
you were staying the night.
Oh, yeah. Dad said he was feeling
sick, so we just turned round.
Why have you locked the door?
Oh, I didn't realise I had.
Go upstairs to your bedroom.
Go upstairs.
Why's Sally here?
Oh, we were just catching up.
With the door locked
from the inside?
Are you having an affair? No. No!
I should, I should go.
Did we move up here
so you could be closer to her?
No! She's hardly my type, is she?
He's very strongly not mine. Like,
at all, at all, at all, ever, ever.
Love, I would never cheat on you.
Just tell her! Tell me what?!
Just tell her everything,
about the money, the gambling.
Just tell her all of it.
What does she mean?
Just tell her.
It's true. Erm
Sally's a gambling addict.
She's an ex-client. I had no idea
she'd moved up here
until I ran into her the other day,
you know, when we saw you
in the cafe?
She said she'd burnt through her
family's bank account and
so I lent her some money
to help her out.
Now that's gone, so she came over
to borrow some more and
Is this true? Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
I should go. Yeah.
I think that would be a good idea.
I'd better see her out.
Thanks for playing along.
Fuck yourself.
I only did it cos we've got bigger
things to worry about right now.
Listen, I know I said I'd go
with you to the hospital,
but I think I'd better stay here
and smooth things out with Camilla.
Right, yeah, because it's
only our lives at stake, innit?
Hiya. Where would someone
with a gunshot be taken?
ICU. But they're closed now.
Oh, ta. Thanks.
Ah! Hiya. Yeah?
Erm, my friend was brought in
this evening. I wanted to see
if he were OK.
Visiting hours are over.
I really need to know if he's OK,
He was shot. There can't be
that many old French blokes
brought in with gunshot wounds.
You know who I'm talking about,
don't you? Erm, please, I just
I really need to know.
We're short-staffed.
I really don't have time for this.
Come back tomorrow, see what
our reception team can do for you.
Hiya! Hiya.
I need you to do me a favour.
Why are you always here?
I need you to get me into ICU.
There's someone there and I need
to find out if he's going to live.
Or what? You'll tell my wife
about the dick pics?
Too late, you blue-haired temptress,
she already found out.
I am so sorry to hear about that.
Oh. Yeah.
She's not happy.
She wants a divorce.
So have you tried apologising?
Many times.
But, there are a lot of pictures.
It's horrible making mistakes,
It's like a world of shame
that you can't run away from.
I always sort of thought
of myself as a good guy.
Then you find yourself doing things
you never thought were possible.
Appreciate you checking in on me.
You can change, Dr Weathers.
We both can.
Maybe it's true and we really can
make our own luck.
God, you're hot.
Oh! Fuck off, you randy bastard!
You got into my car!
A drink at least.
Definitely not! I don't understand.
You saw my penis, right?
Urgh! For fuck's sake.
You're a very confusing woman!
You all right, pet? You shouldn't
be in here at this time. Hiya.
Yeah, I'm so sorry. I just wanted to
check if my friend were all right.
He's lost a lot of blood,
but he's tough.
We think he's going to be just fine.
So you can sleep all right tonight,
Visiting hours start
at nine tomorrow.
OK, thanks. That's
..such, such great news.
Yeah? He's alive. Shit.
Yeah. A great big, steaming pile
of very dangerous shit.
What shall we do?
We need to meet.
OK, where?
What about that place Guy
were talking about, in the car,
Shang something or other?
You're kidding, right?
No, I'm not!
I am stressed as fuck, Samuel.
I need to bury my feelings
in a great big plate of noodles.
It's me, I'm home.
Where is everyone?
Oi, did you not hear me come in?
Oh, sorry, darling. I was just
Oi! Dad's back.
Hi. All right?
Could you, eh, put the bins out?
Thank you, darling.
And, erm, feed Kenny. Right, OK.
And, um, that pipe, it's gone
a bit funny again.
Guy was home,
but sometimes being home
somehow doesn't feel like home.
It feels like another life entirely.
Guy? Where are you?
I need your help with the TV.
What?! It's all you can eat,
and right now it feels like every
meal might be our fucking last.
How did he look?
Asleep. He looked asleep.
He's got them oxygen tubes.
The nurse said that she thinks
he's going to be fine.
So, we're going to have to go back
and we're going to have to
I don't think we have any choice,
but to
..kill him. I can't believe
you just said that out loud.
What else are we supposed to do?
I don't know.
Um, leave, like, just run.
He'll come after us.
So we keep running.
What, take our families?
Just destroy everyone's lives?
What about your son? Are you
just going to leave him here?
We saw what they did to each other.
Yeah, but what if
it don't end with him?
The Tailor doesn't seem like a man
who who works for anyone.
No-one knows what we look like,
or how we're connected.
Except Guy, and he's gone.
So once we this
..then it's over.
And I wish I'd never met you
on that beach.
I wish we'd never met
on the beach that morning.
Maybe it was fate.
Maybe we were meant to meet.
You and I are two sides of
the same coin, Janet.
I'm not sure I can do this.
We can do it, together.
Oh, Janet! Oh! Oh!
I just
I just don't think I can do it.
If we don't do it, he will.
That man is capable of anything.
He's a monster. If we do this,
then aren't we just stooping
to his level?
Think about that police station.
Everyone who died.
Don't they deserve justice?
The families of all those police
officers that were gunned down,
don't they Any desserts?
Ah, no, thanks. No, thanks.
OK. Lovely.
Thank you very much. Thanks.
So, did you tell your wife
the truth?
The bit about the shit ton of
cocaine or the bit about
the massive fucking gun fight?
The bit about you being a gambling addict
not me. You pissing away
all of her money. No.
Not yet. Well, she's going to find
out sooner or later.
So, what are we going to do?
Well, we can't do anything till
the morning, so let's decide then.
Come on.
Oi! We're going Dutch on this one.
What? You ate everything.
Credit card, now.
How you doing? Are you all right?
Can we split it 50-50, please?
You need to pay your bill.
I'm on a stakeout,
I'm following suspects.
You still need to pay!
I'm on a stakeout!
Police. See?
I'm going to need to see
their receipt.
Oh, and more prawn and black bean
to go.
I've got a long night ahead.
Oh, brilliant.
Janet Campbell.
Is that with or without a P? Great.
Thanks so much for your help.
All right. Bye.
And so it was,
Officer Tooh started
looking into Janet Campbell
and Samuel Wells,
pulling at threads that would
unravel the fabric of everything.
Oh, you're're here.
You're awake.
It It all makes sense,
meeting you.
The things we have
You just rest up, love.
I'm not going anywhere.
Where exactly is he,
in the hospital?
Erm, he's in the ICU.
By the window, in the room
closest to the door.
There's three or four nurses.
There's no way someone wouldn't see
us coming in and out.
Well, if we go at the right time
maybe people will be too busy
to notice us.
To notice us killing someone?
Oh! It sounds so fucking
stupid out loud!
We both know what he will do to us
if he gets out of that hospital.
Yeah, but that don't
make it right.
What if he has kids and they lose
their dad because of us?
It's him or us, Janet!
And if you can't do it,
I fucking will.
Can you put that away, please,
Samuel? In there.
You're not fucking Rambo,
you turnip.
What if we inject air into his IV?
No, that's that's a myth
because the air bubbles take hours
to work their way through the blood,
and even then,
it don't always kill you.
I saw it in a documentary.
We could suffocate him
with a pillow.
It's right there, I suppose,
innit? The
The murder weapon.
How long do you think it would take?
I don't know.
If we go go through with this
it'll be with us forever.
There's no going back.
If you want to live,
this is our only choice.
Ah, there's always a choice.
Always a chance to just
..walk away.
You'll need to move on.
You what?
Isabelle says you've been watching
her nearly an hour now
and it's not OK man.
Who's Isabelle?
The instructor.
She says you've been watching her.
It's not the girl I am looking at.
It's the pots.
Where did you tell Camilla
you were going?
I left a note saying
I was walking the dog.
Where's the dog?
Just tell her!
Oh, for Christ's sake! Like I say,
she will find out eventually.
They got it right when they gave
you this, didn't they?
You're so desperate for people
to admire you.
Well, now you can admire yourself
all day long.
I can't believe I ever listened to
you at that fucking beach.
You're not some innocent
in all this.
You know, you made your own
OK, yeah, you're right.
I am vain.
Yes, I did want everyone
to think I was the big man.
I don't want to be that man
any more.
Good morning, sir. I'm PC Ben Tooh
from Aireside Police.
Just wondering if I could speak
to a Janet Campbell.
She doesn't live here any more.
What's this about?
I'm not at liberty to say.
Police business.
Now, I just want to make sure that
I've got the right Janet Campbell,
cos I've met two already today.
So could you describe her for me?
Fucking irritating.
"Fucking irritating."
Ah, how about physically?
Tall, long face, not fat.
And in terms of, erm
..number of hands?
Just the one. Right.
The left, actually.
Very good.
Can I ask what your relationship
is to Miss Campbell?
She's my ex.
And, look, whatever it is
she's got herself into here,
it's nothing to do with me.
Why do you say that?
Cos I happen to know she recently
came into a shitload of money.
She even offered me some.
I mean, I said no, obvs.
Very interesting.
Do you know a Samuel Wells?
Ah, well-dressed, bald
er, not white.
I saw her with a fella
like that, yeah.
You wouldn't happen to have
a forwarding address, by any chance?
First smack it, then wet it.
Then squeeze it between your hands,
pushing it up between your fingers.
Spin the wheel at a moderate speed,
and with your left hand on
the side of the clay and your right
hand on top of the clay,
press down.
Then you just make your hole
and press straight down.
And lift right up.
And with Guy finally
following his dream,
it was time for Janet and Samuel go put an end
to their nightmare.
Not easy to kill a man, huh?
You will have to push that pillow
down into my mouth and hold it
for up to five minutes.
I will claw at your skin.
My nails will burrow into you.
You will feel me struggle,
desperate to survive.
Hiya, love!
Oh Oh, you're awake again!
Oh, hiya, love.
I am extremely glad
you're alive.
Hello. Hey.
I'm Pat.
A friend of The Tailor's.
I'm Samuel.
Oh. Nice to meet you both. You too.
So, how did you get yourself shot?
I don't know.
I didn't see who did it.
What? You were just walking
down the street and you got shot?
Jesus Christ!
You didn't see anything at all?
No, nothing.
One minute I was full of life
and the next
I was shot and not full of life.
Oh, sorry. Erm, how do you know
our friend here?
I met them in Paris when I was
studying men's fashion.
Men's fashion.
Parlez-vous Francais?
Sorry, love, I don't
understand a word!
Oh, OK!
Erm, fabrics, yeah. Yeah, I'm
I, erm, I love
I'm in Yeah, I'm in fabrics.
Right. I best push off and open up.
Yeah, we should go as well.
Just stay.
I insist.
I'll sneak you in one
of my pasties. Mm.
Nice to meet you. And you.
Now she has seen you.
If I die, yours will be
the first names she speaks.
When I'm strong again,
I will come for you,
cut you open as you breathe.
How long do you think we've got?
Not long. What are we going to do?
Run. Run? Right. Fuck. Run.
What am I going to tell Alan?
What are you going to tell your lot?
I thought I'd try the truth.
Like you said, they'd find out
Christ. I've got to get to Alan.
But someone was coming
to get them.
Officer Tooh,
who no longer wanted
to just be Officer Number 2,
but celebrated Officer Tooh.
Do you know what time he's going
to be back?
I've got something really important
to discuss with him.
He's not in till lunch.
He's liaising with the council
for the planning of the funerals.
Well, I think he'll want to know
what I've got to say.
Is it more or less important
than planning the funerals
of our fallen colleagues?
Yeah. I'll come back.
It's OK.
Not everyone's born to be a potter.
And just like that,
Guy's dream died as quickly
as it had begun.
Hey. You made it.
That's good.
Listen, look, I'm sorry
I wasn't there.
There was, erm, something
I needed to do.
But believe me, I'm well and truly
over it now.
How are you doing anyway?
I've never been better.
Well, that's great.
Now, look, I'm going to clean
that mess up.
I'll call you when it's sorted.
Remember what we said, eh?
Solutions not problems, right?
Everything I've done,
everything I am,
it makes sense.
You sure you're OK?
Oh, my friend, I am.
I'm in love.
You didn't take the dog.
I've been lying to you.
I didn't want you to hate me.
I really
But you might hate me.
I just
I didn't mean
What did you do?
I stole a boat-load of cocaine
and then I sold it to a drug dealer.
And then, they came after us
and they turned up
and we thought we could get them
to kill each other but
There was
There was bodies everywhere!
Oh, God, love!
I didn't mean for it to happen.
I just, I just
I just wanted us to be OK.
Just stop it, Samuel.
You're not making any sense.
OK. I-I gambled away everything.
It's me.
Not Sally.
I am the gambling addict,
and I lost it all.
Everything's gone.
And now they're going to kill us.
Who's going to kill us?
I don't know his name.
He's The Tailor.
He's just called The Tailor
Slow down. Just slow down.
No, I
I stole a boat-load of cocaine.
And now these people are coming
after us and they're going to
kill you and they're going
to kill Anya if we don't leave.
We need to pack!
Samuel We will go to an airport.
It doesn't matter.
We can just fly somewhere.
Where do you want to go?
OK, just slow down and talk to me
and just tell me what the hell
is going on.
We don't have any time.
We need to leave now!
No, I'm not just going to pack up
my life and leave
until you explain You need to
pack your bags.
You wouldn't believe me.
You can't even
OK, let me show you.
Come on. Come on.
Come with me.
Meanwhile, life was
getting confusing for Pat Tooh.
Tailor telling her that he was shot
randomly in the street made Pat
a little bit more
curious about everything that day.
I best get back.
Pasties to bake.
I'll bring fresh tomorrow.
I'll be back for dinner.
Oh, fuck's sake.
What do you want?
I need to talk to Peter.
Well, he's not here.
Right. Alan?
He's not here either! Where is he?
Well, he's playing his tuba
over at the church hall.
OK, can you tell Peter to call me?
It's an emergency.
Right. Oh, and your friend was round
here looking for you.
What friend?
You know, the big guy that
you came to the pub with.
What did he want?
He was looking for Alan.
Just about 20 minutes ago.
Did you tell him where he were?
Well, yeah. Why?
OK, just
Just call Peter and tell him
to go and get Alan now!
Stay in the car.
I don't want to.
I mean it. You stay in the car.
There's dead bodies.
There's blood.
The people that tried to kill us
Mr Taylor?
Mr No, the THE Tailor.
I wouldn't show you this
if there was any other way.
Stay in the car.
Stay behind me.
I told you to stay in the car!
What are you doing here?
Because of all the dead bodies?
There were so many.
They were They were right here!
Look, I think that maybe
you should talk to someone.
No, no, I'm not crazy.
Let us help you, please. Please need to believe me.
If we don't go on the run,
you are not safe.
Let's just go home.
OK, wait. Wait, wait.
In here.
It was then that Samuel did
what he had to do for his family
You'll be safe here, I promise. No!
No, Samuel!
..he locked them
in a steel container,
and ran away.
Open the door!
Ken, have you seen Alan anywhere?
Sorry, love.
Sorry. Is Alan
Hi. Where's Alan?
Miss Campbell. Have you seen him?
He was here before. He played
beautifully. Well, where is he?
He's usually the last one out.
He always packs up his stuff
very carefully Was there another
bloke here? Tall with black hair.
You'd have noticed him.
I don't know. I'm not sure.
Well, then fucking think,
would you?! What?
Alan! Alan!
'Fraid not.
Time's up.
Oh, God. No, no, no
No, you can't You can't hurt him.
He's my boy!
I won't.
Just as long as you don't get
the police involved.
I won't, I won't. I won't.
You know, I should never have
let you two wander off.
That's on me, that one.
But believe me, my head
is straight now
and I'm going to tie up
all the loose ends
and I'm going to bring you in
for the boss.
Look, what What do you want
us to do?
Meet me at your place.
How-how do you know
Because I'm not stupid.
Your place.
And Alan?
Come there, alone,
just the two of you.
And I promise he'll still
be breathing.
OK. OK. I promise we'll be there.
Just please
Please, I'm begging you,
just don't hurt my boy.
Where are you?
Hold on. You can't leave, sir.
I'm fine.
No, you really aren't fine.
The consultant, he
I'm more fine than I've ever been.
When you face death,
you face yourself,
you see your own ending.
I've seen mine.
Everything that is happening
is happening for a reason.
I know where I need to be.
All right, Ben?
Where's the boss?
On the bog. Thank you.
I'm a bit busy.
It's Tooh, sir.
Constable Ben Tooh.
Can't this wait?
No, sir, it can't.
Cos I've cracked it.
The scumbags who killed our friends,
I know who they are
and I know where they are.
I need a team.
No. Excuse me?!
Officer Tooh, this isn't the first
time you've barged in saying
that you've cracked
the case of the century.
The flasher on the 79 bus,
remember that?
You thought it was Judge Latif
and we all looked like
absolute shitheads.
This is different, sir.
I heard 'em.
Bring me evidence.
I heard them with my own ears!
This isn't the time, Officer Tooh.
OK, then.
I'll go by myself.
Then you'll see.
The tide was coming in
and no-one was going to get away
without being pulled under by it.
Samuel, get up. Get up!
C'mon, we got to go.
OK, wait. Just Let's just
consider what we're doing.
There's nothing to fucking consider!
They've got my boy.
OK, well, maybe we should
call the police?
The po
He's going to kill him.
That is what he said.
We have to go -
we've got to go now.
We can't!
You're just going to run away?
Do not fuck me over, Samuel.
I asked you one thing.
Do not fuck me over!
I'm not saying we should run away.
I'm just
You're just going to let my boy die?
He's going to die anyway.
We go there, we meet Guy,
we're all dead.
These are the people who executed
an entire police station
just to get to an evidence locker.
There must be something we can do.
Where are your family? Are they OK?
They're safe.
How do you go up against someone
who's prepared to hurt
the people you love?
Oh, love
I was trying to call you.
You'll never guess what happened
to The Tailor
I've cracked the case. What case?
All those cops that died, stakeout
at the Chinese restaurant,
I've cracked it.
What, they just walked into the
restaurant and said they'd done it?
Yes, actually, Mother. They did.
"I'll have a number 42 -
black bean and prawn,
"and I killed ten coppers"?
Are you sure, love?
I did all my follow-up,
I followed up at their work,
I got the licence plate,
everything - it's all in here,
all of it.
I'd hoped you'd be proud.
I'm just protective, love.
So if you say you've
cracked the case,
then you've cracked the case.
Thanks, Mummy.
Do you think you'll get a medal?
No. No, no, no.
I don't think so, no.
Wouldn't that be something?
I just can't believe I've finally
done something good.
Go get 'em, tiger!
Like a tiger, he went on
his way to go get them.
Except there was a lion there,
waiting for him.
Go on, go for it.
Cos that horn's the most important
thing you got going on
right now, innit, eh?
It's a tuba, not a horn.
You know, I saw you play it
before I grabbed you.
You're fucking good.
I mean, really good.
You love it, don't you?
So why's that, then?
Oh, come on, you can tell me.
I mean, I'm not being funny,
we could be sitting here all day.
I love that it's me and this
..this thing someone invented
hundreds of years ago.
Something that's all my own.
I know exactly what you mean.
Must be so nice to be talented.
Right, get up.
Get in that back room.
You say so much as a word,
I'll start shooting,
do you understand me?
You stay here and you keep quiet.
See you on the other side, boss.
It's Ben, by the way.
Ben Tooh.
I work for you, just to be
I'm coming in!
Put some clothes on if
you're indecent, Miss Campbell.
Oh, God.
What are you doing here?
It's me, remember?
You know, from the bench.
Oh, right. Right, yeah.
Yeah, you remember.
You told me about your system.
You know, the old Four Bens.
I've been using it an' all now.
I'm rating everything out of Guys.
And you were right.
It is a lot of fun.
Now, get inside.
Shut the door and get inside. Move.
Are you working with them?
Janet and Samuel.
Oh, mate!
You've got this so twisted!
I don't think so.
You lot left this behind.
I waited at that Chinese restaurant,
day after day,
night after night.
And then Janet and Samuel came
right in and I heard everything.
Me, Mr Nobody.
So you figured it out
all by yourself, eh?
Oh, yeah.
I knew they'd laugh at me
like they always do,
so I kept it quiet.
I did the work.
Cos I knew.
I knew I was right.
Which means
I hate to say it, but, er've got no backup, 'ave you?
Well, erm
I-I told my boss where I was going.
He'll wonder where I've got to.
Why does this shit have
to be this way, eh?
I mean, you wanted to be that other
guy for a change, yeah?
You know, what we talked
about on the bench.
You thought that you could break out
and you could be that hero.
That hero, just once.
Ben, look at me.
I'm trying to talk to you.
Yeah, yeah. Right.
No more being a bit-part in
everyone else's story, right?
Except, look where it's got you.
You've walked straight into the man
with the gun and no backup.
You see, I wanted to try
something different.
I wanted to try something
that I'd been dreaming about for
fuck, for so long now.
I thought, "I could be more
than this,"
and somehow I could have
a different ending.
You can!
Anyone can. No, they can't.
You see, that's the trouble
these days.
Everyone thinks that they can be
whatever they want.
Like it's their right.
But they can't.
Because not everyone can dance
or count or read or sing
or fucking run.
Or turn a pot so delicate
and perfect that makes your heart want to burst
in your ribcage. Eh?
You know, maybe if everybody
knew their place,
everyone would be happier.
I mean, look at you -
you're a traffic cop
and I'm a fucking goon.
Traffic's only part of my remit.
You seem like a really nice bloke.
And, for what it's worth, and I mean
this, for what it's worth,
I'm proper sorry and all.
Then, please, don't.
They're outside.
The officers They'll come.
There's no-one outside, Ben.
It's just you and me.
Madame Bethune?
Just one second.
C'etait la moindre des choses
que je pouvais faire.
One minute.
Oh, wait Who are you? Shut up.
Where are you taking me?
The end is coming.
You can feel it too, right?
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