Bosch: Legacy (2022) s02e09 Episode Script

Escape Plan

Previously on Bosch: Legacy.
Madeline Bosch?
FBI. We'd like a word.
What they said, is it true?
The pipeline, Rogers, is any of it true?
Wrong place, wrong time.
Just tell me the truth.
I can't.
You feel guilty about anything?
No, I do not.
Not for a second.
Good. Neither do I.
[Chandler] You can run from the Russians,
but you can't hide.
She knew about the pipeline explosion.
[engine revs, tires screech]
You're boxed in, Ellis.
Cops are coming.
Fuck you, Bosch!
No news on Ellis.
Well, if he's smart, and he is,
he's long gone.
You're a sweetheart.
You know what this is, Bosch.
Open up.
This is bullshit.
Those files predate
Miss Chandler joining my firm.
My reputation took a beating today, Honey.
I can fix this.
I don't think you can.
[Chandler] Bad news? Aslan?
How will you pay them back now?
What is she talking about?
Shut the fuck up.
[Chandler] You can run from the Russians,
but you can't hide.
We own you.
Obstruction of justice,
that's just for starters.
That was just to get you in here.
You had prior knowledge
of the pipeline bomb,
and you're going to federal prison
for the rest of your life.
That's right. You missed it.
You destroyed everything,
and you forgot about your own cloud?
We didn't.
What do you want?
What do I want? For starters,
I want everything you got.
I want Bratva.
I want Bosch and his
merry little band of fuckup felons.
I wanna know about the pipeline,
who put the bomb in there,
who pushed the button.
I want you to give me
every fucking thing that I want,
or you're never gonna see
the light of day again.
We haven't booked you.
This is happy hour.
You agreed to cooperate,
or we book you
and you go down for all of it.
Happy hour is a con.
They get you drunk
on half-price drinks
and you don't even realize
when the price doubles
and you're still sitting there drinking,
running up the tab.
What the fuck does that mean?
It means no deal.
Book me.
I'll be out before you've had breakfast.
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪
There's a fine, new day comin' round ♪
It's a feelin' like
a cool rain comin' down ♪
It's the rhythm of a new song singin' ♪
It's the rhythm
of a new song singin' ♪
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪
Oh, my, my,
times are changin' ♪
Oh, my, my,
I've been waitin' for this moment ♪
Oh, my, my, oh, my, my ♪
Times are changin' ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪
Oh, my, my, times are changin' ♪
[indistinct chatter]
Sorry I'm late.
Something wrong?
Is something wrong?
Hmm, let's see.
I heard Honey Chandler
got arrested by the FBI last night.
You've got a federal target
on your own back.
You shot a cop.
Yes, a dirty cop, but the PD
is still looking at you on that.
And now I hear that
you passed on protection
while Ellis is still out there somewhere.
Chandler will be fine. We knew the Feds
were gonna make this move.
She's ready for it.
She's got an escape plan.
And yeah, I did pass
on the offer from RHD.
There's no point using those resources
where they're not needed.
Dad, Ellis is a psychopath.
There's no telling where he is
or what he's gonna do next.
You should have taken the protection.
My gut tells me he's long gone.
Something's up with you,
is what my gut tells me.
And this casual
everything's-all-right bullshit
insults my intelligence.
Talk to me, Dad.
'Cause I got my own shit
to figure out
and I can't do that
if I'm worried
that my own father
is about to crash and burn.
Look, Mads, you're right.
But I mean it,
don't worry about me.
This case I'm working with Chandler,
I'm right at the crossing.
I've got two witnesses stashed
and I am not bringing them into the light
until I know who to trust.
- You don't trust me?
- I didn't say that.
But it's best
you're not in my orbit on this.
So accept it
and know that I'm trying
to be careful, okay?
I know you.
I don't think so, pal.
Yeah, I know you. Harry Bosch.
Take a good look.
Remember me?
I remembered you
when I saw you outside.
Daryl Hill.
You killed Silverio Marinelli
in a dope deal rip-off 11 years ago.
Mm-hmm. I did a dime thanks to you.
But now I'm out.
Good for you.
So what you doin' these days?
You still a cop?
So no badge and no gun?
Hey, shitbird.
I got both.
So take a walk while you can.
Okay, I don't want no trouble.
[police scanner chatter]
I wasn't followed.
Yeah, it's not you that I'm worried about.
It's all these yacht rockers out here
mindin' everybody's fuckin' business
but their own.
You got the clothes?
Joe Stites.
It's a cold name. Not like yours.
Yeah, well, I'm happy
to never use mine again.
Where's my ride?
Waitin' for the weekend.
More cars goin' through.
Less chance of gettin' stopped.
But also the guy wants more money.
The hotter you are,
the greater the risk,
and man, you are hot.
You watchin' the news?
Fuck the news. We had a deal.
I know and I'm tryin'
to find somebody else
at the price point we agreed to.
So far, no takers.
Why don't you just take this tub
down to Baja and go from there?
Because it's all show and no go.
The guy I took it off of failed
to mention the fuckin' engines are dead.
Okay. I'll pay his fuckin' price. Just
Where do I meet him?
When he's ready,
he'll call you on that
and you set up the pickup point.
Wherever you think is safe.
If he doesn't show,
you and I are gonna have a real problem.
He'll show.
Get the fuck outta here.
Thank you, Marty.
I'm so sorry for the inconvenience.
You told me you'd fix this.
Is this your way of doing that?
Or do I have to get used to
bailing my own lawyers out of jail?
Believe me,
I know how bad this looks.
But I'm telling you,
I will fix this.
[reporters chattering]
[Chandler] I see Agent Barron
has dutifully alerted the media.
Well, you're not gonna
to talk to them, are you?
You are gonna talk to them.
I want no part of this.
I'll go get the car
and I'll come back for you.
No, that's okay,
I don't need a ride.
You got me out just in time
for my appointment with the DA.
It's the federal government, Honey.
They're riding a conviction rate
just shy of 100%.
You'll have to find a way
to trust that I know what I'm doing.
Money, you spent a night in jail
twice in the last month.
Should we get used to this?
I'm not answering questions.
I will make a statement.
You ready?
What can I tell you?
I'm on a job.
As soon as I come up for air,
we'll hit Huntington Gardens.
I'm sorry about messin' that up.
What job?
[sighs] Come on now.
You know I don't show my cards.
My clients expect confidentiality
and discretion.
It's for that guy, Bosch, isn't it?
He's not my only client, you know.
Well, good then.
by the federal government.
What the fuck?
The FBI wants something from me
that I don't have.
So what do they do? Put me in jail
on unfounded and false charges.
- Uh, Jade, I gotta go.
- [Quinn] Who was that?
- Uh, a client. I'll call you soon.
- Tell me that they own me.
That I'll never see
the light of day again.
Turn that up.
I have worked for over 30 years
on a legal practice
that stands up for the defenseless
and the disenfranchised.
I have a reputation
the government wants to destroy
with its careless work
and baseless claims.
- I am now the disenfranchised.
- [reporters clamoring]
Wait, you missed the best part.
She calls us
the Federal Bureau of Intimidation.
She's already playing
to the jury pool.
She's up to something.
So figure it out.
Be ready for it.
I don't wanna be embarrassed.
Not by her.
Everything was fine
until Lexi learned
the watch may have been stolen.
She called the Nguyens
and this sets off alarm bells
that go all the way back
to Ellis and Long.
She's married to a sheriff's deputy,
so she poses a threat.
They make it look like a sex crime,
using Foster's DNA
supplied by James Allen.
That's a great story.
Problem is, you can't prove any of it.
It's just theory.
It's not a theory.
These are facts.
And there are two other witnesses
to the extortions
carried out by Ellis and Long.
I should have their affidavits soon.
I suppose you're referring to
Deborah Stovall and Josette Leroux?
They're suspects in these extortions,
they're not witnesses.
My office plans to file charges
against them by the end of the day.
I'd hate to add to your
federal difficulties, Ms. Chandler,
but if you're sheltering these two women,
then you could be charged
with felonies yourself.
The man is innocent.
You know it. He knows it.
Everybody in this room knows it.
Ellis and Long murdered Lexi Parks.
This is about the election, isn't it?
Damage control.
You won't free an innocent man
because that would mean
admitting you charged an innocent man.
It's about justice.
We'll see you in court, Counselor.
Hey, Dan, you back?
Hey, Dan, it's Frank.
[suspenseful music playing]
Hey, Dan?
You're not Dan.
No, I'm not.
She's got it under control
and as soon as
she can get in front of a judge,
it'll go away.
Then we'll deal with the twins.
But when?
I don't know if I can take
another day with them, man.
Mo, you gotta take one for the team.
- We'll get there soon.
- [phone beeps]
This is Chandler on the other line.
I gotta go.
Mo's going stir crazy
babysitting these twins.
Look, the hearing's been set.
I'll need you in federal court
tomorrow morning.
How in the hell did you
get a hearing so fast?
A good lawyer knows the law,
a better lawyer knows the judge.
I'll see you tomorrow, Harry.
[indistinct chatter]
[Chandler] We got lucky when
Judge Colborn was assigned the case.
She has a rep for being tough
on federal overreach.
And has a soft spot
for a high-profile attorney
whose reputation is being
dragged through the mud by the Feds?
As soon as the case was assigned
to her, I knew we were in play.
[bailiff] All rise.
Be seated.
In the case of the United States
versus Honey Chandler,
we have an emergency motion to quash
and traverse a search warrant.
But first, Ms. Chandler,
you notified the court
that you wish to represent yourself.
Yes, Your Honor.
[Judge Colborn] Well, let's assume
you know what you're doing.
You're pro per motion is granted.
Do you wish to call witnesses?
Yes, Your Honor.
The defense calls Agent William Barron.
Agent Barron,
is that a copy of the search warrant
you served at my home and office?
Yes, it is.
Can you read the paragraph
in the probable cause statement
that I've marked in yellow.
"In defiance of a federal court order,
Chandler told Cooperating Witness One
she had destroyed all physical files
and records related to the Rogers case.
Subsequently, the shredded materials
were recovered."
Yes, I see you've brought a bag
of shredded documents to court today.
Are those my Rogers files?
Yes, that's what's left of them.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Mr. O'Meara?
Go get her.
No questions, Your Honor.
The witness is excused. Do you have
another witness, Ms. Chandler?
Yes, Your Honor.
The defense calls Amanda Scones.
Ms. Scones, please tell the court
what you do for a living.
I'm an attorney.
And I'm one of your clients, correct?
Did there come a time
earlier this year
when I came to your offices
to discuss a legal matter?
Yes, you told me you had received
a court order to safeguard
all files and related materials
from one of your cases.
The Rogers case.
What did I ask you to do?
You gave me all of your Rogers files
for safekeeping
until they were no longer needed.
[Chandler] Are those files
what you brought with you today?
Yes, I have them all.
Are they shredded
or otherwise damaged and destroyed?
No, they are fully intact.
Did I give you digital files
to safeguard as well?
[Scones] You did.
You gave me a thumb drive
onto which all files
pertaining to Rogers were downloaded.
It's in the file box too.
Thank you.
No further questions, Your Honor.
Mr. O'Meara?
[indistinct whispering]
Mr. O'Meara.
Do you wish to question the witness?
No questions, Your Honor.
The witness is excused.
Do we even need to argue the motion?
Mr. O'Meara.
The probable cause statement
in the search warrant
is factually incorrect
and that makes everything
from these searches
fruit of the poisonous tree.
Can the Justice Department give me
one reason not to dismiss this case
and forbid the further use
of any and all evidence
collected through these
tainted and illegal searches?
[sighs] No, Your Honor.
I didn't think so.
I'd like to ask Ms. Chandler
if she was clever enough
to lead the FBI into this trap,
but I won't put that on the record.
The motion to quash
and traverse is granted.
And it is the order of this court
that any evidence
gathered from the
ill-gotten search warrant be suppressed.
Mr. O'Meara, will you be proceeding
in light of the court's ruling today?
No, we will be unable
to proceed, Your Honor.
Then I am dismissing this case.
Ms. Chandler,
you are discharged in this matter
and the court is now adjourned.
All rise.
That was beautiful.
Yes, it was.
You think this is over?
I'll be coming by for my files
tomorrow morning.
Now please step aside.
It's not over.
Not by a fuckin' long shot.
Yeah, okay, pal. Back off.
[reporters clamoring]
[suspenseful music playing]
[turn signal clicking]
- [tires screech]
- [horn honks]
[siren wails]
Fuck me.
Hi, Dad.
You made us, didn't you?
That's CRU tailing me?
Yeah, they say, um, cops and ex-cops
are the hardest to tail.
You turned down RHD protection.
We had to do something.
Like use me as bait?
If you were bait,
we wouldn't have pulled you over.
If the department wants to protect me,
they can start by giving me my gun back.
Oh, I thought you said your gut
told you Ellis was long gone.
Is there somebody else
you're worried about?
Not really.
This is exactly what I was talking about
at the Formosa, Dad.
Worrying about you has become
a full-time distraction. I can't keep
Okay, okay, so don't worry
about me. I'm fine.
You need to take care
of yourself first, Mads, okay?
What happened at court?
We had you since you left.
Judge kicked the whole case
against Chandler, like I told you.
So where does that leave you?
She's in the clear,
I should be in the clear too.
You won't be bothered
by the Feds anymore.
Well, then why'd you pull
that stunt back there?
Can never be too sure.
Have a good day.
No more crazy.
Yes, Officer.
[phone rings]
[Mo] Hey.
We got mutiny on the bounty over here.
I told you to sit tight.
No, not talkin' about me, Maestro.
I miss my tunes and digital array,
but it's the ladies
that are talkin' escape plans.
Where's Chandler?
I just had to stop them
from jumpin' in an Uber.
I'll get Chandler and we'll be there
as soon as we can.
Uh, bring me some vinyl, will you?
This joint has a turntable
but not my kind of tunes.
[suspenseful music playing]
[phone buzzes]
Mo reports the Bobbsey Twins
are at the end of their rope.
I'm ready for them.
Should I meet you there?
No, I got a tail I gotta shake.
Come get me.
Who? The FBI?
hoping to spot Ellis.
Where should I get you?
The Record Parlour on Selma.
I'll come out.
On my way.
[phone chimes]
[jazz music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Ladies, there has got to be more.
It's important that
we leave nothing out
because when I negotiate your cooperation
in exchange for immunity,
you'll be required to reveal
all illegal activities.
If you intentionally leave
something out and they find it,
they can prosecute you if it's outside
the bounds of your immunity agreement.
It's like when you go
to confession with a priest.
All the sins you tell him about,
they get forgiven.
The ones you don't tell him about
are still there
and they count against you.
Like you can't get into heaven.
[Bosch] Exactly.
Ooh, my man, Ron Carter.
Peg Leg, 1978.
Straight from the fridge, daddy.
- [Chandler sighs]
- [Mo] Sorry.
So what else?
I need everything.
It's like I can't escape his shadow.
I think like him, I act like him.
It's genetic. Embrace it.
I don't want to.
And I have to say,
he's always walked that line
between what is justice
and what is vengeance.
Now I'm there too.
This is because of Dockweiler.
You have to let that go.
You put him down.
Without you, he would
still be out there, hurting people.
You paid a price, no doubt,
but that motherfucker's
gone for good,
thanks to you.
Can't you just hold on to that?
I wish I could.
There's also the Calamity Jane guy.
Calamity Jane? What's that?
A guy we did. Dan something.
He had a boat called the Calamity Jane.
He didn't have the cash
to pay Ellis and Long,
so they made him sign over the boat.
Where? Where's the boat?
Marina del Rey, I think.
Excuse me.
Do you still carry your gun?
Yeah, it's in the glovebox. Why?
I need to borrow it, and your car.
Going to the marina?
Keep going with them.
What about me?
There's gotta be hundreds
of boats in Marina del Rey.
See if you can locate the Calamity Jane.
We've got a bogey.
Female, white, 16 to 18.
Subject's entering the building.
Z-11, can we get a hair color
for the bogie?
She's a blonde.
That sounds like Sam.
She walks Coltrane,
but usually when Harry isn't there.
Tell them.
[Ross] She's coming back out.
She has a dog.
Sam. Where's Harry?
I don't know.
He texted, he said he had to go out
and he wanted me to walk Coltrane.
Did he say where he had to go?
No, just asked me to walk Coltrane.
Does he still let you track his cell?
He's on the west side.
On the 90 headed towards the marina.
- What's there?
- I don't know.
- [tires screech]
- Is Harry in trouble?
The Calamity Jane. Anything?
Nothing yet.
I'm looking through the deliveries
from the main chandlery.
But you're wrong.
There aren't hundreds of boats.
More like thousands.
Keep looking. I'm here.
- [siren wailing]
- [Vasquez] They're at least ten behind us.
We should pull up and wait for them.
No fucking way.
I have a bad feeling about this.
Can you see where he is now?
[Vasquez] All right, he's parked off
of Admiralty Way.
The Albacore Marina.
What, does he like to fish?
No, he's working.
He ditched us and he's working.
On what?
Ellis. Don't you see?
He turned down protection
so that he could find Ellis himself.
God, I should have known.
He has those girls
that worked with Ellis stashed.
They told him where he is.
Z-31 to Z units, be advised
possible armed 187 subject at location.
[siren wailing]
[phone rings]
Found it.
There was a delivery yesterday
from the chandlery
to the Calamity Jane,
dock six, slip 1506.
Special instructions were
leave delivery on the fantail.
Purchases were put on
account of a Dan Purdy.
What was the purchase?
A bottle of bourbon, some pork rinds,
jar of peanut butter, and a loaf of bread.
It's him.
- Should we send in the cops?
- [phone beeps]
Guess not.
[engine shuts off]
That's Money Chandler's car.
She has a yacht?
No, she does not have a yacht.
It would be too easy.
He used her car to lose us.
So he could be anywhere out there.
Dad, where are you?
Call me back.
Sir. Hold that gate for us, please.
Wait, there's more gates.
I can let you in down there.
Nah, we shouldn't split up.
I'm not waiting.
Stay in line of sight.
[suspenseful music playing]
[police scanner chatter]
Don't move.
I'll take this.
Thank you.
And I'll take this.
[police scanner chatter]
How'd you find me?
Wasn't that hard.
The two bitches.
I should've taken care of them
when I had the chance.
Who's the guy?
He's leverage,
in case I need it.
Let him go. You have me.
That's not gonna happen.
You're too dangerous to take along alive.
If you're takin' this thing to Mexico,
you better get goin'.
Why's that?
'Cause CRU's been on my tail since you
went full-on Dorner at Schubert's house.
That's a nice bluff, Bosch.
Although I wouldn't mind
taking your daughter hostage.
I hear she goes easy.
Put the scanner on 16.
You know that's their channel.
You'll hear 'em closing in.
[both grunting]
[Bosch choking]
[Bosch choking]
[Maddie] Police!
[suspenseful music playing]
[panting] I got you.
I got you.
[police radio chatter]
Hey, man, if you hadn't come along
Don't worry about it.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Well, thank you.
Dad. Are you okay?
I'm fine. Are you all right?
Harry, I gotta keep you two separated.
FID protocol.
I need to take her weapon
and get her to them now.
Okay, okay.
You did good, Mads.
There was no choice.
No choice.
Harry. Come on, man.
That's all I wanted to say.
That and thank you.
I don't know how you found me,
but thank you.
We can thank Coltrane for that.
[knocking on door]
She's here.
All right, bring her in.
[suspenseful music playing]
How are you, Agent Morrell?
Life undercover treatin' you okay?
Good. Yeah, I'm good.
[Barron] All right.
Are you ready
to pull the string on Mo Bassi?
Might have him
right where we want him.
I say it's a go.
Let's do it.
Next time on Bosch: Legacy.
I'm never going to be the person I was.
If this is the collateral damage,
I can live with it.
They've recovered Ellis' body.
They haven't found the gun yet.
Are you sure about the gun?
This is the FBI.
Come out with your hands up.
I get why you're angry with me.
Do you?
I like you as a friend
and I don't want to ruin a good thing.
Friend is good. Friend is fine.
If a friend it must be.
I'm law enforcement.
Please, I have to know.
Well, thank you for taking the time
to meet with me.
What can I do for you?
[theme music playing]
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