Bosch (2014) s05e05 Episode Script

Tunnel Vision

You said bring the funk.
And you brought it.
In spades.
Wear it outside your pants, so they can feel your pain.
Who did these? Major Crimes.
First-rate Mr.
Dominic Reilly.
Got you a few essentials.
Ex-Lax? Opioids are instant cement.
Peppermint oil.
Just a drop.
Irritates the cornea, for that long-term bloodshot dope fiend look.
Visine, if you overdo it.
They piss test me, it's gonna come up clean.
Freeze-dried addict urine.
Flick a little of this in your specimen.
It'll fool a panel test.
They send it to a lab, you're screwed.
But labs cost money and time.
A cane? Seriously? Sells the bad knee.
Don't take it through TSA.
Twist the top and pull, gently.
You won't have a weapon, and you may need one.
Attitude is crucial.
Can you do compliant? I'm famous for it.
It's my middle name.
You show spine, you're blown.
I'm not gonna be under that long.
Find my killers, then adios.
Your funeral.
Can you get a crappy gun and disable it? What do you mean? Like, file the pin? Guy like you, vet, he'd have a gun.
Disabled gun isn't gonna do me much good.
They can't kill you with it, either.
All right.
You look like shit.
Yeah, thanks.
Knee brace is a nice touch.
It's legit.
My fucking knee is killing me.
Whatever you say, boss.
Let's roll.
Who is it? Degner! it's just soaking in my skin Hey, man.
Listen, I need to make an appointment for my buddy here.
He's a vet like me, so it's cool.
So, I can stick around and wait for you, if you want.
I'm cool.
I'll grab the bus.
You sure? Yeah, yeah.
Thanks, brother.
the four-ounce and the two-ounce.
There you go.
Okay, Mr.
Let's go.
Is that the doc? Backpack.
I-I'd like to hang on to it.
I'll say it again.
Here, you do what you're told.
I didn't come here for a physical.
Fuck this.
I'm out of here.
My mistake.
Just thought you wanted a couple 80s.
Any more guff, Gramps, I'll burn your clothes, with you in 'em.
- Whoa.
- Sorry, L.
Go on.
Come in.
How's the reassignment going? It's a work in progress.
Johnson and Moore? Yeah.
I give 'em six months.
The reason I want to talk to you both just an advisory Bureau is auditing our UCR stats.
Why? Is there a problem? Routine spot check.
Didn't want you to be caught off guard.
Thanks for the heads-up.
Whatever happens, I've got your backs.
Appreciate that, sir.
Why would you need to have our backs? You know, the borderline calls.
Judgment calls.
That could go either way.
At the end of the day, what's the line between simple and aggravated? They don't know.
They haven't been out in the real world in years.
- Decades.
- Yes, sir.
It's easy for them to pass judgment after the fact.
Just want all my lieutenants on the same page.
We are, right? - Right.
- Right.
Where are you, Harry? Get dressed.
It's light.
Come in.
Thought you were legit.
Your physical condition seems to have deteriorated since I saw you at the VA.
Your knee, wasn't it? Knee.
Oxy each time? Got me back in action.
When you got home? Kicked it.
What happened? Had a setback.
My ex died before I had a chance to square things with her.
Make amends.
Here I am.
Sorry? Your story's bullshit.
End to end.
- No, it isn't.
- Yeah, no, it is.
Same bullshit story every addict tells himself.
Pain and sorrow.
- Bad luck.
- It's the truth.
You're a junkie.
No different than the skell nodding on the corner.
You really wanted to get clean, I told you what to do.
But here you are.
- You know what "quid pro quo" means? - Yeah.
Shit, Doc, that's two days.
Not even.
Take it or leave it.
Now what? Now you owe us.
We'll be in touch.
You get my gun back? You really need this? I sleep better.
Pleasant dreams.
Ah, shit.
You okay? Bald-headed prick sucker punched me right in the bread box.
One of Doctor Hansen's goons.
Hansen from the VA? - Head honcho.
- No shit.
- So what's Garcia? - Front man.
Filling out blank scrips.
Stacks of 'em.
You in? I think so.
Wait and see.
Need to get that checked out.
I've been hit by bigger and badder.
Punch to the gut killed Houdini.
Yeah? I'm in more danger with you behind the wheel.
Keep telling yourself that.
What's all the blue? Districts where you're leading in our preliminary polling.
But I'm not running.
A hypothetical race against a hypothetical opponent.
Why blue? I'm not a Democrat.
You're not a Republican, are you? Independent.
Blue is for police.
You are aware police chiefs have not had much success as mayoral candidates.
And what about Tom Bradley? Bradley was never a chief.
He was a cop.
Lucky my daughter's on scholarship.
Hey, I'm giving you the friends and family discount.
Not like you didn't make bank on Black Guardian.
How much the city pay out on that? Ten? 20? I'd answer that, but I signed an NDA.
If it makes you feel better, my percentage was capped, and I'm not retiring anytime soon.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Slept wrong.
- Yes? - Hector's here.
Send him in.
- Hector.
- Today's headline.
Let's have it.
Rita Tedesco was the court reporter at Borders' trial.
That's how they met? How romantic.
She probably believed his rap about being framed by the cops, or whatever.
- Still in Judge Sobel's courtroom? - Saw her yesterday.
Braced her after work.
She denied it, but then she let it slip.
There was no money.
Not yet.
Common knowledge around the courthouse they're married? No, mm-mm.
She kept it quiet.
You probably don't want to tell the judge you work for you married a guy she put away for life.
I mean, as his wife, she has unlimited visitation, phone rights.
So she's got to be the go-between.
Borders to Cronyn, Cronyn to Borders.
Okay, I'm on it.
Join you? Of course.
Heard from Reggie? We Skyped the other day.
He's in good spirits.
The rape case I took notes on? I saw her today at Grand Park.
I wanted to say something to her, talk to her.
She didn't.
She made that very clear.
You get why.
Of course, but I still feel like I kind of understand what she's going through.
You might, you might not.
Dangerous to presume.
I know.
At the prep session it came up that she might cry while on the stand, you know? She said no, she wouldn't.
Absolutely not.
All cried out.
You find that hard to believe? It could make a difference to the jury.
Never know what's gonna move a jury or leave 'em cold.
- No guarantees.
- Nope.
Seems so random.
Even if you do get your day in court.
Remember that Martin Luther King quote? Which one? The one you used in your history paper, senior year.
"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.
" You believe that? I do.
So, Ballistics confirms one of the guns from your pharmacy murder killed my carjack victim.
A wit saw these two guys dump my vic's Buick.
Rules out the van driver.
Those are our two shooters.
Great work, brother.
Where are we on Junior? Borrowed a car, bound for his cousin's in Bakersfield.
Reached out to Bakersfield PD, asked 'em to skee the cousin's place.
They'll call.
Do we want to bring in Narcotics? Let 'em bust the pill mill after we're done.
Roger that.
All right, thank you all.
What's up? Late lunch with Barrel.
- Round two.
- His request.
- What could go wrong? - Hmm.
Don't shoot me! Sir, nobody wants to shoot you, okay? - Don't shoot me.
- Keep your hands - where we can see them! - Just stay cool.
Let me just Let me just sh - Down! Down! Down! - Shit.
Good shoot.
It's righteous.
That looks like a pipe to me.
In slo-mo, maybe.
- Let me just sh - Down! Down! Down! And why does he reach for it? Huh? What's that about, a pipe in his pants? They use 'em for fireworks.
I see him reach for metal, boom.
Looks like a gun to me, too.
I would have fired.
Edge taps twice, Sloan doesn't even draw.
Robson drained his piece.
That's a problem.
Yeah, well, people who hate cops, they'll see what they expect to see.
Sometimes they're right.
Not too fucking often.
According to her data, I'm a shoo-in.
What do you think? That I've been chief for just a year and a half, and have a great deal left to accomplish.
And no doubt you will.
But couldn't you accomplish even more as mayor? Does that ever happen in the real world? Maybe not.
I think it's a common delusion.
When opportunity knocks, I like to peek out the window before I decide either to open the door or pretend I'm not home.
I've peeked.
Not home.
We'll talk.
You got a sec? Nothing but time.
Any news? No breaks yet.
RHD is working the snitch angle.
Makes sense to me.
Yeah, given Gary's history.
Tell me about Leimert Park.
The home invasion.
The three others went in.
Gary stayed in the car.
He rolled on them.
I made him.
He was still a minor kid.
DA cut him some slack.
And they're all out now.
Maybe one of them saw Gary talking to us? Or heard about it? Crossed my mind.
There's something I didn't tell you when I was here the other night.
What's that? When Gary met with Marcos and Arias that morning, they planned to meet up again later on that day.
They waited for him, but he didn't show.
We know why.
Gary told them he would bring Bo Jonas.
You think Jonas killed him? I don't know.
Gary worry about the crew after they got out? I mean, could explain the gun.
Said he didn't.
He moved on, figured they had, too.
Maybe he believes it; doesn't make it so.
I'm gonna talk to them.
Well, Natrell stays over on Florence with his mama.
Crosley became a jailhouse preacher.
Pastors a little storefront church - in Hyde Park.
- New Testament Church of God? That's the one.
Jonas? Hmm no idea.
You've been keeping tabs.
My son dropped a dime on them.
Forgive and forget, easy to say.
Man has a son.
He gets a picture of who that child might grow up to be.
You do your best.
All you can do is walk alongside and pray.
How are your boys? They're good.
Keep 'em close.
Okay, greens are criminal trespass, yellow are Peeping Toms, red's rapes.
These are Borders and Olmer? Just Olmer.
He was a busy boy back then.
An escalation to murder fits the profile.
They never even looked at him.
Tunnel vision.
Unlike you.
What's the purple one? Skyler murder.
Or Olmer.
Bosch always talks about his hunches.
Well, I've got mine.
You'll have to tell me about you and Bosch sometime.
What the deal is between the two of you.
Olmer spent the last three months of his life in the prison hospital.
Cronyn was a frequent visitor.
Well, if Borders and Cronyn cooked up the confession, there must be a trail of visits and phone calls.
Uh, there was a go-between.
Borders' wife.
And Olmer's DNA? Planted.
After the fact.
Assuming you're right property room or lab? Property.
Lab, too many variables.
I'll get you video of the evidence transfer.
Okay, thanks, Chief.
Keep me apprised.
Darius Natrell? You know I am.
Appreciate a few minutes of your time.
Already used that up.
Living with your mama, right? Again, asking questions you already know the answer to.
Wasting my time.
You hear about Gary Wise? You zero on me for that? Just go ask them other two guys.
Leave me the fuck alone.
Last time you saw Gary? Can't even remember, so long ago.
You want to talk, get me a lawyer.
You want to walk on my mama's lawn, get a goddamn warrant.
Guard detail, report to intake processing.
Guard detail Fuck this.
Really? You know I don't have to talk to you, Bosch.
That's a fact.
You look like shit.
Trying to hurt my feelings? Time has not been kind.
Been ticking away with you inside a steel box, that's a plus.
You framed the wrong guy.
You're a broken record.
You know, me getting out is just the first step.
'Cause we're taking you down.
"We"? What, you and your lawyer? I'm coming after your job.
Your house.
Your whole fucking career.
You're gonna be washing windshields at stoplights.
And I'm gonna be a rich man.
After I walk out of here, you're gonna watch cell doors swing open in every fucking prison in the state.
And the men you put inside going free.
So this is you "not talking"? That necklace was never in my house.
You planted it.
Where was it? Nice try.
Let me ask you something.
How'd you and Cronyn hook up? Did you take out an ad? "L-WOP Con seeks lowlife attorney for desperate scam.
" We done? No had to be him.
His plan.
You would've put the knife in, right? Knife? The one you used to mutilate her.
No idea what you're talking about.
Would have made the confession more credible, but Cronyn fucked up.
There's nothing in Olmer's confession that isn't public knowledge.
Well oh, DNA, motherfucker.
Cronyn fucked that up, too.
And we're gonna blow that out of the water at the hearing.
It's gonna be long ride for you back to Quentin.
Tough engineering a scam like this from a prison cell.
You got to rely on other people.
Your lawyer your wife.
Fuck's my wife got to do with it? We got her on tape.
You and Cronyn are gonna get what you deserve, but Rita's going down with you and that's a shame.
You planted that fucking pendant, Bosch.
You know you did! Well, the next time you go to see him in Lancaster, let me know and I'll give you a ride on my bike.
So long as you don't mind riding bitch.
Go away.
I'm not talking to you.
Tell Pres I need money.
Look at me.
My eyes, look at my eyes.
Do I look like I'm serious to you? Yeah.
Pres is a lucky man.
Go away.
Tell him.
I'll be in touch Rita.
Reactions are all over the map.
- And your base? - My base? Expects me to file make a statement.
And it's the wrong statement if you can't win.
Well, I'm sure if I explain the law and how release of the footage taints the potential jury pool, they'll understand.
You can decline to file.
Tell me how.
If the Police Commission finds Office Robson acted out of policy, let the city handle the civil suit.
And you'll do what? The department will handle the officers.
Serious discipline.
You have my word.
All right.
Holler if you need anything.
All right.
Tell me that you've come for salvation and it's just coincidence that you're here just after Darius left.
How you doing, Reverend? I'm right with the Lord, Detective.
You? I don't know.
Haven't checked in with him lately.
You know, it wasn't us did poor Gary Wise, rest his soul.
We all just trying to move on best we can.
You move on? I did.
No hard feelings? I wouldn't say that.
Years of my life.
But wasn't Gary Wise took them from me.
I did that to myself.
You're repentant.
The Good Lord was looking out for me that night.
Oh, yeah? How so? Nobody got hurt, thank God.
Gary Wise, he was the Lord's instrument.
Prison opened our eyes.
We knew what we were doing was wrong.
Tell me this: why would we jeopardize our sweet, hard-won freedom for the sour taste of revenge? Preaching suits you.
Gary was just a kid.
Y'all scared him into giving us up.
Maybe his conscience bothered him.
Maybe it did.
You found God Darius Natrell found you, but nobody can find Bo Jonas.
Gary did.
And you helped bring them together.
If you hear from Jonas.
And why would I put him in touch with you? I just want to talk to him.
Tell him that.
- He sounds paranoid.
- Borders craves control.
Not driving this train is eating him alive.
He'll crack.
We need to crack how they planted Olmer's DNA - on that handkerchief.
- Been working on that.
Property room video.
Eh, I won't ask where you got it.
- Dirty cop? - Dirty civilian.
Couriers usually pick up more than one box for testing.
Well, which one's ours? You'll see.
The tech unseals the box at the lab, tests the evidence, reseals the box with their own tape, signs the seal, sends it back.
- Well, this all looks legit.
- By the book.
I've watched this a half a dozen times.
- So why am I watching it now? - I'll show you.
Property's been running out of storage room for years.
They've been consolidating evidence, all from the same case.
Two old boxes into one new one.
If one wants to swap out a piece of evidence, this is the time and place to do it.
That look like a 22-year-old box to you? Stolper's birthday.
Save me a piece.
Bob? Christina Henry.
How's Shootin' Newton? What else is new? The more things change, right? Listen, you got a couple minutes tomorrow morning? Need a friendly copper to walk me into archives.
I think she's starting to understand there's more gray area than Hang on.
Come in.
- Chief.
- Oh.
Return it to archives first thing in the morning.
Yes, sir.
So anyway, yeah I, uh, I think she'll announce it next week.
Let me ask you, Lieutenant.
You think I'm a good detective? Look.
I think you're a great detective.
Then show me some respect.
I'm sorry? Save the retirement speech.
Skip the walk down memory lane.
I'm there.
I get it.
I don't like it, but I get it.
Let's just enjoy our lunch.
How's the French dip? Better than Philippe's.
But I do miss that purple egg.
Bite? - Mm.
No, I'm good.
- Hmm.
You know, you'll never get Crate to go along.
Why not? He's got nothing else.
Hey, Jackie, what do you got for me? All right, can you, uh, keep an eye on it for a day or two? Yeah, just another day or two.
I'd appreciate it.
No signs of life.
Looks like the family's out of town, so House is dark, no trace of Jose Jr.
or his car.
Maybe we should go up there.
- I know you're dying to.
- Hmm.
Could talk to Cousin Oscar again first.
They'll let us know if anything changes up there.
They check the utilities? Didn't mention it.
Hotter than hinges in Bakersfield right now.
Junior's hiding in that house, he'd pop the AC on.
What took you? What do we got? Composites were useful for once.
Welder across the way.
Seen them in and out of here a lot, last six weeks.
- Recently? - Not lately.
But he did see a car pull in here a couple days ago.
Nissan Sentra, gray or silver.
Harjo, Enochty.
Get your gear and let's pop the sucker.
Don't we need a warrant? Exigency, son.
Jose Esquivel Jr.
is still MIA, no? - Yeah.
- He could be in there, alive, - in the trunk of that car.
Am I right? - Yeah.
So we're gonna clear, confirm, back out, then we'll get a warrant.
I hear that.
Billy Harjo? Clear in back.
Lo and behold.
The getaway car.
No plates.
Pop it.
In case Junior's in there.
That would've been an early Christmas present.
Okay, we're out.
Sit on it, see who shows up.
Come back with our warrant.
Western Sandblast.
Whatever they were doing in here sure as shit wasn't sandblasting.
Track down the landlord.
See if you can get a line on his sandblasting tenants.
You guys want some overtime? You buying dinner? I'll spring for takeout.
Jinya Ramen? Go get it, I'll wait.
- Bring back some change.
- No way.
Bring it down.
I'm the one who called.
Skyler box.
I already pulled it.
Just need a signature and a thumb.
Dig that.
Do me a favor? Put the box up on the counter where I can look at it.
This from when it was opened to test evidence? That's right.
It's been consolidated.
These older cases, just taking up space.
" Did the combining? Terry Spencer.
He was here a minute ago, just walked in the back.
You need to ask him something? Well, somebody said the lab fucked up the seal.
- Looks clean to me.
- That it does.
- Need to open it? - Nah.
- Thanks.
Keep swinging, brother.
- All right.
From this point right here, guys.
- Oh! - That's better than nothing.
- Oh! - That's not the backboard.
You got to try and find that.
All right.
Nice shot.
Come on, brother.
Come on, real.