Breaking Bad s02e07 Episode Script

Negro Y Azul

The city's called Duk e The state's called New Mexico Among the gangsters The gringos' fame is inflated 'Cause of the new drug they created They say the colour is blue And the quality pure This potent drug's runnin' Through the city And no one could stop it If they wanted to The cartel's runnin' hot because They weren't getting respect Talkin' 'bout some "Heisenberg" Who owns the mark et now No one knows the man since They've never seen his face The cartel's 'bout respect And they ain't forgiving But that homey's dead He just doesn't know it yet Heisenberg's fame has got Down to Michoacan From way far away They want to taste that meth That blue stuff has crossed the border Now New Mexico's livin' up to its name Looks just lik e Mexico In all the drugs it's hiding Except there's a gringo boss And he's known as "Heisenberg" The cartel's runnin' hot because They weren't getting respect Talkin' 'bout some "Heisenberg" Who owns the mark et now No one knows the man since They've never seen his face The fury of the cartel Ain't no one escaped it yet But that homey's dead He just doesn't know it yet Nitrogen bonds to oxygen, which in turn.
You do know what a bond is? A strong force of attraction.
Covalent bonds, ionic bonds.
The coming together of atoms and molecules to form compounds.
No? Chemical bonds are what make matter matter.
Bonds are what hold the physical world together.
-What hold us together.
No, I got it.
Your test score says otherwise.
It tells me you don't get it at all.
Yeah, but, I mean, 58.
I was close.
What is "close"? There's no "close" in science, Barry.
There are right answers and wrong answers.
" Close" didn't put men on the moon.
Yeah, but I'm just saying, Mr.
White, two points? Look, if I don't pass chemistry, I have to go to summer school.
And, I mean, I really studied.
Like, really, really studied.
Like, all night, hard.
And, I mean, I'm so into chemistry for, like, the concepts.
I just think I might have, you know, the attention deficit.
Couldn't you please just let this slide? Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
The answer is no.
Next time, apply yourself.
If I know you, leave a message.
Are you ducking me, or what? This makes the third time.
Look, I will be leaving this phone on for another 15 minutes, so call me.
Oh, and by the way, that thing we talked about, the.
When I said, " Handle it.
" Well, don't.
Just let it go.
All right.
Come on.
Jesse, open the door.
I know you're home.
Your car is here.
Come on.
Can I help you? No.
Thank you.
Well, I'm the manager, so can we stop with the pounding, please? You're the manager? Yes.
Yes, you can help me.
I very much need to get inside here, so if you have a master key.
-You have a key, right? -Yeah, I have a key.
Look, the person who lives here it's just very important for me to see him.
-And you knocked, right? -Yeah.
He didn't answer? Which means? -Look, I'm his father, all right? -You're Mr.
Jackson? Yes.
That's me.
Walt Jackson.
And you are? -Jane.
Very nice to meet you, Jane.
Now, if you wouldn't mind.
Jackson, I'm happy to let you use my phone.
-Wanna call him? -No.
l-- As I said, I would like if you let me inside here so that I can check on my son's well-being.
You understand? Look, whatever's going on between the two of you is family.
I don't get involved in family.
Jesse doesn't want you in, you're not getting in.
Come on in, Dad.
-You okay? Yeah.
"Jesse Jackson"? Do you even? Oh, I see you have a telephone, at least.
You know, that blinking thing I've been calling you on? Whatever, man.
-Hey, give me my-- Give-- -I will break this.
I will break this! Damned druggie idiot.
Is this what you've been doing the whole time I've been trying to reach you? -No.
I've been taking care of business.
-What business? What business? The business you put me on, asshole.
What, you already forgot? This business.
Does that jog your memory? Son of a bitch.
-You didn't actually--? -Hey, you said-- You said, " Handle it," so, you know, I handled it.
When I said, " Handle it," I meant fear and intimidation.
I meant get your money back.
I never meant-- -Oh, didn't mean to kill somebody? -No! Well, too late, yo, because dude's dead.
-Oh, God.
-All right? Way dead.
-Oh, God.
-Oh, and, hey, hey, hey.
Here's your money.
Yeah, 4660 bucks.
Your half.
Spend it in good health, you miserable son of a bitch.
I didn't say I killed him.
Tell me what happened.
Dude's wife crushed his head with an ATM machine.
-Crushed his--? -Crushed his head with an ATM machine right in front of me.
I mean, crushed it like.
Oh, my God, the sound it's still in my ears.
You know, and the blood, like, everywhere.
Like, there was so much, you would not believe.
Man, will you just please give me--? Just give me my weed, all right? It helps with my nausea.
So you did not kill anyone? Does anybody think that you killed anybody? I called the cops.
You called the cops? Yeah.
You know, I called, and I split, you know? And then they came in and busted her.
God, she was-- She was so zapped out of her mind.
You know? It's.
She did it for, like, nothing.
I mean, he told her she was a skank, but, yo, I mean, she was a skank.
Can this person identify you? Can she identify you being there? She couldn't identify her left ass cheek.
She was so zonked.
And she had this.
God, she had this kid.
Listen, I'm a little fuzzy on the mechanics here but could you not stop this woman from killing this man? Look, she had a gun on me, all right? Yeah, my gun, okay? Mine.
Go ahead, say it.
Say it.
No, I ain't no Tuco or Krazy-8.
I can't run a crew.
Come on.
Come on.
Point made, man.
Point made.
If I know you, leave a message.
-Hey, it's Badger, man.
-What are you doing? -Don't use your real name.
-What? That isn't my real name.
Yo, we got those pants you wanted.
Thirty-two large, right? We got them just for you, jefe.
Let's do some business, yo.
So are you gonna get back up on that horse? No.
You get on.
All right? I just want to forget.
I just.
Hey, what's up with that? Jesus Malverde, patron saint of Mexican drug dealers.
Well, yeah, hell, I know who it is, okay? Scumbags kneeling down praying to him: " Please, Senor Saint.
No DEA, please.
" I'm just-- I'm just saying, why's he on your desk? Going after neo-Nazis, you don't wear swastikas, right? -Sun Tzu.
-Son who? Sixth-century Chinese general.
Wrote The Art of War.
" If you know your enemy as yourself you'll fight without danger in many battles.
" Right on.
-Agent Schrader.
-Glad to have you onboard.
-Everybody getting you settled in? -Oh, yeah, yeah.
Great group of guys.
And gals.
And gals.
Guys-- Guys and gals.
You couldn't have picked a better time to arrive.
We're about to put a big dent in the cartel.
Right, Vanco? Yes, sir.
Yo, bro, check it out.
It's a satellite picture of you farting.
" Fat Man and Little Boy.
" Sounds like you two.
I got your fat man in my pants, bitch.
-Hey, watch it.
-It ain't real, dumb-ass.
Just watch it, is all.
You watch it.
I'm Heisenberg.
You're Heisenberg? Yeah, I remember you.
You were the cook.
Let's get this over with.
Where's Jesse? -Busy.
-Hey, that's cool.
Real cool.
Totally cool.
Hey, hey-- It's all there, man.
Every dollar.
Case you wanna, like, count it.
-Here? -I'm just saying.
Just saying, like, we cool, yo.
Ain't got no confusions and interpretations as to who we work for.
And that's church, yo.
For real.
What have you heard? Did Jesse really? I mean, did he really squash that dude's head with an ATM machine? Word.
Who's saying that? Damn, man, it's all over town.
Everybody's like, "Whoa, snap.
" Usually I gotta chase dudes down for their money but today everybody's paying up.
True that.
But, like.
He really did it? You didn't hear that from me.
Big lunch.
Thank you.
-Here you go.
-Very good, Ms.
We'll consider your application and let you know.
Thank you.
I'd just like to mention that I have worked here before.
Really? When are you due? -Several months.
I see.
Accounting Department.
You left us four years ago? Family.
We'll definitely let you know.
Thank you for coming by.
Actually, may I see Ted Beneke? l-- I think he'll remember me.
Beneke's very busy today, unfortunately.
You know, if it's okay, I'll just-- Ma'am-- Skyler.
Oh, my God, look at you.
Hey, Ted.
-Come in, come in.
No calls, Margaret, thanks.
Come on, sit down right here.
Thank you.
-You look great.
-Oh, yeah, yeah.
Boy or girl? Or are you keeping it a secret? Oh, it's a little girl.
We're very excited.
I'll bet.
One of each.
How's Walt Jr.
? Oh, 10th grade, and he's just growing like a weed.
He's-- He's taller than I am now.
I'm betting 6'3", 6'4" by the time he's finished.
And, wow, handsome.
Oh, my God.
Good genes.
Speaking of movie stars, those can't be the twins.
Oh, yeah.
That's them.
-They're gorgeous.
-Yes, they are.
And they know it.
I'm in real trouble there, huh? Yeah.
So the big office, huh? -Yeah.
Weird, isn't it? I still think of it as my dad's.
I miss him.
Me too.
I'd like to think he'd be proud.
Last year was our best year yet.
Yeah, he'd be proud.
Walt? How's he doing? Oh, he's-- He is doing great.
He's plugging away.
He's still teaching? -Yeah.
-You tell him I said hello.
-I will definitely do that.
To be honest, Ted, I didn't just stop by to say hello.
I was applying for the data-entry job.
You're kidding.
Skyler, you were, like, our go-to bookkeeper.
Well the economy, you know, so.
Well, you, data entry? That'd be a mistake.
How about get your old job back? We're expanding, and, well, between you and me the whole department's pretty much of a mess.
Your work would be cut out for you but we could use your help.
All right.
Now, this is our territory, right? Currently.
-Yeah, man.
-Now, look at this.
Here, here, here and here.
What does that look like to you? Opportunities.
Golden ones.
That's what that looks like.
No, look.
Look, it's an entire city full of buyers.
Now, why aren't we exploiting that? -Because it's not our territory? -Because we lack initiative.
You need to employ more dealers.
Double, triple your crew.
Those three I met? They should each have three, six, nine sub-dealers working for them.
Exponential growth, that's the key here.
It's not our territory, man.
Yo, you follow me here, huh? We go rolling into these neighbourhoods other crews ain't gonna take kindly, you understand? Sure, they won't like it but I say they're not gonna do a thing about it.
Listen, Jesse-- -No.
The game has changed.
The word is out that you are a killer.
-What are you talking about? -Apparently, it's all over town.
Somebody crossed you, you got angry you crushed their skull with an ATM machine.
-That's not how it happened.
-Who cares as long as it's our competitors who believe it and not the police? -Oh, my-- -No, don't you see how great this is? Look, you-- You are a.
Jesse, look at me.
You are a blowfish.
-What? -A blowfish.
Think about it.
Small in stature, not swift, not cunning.
Easy prey for predators but the blowfish has a secret weapon doesn't he? Doesn't he? What does the blowfish do, Jesse? What does the blowfish do? -I don't even know-- -The blowfish puffs up.
The blowfish puffs himself up four, five times larger than normal.
And why? Why does he do that? So that it makes him intimidating, that's why.
So that the other scarier fish are scared off.
And that's you.
You are a blowfish.
You see, it's just all an illusion.
You see, it's nothing but air.
Now who messes with the blowfish, Jesse? -Nobody.
-You're damn right.
-I'm a blowfish.
-You are a blowfish.
-Say it again.
-I'm a blowfish.
-Say it like you mean it.
-I'm a blowfish.
-You're a blowfish.
That's right.
-Yeah! Blowfishing this up.
Hello? The SkyMall.
Give me the SkyMall, would you? Vanco new guy don't speak Spanish.
What's up? Hey, white boy, better learn Espanol, huh? This ain't Branson, Missouri, know what I'm talking about? You know what? I'll teach you.
It means, " Let's make a deal.
" So go ahead.
We're waiting.
Right here.
" ltem SS4G: Yankee Stadium final season commemorative baseball hand-signed by Derek Jeter.
" Vanco, write this down.
Oh, man, watch out.
"66100ZBG: large-size floor runner.
" Look at that, huh? It's a rug you put on the floor except for it looks like a hundred-dollar bill.
I love them.
Get me 20 of them.
I'm gonna put them all over my casa.
We'll get you three.
-No, you give me 10.
How about you stop jerking us off here? Where's the meet? When's it going down? White boy don't like let's make a deal, huh? White boy's gonna kick your ass, you don't stop wasting time.
Hey, white boy.
My name's Tortuga.
You know what that means? Well, if I had to guess, I'd say that's Spanish for "asshole.
" Tortuga means "turtle.
" That's me.
I take my time, but I always win.
Oh, wait.
That reminds me.
I seen this earlier.
This is awesome, homes.
Right there, look at that.
"The tranquil tortoise garden sculpture.
" Definitely two of those, huh? Check it out, huh? Good likeness.
Hank's doing great down there.
He's making inroads.
I'm sure he is.
He's a hero, after all.
So you gonna go down to El Paso? Please.
It's Third World enough around here.
They keep him busy every second.
He's already got some big operation going.
Some hush-hush deal he couldn't tell me about except it's on the other side of the border.
Wow, that sounds exciting.
He's being safe, right? Yeah.
He says he's mostly riding a desk.
Which, between you and me, is just the way I want it.
Speaking of riding desks got myself a job today.
You did not.
As big as you are? -Thank you.
-You know I just mean.
Where? With who? Well, someone willing to work around that, apparently.
You did not.
Is Mr.
Grabby-Hands still there? Marie, that was one time at a Christmas party.
And he was so drunk, he was practically slurring his words.
-Just what you want in an executive.
-And he apologised profusely.
Plus he's married with a family.
I'm sure he doesn't wanna get sued.
It will not happen again.
Is money that tight? Yeah.
You know we can always help out.
No, Marie.
You know Walt.
He would just.
-Speak of the devil.
Hi, Marie.
How are you? What's up? Nothing much.
How's things with you? -Good.
-Hi, honey.
-Dinner will be about an hour and-- -Oh, thanks, sweetie.
-Everything okay? -Everything's perfect.
This is Raisin Bran, not Raisin Bran Crunch.
So? Same thing.
Not the same thing.
I'll tell you what, why don't you do the grocery shopping? And then you can get whatever you want.
It's-- It's not that hard, Mom.
It says "crunch" on the box.
You're pushing it.
-Morning, honey.
-Hey, Dad.
Dad, notice anything? Is there a funeral today? -A funeral? -Well-- -Oh, Christ, do I look that bad? -No, no, no.
Mom got a job.
A job? Why? Well, do I need to get out the chequebook and show you? No, I.
Do you think it's a good idea in your condition? No, no.
The doctor said I can work up until I go into labour.
And it's just an office job.
I'm just sitting on my butt.
Where? Beneke.
I'm back working in the Accounting Department.
Skyler, what about the welding fumes? Isn't that why you had to quit -in the first place? -They've gone green since then.
They have some kind of green welding or something.
I didn't smell anything when I was in there.
Didn't Mr.
Beneke pass away? Yeah.
Who's running things? Ted.
The son.
Anyway, I have got to go.
I don't wanna be late my first day back.
-Wish me luck.
-Good luck.
You left your cave.
I was-- I'm missing my TV.
Thinking maybe I'd hit Costco.
You know, snag a big-ass wide-screen.
What you drawing? Damn.
That's good.
Make a hell of a tat.
That's the plan.
Really? I work part-time, down at ABQ Ink.
Right on.
Yo, you're a real good drawer.
I used to do a little of that.
You used to be a drawer too, huh? What stopped you? You know, just.
So tell me something.
What kind of tattoo artist has no tattoos? That's way too big a commitment.
Hey, man.
You're Pinkman.
You're the man! Everybody's been talking about you.
Right on, man.
Keep it real.
" Pinkman," huh? Yeah.
I thought your name was "Jackson.
" Well, your snitch is really earning his nickname.
Are we? Are we just on manana time? They'll show.
Yeah? Why is that? You got more catalogues for him to clean out? Maybe a little Sharper lmage or Pottery Barn? What the hell are they thinking? Sending us some loudmouth who doesn't speak the language? Politics, man.
Supposed to be some hotshot hero.
I say it's a bunch of crap.
Hero for Albuquerque, maybe.
Maybe it don't take much up there.
Hey, something I need to know about? What? Oh, that? No, man.
We were just singing your praises.
Glad to have you.
Welcome aboard.
Hey, is that your guy? Hey, I think that's your guy.
What the hell is he doing down there? Schrader, where you going? We need an evidence bag, right? A pretty big one.
What's the matter? You act like you never saw a severed human head on a tortoise before.
Hey, welcome to-- My leg.
--headed by Werner Heisenberg, were also undertak en during the war.
The game has changed, yo.
This is our city, all right? All of it.
The whole damn place.
Our territory.
We're staking our claim that we sell when we want, where we want.
Now, we're gonna be kings, understand? Well, I'm gonna be king.
You guys will be princes or dukes or something.
-I wanna be a knight.
-But first things first.
We gotta get more dealers.
You know, foot soldiers, right? Now, they'll be working for you.
You're working for me, and they're working for you.
You follow me? Layered, like nachos.
Exponential growth.
Now, that's success with a capital S.
Straight up, straight up.
For shizzle.
Frigging awesome.
Well, we're set.
Our boys are ready.
Gonna be some mad cheddar, yo.
Cheddar, Mr.
Fat stacks, dead presidents, cash money.
Gonna own this city.
We're not charging enough.
What? You corner the market, then raise the price.
Simple economics.
Oh, hey, Ted.
Come on in.
-Looks like they got you all set up.
It's perfect.
I am close enough to the bathroom that I don't have to waddle far.
And that's very nice.
-I figured that might be a deal-breaker.
Listen, I.
I wanted to thank you for having me back.
You don't have to thank me.
I need you.
Wow, Ted, it's a little early for wine, isn't it? Oh, damn.
It's grape juice.
Been making the girls breakfast in the morning.
Hey, how is Denise doing? We split up, about a year ago.
I'm sorry.
She's definitely happier now.
I guess I am too, most days.
-Together since high school.
-I remember that.
I don't know, people change.
Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you.
Welcome you back.
I'll see you around the vending machines.
We should have lunch one day.
Like old times.
Oh, hey.
Hey, yourself.
So listen.
My name is not really Jesse Jackson.
It's Jesse Pinkman.
And that guy you met he's not my dad.
You're not gonna kick me out, are you? Because I actually really like it here.
I don't make it my business what you do.
So long as you don't do it here.
So, hey, I got this kick-ass new flat-screen.
Wanna see? It's got that thing where the blacks are, like, you know, really, really, really black.
And the Dolby six-point-whatever.
So it'll really rock the house.
But I'll, you know.
I'll keep it way down, of course.
I don't know what the hell is taking so long.
Come on, come on.

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