Bosch (2014) s05e10 Episode Script

Creep Signed His Kill

1 (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE) Smells like I'm back on patrol.
PIERCE: Worse inside.
Yeah? So how's it going? Been here all night.
Deed was done upstairs, but no body parts.
Moved the search down here.
Trying to get some cadaver dogs out.
Two hours.
It's a marathon, not a sprint, Pierce.
- Where's your partner? - Inside.
So how many squatters? No way to know.
Come and go.
Did you get any of them talking? What's the incentive? Transients.
No one's gonna admit they were in here.
Use your charm, Rondell.
Yes, ma'am.
Coffee for the road? Sure.
Saturday, I could drive down with you, uh, - help you get settled in.
- Dad.
Bring the dog.
Decide on a name yet? - He's your dog.
- Jesus, Mads, what are you running away from? Nothing.
I may have peeked at a confidential memo on Tom Galligan's desk.
And sent it to Honey Chandler.
I know it was wrong, but I don't feel so guilty about it.
You take a job with the D.
, you agree to play by their rules.
- Even if they don't? - Yep.
- Two kinds of truth.
- Not what I meant.
It's exactly what you meant.
You think Galligan will drop a dime on you? I don't know, but I can't go back there.
I need some space to think.
Get a handle on my life.
I get it.
Let's say we get your car packed, yeah? I would love that.
Thank you.
BILLETS: It's a big ask, but wouldn't it be nice if the killer left DNA and he's in the system? Who was just talking about sprinting? Just trying to stay positive.
VEGA: Pierce! PIERCE: Vega? VEGA: Back room.
BILLETS: This place is like a rat's nest.
PIERCE: Rats are cleaner.
You okay? (VEGA PANTING) VEGA: Just take a look.
(GRUNTS) I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go - I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go I got a feeling that I can't let go - Can't let go, can't let go - I got a feeling That I can't let go Can't let go Can't let go Like me.
How about Coltrane? Dog name.
That's good.
So, Thanksgiving? As long as you're not responsible - for anything on the menu.
- (CHUCKLES) Deal.
And depending on finals.
Midnight curfew.
I don't think so.
You're the one we have to worry about.
I appreciate the risk you took for me, Mads.
Call me when you get there, okay? I will.
Drive carefully.
Love you.
Love you back.
(ENGINE STARTS) Death squads.
Dark days.
You've never talked to me about any of this.
They were just stories.
I grew up here.
Never thought it would cross my path.
You're gonna go after him.
He's protected.
How is that possible? Paramilitary group he created to overthrow Haiti's president was funded by the U.
(SCOFFS) And now he's just walking around L.
like it was nothing.
Blind eye to the crimes back home.
Fresh start.
And the cops? Can't connect them to any of it.
Bo Jonas can.
He does? He's dead.
You tell Bosch? Some of it.
Harry got pretty jammed up with his old case.
Talk to him, J.
I put Gary with these guys.
It's my job to clean it up.
Not by yourself.
Thank you.
What would he tell you to do? I don't know.
BOSCH: Anderson.
Detective Bosch.
- Hell of a hatchet job.
- You never returned my calls.
Should've held it back till you had all the facts, dumb-ass.
Don't worry, my editor's up my ass for a skin back retraction.
Have a nice fucking day.
You got us standing.
My lawyer and I weren't sure you were gonna bite.
Fuck you.
And her.
She played me for a chump.
So it was Chandler who tipped you off.
What? But you have a nice fucking day.
Sorry I'm late, Detective.
Follow me in.
(DOOR CLOSES) You and Ms.
Chandler make a good team.
This time.
I hope the district attorney's office offered you a formal apology.
They did.
Spencer's agreed to cooperate.
Cronyn and Cronyn are scrambling to make bail.
But you didn't come here to give me a briefing.
BOSCH: The before-search photo missing from archives.
Borders' bedroom.
You ever work cold cases, Chief? - No.
- You'd know if you had: the department keeps its own separate copies of search warrant packets.
Administrative files.
Year by year.
That's right.
The missing before-search photo is right there.
Right there.
And there's no pendant hanging from the bedroom wall where I found it a few minutes later.
So someone found it in Borders' bag when he was detained.
And knew that he could never prove it was planted in his apartment without admitting he committed the crime.
You are a gifted detective.
There's a line.
A line I don't fucking cross.
(SIGHS) What do you want, Bosch? The truth.
About what? MANKIEWICZ: Harry.
You have a, uh, young gentleman caller.
Parked him in the parlor.
Detective Bosch.
Uh, Maddie left her Ray-Bans in my car.
I just wanted to I'll see she gets them.
Could have dropped these in the mail.
- She snooped my desk.
- I know.
That bother you? Not as much as I thought it would.
She, uh (CHUCKLES) she won't return my texts.
So call her.
- You think? - Novel concept, I know, using your phone as an actual phone.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) I was on the wrong side of Borders.
That was your job.
I guess.
Maddie never doubted you.
Call her.
So how are we doing on Esquivel? - About to dive into it.
- All right.
You know, Pierce needs your counsel.
Talk to me, youngblood.
More body parts.
What'd you find? Head and hands.
Killer stuffed them in a wall vent.
A scavenger hunt.
We think the victim was female.
Looks to be Hispanic.
Patrol found bloodstained clothes in a trash can - down the street.
- And take a look at this.
- Right? - You reach out to RHD? - Wanted you to confirm it first.
- Wait, what? Talk to Espinosa.
Conniff can be a bit of a prick to D1s.
- Why do we need to call them? - A few weeks back, - they did a roll call presentation.
- Creep signed his kill.
He took notes.
What's that? Jonas bought a handgun stolen from police custody.
I think it connects to Gary Wise's murder.
You get to Jonas yourself? At the church, yeah.
Hey, you've been kind of busy.
You're onto something.
Too early to share.
All right.
Here if you need me.
(KEYBOARD CLICKING) Three Ls in "allegedly.
" - BARREL: No shit? - Mm-hmm.
- You guys heading out soon? - Why do you ask? Because I could use a drink and company.
Double feature at the New Beverly, L.
CRATE: Red Harvest adaptations.
Unofficially and only upon close examination.
I'm buying.
Oh? Hammett, Continental Op.
Leone, Eastwood, the Man with No Name.
- (EXHALES) - You know why? No.
Why? So we could fill it in ourselves.
Ha, ha.
- CROWD: Surprise! - (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Oh, fuck.
(WHOOPING) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Don't ever do this to me.
- Fuck that.
- I can't make any promises like that.
- (CHUCKLES) Congratulations, buddy.
Thank you, thank you.
Oh! Thanks.
- Congrats.
- Thank you so much.
- Oh, geez! - (LAUGHS) - Don't sneak up on me! Geez! - (EXCLAIMS) - You up for a beer? - Sure.
And a double Jack back, no ice.
Parties stress me out.
(GLASS CLINKING) Thanks, everyone, for coming.
As you all know, Barrel is my coconspirator.
(CLEARS THROAT) So I'm gonna read a little something I wrote.
Oh, Christ on a bicycle.
(LAUGHTER) A tribute poem on the occasion of his retirement.
"More than a partner, more than a friend, "More like a part of me, like my back end.
" (LAUGHTER) "With the squirrels and the crazies, "his whole life's been a thriller.
"Night Stalker, Manson, Koreatown Killer.
But the time's come at last" "for the gold watch and chain.
" - (CROWD OOHING) - Hmm? "Won't have to put up with him ever again.
"But still, my friend, "we wish you good luck "as you follow your star, But please, if you want to get there, do not go by car.
Ah Oh.
- (CROWD OOHING) - Because you won't have me around to do the thinking for you.
Thank you.
Thank you all very much.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) Speech, come on, speech! You took the Caddy and I got the Studebaker.
Where's the justice? (LAUGHS): Where's the justice? Hey.
Mind if I interrupt? Interrupt at will.
- It's the ex-wives.
- Ah.
(EXHALES SHARPLY) Well, Crate pulled out all the stops, right? For better or for worse.
It's the thought that counts, I guess.
- You taking off? - Yeah, I'm beat.
We go back like car seats, you and me.
- (CHUCKLES) - I'm gonna miss you, amigo.
Um, Harry? Yeah? I'm not actually retiring.
I'm, I'm going into DROP.
(CHUCKLES) Didn't think you'd get rid of me that easily.
- Does Crate know? - How do I tell him? The sooner, the better.
Do I have to give this back? I'm leaving just in time.
Take care, baby.
So, wait.
He's not pulling the pin? Deferred retirement option plan.
- That's five years.
- Yeah.
I just found out.
I guess he listened to me for once.
He calls 911, says, "There's a 311 man outside the courthouse.
" - (LAUGHTER) - Cop lingo.
- I wasn't thinking.
- The operator says, "Sir, are you a police officer?" I said, "No.
No, no.
But my neighbor is.
" (LAUGHTER) - A word? - Oh.
I'll circle back.
With any luck, she'll be the new Mrs.
I'll save a bundle in alimony.
I'll have that Apple Watch, thank you.
The gift you gave me? For retiring.
I am.
Just not right now.
(CHUCKLES): You lied to get a party.
A surprise party, which, by definition, - I couldn't know about.
- All right.
I-If you don't want to be partners anymore, (STAMMERS) just come out and tell me.
You don't think I would? (SCOFFS) Well? Thanks for the watch.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Jimmy, excuse me.
You seen Harry? Yeah, he just left.
(SCOFFS) What are you drinking? Tonic and lime.
I'm on call.
Make that two.
Danger men.
(CAR DOOR CLOSES) Let's not make a meal of this.
You're never gonna promote, Jerry.
- Long as you're with Bosch.
- (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) He's my partner.
I don't want to break another one in.
(PHONE VIBRATING) This is Edgar.
CROWD (CHANTING): Hooray, hooray, hooray at last! Hooray for Barrel Johnson, he's a horse's ass! - (SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) - Him, him, him! Fuck him! (WHOOPING) - What's up? - DEA just got a tip.
Dalton Walsh just flew into Van Nuys.
All right, I'm curious.
- My car's outside.
- Good, 'cause I hate to drive.
(WHISTLES, MOUTHS) All right, Coltrane, walk time.
Come here, boy.
- Harry, you at home? - Yeah, why? Hovan called.
Walsh may be in L.
- No shit? - Van Nuys airport.
Me and Jimmy are rolling.
- Okay.
I'll gear up, meet you there.
- All right.
Sorry, buddy, change of plans.
Come on.
Don't, don't.
There's no sign of them.
Plane's been sitting here for a while.
- Security cams? - Distant.
Three men.
- They had a vehicle waiting.
- Plate? HOVAN: Only a partial.
- Sorry to get your hopes up.
- No, no, no, no.
I appreciate the call.
They're gone.
If it is them, they have a big head start.
- Yeah.
Unless (GUNSHOT) Vardy, he's down below! Coltrane, go, go.
Citizens report numerous shots fired in the area of Blue Heights Drive and McLeod Drive.
One under the deck.
One in the house.
Walsh? Yeah.
And what's left of his crew.
Where's the dog? ROBERTSON: Off-duty OIS.
Three suspects down.
Request an R.
As soon as more units arrive, we'll need to make entry.
Harry, you okay? My dog ran off.
When? Where? Any of our people hurt? (DISHES CLATTERING IN KITCHEN) A triple.
(SIGHS) All right, thank you.
- Central just called for you.
- What about? A POI you flagged.
Clayton? Patrol picked her up last night on the Nickel.
Arrested? No.
Dropped her at St.
- Shelter on Hope Street.
- Mm-hmm.
That's the one.
- Okay, thanks, Mank.
- All right.
EDGAR: You remember the names of anyone on that Westside task force? ANDERSON: Drug bust in 2013? I don't.
Doubt I even have my notes.
But I did hear about two recent incidents involving stolen guns from that same batch.
Who's telling you that? You confirming? Confirming what exactly? Bookseller robbed and killed downtown and that church drive-by in South L.
The two little kids.
Is that a yes? Ongoing investigation.
I'd have to talk to the detectives involved or your source.
(CHUCKLES) Touché.
Why take the risk? I mean, why use stolen guns in the same city they're stolen from? Maybe they didn't know the weapons were hot.
All right, I got to get to a meeting.
- Thanks for breakfast.
- Sure thing.
I hope I'm not being presumptuous, and-and I don't mean to jump rank.
But here you are.
Chief, I just want some clarity on the consolidation of West Bureau Homicide.
That is the plan.
Is there a firm redeployment date? Not all your people will be able to stay - in Homicide, Lieutenant.
- That's my concern.
You think this is a bad idea? For morale, yeah.
Case and clearance rates will suffer.
Well I've been having second thoughts as well.
The Times is sniffing around some anomalies in the divisional violent crime statistics.
Really? And a move away from community policing seems imprudent in the face of that.
So nobody's going anywhere? Not while I'm in this office.
Thank you, Chief.
You again.
Here to arrest me now? Here to take you back to Charlie Company.
Some other time.
Thanks, anyway.
Clinic's shuttered.
Hansen and Degner are facing charges, so where you gonna go? You think you can save me.
You think you're the only one that's ever tried.
I'm sure I'm not.
What do you know, Harry Bosch? Tell me all about what you think is best.
How this life is slowly killing me.
Burning both ends.
Fuck you.
I can't be saved.
I don't want to be saved.
What do you think your daughter would want for you? Stop.
(CHUCKLES) Just give it a chance, Elizabeth.
Where the fuck were you when she disappeared? (SNIFFS) Where you gonna go? This is it.
You're right.
Didn't know what we had.
Could've been body snatching.
Not a defensive wound.
Copy that.
Will do.
They don't see a clear connection.
They want us to send our murder book and transfer investigative authority to RHD.
(SCOFFS) Why? - If it's separate crimes.
- Regardless.
So, what'd they say? That we should've contacted them as soon as we found the suitcase.
Yeah, well.
Why can't we keep working ours? - Share what we get.
- It's not my call.
(SCOFFS) Let me talk to Captain Garwood.
Oh, fuck them.
We'll clear our case and theirs.
Is she still hungover? She's kind of always this way.
Chief? It's time.
Thank you, Ida.
Ready for the gauntlet? (DOOR CLOSES) (JOURNALISTS MURMURING) (DOOR CLOSES) I will keep this mercifully short.
Now, as you all know, I cut my teeth patrolling the streets of this great city.
A cop is who I am, who I always will be.
But I witnessed firsthand the struggles that everyday Angelenos face.
And I've watched over the years our leadership flounder with its promises left unfulfilled.
Now, I recognize that there's a certain audacity to this announcement, as my tenure as chief has not been long.
But I stand before you today to announce that I am exploring a run for mayor of Los Angeles.
(JOURNALISTS MURMURING) And, together, I hope that we can work to address what I know and have an open dialogue about what I don't.
Thank you.
Now that you've been a client, I'm gonna have to turn down cases where you're lead detective.
I'm gonna miss our dance.
Maybe Maddie could come intern with me.
See how the other half lives.
Excuse me.
Martinis? We're celebrating.
Jameson's neat, please.
Make it two.
(CLEARS THROAT) Bosch, if you have something to say to me, spit it out.
Your bluff about Spencer.
We won the case and you're questioning my strategy? You were walking the high wire with my career and reputation.
That's not what's bugging you.
Scott Anderson.
He has some walking back to do.
You were his source.
I was.
And Honorable Judge Sobel let us in over the objections of everybody in that courtroom.
That story almost got me killed.
I'm sorry about that, I truly am.
I did what you hired me for.
Borders is going back to San Quentin for the rest of his sorry existence, and every one of those bastards who tried to set you up and frame you is gonna end up disbarred, fired, and probably in jail.
Yeah, but I'm the client.
You should have told me what you were planning.
I tried.
You're like a feral cat; you don't trust anyone.
You take too many risks.
Says the cop who went to the desert without backup.
If I had asked, would you have told me not to do it? We're cut from the same stone, you and I.
We do what we have to.
Thank you.
To justice and redemption.
To truth and where it takes us.
Your D3 said I'd find you here.
Conducting the debrief.
(CHUCKLES) Couldn't just call us? Follow up on Gary Wise.
I figured it best to do in person.
Still crickets on our end, man.
You got something? Maybe.
Gary was holding a gun for Bo Jonas.
Gangsters who sold it to Jonas could be Gary's killers.
What makes you say that? Well, the weapon was stolen from police custody.
Some of them got recovered from a raid last year.
- Rollin' 60s thing.
- Yeah.
You were at West Bureau then.
Homicide, not Narcotics.
Jonas and Gary go to your meet, see the gangsters sold him the gun.
Jonas ran.
You talked to Jonas? I did.
Where is he? He's got nothing on your drive-by.
How do we know he didn't pull the trigger on Gary Wise? He said he didn't.
I believe him.
Stolen weapons had to be an inside job.
Whoever did it they're worried about exposure.
Guns in the wrong hands.
Word goes out on the street, clean it up.
You got nothing but a theory.
I know.
Dirty cops.
(EXHALES) Looks like.
Who? (SIGHS) You should really let this go, Jerry.
I don't think I can.
Nobody's gonna protect you.
You're gonna be looking over your shoulder - for the rest of your career.
- So will they.
Listen, you hear anything Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
- We'll let you know.
- Appreciate it.
- Uh-huh.
Stay safe, Jerry.
Stay safe.
Have you put up flyers for the dog? BOSCH: Not yet.
How'd you know the dog was gone? I have my sources.
You probably don't have a picture.
I'll send you one.
Were you gonna tell me someone tried to kill you in our house? Department kept my name out of it.
Didn't want to worry you, Mads.
It was that bad? My friends knew before I did.
- Internet.
- Sorry.
I know, but You're okay? Yeah, yeah.
Glad you called.
Me, too.
So, did you get into that psych class you wanted? Dad, you can tell me things, bad things.
I won't freak out.
It's worse not knowing and then having it crash down on you online.
Fair enough.
But same goes for you, with me.
Is that another rule? No, wish list.
I'll think about it.
And I'll do the flyers next weekend - if he still hasn't come back.
- You're coming up? Friday, if that's all right.
Of course it's all right.
This is your home, Madeline.
Maybe carve out a little time for your old man? You were doing so well there for a minute.
I guess.
I love you, Dad.
Love you, too.
So very much.
("BE QUIET AND DRIVE (FAR AWAY)" by Deftones playing) This Town Don't feel mine I'm fast To Get away Far I dressed You In her clothes Now drive Me Far Away Away Away It feels Good To know you are mine Now drive Me Far Away Away Away Away Away.