Bosch (2014) s02e08 Episode Script

Follow the Money

1 [camera shutter clicking] Okay.
I'm good.
All yours.
Can we get a priority on the GSR? Roger that.
He's gonna have gunshot residue on his hand.
Won't prove anything one way or another.
If somebody staged this, they would have accounted for that.
We gotta dot the "I" s, don't we? Always.
Always dot the "I" s.
One shot expended.
- Detective? - Mm-hm.
You're gonna want to take a look at this.
- How recent are those? - A day or two.
Maybe he was into a little kink.
That's just between us for now.
Roger that.
I'm gonna take a look around.
He sent a text.
Shoot that, bag it and get it to me.
12:15 a text was sent to George Irving's cell.
Sorry, partner, I let you down.
So five minutes before he bought the farm, he texted an apology to his dead partner, - and then he shot himself? - Apparently.
You have your doubts, Detective? To me, that sells it as suicide.
If this is his phone and he actually sent the message.
Why wouldn't it be? Keeping an open mind, sir.
This is a burner, after all, and there's only one message on it.
He was dirty.
Of course he had a burner.
His personal cell phone is missing.
He got rid of it.
Any number of reasons.
Or somebody took it.
All right, what else have we got? Surveillance heard the gunshot at 12:20 a.
Contact attempted, no response.
SWAT called to make an entry.
Arrived on the scene at 1:45.
Entry was made 30 minutes later.
If somebody else was in the house when he died, they had time to go out the backdoor.
Past our team in the alley? They'd gone to find a head.
If they had eyes on our surveillance, they would have known when to pull the trigger.
You know, sometimes things are just as they seem, detectives.
And this, to me, is one of those times.
I'm looking forward to reading your report.
[door closes] Did you hear what I just heard? [sighs] What did you hear? That he wants this to be a suicide.
Needs it even.
Yeah, well, fuck him.
I'm not shading my report for anybody.
Not even the Chief of Ds.
[distant traffic noise] [cell phone rings] Bosch.
Something come up? 30 minutes.
[car door slams] [car engine starts] Dad.
Dad? I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go Got a feelin' that I can't let go I got a feelin' that I can't let go Can't let go I feel It's him.
Autopsy will confirm, but it's him.
It's Burrell.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Jude's medal in his pocket.
Wife's initials on the back.
She gave it to him when he took this assignment.
I told her.
I didn't tell her he'd been tortured.
All the bones in his hands and feet.
For Silver, that text is as good as a signed suicide note.
Suicide solves a lot of problems on the tenth floor.
Two dead cops, friends.
One a hero, one a criminal overcome with remorse.
They'll call it a suicide, but we both know it's not.
That works for Nash, too.
He went to the trouble.
Suicide buys him time.
- For what? - The big payday.
Pot of gold that connects all of this.
Allen's murder to your son's, and Nash to both.
Take a look at these photos Nash took.
Tony Allen was leaving his wife for her, the younger woman.
He was gonna marry her.
He was gonna take his money with him.
Now, Veronica needs a partner to stop that from happening.
So he's waiting to get paid for killing her husband.
- And you're sure there's a pot of gold? - I'm betting on it.
- So how do we find it? - We've been watching the widow.
She's been waiting, too.
Waiting for the estate to settle.
She'll lead us to the money.
That'll lead us to Nash.
Follow the money.
Follow the fuckin' money.
You know Coniff and Espinosa.
Yeah, Brad and I go back.
The RHD task force on George Irving's murder is now investigating the death of Eddie Arceneaux.
You guys callin' it a suicide or a murder? We're calling it undetermined at this time.
Two nights ago you gave me Carl Nash's name as a lead in the Irving killing.
Check him out? Working on it.
Nash left LAPD under a cloud, at least that's the story.
The story's true.
What'd he do? Corrupt.
Ton of his cases were tainted.
Big ugly can of worms nobody wanted opened.
So IA bounced him on some bullshit technicality.
Who told you Nash sold guns to Arceneaux? Confidential informant.
Any chance that informant was Eddie Arceneaux? Arceneaux wasn't one of my Cls.
You know, there are informants who cooperate voluntarily.
And then there are those who are forced to.
Found that in his trashcan.
- It was used on someone.
- So what? He's a cop.
Arceneaux had marks on his wrist consistent with that cuff.
You're suggesting I forced Arceneaux to give me Nash's name? All right, that's outrageous.
Did you? Piss off.
Where's this going? Bosch and Edgar have got a case to work.
We've got a case to work, too.
We're investigating the murder of a brave young undercover officer, not some mobbed up piece of shit pornographer, so if you have information we should have, now's the time.
I'm drawing up a warrant today for Nash's house.
When we're good to go, we'll give you a call.
Maybe we find something helps us both out.
All we wanted.
A little cooperation.
You got it.
[scoffs] You two aren't going anywhere.
How did you connect Nash to Arceneaux and their case? Our sources at Van Nuys said Nash was the guy in the Valley to see for a throw away.
I passed it along.
And you didn't tell me because Not our case, RHDs.
Hands off.
Is there anything else you're not telling me? Not that I can think of.
We could use some extra hands to help surveille Veronica Allen.
I can give you two shifts.
Johnson and Moore, Ferris and Roberts.
- Bosch.
- Yeah.
Let's get a cup of coffee.
Harry, I know you're off the reservation.
What I don't know is if you've got company.
Not sure I follow you, Lieutenant.
I know it's not Edgar.
He's as much in the dark as I am about what you're up to.
I got a friend who works out at a gym near PAB.
He says that Irving's in there every day at lunch.
Hitting the heavy bag.
Wearing it out.
Bare knuckled.
He's grieving, angry.
Your point? [sighs] People get desperate, they get dangerous.
They do damage.
To themselves and others.
Thanks for the warning.
[cell phone rings] Bosch.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
Thanks for meeting me on such short notice.
On a Saturday.
Not a problem.
We found him.
Right where you thought he would be.
I'm so sorry.
Can't even imagine what that family's been going through the last two years.
The director asked me to convey his thanks.
I appreciate that.
He authorized the amendment to your record.
Your flag will be removed.
Any idea how long that will take? You know bureaucracies.
All too well.
In the interim, I have a letter of recommendation signed by the director.
That ought to open a few doors.
Thank you.
I wish I could do more.
Vis-à-vis the bureau itself.
No, no, I understand.
A fresh start.
A fresh start.
What's good on this roach coach? Tacos al pastor.
I don't even know what the hell that is, but I've had my shots.
Excuse me, can I, uh, please have Uno mas taco al pastor, por favor.
Burrell was a good guy.
Didn't deserve to end up in a hole in the middle of the desert.
You tie Marks to his murder? Sure as hell gonna try.
If the blood in Tony's trunk is Burrell's, they'll file RICO charges against Marks and his top guy, see if they get one of them to flip.
You won't have to testify.
I told you, man, I like bein' Lucky Luke Rykoff, it suits me.
[Chuckles] So, look, I just wanted to come by and thank you in person.
I don't know what you're talkin' about.
I don't believe you.
I hope it all works out, you know, for your ex.
Still don't know what you're talkin' about.
[chuckles] You're a shitty liar.
[chuckles] That mean you don't believe I planted that gun? No, we're officially cool, you and me.
That's good to hear.
What about that tail you've had on me the last three weeks? You knew about that shit? Uh-huh.
Well, fuck you.
We pulled it off you this morning.
You really want to do something for me, Rykoff? It depends.
We think we know who planted the gun in your bathroom.
Now I'm interested.
An ex LAPD homicide detective who orchestrated the hit on Tony Allen.
Wanted it to look like it came from Joey Marks.
So he framed me? Fuck that guy.
Why? Money.
Maybe both.
We think he's involved with Veronica Allen, Tony's widow.
Cooked it up together? That's the working theory.
You know anything? Well, I don't know anything about the love angle, but I can help you with the money.
Bosch: So Tony was skimming the skim.
Joey expected him to steal a certain amount within reason.
Can't trust a guy who's too honest, he might be an undercover cop.
[chuckles] But suddenly two years ago, Tony starts stealing more.
Yeah, lots more.
Hand over fist.
How do you know about two years ago? That's when he met Layla.
Well, there you go.
There's your love connection right there, man.
See, Joey asked me to go back over Dolly's books, which I do, and I come up with this number.
And I multiply that number times the other clubs in his rackets, and, you know, I get a pretty good guesstimate.
How much? Three and a half, four million bucks.
No shit? In just two years? Yeah, but you gotta understand.
Tony was washing all of Joey's cash.
From the clubs, the girls, credit cards, drugs, like, all of it.
That's a lot of skim to skim.
What did Marks do? Ugh.
He drove to L.
, and accused Tony to his face of ripping him off, which, of course, Tony denied.
Which is when Nash and Veronica figured the frame.
They overheard the fight.
It's a smart play.
Right? Tony gets whacked, everyone assumes it's Joey that puts him down.
And then you show up at my place, and you pull that gun out of my toilet, I'm thinkin', "Fuck.
This guy's on Joey's payroll.
"He's gonna frame me to take the fall.
" Yeah, but what about all the cash.
They ever recover it? As far as I know, it's still out there.
Hey, I gotta go.
They do not like me hanging out in public with suspicious looking characters.
[chuckles] Hey.
Luke Goshen.
Good to meet you, Luke Goshen.
So what's next for you? They'll find a spot for me.
Besides, now I got some serious fuckin' bona fides with that murder charge.
- With the Bratva? - Yeah.
Fuckin'-A, with those guys you gotta bring it.
So you're a triple agent? Russians, too? It takes a big man to do a big job, Bosch.
I'll see you again.
What's up, baby? Mom, where have you been? I had an important meeting.
Are we still going shopping? Oh, right.
God, I just came up that hill.
I don't know how your father lives up here.
I need clothes for school.
Okay, we'll go.
But first, I want to show you something.
Wow, this is amazing.
So they're finally admitting they were wrong about what they did to you? Well, the important thing is they're clearing my record.
Helps me get back to doing what I was doing before.
Well, what about Reggie? Well, he'll understand.
I'll explain it to him.
What about the casino? You guys are a team.
He'll understand.
He wants me to be happy.
I know that, Mom, but what is he gonna do without you? We'll figure it out.
Are you ready to go? Jerry.
Where are we? Ready to rock and roll.
Where have you been? I met with Rykoff.
Cash we found in the Bentley was a drop in the bucket.
Tony Allen was robbing his cousin blind.
Veronica knew.
Nash, too.
That's our motive.
I get how Veronica would know, but Nash? Are they in cahoots? They must be.
We just gotta prove it.
I can't see how you make that jump.
My gut.
Yeah, Coniff or Espinosa around? Harry, you sure you want to do that? Told 'em we'd cooperate.
Coniff: Yeah.
Yeah, meet us at Nash's house in an hour.
We'll be there in 45.
No way.
Let's go.
How'd they beat us here? We need to take the master bedroom.
- We do? - Yeah, we do.
- Why? - Just trust me.
[pounding] LAPD.
Search warrant.
Open the door.
You're always good with the bottom of your boot.
Have at it.
You guys hold the front.
We'll take the back.
Coniff: Clear? Espinosa: Clear.
[sighs] Oh, shit.
Might need to drill this.
Why, you think it's booby trapped? - Could be.
- Uh-uh.
You've been watching too many cartel movies.
Look at that.
Edgar: Clear.
Shit shoes.
Brother's not into quality footwear.
Go outside and start the photos.
[sighs] Coniff and Espinosa found a gun safe, empty.
We're too late.
He's in the wind.
Harry, what the fuck's going on here? What was supposed to be here, partner? Nash was casing Allen.
That's how he knew about the money.
And Veronica had him killed.
Photos would have helped to prove this.
These are inadmissible.
No shit.
Who's this? Irving.
- You did this with Irving? - Yeah.
What the fuck, Harry? What's he got to do with this? The cases are connected.
George was part of Nash's crew.
They figured out he was undercover.
And you guys were running your own investigation.
- Yep.
- Shit, Harry.
What the fuck? You should have told me.
I couldn't.
Shit, I'm pissed.
I'm fuckin' pissed.
I'll get over it.
I'm counting on that.
So you were supposed to legit find these photos, and get everything back on the up and up.
Photos would have made the case.
[kettle whistling] You have to go back to work? Nope.
Thanks for making dinner.
Kind of like old times.
It was passable.
Better than that.
So how's our girl? She was a bit glum at dinner.
She's okay.
She's just missing her friends.
She's probably in there Skyping now.
Oh, I know I can't keep you here forever.
You gotta go home sooner or later.
We do.
You still think we might be in danger? Probably not.
But I'd worry anyway.
As long as Reggie's away, why not stay here? We'll see.
I saw Griffin today.
Oh, yeah? What'd he have to say? They're taking the flag off my record.
That's great.
And he gave me a letter of recommendation, signed by the director himself.
As well they should.
You tell Maddie? I showed her the letter.
Yeah? What'd she say? She's happy for me.
She's also a little confused.
She's not really sure what her mother's up to.
[chuckles] Her mother's not really sure, either.
But I am really excited for the first time in a long time.
I want to thank you for that.
Glad I could help.
Glad the Bureau did right by you.
I saw Rykoff today.
He said they found their agent.
Yeah, that's what Griffin said.
Well, at least the family will now have some closure.
What about Reggie? Have you told him about any of this? We've been exchanging emails.
Easier with the time difference.
I didn't know you'd been in contact.
He's coming back home next week.
So I figured I'd wait and tell him when he gets back.
I thought you already arrested someone.
He wasn't the guy.
They let him go.
Do you have a suspect? We're following some leads.
We came up here to talk to Carl Nash, but he's not at work today.
Why on earth would you want to speak to him? He's become a person of interest in this case.
I can't imagine why.
How well do you know him? To say hello to.
Not that you'd know this, but he's got quite a checkered past.
Really? He was forced to resign from the LAPD.
Corruption, brutality.
I had no idea.
He seems so harmless, like a big teddy bear.
Hidden Highlands should have run a better background check.
They certainly should have.
If you see him.
Oh, I have one, thank you.
Give us a call.
We really need to talk to him.
He may look harmless, but believe me, he has a very violent history.
My God, you think Carl Nash killed my husband.
Put it this way.
He's high on our list.
Thank you for the warning.
- You're welcome.
- Stay safe.
I will.
Billets: She doesn't strike me as somebody who's gonna panic.
Works in our favor.
She won't risk a digital trail.
She makes contact with Nash, she'll make it in person.
And the stakeout, how's that working? Three shifts, one way in, one way out.
We got it covered.
Love a gated community.
Yes, I'd like to place an order for delivery.
And great.
How long will that take? That's perfect.
You can charge it to my account.
[cell phone rings] - Bosch.
- Kiesha Russell.
You have a minute, Detective? Not if it's about my mother's murder.
It's about the case against Luke Rykoff getting kicked.
You always work on Sundays? Yeah, just like you, Detective.
Rykoff was released because the warrant was bad.
Even though Las Vegas Metro found the murder weapon in his home? Gun was excluded.
I've got work to do.
Annette called me again.
- Annette? - I gave you her number.
I've been busy.
Your mother told her a story a few days before she died.
Go ahead.
She'd been to visit you at the youth home.
She was upset because someone had stolen the red sneakers she'd given you, and that the thief had beaten you badly and you'd been blamed.
True story, Detective? I got detention for fighting.
She told Annette that it broke her heart to see you like that.
And that she was more determined than ever to bring you home, but that before she could do that Have a good day, Miss Russell.
You're kidding me.
[doorbell rings] Connie.
You need to call before you come over.
You changed the locks.
Help you? Delivery for a V.
Are you expecting a delivery? Go on up.
[cell phone chimes] Look alive, partner.
Court services alert.
What is it? The judge from the Allen probate case just issued letters of administration to Veronica.
Is that what she's been waiting for? They give her authority to inventory all of Tony Allen's bank accounts.
Six different banks.
Addresses? Names, addresses, the whole magilla.
Give me the addresses.
Just the addresses? Yeah, go.
- 864 - Next one.
You don't even want the street? No, just the numbers.
- 225.
- Next one.
- 160.
- That's it.
- That's what? - That's where the money is.
The addresses match.
What's the street? 160 San Fernando Rd.
, Sylmar.
First National Pacific Bank.
Tony had a safe deposit box here.
It's gonna be a big ass one - to hold 4 million bucks.
- Yeah.
Does it say if Veronica Allen was in court for the proceeding? Just a digital notice.
It doesn't say who was there.
When did that happen? An hour ago this morning.
Let's check it out.
[car engine starts] Veronica Allen.
Is she home? Yes, sir.
Hasn't left.
We need to speak to her.
Please call her.
No answer.
Give me the clipboard.
Fuck! She got a delivery last night.
Pull up her driveway on the screen.
- We're not allowed to - This is a homicide investigation.
Do you understand? Do it now.
[tapping on keyboard] Run it back to the delivery last night, 8:10.
Edgar: Oh, man.
She's pulling a number on him.
One of those is a lot lighter than the other.
Son of a bitch, she's gone.
[car engine starts] [siren blaring] [car alarm chirps] She's here.
Yeah, we got her.
- [siren blaring] - [tires squealing] [cell phone rings] - Bosch.
- Bosch, we have a problem.
Chief, I can't talk right now.
- O'Grady slipped her tail.
- When? Last night.
Where are you? [siren blaring] Heading to a bank in Sylmar.
We think Veronica Allen may be collecting that pot of gold, hopefully lead us to Nash.
- Well, let me know what happens.
- I will.
Veronica may have company.
- Who? - Nash and his crew.
So Veronica and Nash.
They working together or against each other? We'll find out.
Allen, the locksmith your attorney arranged for is right here, and it should only take a few minutes - to get that box open.
- Thank you.
Have Wash bring the car around.
Okay, look sharp.
We got a bogey.
Yeah, who is he? Vegas, one of Marks' crew.
May I help you? Yeah.
How do I open an account? I just need you to start by filling out a few documents.
All right.
I'll be right outside, so just let me know when you're finished, and I'll put the box away.
Thank you.
That's very kind.
Whoa, what happened? Someone break the safe? Oh, no, we just had to drill a safe deposit box.
Probate proceeding.
Now, what type of account would you like to open? You know what? I forgot my fuckin' wallet.
I'm gonna have to do this next time.
I didn't see her inside.
And someone just drilled out a box inside the vault.
They said it's probate stuff.
It's her.
We wait.
All right.
So what's the plan now? We bail? Fuck that.
This is our go money.
We're not leaving it.
You have badges, they don't.
We play this out.
Roger that.
[car engine starts] Go.
You know what? You want it, take it.
Marks wants a word with you.
Yeah, well, I don't want a word with him.
Don't think of running, lady.
I'll take you down.
Please get in the car.
I'm not going to hurt you.
I just want to talk.
Let's work this out together.
There's nothing to talk about.
The suitcase is yours.
Take it.
Get in the car.
Go now! Go, go, go! [tires squealing] [tires screeching] Police! On the ground! Everybody on the ground! Get down now! Everybody down! This is a rip off.
They work with Nash.
They killed Tony.
Fuck you! Put down the weapon, nobody gets hurt.
Put it the fuck down! You want it come take it.
Billy! Don't.
O'Grady, get in there now! Go! [tires screeching] Holy shit, that's them.
That's Marks' crew.
Edgar: How'd they know about this? Bosch: Same way we did.
Call back up.
Six-William-23, 2-11 in progress in the parking lot of First National Pacific Bank Plaza, 160 San Fernando Rd.
Suspect is armed and dangerous.
Possible hostage situation.
It's Detective Edgar, sir.
Go faster.
[grunting] Last chance! We don't give a shit about her.
You want to live, put the weapon down.
[car alarm blaring] [gunshots] [screaming] [gunshots] [screaming] [gunshots] Get down! - [gunshots] - Get down! [gunshots] Up! Up! [gunshots] [screaming] [gunshots] Ahh! [Groans] [grunts] [groans] [rapid gunfire] What the fuck? You bitch.
[gasping] [groans] - Stand up! - [screams] [gasps] - Oh! - [gunshots] [screaming] Get back! You stay back! - [camera shutter clicking] - Get down! Get the fuck down.
Get down.
- Stay back! - [screams] [panting] [grunts] [panting] - Stop the van.
Stop the van! - [tires screeching] Slide over.
Slide over.
Slide over, slide over, slide over, slide over, slide over now! - Open the door, open the door.
- Okay, okay, okay.
Open the door.
Slide over.
[grunting] [tires screeching] Six-William-23, 187 suspect fleeing westbound, - San Fernando Rd.
- Fuck! Fuck! Suspect possibly wounded in OIS.
Has a hostage and he's armed and dangerous.
[whirring] [siren blaring] [sirens blaring] [shouting] Got a live one here.
[siren blaring] [groaning] - Get up.
- [groans] I'm a cop, goddammit.
You were a cop.
Now you're fuckin' under arrest.
Get her an R.
- [sirens blaring] - [police radio chatter] Are you hurt? No.
What the fuck are you doing? Call it protective custody.
[scoffs] Officer, take her back to the station, put her in a room.
You can't do this.
I didn't do anything wrong.
I'm the victim here.
[unzipping] Where's the money? [groans] Give me them napkins.
Give me some On the floor there, hand me those napkins.
That's right.
[groans] Oh, God.
Give me some more, give me some more.
[siren blaring] Jesus Christ, Bosch.
What the fuck happened?