Bosch: Legacy (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

I Miss Vin Scully

[Bosch] Previously on
Bosch: Legacy.
Remind me again when you're gonna retire?
When people stop killing each other.
I broke up with this guy a year ago.
He hacked my family's medical records.
I can help you hack into the server.
Don't even try. It's impossible.
Love me a challenge.
Bosch. Grand jury call you as a witness?
In a pickle, take the nickel.
Ma'am, please put your hands
behind your back.
Could've made this easy on yourself.
So this is where James Allen
sold ecstasy and happy endings.
What'd you do
when you heard he was dead?
Went to his motel room,
packed up his stuff for his family.
- Did you give it to them?
- Not yet.
Name is Lexi Parks.
Four days before she was killed,
she called here
wanting to get it repaired.
My brother took that call.
Have your brother call me.
A witness heard a trunk slam
and two car doors close
the night the body was dumped.
Two killers?
Say goodbye to your brother.
[both groan]
[fingers drumming on dashboard]
Something on your mind?
[drumming stops]
I know we're not there, yet.
That's right, we're not.
He's askin' about the fuckin' watch.
He's an ex-cop.
He's a geezer.
He's over the fuckin' hill.
Requires a certain amount
of finesse, okay?
I'm workin' on it.
[phone buzzes]
About fuckin' time.
Apartment number four.
Chop chop, Romeo.
[suspenseful music playing]
[camera shutter clicks]
Take off your shoes, please.
[door closes]
[indistinct chatter on phone]
What you like, handsome?
[Southern accent]
I want an hour.
Two hundred.
Ad said one hundred.
One hundred for half hour.
Do special massage?
Money first.
Then I give you special massage.
Extra special.
Now this better be extra special.
Extra special.
You'll see.
Lie down. Be right back.
Be quick.
But not too quick.
[chuckles] Yeah, right, not too quick.
[door closes]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicking]
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪
There's a fine, new day comin' round ♪
It's a feelin' like
a cool rain comin' down ♪
It's the rhythm of a new song singin' ♪
It's the rhythm
of a new song singin' ♪
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪
Oh, my, my,
times are changin' ♪
Oh, my, my,
I've been waitin' for this moment ♪
Oh, my, my, oh, my, my ♪
Times are changin' ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪
[indistinct chatter]
[indistinct chatter]
Can I help you, sir?
Yeah. I have some questions about a watch
that was sent here for repair.
Are you the owner?
Private investigator.
May I ask what this is about?
Murder investigation. Lexi Parks.
Let's talk in my office.
[door closes]
There was an ownership issue.
The watch was still registered
to the original buyer.
Can you give me a name?
I'm sorry. Confidential.
Did you know Lexi Parks?
Every merchant in West Hollywood
knew Lexi.
Terrible what happened to her.
Yes, it is.
Her murder's still unsolved.
I thought they'd arrested someone.
Well, the case against him is weak.
But your information
might make the difference.
Stays between us.
Dr. Schubert bought the watch from us
a few years ago.
When Lexi's husband
brought it in for repair,
I called George to verify the resale.
Spoke to his wife.
She told me the watch had been stolen,
along with the rest of her jewelry.
Every last pearl.
A burglary?
So she said.
Then I got the real story
from Dr. Schubert.
Mm, let me guess.
He took her jewelry to pay off a loan
he didn't want his wife to know about.
And collect the insurance.
Gambling debts.
Begged me not to call the police.
Said she'd divorce him.
Did he say where he sold the watch?
I didn't ask.
"Wanna Buy a Watch?"
Excuse me?
That's where the doctor sold it
and Lexi's husband bought it.
I'll need the doctor's number.
[jazz music playing on stereo]
[knuckles cracking]
[keyboard clacking]
[phone rings]
Detective Duran, Sheriff's Department.
We spoke at your office.
Yeah. What can I do for you?
Need you to come in and talk to us.
This about the Parks murder?
Double homicide yesterday
in West Hollywood.
Two brothers. "Wanna Buy A Watch?"
You know it?
You know I do.
You found my business card.
Expect you within the hour.
[line out rings]
What fresh hell is this?
I need a lawyer.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Ellis clears throat]
You find anything?
Look at this.
You remember that cop
that got herself kidnapped
about four or five months ago,
buried alive in the desert?
That's her?
She's his daughter.
Holy shit.
Trejo's, perfect.
Hey, if you need any help with those
- I'll meet you there in the morning.
- Deal.
So, how many donuts on this bad boy?
Thirty bucks.
Yeah, should last you a couple days.
Unless Mank horns in on it.
Horns in on what?
Trejo's. If you're nice to me.
When am I not nice to you?
[laughs] Thanks, Maddie.
Welcome back, Paulina.
Hey. There is someone from BSS
here to see you.
I stashed her in the interview room.
- Thanks for the heads up.
- All right.
At the hearing, you mentioned
you were having trouble sleeping.
Feeling jumpy. Paranoid, even.
You were there?
I read the transcript.
If supervisors hear of an officer
who's having trouble sleeping,
or concentrating on the job,
they may err on the side of caution.
I don't wanna be taken off the street.
We don't want that either.
That's good to know.
I'm I'm fine.
No offense, but I'm not interested
in counseling right now.
Would you say that your sleep
has improved recently?
It has.
No issues with focus on the job?
How about CRU?
What about it?
Would you say that CRU
keeps you engaged? Energized?
Absolutely. You could say that.
- [jazz music playing on stereo]
- [keyboard clacking]
Before we begin.
For every question you ask,
we get one.
It's a two-way street or we walk.
Ladies first.
How is this double homicide
related to the Parks case?
[Duran] By this.
I gave it to Peter Nguyen
yesterday in the store.
When was that?
You already know that
from the store video.
System was disabled.
Take a guess.
Around 10:00.
When did this go down?
Shopkeeper next door saw two men exit
the back about 10:20, give or take.
She called the cops.
Can the shopkeeper ID 'em?
They were wearing ski masks.
[Santana] We're canvassing for video,
but so far nothing.
What were you doing there, Bosch?
What was taken?
Answer my question first.
- Was it a robbery or an execution?
- Robbery.
Or staged to look like one.
Smash and grab.
They cleaned out a couple of cases.
Our turn. Why were you there?
Let me remind everyone
Mr. Bosch is in my employ.
The protection of confidentiality
that my client enjoys also extends to him.
So much for that two-way street.
Sorry. I can't talk about the case
without my attorney's approval.
And that is not happening.
You gotta be shittin' me.
The victims deserve better,
and you know that, Bosch.
I'll tell you what I do know.
I do not know
who killed the Nguyen brothers.
Harry, please.
I went there to talk to them
about a watch they sold
to your colleague, Vincent Harrick.
Enough. The interview is over. Let's go.
Thanks for wasting our time.
Why'd you shut that down?
You were starting to get chatty.
We have a client to protect.
Right after I leave, that store gets hit?
Maybe I led them there.
Well, now who's paranoid?
If the killers followed me,
they may be on you, too.
You still carry a gun, right?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Look, I'll have Mo check my car.
But, Harry, it's not your fault.
Well, we don't know that yet.
I'll be in touch.
Keep your head on a swivel, yeah?
[jazz music playing]
Thank you, thank you, thank you
for coming out tonight.
We are The Catalyst,
and now a special selection from Brian.
[piano music playing]
What's this?
Every file your ex had on your family.
How did you get his credentials?
I might've had a sniffer on the jump box.
Servers and backups?
That's the only copy.
In case you wanted it.
I didn't read it.
In case you're wondering.
Thank you.
Tempted, but I didn't.
You're a sweetheart.
"You're a Sweetheart."
A staple of the American Songbook
since 1938.
Adamson and McHugh.
Definitive version? Mose Allison.
- Mose Allison?
- Mm-hmm.
Highly underrated.
Mo Bassi. MVP.
[Ellis] Once we got a gist
of the operation, we split.
What'd you do with the money?
Told her keep it, make it up to me
next time. Extra special.
So you didn't actually get
the prostitution violation?
Wire me up, Coach,
I'll get her to say what it's for.
Be sure to notify DHS.
Trafficking. It's their caper.
If they're hitting
a multi-location search warrant,
we'd like to take this one down ourselves.
You'll need some assistance.
How about Hollywood CRU?
That'd work.
[suspenseful music playing]
[clears throat]
"All materials pertaining to Carl Rogers."
Who leaked this to you? Any idea?
But I caught Harry Bosch
coming out of the grand jury
and he had "I just pled the Fifth"
plastered all over his face.
Why would the Feds think Honey Chandler
had anything to do with Bratva?
Enemy of my enemy, etcetera?
Carl Rogers?
At the very least,
Chandler's usually good for a quote.
Unless she's taking the Fifth, too.
Greg, there's something in this.
[chuckles] Vaya con dios.
Yeah? That's a green light?
To see what she says.
Don't get out over your skis.
So how's CRU?
So far, so cool.
And the boyfriend?
- Rico.
- Rico.
You You really wanna know?
I wouldn't ask if I didn't.
It's going very well.
Good. Glad to hear it.
Any luck finding a new place?
Not so far.
Well, you can always stay with me.
- Dad.
- If you need to. Just saying.
Rico and I are fine. I just
I need my own place.
Got it.
Coltrane misses you.
Don't even go there.
You're shameless.
What about you? How's your case?
You heard about the double homicide
the other day? Two brothers.
The jewelry store. It was a holdup, right?
Mm-hmm. A couple guys, ski masks,
went in the back, middle of the day.
You think it's connected to your case?
Well, I dropped in that morning
to ask the brothers some questions.
They were murdered shortly after I left.
Maybe it was just a coincidence.
Or maybe
I'm getting too close to something.
Maybe I led the killers there.
Can you at least confirm
you testified before a grand jury?
Where did you get this?
Came in the mail.
Federal Building.
So, "no," you won't confirm?
Or "no," you didn't appear
before a grand jury?
Or "no, I appeared before the grand jury,
but I took the Fifth"?
You're saying you didn't testify?
You can say I declined to comment.
"Refused" if you wanna gussy it up.
Your call.
For the record,
you have an opportunity
to say whatever you wanna say
about this subpoena.
Confirm, deny.
You're not taking that opportunity?
I think I've been more than generous
with my time today.
I've confirmed the grand jury
is investigating Russian organized crime
and domestic terrorism.
Story runs tomorrow.
You got my number if you change your mind.
[door opens, closes]
Oh, my God. So good. I' missed these.
It's a business open to the public.
- You don't have to be on duty.
- [Maddie chuckles]
They just taste better in uniform.
How was your BSS interview?
Mm. It was like having
the answers to a test beforehand.
She was practically telling me
what to say.
To stay on the job.
To stay on the job. Exactly.
Same thing with me.
The department's gonna be
about the department.
It's up to us coppers
to take care of one another.
Amen, sister.
You have a powdered sugar 'stache.
See? What I'm talkin' about.
Coppers lookin' out for coppers.
Whoa, hey. I'm cutting you off.
No more for you.
You guys are just the best.
Oh, it's okay. It's okay.
Ugh. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Let's get out of here before this moment
goes viral. [clears throat]
[all laugh]
Where'd you find this?
On my office bookshelf.
Lexi must have left it behind
after a meeting.
I came across it yesterday.
Huh. Dentist appointment,
call back "so and so."
[Morales] Sorry. Thought it might help.
What'd you hope to find?
Evidence that Lexi knew
the Nguyen brothers
were fencing stolen property.
I think I would've known.
She would've started
a consumer fraud report.
Maybe she never got the chance.
What's this?
Ms. Parks, there's no need for an audit.
My husband's in law enforcement.
I could lose my job.
We would never buy stolen property.
[Paul] The watch was purchased
legitimately in an estate sale.
We have the records.
I wanna see them.
[Paul] Client details are confidential,
and some of our paperwork is in storage.
Again with the runaround.
It shouldn't take the threat
of a formal investigation
for you to act on this.
We'll need coppers on the perimeter
with experience hittin' doors.
I want one unit two blocks east,
and another one two blocks west.
You got thoughts?
Rodriguez and Ross,
Morgan and Shepherd.
We should have two officers
in plainclothes for cover.
What about you?
I could be a transient.
And Murdock can be in a parked car.
That's smart.
So that leaves
Maybe she can roll with me.
I could use her on comms.
She up for that?
Always. She's a gamer.
All right.
Let's go catch some bad guys.
[indistinct chatter]
What did you tell the grand jury?
What kind of questions were you asked?
Do you think Bratva was involved
in Carl Rogers' death?
Did you have any contact
with the Russian mafia?
Do you anticipate any charges being filed?
Any comment at all
on today's story, Ms. Chandler?
Clearly, someone is trying
to destroy my reputation,
trying to stop me
from doing the work that I do.
Well, I'm here to tell you that
that won't happen.
I will not be intimidated.
[reporters clamoring]
Check, check, check. Testing, testing.
One, two, one, two.
Go get 'em.
[suspenseful music playing]
Tell your units the UC's out.
OP be advised our UC is on foot.
He's approaching the location.
[Southern accent]
The service gave me this address.
Show me.
UC has reached target location.
Let's see what we get.
[phone chimes]
[door closes]
You ready to finish what we started?
You still want one hour?
Nah, nah, you said extra special one hour.
I make it special for you.
What does this get me?
What you want?
I think you know what I want.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
[clicks tongue] Mm-hmm.
Around the world cost more.
But I already paid you $200.
You pay 200 more.
Around the world.
Around the world. Extra special.
You wear condom.
Why don't you start with the real massage.
Take off the rest of your clothes.
Be right back.
There it is.
Hey, we got it.
I'll text you the exact words.
Violation confirmed. All units stand by.
[line out rings]
Center for Cosmetic Creations.
This is Ria, how can I help you?
Dr. Schubert, please.
Dr. Schubert's unavailable right now.
When will he be available?
He's in procedures until 3:00 p.m.
Okay, thank you, I'll call back.
[phone rings]
You find anything?
Their work history, yearly ratings,
disciplinary, commendations.
Where were they before Ad Vice?
Southwest for a year. Looks like
they partnered up about six years ago.
Valley Bureau.
Bad Cats detail?
How'd you know?
It's like a mini-SIS unit.
Means they're adept at surveillance.
I need you to come to my house now.
You know the fuckin' tragic thing?
After everything
these girls have been through,
none of 'em
will wanna turn on their pimps.
Maybe we still get pandering.
With this DA, it's a revolving door,
these scumbags will be out in a week.
It takes one girl to cooperate.
She'd have to testify against her captors.
Been on the job awhile?
[Ellis chuckles]
Lot of change.
Most young people these days,
it's just a gig, you know?
[chuckles] You sound like my father.
Well, I didn't wanna mention him.
I'm sure you catch enough shit.
You know him?
By reputation.
Hell of a career.
Is this the part where you say
he's throwing it all away
to work for the dark side?
Hey, no judgment.
By all accounts,
your old man's a great detective.
He believes David Foster's innocent?
He might be.
We haven't talked about it that much.
He thinks it might be connected
to a couple of other homicides.
- No shit?
- Mm-hmm.
A witness saw two men in masks
leaving the scene of one of the murders.
[indistinct chatter]
All right, just got off the phone
with the AUSA.
He thinks we leaked the subpoena.
He should look
in his own damn house first.
Why would we even do that?
All right, here's the kicker
the grand jury's on hold.
Bratva. Eight jurors bailed
this morning after the article came out.
They're scared shitless.
Better pray they get 'em back,
otherwise we're gonna have to start over.
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey, you and me, upstairs.
Our meathead friend
might make a run for it.
LAPD! We have a search warrant! Open up!
- [women scream]
- On your knees! Now!
Hands up! Hands up! Don't do it!
Two coming out.
- [officer] Hold it there.
- [woman screams]
I love this fuckin' job.
Took you long enough.
Help me with these young ladies.
It's for the Bottom.
We're booking her, too?
We don't know her involvement in this yet.
[zip tie zips]
[Rose] Matthew, you had
an obligation to come to me.
[Ramirez] I know I should have.
I'm deeply sorry I did not.
Well, at this juncture,
sorry doesn't cut it.
I don't know what
I'm going to do with you.
[door closes]
I might've been followed yesterday.
Clock anything?
That's the point. I wouldn't.
Still don't know what we're up against.
- [tracker beeps]
- [grunts]
Pop the batteries?
No, put it back.
Let 'em think they know where I am.
[tracker beeps]
[indistinct chatter]
[women sobbing]
Hey, good work today.
Happy to assist.
You got a sec?
So things got a little hectic up there.
But what we see here, stays here,
you understand that, right?
[car engine starts]
It was educational.
Till next time.
[car drives off]
I told James' sister you'd reach out.
Well, I promise
to get everything to his family.
If there's anything else
that I could do
Thanks. I'll take it from here.
He's closer than we thought.
I mean, he's at home.
Maybe he's layin' low.
Or maybe he made the tracker,
he wants us to think he's there.
If he ain't there, then what's he up to?
I think I know.
[alarm chirps]
[engine starts]
These are the assholes who pulled me over.
This one was in the parking lot at Musso.
They were scoping you out.
I knew someone got into my files.
They set me up.
They arrested James Allen several times.
They were using him as a CI.
And I've got that witness
who heard two car doors close
the night Allen's body was dumped.
The watch is a key to all this.
How so?
Ms. Parks, there's no need for an audit.
My husband's in law enforcement.
I could lose my job.
We would never buy stolen property.
[Parks] I'll be in touch
about a time to see those records.
Deny my request,
and I'll open an official investigation
into your business.
You really think those records exist?
[suspenseful music playing]
Give me some light.
What am I looking for?
Ledgers. Receipts.
Ownership paperwork.
[floorboard creaks]
Can you open this?
Let me at it.
You got a knife?
[Mo] This type of safe
has a major security flaw.
Almost no protection
of the internal reset button.
Now we reprogram it.
Candy from a baby.
Their go-money.
And this?
Could be their rainy day insurance policy.
We'll watch it back at my place.
Who the hell still has a DVD player?
I still have an eight-track.
Why the fuck are they here?
There's nothing they can trace back to us.
You really wanna take that chance?
Deuces are wild.
What's that?
Vin Scully. Sixty-seven seasons
of callin' Dodger games.
Whenever coincidence
gave him a run of twos
two balls, two strikes, two outs,
two to two, bottom of the second
he'd always say "deuces are wild."
You seein' a pattern?
Two connected murders,
Lexi Parks and James Allen.
Then the Nguyen brothers.
Two killers at the watch store,
maybe the same two
who dumped Allen's body.
Two car doors slammin' in the alley.
The two vice cops
that pulled Chandler over,
same two who were
using Allen as an informant.
Deuces are wild.
I miss Vin Scully.
[suspenseful music playing]
Let's go.
[tires screech]
Next time on Bosch: Legacy.
Do you know where your dad was
the night the pipeline was blown up?
I have no idea.
Domestic terrorism?
I'd keep my yap shut, too.
Feds questioned Maddie
at the station today.
What did she tell them?
I don't want my daughter's career
to be collateral damage.
- [barks]
- You know what this is. Open up.
Oh, please. Put those back.
Just stop!
Hey, look who's here.
Oh, he ain't gettin' in the way this time.
[suspenseful music playing]
[theme music playing]
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