Breaking Bad s04e05 Episode Script


Previously on AMC's Breaking Bad We found a notebook.
I wonder if you might take a look.
I'm supposed to straighten up and fly right or toe the line or some other crap? My drug-addicted partner doesn't seem to care whether he lives or dies.
How long before Gus decides that he's too big of a risk? It's Pinkman.
He's become increasingly incautious.
Something's got to be done.
You think this Gale person is your Heisenberg? Jesse! Say you understand.
Do you understand? Tell me you understand, Saul! Every dollar-- If you don't hear from me in 24 hours-- No, no.
Saul, shut up.
Shut up and listen to me.
I want you to give her every last dollar.
I don't care if you have to stuff it in trash bags.
Just make sure she gets everything.
All right? Just make it happen! Hi.
You've reached the White family.
Please leave a message.
Uh Hey.
It's me.
Um I-- I I just wanted to say that I was thinking about you and the kids, and, uh I love you.
Would you like to try our Breakfast Chicken Chalupa Combo Meal? Gus Fring.
Excuse me? Gustavo Fring, your boss, now.
Fring isn't here right now.
- Is there something I'm able-- - He's here.
His car's parked out front.
He's here.
He was here.
Fring was-- You just go in the back and you tell him it's Walter White.
Understand? He'll know what it's about.
I'll wait.
Walter, what exactly are you doing? Where's Jesse? Jesse's with me.
He's fine.
Do you expect me to just believe that? I'm crossing my heart, Walter.
Where is he? Hold on.
Jesse? Yeah.
What's up? Jesse, w-where are you? With Mike.
I know you're with Mike.
Are-- Are you all right? Does he have a gun on you? No.
Well, what's going on, then? We're driving.
Driving? Driving where? I don't know.
Uh, north.
W-W-- Why is he driving you? Where is he going? Beats me.
I-- I don't-- I-- Put Mike back on.
Hello again.
Mike, tell me now exactly what is going on.
Jesse's with me today, so what you need to do is to go back to your lab and get on with the cook.
You're gonna have to muddle through this one without him, okay? That's what's going on.
But it doesn't-- Goodbye, Walter.
Mike-- Sir-- Excuse me.
You're not allowed back there.
Excuse me, sir.
As I said, sir, Mr.
Fring is not here.
This area's for employees only, and I have to ask that you leave immediately.
What you told Mr.
White, that's that's just bullshit, right? You, uh, you figure on just leaving me in some ditch? What do you care? I don't.
But I'll tell you now, you better shoot straight, old man, or I'll slice off your other ear before this is over.
You coming? We got to do this six more times today, with a lot of miles in between.
I'd like to finish before dark.
This freaking guy, I tell you what.
It's like Scarface had sex with Mister Rogers or something.
Who does this, you know? Your boy Heisenberg.
Thought we had him already.
Keep dreaming.
Yeah, no.
Getz busted him a few months back.
Yeah, well, no offense to Detective Doogie Howser there, but all he caught was a dipshit lifer by the name of Jimmy In-N-Out.
This one-- He's your Heisenberg? Yeah, I believe he is.
So what are you thinking? Rival drug gang taking out the mastermind? Any names I should check out? I wish I could help you there.
Only two people I know connected with the blue stuff.
Uh, one is a beanie-wearing jizz stain by the name of Brandon Mayhew-- Street name, uh, Badger.
Definitely another player.
The other one is, uh, Jesse Pinkman.
He and I have a history.
You see Pinkman as a shooter? That would surprise me.
Well, we got a composite of a person of interest.
It's a guy the neighbors saw at Boetticher's place right after the shooting.
No, hang on to it, just in case.
Then we got a couple of prints we're hoping to I.
If I get any kind of hit, I'll keep you in the loop on that.
You know, uh, Tim, look, I appreciate what you're doing, really-- Uh, you know, keeping me involved and all, but, uh, you know, finding this guy Heisenberg dead like this I have to say, it, uh kind of feels like closure to me, you know? Hank, you really are a big help here.
No, I know.
I get it, really.
But I'm done.
Oh, no.
You don't need to do that.
This is why I'm out here, right? To be, like, your backup? Uh-huh.
So if I'm out here in a guard-type capacity to watch over the money, that means I need, like, a gun, right? Nope.
I mean, isn't that, like, completely idiotic for me to be out here without a gun? I mean, you haven't said dick about what I'm supposed to be doing here, and I'm supposed to do it without a gun? How does that even make sense? What? I can smoke, right? Not a chance.
Uhh Buh-buh-buh-buh- buh-buh-buh-buh.
Fallacies Fallacies One for you and two for me Uhh.
It's finally hitting me what the-- The plan is here.
It's to bore me to death, so mission accomplished because it's totally working.
Great job.
You know, I really do get what's going on with all the dead drops and bags of cash.
I mean, my boys had the exact same system when I was running things.
My crew.
Nowhere near the same cheese you guys are slinging, but same theory-- To maintain separation between dealer and supplier, reduce risk, et cetera.
Look, don't you think it would be good if there was some back and forth communication here? You got me riding shotgun to every dark anal recess of this state.
Be nice if you clued me in a little.
I mean, I'm here to do a job, right? And, I mean, yo, like, if I'm the guy, then you should just tell me what the hell's up.
What? You are not the guy.
You're not capable of being the guy.
I had a guy, but now I don't.
You are not the guy.
Then what the hell am I doing here? I don't know.
It's not my call.
I just do what I'm told, and now you're gonna do what you're told, which is to sit here, shut up, and stay in the car till we finish our pickups.
You got it? Oh.
We having second thoughts? Every hour of every day.
Let me tell you, that is perfectly normal.
But your expectations are realistic.
You have a good, solid business plan.
I'm feeling very confident.
You have an excellent shot at making this work.
We good? Yeah.
All right.
Well, my congratulations to the both of you.
Thank you very much, Alan.
It is my pleasure.
Best of luck.
Thank you.
I'm bringing my car over first thing next week for a wash and wax.
Oh, well, we'll be looking for you.
I'll be there.
Thank you again.
You're welcome.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
It's official.
How are you feeling? I'm well, I'm-- How do you feel? Uhnervous.
This is a big step, Walt.
If we don't do this right-- We'll be fine.
We will? Tell me again.
We will be fine.
Believe it.
If we're going to do this-- I mean, we're really going to do this-- Then we have to promise each other no more secrets.
There can't be any mistakes like before.
There has to be complete honesty.
I'm all for that.
Well, then, uh, how about a drink to celebrate? Well-- Well, we own a big-ass car wash now.
We do.
I guess that merits a celebration.
Nothing too expensive.
- Non-fancy liquor it is.
- Yes.
Just as long as it gets the job done.
Uh, it's me.
I just wanted to say that I was thinking about you and the kids, and, uh I love you.
- Just take it off.
- Okay.
- Just take it off.
- Okay.
- Just take it off.
- Okay.
The sheets, they smell different than I remember.
Hmm? Mm-hmm.
New fabric softener.
Mm, I like it.
I, uh also got a new haircut.
Don't know if you-- Oh, yes, I-- I was going to say something.
Were you, really? I do like it.
So, um, dinner tomorrow night? I told Marie that we'd come over and eat with them.
Uh, think maybe you'll be free? Yeah.
Yeah, we can do that.
That'll-- That'll be nice.
Marie says it's about the only thing that'll get Hank out of his room.
Hey, Mom, Dad.
Hi, son.
Where are you? Uh, we're-- We're back here.
We'll be out in a minute.
Ohh He knows that you're here.
I'm parked in the driveway.
This is going to make for some very interesting dinner conversation.
He's definitely going to ask about our living situation now.
Maybe, uh maybe you should move back in, you know, just so it's, uh, easier to explain to everyone.
You think? I have to get back to work.
You know, schedule.
Ohh-- Ahh-- Damn it.
Hey! Hey! This is a two-man job! I can't do it alone! I'm done! That's it! Finished! Nothing else happens until I get my partner back.
Jesse? Where's Jesse? I need him.
You people have me down here trying to complete a two-man operation by myself! It's unacceptable.
It's dangerous and counterproductive.
Jesse operates the forklift, not me.
That's just one of the many, many things he does around the lab that keeps us on schedule, so I suggest that you get him back down here as soon as you p-- Are you listening to me? Hello! Where do you want it? This is it, right? Last stop? Last stop? Hey, I've been counting, yo.
No more pickups after-- Fallacies fallacies.
Fallacies, fallacies.
One for you, two for me.
Fallacies, fallacies Ohh! Ohh.
I'm gonna need to be picked up.
Garcia's on Central.
Honk once.
I'll meet you in the parking lot.
Cancel that.
Hey, this dude-- This dude was coming right at me with a-- With a shotgun.
All right? They, like, blocked the alley, and they were going to rip us off, man.
I didn't have a choice, okay? I had to put it in reverse, slam into the guy's car, and just-- I saw.
Ah, Jesus.
I just-- I don't know.
Go ahead, kid.
Smoke up.
Good morning.
Good morning, son.
You want me to pour you some juice? I'll take coffee.
Didn't know you started drinking coffee.
I also started tying my own shoelaces, too, all by myself.
Go grab a mug.
Milk? Sugar? Just black.
I like it.
Uh, hey, Dad, I, uh I-- I just got to say, um I-- I just wanted to say that it's really cool to have you here.
Thank you, son.
It's cool to be back home.
It just feels-- Mom said you're moving back in, uh, this Tuesday.
She-- She said that? Yeah.
Tuesday, is it? Huh.
How about that? Jesse.
Jesse! Yo, what's up? What are you doing? Uh, breaking ice.
I mean, what are you-- What are you doing here? Where's your car? Mike dropped me off.
Jesse! What happened yesterday? Where were you? I was out with Mike helping him make pickups.
Picking up what? Cash.
Dead drops.
Mike made the pickups, and I guarded them.
You? Guarded Mike? What is this, some kind of a joke? Hey, you know what? Two dudes tried to rob us, and I saved the stash.
I took care of business, just like I'm taking care of business right now.
You want to stand there dicking around, or you want to suit up and get to work? Get in gear, yo, if you want to do this because I'm meeting up with Mike this afternoon.
What, again? Why? Guess I have two jobs now.
May I take your order? Any injuries? Twisted ankle, nothing too bad.
It all went like you thought it would, more or less.
I will, of course, reimburse you to the damage to your vehicles.
Questions? Uh-huh.
More than a few, yeah.
But I know better than to ask.
Anyway, it was like you wanted.
The kid's a hero.
Poo-poo-poo-poo-poo-- Just the idea of owning a car wash seems daunting, but I had to warn myself-- Who is just the most beautiful little girl in the world? I think it's you.
So coming into a business like this that's up and running, fully operational, puts us way ahead of the game.
You know, we're still going to have some change over time-- I think it's you.
Yeah, I do.
But we do have a staff in place, so, you know, luckily, we'll be able to hold on to most of Bogdan's employees.
We might lose a few to the Ultra Wash across town, though.
They're making a grab, I hear.
You going to put the kid to work? I got school.
I'm not talking about you.
I'm talking about your baby sister.
I wouldn't let you near my car.
Hey, that's not a bad idea, you guys.
You should put Holly on the sign.
Like a mascot? Like the Gerber baby.
I would get my car washed there every day if I saw her face out front.
What about me? The goal is to bring customers in, not scare them away, so-- Walt, there's another bottle in the kitchen.
Just help yourself.
Uh, maybe we could roll uncle Hank through the car wash.
He could be the first customer.
The wipe-down crew would clean you up good.
See this, son? I got your wipe-down right here, pal.
Hank, can you just maybe get through one meal without you saying something disgusting? So what are you going to do with Holly all day? You can't take her to work with all those chemicals and migrants hanging around.
Marie-- What? That can't be safe.
Fortunately, there is, just five minutes away from the car wash, there is the top child care center in the city.
The National Child Care Association gives it really high ratings, so that's quite a relief, and, you know, it's just a walk away if we need it.
I got to tell you, I'm just-- I'm really, really impressed.
I mean, you came together on this, and I'm really happy that it's working out for you.
It was a little scary, but it, uh, needed to be done.
And, uh, we get possession of the keys tomorrow.
Oh, that's awesome.
I can't wait to see what kind of car I'll get for my birthday, now with all this money rolling in.
I think you've been spending too much time around your uncle Hank.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
Right, uncle Hank? Squeaky and greasy.
That's you, my friend.
Hey, uh, Nick the Greek, you going to share that bottle or what? Oh.
Who's Nick the Greek? Nick the Greek.
He was a famous big-time card player.
Hank, that's not funny.
What? It's a compliment.
Well, that's even worse, then.
You're giving positive reinforcement to behavior that Walt is working very, very hard to change.
Right, Skyler? Yeah.
I don't see how it's bad, Dad, just raking in the beaucoup bucks now.
You know, I just, uh, think maybe we could change the subject? Yeah.
You know.
Hey, uncle Hank, what about that case you were looking at with that crazy singing guy? Ah, I'm off that.
I-- I gave my assessment to the APD, and I'm done.
The case of the crazy singing guy.
Sounds like an Encyclopedia Brown story, doesn't it? Crazy is-- Is-- Is, uh, is the wrong word.
This guy Gale Boetticher, he was, uh, he was eccentric.
I mean, a real character, you know? He's, uh, he's dead now, you know.
Who was he? He was a meth cook.
Uh, he was a meth chef.
I mean, we're talking five stars-- Candles and white tablecloths.
Hey, I can't believe these words are gonna come out of my mouth, but he was a genius, plain and simple.
I mean, uh, boy, if you applied that big brain of his to something good, I don't know, who knows what could have helped humanity or something like that, you know? I mean, how many actual geniuses are there in the world, right? If he'd kind of taken his life in a different direction, who knows? Hank, not to tell you your business, but I'm not sure I agree.
What do you mean? Well, I mean, you showed me that notebook and from what I saw-- And this is just my humble opinion-- From what I saw on those papers genius? Not so much.
I mean, there was no reasoning, no deductions in those pages.
To my eye, all this brilliance looks like nothing more than just simple rote copying-- Probably of someone else's work.
Believe me, I've been around enough students to know.
Ah, this genius of yours maybe he's still out there.
Hey, babe.
Uh, Tim stopped by.
He brought over some file boxes on that case.
Thought I'd take another peek.
That's great.
Sorry about the mess.
No, no, no.
Don't be.
You want me to make some coffee? Yeah.
Yeah, that would be good.
You find something? Oh, just this-- This guy I'm looking at.
You know, everything he-- He-- He buys and eats is organic, fair trade, vegan.
Since when do vegans eat fried chicken?