Breaking Bad s03e01 Episode Script

No M?s

[car door closes.]
[paper rustling.]
[Male Announcer.]
We interrupt our scheduled programming to bring you breaking news.
Good afternoon.
In the last several minutes, KOB has received dozens of reports of what appears to be a crashed aircraft-- possibly two aircraft-- on Albuquerque's east side.
As of yet, details are scarce, but callers describe witnessing an explosion overhead, followed by falling debris.
Visible now toward crash investigators with the National Transportation Safety Board are expected on-site as early as this evening.
But officials warn that, with a debris field of this magnitude, the investigation and the clean-up may well stretch-- are now saying that the Boeing 737 was being re-routed or vectored through the airspace, which is standard procedure, according to a spokesman for the FAA.
The eight-seat King Air 350 was a charter flight operating out of Saint George, Utah, bound for Amarillo, Texas.
It sounded like hail.
Like heavy hailstones.
It was just, um bump-bump-bump all over the neighborhood.
indicating that the final death toll now stands at 167.
67 muertos-- 167.
This mid-air collision has left many wondering how such an accident could take place in a system with so many safeguards.
Allegations continue that the collision The bombshell confirmation out of Oklahoma City today, as the FAA confirmed, it was, indeed, a lone air traffic controller's fateful mistake que el nombre del hombre es Donald Margolis.
is Donald Margolis, a 19-year veteran of the FAA's Air Route Traffic Control Center in Albuquerque.
Margolis recently returned to work after a five-week absence, which was due to, quote, a personal loss.
While it's now known that Margolis had recently lost a daughter [Female Anchor.]
to a drug overdose a month before.
His troubled daughter Jane Margolis, aged 26, apparently had a long history of substance abuse.
And friends of the family say the death of his only child hit Margolis particularly hard.
Coming as it did little more than a month before, many are questioning the timing of his return to work, and are wondering how much blame truly lies with those who let this grieving father-- [sizzles.]
[fire crackling.]
No, no.
I usually open with "So sorry you're here.
" Where would you like to begin? I really just need this quick and easy, you know? As quick as something like this can be.
Is that mutual? Does your husband go along with that? Does he know? Well, I mean, he certainly knows we're separated, so-- Has he moved out? We're in the process of moving him out.
Today, hopefully.
And in the meantime, my-- my son and my daughter and I are staying with my sister.
So you've moved out? Well, yes, just temporarily, only so he could get his things.
That was supposed to happen last week, but then came the crash, and-- Oh, God.
You weren't one of the-- Right-- Yeah.
Right beneath the flight path.
And, um uh, we had debris land in our yard and all of our neighborhood, so-- Mmm.
Apparently, even, um you know, parts of bodies, and so I certainly couldn't bring myself to-- So awful.
I know.
Anyway, I was certainly not ready to move back, but it's time.
And, um, I'm sure we're driving my sister and her husband up a wall.
Well, you definitely want to maintain residency in your actual home.
It just puts you in a better position in regards to custody.
Two children, you said? Yes.
Holly here, and then I have a son in high school-- Walter Junior.
They need to stay with me.
How long have you been married? Sixteen years.
And it's not an apartment.
It's a house that you live in? Mm-hmm.
Do you own outright? Do you have a mortgage? Yes.
There's definitely a mortgage.
We have, um maybe 15 years on it.
What about other debts or assets? Do you feel you have a good understanding of you and your husband's financial situation? Is your husband employed? You know what? Here's the thing.
I-- I'm really not looking for any, sort of, uh, loopholes or-- um-- I don't know-- just-- No.
No loopholes.
I just intend that every one of my clients get a full and honest accounting of what it is they owe and what it is they own.
To that end, I say let's leave no stone unturned.
You'd be amazed what I've seen partners hide from one another.
[doorbell rings.]
[knocking on door.]
[knocking continues.]
[knocking continues.]
Hey, Walt? Hey.
Hey, buddy, there you are.
Listen, I, uh-- You know, well-- It's, uhtime.
The s---tiest week since 9/11, okay? Bar none.
Yeah, this is it.
Hands down, we're living it.
I mean, I speak with some authority because we definitely had some s---ty weeks in the past few months, you know? But this here, I mean, call, you know-- call freakin' the Guinness Book of World Records-- Call freakin'- Am I talking too much? Am I? I am, right? I am.
I know.
Look, look.
But this situation between you and, uh-- uh-- I'm not asking, by the way.
Okay? It's none of my business.
I do not want to get in the middle of you two.
I'm just saying-- Listen, listen-- Okay? You beat a little tactical retreat.
Yeah? And regroup.
And then-- bong.
You know, absence makes the-- I'm pulling for you, you know? I'm pulling-- Whoa, whoa.
No heavy lifting.
I got it.
No, it's okay.
I got it.
What do you got in there, cinder blocks? Half a million in cash.
That's the spirit.
I got it.
I got it.
[hatch closes.]
Who's here for self-improvement? Come on, give me a show of hands.
Who among you is here hoping they can actively improve who they are? Right.
See, that's your first mistake.
You should be here to learn self-acceptance.
[baby fussing.]
Hey, honey, you, uh-- you want another waffle? [phone rings.]
I still got the iron out.
I could cut up some bananas.
[answering machine clicks.]
[Skyler's voice.]
Hi, you're reached Walt, Skyler, Flynn, and Holly.
Please leave us a message.
Uh, hey.
Hello, everybody.
Good morning.
I was just checking in and thought I'd pass along the current contact information.
I mean, certainly, you can always reach me on my cell.
I've always got that on me.
But in terms of a mailing address, I'm here at The Beachcomber.
And you know what? It's actually very nice.
It's very pleasant.
Not as high end as the Oakwood, but, you know, not as corporate-- Oh, hey, would you please just- [receiver clatters.]
[Walter Junior.]
Hey, Dad.
It's me.
No, I'm not okay.
I don't know what the h- -- is going on.
Nobody's telling me jack s- -- around here.
Hey, Flynn.
What-- Whatever.
I-- I don't even care anymore.
Can-- Can you just give me a ride to school? I'll take you to school.
I-- I'm ready now.
Flynn, I'm taking you to school.
All right.
I'm here.
See you soon.
[receiver clatters.]
[cell phone buzzes.]
[school bell rings.]
[Woman on P.
May I have your attention, please? As all of you know, last week our city suffered a terrible tragedy, one that none of us will ever forget, which is why today we're going to take a little time out of our schedule to gather in the gym and talk.
I just find it, you know, really-- really hard to concentrate because of all the horrors, you know, we perceived.
It just really gets inside your brain, and-- In college they have this thing where, if your roommate kills himself-- like, if you come home and find him hanging in the closet or whatever-- it's basically, like, an automatic "A" for you.
And I just think that that kind of compassion is-- is something to-- Okay.
Thank you, Barry.
Who wants to go next? Hmm? No judgments, guys.
Just feelings.
You can say anything and everything that's on your mind.
Anyone? There you go, honey.
I just keep asking myself-- Honey, could you please stand up? Just keep asking myself, "Why did this happen?" I mean, if there's a God and all, why does he allow all those innocent people to die for no reason? Okay, can we just keep it secular, honey? Anyhow, I haven't really been sleeping much.
Does anyone else have that? I just keep hearing that- that sound.
That boom.
It just plays over and over in my head like it won't ever stop.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Is there anyone else? Uh-- [clears throat.]
-- My neighbor, he heard the crash, and he ran out to his front yard, and he found, like, this seat-- you know, like, an airline seat.
Like one you have on an airliner? Well, anyway, the seat was standing perfectly upright in his front yard, right next to his Sea-Doos-- because, like, he has Sea-Doos-- But there was still a pair of legs buckled into them.
Human legs.
J---- H.
You okay? Yeah.
I-- um-- I was just moved.
Maybe we should hear from the faculty.
Certainly this tragedy didn't only affect our students.
White, would you like to say something? And by the way, welcome back.
Hmm? [applause.]
It's so good to have you back.
Uh I guess what I-- I would-- Sorry.
I guess what I would want to say is to look on the bright side.
First of all, nobody on the ground was killed.
And that-- I mean, an incident like this over a populated urban center-- That right there, that's-- that's just gotta be some minor miracle, so-- Plus, neither plane was full.
You know, the-- the 737 was-- was what? Uh, maybe two-thirds full, I believe.
Right? Yes? Or maybe even three-quarters full.
Well, at any rate, what you're left with casualty-wise is just the 50th worst air disaster.
Actually, tied for 50th.
There are, in truth, that are just as bad or worse-- Tenerife? Has anybody-- anybody hear of Tenerife? No? In 1977, two fully loaded 747s crashed into each other on Tenerife.
Does anybody know how big a 747 is? I mean, it's way bigger than a 737.
And we're talking about two of them.
Nearly 600 people died on Tenerife.
Doesn't any of you even remember it at all? Any of you? I doubt it.
You know why? It's because people move on.
They just move on.
And we will, too.
We will move on, and we will get past this because that is what human beings do.
We survive.
And, uh We survive, and-- and we-- we overcome.
We survive.
We survive, and-- Thank you.
Thank you.
Well Hey, how's your Aunt Marie doing? Fine, I guess.
You make sure you say hello to her for me, will you? Why don't you just come inside? It's your house.
No, I-- [door closes.]
[engine starts.]
He's gone.
Hey, Flynn! Tricks.
It's an expression.
How are you? Why do you gotta treat him like this? Why you gotta be like this? Why can't you just talk, even? Hey, hey, hey.
Cool down.
Out of the mouths of babes, huh? [door slams.]
You know, try not to hold it against him.
You know, I mean, the poor kid, he's probably just dying of curiosity.
You know, and I guess it would be natural for him to wonder.
I mean, he's probably just wondering, you know, what is it that could have gone so wrong-- Marie.
that my mother would leave-- Marie.
I can't help you get through this, Skyler, you know, if you won't tell me what it is that Walt did.
Well, you know what? I don't-- I don't remember asking you, all right? Well, I think that's- So if you want to be supportive, the reason you're stuck.
you could be supportive without prying, that would be really great- Prying, okay.
and so-- Well, prying's a strong word, but I don't-- helpful.
It's that voice inside your head.
It's that sneaky, rat-bastard, 24/7 voice.
You guys know what I'm talking about.
That voice that tells you you're not good enough.
Not good enough for what? Not good enough to be what, President of the United States? Well, okay, so maybe you're not that good.
But now are you good enough to deserve your share of basic human happiness? Are you good enough to be okay with who and what you are? I say yes.
But it doesn't matter what I say.
It's your voice, which means you're the only one that hears it, which means that you're the only one that can fight it.
Right? Jesse we never hear from you.
What's going on? You can tell me I'm full of s---.
It's okay.
I don't mind.
Just-- Come on.
Let us in on it.
So, like, what makes you the expert? I don't think I ever said I was that.
Yeah, but you're the one sitting here, right? Telling us thus and so, be happy, forgive yourself, blah, blah, blah.
Have you ever really hurt anybody? I don't just mean disappointed your mother or whatever, but did you ever really hurt someone? I killed my daughter.
It was July 18 which is my birthday.
July 18, 1992.
I was high on cocaine, and I was drunk.
Cocaine wasn't an issue because I had bought myself 2 grams the night before as a birthday present.
I had plenty left.
But I was out of vodka.
And this is in Portsmouth, Virginia, where instead of selling liquor in the supermarkets, they have these ABC stores which close at 5 p.
And right then it was, like, 4:42.
So I'm arguing with my wife-- "Come on, go to the ABC for me.
"It's my birthday.
"Come on.
They're not gonna sell it to me.
" She's saying, "No, no.
" So I'm p---ed, and the clock is ticking, so I jump in my truck.
She's-- my 6-year-old daughter She's playing at the end of the driveway.
So How do you not hate yourself? I did hate myself for a long time.
But it didn't stop me from drinking and getting high.
It just made it that much worse.
Self-hatred, guilt, it accomplishes nothing.
It just stands in the way.
Stands in the way of what? True change.
[knocking on door.]
Skyler, hi.
Is this a good time to talk? Yeah.
Come in, please.
Um Do you want to start? Okay.
Why-- Why are you doing this? Why are you even thinking this way? Is it to punish me? I am not punishing you, Walt.
This is punitive is what this is.
We are happily married.
I am happily married.
I am happy.
We're just-- I love you, Skyler, and I would do anything for you.
Would you even consider-- I mean, J----! You come in here, and you wave these papers in my face, when there's a whole other entire side to this thing.
There's your side, and there's my side.
And you haven't heard my side yet.
You haven't heard any of it at all.
You're a drug dealer.
What-- How-- What? [inhales, exhales.]
How else could you possibly make that kind of money? Marijuana.
That Pinkman kid.
No? Oh, my God, Walt.
Cocaine? It's methamphetamine.
But I-- I'm-- I manufacture.
I am not a dealer.
Per se.
It doesn't-- [gasps.]
No, Skyler.
Listen to me, Skyler.
There are a lot of angles to this, okay? It's complicated, all right? So please, let's-- Please, let's just sit back down, and we'll talk it through.
I'm gonna make you a deal, Walt.
I won't tell Hank, and I won't tell your children or anybody else.
Nobody will hear it from me, but only if you grant me this divorce and stay out of our lives.
No, Skyler.
I mean it.
Now let me the h-- out of here before I throw up.
Your windshield's broken.
A little friction in the marriage right now.
Strictly temporary.
We're just-- just taking a little break.
Uh, that's you over there.
Listen, um, money.
Saul has got it for you, and so as so as you're feeling better-- I'm better.
You're better.
Really? What? The rehab? It helped? Yeah.
I'm done using.
That's excellent.
That's-- That's very good, Jesse.
Boy-- Very good.
You know, um in spite of how bad things got, it really could be looked at like a wake-up call for th of us.
I mean, you know, just to get our-- our lives back together again and on the straight and narrow.
You been following this airplane crash? Yeah.
You know it was Jane's dad who accidentally crashed them together? Because he was so torn up? Okay, look, let me stop you right there, all right? You are not responsible for this-- not in any way, shape, or form, all right? Now, I-- I am very up-to-date on this thing, probably far more than you are, and there are-- there are many factors at play there.
Yeah? For instance, there's some sort of collision radar on the jet that may not have been working properly.
Now, that's public record.
You can look that up.
And the whole system is run on-- on 1960s technology.
No, really I blame the government.
You either run from things, or you face them, Mr.
And what exactly does that mean? I learned it in rehab.
It's all about accepting who you really are.
I accept who I am.
And who are you? I'm the bad guy.
Is the food to your satisfaction? Very much.
It's good to see you again.
May I? I have an offer that I think will be of interest to you.
I actually am not here to-- I'm here because I owe you the courtesy and respect to tell you this personally.
I'm done.
It has nothing to do with you personally.
I find you extraordinarily professional, and I appreciate the way you do business.
I'm just making a change in my life is what it is, and I'm-- I'm at some- something of a crossroads.
It has brought me to a realization.
I am not a criminal.
No offense to any people who are.
But this is not me.
I'd like you to hear my offer, notwithstanding.
It won't change my mind.
I'm sorry.
$3 million for three months of your time.
Three months, then out.
May I take this as a yes? [sighs.]
I have money.
I have more money than know how to spend.
What I don't have is my family.
The answer is still no.
Enjoy your meal.
Thank you.
[gunfire continues.]
What the h--- is going on in there? [gunfire.]