Bosch (2014) s05e02 Episode Script

Pill Shills

1 Wipe it down.
Think he'll do it? Considering Gary's history, he might be wary.
Two dead children caught in a drive-by? Hope he'd do it.
Me too.
How's that going? Benny's offered to teach Jack to write code this summer.
You okay with that? Why wouldn't I be? Means some Saturdays it'll just be you and Joe.
Sure that's not Joe's idea? So, what'd he say? He said yes.
Thanks, Dad.
Those are my flippers.
Used to be.
I'll remember that.
Want another beer, J? - Benny? - Yeah.
Yeah, sure.
- J? - No, I'm good.
How's work? Good.
You? Busy.
All yours.
Incidental facial bruising.
Possible bop on the back of the head.
Powder burns.
One and done.
Something bigger than a .
Brass? Not that we've found.
Well, keep looking.
- Shot here or somewhere else? - Well, probably here.
But I'll give you my best guess when I can take a real look.
Lividity, time of death.
All that good stuff.
Fair enough.
Why don't you fish him out.
Who are you? And what the fuck are you doing down here? Bosch? What are you doing here? Just stopped by to say hi to my daughter.
What's your daughter doing here? College student volunteer.
You? Investigator.
Conviction Integrity Unit.
- That's right.
- Like it? Love it.
Making sure justice is served.
You think we never make mistakes? On the contrary.
You're about to make one now.
Something we can help you with, Detective? - I don't know.
Can you? - Ed Sung.
Harry Bosch.
I need to talk to whoever's working the Borders case.
How do you know about that? Little birdie from RHD clued me.
It's you.
- We're looking into it, yes.
- Look, I don't know what new evidence you guys think you have, but it's bullshit.
Preston Borders murdered Danielle Skyler.
- Anything else is a scam.
- We have a deathbed confession.
- From who? - Another convict.
A jailhouse confession? That's all it takes for CIU to open a case? - Of course not.
- Detective, we have your case report, your trial testimony.
All we need from you, really.
Unless you'd like to add something to the record.
For the record, it was a righteous conviction.
Short of the needle, he got what he deserved.
Don't let this fucking guy go.
We're just chasing the truth.
Which kind? I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go Can't let go - I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go Can't let go Can't let go Like me.
90% of these were written by the same doc.
Federico Garcia, Garcia Pain Clinic.
Yeah, we'll chat him up, also.
Take a look at this.
Couple days before.
Hot about something.
Read lips? My español ain't that good.
- Least you know it's Spanish.
- Warrant? Right here.
-Let's go see if Junior's come home yet.
- Appreciate it, man.
Take care.
- Great.
Scent trail stopped in the garage, right? -Right.
So either the killer rendezvoused with their driver, or they had a second car stashed.
Or boosted a getaway ride or jacked someone.
Lady reported her husband missing.
Dropped the dog at the groomer, didn't come home.
Block and a half from the pharmacy.
Ran the name, got the plate from DMV.
Put out a want on the vehicle.
Got video canvassing going.
Nothing yet.
What about his cell, credit cards? - No activity.
- Doesn't bode well.
On my way to talk to the wife.
Keep you posted.
Maddie Bosch.
- Hey, Tom.
- How's your, uh your unpaid, overworked summer slave labor gig - going so far? - I'm learning a lot.
It's a really interesting place.
Oh, yeah.
This is where the rubber meets the road.
No fat cat corporate bullshit.
Just real people's real lives.
I get that.
And a stint in the D.
's on your CV? Can't hurt.
You thinking about it as a career? Criminal justice? - Maybe.
- Law school? - Law school, law enforcement - Ah.
Follow in your father's footsteps.
I don't know.
Maybe this is more where, like you say, justice gets done.
I asked my dad about the Skyler case.
Look, I I can't really talk about that with you.
- I shouldn't have mentioned it.
- He said Preston Borders - is a psychopath.
- No doubt.
He raped and murdered Danielle Skyler without question.
- Well, actually, there is - And there were more women, too, that he was never charged with.
You ever hear the term "testilying"? You're saying my dad's lying? No, I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying sometimes cops, they manipulate evidence to make sure they get a conviction on someone they think is guilty.
They frame them.
In a word.
And that's what you think my dad did? No, I'm not saying that, either.
We just Look, we just want to make sure we got the right guy.
Fuck you.
Esquivel filed a complaint about Garcia for overprescribing oxy.
They opened a file.
It's an active investigation.
State medical board.
Maybe what Junior and Pops were arguing about.
Old man killing the golden goose that lays the eggs.
Eggs are golden, not the goose.
I thought it was the goose.
I sometimes forget English isn't your first language.
W'ap enpoze'm manje, M'ap enpoze'w kaka.
- "Kaka" what I think it is? - Ancient proverb.
You stop me from eating, I stop you from shitting.
- Same thing.
- As what? As killing the goose.
I'll take your word for it.
The groomer called, said they were closing.
Was someone gonna come pick up Lucy.
That's when I started to worry.
The last time you heard from him? Yesterday morning when he left to do errands.
Uh, drop off the dog, go to the grocery store, pick up the dry cleaning.
- Honey-do list? - Yeah.
You try calling him? He left his cell phone at home.
We were hoping to use his phone to get a fix on his whereabouts.
Me, too.
He always forgets it, so I don't call him up and add another thing for him to do.
Smart man.
I should try that.
Something's happened to him, hasn't it? I thought Borders exhausted his appeals.
Says he has new evidence.
CIU's looking into it.
How do you know? Maddie overheard some gossip at the D.
Yeah, you know how that goes.
Loose talk.
She accessed the file.
Jesus, Harry.
How'd she get the D.
number? I did not ask.
Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Guess who I ran into yesterday at CIU? Christina Henry.
She still hate you? Question answers itself.
Shouldn't she recuse herself seeing that you banged her? Not exactly how I'd put it, but yeah.
What's the new evidence? Deathbed confession, another con.
That's bogus.
That it? There's something else, they wouldn't say.
What you gonna do about it? I'm thinking about getting a lawyer.
- Why? - Borders goes free, every defense attorney worth their salt's gonna be looking to overturn my convictions, every last one.
- Lieutenant? - Hey, come in.
Sit down.
How are you feeling? Oh, I've nicked myself worse shaving.
So what the hell happened the other day? We were responding code 3 to the 211 in progress.
Yeah, I pulled the incident history.
All going according to Hoyle.
Got to the intersection, called clear.
You're sure? Positive, but then I saw the shamu coming on way too fast.
I said, "Wait, whoa, fuck, hold on," something like that, then boom.
I hear "clear," so I step on it.
Next thing I know bang.
I'm T-boned, out of nowhere.
Yeah, but Crate says that he changed his mind when he saw the patrol car coming.
I'm looking straight ahead.
He definitely called "clear.
" And then, he said he said "wait"? It's too late.
I'm already committed.
You know, honestly, I It's a gray area.
I-I'm not sure that anybody's at fault here.
Well, I agree with you.
Except for that fucking Powers, that lead-foot fuck.
I Okay.
What's next? You're probably gonna get dinged a day or two.
Powers, too.
Well, anything you can do to help us out, Lieutenant.
You always go to bat for us.
Doesn't go unnoticed.
Did you know about this? First I've heard of it.
I haven't even seen a 128.
Should I be worried? Sir? It was a long time ago.
You were a new D1.
Anything you might have done, or not done, you now wish you'd done differently? I've made my share of mistakes, but not on this case.
This was done by the numbers start to finish.
The D.
would say, of course you'd say that.
- You've got a lot to lose.
- I don't care about that.
I'm concerned about the victim's family.
Justice was done.
I don't want to see it undone.
You've got my back on this one, right, Chief? 100%.
Her husband was in the area at the time of the murder.
He's missing, so is his car.
Did you get Missing Persons to put out a want of the vehicle? - This morning.
- Good work.
Keep me posted.
Hey L.
, when do I get a new partner? Oh, we got someone.
A transfer from Wilshire.
A D2.
- Homicide? - Robbery.
That's awkward.
- How so? - Well, outranks me, but I got more experience working murders.
- Robbery isn't CAPs or Auto.
- Of course not.
I'm sure she's a quick learner.
You are just the one to show her the ropes in a collegial and cordial manner.
Come on.
A D1 training a D2? That's a feather in your cap, Rondell.
Oh, and, uh, Pierce? Now that you've got a female partner? - Yes? - Lose the fucking murse.
Thank you.
Keep the change.
Yeah, I heard about it.
Eight and ten, playing in the church parking lot.
Yeah, sucks.
Gonna talk to them? Look, man, I ain't seen Jonas since he got out.
I don't know where he at.
Just tell 'em what you do know.
You vouch for these guys? Yeah, I do.
They just want to talk to Jonas.
Eight and ten, man.
Eight and ten.
All right.
Yeah, I'll talk to 'em.
Detective Ray Marcos.
This used to be a black neighborhood, remember? Now even the cops are Mexican.
Things sure did change.
So, how are you doing? I get by.
Working? Body shop.
Bona fide body and fender man now.
Not a chop shop, I hope.
Strictly legit, baby.
Strictly legit.
I'm serious.
Staying straight? - You know, define straight.
- Sober.
A little weed, little wine.
- Chipping? - Nah, not at all, man.
Don't need it.
Don't do it.
Don't want it.
How's your mama? Ah, she fine, man, you know, long as she keep her blood sugar under control, you know? - She still in the same place? - Ah, she ain't never leaving.
Some things just don't change.
- Thank God.
- Oh.
Well, you send her my regards.
I will.
Same to your wife.
Yeah, we split up a long time ago now.
Oh, man.
My bad.
I didn't know.
We spoke about it, Gary at the time.
Yeah, shit.
I forgot.
I'm sorry.
Must have been during my hazy period.
Yeah, it was your hazy period.
All right, I'm gonna talk to these guys.
Thank you, brother.
Why wasn't I notified? You were in charge of the task force.
- All the more reason.
- I wanted to see if there was something to it before I brought it to your attention.
And is there? Something to it? Possible new DNA, which could corroborate or exclude the confession.
And if it corroborates it? Then this office will support Borders' petition for a habeas hearing.
Borders committed that murder, I have no doubt.
Let's see what the DNA tells us, and we'll go from there.
You looked at it? I can see why the officers reacted the way they did, and I also understand the community outcry.
And? I'm still mulling my decision.
I'll let you know.
I-I think we can agree that both parties were to blame.
I think we know where the lion's share of that shit goes.
Oh, come on, Don.
Your guys were cowboying it.
You need to get those geezers off the street, Grace.
You're lucky they didn't hit a civilian.
They're getting a little long in the fucking tooth to still be in the field.
High time they retired.
Chop Shop Riviera down here.
Picked this baby clean in five minutes flat.
Looking at whoever stripped this for your 187? Mm-mm.
Killers wiped this down and walked away.
- Traces of blood in the trunk.
- Vic had a scalp wound.
- Pistol whipped.
- He the owner? That's my guess.
I'll have a positive I.
by morning.
- Call for a flatbed, will you? - Yeah.
13-William-37, can I get an OPG tow to 212 Center Street for a gold Buick Century, no plates? You're still here? I was just leaving.
First in, last out.
You want to be known as the office grind? Why not? What's wrong with that? Look, it's happy hour.
Bunch of us are going over to the Westbound.
I don't think so.
Hey, come on, let me buy you one.
Apologize for throwing shade on your dad.
I've got things to do.
All work and no play? Really? Chief? I met with Hines.
She's reopening the case, pending the DNA results.
- What DNA? - From the scene.
Something that wasn't tested at the time.
- What would that be? - She didn't say.
But if the DNA matches Olmer He the convict? Yeah, the deathbed confession.
If it puts him at the scene If it puts him at the scene, it's phony he was never there.
Borders acted alone.
Look if the DNA's not Olmer's, then this is all moot.
And if it is, we'll fight it.
It won't go unchallenged.
Okay, thanks, Chief.
You're welcome.
Hey, how'd your meeting go? She still hasn't decided.
- That's frustrating.
- Yeah.
But I understand the politics of her position.
I mean, she's in a jam, hemmed in from all sides.
We're all trying to navigate this new reality.
Do you think you could navigate your way to bed? I'll be in in a minute.
Idaho? Famous potatoes.
Never been.
You should go.
Boise's beautiful.
What? Fly-fishing? Famous potatoes? It's on the license plates.
Worth the risk? You could get us both in Dutch.
Dutch? You sound like my dad.
Don't you ever get tired of being so careful all the time? I do.
Your dad know about that? No.
What would he say? He'd tell me to be careful.
Well, he probably had one when he was your age.
When he was my age, he was in the Army.
- Oh.
- In combat.
Yes, I do.
Get tired of being too careful.
Midnight oil? Ah, I'm just catching up.
Can I get you anything before I go? Coffee? Tea? Pizza? No, I'm fine.
You're here late.
Howard called in sick.
- Mm.
- I pulled a double.
Go home.
You must be beat.
I will.
Uh, how's Lisa? Time of her life.
Got a postcard from her yesterday.
From Bruges.
Bruges? Yes.
It's Belgium, I think.
When's she home? - Uh, couple of weeks.
- Okay.
So what's really on your mind? Crate and Barrel.
I'm dealing with it.
Rumors are flying.
Well, I'm not gonna add fuel to that fire.
How much trouble they in? Oh Barrel will probably get a couple of days.
Crate's in the clear.
- Good to hear.
- Yeah.
Good night, L.
Good night.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Breakfast? - I'm on my way to work.
I just came home to shower and change.
What? You okay? I'm good.
- Mrs.
Fagan? - Yes? Detective Robertson.
Have you found my husband? May I come in? No.
Excuse me? Wait here a moment.
If I could just come in for a moment - I'd rather you didn't.
- Sorry? Take me to him.
Fagan I need to I.
the body, don't I? Excuse me, sir.
How may I help you? Honey Chandler.
- Appointment? - Tell her it's Harry Bosch.
She's with a client.
I'll let her know that you're here.
Lovely to see you, as always.
- And I will be in touch.
- Thank you.
I still owe you that drink.
Harry? And you don't know what this DNA sample is, or where it's from? Something they supposedly missed, back in the day.
If there's a hearing, we'll have to finagle standing so you can testify.
Why wouldn't I have standing? His petition will be based on new evidence.
You have no standing.
It's not about you.
I don't think you need to worry.
They'll make it about me.
How so? Borders claimed from the get-go the police manipulated the evidence.
Claimed it at trial.
Claimed it in his appeals.
When you have a good story, stick to it.
Who, uh, who found the pendant? I did.
No basis for it.
It's bullshit.
I've never planted evidence.
I believe you.
Always have.
What about the Flores case? Just doing my job.
So is that a yes? How can I not take you on as a client? It's too delicious.
Would you have Hector come in, please? Right away.
My investigator, Hector Bonner.
- Harry Bosch.
- Pleasure.
Thought you were a client? I was.
Hector is my investigator.
Working off your bill? Working on your behalf.
And I want you to let him do his job.
- Okay.
- No, I mean it, Harry.
I get it.
Take yes for an answer.
- On the other hand - What? We need to get with DOC, pull Borders' visitations and phone records for the past year.
Good idea.
Hector? Tell her.
Only a cop can do that.
Point taken.
Anything else, maestro? No.
So far, so good.
All right, first things first.
The DNA results.
We need to know what they are as soon as they come back.
- How are you gonna get those? - We have our sources.
's Office.
Low-hanging fruit.
Place leaks like a sieve.
Harry? I found the car, I.
'd the body.
Charles Fagan.
Los Feliz.
Pierce thinks this is part of our pharmacy murder.
Same bad guys.
More likely than not.
Well, thanks, Jimmy.
It's good to see you.
And you, Lieutenant.
How's Shootin' Newton? You like it? - Eh, it suits me.
- I'm sure.
I'll get Bosch and Edgar up to speed.
Lieutenant I just want everyone to know I'm gonna keep working on the Fagan murder.
This is not a competition, Jimmy.
Of course not.
Tell 'em I'll catch up with them tomorrow, okay? Will do.
By the way what's this I hear about West Bureau absorbing Hollywood Homicide? Judas Priest.
Not you, too.
Thought so.
You never told me you were from Haiti.
- I told you I was from the islands.
- Well, that's kind of vague.
- You didn't say which one.
- Well, you didn't ask.
My folks are from Haiti.
Immigrated to New York.
Came to L.
when I was three.
Spoke nothing but Creole till I was five and went to school.
I realize I know absolutely nothing about you.
- Yeah, you do.
- No, I don't.
International man of mystery.
They look like addicts to you? Night of the Living Dead.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- I saw you and I thought - You know what, - I was just leaving.
- Just a minute of your time.
- Look, can you call the PIO? - Off the record.
Just background.
I'm following the pharmacy case.
The investigation is ongoing.
We're off the record, Lieutenant.
You don't have to spoon-feed me the canned goods.
I know.
I-It's all I've got.
I swear.
Do you read my blog? - No.
- Okay.
Well, I'm focused on a bigger piece.
- Oh? - Hollywood Division.
Well, accentuate the positive? You know, crime is down.
Hollywood is safer.
Is it? Homelessness is rampant.
Anecdotally, street crime is on the rise.
Oh, the numbers don't support that.
This latest robbery-murder.
The LAPD traffic accident that allowed the miscreants - to escape.
- "Miscreants"? No wonder nobody reads your blog.
- A lot of people read my blog.
- Mm.
In light of this latest outcry, you really think it's a wise decision to dissolve Hollywood Homicide, merge it with West Bureau? Well, it's a cost-cutting move.
- Mm.
- So I'm told.
It's above my pay grade.
Off the record.
- Off the record? - Off the record.
I think it's a terrible fucking idea.
They're splitting up.
Stick with the van.
I'll circle back and pick you up.
Can I help who's next? Your date of birth, please.
Can I help you, sir? I need to fill a prescription.
- Have you been here before? - No, I haven't.
We just have to call your doctor to verify.
- You're busy.
- Half an hour.
I'll come back later.
Thank you.
Fake I.
Multiple prescriptions filled at multiple pharmacies.
Then they turn their meds over to the driver.
- What's in it for them? - Pills.
Just enough oxy to keep 'em strung out and strung along.
No telling who's on board.
No way to know where they're going.
Get the tail number.
Here we go.
What the fuck? Where do you think they're going? No idea.
Back to civilization? Yeah.
I'd really like to talk to Junior.
How was dinner, guys? - Super great.
- I had a steak.
A steak? Medium rare with fries.
Oh, my.
I had a burger.
All right, go do your summer reading.
You want to come in for a minute? Benny? He's cool with it.
Tell them good night.
I will.
Jose? - Cuz.
- Man, where have you been the last few days? I been calling.
Been laying low, man.
Just here and there with this girl I know.
Sorry about your dad.
Can I come in? Sure, sure.
Of course.
These people, you can't just talk to them? They're not the kind of people you can just talk to, cuz.
Who are they? Gangsters.
Russian? Don't sound Russian.
What do you need, cuz? I need to disappear for a while.
My sister married that Basque guy.
The sheepherder? Maybe you could stay with them.
Where do they live? - Outside of Bakersfield.
- Bakersfield.
How-how am I gonna get all the way out there? Bus.
You can't drive me? Can't.
Wish I could, cuz.
Let me use your car.
For how long? I don't know.
Let me think about it.
It's just, I don't I don't really know Rosie that well, - you know, so I - I'll call 'em in the morning, smooth the way.
Loan me some cash? Yeah, sure.
No problem.
I could use a gun, too.
The DNA's a match.
It's Olmer's.
DNA don't lie, my friend.
Convicts and lawyers do.
You're preaching to the choir.
What was the source? Um, a handkerchief found at the scene.
Olmer was nowhere near that murder.
Preston Borders killed Danielle Skyler by himself.
- Nobody else.
- Well, brace yourself.
The D.
will schedule a habeas hearing before the week's out.
Thanks for the heads-up.
My pleasure.
Have a good evening.
You do the same.
That about the Borders case? Yeah.
thinks she's got new evidence.
Enough for a hearing.
Is there new evidence? It's bogus.
Can you prove that? Gonna try.
And if you can't? Borders conviction will get kicked.
And he will walk.
I hope that doesn't happen.
Me, too.
Good night.
Good night, honey.
Hey, Mads.
Only no talking about this at the office with anyone, yeah? 'Course not.
Everything okay at work? Yeah.
I hope you know you can talk to me about anything, Mads.
I know.