Bodies (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

'Do You Know Who I Am?'

[intriguing string music plays]
[dramatic music playing]
Hasan, you with us?
Here we go. Elias Mannix, 15 years old.
Hasan, briefing please.
Mannix was placed into the system
when he was four,
and he wound up
in the same care home as Syed Tahir.
Care homeowners say,
wherever Mannix went, Syed followed.
Then three years ago,
Mannix got adopted
by Andrew and Elaine Morley.
- He's an ex-copper. She's a Reiki healer.
- Oh, love Reiki.
This CCTV footage was taken
ten minutes before
the Longharvest Lane body was found.
So you think Mannix is the killer?
And that Syed took the blame?
I had Syed right in front of me.
All he had to do was talk and he couldn't.
Echo Tango 1 to Echo Tango 2,
approaching location.
[man] Stand by.
[dramatic music playing]
[tires squealing]
[officer 1] Go, go, go!
[officer 2] Armed police, get down!
Get down on your knees!
- Put your hands where I can see them.
- [officer 3] Where's your son Elias?
[officer 4] Check upstairs.
- [officer 5] Stay down!
- [officer 6] Where's Mannix?
- [Andrew] Need some help?
- [officer 6] Armed police!
- Against the wall! Against the wall!
- Okay! Okay!
[officer 5] Show me your hands!
Armed police!
[officer 2] Clear downstairs.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Hasan] What the fuck?
[Barber] Jesus.
So you're saying
you haven't seen Elias in two days?
- That's right.
- And when he last walked out the door,
he didn't say where he was going?
- [Andrew] Mm.
- [Elaine] No.
- [Barber] You didn't ask him?
- [Andrew scoffs] He's 15.
I mean, lads that age,
they're out the door, slam.
Look, what's going on?
We're really starting to worry.
- [intriguing music playing]
- [plastic crinkling]
[Hasan] I just found these
in Elias' bedroom.
That's me picking up my son
from school last Friday.
Can you think
why your son is following me?
- Taking pictures?
- [Elaine] What?
- Putting me on his wall?
- [Elaine] No.
[Hasan] Have you ever seen
this boy before?
- [Elaine] No.
- [Hasan] His name is Syed Tahir.
He was in the same care home as Elias.
They were close.
[Elaine] No.
We've never seen him.
Elias has never mentioned him.
Syed was our main suspect in a murder.
Before he killed himself.
That's Elias with Syed, holding the gun
Syed later used to take his own life.
Yeah. You okay? You all right?
- There's the victim we believe Syed
- [Elaine gasps]
may or may not have murdered
with the same gun.
[patting back]
- You all right?
- Mm.
Andrew, you're ex-job, right?
[Andrew] Mm.
Sergeant, 20 years, armed police.
You're the adoptive parent
of a psychologically troubled kid
with a history of misdemeanors.
Didn't it cross your mind
to notify the police he's missing
and you don't know where he was?
[Barber] Hasan!
[Andrew sighs]
If we're knocking on his door every day
and checking his search history,
and asking where he's going,
we're just another institution to him.
I don't know
why he's got you on his wall.
And I don't know what this is,
but don't make your mind up
on him too fast, eh?
He's a good kid.
He'll have nothing to do
with your dead body.
And we'll do everything we can
to help find him.
[door hissing]
[door beeps, chimes]
[male voice] Welcome home, Iris.
- [door beeps, locks]
- [exhales]
[birds chirping]
[gentle music playing]
What a community.
Safety, family, well-being, body and mind.
You got me.
I've got you.
We've got each other.
United Britain.
[grunts softly]
Cheer me up.
["Walking on Sunshine" plays]
- No, no, no! Forget it. Just
- [music stops]
[male voice] You have garlic,
carrot batons and one jar of hummus.
Temperature loss and energy waste
increasing with the duration
of your decision.
[relaxing music playing on device]
[doorbell rings]
[male voice] Your neighbor,
Dunnet, Lorna, is at your door.
I slept through the minute's silence.
Can you believe that?
Lorna, listen, it's it's been
really intense today.
- Oops!
- [cat meows]
Oh, come on.
You can tell me all about your bad day.
My own next-door super sleuth.
Oh, Bella, no! No!
Come on! Down!
- [clicks tongue] No! Stop.
- [meows]
You've got blood on you, sweetheart.
Were you hurt?
[sirens wailing in distance]
Don't take all day in there.
This This gin isn't gonna drink itself!
[ominous music playing]
- [coughs]
- [screams]
[tense music playing]
[implant humming, buzzing]
So, whose blood was it?
[gentle, mysterious music playing]
- I don't wanna bore you with it.
- [scoffs]
- Impossible.
- Well, it's also classified.
You temptress.
So, um, was it a murder?
Jesus, Lorn.
Just pour, come on. Okay?
But a dead body?
Actually, I think I saved his life.
I'll drink to that.
- [glasses clink]
- We can drink this whole bottle to that!
[music fades]
My dad brought me to work for the day.
We were on the Tube.
We just heard this boom,
like the whole world shook.
[intriguing music playing]
Then darkness and screams.
The light, uh, burned my eyes.
I I couldn't see for three days.
When my sight came back,
everything had changed.
[Lorna sobbing softly]
What I remember most, though,
was how the country came together.
We were one again.
[female presenter] Joined by many
courageous survivors,
members of The Executive
gathered in front of the London memorial,
remembering the tragic day 30 years ago,
but also celebrating the new beginning
- [Lorna coughs, sobs softly]
- and order that we have now.
[man] After the attack,
when we rebuilt our city,
we all shared a dream
- [Maplewood] Hey. It's okay.
- of community where no one's left behind.
Citizens of the new Britain,
we've come so far.
[Lorna] Did you lose someone?
[man] It's no dream.
It's our world.
My dad died, in the blast.
[man] We built it.
[tense music playing]
It took our mom too.
- [man] And this is just the beginning.
- It's just me.
[man] Every child, you see,
is in it together.
Not on your nelly.
[man] Taking pride in
looking out for one another.
Truly being there for one another.
We're stronger together.
[ominous music playing]
Stronger than ever.
[female presenter] The crowds
at Memorial Park in London
were honored to be led
by a very special guest,
the founder of The Executive,
our beloved commander in chief.
[man] When we're united,
there's no limit to what we're capable of.
[dramatic music playing]
[music fades]
[eerie music playing]
[man faintly] Inspector Hillinghead.
[normal sound resumes]
Inspector Hillinghead.
The Chief Inspector is ready for you.
[indistinct conversations]
And there was no murder weapon
discovered near the body?
Correct, sir.
Well then, Inspector.
Since the Longharvest corpse
has yet to be identified,
do you believe you've exhausted
all further avenues of, um
legitimate enquiry?
[tense music playing]
Yes, sir, I do.
- [papers rustling]
- [chief inspector inhales] Thank you.
You did the right thing, lad.
There's no need to rock the boat.
What say we go
give the bottle a black eye, eh?
- [bell tolling in distance]
- [indistinct conversations]
[hymnal music playing on piano]
It's too fast, Polly.
- Don't blame me if you can't keep up.
- It's a hymn!
[door closes]
- Let me tell him.
- What Po
Guess who Reverend Spencer's asked
- to play at the Harvest Festival.
- Um
- Me!
- [laughs]
- That's wonderful, sweetheart.
- [chuckles]
It'll be the Albert Hall next, hmm?
[Charlotte] Oh, the success
is going to her head already.
She won't listen to a word I say.
- Thinks I'm some
- Hey!
She taught you everything you know,
pay her heed.
I will, Pa.
But her fingers are old.
- They click like castanets.
- Oh, you
[Hillinghead laughs] Oi!
Was the case closed that quickly?
- [Polly plays piano]
- [inhales] Mercifully.
Let's eat early, shall we?
[bird chirping]
[ominous music playing]
[Ladbroke] Burn it, Hillinghead.
No good will come of it.
[Hillinghead] I'll take it
to the highest authority.
[Ladbroke] Then you're dead already.
[lighter rasps, clicks]
[door unlocks, opens]
[lighter snaps closed]
[door closes]
[man humming]
[breathes deeply]
[belches, grunts]
[bottles clinking]
[radio buzzes]
- [music playing on radio]
- [fridge opens]
- [tuning radio]
- Tell me something, Cozens.
[bottle clatters]
["Blue Skies Are Around the Corner"
playing on radio]
How does a low-life,
convicted rapist like you
get his hands on top-notch cigars?
You're only just out the clink.
You know how it goes, Whiteman.
Friends in high places.
[cigar sizzles]
Churchill's favorite brand.
[sizzles out]
a body was discovered
in the boot of a Wolseley
after last night's raid.
- What's this?
- It's a gear knob, stupid.
- Thought we'd go into business together.
- [chuckles dryly] Oh.
Blue skies are 'round the corner ♪
Never a cloud
In those bright blue skies ♪
[song ends]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [music continues]
- [phone ringing]
- [woman] Well?
- Problem solved.
I planted fingerprints in the Wolseley.
Case will be closed by sunset tomorrow.
I'll bury the files.
Maybe when all this is over,
I can take you for a drink sometime.
Nice to put a face to the voice.
Know you are loved, Sergeant Whiteman.
[line hangs up]
[disorienting music plays]
[people cheering on TV]
[music fades]
[Ishmael] I'm heading up.
[Ishmael sighs]
I told Jawad to wake you up
tomorrow instead of me.
So get some sleep.
- [kisses]
- Mm-hmm. Will do.
[Ishmael] Mm.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[intriguing music playing]
[Hasan] Rick? How's it going?
Nothing. No sighting of Mannix.
For a 15-year-old, he's very good
at staying off social media.
[inhales deeply]
It's inspirational.
Did you see a campervan parked up
anywhere at the Morleys' home?
In the driveway?
Nah. Definitely not.
- Need you to run some plates for me.
- Yep.
November Hotel 9452.
It's a Hymer motorhome.
- You got something?
- Maybe.
- Let me know.
- Yes, boss. Did you get that Elias video?
From Barber.
- [chuckles] It's bloody scary!
- Yeah, it's just come in. Chat later.
[clicks mouse]
I had this dream again last night.
What do you call it? It's recurring.
[mysterious music playing]
I had to kill a little boy.
[inhales sharply] I didn't want to,
but I knew I had to.
I couldn't see the little boy's face.
I was holding him on my lap.
[voice breaking] The boy trusted me.
And I shot him in the head.
And I wanted that to be it, but it wasn't.
This boy knew I'd shot him.
I told him I had to.
[inhales] It's all gonna be over soon.
And all I wanted to do
was to let him know
- that he was loved.
- [ominous music playing]
[clicks mouse]
"Know you are loved."
- [phones ringing]
- [people speaking indistinctly]
[Hasan] Anything?
- Nah, nothing.
- [Rick] Sir.
Palpable hit.
Well, uh
The Morleys' own personal campervan
comes out the Blackwall Tunnel,
and stops for petrol here.
The date, July 6th.
Six hours after Hasan found the body.
- [Baker] You got a cam on the front?
- Yep.
[Hasan] Mannix.
- Got him.
- Yeah, but we lose them after the station.
The Morleys are lying.
Bring them in, but keep them separate.
Whatever sort of cop he thinks he was,
his wife won't last long under pressure.
Oi, you heard.
[officers] Yes, Guv.
- Come with me.
- Yeah, mate.
[intriguing music playing]
[Baker exhales]
We know it isn't news to you
that you're aiding
and abetting a fugitive, Mr. Morley.
Beg your pardon, ex-sergeant Morley.
Hmm. Very fancy!
- On a copper's pension?
- I saved up.
[Hasan] Elaine, you've already lied
to the police once.
It's time to set the record straight.
[sighs] Come on.
Tell us where he is.
For Elias' sake.
[scanner chimes, hums]
[people talking indistinctly]
[Maplewood groans]
- Saved you one.
- Oh, I need it. Thanks, man.
You drink alcohol last night?
Six units.
Never again.
[woman] Good morning, detectives.
[detectives] Good morning, madam.
Another beautiful day in Whitechapel.
[detective chuckles]
Eagan, how are we doing
on that cybercrime gang?
Cracking down, ma'am.
They've been targeting local millennials
since they're getting
a little long in the tooth these days.
I've uploaded data to everyone's pods.
Make sure any victims
are referred to the wellbeing team.
And let's hope that
that's as exciting as the day gets.
[detectives chuckling,
conversing indistinctly]
Sorry, ma'am.
Any word on that murder attempt yesterday?
[tense music playing]
The naked guy I found,
shot in the face.
That is a matter for The Executive.
Okay, that's all for now.
The Executive didn't even
ask me for a state
Your individual target locations
are being uploaded to your pods.
Quick word.
[ominous synth music playing]
[Maplewood] I'm sorry
for overstepping, again.
But look, this was my catch on my patch.
There is something strange about this.
How did he get there?
Who is he?
When I was your age,
I thought as long as I made Inspector
by the time I was 35,
nothing else mattered.
You want to go places.
Correct, ma'am.
Then why jump off a cliff
asking questions about a case
that is way above your pay grade and mine?
- [door beeps]
- [music fades]
[female voice] SPYNE level low.
[implant humming]
[dreamy synth music playing]
[implant whirs]
[beeps, chimes]
- [grunts]
- [implant beeping]
[implant beeping rapidly]
[beeps, whirs]
[droning in distance]
[intriguing music playing]
[man over speaker]
When we rebuilt our city,
we all shared a dream.
[dramatic music playing]
where no one's left behind.
Balance and equality in all its forms.
Our place has been restored.
[music intensifies]
[helicopter blades whirring]
[man shouting in distance]
[Maplewood sighs]
[music fades]
[clicks tongue] Hi, Alby.
May I come in?
Have I got a choice?
[futuristic music
playing faintly on device]
Hey, Marina.
[Marina] Iris.
- Long time no see
- [baby crying]
[Marina comforting baby]
- [baby cooing]
- [gentle music playing]
[Marina comforting baby]
Alby, you didn't tell her?
[inhales] You're an aunt. Congratulations.
See? Told her.
[Marina] I'll leave you alone.
This little one has to eat.
Lock the front. I won't be long.
[Marina] Of course.
[locks door]
[tense music playing]
Jesus, Alby.
- Is there anything here that isn't hot?
- Why, you got a better job going?
Working for The Man?
So what brings you out here
this time, Detective?
I need you to run some DNA.
Find out who it belongs to.
A guy bled all over me.
It's been red-flagged,
and I need someone I can trust.
[Alby inhales]
Well then, as your
big brother
It's my pleasure to get you
into the deepest shit imaginable.
Give it here.
[device hums, whirs]
[tapping at keyboard]
Let's see how far I can get
before they track me down.
- [taps key forcefully]
- [beeping]
I've still got it.
Don't risk too much, Alby. Just the name.
It'll take two minutes
to run this through.
Red flags are rare these days.
This guy must be involved
in something big.
[playing jaunty song]
[dishware clattering softly]
[Hillinghead] Hmm!
[loud knocking at door]
[Hillinghead sighs]
- I'll go. Don't let it get cold.
- [chuckles softly]
Polly, what is that racket?
It's in the music halls.
It's all the rage.
Thought it might
liven the congregation up a bit.
Or give them a heart attack.
[man] I'm here to pick up some bits.
- [clears throat]
- [Charlotte chuckles]
I'll just fetch him, okay?
- [man speaks indistinctly]
- [Charlotte chuckles]
Oh, thanks.
[Charlotte and man
conversing indistinctly]
[Charlotte laughs]
Alfred, you didn't tell us
you were expecting company.
[Ashe] I was just informing your wife
that I'm here to pick up some evidence
from the Longharvest murder.
She kindly invited me in
whilst you finished your breakfast.
[Charlotte] Alfred?
Charlotte, this man
has no business in this house.
He's a journalist.
How dare you think
that you can just waltz into my house?
What'll you do? Will you arrest me again?
- [Hillinghead] What do you want?
- [sniffs]
My studio has been ransacked by police.
My photographs destroyed.
You have the only remaining copy
of the photograph of the murder suspect.
Since you intend to do nothing with it
I would like it back.
[tense music playing]
I will tell no one you gave it to me.
The murderer is out there.
That photograph is all we have of him.
Without it, he wins.
Show some guts, man.
Where is it?
Only ashes remain.
[melancholy string music playing]
Then we have nothing further to discuss.
My apologies to your wife
for the deception.
[door closes]
[Rick] But come on. Andrew.
But you know how much shit you're in.
I just hope for your sake
that your wife doesn't crack first.
You know from Elias' file
it's easy to make assumptions.
I was wondering
why you'd want to adopt a kid like that.
I watched one of his social worker tapes.
He's telling them
about his re-occurring nightmare.
Where he's holding a little boy
that he has to kill.
He ever tell you about that one?
It's the sort you never forget.
But I saw how those thoughts tortured him.
That he wanted to get dug out
from wherever he was.
[inhales deeply]
[Hasan] Elaine.
I know you're trying to protect him.
But it's over.
There's been a murder. This is serious.
Help us find him.
Tell us where he is.
[intriguing music playing]
He can still have a future.
One he deserves.
[inhales sharply] Please, stop.
[Elaine inhales deeply]
Crabapple Campsite.
In Purfleet, by the river.
Please bring him in safe.
- Two minutes.
- Yes.
[Rick] Distance for Crabapple Campsite,
- It's 40 minutes away. We going now?
- Great. Let's go.
- Uh, Rick, can we have the room?
- Yeah.
Barber. I'm coming.
You got us this far. Hat's off.
But you've done way more
Are you seriously telling me to stay put?
No. You got Elaine on the ropes.
Stay on her. Find out what else she knows.
We'll call you
as soon as we find anything.
Your daughter, is her health okay?
Is yours?
We were born with this condition, Alby,
but we don't have to live with it.
They can fix you.
Fuck you!
You know what?
The grass is greener.
- And as a father now, how
- You leave my kid out of this.
- You make them live like this
- You don't exist.
I'm not okay with giving up my freedom,
just so I can fucking walk!
[device beeping]
Gabriel Defoe. Born in Sheffield, 2022.
- [taps key]
- [computer chimes]
You got what you came for. Now get out.
[melancholy synth music playing]
And I've seen the billboards,
the buzzwords, the propaganda.
United, together, community, huh?
And you're the loneliest person
I've ever seen in my life.
Where are you walking to, Iris?
[music continues]
[presses button]
[male voice] Destination?
[exhales] Home.
- Home.
- [digital melody plays]
- [error alarm beeps]
- [sighs]
- Just get me the fuck out of here.
- [low humming tone]
- [male voice] New destination incoming.
- What?
[eerie music playing]
Detective Maplewood,
- you have been summoned.
- [car beeps, clunks]
We'll meet again ♪
Don't know where
Don't know when ♪
But I know we'll meet again
Some sunny day ♪
Keep smiling through ♪
Just like you always do ♪
'Til the blue skies drive
The dark clouds far away ♪
[laughing, singing,
conversing indistinctly]
- [playing upbeat song]
- To Inspector Farrell, sir.
May flights of angels sing
all bloody good coppers to their rest.
Farrell thought
you were lower than a snake's belly.
Well, so is he now.
You know, I never wanted
to believe his suspicions,
but the night he died,
Farrell told me he intended to follow you.
All I know is that finding
Lee Cozens' prints on the gear stick,
and that leading to his apparent suicide,
is a little too convenient for my liking.
What about you, Sergeant?
Well, frankly, sir, were Farrell's
so-called suspicions of me
ever aired without calling me a kike?
As for Lee Cozens, well,
he cut and raped a 14-year-old girl
and got out in about as many months.
The city's a safer place without him.
Case is closed.
So, how about we have a smoke to mark it?
Churchill's favorite brand.
Not easy getting hold of these.
Chief Inspector, you'd better come quick.
There's a witness at the station. A kid.
Something to do with the body in the boot.
[suspenseful music playing]
Come on up, dear,
and tell us all about it.
[phone ringing]
You're all right? Okay.
[woman] Can the child identify you?
Answer me.
Yes or no?
[line hangs up]
[male vendor] Police cover up murder.
Biggest story of the day.
Only in The Star.
- One halfpenny. One halfpenny.
- [man] Thank you very much.
[vendor] Thank you, sir. Take one.
- One halfpenny.
- [man] Thanks.
Biggest story of the day.
Biggest story of the week. Mind you, sir.
Murder on Longharvest Lane.
Exclusive coverage in The Star!
[vendor] One halfpenny. Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much. Police
[coin clinks]
cover up murder.
Only in The Star. One halfpenny.
Who is the Longharvest killer?
Hello, madam.
- Police cover up murder. Only in The Star.
- [woman] No, thank you.
For you. For you, sir.
Madam? One halfpenny.
[ducks squawking]
Got your message.
I didn't take you
as a feeding the ducks sort.
The scoop's caused quite a stir
in my department and the public.
I have an honest question, off the books.
You're a journalist. And a socialist.
So do you seek merely to roast the police
and further your agenda,
or do you seek justice
for the Longharvest murder?
What do you think?
There are witnesses in those streets
who would trust me with their secrets
more than they'd trust a police officer.
I have a better chance
of getting an honest answer.
And it's justice, by the way.
If we investigate this murder,
discreetly together,
you can publish our progress
in your newspaper
and give the police no choice
but to reopen the investigation.
You burnt the bloody evidence.
And when you asked me for my alibi,
assuring me of your discretion,
you arrested me.
What do you take me for?
[Hillinghead] Photograph of a gentleman
in an alleyway.
It's hardly a lead, Ashe.
[hopeful music playing]
I couldn't bring myself to do it.
- And I found these.
- [intriguing string music playing]
Finger markings on the gaslight
in the alcove where the suspect stood.
Look for the long thin shadow.
Beneath his right hand.
[chuckling] It's a cane.
And a gentleman with a cane in his
right hand might perhaps imply a limp
on his left leg and
Eh, it's as good a place to start as any.
[tense synth music playing]
Detective Constable Maplewood?
This way, please.
[music continues]
The surgeons don't fancy his chances much.
But at least he's alive for now.
Thanks to you.
Do you know who I am?
Commander Mannix.
I mean, Commander Mannix, sir.
Your superior described you
as a bloodhound.
Does that get you in trouble much?
Tell me, why did you
come and join us at KYAL?
I believe in your world, sir.
- What you're trying to achieve
- No.
Be honest.
I wanted
to walk.
It's our scars that define what we are.
Reminders of what we've survived.
Those who have decided
to remain in the past, like your brother,
have not understood.
Why choose the vision
and suffering of a unity
as if democracy was
some sort of sacred ideal?
Why did you disobey orders
and start investigating on your own?
[Maplewood] I wanted to know who he is.
Your resourcefulness is impressive.
Illegal, of course.
But refreshing.
Gabriel Defoe.
Professor of Quantum Gravity Theory
at Greenwich Park University.
I believe Defoe
was involved in a new terror network
known as Chapel Perilous.
I want you to find them.
Why me?
Chapel Perilous want me dead.
I need someone I can trust.
A bloodhound.
I'd be honored, sir.
If you find yourself in danger
act accordingly.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Know you are loved.
[dramatic music playing]
[sirens wailing]
- Have they found him yet?
- [Hasan] They're just at the campsite.
[male presenter] the credit crunch.
89.5 billion pound sterling will
15th of September 2008,
the credit crunch
- What is this?
- 89.5 billion pound sterling
- [eerie sting]
- [inhales]
It's your turn with Elias, now.
Promise me.
You'll let him know he is loved.
Why do you say that?
- [eerie music playing]
- [laughing]
I just can't anymore.
- [man] What's going on?
- What
Who the fuck are you?
- Eighty-nine point five billion pound
- I'm the manager.
- 15th September 2008.
- [suspenseful music playing]
The credit crunch.
89.5 billion pound sterling
You know,
even I started to doubt
what we were doing.
I was worried we were going mad.
Until yesterday,
when you walked into our house,
just like they said you would be.
[exhales] I want to offer you
my heartfelt thanks
for what you are about to do for Elias.
And my deepest condolences
for Jawad's sacrifice.
- How do you know my kid's name?
- Let him know
- What do you mean, sacrifice?
- he will be loved.
- How the fuck do you even know his name?
- I can see it in you. I can feel it.
- [music intensifies]
- You're going to be so important to Elias,
and you have no idea, do you?
[Elaine breathes deeply]
They should be there by now,
shouldn't they?
- Has it happened yet?
- Has what happened yet?
[sucks air over teeth]
I've said too much, haven't I?
[sucks air over teeth] The Shh.
[inhales] I think so.
[sucks air over teeth] I think I have.
[sucks air over teeth] Shh.
- [thuds]
- [gasps]
[dramatic music playing]
[alarm blaring]
[Hasan] Help!
Barber. Tell me you've got him.
Elias isn't in the campervan.
Manager says he's never seen him.
It was Elaine who hired the pitch.
Elaine's lost it.
- She just bit her own fucking tongue off.
- She what?
Morley's a cop. He knew we'd work it out.
He wanted us to get there.
- You're not in the campervan, are you?
- No. Rick is.
It's a trap.
Get him out of there!
[suspenseful music playing]
15th of September 2008,
the credit crunch.
- 89.5 billion pound sterling will
- [phone ringing]
15th of September 2008
- Rick, get out of the campervan!
- [chuckling] Are you hearing this?
Some spooky old guy on a record.
- [imperceptible]
- [dramatic synth music playing]
[music fades]
[male voice] You have arrived,
Greenwich Park University.
[female voice over PA] Faculty of Physics,
specializing in quantum building.
Head of Department
Professor Gabriel Defoe.
- Directive Research, Colin Chapsworth.
- [people conversing indistinctly]
- Senior Research fellow
- [Maplewood] Hi.
[woman] Hope no one's
in any trouble, officer.
I need to speak to your Head of Faculty.
- [woman] Professor McCabe?
- May I help you?
One of your lecturers,
Professor Defoe, was found shot
in Whitechapel the day before last.
My God.
Is he alive?
Professor, if if we could go
somewhere quieter to
Is this a joke?
[Defoe] I wish!
Some idiot pulls out in front of me.
The driver's fine.
The bike isn't.
And I end up needing bloody stitches.
How's your morning?
- Hands up! Now!
- [people screaming]
- Whoa! Me? I haven't done anything.
- Shut up! Hands where I can see them.
This you?
You got a twin or something?
I'm bringing you in
for questioning about an attempted murder.
[disorienting music plays, fades]
[dramatic string music playing]
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