Bones of Crows (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

To Be Separated

John A. Macdonald said,
"If you want to motivate
the Indian, you must starve him."
What are you feeling?
Did you think you were above everything?
Such a possibility existed
I just have a feeling
something bad is coming.
The dream is to build a larger
and greater system of federal schools
so that we can continue to
disrupt the Indian way of life.
And also allow us to
further control the land,
so that we can continue to
build this great country of ours.
My esteemed colleagues have
done an exhausting investigation
into Indian boarding
schools in the United States
and their success in
eradicating their Indian problem,
the findings of which have
been written in this report
on Industrial Schools for
Indians and half-breeds
called "The Davin Report",
a draft which is in front of you now.
The fact is, if you wish
to educate these children,
you must separate them during
the time they're being educated.
If the school is on the reserve,
the child lives with its parents.
He is surrounded by savages.
So even if he learns to
read and write, his habits,
his habits, his training, his
modes of thought are Indian.
He is simply a savage
who can read and write.
Indian children should
be withdrawn as much
as possible from parental influence.
Separating them in this way proposed,
they acquire habits and taste
It is to be hoped, only the
good taste of civilized people.
Hear, hear!
Hey! No. No way.
Perseverance, come back here.
- Momma.
- It's okay.
You fucking animal. You fucking pig.
You fucking molester!
Stay away from my children!
Perseverance, open the door.
Fuck you!
I never fucking liked it!
Open the door!
I never liked it. I never
I want to see my children.
You almost killed a man.
He's not a man.
He's still alive.
Things we know for sure,
he'll never be the same.
That ship sailed a long time ago.
He was never the same after they
got to him in residential school.
That's supposed to mean something to me?
Make me sad?
I don't give a fuck what you are.
Truth is
Bashing Dwayne's pathetic face in
was quite healing for me.
How's that?
When I was looking at him
all I could see were
the priests that fucked me.
You gotta get over it.
I don't do sugar.
Just kidding.
Did you call my sister or what?
She's coming. It's
gonna take her a couple
of days to get down here.
We're gonna transfer you
to Vaughan Street Jail
for processing.
Hmm. Do I get a lawyer? Mm.
Make it easy on yourself.
Just confess. Everybody
knows you did it.
You sign, that's a
lot of goodwill there.
You'll get to see your kids soon.
That's what you want, right?
Sign right there.
We'll get things sorted for you.
You did the right thing.
That's a smart man, Matthew.
One day your family will
thank you for this. You'll see.
We don't always know
what's best for ourselves.
That's why we have the
government and the Church.
To look after our best interests. Hmm?
Aline. Now
Nikawiy Nikawiy, kinwapamin!
Nikawiy! Nikawiy!
Put me down!
Let go of me!
Nohtawiy! Nikawiy!
Everybody out.
Suzanne, your inmate
ID number is J503445.
Rose, your inmate ID number is J503097.
Perseverance, your inmate
ID number is J503448.
Your number is 58. You
are 58. Do you understand?
Your inmate ID number is
Strip down and leave your
pile of clothes at your feet.
You are forbidden to
speak the devil's language.
We've told you once. Can you hear?
Move it!
Wake up! Take off your clothes!
Get in the shower now!
Shit. What the hell now?
That ain't so bad.
At least we got this
big old lock between us.
Keeps us in, but on the other hand,
it keeps them out.
Amen, Sister.
Yo, where you from?
Dene. Little Duck Lake. You?
Cree. Just outside of Brandon.
They imprisoned some
real famous Crees here
from the beginning
and now you, Chief
Poundmaker, Chief Big Bear.
Hmm, well, I feel at home now.
Oh, and one crazy lady who
was screaming all the time,
probably from my tribe.
Hey you got kids?
three. I signed some paper
so I could see them sooner.
Both the detective and the lady
from Family Services said it was
the best thing to get them back.
Do you?
They took him, foster care.
I haven't seen him since he was born.
I'm sorry.
It's in the past.
My sister's coming, I'm
gonna ask her to help out.
That's good, you got a plan.
- Tonight?
- Shh!
What do you mean tonight?
When everyone is asleep
and only Sister Theresa's
on watch, I want you to get down
and make your way to the broom closet.
And then, I'll meet you
there. You understand?
Perseverance, look at me. Once we start,
we won't be able to turn around.
Johnnie and Tye will be
waiting by the tool shed.
We'll wait until the coast is clear.
We'll get as far as we can.
Then, we'll follow
the trapline back home.
They won't think of that.
We'll see Mom and Dad, right?
We'll be home, everything will
be like it was. You promise?
Be careful.
You look you look good.
Your turn.
You look good, Perseverance.
Bullshit. I look like shit.
All right. Glad that's over with.
Mm. I'm sorry I missed Adam's funeral.
- That was seven years ago.
I wouldn't worry about it.
Well, I heard you moved to Toronto.
We needed a fresh start.
How's that working for you?
- Fine.
- Look, I
I need you to find my kids.
I need you to find out
where they put them.
Could you do that?
I'll do everything that I can.
You promise?
Eight years is a long time.
I know how to do time.
Plus I'll get out for good behaviour.
I doubt it.
Sis, I've changed.
Reformed, like shit.
Mm-hmm. AA-ing it. NA-ing it.
I'm learning to trade.
You should have said,
learning a trade, not learning to trade.
Oh, man, it was good to see you.
We're now gonna have to
ask you folks to leave.
Thank you.
I hate to leave you here.
This way, this way.
Is that what you said to yourself?
Wait up, Aline. Wait up.
Come here!
Yes, Father?
Fucking stupid slut!
Oh, fuck you, asshole!
You have to tell me.
What way are they going?
They're not on the main roads.
This is not you, Perseverance. Hmm?
You're so beautiful, Perseverance.
Now, be a good girl and tell
me where they are. Right now.
I could kill you and bury
you out back, and nobody
nobody will care!
Tell me, Perseverance,
or so help me God!
You make things harder on
yourself than they have to be.
You did the right thing.
You always do, the right thing.
Hey, honey.
Look at you.
Aline. Can you hold my hand?
Shut the fuck up, you whore!
Come on, Tye. We're close.
We have to keep moving.
- It's broken.
- Ow!
Go get Mom and Dad. Be careful, run!
Kaskitewaw, you're here.
I'm so sorry. Look at you, look at you.
The house is empty, I don't
know where Mom and Dad are
But we have to keep moving.
Get up, Johnnie.
Johnnie! Get up!
Tye, we have to keep moving.
He's not breathing
Johnnie. He's not breathing
He had TB, Aline.
He was too weak to fight the cold.
Come on, Tye. Please.
How did they know?
You're going to freeze out there.
Besides, your plane
leaves in 40 minutes.
Can we stop the car? Um,
let's give this guy a ride.
Heading to the airport.
You can drop me at McCloud.
I was looking for you.
Now you found me.
I've been looking for
Perseverance. She's missing.
Or dead.
I thought you should know.
That's my stop here.
Don't look back.
Who was that?
It's my brother, Johnnie.
I haven't seen him in 35 years.
Then how did you know it was him?
I'll always remember the way he walked.
He's gone to a better place.
Did you tell our
parents? They should know.
What would you like me to tell them?
That you and Johnnie planned
to run away and you took little
Tye with you, and he died from the cold?
How about I tell them
he died of influenza,
like many of the sinful children here?
Somehow that seems more merciful.
Head down.
Dear Lord, we ask that you forgive Aline
and Johnnie for causing the
death of their younger brother.
We ask that you forgive
the sins of these children.
In Jesus Christ's name. Amen.
Johnnie, Father Jacobs
is waiting for you
in his parlour, you
should get along now.
After this fiasco, this is the
last time you will see him here.
Take a good, long look at your brother.
Perseverance, I have
business with your sister.
It's time for you to
go back to your dorm.
Perseverance! Now!
You didn't think your master
escape would go unpunished?
I want you to take off your sweater.
Now go down to the post.
Mom? Mom, what are you doing?
Jake, get out here!
I miss them.
he was just a baby.
I know. I know, Mom.
Did you find out any more
about Perseverance's children?
Where they are?
We're getting closer. They
were adopted out, you knew that.
They're in the States. I
told you that last week.
You said that. I know you said that.
Mom! Mom!
You have to come down now.
You can come down.
I saw Johnnie. Did I tell you that?
I think I'm losing my balance.
I think I've lost my balance.
I want to fall.
Perseverance is not missing.
She's dead.
Her face, her beautiful face.
Let's go inside, Mama.
It's cold out here.
Mom, please.
I wish your father was here.
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