Bosch (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Lost Boys

1 - Pierce.
- What's up? I'm gonna need you to sit on this guy.
You keep your mouth shut.
Nobody talks to him.
Nobody comes in.
- Roger that.
- Oh, shit.
Oh, man, he's one of them.
- Don't leave.
- Shut the fuck up.
The fuck, man? What? You want to come rough? I could book your ass right now for assaulting a police officer.
That's a year minimum in county, smart guy.
I'm sorry, man, that was wrong.
- Why'd you run? - 'Cause everyone else did.
It's like a a reaction.
"Five-o! Five-o!" That's what you do.
- You run.
- We just wanted to talk to you.
You did? Shit, I wish I had known.
My ribs are broken, man.
That black officer wanted to fucking kill me.
What'd you expect? He heard the shot, saw his partner on the ground.
I didn't do that, man.
I swear to God, I didn't shoot her.
I was there.
I know what happened.
Then you know I didn't do it.
Puts me the only friend you got right now, Stokes.
What do you want? Tell me about Arthur Delacroix.
Who? Part of your skateboard posse back in the day.
That's you.
That's your crew, right? Oh, man.
I was I was loaded most of the time back then.
I don't even remember these guys' names, if I ever knew them.
Which one's your boy? Let me ask the questions.
This picture, where was it taken? Fuck, man, I don't remember.
You and your boys ever skate up in Laurel Canyon? No, man, we were miracle mile Wilshire boys.
Somebody took this picture, and Arthur Delacroix's father knew your name when he saw your face.
He said Arthur looked up to you? Where'd this kid live? Off Wilshire Carthay Circle.
Well, there you go.
Me too Carthay Square.
That must be how his pops knew me.
From around the way, know what I mean? This goofy kid here, he was from Carthay, too.
I'm pretty sure.
This who you mean? You know what happened to him? No, man.
No, I mean, I lost track of all them guys after they locked my ass up in Sylmar for a whole fucking year.
- Yeah, when was that? - '95.
I come out All my boys are scattered.
's here to talk to you.
Oh, don't leave me, man.
Ow! I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I got a feeling and I can't let go I can't let go I feel When I got to the garage, I ran down the ramp toward the voices.
What were they saying? There was a lot of noise.
Echoes I couldn't make it out exactly.
Stop right there! Don't move.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Put your hands on the wall.
And when you finally caught up to them? Look, it all happened so fast What about when the gun went off? Aah! Like I said, it was all kind of blurry.
Just give me some time to sort out the details.
Maybe it will start to come back to you.
Did you interview Officer Brasher yet? RHD has first dibs.
We'll talk to her when they're done.
You gonna ring Stokes up for those? I haven't decided.
Ah, won't need to.
I hear RHD is gonna hit him with the full Monty.
For what? - Attempt murder of a P.
, for starters.
- Not what happened.
- Well, possession of a firearm.
- He wasn't armed.
- He grabbed Brasher's gun.
- Is that what she said? That's what I hear.
Hey, stop pretending you can read.
Hey, Harry.
How you doing, big dog? Better.
At least they took the tube out so I can talk.
Oh, shit, can they put it back? Fuck you.
Sorry that shit went sideways, Harry.
I'm losing my edge.
I'd turn in my badge, but that fucker's still got it.
Could've happened to anybody, Crate.
We'll get him, and get your badge back, too.
When you do, use my gun.
Know what I mean? Merry Christmas, pally.
"Fleas navi-dog," Harry.
"Fleas navi-dog.
" You are feeling better.
How you doing? Mm.
How you feeling? Floating on air.
What'd they give you? Something really, really good.
What's the damage? Couple cracked ribs and a big, disgusting bruise.
They gonna let you go home? I bumped my head on the concrete pretty good, so they want to keep me overnight in case I have a concussion.
So, any visitors? Irving, uh, came by for a hot second with Captain Pounds.
My dad is coming in the morning.
He's totally freaked out.
He wants me to quit and just What'd you tell him? Pfft, hell no.
Just when I'm about to get a medal? How about Robbery Homicide? Uh, yeah, they popped in.
Said they'd be back when my rep was present.
You need to think about what you're gonna say before they lock your story down.
I'll just tell them again what I told them tonight.
Which was? Asshole went for my fucking gun.
It went off.
I'm lucky I was wearing my vest.
Oh! Oh! David! David! David.
- David.
- Ma?! Ma? Oh, Ma, what'd you do? David What did you do? Are you okay? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I just wanted to go to the bathroom.
It's okay.
Are you hurt? I don't know.
Okay, come on.
Let me help you up.
I'm so embarrassed.
It's okay.
Don't be.
Here we go.
There you go.
Hold on, now.
Oh, what would I do without you, huh? Okay, yeah.
In closing, I'd like to convey to the good people of Los Angeles that this renewed sense of mission and teamwork between my office and LAPD should help us all sleep more soundly this holiday season.
Chief? The apprehension of Raynard Waits remains our top priority.
And we are devoting every resource to achieving that task as expediently as possible.
But we, as Los Angeles Turned out good, Chief.
Morning shows all carried it live.
I think we got the message out.
No more finger-pointing.
No more laying of blame.
All hands on deck till this is over.
Yes, sir.
That came through loud and clear.
Now we just have to catch this little motherfucker Before he brings us all down.
The one day of the year that I go in late to work.
Am I interrupting? Well, mm, as a matter of fact We are wrapping presents.
It's tomorrow.
- It is? - Mm-hmm.
- Hi, Harry.
- Hey, Leese.
One of those for me? - Yeah, the fruitcake.
- Mm, nice.
Same one I gave you guys last year? You want a cup of coffee? So, what is so important that it couldn't wait until I got into the office? Brasher gave RHD a preliminary statement.
Said Stokes grabbed her gun.
- All right, isn't that what happened? - Not what I saw.
Oh, shit.
Harry, don't tell me this.
Stokes' hands were on the wall.
Fuck! I mean, I can't swear to it.
Couldn't see clearly.
I think she tried to cuff him and her gun went off.
Well, it's not great, but shit happens.
That would be her third unsat.
Oh, shit.
So that's why she's got to put it on Stokes.
Looking to save her job.
Except you won't corroborate.
Not that I'm asking you to.
I mean, either way she's done if she gives a false statement.
You think you can persuade her to do the right thing? I can try.
What about Stokes? I should cut him loose.
At least wait until tomorrow.
Fewer of Brasher's fellow officers around to see it go down.
Also gives you more time to get Brasher to change her story.
Yeah, and it's a nice gesture, with the holidays and all.
Cable's included, of course.
That's great.
She loves her programs, you know? We have live entertainment on weekends and holidays, and we offer non-denominational services on Sundays.
Well, that that sounds nice and lovely.
Um, how much does all this cost? Depends on the plan What add-ons you select, the room type.
Uh, the basic? How how much is the basic? Medicare would cover a substantial portion.
Bring your mother in, Mr.
See the grounds, meet the staff.
David? David? Mr.
Martinez? David! Mr.
Martinez, are you there? Could you turn this off? serial killer Raynard Waits.
Family members of Louis Escobar, the depu Wh-what I was listening to that.
You're reading.
Well, I'm trying.
When are you going to pick up my new glasses, David? Ma, it's a special order, your prescription.
They promised the day after Christmas.
All right.
What are you reading? I'm brushing up on my French grammar.
That sounds interesting.
Don't be smart.
You know, I never understood your lack of interest.
I mean, you could have been fluent.
Don't you already know this stuff in your sleep? But I never tire of it.
Ou sont mes lunettes? I said, Ma, the day after Christmas.
You remember.
How you feeling? Sore as shit.
Coffee? Just made fresh.
No, thanks.
I'm coffee'd out.
It's nice out here.
You ever think you'd want to work Pacific? Sweet commute.
But nah.
I like hollyweird always jumping.
I knew this P-2, Williams, loved working Hollywood.
You know, the juice.
One day, he pulls over this corvette, expired tag.
Guy books, chase is on.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
So, Williams takes it over three divisions, all the way out here into Venice.
By the time it's over, he's pumped, he's pissed, he's ready to kick ass.
Yanks the guy out, throws him over the hood, tries to cuff him.
Bang! Shoots out the front tire of the vette.
Scared the shit out of both of them.
Love it.
Thing is, Williams, he was so amped, thought he'd pulled his cuffs, not his gun.
You come all this way to tell me that story? I came out here to tell you accidents happen, and I don't want you to hurt yourself with a statement that's not accurate.
What do you mean not accurate? You were there.
You're gonna back me, right, Harry? - Right? - God damn it, Julia.
That's not what happened.
He didn't go for your gun.
His hands were on the wall.
That's what I saw.
That's what I'll say.
You're gonna back a dirtbag over me? That's not what this is about.
Stokes is a street stain.
If he doesn't go down for this, he's gonna go down for something else eventually, and hurt somebody else.
Fuck you, Harry.
You're a fucking hypocrite.
I heard Officer Brasher shouting commands to the suspect.
What was she yelling? "Stop.
" "Don't move.
" Like that.
I ran down the ramp towards the voices, saw them on the lower level.
What did you see? Stop right there! Don't move.
Turn around, put your hands on the wall.
Turn around! Suspect had assumed the position, hands against the wall.
Officer Brasher was behind him.
What happened next.
I was making my way around a vehicle to get over to them when I heard the shot.
Did you see Officer Brasher draw her weapon? I did not.
From my vantage point, I could only infer from her movements that's what she was doing.
At that moment, when you heard the gunshot, were the suspect's hands still on the wall? Yes.
Both hands? Both hands.
On the wall.
Hey, buddy.
What are you drinking? Want some? - LAPD.
- Oh, fuck me.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to write you up for this.
Public drinking, open container.
Come on, Officer.
Really? Really.
Let me see your I.
I'm a half a block away from my apartment.
What if I just poured it out? Too late for that.
Have a seat while I write you up.
Close the door.
This sucks.
Why aren't you in a police car? 'Cause it's an undercover operation.
Let me see your I.
Why is LAPD running an undercover operation Fuck! What are you doing?! Ohh! Motherfucker! Fuck you, motherfucker! All there? Yeah, looks like it.
Sign here.
This again? Remember any names? Shit.
You owe me a solid.
You take another look or I'll put you back in the can.
Kevin Grandersen? Andersen, maybe? This is, uh, Tom Parker.
T-Tom Parker, I'm pretty sure.
Merry Christmas, Stokes.
Can't say I never gave you anything.
- Oh, whatever.
- Where you going? Out the front, for your own protection.
Isn't this pretty? Oh, I just love these boys' voices, don't you? Yeah, Ma.
Yeah, beautiful voices.
Like angels.
Comme de beaux anges.
Makes me feel all Christmas-y inside.
Oh, I just love Christmas.
Don't you? Mm.
Yeah, I just love it.
J'adore Noel.
J'adore Les vacances.
Oh! Ooh, what did I miss? Uh, Bedford Falls is going all to hell without George Bailey.
Oh Have another piece of pie.
It shouldn't go to waste.
No, Ma, I'm stuffed.
Do you want to watch the rest of the movie? I-I know how it turns out.
I'm gonna go out for a little while, Ma.
See some friends.
You're okay till I get back, right? I'm fine.
Take the fucking pie.
Go on.
Wish your friends a merry Christmas for me.
I will.
And don't stay out too late.
I won't.
I'll lock the back door.
Merry Christmas.
Joyeux Noel.
Joyeux fetes.
Right, Ma.
Merry Christmas.
Was expecting I'd find you here, Detective.
Any progress? Back to square one, more or less.
Running down a couple of names.
What brings you in on Christmas day? Waits tried to abduct someone early this morning.
I heard.
Any leads? We're working it.
I understand you released this John Stokes character.
I made the determination the case didn't warrant seeking the charges.
A suspect in an officer-involved shooting? I did the LAPD a favor.
And how is that? By not putting the department in a situation where the D.
's office had to weigh conflicting testimony of two of its officers.
You talking about Officer Brasher's version of events versus yours? I didn't think any of us wanted that discrepancy to show up in the media.
I agree.
I'm assigning you to the Waits case, Bosch Independent of the task force.
I've got a terrified city, and the task force has come up with nothing.
I need results, Detective.
So, you do what you have to do.
You report to me.
My direct line, 24/7.
What about Pounds? You let me worry about Pounds.
And Arthur Delacroix? Oh, keep working it.
As far as I'm concerned, both cases are connected until you can prove beyond a doubt Waits didn't kill that boy.
Anything else? Thank you, no.
Merry Christmas, Harry.
Merry Christmas to you.
Hey, it's me.
Where are you? On my way to the homicide detectives' Christmas party.
Sure you are.
Merry Christmas, by the way.
That's right.
So it is.
I was wondering if you were ever gonna call your daughter to wish her a merry Christmas.
I was waiting until after dinner.
I didn't want to interrupt anything that you guys might have going It's your father.
Merry Christmas, Harry.
Merry Christmas, honey, how are you? Uh, okay.
When are you coming back? Soon as I can.
I'm so sorry.
I know I promised.
I'm just totally squeezed out with these cases.
That's okay.
So, listen, I got an idea.
I was thinking that maybe you could come down and visit me in L.
Really? That would be so fricking cool.
Yeah, we could do a ride-along, go to the academy.
Go to the shooting range.
I mean, we need to run it by your mom first.
See what she thinks, check your school schedule.
Maybe spring break.
Maddie, I got to take this call.
It's it's work.
I'll call you back later, okay? Okay.
Love you.
I love you, too.
I just want you to know I'm having a wonderful holiday with loved ones.
And I hope you're having the same.
You know, Waits, tonight would be a good night to turn yourself in.
What do you say? I'd say you're selling me a Christmas con job.
I'm trying to bring this thing to an end with you still alive.
Come on.
I think we know how this ends.
You and me, Harry Dogs from the same kennel.
I kill people.
You kill people.
Doesn't have to come to that.
We could meet.
You pick the place.
This is Detective Harry Bosch, Hollywood Homicide.
Need assistance pinging a cell.
Hold on, Detective.
I'll need information for the affidavit.
There's no time for a court order.
This is for the Waits serial-murder case.
Exigent circumstances.
You can contact Deputy Chief Irving's office if you need to.
Detective, we traced that phone Glendale Boulevard between Fletcher Drive and Waterloo Street, - Silver Lake District.
- Thanks.
Says he found it in the street next to the curb.
Kick the kid.
He's got nothing to do with this.
All these bones are right under the streets of Paris.
Who knew? So, what you thinking about these snaps? They look recent.
My guess is Waits probably traveled overseas at some point.
Hey, Kiz, any luck with that passport check? Nothing.
If Waits ever went to France, it was under another name.
Okay, thanks.
- When'd you get in? - This morning.
This is from Maddie.
Merry Christmas.
I wanted to be there.
Yet you weren't.
Came all this way to bust my balls? Don't flatter yourself.
I came here to play cards.
Bel-air fat cat heard I was killing whales in Vegas.
- Wants to try to take me down.
- Is he in trouble.
" Oh, no.
Oh, no, d-d-David? David? David! - What, Ma? - David! What? What? What is it? - I-I I'm out of my fucking prednisone.
- Ma! Well, I'm sorry, but I am.
Well, what do you want me to do? Well, would you would you be a dear and go get it refilled for me, please? Please.
S'il Te plaît? S'il Te plaît? Yeah, sure.
- Vite! Okay, vite! - Vite.
"Arrête! C'est ici l'empire de la Mort.
" I've been to the Paris catacombs.
At the entrance is this warning "Stop, here is the empire of death.
" Found this book in Waits' apartment.
These photos were found at this page.
The seven other presumed victims, - no bodies have been found? - Correct.
Maybe he kept them.
He could be creating his own catacomb using the bones.
Is he still calling you? Yep.
He sees you as a friend, adversary, brother.
"Dogs from the same kennel.
" That's what he said.
"Dogs from the same kennel.
" It's risky, calling you.
He gets off on it.
- You could use that.
- Well, I'm trying.
So far, I can't get him to make a mistake, give anything away.
Play to his vanity, call him out Nothing seems to make him slip.
Maybe you need to work up a script for the next time he calls.
I assume you have a profiler from Behavioral Sciences - working on this? - Task force does.
What do I need them for? I got the best right here.
Harry, I told you.
I'm strictly a card player now.
And I've got to go.
Are you gonna open Maddie's present? She had it custom-made for you.
Really sweet.
We're going in there, Waits.
Remember what we talked about before.
I know.
Put me in the trunk, and I'll never see the light of day again.
Jerry, what's that? - What? - On your computer.
The Waits video from the field trip van ride.
Play it back.
We're going in there, Waits.
Remember what we talked about before.
I know.
Put me in the trunk, and I'll never see the light of day again.
- The trunk.
- What trunk? Shit, we need a warrant.
For a trunk? What's going on, Harry? I missed it.
Trunk is a room where they punish kids.
I think Waits might have been here, too.
That's the connection he's been talking about.
The thing we have in common McClaren Youth Hall.
Waits' driver's license says he's 43.
So let's assume he's somewhere near that age, give or take a few years.
So, we want record of names 1970 to 1990 to be safe.
He'll be in there somewhere.
I'll be in there, too.
You want the name and file of every boy that went through here over a 20-year period? We're only looking for one.
- Once we find it, you'll get it all back.
- You have a truck? Excuse me? The '70s and '80s, all long before we went digital.
We're talking hard copies, thousands of them.
Dozens and dozens of file boxes.
Do whatever you have to do.
Deputy Chief Irving.
You said if I needed anything to call you.
What do you need, Detective? A van, maybe a truck.
Some people to carry some boxes, ASAP.
Text me the address.
Harry, each kid was listed by year of arrival.
Across 20 years, that's maybe 8,000 files.
There were 300 beds here.
- Kids were moved in and out all the time.
- Not all of them.
Some of them were here for years.
Anyways, just the white kids.
Cuts the work in half.
Pull in the task force, get through it all in a day.
Two at the most.
We don't use that room anymore.
Draconian practices are things of the past, Detective.
Why you still got a mattress in there? Just in case? I would appreciate it, Detective, if you would confine yourself to the area of the storage room.
Let me tell you something.
I'm from here.
This is where I grew up.
And if it was up to me, I'd burn this whole place to the ground.
You little shit! Son of a whore! Son of a bitch.
Huh?! Huh?! Where's the box from '78? Willeford, where's '78? Uh right here.
What are you, Sherlock Holmes? We pull 53 boxes out of there, you just reach into one and find Waits' file? Not his file.
Qu'est-ce Que c'est? Qu'est-ce Que c'est? David, where are you? Ou es-tu? Oh, ou es-tu, David? I'm right here, Ma.
Where have you been? I've been right here, just watching you sleep.
Oh! You should have woken me.
I'll be up all night.
Did you did you go to the pharmacy? Yeah, I went.
But I-I-I didn't get the prednisone.
Well, why why not? Were they out of it? I mean, I need my medication.
No, I got you something better.
A lot better, I think.
Well, what? I mean, the doctor prescribed prednisone.
Ma I-I hope I haven't been a disappointment to you in any way.
Of of course not.
What are you talking about? I've always tried my best to take care of you.
You know that, right? Oh, of course I do.
You are the good son.
Le bon fils.
Ever since you came to live with us.
I don't know where I would be if you weren't taking care of me.
Is there something wrong? You're the only one who ever really cared about me.
My whole life.
You pulled me out of the fire.
I love you, Ma.
I love you, too, son.
Give me a kiss.
Oh, no, David, I don't like being this low.
Prop me back up.
Huh? No, put that behind me.
David, no.
Je t'aime.
Je t'aime.