Bookie (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Making Lemonade

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Walk.
- Where?
- Away.
Did anybody see?
Just keep walking.
What do I do with the gun?
I don't know, we'll
find a place to ditch it.
Like the forest?
Do you see a forest anywhere nearby?
Hey (STAMMERS) Just relax!
Sorry, I'm a little shook up.
A little? I just peed myself.
Hold on, the gun. The gun. The gun.
All right. Do you think,
uh, you think he's dead?
Damn it, I killed a guy.
- Yeah, you did.
Not a good time.
Yeah, 408.
Hold on, hold on. The gun. The gun.
Yeah, no.
The, uh, Hawaii game
hasn't kicked off yet, so
Yeah, 300 bills on the over.
I got you down.
Like that's gonna save his Saturday.
It's a bad bet.
Chickenshit motherfucker.
You're not wrong.
That was cold, Hector.
I know. I feel really bad.
Fucking seatbelts suck.
Needless to say, there's no charge.
You're lucky I'm not on a killing spree.
- So that guy's dead?
- Yeah, probably.
Want me to do a little
drive-by, scout it out?
No, take me home.
- You too, Ray?
- Yeah.
Okay. Uh, routing-wise,
what's the most efficient
- Ray and then me.
- Really?
You don't think it'd be
quicker if he takes the 405
and gets off on La Cienega?
There's construction on
the 405, so I'd avoid it.
You know what, you
guys have had a night.
Let me and Google Maps get you home.
Thank you.
Would either of you like
a complimentary water?
Man, just keep on driving.
DANNY: Pull over.
- HECTOR: Why?
- DANNY: Just do it.
RAY: What are you doing?
I'm getting rid of the gun.
Are you kidding me?
- DANNY: What?
- I can still see it.
I couldn't get full extension back here.
Well, you can't just leave it there.
Try it again.
Open the car, dipshit.
My bad.
I just bought these shoes.
RAY: Try it again, Alice!
That was good.
Throw it like you're going to jail.
Fuckin' hate my life.

We need to talk.
So, can we talk?
Kinda had a rough night.
Maybe in the morning?
In the morning, I gotta get Anthony up
and beg him to eat
breakfast, take him to school,
squeeze in Pilates and
then I gotta open the shop
because Christine can't
work Mondays anymore.
(GROANS) Fine, talk.
No, no. You're tired.
I was just going to apologize
for earlier, but fuck it.
Fuck you. Fuck everything.
It's possible I'm happier in jail.
How you doing?
I was gonna make
myself a bowl of cereal.
You want some?
You know, that sounds pretty good.
How are things at school going?
But they're leaving you alone?
Pretty much.
Hey, uh,
how would you feel
about us getting a cat?
I don't know, buddy,
I'm pretty allergic.
You got one already, didn't you?
Good morning.
You okay?
Yeah. Why?
'Cause you got that droopy
dog look, like somebody died.
Oh, Lord Jesus, did somebody die?
No, no, of course not.
What do you got going today?
Same as usual.
- Working with Danny.
- Mm-hmm.
It don't bother you that
that little Italian boy
might be using you?
Nobody's using me, Grandma.
Everybody uses you.
Your baby mommas, your low-life friends
with their money-making schemes.
And don't forget,
I was in the room when
that freckle-faced fatty
talked you into playing
football in Provo, Utah.
I got a good education at Brigham Young.
Good education?
How much did you make in the NFL?
Nine, ten million dollars?
Those Mormons didn't even teach you
how to balance a checkbook.
Are you done?
Oh, I'm just warming up.
You got to lose this Danny Calamari.
That one was born for the rope.
Danny's my friend.
I trust him. End of story.
End of something.
You want French toast?
Yes, ma'am.
No reason to be stupid and hungry.
What do you mean, what
do they smell like?
They're mushrooms.
Like a nice risotto.
I don't know,
I would hope the airport dogs
are sniffing for bombs.
Listen, if you're
so concerned, ask your girlfriend
if she feels comfortable
using her ass as a purse.
I gotta go. Have fun in Cabo.
Here's the action
that came in last night
- and this morning.
- Oh, look at you with the cursive.
- Let me get in there.
- Why, what are you doing?
The G-wagon we took in trade?
- Looking up the guy.
- Why?
- Got repoed.
- Oh, let me guess.
Instead of cutting his balls off,
you want to have a talk with him.
I want to get paid, all right?
Balls are not the coin of the realm.
Fun fact, nobody in the NFL wears a cup.
Balls get shattered on a daily basis.
- How is that pertinent?
- Sorry.
Just sharing an anecdote.
And we're all better for it.
Thank you, Ray.
Let's go.
When are you gonna tell
him about you and me?
I'm thinking never.
That's why you two get along.
You're both pussies.
I'll see yours tonight.
Yeah, you will.
Could we please?
What would you prefer? "Song Sung Blue"?
Something with a positive message
and a little less N-word?
Oh, speaking of which,
any updates on our dead N-word?
Nothing. I don't get it.
You'd think it'd be all over the news.
Black junkie gets shot
in downtown Los Angeles.
Only way that makes the news
is if he bleeds on a white man.
Sad state of affairs.
State of affairs for the
last 400 fucking years.
You know the Italians
didn't have an easy go
of it in this country.
They didn't.
HECTOR: It's me.
You want to be a little
bit more specific?
Yeah, Hector, what's up?
I'm looking at, uh
ground zero, if you catch my drift.
Yeah? And?
Nothing. No cops.
No body. No chalk outline.
None of those little plastic cones
you see on the TV shows.
- That's impossible.
- What?
He's at where I shot the
guy. There's nothing there.
That's impossible.
I just said
How about blood? Is there any blood?
Can't see from here,
but it's like nothing happened.
Hang on.
You said I shot the guy.
Well, to be fair, when it went down,
I closed my eyes and said, "Lord Jesus,
- can you help me?"
- Oh, God.
Look, we both saw him on the ground.
He didn't just slip.
Well, maybe you wounded him
and he walked away on his own
what do you call it, volition.
Holy shit, I might not
have blood on my hands.
Thanks, Hector. I owe you.
- Great, give me a job.
- Doing what?
How much money gets bet on soccer games?
We don't see much action.
Because you, my friends,
don't speak the language of
Hi, we're here to see Bobby Knox.
Who should I tell him is here?
Could you do us a favor?
We want to surprise him.
Big day.
Penthouse. Elevator's on the left.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
I'll save you a slice.
- So, how do you wanna play this?
- Well, we leave with cash
or we frog-march this
motherfucker down to the bank.
That works for me.
Did I detect a little sparkle
between you and Officer Front Desk?
Yeah, there was something there, right?
Maybe she could be the
mother of your 11th child.
Now why you gotta go there?
What? It's a little friendly banter.
We're giving each other
the so-called business.
- Oh, okay.
- It's a two-way street.
Take a shot.
I'm fucking your sister.
Don't suck his dick, you won't get paid.
Out there.
Oh, shit.
You know, there's a
strong case to be made
for us just backing out of here.
He owes us $38,000.
He didn't pay for a blowjob, Danny.
What's the likelihood
of us getting paid?
You got to try.
Hey, Bobby.
Hey, Danny. Ray.
What's the plan here?
What's it look like?
Looks like you're going to jump.
- Danny.
- Smart money's on splat.
Come on, Bobby,
you're not gonna jump. Just
- just get down from there.
- Eh.
There's no reason to stick around.
People, they only like me for my money,
and that's all fucking gone.
What do you mean, gone?
I-I blew through my trust fund.
Gambling? Drugs?
Oh, you'd think, right? Nope.
I sank it all into a
plant-based dog food company.
But dogs are carnivores.
That's right, Ray.
Yeah, tough break.
Listen, you know that Mercedes
you paid us off with?
It got repoed, so you're back to
a big number with us.
Oh, wow. I'm sorry.
Let's just punt that for now.
There any chance we can get you
to swing those legs
around and come inside?
- No.
- DANNY: Come on, talk.
Let's have a cup of coffee.
Perhaps you could point out
some artwork in the
home that's fungible.
DANNY: Fungible. Resale value.
- Danny.
- I'm making lemonade, Ray.
Bobby, look, man,
I know it's hard.
I been there.
I ran through every
last penny that I had.
And I owe.
Oh, God, I owe so much.
But I'm not giving up.
There's too much good in the world,
and I want to be a part of it.
I want to bear witness.
What's good?
Are you Are you kidding me?
The sound of a baby's laugh.
A beautiful woman.
A magnificent sunset?
Yeah, no, no, sunsets.
Sunups. Can't forget sunups, you know?
Scrambled eggs with
a side of hashbrowns.
Some toast with some strawberry jam.
Organic broccoli.
Good and good for you.
- I mean, I could go on.
- Please don't.
When was the last time you ate?
Had a decent night's sleep?
Oh, it's, uh, it's been a
couple of days, you know?
Kind of been on a run.
That could be affecting your thinking.
I'm really sorry about the car.
That's okay.
Just come on down.
Okay, all right.
You like birthday cake?
We brought you some birthday cake.
But it's not my birthday.
Are you sure about that?
'Cause, in a way, you were just reborn.
What's the old saying?
First day of the rest of your life.
I like that. Thanks, Ray.
You know, I noticed when we came in
you have some very nice rugs.
We saved a life, man.
- Yes, we did.
- That's gotta
even out the karma a little bit.
- Yeah.
- Big man.
Call me.
I will.
What about my sister?
What about her?
You're putting me in a
very awkward position.
Your sister likes those.
I'm gonna set that aside for the moment
and enjoy the fact that a man is alive
because we did the right thing.
Yeah, I guess.
I did four years hard time,
didn't see one dead body.
Yeah, people got shivved, set on fire.
But I only heard about it at lunch.
Ah, Danny. Ray.
- Oh, shit.
- Hey, I'm not here as a cop,
I'm here as a friend.
- Oh, shit.
- How's the leg?
In constant pain.
- Aw.
- What is that, nicotine gum?
When'd you quit smoking?
24 years ago.
Well, look, I just got a call
about an apparent
suicide over in Westwood.
I looked at the security tapes,
and who did I see with a cake
and a fucking balloon?
That was us.
Thought we might cheer Bobby up.
Mm-hmm, that was the
plan, to cheer him up?
What do you want, Carl?
How much was he into you for?
- What difference does it make?
- Oh, I don't know.
Sometimes money plays a role
in murder and mayhem.
Murder? It wasn't a murder.
We were waiting on our car in valet
when Bobby
Arrived? More like exploded.
You should've seen
your faces on that tape.
Well, not that you care,
but the both of us are
- seriously traumatized.
- Mm.
Let me give you some advice, huh?
Running a sports book is not something
the LAPD considers
worthy of our attention.
You are our version of
the fire department's
cat in a tree. Nobody gives a shit.
Until the cats start killing themselves.
I don't know what to tell you, Carl.
Yeah, Bobby was into
me for a large number,
but the minute I saw that
he was in emotional distress,
I talked him down.
Whoa, whoa. I talked him down.
We both talked him down, Ray.
We had coffee, a little birthday cake,
and I left him in a good place.
Jesus, he killed
himself on his birthday?
DANNY: Tragic, I know.
CARL: You know, Danny,
it's gonna break my heart
when I have to throw a tarp over you.
I offer a service, Carl.
There's no shenanigans.
It's, "Who do you like on Monday?"
and let the chips fall where they may.
No, I know. It's a victimless crime.
- Exactly.
- Fair enough.
Oh, P.S.,
the money that I owe you,
we're gonna call that even.
Good man.
Nobody pays me. What kind
of fuckin' job do I got,
nobody pays me?
What's going on?
$3,800 on Deportivo
Iztapa over Xelajú MC.
- What?
- What?
Guatemalan soccer league.
After I dropped you guys off last night,
I found a bar full of illegals,
all from Xelajú.
Gonna need a little more.
They bet with their
hearts. I made a killing.
So what do you need us for?
I need a bank to back
me when I can't cover,
otherwise I'm looking at
a room full of machetes.
What do you think?
Opens up a big market.
It's the world's game, gentlemen.
Follow us back to the
office. We'll set you up.
That's gotta stop.
So each client gets a
number. We don't use names.
HECTOR: What about nicknames?
Like Rooster, Dirty Dog,
a big guy called Tiny.
You get it.
Just a number.
- Do they pick or do I pick?
- You pick.
What if they don't like their
number, think it's unlucky?
What if you go back to
driving that stupid little car?
Okay, curious minds not welcome.
Then, if they're not
placing their bets online,
they're calling them in.
You write everything down,
you give those bets to Lorraine
and she enters them into the computer.
Because my brother uses
a phone and a pencil
like a fucking dinosaur.
Because it works, Lorraine.
And I'll tell you something else.
If and when, God forbid,
the state of California
legalizes sports
betting, what's our edge?
That you extend credit
to lowlife degenerates?
To a degree, yes. But
what I was going for
is I have personal
relationships with my clients.
I've known some of them for years.
I know when they're celebrating
a christening, a bar mitzvah.
I know when their mother slipped
in the shower and broke her hip.
I know their kids' names.
And you know when they lose
that kid's college money
on a can't-miss parlay.
Ray, can you control your woman?
DANNY: Now, this is music.
Can we please fence that thing
before we get mugged again?
Yeah, I'm gonna set
it up with The Cowboy.
Really? The Cowboy?
You know he's gonna lowball us.
Well, what's our other options?
Try our luck at a swap meet?
Okay, okay.
It's too bad. I'm getting used to it.
You know, it's like having
a small house in the
Midwest on your wrist.
You know, something's
really been bothering me.
What, are you gonna apologize
for sneaking around with my sister?
No, but if it makes you feel any better,
it wasn't planned.
Oh, really? No courtship?
No pitching woo?
What's been bothering me
is that guy who mugged us.
He knew about that
watch out of the gate.
He did, didn't he?
I think he was tipped off.
Charlie Sheen?
I don't think so.
Back when he was "winning"
with tiger blood, maybe.
But not now.
Someone at the restaurant?
Waiter? Maître d'?
I'd go with the waiter.
What's the play?
Well, if we want to know
if homeboy's alive or dead,
he might be the guy to squeeze.
- Hey.
- Methamphetamine.
Careful, that could be habit-forming.
What do you want?
You don't remember us?
This help?
So you got a watch.
What do you want from me?
Looking for a little information.
Like the current whereabouts
of the young man you sent our way.
DANNY: Maybe an address, emergency room.
One of those refrigerated
drawers in the morgue.
Fuck you guys.
Hey, hey, slow down.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
Hey, where's your friend with the gun?
Go fuck yourself.
Oh, God. Ray, we should go.
DANNY: I can't believe
I'm gonna say this,
but I'm actually looking forward
to a quiet evening at home.

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