Breaking Bad s04e13 Episode Script

Face Off

What did you say to Gus? - Because he's on to us.
- What do you mean he's on to us? He's walking to his car, then suddenly he isn't.
What, does he have a sixth sense? Jesus.
What did you say to him? Could I ask my own question right now at this point? Did you just bring a bomb into a hospital? What, was I supposed to leave it on his car? What, you're supposed to bring it to a hospital? Oh, my God.
Where can we find Gus? Name a place.
One place where I can surprise him where he won't see me coming.
Because his house, the laundry the restaurant, factory farm, all wired with cameras.
One place.
Jesse, think.
Where is it? Where? Because if you can't tell me we are dead.
Jesse? I don't-- I don't know.
Well, maybe-- Excuse me.
Jesse Pinkman? - Yeah.
- Hi.
Detective Kalanchoe.
Detective Munn, Albuquerque Police.
We were wondering if we could have a few minutes.
Go someplace and talk.
About what? - Sorry, I didn't catch your name.
- About what? It concerns Brock Cantillo and a statement you made to his mother.
How about you come with us? We just wanna clear a few things up, no big deal.
- So am I under arrest? - No, you're not under arrest.
We're just talking.
So if I get tired of talking, can I get up and leave? We'd prefer you didn't.
- You'd prefer.
- Yeah.
Jesse, why'd you tell Brock's mom that the boy had been poisoned? Look, I think this has been, you know "Have the doctors thought maybe Brock got poisoned?" In a cover-all-bases kind of sense.
Yeah, I'm sure they appreciate that.
You helping them out like that.
Especially how specific you were.
Ricin, wow.
Ricin, that's definitely a big one.
You don't see that every day.
So when doctors hear that, they take it very seriously.
As do we.
- As does the FBI.
- Okay.
Nice, you trying to help out like that and all.
You know, professional courtesy, sharing your expertise.
Look, I ain't got no expertise, all right? I just, you know-- You happened to guess this rare poison might be the thing that put this boy in the hospital.
Because his doctors, they think that you might just be right.
So why ricin? Jesse, how'd you come up with that? I think I've-- I don't know, I must've saw it on House or something.
Yeah, you know, like, House or the Discovery Channel.
Sometimes your brain just makes these connections.
- Does it? - Mine does.
That's interesting.
Look, I gotta get back.
But we're still talking.
So I'm not under arrest, but I can't leave.
So then, I guess I should call my lawyer, right? We're just having a simple conversation, Jess.
Why can't we keep talking, keep it light? You know how it is when the lawyers get to it.
Suddenly, everything's a big pissing match.
- Like, every time.
- Adversarial.
Then we gotta book you.
Right? I mean, you know.
You've been around the block, Jesse.
You're no Boy Scout.
Saul Goodman.
That's my guy.
So do I gotta call him or do you? What the hell are you doing? - I need Saul.
Right now.
- So you break in? - You just break in.
- I see you're here.
If you'd answer the phone or the door, maybe I wouldn't-- Forget it.
Is he here? Is that a serious question? Why would he be here? But you know where he is.
I need a number.
Look, let me explain something to you.
- My partner and I-- - Are in danger? Whoopty-freakingdoo.
Why do you think he's not here? And how's that news, exactly, the two of you being in danger? After doing something idiotic? What gives you the right to break down my door? Look, I just need a number, okay? That's all.
You are such a pain in my ass, you know that? You're the reason I gotta go on unemployment.
I was looking forward to getting out of here.
But, no, now I gotta wait around all day for a guy to come fix this door.
Who pays for this? Okay, you know what? Here, look, I'm giving you everything.
All of it, okay? There's one, two Look, there's gotta be at least More than cover the cost of the door.
Now, I apologise profusely.
The phone number.
A door like this is gonna cost way more than 1700.
What, for a plate of glass? No.
Oh, yeah.
I bet it does.
I bet you it winds up costing 20,000.
Are you insane? Who the hell is going to charge $20,000 for a plate-glass door? There's no reputable vendor would-- Now I'm thinking 25.
I'll be right back.
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
The number of Rebecca Simmons, Would you connect it for me, please? Thank you.
Becky, hi.
it's Walter White.
Listen, I wo-- I'm fine.
I'm fine.
How are you? Oh, good, good.
Yes, cats are Listen.
Skyler and I are out of town, on our way to Santa Fe and Junior just told us that he thinks he may have left the burner on on the stove.
Yes, God forbid, there's a fire.
Well, that's why I'm calling.
You se-- I just wanted to ask and I'm sorry to do this, but do you still have the key? You do? Good.
And would you be willing to--? Oh, you are a lifesaver.
Thank you so much.
I'll await your call.
Thank you so much.
There you go.
Becky? Oh, that's good.
That's a relief.
I owe you one.
So how's he doing? You could at least say, instead of being a couple dicks about it.
Jesse, if you care at all about that little boy prove it to me.
Tell us what you know.
- I told you what I know.
- Tell us again.
What are you, like, broken records? I was trying to be helpful.
End of story.
Guess we'll wait and see what the tox screen says.
Look at this.
isn't this cosy? What'd you tell them? I told them they're a couple of dicks.
He's a wordsmith.
Well, detectives, it's been a pleasure.
Now, up you go make like you got manners, make like you respect the rule of law.
Au revoir, auf Wiedersehen, hasta luego, get the hell out.
That's it, pick it up.
Follow your partner.
And one-two.
Thank you.
You two--? If I ever get anal polyps, I'll know what to name them.
Are you gonna get me out of here? No.
Not even if I could.
You know, the FBI's gonna show up on this ricin thing and then you're in it for the duration.
You're a lot safer in here.
They tried to get your partner in his own home.
Is he okay? Well, he's okay like a fruit fly's okay.
Now, we're all on the clock here and thanks for that.
Wanna go stick your wangs in a hornet's nest it's a free country.
But how come I always get sloppy seconds, huh? You got anything for me? Tell me I didn't poke my head up for nothing.
I've been thinking And? Casa Tranquila.
What's Casa Tranquila? It's an old folks' home off Paseo Del Norte.
Our boy tells me Fring took him to visit one of the patients.
Someone Pinkman says you'll definitely remember: Tio Salamanca.
Old guy in a wheelchair? Doesn't talk, rings a bell.
I mean, does that ring a bell? - The guy actually has to ring a bell.
- Yes, I know.
I remember.
So, what, once every blue moon Gus goes and visits an old cartel associate.
That doesn't help me.
I can't hide out in a nursing home for six months hoping on the off chance that he comes back.
It's not even like they're friends.
Pinkman said it was like he was torturing the old guy.
What does that mean? He told him the last of his family was dead.
He enjoyed telling him.
Pinkman asked him about it.
All Gus would say was that this Tio character murdered someone close to him.
Tio murdered someone close to Gus? I know, it sounds not particularly fruitful.
But, sorry, that's all I got.
They're enemies, not friends.
Next number in this cover-all game where you cover the whole shimoly is B number three, like Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
That's number three in your B column.
Followed by O, seven, four that's O, 74, on the other side of your card.
Now we have that lucky number B, number seven.
Is it lucky for you? B, seven.
In the I row, two, one.
I, 21.
I know you despise me.
And I know how badly you wanna see me dead.
But I'm willing to bet that I know a man whom you hate even more.
Those N's just keep coming.
They're all sticking together.
I'm offering you an opportunity for revenge.
G column, four, eight the continental United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.
I'm here.
How you doing this morning, Mr.
Salamanca? You need something? You need to go poopie, huh? Did you go poopie already? No? What do you need? You want me to get the board for you? Okay.
All right.
Here we go.
A, E, I-- Row I.
I, J, K, L, M, N-- First letter N.
A, E-- Row E.
E-- Second letter E.
A, E-- Row E.
E-- Next letter E.
A-- Row A.
A, B, C, D-- Next letter D.
A-- Row A.
A, B, C, D-- Next letter D.
A, E-- Row E.
E-- E.
A-- Row A.
A-- Next letter A.
A, E, I, O, U I don't think we're finished, Mr.
A, E, I, O, U.
Finish the word, Mr.
Is it "dear?" Is it "deal?" Honey, "dea" ain't a word.
Help me out here.
- Hey, son, what's up? - When exactly are you getting here? Just as soon as I can.
Look, this is a serious situation and you're not taking it seriously.
Let me talk to him.
- Son, I am taking this seriously.
- Give it to me, Walter.
I'm concerned about your Uncle Hank and his safety.
But whomever is making these threats against him I can assure you, there's absolutely no interest in me.
I'm not on anyone's radar.
- And besides, your mother and I-- - Give it to me.
Did you hear what he said? Get over here.
No more excuses.
Marie, I will be there just as soon as I can.
- I promise.
- Hold on.
You wanna weigh in here? Maybe you can talk sense into him? Marie, he'll get here when he gets here so I hope you sell plenty of air fresheners.
I hope you have a banner day over there.
Okay, Walt, don't worry about a thing here.
And thank you for all of your help.
What's that? Anything? - Hey, everyone.
- Hi, Steve.
- How's everybody holding out? - The man I wanna see.
Come here.
Look at this.
- Jesus, enough with the laundry.
- No, no, no, hear me out.
This panel, if I'm reading it correctly, is 7200 amp service.
This place has two of them, right? That's a whole lot of juice, brother.
Laundry this size, typically, has half that, okay? What's with the extra panel? - What are you, Thomas Edison? - Asked a bunch of electricians.
They have their own chat rooms, all they talked about was wiring.
Freaking Internet.
Find anything on it these days.
What do you say? Pop over, have another look-see? Listen.
I think we possibly have a lead on something.
- Yeah? - I have this guy down at the office.
He says he has some kind of information.
The thing is, he'll only give it to you, in person.
- Do you remember Hector Salamanca? - Yeah.
The old cripple guy with the bell? Rather crap than talk to us? - No, I don't remember him at all.
Why? - Well, he's the guy.
His nurse calls us, says he wants to powwow.
So we have this guy at the office for three hours.
And he still just wants to talk to you.
Do not even think about going down there.
- Marie-- - This is clearly a ploy or a trick or something designed to get Hank out into the open.
That's all this is.
- Well, that's what we thought.
- Well it's been years since this guy's been a player.
His nephew's gone, doesn't have anybody.
The nurse checks out, don't know nothing.
Guess I just don't see an angle here if there even is one.
Of course, if you did wanna talk to this guy there's no safer place than the office.
I don't think this sounds like a good idea.
I agree, Uncle Hank.
It is a ridiculous idea.
And there's no way that you're going to do it.
End of story.
Hank, thanks for coming down.
No problem at all.
Good to see you, sir.
So, Mr.
Salamanca, you got something you wanna tell me? A, E, I, O-- Row O.
P, Q, R, S-- First letter S.
A, E, I, O, U-- Second letter U.
A-- B, C-- A, E, I-- J, K-- A, E, I-- J, K, L, M-- A, E, I, O, U-- Row U.
V, W, X, Y-- All right.
That's enough.
Thank you.
Yeah, thanks.
I can spell.
Well, you got that out of your system now? Should we try this one more time? A, E-- F-- A, E, I, O, U-- A-- B, C-- Yeah, we got it.
I am-- I am-- I am just so, so sorry.
Well, at least this time, he didn't shit himself.
I guess that's progress.
- Yes? - We may have a problem.
I've got eyes on the DEA.
They just had a visitor.
Hector Salamanca.
I don't know what to say to you now.
Sit here and think about how far that kind of behaviour is gonna get you.
Not far, let me tell you.
Any second thoughts? Then let's get to work.
Pinkman you're free to go.
Why? What happened? Tox screen came back.
No ricin poisoning.
Surprised, huh? No, why should I be? Your jacket.
Till we meet again.
Hey, yo.
Yo, right here.
Hey, Andrea.
I'm just checking on Brock.
Hey, it sounds like I mean, listen, just call me if you can, all right? - I'm heading back over.
All right.
- Hey, excuse me.
We just picked up Pinkman.
No witnesses.
What about Hector? I've checked inside and out no wires, no camera, no surveillance.
Police cruiser rolled through an hour ago.
Seemed routine.
It's just him, alone in his room.
All right.
I'm on my way.
Maybe it's better if I do this myself.
I do this.
It's all clear.
Wait here.
What kind of man talks to the DEA? No man.
No man at all.
A crippled little rata.
What a reputation to leave behind.
Is that how you want to be remembered? Last chance to look at me, Hector.
Oh, my-- All right, all right.
- Let's get going.
- Oh, Jesus.
Oh, Jesus.
Why don't we start evacuating? - Start evacuation on the south side.
- Call Security.
Everyone outside right now.
--In the same boat for sure.
But it's that time again where we tell you about your own hell Albuquerque afternoon commute.
How bad are things out there? I tell you what, right now southbound Make sure you stay to the left through that area.
Things have slowed to a crawl at the Big I, no surprises there either.
Hate to interrupt, I have breaking news.
Now, coming out of the North Valley an explosion has been reported at a nursing home.
- Casa Tranquila nursing home.
- Oh, no.
You heard of that place.
We got few details on it so far.
Unfortunately, initial report is though, that three people may have been killed.
- Oh, no.
- The news is disturbing.
We're gonna get you information as soon as it comes in.
Situation over there is pretty hectic.
What's traffic looking like? If you're moving through that area we're talking about East and Westbound Paseo, North Valley.
Please, avoid that area as you move through.
Our heart's going out to the victims.
We'll bring you details as we get them.
Coming up on Coyote 102.
5, Aerosmith, Def Leppard.
Keep it right here on New Mexico's finest rock-- You wanna cook with a broken arm? Next step, CO2.
Do it.
I better hear them click.
What, you got a problem with stairs? Gus is dead.
We've got work to do.
He's gonna pull through.
Yeah? Yeah.
It looked kind of touch-and-go there for a while but he's gonna He's gonna make it.
Oh, thank God.
Oh, thank God.
You know, still saying it wasn't the ricin.
I don't understand.
Then what was it? Saying it was most likely a flower called lily of the valley.
It's, like, common.
It's got these red berries on it that I guess taste sweet and sometimes kids eat them and wind up poisoning themselves.
And that's it, nothing more.
So Gus didn't poison him after all.
Still he had to go right? Damn right.
Gus had to go.
You know, I should-- I should get back.
Andrea's waiting.
I'm at Casa Tranquila where three are dead following an explosion that rocked this facility earlier today.
The fireball completely consumed one resident's room and damaged common areas nearby.
Walt? Let me get somewhere where I can hear you.
- Tell him Uncle Hank was right.
- Walt? How you doing? How am I doing? How are you doing? I'm I'm doing quite well.
I'm good.
Jesus, Walt, the news here.
Gus Fring is dead.
He was blown up with some person from some Mexican cartel and the DEA has no idea what to make of it.
Do you know about this? - Walt? I need you to-- -it's over.
We're safe.
--Might've heard a rumbling sound and another reported a, quote, "ringing" in the moments just prior.
Administrators at Casa Tranquila advise that if you do have loved ones in their care, please do not call in Was this you? What happened? I won.