Bosch (2014) s03e03 Episode Script

God Sees

1 [metal clacking.]
[traffic rushing.]
[keyboard clacking.]
Son of a bitch.
Where the fuck is it? [theme.]
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I can't let go I feel [line ringing.]
- Edgar: Harry.
- Are you close? I'm on my over to Narcotics to talk to Ferras and see if they got anything on Meadows.
I'm running late.
Tanya's sick.
I'm about to pick up the boys and take them to school.
Don't sweat it.
Catch you later.
All right.
Help me out here.
You have a report number? I was hoping you would do this off the books.
Why would I do that? You got the serial number.
And I'm gonna track it with the manufacturer, see if I can identify a point of sale.
But I need it dusted.
Where'd this little cutie come from? Hey, you know what, don't even tell me.
I promise, it won't come back to bite you in the ass.
If there are any prints, you won't be able to use them.
I know.
Give me a few weeks.
How about a week? How about go fuck yourself, Edgar? All right, thanks, Miguel.
- I appreciate it.
- Yep.
All right.
He was parked there for months.
Slinging dope? No, from what I could tell, just a user.
When he first showed up on Heliotrope, I booked him on a G of chiva.
- Didn't see that on his rap.
- He's a Vet.
Cut him a break.
He snitch for you? From time to time.
- Nothing much.
- Did ya get to know him? Some.
A bitter motherfucker.
About the war.
How the Army fucked him over.
And how his so-called brothers turned their backs.
He was pretty rabid about that shit.
- Names? - Naw.
Ever say how they fucked him over? Just that they fucked him outta what he had coming.
And they were gonna get theirs.
Robertson: Your brother, Edward Gunn.
My brother was a solid gold asshole.
But rape? Murder? What about the arrest? Harassment, plain and simple.
My brother was involved with that girl.
That was not a rape situation.
Eddie wasn't gonna hurt her.
Bosch just busted in there, he broke down the goddamn door.
Your brother had clothesline and duct tape with him at the time.
He was a housepainter.
Tools of his trade.
The girl didn't ever press charges, did she? Bosch misunderstood the whole thing.
No choirboy, your brother.
Yeah, he drank.
I washed my hands.
But still.
And who showed up every time he got busted? Trying to get Eddie to confess to what he ain't done? Bosch.
He made my brother's life a living hell.
I found these in a closet upstairs.
I was keeping them for George to show his kids.
How've you been, Connie? Good days, bad days.
You know.
How's the new place? I love it.
Ten minutes to campus.
Those 20th Street Craftsman bungalows.
- Um-hmm.
- Near where I came up.
I went through, and kept a few things for myself, but nothing that I thought you might like.
Thank you.
So, just take what you what you want.
I'll take it all.
Connie, I, um I'm thinking about relocating.
Taking another job.
This city is in your pores.
You'll never scrub it out.
What'd Ferras have to say? Nothing on the dope angle.
Meadows mighta had a falling out with his Army buddies.
Swore he'd get back at them.
Bad blood, it's a motive.
Names? None whatsoever.
Anything on street video? Cameras on the back block were busted.
So no video.
But, I did find this.
Meadows' unit had a Facebook page.
Now that's a recruiting poster.
Be all you can be.
Where is that? Iraq, it looks like.
And that's a lotta cash.
Bribes for locals.
Our tax dollars at work.
- And who's this? - Captain Trevor Dobbs.
Meadows' team leader.
Owns and operates Comprehensive Solutions, a personal security consulting firm out in Encino.
Let's say we go chat him up.
I can't.
Waiting on a callback from St.
Louis on Meadows' military records.
I figured I'd run these names down, and see if any of 'em are local.
Knock yourself out.
I'll let you know how it goes.
I don't see the point.
The point of the motion is to introduce the wrongful death suit.
Jury came back with a whopping one dollar in damages.
Basically said it was a good shooting, he just didn't follow all the rules and regs.
He was accused of planting a gun, Rudy.
Accused, not proven.
What's the difference? As soon as it's introduced, it's a skunk in the jury box.
The recent Allen case? As a witness, Bosch is already junk bonds.
This would seal the deal, my friend.
If the judge grants the motion.
It's certainly worth a try.
You're the lawyer.
Let's talk about our other little problem.
Miss Annabelle Crowe.
Better if she didn't testify, at all.
Rudy I was thinking more along the lines of inducements.
Jay, I wasn't suggesting long-term parking.
All I'm saying is, we have options.
Ways of getting Miss Crowe on board.
She's a party girl.
Let's find something.
By all means.
Let's bring her the fuck on board.
BOSCH: Trevor Dobbs? Yes, sir.
Can I help you? Detective Bosch, LAPD.
I'd like to ask you some questions about William Meadows.
DOBBS: Billy? Is he all right? You haven't heard? No.
Well, I'm sorry to tell you.
He was murdered last week.
Ah, shit.
Let's, uh Let's go inside.
I didn't see anything in the news or in the papers.
It was reported as a John Doe.
Homeless man in Hollywood.
Took a few days to make an ID.
Some people don't get obits, do they? No, they don't.
Billy deserved one.
He served his country.
It's a shame.
This you? Yep.
And most of my team.
Anbar Province.
Near Ramadi.
Special Forces.
How did you know? Meadows had the tattoo.
You recognize it.
I was Fifth group.
ODA three-nine-nine-two.
So Meadow's mother said he also did two tours in Afghanistan.
Yeah night recons started to freak him out.
He had to get high just to go on patrol.
I can understand that.
Yeah, it wears on you.
You're out there pitch black.
You get separated from your unit Feels like the sound of your own breathing's gonna give you away.
The Black Echo.
So, you know.
You also know, some soldiers weather the storm better than others.
And when he came back? Billy had problems.
With drugs, problems with the law, arrests, in and out of fucking rehab.
Loaned him money.
Aw, shit, I gave him money.
Couple years ago, he was in real dire straits.
So, ah, I took him to Charlie Company.
- How'd that work out? - It didn't.
Looks like you weathered it all right.
I'm one of the lucky ones.
Started a family, a business.
Comprehensive Solutions.
Security consulting.
I've done well.
Meadows ever work for you? No, he couldn't pass the physical.
The kind of work that we do It's not monitoring residential burglar alarms.
So you're talking contracting, like Blackwater? Unless you have sky-high security clearance, Detective, I can't talk about it.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I'll see myself out.
I know we're supposed to cooperate with you people, but half the time you got your wires crossed.
And it puts our clients off if we're talking to the cops.
I could always get a warrant.
Oh, now you're gonna strong arm me, huh? Only if I have to.
You ever serve, Detective? - I did in fact.
- Where? Desert Storm.
A tour in Afghanistan after 9-11.
Helen Archer.
She got as close to Billy Meadows as anybody.
Girlfriend close? Don't think so.
She was more drink than drugs.
But they were both early on in Iraq.
Caught the really crazy shit.
Common ground, you know.
That's where she works.
If she wants you to know more than that, that's up to her.
Still like to see his file.
For that, you are gonna need a warrant.
Roger that.
[phone rings.]
Man: I'm trying to reach Detective Bosch? He's not here right now.
Can I take a message? - You still his partner? - I am.
This is Scott Anderson.
I write for the Times.
I know who you are.
I'm about to post a piece on Edward Gunn.
We're not working that case.
- Detectives Robertson and Pierce are.
- I know.
I was just wondering if Detective Bosch would care to comment.
Now that Gunn is dead, how does he feel? I really think you should speak to media relations.
You're his partner.
You know him better than anyone.
After pursuing Gunn for so long, is he disappointed? Frustrated? Angry? Look, he's working.
And so am I.
Tell him my deadline's tonight.
What? Nothing.
You have plans for this weekend? Maddie's always got something going on.
Volleyball, homework.
Hard to keep track.
We should grab a bite sometime.
The three of us.
That'd be good.
That wasn't even a distant cousin of convincing.
No, no really.
It'd be nice for you guys to meet.
- But? - No but.
- No pressure.
- None felt.
- What? - Nothing.
Get out of here.
[door opens, closes.]
Maddie? She goes, "I don't care how you get there.
I'm not a taxi.
" Girl: You can't force her to take you to The Grove.
- [knocking on door.]
- I'm not forcing anyone, but - Hold on.
- Dinner.
I'll be out in a minute.
I'm talking to Becca.
- Hi Becca.
- Hi, Mr.
- Okay, okay.
- Just start without me.
It'll get cold.
That's why God made microwaves.
- Maddie: Hey, Dad.
- Bosch: Hey.
So what's going on this weekend? Maddie: I have matches Saturday and Sunday.
Both home.
You coming? Bosch: Of course.
You doing homework? Maddie: Just finished.
- That our kid? - Bless his little trick turning heart.
Let's go.
Somebody wants to talk to you.
Put it down.
Let's go.
- Shit.
- Come on.
What up, man? [door alarm dings.]
Looking for Helen Archer.
- There you go.
- [register whirring.]
Thanks, bro.
- Helen Archer? - Yeah.
Detective Bosch.
Detective Edgar.
LAPD Homicide.
Homicide, huh? Who's dead? William Meadows.
I just saw Billy last month.
I took him out for something to eat.
- How was he? - Strung-out and mangy.
He nodded off at dinner.
Couldn't even hold a knife and a fork.
I had to cut his steak for him.
You and Billy.
More than friends? Pals.
Just pals.
Stupid name he had for us.
He had some in-country romance he was hanging onto.
That her? I wouldn't know.
You know he was talking about going back over there again.
- He re-upped? - Oh God, Christ, no.
As PMCs.
You know, contractors.
You know, it's typical addict bullshit.
Like going over there was gonna solve anything.
Guys from his old unit? I don't know, I guess.
You know, I didn't know them.
I didn't even know their names.
We hear he might have had a falling out with some of them.
Well, that'd be news to me.
Cause, he was talking about how great it was gonna be this time and how much money they were all gonna make.
This time? Had he done it before? As a contractor? Yeah, a couple of times.
God, my poor Billy.
You know, he was so deluded.
He was never going back there again.
Why would you say that? Haven't you been listening to me? He was a wreck.
He had this asshole friend.
He just He just kept filling his head with smoke and leading him on.
This asshole have a name? Yeah, of course he has a fucking name.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I just Woody.
I You know, I never met him.
And to be honest with you guys, I didn't know any of them.
It's quite possible he was making it all up.
All of it.
All of this shit.
You know, it wasn't so long ago that he was doing better.
And then he wasn't.
Your boy's in Room One.
I'm sure he's thirsty by now.
- I have to make a call.
- I'll take this.
[line ringing.]
This is Rick Jackson.
Leave a message.
I'll get back to you.
Jerry Edgar again.
I can come to you.
Whatever works.
Give me a call when you have a chance.
Hey, I didn't do it.
I heard about that guy that got jumped outside the 7-Eleven.
- That wasn't me.
- [door closes.]
You recognize that land whale? No.
Take another look.
I might have seen it before.
I dunno.
You were tagging, but you didn't finish.
We found a half a can of spray paint at the scene.
Same color.
What tagger throws away a half a can? You were interrupted before you could finish.
By what? Vonn: We're very interested and we'd like to take the next step.
I'm open to that.
Let us fly you up for the day.
A formal interview? Call it a first date.
See if there's chemistry.
I'm betting there is.
I'll check my schedule.
Do that, and I'll clear mine.
Look forward to meeting you, Chief.
[line disconnects.]
Look, I had my scrip going.
Into it, you know? Then this ride pulls up.
Okay, when was that? Around midnight, maybe.
- What kind of car? - SUV.
- Make? Model? - Sorry.
- Color? - Black.
So it pulls up.
Then what? I hid.
Did you hear anything? See anything? Too dark.
Too dark to hear? Too far away.
Too much traffic.
Just waiting for them to leave.
- Them? - Whoever.
In the car.
There was more than one guy in the car? It beats me.
- The driver? - I didn't see him.
He see you? I don't think so.
Look, man, that's all I know.
All right? Can I go now? What'd you do when the black SUV pulled away? I got outta there.
And you didn't go and check out the RV? I didn't go anywhere near it.
[door closes.]
Five-hundred meters on the T of two.
[plinking in distance.]
That's the kind a sugar papa likes.
Fuck you, bitch, I won.
How you figure that? I didn't hear you hit the five.
That's 'cause I hit the eight.
That's not what he called.
Yeah, but it is the tougher shot.
And Xavi, I don't play for second place.
- But what did I call? - Five hundred.
And what did you hit, Woodrow? The eight hundred.
But Captain So you missed the five hundred completely? I wasn't fucking aiming for it You fucking lost, asshole.
You scored zero on the mission, soldier.
Never could follow orders.
Yeah, fuck you both.
Xavi and shit head.
Stand by.
Twelve-hundred meters on the T of two.
You know this one? Been there? It's okay.
Place to stay when it's cold.
Beats the youth halls.
Like you would know.
You'd be surprised.
McClaren mostly.
- Seriously? - I was a runner.
You ever get away for long? Once.
For six weeks.
If you think of anything.
When you ran, how far'd you make it? Not far enough.
Anyway, you remember anything, give me a call, yeah? He's fifty-something.
He wakes up, goes to work, comes home.
Same shit, different shovel, every day.
Teenage daughter.
Ex in Hong Kong someplace, I think.
They talk about that shit all the time.
It's boring fucking shit.
I'm telling you, this guy is not a problem.
We don't need to sweat it.
- He's a Fifth Group guy.
- No shit.
Yeah, and good at what he does.
Maybe back in the day.
But now? He's fucking old.
He's past it.
Do not fucking underestimate him.
- And toss your phones.
- For fuck's sake, Dobbs.
New burners at the office.
Do it today.
And cash only.
That includes your chica.
I'll cut up her cards.
This surveillance shit.
How much longer I gotta do that? [chuckles.]
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is it cutting into your surf time? As a matter of fact it is.
A little longer.
We gotta know what he knows.
I'm telling you, this guy has no ties to us.
Keep on him.
Just till the other thing is done.
How is our friend in the South Bay? Still friendly.
Crate and Barrel.
Oh, listen to this.
"This dogged detective, tireless in his pursuit of this suspected serial killer.
" End-quote.
He thinks you're a dog, Harry.
- Who does? - Scott Anderson.
Just posted this thing about the Gunn case.
You're featured prominently.
"Detective Bosch could not be reached for comment.
" Fuck him.
"Edward Gunn, found dead outside his Hollywood apartment "showed signs he'd been involved in a struggle.
Ante-mortem bruising.
" How the fuck he get that so fast? I know guys would give it up for a wink and a cup of coffee.
You guys seen J.
Edgar? Haven't seen him.
[line ringing.]
I'm going to see our friend.
Hit me back, I'll give you the when and where.
Roll down those sleeves, detective.
- Excuse me? - Your sleeves? Unless you wanna scrape those tats off with a wire brush, not in my station.
Yes, ma'am.
Man: The Seven Deadly Sins and the Four Last Things.
By Bosch.
One of his followers, actually.
Greed, wrath, gluttony, et cetera, all depicted along the outer rim.
The circular image is the eye of God.
He sees all.
The Latin.
Cave Cave Deus Videt.
"Beware, Beware, God Sees.
" You speak Latin? No.
Google Translate does.
God sees.
Dark shit.
Dark shit indeed.
Hieronymus Bosch envisioned a world engulfed in evil.
The darkness more than light.
[keyboard clacks.]
The Garden of Earthly Delights.
His masterpiece.
The owls.
What do they mean? They're the symbol of evil.
Even in the Garden of Eden, evil lurks.
After the fall, sinful man wraps his arms around evil.
He embraces it.
Ultimately, it all leads to Hell, Detective.
How is it you're back in the world? Ah, most of Marks' crew got indicted on a RICO.
Including Lucky Luke Rykov.
Rumor has it, though, he's back in St.
Aw, you miss him, don't you? Oh, you have no idea.
My life is very boring without him.
So what do I owe this pleasure? Ah, you know what that is.
Pallets of cash to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq and to convince the klepto warlord asshole politicians - to do the right thing.
- What could possibly go wrong? Yeah, brilliant, right? What's that gotta do with your Vic? I need some general background.
- On what? - Guys he served with.
Might've gone back to Afghanistan as PMCs.
I'd like to know when.
I'll tell ya, we got more of those cowboys running around Afghanistan than we do our own troops.
NSA and DOD are both outsourcing their bad shit to the PMCs.
- Plausible deniability.
- [chuckles.]
Military where our military ain't supposed to be.
Ambassador duty, combat support, recon on high interest targets.
Those guys are doing everything.
Protecting intel community, assets, OGAs.
Other Government Agencies.
Now, who who said cops were dumb? What's this? "ODA.
Three-nine-nine-two"? My Vic's Special Forces team when they were "nation building" in Anbar and then Afghanistan.
I'll see what I can find out.
[clears throat.]
I envy the clarity of your mission, Bosch.
Somebody's dead, and somebody did it.
Not always as simple as it seems.
We knew he was good for two murders and we were watching him, we busted down the door, and caught Gunn raping that girl.
I mean, literally.
He'd beaten her pretty good, too.
She said afterwards it was consensual.
Refused to cooperate.
Didn't want to let the family know that she was a prostitute.
You know, Harry didn't wanna press her.
Figured she'd been through enough already.
Yeah, he thought we could make the case another way.
When it comes to hookers, Harry's heart bleeds.
For obvious reasons.
Then O'Shea fucked you guys.
That motherless prick.
Wouldn't proceed without her testimony.
Tell me something.
With Gunn did Harry ever I don't know, maybe push things a little too far? In what way? It was stuck in his craw, right? I mean, he worked it for years.
Like any righteous murder police would.
He's going through something.
And you think you know someone then you're not so sure anymore.
I'll tell you what I'm sure about.
In all those cases we worked together, never once did I question whether Harry Bosch was all-in.
Of course not.
I'd appreciate if we kept this between us.
Goes without saying.
Thanks, Rick.
[keyboard clacking.]
Woman: L.
May I help you? Yes.
I'd like to make an appointment.
Leah Camille.
I found a surveillance camera in the smoke detector in Gunn's apartment.
Well, we don't know that it's Harry's.
Who else's would it be? He's been keeping tabs on Gunn for years.
I took it to latent prints, off the books.
Jesus, Jerry.
What if they find something? We'll blow up that fucking bridge when we get there.
Okay? If Robertson lands on this? You know he will.
Only a matter of time.
We have to talk to Harry.
It oughta be me.
I'm his partner.
Well, then don't wait.
Just do it.
Anthony Maney? Come in, beautiful.
Benitez: Fuck me.
She lied to us, Harry.
More a sin of omission.
How did this not come up on her background? No arrest record.
The way they vet her clients, she's been able to stay off the radar.
But if we know about it, Holland's people know about it, too.
Let's talk to her again.
I'll set it up.
See you later? Rain check? Okay.
You sure? Yeah.
I'll let you know about Annabelle.
[line ringing.]
Edgar: What's up? I'm at the shelter.
Thought I'd take the kid back to the scene.
Maybe give his memory a nudge.
I went back to that website.
I found that friend of Meadows.
Woody Woodrow.
Venice address.
Maybe talk to him tomorrow Good luck with the kid.
Harry, listen What's up? Never mind.
Roger that.
- Miss? - [car alarm chirps.]
- [screams.]
- [car alarm blaring.]
[engine starts.]
[tires screech.]
He didn't stay.
He didn't even check in.
What happens if you don't check-in? You sleep elsewhere.
Sharkey's been here, in and out, over a year.
He knows the rules.
And what about the sign-in? Does that have phone numbers too? Most of the numbers are phony, but I can give you what I got.
I'll take 'em.
Any idea where he might be? He's a professional runaway.
Your guess is as good as mine.
[line ringing.]
Female Voice: We're sorry.
You have a number that is no longer in service.
[car door closes.]
[engine starts.]
[helicopter overhead.]
- Koreatown Killer? - Looks like.
Pretty brazen.
Broad daylight.
How long since the last one? Two recent incidents we think are KTK.
A robbery.
Attempted car jacking.
Since the last murder.
How long? More than a year.
Where's the family? I'll take you.
- [man speaking Korean.]
- - [woman speaking Korean.]
- - [woman 2 speaking Korean.]
- - [woman speaking Korean.]
- Um, Jun Park.
We're glad you're here.
And you are? Chief Irving, Acting Chief of Police.
That's embarrassing.
I'm sorry.
I should've I should've have recognized you.
[woman sobbing.]
Can you please tell the family how sorry I am? Certainly.
- [speaking Korean.]
- I can't make out the signature.
I don't think she told me her name.
Did you make a copy of her ID? It was late.
It was late.
Paid cash.
I remember that.
Remember what she looked like? Late 20s, Hispanic, dark hair.
High heels and a red dress.
At that hour? Like she'd been out all night and hadn't been home.
Not my type.
He kept 'em coming, all night.
Tuned him up pretty good.
Eddie got louder and louder, just outta control.
Next thing you know, he's pissing on the jukebox.
And that's where you draw the line? I can put up with a lot.
But when they start pissing on the jukebox, that's when I call the paddy wagon.
The big guy buying the drinks? Um like you, but white.
Like me but white? Like you in the sense that he was a cop.
Cop or military.
I'd put money on it.
What makes you so sure? It's just a vibe.
Way you carry yourselves.
After you called the cops, what'd the big guy do? He took it on the arches.
You are old fashioned.
You have no idea.
[both chuckle.]
[horn honks.]
I'm gonna go do some work in my bedroom.
Come say goodnight before you go to sleep? - Okay.
- Okay.
[tires screech.]
This is Bosch.
I have an ADW with a vehicle on a PO.
Gray SUV, heading on Blue Heights Drive toward the Valley.
I need an airship, and give the units the following access points.
- [siren in distance.]
- Fuck! Fuck! [siren wailing.]
[Female Dispatcher.]
All units stand by.
Off-duty officer is in pursuit of an ADW suspect in the Hollywood Hills.
Last known direction was on Blue Heights Drive toward the Valley.
Six-William-Lincoln-Twenty-One, I'm in the Hollywood Hills, below Mulholland.
[Female Dispatcher.]
Any airship, come up on Hollywood frequency.
Six-William-Lincoln-Twenty-One is in pursuit.
Last known location in the Hollywood Hills.
West of Cahuenga, north of Mulholland.
[helicopter approaching overhead.]
[horn honking.]
[siren squawking.]
[Male Pilot on radio.]
Air Three, we're overhead.
[Bosch on radio.]
Air Three, I lost the vehicle in the area of Vineland and Ventura.
- [siren in distance.]
- [device beeps.]
[helicopter whirring.]
[sirens wailing.]
[Woman on police radio.]
Fifteen-Adam-Sixty-Seven, we're Code Six.