Bosch (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

Devil in the House

1 (SIREN WAILING) (PHONE BUZZING) (GROANS) Yeah? I knew you'd be up.
I remember how you were with the big cases.
Tired? ELEANOR: Forgot how it feels, though.
That rush you get when the case starts to come alive.
I thought you were just an asset.
Minor recon for the Feds.
Come on, don't spoil my high, Harry.
I'm back in the hunt.
I've missed it.
- Just don't let them string you along.
- Really? That's all you got for me? Sorry I called.
BOSCH: I heard you and Maddie got into it.
She's 18, and I'm her mother.
Oh, I think there's a little more to it than that.
(SIGHS) Eleanor? - Eleanor? - Now you're giving me parenting advice? BOSCH: Just shoot straight with her.
(SIGHS) I will.
I am.
I got to go, Harry.
Have a better one.
Jesus Christ.
I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go - I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go Can't let go Can't let go Like me.
Are you using the Jeep today? - Nope.
Taking my city ride.
- Mom's hounding me to finish all that bank trust whatever paperwork.
I'll probably stay at her place tonight.
What's going on with the phone? Trolls.
Trolls? I'll make you breakfast.
Egg whites.
I'm good.
Were you here for the riots? Yeah.
I was a street cop on Wilshire.
25 year anniversary or something.
We've been talking about them at my school.
City's changed a lot since back then.
Better or worse? Both.
But back to the elves in your phone.
What's that about? Sometimes, when your name's in the news, people blow up my accounts with stupid anti-cop stuff.
- Like what? - It's no big deal.
I just block them.
People you know? Dad, obviously not.
I'm sorry you have to deal with that.
It's easier than dealing with the real thing out there.
Your old man's one smart Indian, Mads.
You don't need to worry about me.
I don't.
Still need to eat breakfast.
(SIGHS) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) CRATE: Lost his head over a woman.
BARREL: (LAUGHS) With a tactical knife in her Kate Spade bag.
Well Troubles? I think I broke it.
We can only hope.
(DISTANT CHATTER) You're early.
Pierce, right? - Terry Drake.
- I know.
The other RHD guys are coming in later.
Jimmy thought to get you out of here first.
- 9:30.
- Yeah.
My bad.
It's banker's hours.
This cat used to be in here hitting it by 0600.
I can't park you in here, but let's go grab a cup of coffee while you wait.
DRAKE: Uh (SIGHS) You know what? I'm good.
I'm good, brother.
I, um I got some errands to run.
And, uh, just tell Santiago that, uh I'll circle back.
Leave it here.
I'll walk you in.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I'm not likely to give you more than five minutes.
Sorry to intrude.
Forgive me for not wanting to participate in the charade that the Los Angeles Police Department gives a damn about my husband.
I do.
- If there's a better time, - I can come back - No.
Ask and go.
Threats? Enemies? Anyone he was at odds with? Besides you cops? It was his job to be at odds with the whole world, if need be.
How often did he stay at the Bunker Hill place? Always as trials got close.
That's why I wasn't expecting him.
We took some photos in the apartment.
Tell me if you see anything out of place or unfamiliar.
You expect me to pretend I don't know about his jury consultant? It wasn't her who killed him, either.
She liked sleeping with him too much.
- Your son inside? - No.
Maybe later.
He has his own place.
Stay away from him.
Elias, I need to do my job.
You need to look at who would most benefit from my husband's death, Detective.
You need to look at your own people before you go throwing accusations around about mine.
I am.
I am looking at everyone.
Why do I find that so hard to believe? Whether you do or you don't, my job's the same.
Terry Drake.
What about him? Well, Drake and my husband had more than one run-in, back when Howard was in the DA's office.
This one time, Howard refused to file a case, and Drake went ballistic.
He got one of his patrol buddies to pull Howard over for driving while black.
You know.
Did your husband ever report this? No.
He quit.
He went over to the dark side.
(SCOFFS) Isn't that what you call it? I don't call it anything.
MAN (NEARBY): Jen, how are you? I have a houseful, so Of course.
If you think of anything.
Again, my condolences.
Stay away from my boy.
(QUIET INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) REPORTER (ON RADIO): In the wake of the murder of attorney Howard Elias, no word yet on how or even if the Black Guardian civil rights case against the LAPD will proceed.
Meanwhile, The L.
Times' Scott Anderson, in today's onl (RADIO TURNS OFF) Know what I like about the L.
River? Not a damn thing.
You look like shit.
How long they keep you? Oh, I'm not going until later.
Wait a minute, you're blowing 'em off? No, no, no, no.
Relax, relax.
Listen, you go in, you talk to 'em, and then I'll go in and lock everything down.
I'm not talking to anybody.
It's all bullshit.
They're-they're only looking at us because of Black Guardian.
Now, we would do the same thing if it was them.
Frankie doesn't have an alibi.
I thought you were out drinking.
I was at home.
DRAKE: Jesus.
ROOKER: I could say that he was with me.
DRAKE: Even if Jimmy let that slip, uh Harry Bosch would blow that - straight up.
- Fucked.
I'm fucked.
They're gonna fuckin' nail me on this.
They're gonna fuckin' hang it on me.
Hey, Rooker? Let me have a word with my man here.
I'm screwed, dude.
Elias refused a settlement on Friday night.
Any reason that he should be so confident all of a sudden? The fuck would I know? You didn't do it.
I didn't do it? Fuckin' kidding me? You know I didn't do it.
So you just go in there, you-you tell the truth.
Where you got the booze, when you got home, what you watched on TV until you passed out.
You hear me? Oh, the truth, huh? (SCOFFS) City needs a fall guy.
- Hey, I need to hear you say - I'm fucked.
- you hear me.
- I am so fucked, because I fit.
I'm it.
Say it.
No alibi.
Frankie I got your back.
But I need to hear you say the words.
I hear you.
I remember this one.
That was a use of force involving Rooker.
Judge threw it out, but, uh, Sheehan got beefed for a dust-up during the depo.
Beefed by Elias? I think so.
It wasn't my case.
That depo's probably in archives.
Let's get ahold of it.
Any word from Sheehan? No.
Fix and Pipes are on their way in.
You should start with - the cameras from the control booth.
- Would if I could.
Central said we'll have it later today.
- Oh, stay on them.
- Pretty low res.
I-I'm not hopeful.
Where are we on Elias' financials? On-call DA's reviewing the warrant.
Listen, I don't have time for him to add his two cents.
Well, he's not gonna call a judge until he reads it.
So take it to one of mine directly.
I'll make the call.
- Judge Wexler.
- Yes.
Drake came by earlier.
- (DOOR CLOSES) - What? I found him in here.
Poking around.
What do you think that's about? Y-You leave the door open or something? I just went to get coffee.
(QUIETLY): All right.
So, who is he? We don't know.
Everyone was deferential to him.
A good beat-down always sets the tone.
I don't much like the risk you took getting this.
I thought it could yield something.
Look, I should probably mention on my way home, I may have been tailed, so Oh, it was you.
He swore you wouldn't make him.
Were you that worried about me? It's been a pleasure working with you, Eleanor.
He's firing me because I took a photo? No, no.
You've done a great job for us.
(SHORT CHUCKLE) Don't handle me, Chuck.
Ask yourself what's an anti-terrorism task force doing tracking money from China through casinos here and in Vegas? Yes, they're dumping it.
Yes, it's getting washed.
But it's not going back.
It's all parked.
Sitting there, California banks.
What are they using it for? Can't tell you more than that.
- Okay, so let me go back to the casinos.
- Mm-mmm.
This Chinese national's connected to the game, - maybe I can find out.
- Look you need to take some time off.
- Jay - I submitted your paperwork for reinstatement.
Now, D.
's gonna take their own sweet time, but you can be optimistic, so get some rest.
Spend some time with your daughter.
- You've earned it.
- Thanks.
I can help you find this guy.
I can't guarantee where you're gonna be assigned.
Let me know when your credentials come through.
I mean, if I gave a shit about what people are saying about RHD, I'd have a lawyer with me right now.
But I was nowhere near Howard Elias on Friday night, and you know it.
Why don't you run it down for me anyway? Me and Pipes were at RHD.
Captain Garwood can confirm it.
- Or I can pull the security log.
- Come on, Pierce.
Check me off, let me go.
You need to swipe your card to use the elevator? Yeah.
Parking garage, elevators.
Unless, you know, I took the fucking stairs, 'cause I was up to no good.
You don't strike me as a "take the fucking stairs" kind of guy.
PIPES: Working late, trial prep.
DA wanted fresh rap sheets - on all the wits.
- You used the databases, no doubt.
Name and number.
Exact date and time - of when we ran those queries.
- Let's discuss when you all went to the junkyard for Michael Harris.
You looking for who killed Elias or you re-investigating Black Guardian? It's all of a piece, isn't it? Report I read says only Sheehan and Drake questioned Harris.
Me and Fix had to roll on a help call.
Frank and Terry had the lead on Harris.
He did that nasty shit to himself.
Yeah, everybody keeps saying.
But if you and Fix had to peel off, how would you know what the fuck he did? It's too bad things didn't work out for you with us, Jimmy.
Well politics.
One guy badmouths you, all it takes.
From what I hear RHD a few too many malcontents, guys about to retire.
Maybe I dodged a bullet.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Somebody pimped that ride.
Talk to the neighbors.
He's got a pending possession.
Comings and goings? Especially earlier today.
What? What happened? I was elbowed playing ball.
Same with your ride? What the fuck do you want? I got to clear you for Friday night, and I'd like to get a better sense of your father, if you have a minute.
- Who he was, who he crossed.
- (SIGHS) (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) So, what is this? You-you want my alibi now? Did you go out, stay in? (SCOFFS) Saudade.
- Brazilian joint? - Yeah.
Walked in through the kitchen.
Uh, got to meet the chef and shit.
Did you go alone? Nah, I went with Bianca.
- Bianca have a last name? - Foley.
Bianca Foley.
I'll need a number.
They got a nice little patio out back.
- I thought she'd dig it.
- Reservation? They don't take them.
- Pay with a card? - Cash.
How long were you there? Got there around 9:00, left around midnight.
You know, in your father's office, there's a lot of photos of him with other people.
There's not one picture of his son.
Yeah, that about says it.
Expectations? Harassment because of who your father was? I'm a black man in America, okay? Harassment's a given.
Extra credit for being the great man's son.
Are we done? Ever meet his jury consultant? You want me to talk shit about her? I don't care about the e-mails or the texts.
- How long have you - Fuck this, I want my lawyer.
We got her side.
I'd like to hear yours.
Unless you want to hook up the son of Elias right now, this conversation's done.
- Hey.
- Hey yourself.
Jack, Joe, let's go.
I don't want to have to repeat myself come on.
- No gizmos.
- Oh, man.
We're gonna talk to each other, old school.
You going like that? Yoga.
Coffee with Christina.
My usual Sunday.
Y-You thought I was going with? Thought it might be nice.
You know, family thing.
Cop barbecue? It's your day with the boys, J.
I'm not gonna mess with that.
Have a good time.
- We will.
- Okay.
- Catch you later.
- Yeah.
(PHONE BUZZING) Morning, Bosch.
(SIGHS) Tell me the city attorney called.
ROBERTSON: Said she can meet at her office anytime after 2:00.
Should I send one of the IA ladies? BOSCH: No, no, no, send Pierce.
I'm on my way to confirm Martin Elias' alibi.
ROBERTSON: Well, we can cross Fix and Pipes off our list.
Drake? Not quite yet.
And still no sign of Sheehan.
Elias thinks Drake and her husband had some bad blood.
Cop of a different era.
Yeah, okay.
Just make him appear for his interview, yeah? See what I can do boss.
Good job.
So good.
Good job.
Now turn.
(LAUGHS) Oh, that's great.
You're doing good.
Good job.
Okay, turn.
Know what you're signing.
- The thing for the bank.
- No.
That's the bottom one.
- This is the college fund.
- Okay.
Hey, you won't be so flip about it next year when you need money for books.
Why? Where are you gonna be? You're 18, Maddie.
You need to start handling your own finances, know where all the important papers are.
- I'm serious.
- So am I.
It doesn't matter where I'm gonna be.
It's a simple question.
(ELEANOR SIGHS) I'm not going anywhere, okay? Don't worry.
You're the one acting weird about it.
A year from now, you're gonna be begging me to stay out of your life.
Now the bank one.
(GRILL FIRE HISSING, INDISTINCT CHATTER) WOMAN: Brother Howard was a brother when it served - his purpose.
- That's harsh.
Friend of mine remember Good Washington? I remember Bad Washington.
- Oh, the morgue dude.
- See, that's my point.
Elias blew up Good Washington's whole goddamn career before he even had a chance to get it started.
Big settlement over a thing that didn't happen.
His usual play.
Only color that man cared about was green.
Call me crazy.
I have missed being around all you knuckleheads.
- You are crazy.
- He's right.
I hear ten cents on dollar is all you're gonna clear over If I had a hundred bucks every time somebody's said that It'll still be a lot less than a medical pension.
Counting on your boy Bosch to do the right thing with this task force, J.
He's not my anything, but he goes where the truth takes him.
I am getting slammed for this spin that Elias was murdered during a robbery.
You know, under the circumstances, Hector, I don't I don't see how the department can be any more transparent.
Better question is, how does Scott Anderson know it wasn't a robbery? I was hoping you could answer that question.
It's your department.
My people understand there's a strict need-to-know policy in place with this case.
How about yours? Let's not waste energy speculating about leaks.
What I'm saying, Chief, is that we or rather you, since this is all your territory now you've got to stay in front of this.
So you want me to control what reporters write? (LAUGHS) Start small.
Just get Anderson off my back.
He's got me on speed dial.
WALKER: Well, honeymoon's over.
Hector's feeling the heat for the first time.
Good you can trust your team to prioritize.
So much noise around this case.
Well, I can assure you it has their singular focus.
Bosch mentioned some cold case he was working on before all this broke.
You know anything about that? Detectives have a lot of cases.
Why was he talking to you about it? No idea.
Is there something about Harry Bosch that concerns you, Brad? Not at all.
Not at all.
I trust your judgment.
Like yourself, I just want to make sure Howard Elias has our full attention.
CROWD (CHANTING): Justice for Elias! Justice for Elias! Justice for L.
! Justice for Elias! Justice for L.
! Justice for Elias! Justice for L.
! Justice for Elias! Dad.
You going back to work mean you won't be coming over as much? I don't see why.
Mom says you're gonna get busy.
I can be busy and still come over.
During the week? Yeah, maybe.
Mom's "maybe" always means "no.
" Dad's not Mom.
Just saying.
This witness list is about the only discovery city attorney had that we don't.
Yeah, Sheehan's on here.
Drake, Rooker.
Huh, with the rest of RHD and half the city.
What if it isn't a cop? What if pigs could fly? Well, the way it went down, the text, the meet up, Black Guardian trial about to start.
Someone Elias knew.
Someone who knows how to do it.
Somebody with everything to lose at the trial.
If not a cop, cop-like.
Could Elias have flipped a witness who saw or knows what happened with Harris? Drake? Still need to get his story.
Could explain why Sheehan's avoiding us.
Special Master could cut through all the fog.
See if you can ping Sheehan's phone, get a location on him.
More cam stuff from Central.
You were right about that restaurant.
Closed two weeks ago.
Kid lied.
And just walked into the station with his lawyer.
Says it's to "clear things up.
" Shit.
Next time you haul in a suspect with as much potential blowback as Martin Elias, I would appreciate a heads-up.
Hauled himself in.
I think a little blowback - might be part of the plan here.
- Fuck.
Is he good for his father's murder? I hope not.
That'd be a real circus.
Well, if he's not, get him the hell out.
KAPLAN: Just tell the truth, okay? Detective Bosch, Alex Kaplan.
Please, sit.
Now, my client wishes to clarify his earlier statement about where he was Friday night.
Saudade's been shuttered for over two weeks.
But, funny thing.
We called Ms.
Foley, and she backed your play.
So, false statement, obstruction, now you got her in the shit, too.
Yeah, she was with me.
But not at dinner.
- We were at SC.
- Doing what? Slinging dope to the guys who did the job on you and your car? Detective Bosch, Martin has voluntarily come here to help you find his father's murderer.
Let's stay on point, please.
MARTIN: It's not real drugs.
I-I grind up Adrafinil and sell it as Addy.
They can't tell the difference.
Uh, it's a sorority on 28th, off Fig.
"Sig" something.
Uh, it's mid-terms, the sisters want a boost.
So we stayed, we partied a little and I went home.
A written statement of what my client just told you, and time-stamped video of some of the evening's festivities.
He was there past midnight.
Then why lie? Like selling fake speed to rich white girls would do my possession case any good.
Detective, Martin understands he has just admitted to a misdemeanor.
But in light of his personal tragedy, - and the mood of the city - You waltz in here with your face looking like that so the press will see it and think cops did it.
Now you want a solid from me? Coming here was my mom's idea.
We'll need to confirm everything.
- However we can help.
- And that ass-whipping isn't behind selling some bullshit Adderall, is it? No.
Uh Me and Bianca, we've been hanging.
And, uh, her-her boy found out, so Last thing my dad tells me was that I need to man up, and take responsibility.
When you gonna start? Cheating on my mom a woman who-who stood by him, and-and made him a home, and he preaches to me that I'm the one that needs to man up? Are you fucking kidding me, man? (KAPLAN WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY) REPORTER: Right there, right there! Martin! Martin! (INDISTINCT CLAMOR) (CHANTING): No peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace! No justice, no peace (HORNS HONKING) (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) COOKE: How about a little smile? Is there gonna be much more of this? We're good.
Thank you for making time on a Sunday.
(DOOR OPENS) What made you change your mind about letting me do the profile? (DOOR CLOSES) Well, you've always been fairly straight, covering crime in this city.
Don't expect a puff piece.
Is this where you preach to me about fairness and accuracy? Guess not.
Because your newspaper's coverage of Black Guardian and the Elias case has been decidedly one-sided.
Scott Anderson's leading the charge on that, not me.
You should want it to be right, whether you write it or not.
A question of access, Chief.
A reporter gets access, a reporter gets it right.
Whether it's an on-the-record relationship or not.
Well, if I was to have the, uh (CLEARS THROAT) go-to person, confidentially or not, it would have to be someone I could trust unconditionally.
Trust works both ways.
And what's that look like to you? Your cell phone number, for a start.
So that when I need to get to you, I can.
Well, let's see how this profile turns out.
Then we'll talk about going forward.
Glad you could finally make it.
(SNIFFS) Red pork tamales.
I just ate.
- Is that? - Yeah.
PIERCE: Gun with just a bit of hand gripping it.
(SIGHS) Is that hand black or white? You know the drill.
- Checkable facts.
- Mm-hmm.
Make the witness feel comfortable.
But sometimes you used to press, make 'em anxious.
- You feeling anxious, Terry? - Not in the least.
Then indulge me.
Just still in a hurry.
Okay Friday night.
I took my grandson to a Clippers game, dropped him off after, talked with my son.
Then I got the news about Elias.
- From Sheehan? - Rooker.
He and Pipes and Fix were at RHD, and I tagged along for the call.
You still tight with them? Some of 'em.
And where was Sheehan? - Ask him.
- I would love to.
He should have been here by now.
Maybe he got caught up in some police work.
Uh He'll make his way down here.
Any idea why he's being shy? We were only partners for a short time.
Still, you got to know him, like you do.
Are we still talking about Elias? You never liked him, did you? Even back in the day.
No, I did not.
The man's got a binary view of the world no no room for nuance.
Like with Michael Harris.
I mean, we were tough on Harris, but we didn't cross the line.
Harris Yeah, palmed that pencil and (CLICKS PEN) punctured his own ear.
And screamed torture.
Then we find out later he'd done a similar thing before.
Look it up.
Tried to jack this insurance company on a fraudulent claim.
Santi, you know me.
We got history.
You know that I'm not capable of that.
Or this.
You're right.
(SIGHS) I do know you well.
My word ain't enough? It was once.
This about Martin Elias? IRVING (ON PHONE): No, Lieutenant Billets filled me in.
Optics work both ways.
We get this wrong, the city could explode.
You mean if we get it right.
IRVING: Where are you on your mother's case? Still grinding.
Why? Spoke with Bradley Walker this morning.
You've been trying to get in his head.
On my time, not yours.
Guess it worked.
All your time is my time now.
Give Walker a wide berth.
So I don't have to brief him on Elias? IRVING: On Elias, Bosch.
Only Elias.
If you need more bodies for your task force BOSCH: The more people, the more chance they go off the reservation.
Unless it's another real detective, no thanks.
City attorney's discovery was thin, but you knew that.
Why is it that guys like you, when you don't get your own way, always assume it's personal? Tell me about this witness list.
Meant to daze and confuse.
In a trial that Elias apparently thought wouldn't last long.
Read into that whatever you like.
Someone turned this case for him.
I can't share his strategy, Bosch.
I can guess his strategy.
Terry Drake and Frankie Sheehan are the only ones who know for sure what happened in that junkyard bathroom.
Is that a question or an answer? You tell me.
Nice try.
Again, we're stuck at what I can't legally divulge.
Not a good place to be.
- You got a moment? - Sure.
Come in.
There's a D-Three spot in Newton Division.
I was hoping you could reach out for me.
- Homicide? - Mm-hmm.
Well, they're probably gonna upgrade from within.
I know it's a long shot.
Still, I want to put in my paperwork and see what happens.
Is this about Bosch? I need to promote,L-T.
Jimmy, right here in Hollywood we've got two D-Threes who are in their final year of DROP.
And I know that it cannot be easy for somebody with your experience to work under him, but Bosch is not gonna be here forever.
You'll make the call? (SIGHS) I was looking at you to take over the unit.
I'll make the call.
They'd be lucky to have you.
And let's face it,L-T, Bosch will be here forever.
I go in the bathroom, feel his toothbrush - dry as a bone.
- (LAUGHS) My man.
If you're gonna lie, you've got to sell it.
I said, "Joe, you told me you brushed your teeth.
" Little man looks me right in the eye, innocent Edgar look, and says, "Oh, I thought you meant last night.
" - (LAUGHING) - Shh.
(PHONE BUZZING) Lieutenant.
EDGAR (ON PHONE): What's up? Chief Irving wants you on the Elias task force.
BILLETS: Are you up to it? You know me, suit up and show up.
I appreciate it.
See you tomorrow.
Checking to see if I'm ready to go in.
You know.
I'm ready, you know? if you couldn't eat it, what makes you think one of us would want to? It's official, he's weird.
- I just don't like kale.
- (SKYPE RINGING) - I have to take this.
- What? I cannot believe it's you.
Sorry I've been out of touch.
You were supposed to be here already.
REGGIE: I know.
I can't talk long, Maddie, I'm using a friend's computer.
Where's yours? That's a long story.
We've been kind of worried.
REGGIE: Yes, well, it's complicated.
My passport was revoked.
- I'm not allowed to travel.
- What? Why? Have you told Mom? Well, I got her voice mail.
I don't know.
She's so lame about her phone.
REGGIE: I'll try to call her again.
I just wanted you both to know that I'm safe - and working to resolve this.
- Safe? What is going on? - Reggie? - That's all I can say.
Ask your mother.
And take care.
I love you.
Talk soon.
- Mom - Hey.
How'd it go? I just talked to Reggie.
He's still in China.
He tried to call you.
What? When? What did he say? They took away his passport, so he can't get out of the country.
What? What is going on? And please don't say "nothing.
" Honey, I don't know.
- What did you do? - Nothing.
I am so sick of this.
Okay, I haven't talked with him yet.
We've been working through some things, - so, I mean, it's - Complicated? Is that your way of saying you're splitting up? (SIGHS) No.
So you don't want to tell me.
There's nothing to tell.
Go ahead and screw up your relationship with Reggie, just don't mess up mine.
Madeline (DOOR SHUTS) (GATE SQUEAKING) I knocked.
Nobody was home.
If someone was, I'd be throwing your fuckin' ass down that hill.
You think I killed Elias? Where you been, Frank? Here and there.
Doesn't matter.
Everyone's a suspect till they're not.
I have all these thoughts rattling around in my head.
I'll bet you do.
Quickest way to clear yourself, Frank give me your piece.
(SCOFFS) Sorry, Harry.
(SIGHS) Nowhere else to go.
Come on.
Let's go inside.
Oh, shit, it's fucking cold up here at night.
Catalina eddy.
Wind comes whipping off the ocean.
(SNIFFLING) Go inside.