Boo, Bitch (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Bitch, Bye

Hi, guys. It's finally prom!
We are getting glammed up
and SPANXed up for our big night!
Oh. You can't wear three pairs, Soph.
You won't be able to breathe.
I'm good.
Take me back ♪
Where I was ♪
Your only friend ♪
When I was ♪
Patiently waiting on ♪
I love you so much.
I love you too.
You're perfectly out of place ♪
You are not my friend.
You say if I can't love myself ♪
Then how the hell
Can I try to love you? ♪
- Okay. Time to stop moping around.
- Get out of bed, or you're grounded.
- I'm sorry I've been so horrible.
- There's my girl.
We forgive you.
Now, if we can forgive you,
you can forgive Gia.
High school's almost over.
Enough of this petty bullshit.
Rebuild your friendship,
like I'm rebuilding my credit score.
How'd you know we were in a fight?
Gia texted us.
Said the two of you had a falling out
and warned us she wouldn't be around
for a while.
Yeah, text your BFF.
Oh, The Sixth Sense. Love it.
- I knew he was a ghost the whole time.
- What?
Yeah. I mean, the kid sees dead people?
Only he sees Bruce Willis?
- You do the math.
- You just told me he was the ghost.
He didn't know he was a ghost,
and neither did the audience. Except me.
I knew.
Well, I am not as perceptive as you are.
No one is.
- I really need to talk to Gia.
- You do.
I mean, you've never gone a day,
let alone a whole month, without talking.
A month?
Wait. When did Gia text you
that we were in a fight?
- After the party.
- Which party?
When you woke up the next day
looking like death.
That was after Jake W's party.
So you haven't seen Gia here for a month?
Watch where you're going!
That asshole!
They know.
I realized, once I do this,
I'm never gonna see you again.
And I cannot leave this earth
without telling you how much I
I gotta find Gia!
Oh my God. Gavin knows Gia's dead?
- Gia?
- Don't tell them anything.
- Just get rid of them.
- Who is this?
Some weirdos are at the door.
There's no use in denying it, Erika.
All your questions about ghosts, then
Gavin talking about dating your friend
who showed up at the cemetery with you,
but you were alone that night.
And only Gavin, a known medium,
can see Gia.
It took us a minute,
but we figured it out.
Gia's dead and a ghost,
and we're gonna find her.
Or what's left of her.
You gotta get your friends to back off.
Gia's getting weaker.
- We're running out of time.
- Then she's probably near her body.
Gia won't ascend unless she finishes
her UFB. But what is her UFB?
It's gotta be something personal,
might be considered lame to others.
- It's you.
- Me?
You can communicate with spirits
when you're drunk,
but you shouldn't be able
to see, hear, touch an embodied spirit
unless you're her unfinished business.
Which means we're both a part of it.
Whatever it is.
We're the only people who can see her.
Then why would she break up with me?
To protect you.
- From what?
- From getting hurt, I guess.
She knew your relationship
was destined to be short-lived.
She could've at least
gone to prom with me.
Come on! Prom is the one thing
I wanna do before we graduate.
Prom is going to be
the best night of my life!
Prom! Gia's UFB is prom,
and you have to take her,
which means I was meant to help her,
not the other way around.
- We have to find her.
- I'll send Brad on a wild dove chase.
I've been tracking Erika via Postmates.
She had, like, 15 deliveries to this spot.
All from the convenience store
on Ridgeway, and all ice.
She's either icing the body
or building an igloo.
Raven, I thought you said you tracked
the body here via your six crows.
Just because my name is Raven
doesn't mean I have witchery
over the damn birds, Brad.
But yes. The crows said this is the place.
Gavin pinged Gia's body.
- We're in the wrong woods!
- Oh, shit!
Gia's not in the house.
Did you find anything?
Just her phone. I mean,
all of her texts from today are unread.
And yesterday she was texting her mom
explaining everything.
She's saying goodbye.
She's getting her affairs in order.
That explains
the burnt diaries in the sink
and the will written on the back
of a Forever 21 receipt.
I don't know what,
but I gotta do something
to help Gia get to prom so she can ascend.
Okay. Yeah. I'll try to conjure her.
I'm gonna do another loop.
I would like to work in the highest
vibrational guides available to me.
And I'm requesting to communicate
with someone still tethered
to the Earth's plane.
Her name is Gia.
I remember when we met ♪
Oh, it felt so easy then ♪
In a house of clouds we made ♪
Nothing heavy sinking in ♪
Layers unfolding
Scars start showing ♪
There's nowhere to hide it ♪
Waves of emotion
Wild like an ocean ♪
Trying hard to keep it in ♪
I don't know where you are,
but this is not a hint.
It's an order.
It feels like I'm breaking down ♪
Watching my words cut you in two ♪
In two ♪
'Cause you are ♪
The only one who saves me from myself ♪
When everything is caving ♪
Don't want to take it out ♪
Take it out on you ♪
Leave a message.
Make it short and sweet,
or I'll press delete.
Gia, I don't know what to do.
I don't know how to reach you,
or if you're still here.
You're always the one
that tells me what to do.
Please give me a sign.
Please tell me what to do.
Give you all the best of me ♪
So I could find some clarity ♪
You want me to go to prom.
- Yo.
- Hey, man. What's up?
- Nothing.
- What do you mean, "nothing"?
- You gotta go to prom, man.
- Look. I don't know if I'm gonna go.
It feels weird going alone,
but maybe I'll hit up the after-party.
- So go with a friend.
- How many people are on this call?
Archer and I are going together,
and I can barely tolerate him.
- I'm on the call, Sophia.
- I know.
If this is about the hotel room,
you guys can keep the deposit.
No, man. We just want you there.
It won't be the same without you.
Obviously, we're gonna keep your deposit.
Circling back to the friend thing,
maybe you can go with
I gotta go. Bye.
Why are you smiling like that?
Uh, you've never let me
see you get ready before.
Well, I hope it is everything
that you dreamed of.
Yeah, yeah.
It would mean a lot to me
if we could
go to prom together as friends.
I don't want us
to have any future life regrets.
And you don't wanna be the first
prom queen without a date, right?
And that.
Okay. Yeah, sure. Let's Let's do it.
- Wait. Really?
- Yeah.
Wear the black shoes
you wore to your aunt's wedding,
shave twice, and use only 1/8th teaspoon
of that molding paste.
- And no cologne!
- Yeah.
I know I am the last person
you expected to see here,
but I I wanted to apologize
for canceling prom,
and ruining your prom presentation
and your beautiful crochet banner.
- I love your dress, by the way.
- Thanks.
I actually hate midnight blue now.
Half the girls here are wearing it,
thanks to you.
I am sorry for that too.
May I please buy a ticket?
Sorry. We're at capacity.
What about a standby ticket?
Oh. Sure. You can stand by the exit.
Listen, Emma.
I don't even wanna be here, okay?
Going to prom alone
seemed like a nightmare for Helen Who,
but as Erika Vu,
it's gonna be Shit Town in Hell City.
But I need to go to fricking prom, okay?
It is a matter of life or eternity.
That was
extremely confusing and a little sad.
Sorry. I don't have any more tickets.
I do.
You can have my extra ticket.
I decided to go solo since I'm getting
so much sunshine from the ladies.
Why would you wanna help me?
After the video of you
rear-ending my car went viral,
#ErikaVuTriesToKillDevon was trending.
And now Stinky's dead,
and I'm having a resurgence.
- Thanks for trying to kill me.
- I wasn't trying to
- It's Erika Vu.
- I can't believe she showed up.
I have to go tell him.
I'm sorry I don't feel good ♪
I'm sorry I'm not so keen on food ♪
But don't tell me about my fate ♪
Don't tell me about my weight ♪
Perfect blue
Blue for you ♪
I'll drink the poison, honey-boo ♪
Perfect blue
Blue like you ♪
A broken toy who plays with you ♪
I should've known Gavin was lying to us.
The crows knew.
- He screwed us.
- So he could screw Gia.
- I'm gonna hex that son of a bitch.
- No, you're not. He
did it for love. Look, we didn't start
this club to make friends.
This isn't cooking club. We're dark
and disturbed, and all about the work.
But Gavin's our boy.
Come on, Raven.
I know your tiny heart beats occasionally.
Gavin's here, which means Gia may show up.
Let's set up the séance.
- I'll take lead.
- Uhh, hold your Magic 8 Balls.
This is my jam.
Okay ♪
Show up to the party, it's guerrilla ♪
I am so, so sorry. I didn't mean
any of the things I said, and I'm
You're looking crazy. Put your earbuds in.
- I don't care.
- Crazy bitch.
That's right. I'm a crazy bitch.
I was trying to text you back, but I was
fading away. Until like an hour ago.
- That's when I showed up here.
- Alone.
Which is the bravest thing
that you have ever done.
And now I know that you're gonna be okay.
So I can go.
You're not done yet.
I'm not your only unfinished business.
- But But what about
- Me?
No. It's time to put yourself first
for once. Go be with your weirdo.
I got away ♪
Got away from you
Or was it me ♪
Uh, is that you?
Oh, uh, my obsidian?
Yeah. I got it to help channel you,
but when I went back to your house,
I noticed that your prom dress was gone,
so I figured you'd be here.
That's me. That's me.
Got away from you
But when I'm here ♪
But behind these backyards and sunsets ♪
I still find my old cigarettes ♪
If my girl leave me
Then I sleep with her sister ♪
Think about the situation
At family dinner ♪
If they ain't about it
Then I will be the mister ♪
You have to let me get ♪
Woo! Haha!
Haha, yeah! Woo!
- Oh, sorry. I'll leave.
- No, it's fine.
Everyone's dancing.
Up until a month ago,
I never had any expectations for prom.
But now that I see
how much it means to everyone,
I totally get it.
And it's beautiful.
- Is it?
- Yeah.
But it doesn't have a theme.
It's like the first prom in history
to not have one.
Most of our decorations
were trashed at prom assembly.
I mean, how are you supposed
to have a lasting memory of this night
without a night to remember?
What kind of legacy is this?
It's like it didn't even exist.
The only thing people are gonna remember
is who won prom queen.
Tell me it's not too late
to add a name to the ballot.
Oh, um, sorry.
The votes have already been counted.
Alyssa's about to announce the winners.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Hi. Hi, hello. Um
It's time to announce
the Prom King and Queen.
But can can we keep it down
to a Billie Eilish whisper?
Please? Thank you.
The Parkway High Prom King is
Devon Evan Kahler.
- Yeah! Y'all love me now, right?
- Please
The Parkway High Prom Queen is
uh, to nobody's surprise,
Riley Bhatia.
Please don't yell.
Please don't yell.
- Yeah, Riley!
- Knew that was coming.
Take the crown.
Come on.
Hey, knock it off! Let her speak!
I know
you think you know me,
maybe as Helen Who,
or maybe as that bitch
who tried to cancel prom.
But all I need you to know about me
is that my best friend Gia recently died.
No. No, what are you doing?
- Oh my God, I hear Gia.
- The crystals are working.
Oh my God.
My first paranormal interaction!
I did sleep with my cousin,
and I do not regret it.
But this is not about me.
This is about Gia, who you didn't even
notice was gone, but how could you?
You didn't even notice her
when she was here.
Which makes you very, very lucky,
because you are not going to have to miss
having the most amazing human being
by your side.
So, while you guys go on
living your life not missing Gia,
I am going to miss
every single thing about her.
I'm gonna miss
how she would sing so loud in the car
that people would stare at stoplights.
And her impromptu dances
down the tampon aisles at CVS.
And how she would secretly turn on a light
after we watched a scary movie.
But not because she was afraid,
but because she knew I was.
I I thought that maybe being loved
by thousands would fill my soul,
but it is nowhere near as good
as having one incredible best friend
like Gia.
And being hated by thousands was
nowhere near as painful as losing her.
I know you already voted for Prom Queen,
but I was wondering if you would
reconsider a posthumous revote
for Gia.
I won fair and square!
But I think Gia would make
a wonderful dead Prom Queen.
Gia! Gia!
Gia! Gia
I accept this crown on Gia's behalf.
All right, everybody out
on the dance floor.
Let's give it up for Gia!
Guys, it's Gia.
You guys, look. It's her.
Hey, you.
I I'm really sorry about Gia.
She sounds awesome.
I really wish I'd I'd known her.
You know, I guess you're a a GAF too.
I learned from the best.
Is Is it just me,
or does it feel like maybe
I never got to meet the real Erika Vu?
Well, you didn't. I used to be dead.
Sorry, uh, story for another lifetime.
Anyway, this is me. I am her.
Hi, you.
Going to the after-party?
No, I'm probably just gonna head home.
Well, uh, I'll see you.
Okay. Bye.
Okay. I'll go.
Lemon yellow afternoon ♪
Gold azaleas in the front lawn ♪
But who, who have I lived for? ♪
Yeah, who ♪
Who have I lived for? ♪
Pale blue mirror in the pool ♪
You're courageous but you're not sure ♪
And who, who have I lived for? ♪
Yeah, who ♪
Who have I lived for ♪
Gia would've loved this party.
I wish that she could see me
living my best life.
Oh, she can.
And, if you look hard enough,
you can see her too.
You know, through a cloud,
or an animal, or
A sconce?
So in third grade,
Gia and I went on a foreign exchange trip.
- Third grade?
- In third grade. You wouldn't imagine.
- You got another package.
- Thanks.
Well, I'm off to dinner. You coming?
- In a minute. I'll meet you there.
- Okay.
I see you, bitch.
This is my wave to anchor ♪
You wait for it to happen ♪
Like it will fall into your lap ♪
An unbreakable habit ♪
A tidal wave but you're waving back ♪
Or maybe it's make-believe ♪
Oh, you only see what you wanna see ♪
You're thinking
Are you thinking? ♪
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