Bodkin (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Empty Your Pockets

[foreboding music playing]
[ramp clanks, whirring]
[Gilbert] There's only one ending.
[foreboding music continues]
[Gilbert] Everyone dies.
- Maybe that's why we need stories.
- [wheelchair rattling]
They make sense of the world,
comfort us
protect us.
In the end, we're all just stories.
Stories we tell ourselves,
stories we tell each other.
It's what makes us human.
So what happens when you discover
that the stories
you've been telling yourself
aren't really true?
I mean, what are we without our stories?
Who are we
[Dove] That recorder's going up your hole
if you don't quit that shite, Gilbert.
Well, good morning.
[Dove sighs]
What's got you all fuckin'
Oh, come on. We we did it.
We solved the mystery.
Well, step back
while I turn a few cartwheels.
[Gilbert chuckles]
Maeve's confession came out crystal clear.
So all I need is
a little audio of the festival,
find a few red herrings to tag the eps.
But I can hear it, Dove. The whole thing.
Oh holy shit. Okay. Imagine this.
Teddy's sad song from the bar,
underscoring Maeve describing
how she caved his head in with the oar.
Ugh! It'll be awesome.
I'll enjoy listening to it in my cell.
Oh, come on.
I'm sure it won't come to prison.
I mean, didn't you say
they're just trying to scare you?
Did you know
my mother was a heroin addict?
[Dove] I didn't put it together as a kid.
Suppose it's not the sort of thing
that comes up naturally.
"We'll write your letter to Santy Claus."
"But first, Mammy has to
pawn your pram for a fix
or she might claw her fuckin' skin off."
[inhales sharply] She told me
she was hungry all the time.
I didn't know what she was on about.
I I was like "Me too, Mammy."
The nuns weren't any better.
"Oh, don't worry about your mammy."
"She's just gone on a little trip."
"She'll come back to get ya any day now."
My whole life, I was told stories.
I promised myself I'd be different.
- Dove
- Krtek begged me to kill the story.
I told him I could protect his anonymity,
guarantee his safety.
He was just hanging there.
His tongue thick. His face all
[hesitates] You found him?
And I was gonna call it in. I was. But
- But?
- But his laptop was just sitting there.
Open, full of evidence of corruption
at the highest level of government.
So [hesitates]
I had to.
- You know, I had no choice. Otherwise
- Had to what?
They would have hidden everything.
Everything I'd been working on.
But wh what did you do?
[breathes shakily]
[softly] I took his laptop.
Left him hanging there to rot.
[gusting wind whistles]
All for the fuckin' truth.
Why would you do that?
Because I'm hungry, Gilbert.
I'm hungry all the time.
Krtek killed himself
because of you.
[somber music playing]
[softly] Because of me?
No, I'm not the one
who fuckin' leaked his name.
Yeah, but he begged you to stop,
and you didn't.
Look, as journalists, we have to
Journalist? You think you're a journalist?
Yeah, of course I think I'm a
Waving that thing around in front
of local hicks isn't fucking journalism.
Oh, what? 'Cause I respect my audience?
I don't just use my sources,
dump 'em, and then leave 'em for dead?
But that's exactly what you do.
You crack 'em open.
You scoop out what you need.
All to create
another mawkish piece of content
that changes nothing,
contributes nothing, says nothing.
Oh, you're not a journalist, Gilbert.
You're a pornographer.
[cell door clacking]
Right, then. [exhales]
Mr. Power, you're free to go.
I'm guessing this is how
all your relationships end.
[somber music continues]
[door screeches, clangs]
[unsettling music plays]
[Emmy] No, no. I need a solicitor
for an extradition case.
Who the fuck do I need to call
if you're the
- [loud crash]
- [Seamus] Where is he?
- [clattering]
- [tense music playing]
[Seamus] Where's fuckin' Sean?
Where's Sean?
He's not here.
Lie to me now, Edna,
and I'll not be responsible.
Don't you threaten me, you thug.
Sean has to return what he's stolen.
My boy is no thief.
Your boy is a fuckin' dead man
when I find him.
[door slams]
[porcelain shattering]
[Emmy exhales softly]
That bastard so much as touches Sean
I I'm sure Seamus's bark
is worse than his bite.
You're being very kind,
but you have no idea what's going on here.
[inhales apprehensively] Actually,
I think I do.
[unsettling music continues]
I know all about Sean.
Remember the good old days
when you guys would just run me over?
[Charles] You think this is a joke, Dove?
[soundscape muffles]
[muffled] We can just arrest Sean O'Shea.
- [unsettling music continues]
- [whispers echoing]
- [Charles] If Seamus really is leaving
- [voice echoes] Seamus Gallagher.
[Annika] Gallagher will just
start again somewhere else.
- We need him at the deal.
- [Charles] If Seamus really
falls apart.
I can get you Seamus.
Why would you do that?
Quid pro quo.
Perhaps you never found me,
never took me in?
I mean, no one would hold it against ya.
And what would you do then?
That's my problem, not yours.
You're not here for me.
You're here for Seamus Gallagher, and
[inhales deeply]and I can deliver him.
[whimsical music playing]
We'll need some insurance.
- [buckle clacks]
- [monitor beeps]
That should do it.
[Emmy] You can trust me.
- I just wanna help.
- [crunch]
[Edna] What was that?
- What did I miss?
- [music fades out]
The only thing that Fiona cared about,
had me swear to her,
was that Seamus would never have
anything to do with her child.
They were her last words.
And I failed her.
- I've let her down.
- No, you haven't.
[Edna scoffs]
[inhales deeply]
[softly] I tried so hard.
Tried to scare you lot out of town.
You burnt Sean's car?
Only because I thought you poking around
in everything would lead to no good.
And I was right, wasn't I?
And then when that didn't work,
Maeve had the idea to torch Seamus's boat.
- Jeez. You've burnt a lot of things.
- We hoped it might put the wind up him.
But he's like a fuckin' cockroach.
We have to stop Sean,
knock some sense into the boy's head.
Will you talk to him?
M Me?
His tracksuits do nothing to hide
the hard-on he gets when he sees you.
[Emmy, softly] Um
Tell him to give Seamus back
his fuckin' eels. He'll listen to you.
I don't
I mean, I I can't.
[Edna] He'll be at his little hideout
in Tullycross Woods.
I've watched the three of you,
and you are the only one
who can actually do anything.
[whimsical intriguing music playing]
[inhales deeply] I can do it.
And the two of you promise me.
Sean can never find out
that Seamus is his dad.
- Never.
- Promise.
You have my word.
[music fades out]
- [bird caws]
- [suspenseful music playing]
[clatter in distance]
[intriguing music playing]
[dog food squelches]
Pace yourself, girl, huh?
[dog chomping]
You know I'd take you if I could.
[breathes shakily]
- [drawer opens]
- [objects shuffling]
[Seamus gasps]
Christ. Fuck are you after?
Seamus, hear me out.
There's some mutual backscratching
to be done.
Scratch me fuckin' eyes out, more like.
- Go on. Fuck off.
- [drawer slams]
Look, I have a proposal
that benefits everyone.
I'd sooner climb into bed with a viper
than deal with the likes of you.
[car approaching]
[Seamus] Fuck.
[car doors open]
It's them. The McArdles.
- The fuck are you doing?
- Let me in.
- Fuck off.
- I'll tell them you're in here.
You fuckin' wagon.
[crashing on door]
[sinister music playing]
[Brónagh] You check down the back.
I'll do upstairs.
Looks like we missed him.
[back cracking]
[ragged moaning]
[Desy] What's tickling you?
First good hard-on for ten years.
Never mind Viagra.
There's nothin' bates the prospect
of puttin' a bullet
through some cunt's head.
Jon-Joe McArdle, you're one bad hooer.
[both chuckling]
[Jon-Joe laughing heartily]
[wheezing laughter]
[gasps, coughing continuously]
- [tank valve squeaks]
- [Jon-Joe gasps]
[labored breathing]
[gasps, breathing softens]
[breathes deeply]
He's gone.
Fresh skid marks in the shitter,
so he can't be far.
He had an American in tow in the shop.
Dopey fucker. Shouldn't be hard to find.
He'll lead us to Seamus.
[dog barks, whines]
[Desy] What about Lassie?
[Jon-Joe grumbles]
[dog panting]
- [whines]
- [Jon-Joe grumbles]
- [dog panting, whines]
- [Jon-Joe patting]
Handsome girl, isn't she?
[foreboding music playing]
[music building]
- [gunshot]
- [dog yelps]
[Seamus breathing shakily]
Why did you ever leave me?
I wanted to fuck younger men.
[whispers] She seemed like a good dog.
[whispers] She was a loyal girl.
More loyal than I deserve.
[breathes deeply]
[car doors opening, closing]
[whispers] I can help you.
[scoffs] You can't even help yourself.
- [car door closes]
- Saw it the first time I laid eyes on you.
[car engine starts]
Blackness clinging to you
like fuckin' treacle.
[tense music playing]
Listen, I can get you to Sean.
No, I'm done with it.
You you'd want to think
about doing the same.
- You can sweep in, take the eels back
- D'you hear me?
[breathes shakily]
That's the best I can hope for
unless I'm gone now, this second.
What use are eels to a dead man?
They're going after Gilbert.
Well, Gilbert needs to run, and fast.
He'll die roaring if he doesn't.
- [footsteps depart]
- [music continues]
[Dove breathes anxiously]
[bird cawing]
[leaves rustling]
For fuck's sake. [sighs]
- [gulls calling]
- [tense music continues]
[faint cheering in distance]
- [laughter]
- [indistinct jubilant chattering]
[drum beating rhythmically]
[Claire, over megaphone]
T-minus 60 minutes, everyone.
The procession will start in 60 minutes.
[crowd applauding]
[Gilbert] And so secrets are revealed.
The past returns to haunt the present
like a raging specter of vengeance.
- Who knew, when we first came to Bodkin
- Gilbert?
[Dove panting]
[breathing heavily]
I guess you're here to apologize?
Gilbert, I'm
[inhales sharply] Okay, you
you need to listen to me.
- The McArdles are
- Sean is Fiona and Seamus's baby.
I mean, it's fuckin' dynamite, right?
I mean, think about it. Think about it.
The bodies, the smuggling,
the Romanian adoption, the cover-up.
It just keeps getting better.
I'll be able to sell the TV rights
before we even air. I I'm back.
The McArdles are in Bodkin.
They're looking for you.
[gulps softly]
[hip-hop music plays in distance]
[Sean] Whoo!
[sighs, under breath] Fuck me.
- You need to give Seamus the eels back.
- [chuckles]
- Right, you are.
- He's gonna kill you.
- I saw him this morning
- He's skipping town.
He's scared shitless
of whoever tried to bump him on his boat.
And now, all of this, all of this is mine.
- Romania, here I come.
- What the hell is in Romania?
[scoffs] Have you seen
the beoirs in Eastern Europe?
And with a bit of money in my pocket,
I'll be rolling in pussy.
Sean, do you even hear what you're saying?
- [music continues]
- [lyrics in Romanian]
[in English] Yeah, I do. Yeah.
And that that's my ticket.
[Dove] They think
you can lead them to Seamus.
- [splutters] I don't know where he is.
- That won't stop them asking.
And they won't be gentle.
- What the fuck? What do I do?
- [Dove] I think
I think you tell Seamus
that Sean's his son.
- What? How?
- It's the thing that will bring him back.
Why would we do that?
Seamus is running for his life.
And the McArdles won't stop chasing, ever.
- [Gilbert sighs]
- [Dove] But we can save him.
You tell Seamus that Sean's his son.
Seamus heads straight
to the deal with Sean.
Interpol arrests him.
Seamus gets lifted,
and Sean's in the clear.
The McArdles won't even come close.
You'll have saved the day.
And your podcast
will have the perfect ending.
Dove, I don't know.
I mean, Seamus is very angry at me.
All right? He he has a gun.
He he stapled Frank in the face.
[Dove inhales softly]
Why are we doing all this?
To tell a great story.
And you are this close
to the best fuckin' story ever.
Just needs one final push.
It needs a journalist.
A real journalist.
You said I was a pornographer.
[splutters] I was just angry, Gilbert.
I get angry with the people I like.
And the people I don't,
but you know the difference.
I mean if Seamus gets arrested,
basically saving his life.
[smacks lips, sighs]
- [cell phone unlocks]
- [keypad beeping]
- [ringing tone]
- [Gilbert sighs]
[ringing tone, trill]
[automated voice] This person
cannot be reached at this
- Wha
- [keypad clacking]
- [message whooshes]
- That should do it. [exhales]
[cell phone vibrates]
[water sloshing]
[water splashes]
[Sean] Look at that.
They're just fish.
Tiny little fish.
I mean, you wouldn't even notice them.
But they're worth millions.
Sean, what are you doing?
D'you know eels leave home
the minute they're born?
They swim hundreds of miles to get here.
Just little babies,
all on their own, defying the odds.
They don't go home
till they're all grown up.
All I have to do is hand these over
to the Yakuza and I can do the same.
They're not Yakuza. They're Interpol.
It's a sting. You'll go to prison.
Just making shit up now.
[hatch clangs, clatters]
[dramatic music playing]
The future's waiting for me, Emmy.
Now, go on. Fuck off.
- Sean, it
- [engine starts]
Sean won't listen.
He's on his way to sell the eels.
[man 1] Welcome to the Samhain Festival.
We've got more things
than you can imagine.
We've got games.
We've got prizes. We've got
- [drums beating]
- [man 2 shrieks, laughs]
[festival-goers hollering excitedly]
You've got this, Gilbert.
I'll hang back here.
[crowd whooping]
[drums beating rhythmically]
[chaotic revelry]
Where is she?
- I'm so
- Where?
She's out there, on Inish Mac Tire.
What, she's a fuckin' nun?
Fiona's dead.
Don't be fuckin' with me now, Gilbert.
You're sure it's Fiona?
Buried on the island.
She died there 25 years ago.
She died in childbirth.
[foreboding music building]
[sinister music plays]
[Gilbert breathing anxiously]
She had a boy. Your your boy.
He's He lived.
No. No.
It's it's Sean.
Sean is your your son.
You're fuckin' joking. Sean?
Mrs. O'Shea, she raised him
and and never told him the truth.
Well, w-why would she do that?
She faked his adoption from Romania.
- [man 3 mimicking bird calls loudly]
- [Seamus] Jesus. I
I thought he was a fuckin' eejit.
[breathes heavily]
[hesitates] He's not. He's
[voice breaks]he's
[Gilbert] I know.
[firmly] He's my boy.
My son.
[tense music playing]
If I'd known all along he was mine
He's doing that deal today.
- Huh?
- Interpol.
- Fuck. Jesus. [mutters]
- [man 4 mimicking bird calls]
[man 4 grunts] What the fuck?
- You, you're coming with me.
- I don't wanna get in your way!
No more surprises.
We have to get to him before they do.
[chaotic revelry continues]
It's on.
- Seamus will be there.
- [Annika] Wait there. We'll pick you up.
[gate clanks, squeaks]
[truck revs, rumbles]
- [brakes hiss]
- [engine stops]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Emmy] Sean, please.
Oh, Jesus, you're annoying. I
You're about to wreck your life
permanently. Listen to me.
- [Edna] Sean!
- What are you doing here?
Emmy told me where you were.
- You told her?
- You're coming home with me right now.
Just fuckin' get out of here,
Edna, will ya?
- Language!
- [door opens]
You're not too old
for a clip in the ear, you know.
[Edna, softly] Oh God.
No, Sean!
- Right. Let's go, you prick.
- [Edna] You leave him be!
I'm not here to fight you, Sean.
Just as well, 'cause I'd fuckin' have ya.
[breathes heavily]
You're old news, d'you hear me?
A fuckin' has-been.
[inhales] These are my eels.
This is my job. This is my money.
I'm the man now.
- [Sean exhales]
- You're my son, Sean.
Oh my God.
[chuckles softly] I'm your da.
No, no, no, no. Don't listen!
- What?
- I know it's a lot to take in.
It it was kept from me too.
What, your son? What, you're
you're telling me that I'm your son?
Yeah. [chuckles]
Like fuck I am.
What, is that the best you can do?
No, no. It's true.
You were born on Inish Mac Tire.
And your mother
[breathes shakily]
your mother was a woman called Fiona.
I'm adopted. My mother's Romanian.
I'm Romanian.
Sean, come home with me now.
Edna, is this
You're my boy, Sean.
You're as Irish as Guinness.
- Come here.
- No. That's not true.
- I just want to hold ya.
- It's not true. It's not true.
Romania has a population of 20 million.
Our main exports are are are cars,
clothing, furniture, and textiles.
Our road network
is 53,000 kilometers long.
Nadia Comăneci was the first gymnast
in fuckin' history
- to score a ten at the Olympics.
- Sean.
The Palace of Parliament in Bucharest
is the heaviest building in the world.
- Sean!
- [breathing heavily]
I mean, they're just facts.
Yeah, and I know them,
because I am fucking Romanian!
You've never been
anywhere close to Romania.
You've never left this fuckin' town!
And if I'd known, I swear to ya
[breath trembles]
things would've been different.
[breath trembles]
Son please.
I know who I am,
what I am, and where I come from.
And not one piece of that
has anything to do with you,
you fucking cunt.
Now, you leave the boy be.
[tense music playing]
[Seamus breathing agitatedly]
- This is all your fault.
- [gun cocks]
Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, buddy. Why don't we
[grunts] What did I ever do to you?
What did I ever do to deserve this?
You lied to us, the both of us.
You stole all those years from us.
You never cared about Sean,
just as you never cared about Fiona.
She loved me.
Fiona didn't love you.
She loved me.
She was running in fear,
running from you.
[inhales] She fuckin' loved me!
- [gunshot]
- [Edna screams]
- [Sean murmurs in shock]
- [Edna] Oh my God!
- [Sean exhales shakily]
- [Edna] Jesus Christ!
[Emmy] Oh my God! Sean!
- Sean. Oh my God.
- [Edna] Sean!
[Sean panting]
- [Edna] Sean!
- [Emmy] We need to stop the bleeding.
- Have you got anything we can wrap it in?
- [Edna] It'll be okay.
- [Emmy] Oh my God.
- [Edna] You're all right. Look at me.
You're all right.
Sean, it's going to be okay. Oh Jesus.
Sean, your
Seamus Gallagher!
You're under arrest.
You do not have to say anything.
- But it may harm your defense
- Fuck off.
Come on. [mutters]
- [gun cocks]
- [Seamus] Stay back, ya cunts.
[Gilbert gasps]
Right, I'm fuckin' warning ya!
[dramatic music playing]
- Hey.
- [Charles] Let him go! Let him go!
Stay back, or else.
[music intensifies]
[engine starts, revs]
[tires screech]
[both pant]
What did you do, Dove?
What did you fucking do?
[dramatic music continues]
[tires screech]
[tires screech]
[engine idling]
[Seamus] Fuck.
[music fading out]
[drums beating in distance]
[festival-goers whoop, laugh]
Fuckin' Samhain.
Get out.
- Get the fuck out.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Seamus, come on. Calm down.
- Who else knew, huh?
Who else knew about Sean?
Seamus, come on.
[inhales sharply] This fuckin' town!
[cell phone chimes]
[Seamus breathes heavily]
Empty your pockets.
[Gilbert breathes shakily]
It it t was just my my phone.
- [foreboding music plays]
- The other one.
[drums beating in distance]
[Gilbert breathes shakily]
[Seamus inhales]
Did you get all that?
- Look [sighs]
- Do you know what's in my pocket?
Do ya? [breath trembles]
It's me son's fuckin' thumb!
[breathes nervously]
let's give your little podcast
the ending it deserves.
[Sean inhales deeply]
- [exhales]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Emmy] What, you made a deal? [chuckles]
With them?
[indistinct chatter over police radio]
- Get what you want, did you?
- Just stop.
Krtek just the appetizer.
Now Gilbert, Sean.
Gilbert will be fine.
Yeah! Yeah, yeah, he looked fuckin' fine.
Seamus wouldn't hurt him. They're friends.
[Emmy] You sure about that?
He's the infamous Badger.
The dangerous, evil Badger.
- Until you lure him out to save your skin.
- No, I didn't lure him
'Cause you're not some noble,
high-minded investigative journalist.
You just do whatever you feel like
to get what you want.
But you were right, Dove.
You do tell the truth.
This whole time, you've been
telling us exactly who you are.
And I don't know
how you live with yourself.
You're right.
I did use them.
[Dove breathes shakily]
[cell phone vibrates]
[Emmy sniffs]
Gilbert sent his location.
We need to help him.
I'd only make things worse.
Fucking hell. Dove, we don't have time
for you to feel sorry for yourself.
I'm sorry Krtek killed himself.
Sorry your mum was a dick, or whatever,
but it doesn't fucking matter.
What are you gonna do right now, Dove?
- What are you gonna do?
- [Annika] Well, Dove. [scoffs]
Instead of arresting Seamus,
we now have a shooting victim,
a hostage situation,
and a dangerous smuggler on the run.
You're going to the station
while we sort this mess out.
We've been setting
this entire operation up for months.
- And within a week, you've
- Oh, fuck off.
You have to be the most incompetent
pair of fuckwits I have ever met.
Explain to me the ethics
of the deal with Dove.
- [Charles] Listen, kid
- Sean had his fucking thumb shot off.
What you did is entrapment.
Is that standard Interpol policy?
We don't have to explain ourselves to you.
You don't know what it takes
to keep people like you safe.
This whole conversation
is on record, by the way.
Do you have any further comment
on your actions here in Bodkin?
Now jog on.
[Charles] Let's go find Seamus.
Were you really recording that?
No. I feel wild. [chuckles]
That was
that was very cool, Sizergh.
[inhales deeply] Okay, erm
[sniffs] Where's Gilbert?
- Ah.
- [phone unlocks]
They're heading to the festival.
But how are we supposed to get there?
I have an idea.
- [Emmy] What?
- Well, it it involves stealing something.
There she is.
[electronic dance music playing loudly]
[crowd cheering]
[woman] Whoo!
I'm just living my life, huh,
no bother to anyone, and you turn up,
worming your way in with your questions.
Huh? Think you can turn up here
and bleed me dry?
[grunts] All for your story.
Well, not tonight, Gilbert.
Tonight you get to be the story.
- [bass thumping]
- [crowd cheering]
[brakes squeal, hiss]
[flames whoosh]
How the hell are we gonna
find him in all this?
- [crowd cheering]
- [Emmy sighs]
[muffled music continues]
[rock scraping]
[Gilbert] Look, I
I wasn't trying to betray you.
[Seamus scoffs]
Look, I I'll delete everything.
I'll I'll I'll [hesitates, sighs]
You know, I I will never
I'll never make a podcast again.
Why would you do that, now, Gilbert?
Why would you give away a story this good?
Think about it. You know?
A man comes to Bodkin
to investigate three people
who disappeared
and then goes missing himself.
- [sighs]
- [Seamus] I mean, it's
it's too good a story.
[breathes heavily]
Maybe, one day, someone will come along
and try to work out what happened to you.
And then we'll see
how you feel about it, huh?
Seamus, please.
You're you're not this person.
[bag zips]
I am what I am.
- [foreboding music plays]
- [Gilbert sighs]
[heavy crate scraping]
[Seamus exhales]
[breathing heavily]
[grunts softly]
When I stole this Semtex
from the McArdles,
I thought it was gonna make me rich.
But instead, I lost everything.
It all started with these teddies.
[teddy rips]
Now they can end it too.
[electronic dance music continues]
She's close.
[sinister music fading in]
[Jon-Joe coughing]
[grumbles] Oh fuck.
- [crowd cheering]
- [electronic music continues]
[Seamus] In ancient times,
they thought the mouth
was the gateway for the soul.
So when a person died,
they'd shove a rock in their gob
to stop the evil spirits
from bringing them back to life.
[recorder clatters]
You blew up my whole world.
I just wanted to tell a story.
Oh, well
- [Gilbert gasps]
- keep it to yourself.
- [grunts]
- [Gilbert choking, gagging]
Fuck you!
[Gilbert coughing]
- Fuck this town.
- [garbled yelling]
Fuck this world,
and fuck the other one too.
- [detonator beeps]
- [Gilbert coughing]
[garbled yelling]
- [grunts]
- [on recording] We're all just stories.
Stories of where we came from
- [Gilbert groans]
- stories of what we've done.
[electronic music building]
[drums pounding]
[music swells]
- [beat drops]
- [bass thumping]
[man] Woo-hoo!
Emmy! Emmy!
[music continues in distance]
The app says he's right here.
So much for technology.
Fuck. This is hopeless.
[Gilbert's voice on recording echoes]
Stories that we tell each other.
Stories we're not telling
[Emmy] Gilbert?
- [suspenseful music playing]
- We're all just stories we tell ourselves.
I came to Bodkin
- [murmurs]
- to investigate a mystery.
- Uh!
- [Dove] Jesus, Gilbert!
What I found
- [Emmy] Thank God.
- Sometimes, maybe
- [coughs, sighs]
- needs to be solved.
- Are you okay?
- [coughs] Wait.
- It's a bomb. Semtex.
- What?
[Gilbert] He's got a detonator.
- How the fuck is there a bomb in here?
- I don't know!
I mean, I I was just trying
to make a fucking podcast!
Now there's a bomb!
Oh my God. The festival.
Get everyone off this fuckin' hill.
- Okay.
- Which way did he go?
Through there.
- Okay. [pants]
- [Gilbert sighs]
Huh! Guys!
- [crowd cheering]
- [dance music continues]
[Emmy] Sorry. Excuse me.
[muffled music continues]
What the fuck?
[waves crashing faintly]
Fintan! Fintan!
- Isn't it amazing?
- We need an announcement.
- We need to get everyone away.
- What?
There's a bomb under the Hollow.
You need to get everyone to move.
- What are you on about?
- Get everyone off this fucking hill!
Listen to yourself, Emmy.
Bombs under a field in Bodkin?
I mean, look at it.
Bodkin 2.0.
And it's mine.
Oh Christ, Fintan. Do you hear yourself?
God, you really are just a shitpants.
And that's all you'll ever be,
just fucking Shitpants!
- [grunts]
- [air hissing]
You daft cunt.
You brought a knife to a gunfight.
- [crowd cheering]
- [Emmy] Please! You need to stop!
There is a bomb! You need to leave now!
- [crowd cheers]
- Please, everyone, listen!
There is a bomb!
And we need to go
Hey, stop. Hey, stop the music.
Stop the music.
There is a bomb. We need to leave. Stop
[music playing loudly]
I am not fucking Shitpants.
I don't care.
- [zapping]
- [music stops]
- [man 1] Fucking psycho!
- Please, everyone, listen!
- There is a bomb! We need to leave now!
- [crowd booing]
- Please
- [crowd booing]
- [heckling]
- [man 2] Stupid cow!
So you think you've won?
You've got me on the run, huh?
- Look, Seamus
- Take one more step, I press this button.
[booing, heckling irately]
Get her off my stage right now!
[crowd chant] One more tune!
One more tune!
- One more tune!
- [Emmy] Move! Move!
- [crowd] One more tune!
- [panting]
- One more tune!
- [Emmy grunts, gasps]
- Are you okay?
- [crowd] One more tune!
- One more tune!
- [sighs] Teddy.
- [crowd] One more tune!
- Follow me!
- Now fuck off! I mean it.
- Seamus
Go ahead.
What? You think I won't?
[Dove] Blow up this shithole.
I don't care.
If that's what you wanna do,
then fuckin' do it.
- In fact, give it to me. I'll do it.
- [poignant music playing]
I blow everything up. It's easy for me.
I'll burn this whole world down.
We're the same you and I.
Thinking we're all alone in the world.
My mother your son.
[crowd chanting in distance]
[Dove] But I was wrong, Seamus.
I was alone because I chose to be.
So if you wanna blow Bodkin
into fuckin' nothing, be my guest.
But don't pretend to be a fuckin' victim,
because you chose this, all of it!
No, that that that's not fuckin' true.
Oh, bullshit. Malachy and Fiona are dead
because of your choices.
I had no fucking choices!
Tell yourself
whatever story you want, Seamus.
It's all a choice.
[Jon-Joe coughs] Hello, Jackie boy.
Fancy meetin' you here.
Been a while, Jon-Joe.
[Charles] Seamus Gallagher.
[tense music playing]
You still have choices, Seamus.
Or them.
It's up to you.
[crowd chanting] One more tune!
One more tune!
- One more tune!
- Bodkin!
One more tune!
- Who wants another fucking tune?
- One more tune!
[crowd cheers, applauds]
[applause subsiding]
Of all the money ♪
E'er I had ♪
I spent it in good company ♪
And all the harm I've ever done ♪
Alas, it was to none but me ♪
[drums beating rhythmically]
- Of all the money e'er I had ♪
- [tractor engine rumbles]
I spent it in good company ♪
And all the harm I've ever done ♪
- Alas, it was to none but me ♪
- [crowd singing along]
And all I've done for want of wit ♪
To memory now I can't recall ♪
So fill to me the parting glass
Good night and joy be with you all ♪
- [crowd cheering, whooping]
- [drumming continues]
[crowd] Of all the money e'er I had ♪
Ah! [pants]
[crowd singing faintly in distance]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [zaps]
- [grunts]
[foreboding music drones]
[suspenseful music continues]
Better the devil you know. Eh, Jon-Joe?
[Jon-Joe] You've had a good run, boy.
But it had to end sometime.
I've waited a long time for this.
It is my fault.
Fiona, Malachy, Sean.
I did it.
But d'you know what?
I don't feel a thing.
[music ends]
[Seamus scoffs softly]
- [Dove gasps]
- [detonator beeps]
[crowd screams]
[flames whoosh ferociously]
[explosion echoes]
[crowd laughing, cheering]
[thundering explosion echoing]
[crowd cheers in distance]
[crowd groans, screams]
Oh my God. Gilbert!
[crowd clamoring indistinctly]
[Dove panting]
[somber music playing]
[Dove panting]
Did he get out?
I I don't know.
I thought he was following, and then
[gasps] Gilbert!
[sobs] Gilbert, I
[panting, sobbing softly]
- [Emmy] Dove.
- [Dove sniffles]
[sobbing softly]
[Emmy] Dove.
[somber music fades out]
He's he's right here.
[cheerily] Hello.
[inhales sharply]
What are you doing?
[exhales shakily] Nothing.
[breathing shakily]
Are you crying?
Lost my sunglasses.
I didn't realize you liked them so much.
I've grown fond of them.
[fire crackling]
[Gilbert chuckles softly]
We're talking about me, right?
I'm sad about my sunglasses.
Not bothered about you at all.
[inhales] Okay.
[tender music playing]
You know,
I've always thought this was
the most beautiful country in the world.
I came to Bodkin
to investigate a decades-old mystery,
to tell a story.
And what I found was an amazing story.
It was a once-in-a-lifetime story.
[gull calling]
I found violent smugglers
and yoga-teaching nuns.
I found eels and hippies and server farms.
I found the desperate things
we do for love.
[tender music continues]
And I found out just how far
I would go to get that story.
[music drowns out background]
[Gilbert] I found that I could lie
and cheat
and manipulate.
And I thought it was all okay.
I thought it was gonna save my career,
save my marriage.
But that was all just another story.
Our stories are who we are.
And I need a better one.
[inhales deeply, grunts]
[gull calling]
[Dove] You done?
We've got a plane to catch.
I was having a moment.
It was a lot longer than a fuckin' moment.
- We're going.
- [door opens]
What you gonna do now?
- I have no idea.
- [engine starts]
[Gilbert] Probably something
where no one dies.
- [doors close]
- [engine revs]
[upbeat music playing]
[Dove] You probably think
this is the end of the story, don't you?
But nothing ever ends. Not really.
Because things happen,
and we just have to keep going.
Anyway, apparently you did a great job.
Dove was really impressed.
Mm. That's, um That's kind of her.
Great. Well, uh,
let's catch up again soon.
I hear there's a seat
on the Special Investigations desk.
- Emmy, you need experience for that.
- I'm plenty experienced.
- Yeah, but
- How many people impress Dove?
- [whimsical music playing]
- Right. So here's what's gonna happen.
I'm gonna take the rest of the day off,
and then I'll start first thing Monday.
Sound good?
[Dove] Things happen, and they change us.
- [music fades out]
- But stories matter.
There's something I need to tell you
about your mam.
Your real mam.
Sure, I know who my real mam is.
[Dove] Because sometimes a story
is more important than the truth.
[whimsical music resumes]
[Dove] I used to think
that was all that mattered.
The truth.
But I think I just wanted everyone
to see the world like I did
[knocking on door]
in black and white.
[woman] Sister Geraldine
kept all of your stories.
There's a reason
we don't throw anything away here.
Your wolf has seen better days.
Her name's Faoladh.
My mam used to tell me
she'd always protect me.
[chuckles softly]
That if I ever felt lost,
all I had to do was howl,
and she'd find me.
[smacks lips, softly] A-woo!
Eh, are you here for work?
No, I
I had to make a deal.
I had to leave my job.
How long will you be staying for?
[Dove] As long as it takes.
I've got a story I'm working on.
What's it about?
And people will listen to it, will they?
I will.
But if we can't change the things
that have happened
[eerie music playing]
[ethereal music fading in]
maybe we can change the story we tell.
["Old Note" by Lisa O'Neill playing]
The wind whistled you in
Behind the springtime ♪
Float, Old Note, new among my mind ♪
You hold the note
The note just moves to move mine ♪
Let go of the note
And so move everything ♪
I can't come to quantify the feeling ♪
I was walkin' home
Half in the dreamin' ♪
The things that I was thinking
I was singin' ♪
The wind whistled you in
Behind the springin' ♪
A star ran rings
Around the star before me ♪
And spun and swooped
And sank in rock beneath me ♪
And mirrored what I've carried
Since I met me ♪
And shot me back
Into the ground below me ♪
And there I met
Another note long buried ♪
And sat upon its shoulders
Was a memory ♪
A home, but see
Above me's gone so noisy ♪
I almost think I do not recognize me ♪
Feathered friend
Dig up and resurrect me ♪
I long to live
Among the song of birdies ♪
[music fades out]
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