Bosch (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

Mama's Boy

1 Okay, listen up.
I want every call, no matter how trivial, charted on the map.
You get a hot shot, a cluster, you send a car.
I don't care if somebody calls, Says they saw a guy with a band-aid on his nose, black eye get the location, put it on the map.
Head on a swivel.
Let's find this asshole.
- Anything, Kiz? - Not a lot of working cameras over there.
Bangers see to that.
Jerry, what do you got on the abandoned factory? I went back on the title search 40 years.
Started as cold storage, then a brake-pad - factory, home insulation.
- Insulation.
Waits said his father worked in that area, Got sick from asbestos or something.
That's how he knew the place.
Kiz, we're gonna need the van video.
Take a look what Waits said on the ride over.
- On it.
- Hey.
Phones ringing off the hook.
That's a good sign.
Yeah, lots of sightings.
Nothing solid yet.
We think he abandoned a jacked pickup in Lincoln Heights.
Owner was found in the back under a tarp, shot in the face.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.
So we're searching the alleys in the area, going house to house.
My guess is he probably stole another vehicle - in that neighborhood.
- What do you want me to do, Harry? - Waits got Crate's badge and gun.
- Fuck me.
All right, we got to put out an all-units broadcast.
Can you write something up, get it out to communications? Yeah.
Oh, man.
Pounds is gonna shit blood.
Forget Pounds, all right? Let's grab up this asshole, get Crate's stuff back.
Yeah, right.
I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I can't let go I feel Offering a fat reward wouldn't hurt, sir.
I was also thinking we should bring in the marshals - and the bureau.
- Chief, I'd say negative on the feds.
Our mess, we clean it up.
You're probably right, Irv.
What else? Well, if I may, sir, I'd suggest putting together a fugitive task force.
Off the top of my head, I'd say it's a good idea.
I'll get back to you on that asap.
That'd be all, chief? Bit hectic on this end, as you could imagine.
Of course, Irv.
All for now.
Have a better one.
incredible deal.
If you help us advertise this fabulous showtime knife pack, you'll also receive my latest invention free.
It's the showtime solid flavor injector.
Come on over here, and I'll show you how this works.
Now, this is my new solid flavor injector.
Over here, I have I'll take it, and I'll plunge it in, and I'll just inject it right into the center.
It's as easy as that.
I was on live television with the solid flavor injector - Oh! - You left the door unlocked.
David! - You're home.
- Ma, the back door You left it unlocked.
It's not safe.
Well, I opened the door to get some fresh air.
- But I will be more careful.
- I hope so.
- How was your trip, David? - I don't know.
You know, mom, I thought I'd come stay with you for the holidays, if that's okay.
Oh, of course it's okay.
You are more than welcome.
Stay as long as you like.
Thank you.
- Merci beaucoup.
- De rein.
I think I've run out of my lupus medications.
Yeah, it looks like it.
Looks like you got a little flare-up.
- Mm.
- Well, I'll take care of it tomorrow.
Are you hungry? Should I make dinner? I am a little peckish.
No string beans.
No, no string beans.
Here you go.
What a great holiday gift.
Call now, and you can finish all your gift shopping for any holiday with one toll-free call.
Cardiology on call to the O.
Cardiology on call to the O.
Barrel, wake up.
- Oh.
- Go home.
Get some sleep.
- What about you? - I'm wide awake.
Okay, thanks.
- How's he doing? - Still ticking.
- He's tough.
- That he is.
That's one fucking bad break.
Thanks, pal.
to radiology.
Sherman to radiology.
- Chief.
- How's Detective Moore? Not out of the woods yet.
District Attorney held his press conference last night.
I heard.
He dwelt at length on the fact that we let Waits get away.
In an hour, I'll be announcing a fugitive task force to apprehend Waits.
Captain Pounds will be in command.
Pounds? I thought the idea was to apprehend Waits.
You're to have no part of that task force, detective, or that investigation.
Is that understood? You're throwing me to the wolves, chief.
Detective in charge of the field trip is left off the task force.
What's that say? I know too well your propensity for operating ad hoc, Bosch.
Not this time.
You want to help the department and yourself? Close your case.
Find out who really killed the Delacroix boy.
Prove Waits was lying from the start and that o'Shea was a fool for believing him.
- Look at this.
- L.
pair you up? - Yeah, for the Waits task force.
- Till Crate comes off the D.
Thought I sent you home to get some sleep.
I'll sleep when this is over.
I did change my shirt.
I want to look my best for the cameras when we catch that asshole.
You could use a fresh one, too, Harry.
You're kind of ripe.
Oh! Harry.
- What's up? - Check it out.
Now I'd like to introduce Deputy Chief Irving - Ohh! - who will oversee this task force.
Oh, yeah, Tenzer's teeing up Irving for his big moment in the sun.
Thank you, Chief Tenzer.
Before I introduce Captain Pounds, I'd just like to assure the people of Los Angeles that every effort is being made to apprehend this criminal.
I don't get it.
I don't get it.
Why is Irving putting Pounds in charge of the posse? Doesn't he want to catch this fucking guy? - Exactly what I said to him before.
- What'd he say? Told me to mind my own business, so, I have.
Edgar and I are headed out to the valley to interview Arthur Delacroix's father.
But I wish them the best of luck.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Uh, visitor.
I stashed her in the L.
's office.
Christine Waters.
Waters? Detective, I know you're busy.
I wish you'd called.
I'm on my way out.
I'm sorry.
I just wanted to ask a quick question in person, - not over the phone.
- That's fine.
Sit down.
What can I do for you? I've been following the news.
This man, this Waits person, did he kill my son? Did he kill Arthur? We don't know yet.
We're still investigating.
What's your personal opinion? Your son was abused for years.
His injuries were chronic and severe.
So, it's logical to suspect that his death is connected to that abuse and not some random encounter with a stranger.
You suspect Arthur's father? As I said, we're still investigating.
But this Waits person confessed.
But we're not entirely convinced he was telling the truth.
- Thank you for your time, detective.
- Of course.
All these years, I've had this daydream that my children were okay and doing well, even thriving without me.
That I'd see them again some day, and that they'd forgive me.
Waters, the situation you were in, it must have been very difficult to know what to do.
Oh, I knew what I was doing.
I saved myself at their expense.
Not too late to go visit your daughter.
While you're still here.
I'm afraid it is.
Oh! Oh, my pills, dear.
The the round one, please.
Whoa! Dizzy.
No, ma.
Ma, it's triangles for the dizzies.
It's the round ones for pain, remember? - Are you sure? - Yes.
Yes, I'm sure.
I wrote it down for you.
It's on the fridge.
Oh, put the TV on, dear.
Oh, t-turn it up, please.
Oh, a-and my my glasses.
Have you seen my glasses? I I-I can't find them anywhere.
Oh! Would you do my pills, please? Mm-hmm.
I went through the week's worth while you were gone, and I was very confused by the eighth day.
Ma, after I do your meds, I have to go out for awhile.
- Why? - Um, for work.
But I-I won't be gone long.
But it's the holidays.
I mean, don't these people know that you have family? Ma.
- Windows can wait! - Look, it's my busy season.
Make hay while the sun shines.
Isn't that what you always say? Well, maybe it'll rain.
Then you don't have to wash windows.
- You can stay with me.
- Hmm.
You've made up your mind about the father, right? He's the one? Who else kicked the shit out of that kid every day? - Waits' confession? - That was him gaming the system.
It worked.
But I always try to keep an open mind about suspects and witnesses.
That's Buddy boy.
He's looking for a treat.
About Arthur, Mr.
Delacroix, We were hoping you might be able to give us some background on your boy, maybe some names.
We're trying to track down some of his friends from back then.
We need to talk to anybody who might know - where he went the day he disappeared.
- It was a long time ago.
The picture.
Where'd you get this? - Your daughter.
- My daughter? What'd she say about me? We mostly talked about Arthur.
Could you look at the photo? Yeah, that's them.
He didn't have any other friends, just these bum she skateboarded with.
The photo, sir.
If you remember any names.
That's Deuce piece of shit.
This one here, that's that's Pat.
Eh, maybe it was Paul.
The guy in the middle, Stokes.
Arthur looked up to him.
He was older, a few years.
Big deal when you're that age.
You remember any last names? Well, that was his last name Stokes.
Uh, Johnny Jimmy.
Something like that.
Something else maybe you could help us with.
There's no record of any missing-persons report.
What are you talking about? - Of course I reported it.
- To who? Not L.
Well, I'm sure I did.
I went to the station.
You might have gone to the station, but you didn't file a report.
Your daughter says you told her you reported Arthur missing.
You lied to her.
What really happened, Mr.
Delacroix? My boy went to school, and I never saw him again.
The police did shit.
End of story.
Till they find his body 20 years too late.
Why didn't you report your son missing that night or the next day? He didn't come home and didn't come home.
Why didn't you go to the police? Is it because you already knew what had happened to him? My god.
Ohh, what did I do? - What did I do? - What did you do, Mr.
Delacroix? I killed him.
- I killed my boy.
- Okay.
All right.
- Arthur.
- Okay, Mr.
Change of plans.
We're gonna drive you into Hollywood and get some coffee in you.
I did it.
I killed Arthur.
I confess.
I want to plead guilty, okay? Come on, Mr.
Let's get you out of here, okay? Come on.
We're gonna have to cuff you before we put you in the car.
- What about Buddy? - Who? - My cat.
- I'll take care of Buddy, sir.
obliged to address widespread reception of unequal policing in these communities.
There is still no word yet if the president plans to travel at some point to the community.
Los Angeles police chief John Tenzer announced today a reward of $150, 000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Raynard Waits in what some now are calling the largest manhunt in this city's After he's caffeinated, we better slap a breathalyzer on him, too.
Don't want some defense attorney arguing the confession's no good because he was still in the bag.
Oh, shit.
Pull over.
Pull over now! God damn it! That's some foul shit! - This one's on you, partner.
- No.
Wait, what? - I got the last one.
- No fucking way.
Yeah, tranny hooker, jell-o shots, falafel? - Remember that? - Oh, shit.
Uh, look.
Have pity on me, man.
- I got my new suit on.
- So do I.
See ya.
- I'm not cleaning this up! - Bye.
You know, I'm just gonna call bullets, tell her it was stolen.
Take it somewhere and set it on fire.
- Ohh!! God damn it! - Thank you.
Call Councilwoman Tanaka's office.
Tell her I'm very sorry, but I can't get back to her personally, not today of all days.
I already told the councilwoman we had a police emergency.
Thank you.
Sergeant Washington is here.
You're not gonna return any of these, are you, chief? Apologies all around, Ida.
It's just it's one of those days from hell.
Yes, sir.
That thing with your son Somebody put a word in his partner's ear.
He's not pursuing the complaint.
Quit walking on eggshells.
Who persuaded him to drop it? - Detective Bosch.
- Bosch? - Yes, sir.
- Pull the car around.
Fucking Bosch.
Delacroix, when we came to your house, you told us that you had killed your son.
Now, you've been ready our rights and waived them.
So, we'd like for you to tell us exactly what happened that day, to the best of your recollection.
Okay, uh, I-I had an audition in the afternoon a CBS thing quality drama.
Uh, I hadn't worked in well, quite a while, so I was stressed.
I had a little drink just a nip, you know how it is round off the edges.
I had to get the kids off to school.
It wasn't easy.
Arthur was wearing this black t-shirt that he always wore.
The damn thing was filthy.
I made him change.
So, I go to the audition.
The director said that I was "the wrong type for the part.
" He was just being polite.
I was half in the bag.
So, then Arthur came back from school.
What time was the audition? What time did Arthur get home? You know what? Maybe I picked him up at school.
Nah, I can't remember.
Like I said, I was soused.
But you remember what shirt he was wearing.
It's funny how that is.
I mean, some things stick, some things don't, right? Yeah.
That is strange, isn't it? I guess I picked Arthur up somewhere between school and home.
You happen to remember what street? Nah, or or maybe it was at the school bus stop.
Like I like I said, I-I was half in the bag.
But you did pick him up somewhere after school.
Um, I saw Arthur, and, uh, I waved him into the car.
Well, that's when I saw that he still had that damn black tee on.
I yelled at him, and he tried to get out of the car while it was still moving.
I-I-I lost it.
I-I-I just Pfft.
Lost it.
- I hit him.
- You hit him how? With your fist? - Yeah.
- You do that a lot, Mr.
Delacroix? - What? Do what? - Your son, did you beat him a lot? What? No, I didn't Lose your temper, beat him everyday when you were drinking? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess I must have.
It just went too far.
But you didn't mean to do it.
That's right.
H-He he must have hit his head on the car door.
And I I couldn't wake him up.
And I-I panicked.
I-I I drove around for a long time and just to make sure that he was, you know and, uh - I took him up into the canyon.
- Which one? Uh, you know, the one you said.
Coldwater? Laurel? Beachwood? Uh, I don't know.
It was one of those.
City side or valley side? Somewhere up there.
Uh, it was dark.
And I carried him up the hill.
I carried my boy up the hill, and I buried him.
I buried my own son like an animal.
And you're sure he was dead when you carried him up the hill? He was dead.
I couldn't wake him up.
And you carried him up the hill by yourself, Mr.
Delacroix? No one helped? Just me.
I did it.
I don't think he could have carried that kid up the hill.
He just killed his son.
His adrenaline's pumping big-time.
Drunk and alone, rough terrain? I humped that hill sober with just a backpack and a flashlight, and it smoked my bag, and I damn near broke my neck on the way back down.
And Arthur wasn't killed from hitting his head on a car door.
Somebody hit him with a brick, a stick, or a bat.
We get a dummy, the right size and weight.
I'm the same age Sam was.
I climb up the hill and see if it can be done.
It's an idea.
I'll stop by the S.
lab on my way in tomorrow.
All right.
Where you going, Harry? Tell Sheila Delacroix her father just confessed to murdering her brother.
I don't believe it.
Miss Delacroix, your father described the events in detail.
I'm sorry, but my father is not a violent man, detective.
He never hit me or Arthur never.
Your mother says he hit her hard and often.
- That's why she left.
- You spoke to my mother? We did, in fact, a couple of times.
I'm sorry.
It couldn't have happened that way.
Couldn't have? Why not? Why would your father lie about something like this? I-I don't know.
I I don't know.
He just couldn't have done it.
Your mother know you're here? - Yeah, she's upstairs getting dressed.
- For what? Oh, some faculty dinner you're going to.
Your mother's going.
I'm not.
- Listen, we need to talk.
- About what? That traffic stop.
I should get a commendation for that.
You know, your partner considered lodging a complaint against you? Who, Pierce? That pussy? Shit.
Wait, how'd you know? It would have been a serious beef in your package, an embarrassment to me, and, more important, jeopardize the entire case.
- A judge would have thrown out the search.
- Would have been? Officer Pierce has decided not to pursue the complaint.
Well, thank you.
Don't make the assumption I pulled strings for you.
- I didn't.
- Okay.
And don't assume I will do so in the future.
Yeah, that's the last thing I want.
Because even if I don't use my influence on your behalf, just the fact you're my son, others will, and that can be tricky for both of us.
There's certain people I do not wish to be indebted to.
You understand what I'm saying? Somebody reached out to Pierce.
If they did, they did it for their own reasons, not because I asked.
I get it, all right? I'll watch my step.
I don't want my bullshit to blow back on you.
Look, I want you to consider getting off the street, going the command route.
In the meantime, you'll be getting a new partner next deployment period.
- Harry.
- I know.
I know.
- I'm gonna quit, I swear.
- Mm.
I'm thinking about going to Vegas for the holidays, - seeing my daughter.
- Sounds like a good idea.
I might take a couple days, go see my dad in Walnut Creek.
What's she like, your ex? Eleanor? Why? Just wondering what kind of woman she is, what attracted you to her, what she does for a living.
She was in the FBI when I met her.
- In the field or an analyst? - Profiler.
Woman of action.
- I like that you like ballsy women.
- Ballsy's my type.
Mm, that's what the empirical evidence would suggest, yes.
- She still with the bureau? - Nope.
She's a professional poker player.
- That's a hell of a career move.
- Same skill set.
It's still reading people for a living.
Works at a casino in Vegas.
Turns out Chinese high rollers get their rocks off playing against a good-looking Caucasian woman.
- Who knew? - Not me.
The reason she moved to Hong Kong in the first place.
- Take your daughter with her? - Yeah.
- What about the new husband? - I've only met him once.
Went to see Maddie in Hong Kong.
First impression seemed okay.
- How long were they gone? - Three years.
That's a long time.
Yeah, it is.
Was! - I'm glad they're back.
- Mm.
I hope you have a great trip.
And I'll be here when you get back.
Oh, shit.
Fuck! Bosch.
If you say "I told you so, " I'll drop you right where you stand next time I see you.
- Swear to god.
- I never say that, ever.
I was right about Delacroix? No way that old drunk drags that kid's body up that fucking hill.
- There's no way.
- Told you so.
- You're a dead man, Bosch.
- Thanks, Jerry.
- See you at the house.
- Yep.
They're not here.
Oh, did we look in the sideboard? Yes, ma.
I-I can't find the goddamn things anywhere.
- David, language! - Sorry.
I'll get you another pair as soon as I can.
But I like those.
And how am I supposed to see my programs? as a police vehicle involved in the search for Raynard Waits and pursuing a hot tip collided with a bus and a parked car on a busy street in the heart of Hollywood.
For details I was watching that.
That man is a menace, David.
You got nothing to worry about, I promise.
You think the police will catch him soon? Mm, I-I'd say it's just a matter of time.
What was he thinking when he murdered that little boy all those years ago? I don't know.
Some things just can't be explained, you know? Ma, I'm gonna go out for a couple hours.
Wait, but y-you can't wash windows at night.
Ma, I got shopping to do.
The The crowds aren't as bad.
But I need my glasses.
Yeah, well, you can listen to your programs till I get back.
Pack of B's, please.
Let me see your hands! Jesus Christ, Sheila.
What the hell are you doing here? I I came to get the cat.
I-I was just looking around.
You scared the hell out of me.
You can't be in here.
It's an ongoing investigation.
I didn't know.
I-I'm sorry.
- What about Buddy? - You can take him.
- Hey.
- You need a lift? - I might.
- Hop in.
- Oh, you're cute.
- Thanks.
You too.
Pull around the corner.
Or I could just do you here? I was thinking maybe something a little more relaxing.
- Really? - Yeah.
Spend the night.
I'm game.
Me too.
Buckle up.
Plus, the citywide manhunt for escaped confessed serial killer Raynard Waits continues.
All that and weather coming up.
Hey, mind, uh, putting that back on? I was hoping to catch the weekend weather.
how to ask a lady on a date.
Coming up, the 911 call that landed this Don Juan in jail.
What do you say we get this party started, huh? Mm.
Southern California of a serious scam.
Foreigners are calling people, - Take it nice and slow.
- posing as IRs officers.
They tell their victims they owe money to the government.
Want it slow? Come here.
has received 50 reports - What's down here? - in just the last few days.
- Ohh.
- One of them lost $17, 000 when she bought Why don't we let him come out and play, huh? - Slow.
- Oh, is that you want, daddy? Oh.
Investigators say they can't do very much about it Oh.
- The ongoing police manhunt - There you go, huh? for escaped serial killer Raynard Waits - About time.
- turned hectic today when a police vehicle collided with a bus and a parked car - I was beginning to think you were shy.
- on a busy street in Hollywood.
- Slow.
- The officer driving that vehicle was responding to one of dozens of tips police received today in response to the $150, 000 reward the L.
has offered for information leading to the arrest of the fugitive.
Waits was arrested last week on suspicion of murder when police discovered a dead body in his work van.
He subsequently confessed to murdering as many as seven young men in the Hollywood area.
Waits also claimed responsibility for the death of the boy whose bones recently were found on a hillside in Laurel Canyon.
Two days ago, while leading investigators to the remains of his alleged victims, Waits escaped, killing Deputy District Attorney Luis Escobar and seriously wounding an L.
If you have seen Waits or have information on his whereabouts, call the L.
tip line at 323-555-0172.