Bonekickers (2008) s01e05 Episode Script

The Lines of War

'What does one do when hope dies? 'Not when it is lost, 'but when one actually sees hope burn before one's own eyes?' Ich habe sie! 'If hope is lost, it can always be found.
' I know, I know! We just have to get some blood into it! When it is destroyed .
what then? What of us then? Avance Arrete! Avance, avance.
OK, la! Arrete, arrete! Tu as touche un tuyau la.
'I suppose we must hope in miracles.
' Gilly, does it have to be this loud, because We're on the wrong side! I know, I know.
Now if I've got this right.
Ooh, check it out.
is the chapel of St Sebastian.
Erm Ah.
Dolly, there's no need to bring the brie and the wine.
It's France, the wine's mandatory.
Anyway, the Brie is from Somerset.
A nice bit of Blighty.
Dr Magwilde, I am Monsieur Luc, from the Academy of Historical Affairs.
So, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission insists that a British Well, that's interesting.
This was never a British combat area during World War I.
Wow, golly and gosh.
Look at this.
First World War, Mark One.
Look at the exhaust ducts and the round hatch, this is a prototype, one of a kind.
You're such a boy.
" Well, the Germans put iron crosses on their tanks.
We put on women's names.
I've known a few old tanks in my time.
A gentle touch as you're blown to buggery.
Looking at the soil and the angle of this thing, it doesn't look like it's tipped into a bomb crater.
I think it's been buried.
Who would bury a tank? Corrosion deposits have sealed this.
OK, pop quiz.
Vivienne, tanks - why so called? Um, because when they were shipping out parts they wrote "water tank" on the crates to keep them secret.
Ooooooh! Oh, come on, I'm sorry, I'm not impressed, Vivienne.
I mean, that just falls under "general knowledge".
Teas? I know it's France, but see what you can do.
When are you going to stop ragging on her? Look, Ben, I have been getting some very strange phone calls, OK? I know, I know, but that poor kid is not stalking you.
Whatever's going on, Gillian, she's not involved.
Look into her eyes - that girl knows how to keep a secret.
Oh, come on Yeah, OK, she's good and she works hard and she smells nice.
But .
II don't trust her.
We're ready, Gregory.
What was that noise? That was an interesting sound.
Unless my ears deceive me, that's the sound a firing pin makes as it leaves a grenade.
Booby-trapped? Guys, back! Come on.
No, no, no, no, look, look.
It's OK, look, the charger's rotted back down to the bottom.
It's safe.
Is it me or does she look like she was set alight? Oh, my God! Well, we've seen bodies before.
Yes, leave most atrocities 1,000 years and they become good fun.
Vlad the Impaler, the massacre of the Christians in the Colosseum.
But these men were our great-grandfathers, Viv.
They're not ready to be part of "history" yet.
We're standing on the edge of living memory.
Burnt .
booby-trapped, buried.
Why? Thanks.
BONES COLLAPSE Godlike graveyard Jenga down here.
CAMERA CLICKS CAMERA CLICKS SHE GASPS Are you OK? Is this too much for you? No.
I'm fine.
Soluble amino acids and proteins.
Vegetable oil.
High vitamin B12 content.
Yeast extract paste.
Then that settles it.
What other nation? Doctor Magwilde, may I have a word, please? As is customary, the German War Graves Authority will be sending their own archaeologist to attend the dig.
There's no need.
These men are British.
That remains to be seen.
They insist.
May I? And I will not argue with them.
France cannot be seen to be taking sides in this.
Ah, that's pretty much what got you into trouble last time round.
Did I say that out loud? You are on French soil.
And we will not surrender that to the foreign bully who shouts the loudest.
THAT we learnt from the last time.
OK, so when's he arriving? Vorsicht mit dem Koffer.
Ein Kratzer, eine Delle und du bist deinen Job los.
Becker? Is that the divine Frau Becker? Professor Parton.
He is still employable? Well, if he comes near me, he must be muzzled.
Well, that was a long time ago.
I have a long memory.
Now, show me what you have.
Well, we have a British tank, Mark One prototype.
But this is my dig site, Frau Doktor.
A British tank filled with British bodies.
Who buries a tank? Show me your geophys No, no no, no, no.
No, you don't come round here barking orders like I'm some sort of wet-behind-the-ears intern.
Scoot, Becker! Go on! This is counter-productive Yes, it is, so get off my sodding site.
You take the biscuit, Magwilde! Very much so.
This is not even your sodding country! And it's still not yours.
Ladies, are you two going to mud wrestle? If so, I'll get my camera.
Hey, listen to that.
EU, my arse.
Here you go.
Oh, thanks.
What are they? These are Lambert grid coordinates for Verdun.
It's how the boys would have navigated here.
You know, I don't get it.
I just don't get it, this being a British tank.
Verdun was the German frontline against the French, not the British.
Well, the Marmite proves it.
So what were they doing in French Verdun? Hey, look at this.
You see this flap here, it's for carrier pigeons.
They would have just shoved them straight through here, probably would have kept a few in here as well.
Look at this.
Oh, I don't believe it, I must be getting old.
Well, you're holding up well for an old-timer.
Thank you, my dear.
It's a bullet.
How horrible.
What? Someone fired a gun in this tank, someone a Germanshot at them.
And they were trapped in here.
In this metal coffin.
Whoa, hold on.
We don't know what happened yet.
SHO SHO Look at that, cassoulet! What are we having? Fish fingers.
I brought all the essentials for a trip onto the uncharted continent.
Fish fingers.
Baked beans.
Schon dich wieder zu sehen.
So fruh schon.
Sollten eigentlich Here's an idea - it's a botched cover-up.
Germans kill a bunch of Tommies then throw our brave boys into old Joan.
And fire in a couple of shots just to make sure.
Then they torch the lot.
And they booby-trap the tank hatch? That simply doesn't make sense.
Well, they're Germans, it doesn't have to make sense.
Oh, please! Gregory! Any country which chooses leather hot-pants as the national dress does not operate within the accepted bounds of logic.
We don't hate all Germans, just that one.
Tell you what, though, it's getting pretty hectic round here.
All looking to grab a bit of glory.
Make a name for themselves.
But we have the bodies.
Which gives us the edge.
Gillian, it's not a race, all right? We're all on the same side! DOG SNARLS Grrr.
There was a high peat content in the liquid at the bottom of the tank.
So some of this skin has been saved from total decomposition.
Viv, can we have some salt? Thanks.
The Cross of Lorraine.
What on earth is this man doing with a heraldic French tattoo? Well, we're in the province of Lorraine, soI dunno, maybe he liked it here? Cos the Great War was such great fun.
This one's got a broken finger that hasn't healed right.
Not his trigger finger at any rate How about a little international co-operation? I'm sorry, but we are conducting a departmental review.
Dr Magwilde, I need to have access Danke.
BECKER SHOUTS IN GERMAN You should see this.
Same here.
And here.
This one's intact.
And this one.
And this one's intact.
Three British soldiers shot in the back of the head, executed in the battlefield without trial.
No wonder someone went to the trouble of covering this up.
This isn't just a war grave, it's a war crime.
Oh, Viv, pull up anything you can on this prototype tank.
Maybe that's why they were murdered.
There's no signal so you'll have to go to the library.
Not very glamorous I know, but it will get the job done.
On it.
Good girl.
Let me into your tent! Soon.
Now! When we are ready.
When we have collated the preliminary data.
I know that look.
I know it in myself.
You've found something.
You'll get your answers, Becker.
History is a big puzzle, Doctor.
Answers obscured by so many things.
We should look together.
We should not see enemies where there are none.
We both know that the past is too filled with bodies of enemies.
GUNSHO Huh Wait A broken finger.
Hello, Major Banks.
This is our mystery tank.
The French were having a tough winter so the Brits sent it over to boost morale.
The man on the right .
is that body there.
Major Banks.
He looks like a nice fellow.
I'm sorry, Major, you didn't deserve this.
The man on the left, Captain H Roberts, he wrote the article and actually survived the war.
A Greenwich Fusilier like Banks and a correspondent for King & Country.
King & Country were the spin doctors of their day.
"Come on in, chaps, the war is lovely.
" No, Dolly you're wrong about him.
He doesn't write propaganda.
"It is in the darkest times the journalist must endeavour to shine the brightest light" There's more.
It is unprofessional to deceive and to deny a colleague.
Greenwich Fusiliers and that this one here is a Major Banks.
This tattoo The Cross of Lorraine, yeah.
Why? I don't know.
That was decidedly odd.
I'm turning in.
Good night.
What's wrong? Nothing, go to bed.
Gilly, what's? It's It's my mother.
What's happened? It's probably one of those bloody bugs, you know, made up of random letters I couldn't hear the message properly because I can't get a signal.
So, she's, um she's weak, they're monitoring her.
We should go home.
You need to see her.
Well, I will, as soon as we can get the bodies back to England.
Maybe you shouldn't leave it that long.
What's it got to do with you? What do you want from me, Viv, hmm? Nothing.
Well, what? What, then? You are my lucky star I saw you from afar "Hopelessness is a winter in Verdun" Winter has crept into the armouries and gunpowder and war is, for the moment, frozen.
Verdun is in a moment of peace .
and, looking across these tranquil fields, it's easy to remember another time, before war came.
A time our brave French comrades are fighting to find again.
SOLDIERS SPEAK GERMAN Soldiers on whose victories and whose sacrifices the future of our world depends.
Their bravery is the fire to thaw all winters.
The Germans are pulling back.
So are the French.
This is a war in reverse.
I don't think there's anyone left now.
Except us.
Grainger, give him a draft of the Marmite brew.
Do you wonder what it'll take to stop this? HE COUGHS The new tanks, according to Churchill.
That navy cretin.
I know he's a pal of yours, but the man's an arse.
Look at poor old Joan - stuck in the mud on her first try-out.
That's not the weapon that's going to stop this war.
God will end the war, will he, Banksy? This is I found it when I was doing my research thesis.
Had it with me ever since.
It's from the chapel at St Sebastian, not that far from here.
I don't understand.
You want to know what weapon will end this terrible catastrophe? I have that weapon if DOG BARKS BARKING CONTINUES Come on, come on, wake up, wake up! Come on! It's OK, you're all right, I've got you, you're safe.
I'm fine! I'm fine.
So you are.
Thank you.
Er It's all right.
Sorry, John.
John Athorn, I'm MoD.
I'm here to help.
Looks like I've already started.
You don't really think? They want us out pretty badly.
They know we're onto something.
Oh, no! That's too bad.
C'etait vous qui a fait ca.
What? Vous avez tue mon chien.
C'etait vous qui a fait ca.
Vous avez tue mon chien.
Mon petit chien.
Is she blaming me? That is bang out of order! That's not just an attack, it's a declaration of war! The dog wasn't ours, Gregory! Look, calm down, Ben Calm down! She's looking at me like I've Well, who brings a dog on a dig anyway? It's WORK, not a bloody summer camp! Listen.
We'll bury him together, I'll dig We'll ALL dig the grave.
Oui? Est-ce que c'est correct? Dead dog, burnt tent, what the hell's going on here? Well done.
Still not quite sure why you're here.
Yes, sorry.
I'm archivist for the Fusiliers.
So weapons, bullets, helmetstanks.
You find it and I'm here to document it and ultimately find a home for it.
What? I was trying to help.
I'M TRYING TO HELP! It's funny, I was convinced the war in Europe was over, but well, perhaps by Christmas, eh? My goodness.
You know, I've served in Bosnia, Afghanistan.
I've driven all kinds of state of the art stuff but I tell you, this tin can on wheels still manages to give me shivers.
She is a beauty.
She's a coffin.
Keeping a terrible crime a secret for over 90 years.
Yeah, well, you know, we could just take this all off your hands.
What d'you mean? The MoD.
I could just say the word, sign the right forms and it's all SEP.
Somebody Else's Problem.
It's a little MoD joke.
What about posterity? Ah, well, "Joan" would be kept in the Imperial War Museum.
You know, these soldiers were executed without trial.
That has to come out.
Yeah, well, you know, it may, if that proves to be the case.
Well, until then, why don't we both just do our jobs and try to keep the press off our backs in the process? Yes, that's easier said than done.
Oh, God.
Ah, yes, he came over with me.
I couldn't do much about that.
Well, you're ex-Army, you could have shot him.
Yeah, it's too much red tape.
So good of you to turn up.
I think it's a rather interesting find.
There's something in this concretion.
It was lying on him.
A dog tag - it's German.
German? It can't be.
We have evidence of Banks, a Brit.
Gruber? Who are you? I would suggest fabric analysis on what little clothing's left, see what that can tell us about him.
Shit, shitetty shit, shit, shit.
The weave on this jacket.
It's German.
That body there, the one with the "Gruber" dog tag? German uniform.
Well, he could have stolen it.
Yeah, but what if this WAS his tag? What if that was Gruber? OK, it was folded in half To make it smaller.
So that he could Swallow it! It wasn't lying on him, it was in him, in his stomach.
He knew his death was going to be concealed and he was trying to preserve his real identity.
But he was executed.
That would make it our war crime.
All right, so we have Gruber, and we have Banks, a dead German and a dead Brit.
We could always try and pin it on the French.
There's someone coming! A hun.
The bloody hun! It's a German.
Is that you? Roberts, don't shoot! Don't shoot! You bastards! You're bloody late.
How good to see you.
Gruber! My dear friend! I am never late.
You are early.
I would trust him with my life.
What the hell is going on here? Roberts, if you want this war to end, somewhere here in Verdun there is a weapon.
An incredible weapon that will stop the killing overnight! You haven't changed.
It's good to see you.
Gruber, old man, how the devil are you? What does one do when hope dies? Not when it is lost, but when one actually sees hope burn before one's own eyes.
If hope is lost, it can always be found.
When it is destroyed, what then? What of loss then? How's your mum? Any news? She's, er, she's stable.
That's all they'll say.
Unlike me.
She's strong.
She'll fight this off.
If she's anything like you.
Captain Roberts was best mates with Winston Churchill.
They knew each other as war correspondents.
That was why he was part of the team that brought the tank over.
You've lost me.
Churchill was First Sea Lord.
His people funded the development of the tank.
He was sure it was the weapon that would win the war.
So are we saying that Captain Roberts is one of the bodies out there? He survived.
Mostly in a loony bin.
Don't call them that.
In an asylum.
But he did survive the war.
And his family published his writings after his death.
He goes on about "The Weapon.
" The tank.
A forgotten weapon.
"The Weapon Of Lorraine.
" And Gruber has a tattoo on his armthe Cross of Lorraine.
We have to tell the French team.
Everyone's involved in this now.
You can't hog it all to yourself.
Well, I will.
For a little while longer.
Good work.
We now know the names of the men charged with bringing over the tank.
Roberts, Banks, Silverman and Grainger.
Banks, Silverman and Grainger were, it seems, graduates of Mayfield College Oxford in 1905.
Oxford men.
I feel better already.
What did they study? We don't know yet.
University archives are getting back to me.
Now Roberts claims these men were obsessed with finding a weapon which could end the war.
I can only think of one weapon that could end a war overnight.
Well, Hiroshima, anyone? Early nuclear development? That's not possible.
By that winter the war had ground to a halt, the French mutinied.
They were a gnat's tit away from signing a peace treaty with the Bosch.
So what if this weapon was something so awful that it could scare the French into signing that truce? I think this is a digression.
The most important thing is to establish the identities of these poor souls and give them a decent burial.
Jackanory can wait for another day.
This weapon, Daniel, this mystery, is tied into the fate of these men.
Look, why don't I take charge of the site on behalf of the MOD? It's a hot potato, you'll be free to go home and carry on researching your weapon thing theory.
Perhaps it's for the best.
This situation is becoming a little too uncomfortable.
Too messy.
Gillian, your domination of the finds is causing serious friction.
And I just, I just don't think you have a right any more.
I will share my findings.
I can get this thing back under control.
I really don't think things are as fractious as you think they are.
Fighting! They are fighting! It's such a humiliation.
Das ist unglaublich! SHOUTING Break it up, break it up! Enough! Well, you can't blame them.
Look! Who did this? The French? Doctor Becker! What are you saying? Or was it one of your team, Magwilde? How dare you! You think we have committed a war crime.
I know what's going on.
I know what you have found.
It wasn't us.
But you still see us as monsters.
You and the French! After all that time.
I grew up apologising for my nation even before I knew what I was apologising for! We don't have evidence of a German war crime.
Ben The bodies we found are British and German.
Oh, buggeration.
Cut that thing down.
Oh BIRD SQUAWKS What the hell was that? It's been kicking off out there.
We've been turned over.
There was a fabric sample.
And the dog tag, the skulls, Gruber, even the bloody Marmite.
All our evidence.
Why? Why would someone mess this up for us? Someone wants us to stop digging.
Enough is enough.
It's over Dr Magwilde.
Look, I'm sorry.
I know this was very important to you.
It's just all too inflammatory here.
On the killing fields, so to speak.
I can get to see my mother now at least.
She's sick.
Yes, no, I know.
Well, I mean, I know Karen Magwilde from the papers.
Look, I'm very sorry, Gillian.
Anyway look, I must get on, so Good luck.
I've had an email.
From the Oxford University archive? Banks, Silverman and Grainger.
The Mayfielders.
They were archaeologists.
And you know what? So was Gruber.
He visited Mayfield several times.
Period? Medieval.
And what have we seen on this dig that's Medieval? Incongruously so? The Cross Of Lorraine? Yes.
Gilly? Yes? Why are we excited? I don't know.
We've all got them.
Only an archaeologist would think to swallow his ID tag as a message for the future.
So Banks, Gruber and the others shared a passion for Medieval history.
Graduates of 1905, Banks' thesis, more than that, these chaps were fans of none other than the Maid Of Orleans, Lorraine's most famous daughter.
Before De Gaulle turned it into a symbol of French pride, The Cross of Lorraine was her emblem.
These men were obsessed with Joan Of Arc.
They came here under the guise of delivering the tank but really that's who they were looking for.
What, in a bistro somewhere? What does Joan of Arc have to do with anything? BELL TOLLS Ich habe sie.
French peasant girl touched by God.
Leads an incredible military campaign against the English at only 17.
Becomes too powerful for the English overlords and she's burnt at the stake in 1431.
Her bones are thrown into the Seine.
Except Oh, here we go! The Mayfielders think they have evidence that the bones were taken from Rouen by a German monk and smuggled into French hands here in Verdun.
La nostre contre les Anglais.
The Germans and the French worked together against the English.
Ca va donner d'espoir.
Great conspiracy theory.
Nothing to do with World War One.
Come forward to 1917, the French have had enough of the trenches, they're ready to mutiny, a moment away from peace with Germany.
And if the Germans can produce the bones of St Joan, the symbol of an ancient friendship against the English, well, it might just be enough to tip the scales.
The French sign for peace.
World War One ends.
This is the weapon that Roberts was writing about! But if any of this is true then did these men die because of in-fighting? the first to claim Joan of Arc.
And why would they do that? For glory? Seems to be having a pretty bad effect on us here.
If Joan is here, somewhere, then where? We need to find out where the Mayfielders were searching.
I'll be in the Bibliotheque d'Antiquitees.
Is that the one near the bar? It might be.
OK, they met during the war.
The Germans and the Brits.
And somewhere here in Lorraine, in Verdun, they dug but where? The Mayfielders must have had something, but whatever it was it might have died out here with them.
Died out here with them! Of course.
If Gruber swallowed his dog tag to preserve his identity, then, supposing, just supposing one of them managed to hide more to preserve more.
HE COOS The only place that might survive a fire is where the carrier pigeons were kept.
Oh, my God.
Look at this.
Hey, how's your Latin? "Offered up to the glory of Our Lord by the Humble Brides Of Christ "of the Convent Of St Lorraine.
" That's the Chapel of St Sebastian.
Yes, but in 1420 it was the Convent of St Lorraine.
If she's there the Church would have wanted it kept secret.
Change the name, change the records, no-one makes the connection.
But look, there's a very modern addition written in pencil.
Gillian, those are Lambert Grid co-ordinates.
The Mayfielders.
Hell of a thing, being around you.
Well, I'm a hell of a ride.
We've dug up half of Verdun.
She's in holy ground.
This is the only place we haven't checked.
It should be here.
There's nothing here, Gillian.
The map must be out.
Ben! Viv! Gateway to the past.
She's here.
And she will change the world! Will she, Banks? For better or worse? The Mayfield college reunited.
What we hand beneath the earth, we're brothers.
Entrenching tools.
OK, there's a bigger chamber through here.
BANGING Some light.
Here she is.
One, two It's her.
Come and look at her, Roberts! Come on! Don't be like that.
How can I be a party to this? To ending the war? To giving it all up to them! We should have not brought him.
You're a traitor, Banks.
No, I'm saving my country from more slaughter.
The rest of the world, come to that.
The French will be inspired.
They'll surrender.
Germany will win.
Think about your mother.
Your sister.
What will they say? I'll tell you what any mother should say.
"Thank you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart "that no more sons will die in this pointless bloody conflict!" These men are your friends.
But is Germany? Of course not, man! They'll annex Britain.
We'll be isolated.
They'll bleed us to death another way.
You have sold your nation for some bloody historical glory.
That's all this is about, Banks.
Look at them.
They'll be the victors.
When Europe is theirs, do you think they'll give you what you want? They've been using you.
Yes, the war will be over, but Britain will be crushed.
You will be forgotten and they will take everything.
You must not believe him, he is not one of us.
I feared this.
I feared you would lose your nerve.
Put down your weapon! Raise your hands.
For Christ's sake Please don't do this, please.
The world turns on this moment.
Lower your weapon, Gruber.
No! HE SCREAMS Put down your weapons! Do it! SCREAMING CONTINUES Turn around and face the wall, with your hands on your heads.
Hope was dead and we needed a miracle.
She is that miracle.
Do it! Now! Oh, mein Gott.
MAN RECITES LORD'S PRAYER Look at the sword.
Butis it really her? There's one way to find out.
Come on, no-one pop an eyeball.
Oh, look! Bullet, British Army issue.
Just like me.
I thought I'd made a big enough mess of that dig.
I thought everyone was pleased to go back home and forget about it.
Not you, no, you had to just Well, keep digging.
You knew? And those men? Those poor men? Three British, And how many of them died down here? In a sense all of them.
Not Roberts! He survived! No, he died.
Inside, he died.
This can't come out, Gillian.
Why not? It's a war crime.
It's a disgrace.
But then, of course, the whole war was a disgrace.
Senior officers were prepared to strike a deal that gave Europe to Germany.
Our nation, betrayed by its own military.
So your people have been keeping this a secret ever since.
Roberts told Churchill.
Churchill told the Admiralty and they were afraid.
People might have wanted it.
They might have been prepared to broker that kind of peace.
You came here to cover this up.
No-one ever thought the bodies would be found.
There must have been enquiries over the years.
Roberts' family, the odd investigative historian.
Our pockets are deep when it comes to hush money and smoke-screens.
Of course, neither would work with you.
I'm sorry, John, are you really prepared to kill us down here in cold blood like they did? You're a soldier Yes! A soldier! Greenwich Fusiliers.
I have been on the front line where you people would have died from shitting yourselves in terror! I have sent boys into combat knowing how undermined they feel! Knowing that back home they're seen as an invading force not a peace-keeping one.
When the public loses faith we go to war in cut-price battle-armour.
We go to war with lead in our hearts.
We go to war half-defeated! This This would wreck the Fusiliers.
Would I kill to protect my regiment? You ask that of a British officer? Stand facing the wall, please.
What? No.
Stand facing the wall - NOW! Move! Move! In a line.
Three shot down here.
Three killed in the tank, am I right? We can still end this.
We take them back to the tank and we torch it.
Captain Roberts was a very brave man.
When he came home he never recovered.
And this tomb was a secret.
And their tomb was a secret, the tank.
And you uncovered both.
I'm here.
I'm right here beside you.
GUNSHO Ben! Ah, right, now, hold onto yourselves! I think I know where we may find evidence that may tell us where Joan Of Arc may have been buried.
How about that? Well, I'm sorry if I can't hand you the Maid of Orleans on a plate pole-dancing to All Things Bright And Beautiful.
Gillian? I'm sorry.
I was wrong to keep my finds from you.
I'm sorry too, Doctor.
We perhaps let personal history get in the way of a greater history.
Well, the tank goes to the MOD.
Yes, but the bodies can go to us now.
Once the appropriate forms have been ticked.
You bury your dead and we'll bury ours.
At least their names will be known.
Good work, Doctor Magwilde.
Thank you, Doctor Becker.
RADIO ON Viv? Thought I'd get here before you.
What? She's responding to antibiotics.
I mean, she's weak and she's not getting stronger, but I don't know, nor do they.
Yes, but what are you doing here? I didn't know when I'd come again.
I've been once before.
Just once.
When you said she was ill I worried I wouldn't get another chance.
But What's going on? You must've guessed.
I can't believe you don't have an inkling.
My adoptive parents were the best.
The very best.
She'll always be your mum more than mine.
But that doesn't hide the fact that Gilly.
You held my hand.
Hold my hand again.
"What does one do when hope dies? "If hope is lost, it can always be found, "when it is destroyed, what then? "What of us then?" I found the greatest archaeological find this country's ever known.
He found a table.
It means Arthur.
Sorry! You're all out on a limb.
SHE SCREAMS An '84 Pomerol.
Lucky chap.
The dark is coming.
Let it go.
Get out! What am I doing? Gillian! I'm sorry! You've endangered the great quest.
That will change this country forever.
Don't mess with me! I'm an archaeologist.
I have to make sense of this.