Bosch (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Us and Them

If you close down on me now, I won't be able to complete the return to duty evaluation.
Come on, doctor.
It's a rubber stamp.
It was a good shoot.
I'm already back on the job.
And if I don'trubber-stamp it, you'll be pulled off the job.
Last time I was in here, everything I told you about my mother ended up in open court and on the internet.
Why don't we get out of here, go for a walk? It's a nice day out.
- Better? - Yeah, I had to get out of that room.
A few nights ago, you went into a tunnel, which was a much more confined space.
Couldn't have ended better.
Hostage lived, Waits died.
I am concerned about allowing you to get right back to the job without any kind of break.
Look, doctor.
I have an active case.
We're looking for a guy who killed a 12-year-old boy.
I have to stay on it.
My concern is that this stress may build into something quite damaging before we get to that point.
I'm fine.
Why did you go into that tunnel without waiting for backup? I knew Waits was in there.
He had a hostage.
Wasn't that reckless? He wanted me to come in.
It was his end game.
He wanted me to be part of it.
You said that he talked about what you had in common.
Yeah, he kept harping on it, said we were dogs from the same kennel.
But that didn't mean that we were alike.
He fed a different dog.
A different dog? That's what they told us at McClaren.
Everyone has two dogs fighting inside of them.
One does the right thing, one doesn't.
The one you choose to feed in the end is the one who wins the fight.
I fed the right one.
He didn't.
How do you feel about killing him? I did what I had to do.
Needed to be done.
And when you found out he pointed an unloaded gun at you? Look, doc Waits committed suicide by cop.
He knew it was over.
He wanted me to kill him.
He wanted me to see what he'd done.
He wanted me to carry all of it.
You know what? He got what he wanted.
S01E10 Us and Them May Arthur be comforted in the cradle of heaven, and the abuses he suffered in this world be healed by his eternal life in the house of the lord.
And let those that loved him know he is now blessed with the happiness and grace denied him in this world.
Peace be with you.
Decided not to file on him.
Let me know if you change your mind.
Please just leave me alone.
I wish I'd never called you people.
Thank you for coming.
Why didn't you join us? I didn't want to intrude on your family.
Family? I'd hardly call it that, would you? The man you shot, the serial killer, did he kill Arthur? He was lying about it.
We're looking for someone else.
There's something I want to show you.
These are abandoned and orphaned children Nicholas Trent was supporting through various charities.
The man who killed himself? The the child molester? Sent a little money every month.
I don't know.
Maybe he was looking for some redemption, to atone for what he'd done so many years before.
I'll take care of them.
Thank you, detective.
What are you doing here? - I'm just paying my respects.
- You get away from him.
You want to show Arthur some respect? Find the fucker who killed him.
Just a matter of time, Mr.
I'll leave you alone.
He never had a chance.
Not with this family.
Not after what I did to it.
I'm asking you.
Will you bring him some justice? Some justice for my boy? Ran into a friend of mine last night.
An investigator in the D.
's office.
He's been serving subpoenas for a secret grand jury.
Does your friend know what it's about? Waits.
Everything that happened with Waits.
Thought you should know.
Harry Bosch.
What's up? Did you make your appointment this morning? Yeah.
Garcia cleared me.
Should be getting the RTD in a day.
What about Stokes? We're looking for him.
If he's smart, he's in Mexico.
He's on a watch list.
Thing is, he isn't smart.
This place is all he knows.
He's still here.
I'm sure of it.
All right.
Bring him in, clear the case.
- Let's put this behind us.
- Yes, ma'am.
What can I do for you, Irv? So, what is this bullshit about a Waits grand jury? You don't think I have sources in the courthouse? Think of it as an insurance policy.
Insurance for what? I can milk a grand jury for as long as I need to.
You keep the video under wraps, deliver your part of the three-piece suit, I win the election, grand jury goes away, you're the next chief of police.
And if you don't win? I'm still district attorney and I still have a grand jury.
Sounds more like a threat than an insurance policy.
Just keep your side of the agreement, and we're all good.
Do I need to remind you I already hold the high card in this game? Well, then you really have nothing to worry about, do you? I don't see his play.
You got the video.
A grand jury only hears what a prosecutor wants it to hear.
He can do a lot with that.
I should've called first.
- This a bad time? - Not at all.
That's the saddest family story I've ever heard.
One of them.
The funeral of a son and brother, and they couldn't bring themselves to speak to one another.
Some wounds don't heal.
Somehow, it makes me regret that she ever found that bone.
Maybe it's better certain things stay buried.
Bound to come to light eventually.
Two troubled children.
One kills the other.
What if you don't find him? Is it good enough just knowing what happened? Not for me.
Not by a long shot.
What's up? I'm looking over Stokes' probation file.
Twice in the past 10 years he's had the same guy go to bat for him, guarantee him a job, a place to crash.
Joe Olivas.
Runs a property-management company in East Hollywood.
It's been a few years.
Might be worth a shot.
Why not? We got nothing else.
I got to grab this call, Jerry.
It's Eleanor.
Meet you at the station.
- Hey.
- Harry, Maddie's gone.
- What do you mean she's gone? - I mean she's gone.
I just got home from work and she's gone and her backpack is missing.
You sure she's not with some friends or something? She's not answering her phone.
It's on, but she's not picking up.
- I had it lojacked.
- That was smart.
She just left the Wayfarer bus depot in Victorville.
I think she's headed for L.
to see you.
This is all on you, Harry, telling her she should come visit.
I didn't tell her to jump on a bus, Eleanor.
It doesn't matter.
You put the idea in her head.
Just calm down.
Let me look at the times.
The next one from Vegas through Victorville gets here at 7:30.
I'll be there when she arrives.
- What's up? - I got sidetracked.
Maddie ran away from home.
She's on a bus to L.
I got to be there when she gets here.
Do what you got to do, partner.
I'll go check on Olivas, see what's what on Stokes.
- How did you know? - Both of your parents are cops.
What did you think was gonna happen? Come on.
- Where are we going? - To the airport to meet your mother.
What the hell were you thinking? Do you have any idea how many runaways go missing every year? I wasn't running away.
I was coming to see you.
Besides, I have mace.
Do you always carry mace? Both my parents are cops, remember? Don't be a smartass.
- How were you gonna get to my house? - Uber.
Uber? Okay, look, Maddie.
I know you've had to relay lot on yourself, but this was dangerous.
- You're too young.
- I'll be 15 next week.
That's too young to pull a caper like this.
Not too old for a spanking.
You scared your mother to death.
Me, too.
I'm sorry.
Just I wanted to see you.
What? Hungry? Starving.
If this is about tickets to the police celebrity golf thing, detective, you know I'm good for my usual.
This isn't about the golf thing.
This is about one of your employees John Edward Stokes.
Uh, hmm.
I don't think I remember any John Edward Johnny Stokes.
You went to bat for him a couple of times with county probation, remember? You always had a job for him.
We believe in second chances around here.
There are a number of young men we sponsor.
I could pull the file if you furnish me with a court order.
Cut the crap, Olivas.
I know what you do here.
Stokes is a sweeper.
He puts people out on the streets so your bosses can gentrify the neighborhood.
Tell me what building he's working, and this ends here.
Otherwise, I'm gonna make some calls, have city officials swarming every property you manage.
Well, okay.
I had a building already emptied, but then the squatters started moving in.
Stokes came in here looking for work, and I put him on it.
Give me the address.
- She's not happy.
- I know.
I had to do some pretty fast talking.
She was able to change her ticket to tonight, which gives us the day.
She's gonna be so mad when she gets here.
- Not that you gave her cause.
- Okay.
Two short stacks and an extra plate.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
What are you gonna tell your mother? - That I wanted to see my father.
- Seriously, Maddie.
She was getting on my last nerve, Harry.
Madeline Bosch, you cannot get on a bus every time you two have a fight.
Mom's driving me nuts.
In Hong Kong, she used to leave me alone most of the time.
But now she and Reggie watch me like hawks.
I can't go anywhere or do anything.
That accident completely unhinged them.
You can't blame them for wanting you to be safe.
Harry, please don't be like them.
Okay, look.
All I know is you only get one mother.
She is just trying to make sure you are safe and moving in the right direction.
That is all.
And you don't want to blow it with her, because when the time comes and she's not around anymore, the world becomes a cold, hard place.
That's all I'm gonna say, 'cause it's time to eat pancakes.
Aren't you worried about earthquakes? The view is worth it.
Well, what about mudslides? Believe it or not, it's safe.
Been living here 12 years, not once has the house fallen down the hill.
Ha ha.
Very funny.
Are you on the take or something? Seriously? My own daughter? This must be like looking out of a spaceship at night.
It is.
Doesn't mean I'm on the take.
Movie money bought this place.
Yeah, I streamed that movie in Hong Kong.
I'm glad they didn't use your real name.
Me too.
Look, I had to race out of here this morning without a shower or shave, so I'm gonna get cleaned up, and then we'll decide what to do today.
Hey, what is this, anyway? Late, great art pepper.
Song's called "Patricia.
" He wrote it for his daughter 'cause he didn't get to see her too often when she was growing up.
How'd you like the tune? It was good.
I don't really know anything about jazz, but I liked it.
I'll get you some CDs.
I don't have a cd player.
- I download all my music.
- Right.
I'll get you some discs and a cd player.
Better yet, I'll get you some vinyl and a turntable.
Best way to listen.
That'd be really cool.
- So, what do you want to do today? - I was born here, but I don't really know much about it.
Let's start at the beginning.
What are the pink lines for? We divide the pit up into a grid so we know exactly where each bone comes from.
Move the tar up in buckets.
That's a lot of tar.
The bones come up in the bucket.
We take the asphalt off, and then the close-in work We use these.
Looks like something my dentist uses.
That's just what it is a dental pick.
And this bone comes from this excavation pit.
It's human.
And our job here is to find as much of her as we can, document it, and try to understand what happened to her.
So, you're sort of like my dad, except you deal with really cold cases.
The coldest.
Do you know what happened to her? We found her skull three weeks ago, and by examining it, we can tell that somebody clubbed her to death.
That's incredible.
- Want to give it a go? - Totally.
Got to be very careful.
Just brush away the dirt.
Try not to hurt the bone.
She could have a future in this.
Future looking into the past.
That's one way of viewing it.
Any progress on your case? We're looking for a friend of Arthur's.
They were street kids together.
I'm just crossing my t's, doc.
Coroner's ruling this as a homicide, right? No chance it was an accident? No.
The fatal injury was a deliberate blow to the back of the boy's skull.
Excuse me.
Harry, we've got eyes on Stokes.
He's in one of Olivas' buildings.
I got a team from patrol, and they're about to go in.
Text me the address.
Wait till I get there.
You guys okay for a bit? Got a little emergency I have to handle.
- Can't I come with you? - Afraid not.
Official business.
We'd both get in trouble.
- Harry.
- I'm sorry, sweetheart.
We'll be fine.
I'll keep her busy.
You want to go down into the pit? Really? That'd be excellent.
Be back as soon as I can.
I promise.
Where are they? We were afraid he'd see us and rabbit.
They went in, and Edgewood's leading the charge.
Jesus Christ, Jerry.
Luck of the draw.
I didn't ask for the guy.
We better let them know friendlies are coming up.
This is 6-William-21.
All units be advised.
William 21 and 22 are entering the building in plain clothes.
Negative 6-William-21.
We have a tactical situation here, Bosch.
Suspect is outstanding.
We'll advise when we're code 4.
Step aside.
All units be advised.
6-William-21 and 22 are in the building.
Sounds like they're going dark on us.
Last transmission, I heard they had it cleared up to the third floor.
Take the stairwell.
There! Right there! Police! Let me see your hands! Stokes! Suspect down! Suspect down! We got him! We got him! He's down.
He's down.
in the back.
Requesting an "R" unit to our location.
Suspect is down.
Make a hole.
Take the gun.
Oh, shit, man.
You really fucked me up.
What have I done? Shut up, asshole.
You're under arrest for murder.
- What the fuck? This is harassment.
- I said shut up.
Told you not to come in.
We had this.
Why'd you fire? He was headed for the fire escape, so I knocked him down with a beanbag round.
Nice work.
Can we take him? He's all yours.
Let's go, Stokes.
You gonna keep him this time? Gonna try.
I'm gonna file a brutality complaint against you fuckers.
I swear to God.
You were living with the blaylocks.
Arthur Delacroix came to visit.
He was a friend from the old neighborhood.
That photo you didn't recognize last week was taken in your backyard by your foster father.
Well, I didn't remember, okay? You lied about all of that.
Plus you had Arthur's skateboard.
After he died.
I don't know, man.
May maybe he left it at the house or something.
Maybe you wanted it and killed him for it.
I didn't kill him, okay? But I know what happened.
Because you were there.
Yeah, but n-not because I killed him.
It was an accident.
- He fell out of a tree.
- A tree? Yeah.
There was there was a tree up there we used to climb.
An old oak with a rope swing.
We were up there, and he just He lost his balance and hit his head, man.
Fell on something.
It killed him.
Why'd you bury him? Because I knew that they'd blame me.
Being a foster kid, you know, I've been in trouble before, so I just You know.
I just covered him up best I could.
You kept his skateboard.
What else was I supposed to do, leave it there? Arthur Delacroix didn't fall out of a tree.
You bashed his brains in, Stokes.
You murdered him for a fucking skateboard.
- I want a lawyer.
- I bet you do.
Sorry that took so long.
Just had a whole lot of stuff I had to take care of.
You promised you'd be back soon, and it's been hours.
I only have one day with you not even.
Sometimes I don't have a choice, Maddie.
- That's how my work is.
- Mom says that.
You always put work first.
Okay, look.
What do you want to do? We still have a few hours left till your mom gets here.
You want to have some fun? What do you say? - Are you off duty now? - Yeah, I am.
- Promise? - Promise.
I really think it's cool.
See who keeps theirs on the longest.
- So, Harry.
- Yeah.
Today while you were in the shower, I sort of looked through your file.
The one they kept on you when you were in that place when you were a kid.
Yeah, I thought you might've.
I saw your picture, and it got me curious.
Said they took you away from your mother and put you there, and that you did a lot of bad things to people and got into fights.
It's true.
I'm not proud of some of the things I did when I was there.
It said you were always trying to escape, but when your mother was killed, you stopped.
There was no place to escape to.
I'm really, really sorry you had to go through that, dad.
The white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only.
No parking.
Sorry, mom.
I didn't mean to worry you.
We'll discuss it later.
But don't ever scare us like that again, okay? We have a quick turnaround.
We got to go right back through security.
Dad, I had a really fun time with you.
Me, too, daughter.
Safe travels.
See you inside.
Thanks, Harry.
For what? She's our daughter.
Detective, it's Ida in Deputy Chief Irving's office.
Hi, Ida.
How are you? The chief wants you in his office in 30 minutes.
Will that be a problem? No.
No problem.
Could you give me a heads up what it's about? Thank you, detective.
We'll see you then.
Good morning, detective.
Morning, Ida.
Should be just a minute.
He's finishing up a meeting.
Thank you.
You can go in now, detective.
Detective Bosch.
I wanted you to know that the district attorney's impaneling a grand jury to hear evidence on the Waits case.
You can expect to be subpoenaed.
I thought you stepped on it.
You have the video.
I did.
And I do.
But this is bureau politics, Bosch.
Above your pay grade, as you say.
This grand jury is O'Shae's way of enforcing our, um understanding.
Anyway, I wanted you to be prepared.
I also understand that you arrested John Stokes for Arthur Delacroix's murder.
I'm on my way to the D.
's office to file charges after we're done here.
If he's charged, it won't be a problem.
Problem? A man charged with murder has credibility issues.
Whatever he might say about the incident involving officer Brasher will be discounted.
You're not firing Brasher.
She's reinstated.
She'll be transferred to pacific division, where she can get a fresh start, and as a condition of that reinstatement, Officer Brasher has agreed not to file a complaint of any kind against you.
Complaint? For what? It would be quite damaging to the department if the detective who killed Raynard Waits and saved the hostage was mired in a sexual harassment complaint.
There it is.
All's well that ends well.
And all for the good of the department.
You can go now, Bosch.
And as you do, it might be wise for you to consider how things could've gone, and might still go, if you choose to put yourself ahead of the department.
I said you can go.
Can we talk? There's nothing to talk about.
You won.
You saved your job.
- The fix is in.
- So, that's it? I'm late for something.
What do you want? I thought that since Irving settled everything today, that, you know, maybe you and I can do the same - Settle things.
- In what way, Julia? Look, our paths are gonna cross again.
Are we gonna be all right? All right, and then we just forget everything that happened in the garage? All right that you used me to make a deal with Irving to save your job? That wasn't my idea.
It was his.
I was never gonna file a complaint against you.
Look, what do you want me to say? That I was wrong? That I panicked because I didn't want to lose my job? You want me to quit? 'Cause I'm not gonna do that, Harry.
I'm a good cop, and it was Stokes who turned out to be a bad guy.
There's us and there's them.
You know that.
Irving knows that.
That's why he made the right call today.
So why can't we just get past this? I guess because I'm just on the wrong side of that "us and them" equation.
- You don't have to be.
- No, I need to be.
Goodbye, Julia.
So, what happened? You don't want to know.
Let's go.
You have him in custody, right? 48-hour hold.
That's about all he'll ever do for this.
What? Why? This homicide was committed in '94, when your suspect was 14 years old.
At that time, the law did not allow a 14-year-old to be charged as an adult.
- Law's been changed.
- You're right.
They changed them in 2000, but that doesn't help us.
We're governed hereby what the laws were at the time the crime was committed.
So, what are our options? We have none.
Juvenile penalties end at age 25.
This man is 34.
We're not going through the time and expense of taking him to trial just to see him walk out the door in the end.
This shit bird kills a kid, gets a walk? I'm sorry, detective.
That's the law.
Nothing I can do about it.
Well, look at it this way, Harry.
You cleared the case.
And gosh, he did what, almost 24 hours for that homicide.
- Where are you going? - Just gonna have a word with him.
Harry, do not make a bad situation worse.
What, you gonna drive your boyfriend home, Bosch? Please step aside, captain.
Don't embarrass yourself.
He beat you twice.
I'm gonna put a revolving door in the squad room thanks to you.
Get out of my way.
Just one fuck-up after another with you, isn't it? Regular catch and release program.
I'm tired of your bullshit, Pounds.
You're in my grid square.
Now, get out of my face.
Why don't you do something about it? What? Suddenly need to call for backup? That's a fucking first.
Don't walk away from Jesus Christ, Harry! You're mine now, Bosch! You hear that? Your ass is mine! I got witnesses! You're done! How could you let him get to you like that, Harry? He put his hands on me first.
Tell it to professional standards.
Let's hope Mankiewicz saw him do it.
You know I have no choice, right? Yeah.
Don't worry, Harry.
I won't let anyone take your desk.
Thanks, partner.
Hey, Harry.
Can I have your car? You know, just till you get back.
So, what are you gonna do now, Harry? Go see my daughter.
Put this place in my rear view.
Miss me already? Inside.
He's clear.
Delacroix called it in himself.
He was waiting for us when he showed up.
Reporter called him, told him Stokes is gonna skate on Arthur's murder, told him about this place.
So, Delacroix was waiting here for him this morning.
Popped him when he came downstairs.
Harry, don't.
I'm cool.
You think this absolves you of anything? I did what you couldn't do.
Bosch! Get out of here, Harry, now.
You were suspended.
The last thing I need is you getting caught up in this cluster fuck.
- I'm going.
- Good.
Walk him.
Harry, leave this one alone.
There's nothing we could've done about it.
Exactly Delacroix's point.
We did nothing.
The rain will come along, wash all this shit away.
All in to the big gutter and out to sea.
Go easy, brother.