Breeders (2020) s02e10 Episode Script

No Power, Part 2

1 I don't suppose he sent any kind of text or I'd have said, wouldn't I dad? I'd have mentioned it.
No, I know, sorry.
They'll find him, Jim.
London's a big place.
Luke hasn't got any money with him, so he's probably still in the area.
- Is that Luke? - No, Luke's got his key, so that will be the police.
It's a freesia, symbolizing friendship.
Well, when you get hitched at our stage in life, you want a good friend, not just a spouse.
That's lovely.
Should I take one for Luke when I see him? Uh, he's already got his.
When he left Leah's house this morning, she Right, of course, yeah.
I should have thought.
Well, I better go and get ready.
Read through my vows again.
Promising to obey? Of course, who wouldn't obey Leah? We just have to be grateful she uses her powers for good.
When are you off on honeymoon? Hopefully not too late.
We're staying at a hotel at Heathrow tonight for an early morning flight.
So Luke will need to have made a decision by this evening? Yes, he can't really stay at Leah's while we're away.
So Right, well, you better go and get in the zone.
- See you at the main event.
- Yeah.
Break a leg.
Do you say that for weddings? Probably not.
Do you often have arguments with your son? No.
I mean, we get cross - Well, I get cross with him.
- No, I do too.
But not arguments, really, no, 'cause He doesn't tend to answer back, or didn't use to.
He mainly does as he's told.
Maybe not so much recently.
Yeah, he refused to go to school for a bit, and - Did he? - Yeah, but that was resolved.
He was anxious, and we sorted it all out with the school.
But tonight you say Luke hit you? Yeah, he punched me.
- In the face.
- Well spotted.
- And did you hit him? - No.
No, really.
Uh No, we scuffled, I tried to keep hold of him.
It was messy and fucking weird, but no, I didn't hit him.
I don't hit my kids.
I've never hit my kids.
He never has.
You can check.
We were investigated.
It was it was all it was all, like, fine.
It was officially fine.
And you say you grabbed Luke.
No, I held him, held onto him, stop him running off.
- And then? - He ran off.
I was short of pinning him to the ground, there there was There was nothing I could do.
I was in shock.
He'd hit me, as you've rightly pointed out, in the face.
Well, she's a very lucky woman.
So is Dad.
I mean, lucky man.
- He's such a nice guy.
- He was an amazing dad, Well, he still is.
He's been very good to our Luke - these last few weeks.
- Yeah, I'm sorry to hear that there've been some difficulties.
- Yes, sure, gone a bit - Up the pictures.
Yes, it's all gone a bit up the pictures.
I mean, Paul loves Luke.
Oh, loves him to the ends of the Earth.
And all parents shout at their kids.
Well, you can't avoid it sometimes, can you? But sometimes, I don't mean he goes too far.
No, no, it's just that Luke's such a sensitive soul.
And your brain is still developing at that age, isn't it? - Is it? - Well, maybe yours wasn't.
Just check on the status of this 13-year-old boy.
You know it comes from love, Ally.
You do know that? - Or do you know that? - Yes.
No, I, I do, I know, but What? It was too much, Paul, like, what you said to Luke.
No, I know.
I was angry.
I was very angry.
I'm sorry.
I've been feeling lately like, um, like like, I need to protect Luke, you know, from you.
- Oh, man.
- You know, like I need to be a bit of a mama bear.
- Protect him? - Not physically.
No, he can look after himself pretty well.
Luke is vulnerable, but you're the same as you always were.
But it doesn't work now that Luke is who he has become.
It just it can't work like that.
So we just let him do what he wants, do we? No rules? No boundaries? From now on, we just say yeah, let him do whatever the hell he likes.
- Am I saying that? - No, but No, seriously, is that actually what you think I'm fucking saying? Of course you don't, so don't give me that logical Hi, I'm okay to let myself in? Yes, come up.
- We've picked Luke up.
- Oh, thank God.
- Is he okay? - He's fine.
He's quite emotional, but he's physically fine.
Is Luke okay? Have they found him? Yes, love, he's safe.
When are they bringing him home? Is he on his way back? He says he doesn't want to come home.
Hmm? He's 13.
He has to come home.
Where is he going otherwise, fucking Barnardo's? - Paul.
- Luke has told the officers that he will physically resist any attempt to bring him home.
Physically resist.
Can you hear yourself? This is mental.
He is very insistent he will not come through that front door.
So he was a school refuser.
Now he's a home refuser.
Jesus, this is pretty We obviously can bring social services into the picture, but we prefer not to if possible.
Now, is there another place Luke could stay for a cooling-off period temporarily? Hey, it's okay.
- So sorry for waking you up.
- Yeah, sorry, Granny.
It's fine.
We hadn't gone to sleep.
- We were too worried.
- We're just glad you're safe.
Luke will only be here for a couple of days.
He is welcome to stay here for as long as he likes.
I've made up the spare room for you, Luke.
- Thank you so much, Alex.
- You wanna chat? Whatever it is, you come and find me.
Okay? I will.
Let's take this up to your room.
Night, Mum.
I love you.
Good night Lukey.
I love you, too.
I don't know what to do, Mum.
He just needs a couple of nights here to calm down, sort himself out.
It's more than that.
I think something's broken in the family.
Do you want to sleep here tonight, darling? No, no, let's give Luke some space, and I'll call tomorrow.
Are you nervous? - Yes.
- Not really.
What have you got to be nervous about? I have never given anyone away before.
- It's a huge responsibility.
- Thank you.
I'd be really nervous if I was getting married.
What if you do a big fart? I haven't eaten for 36 hours, darling.
Nothing in, nothing out.
Anyway, I've got nothing to be nervous about because I know everything's going to be fine because Alex has got everything covered and I can relax.
- That's lovely.
- Solidity.
That's what you want in a partner.
It's taken me a lifetime to work that one out, but in the end, that's what counts.
There's a lasagna in the oven.
- Great.
- Shop bought, not homemade.
Hmm, even better, MSG and too much salt, delicious.
- You've spoken to Luke? - We have texted a bit, yeah.
Mm-hmm? Is he okay? Yeah, he seems fine.
- And is he coming home? - Not yet.
This can't go on, Ally.
You just have to give him some time.
He needs to be home.
We can't force him to live here.
You know what? Yeah, we can.
We absolutely can.
Every previous generation of parents would have done precisely that.
Every single generation up until our fucking useless one.
He's our child.
We're his parents.
What we say goes.
He's got a roof, he's got a bed, he's got food, he's got drink, he is luckier than 90% of the rest of the world.
He just needs to do what he's fucking told.
You don't really think that? I do.
Yes, I do.
Okay, well, maybe part of you does, but you don't actually want to make your son a prisoner.
Do you? Fucking hell, Ally.
What have I done? - You mean we.
- No, I mean I, me.
Our son doesn't want to live with me.
I mean There's failure, and then there's some kind of fucking super failure, and I'm even beyond that.
- We will work it out.
- Yeah, how? I don't know, but we have to.
We cannot be a broken family.
Maybe you and Luke could have a heart-to-heart at Mum's wedding.
Yay! Jim! Jim! Have you had a chance to chat to Luke yet? No, I was gonna pick my moment.
We need to get him home tonight, Paul.
He needs to come home.
Well, yeah.
He will literally be on the streets if he doesn't, so he hasn't got a choice.
You mustn't threaten him.
No, obviously not.
That's great work, Luke.
You're a natural.
It's very calming, isn't it? It is.
It's satisfying.
The thing about an engine is, if you take it apart and then put it back together again in the right way, carefully, precisely, it's guaranteed to work.
I always feel anxious usually, but right now, I don't feel anxious at all.
I feel great.
Does Granny Leah have any idea about this car? Not a clue.
I know she loves MGs.
She mentioned some ex-boyfriend of hers.
Pah! Pah, indeed.
This guy, he had an MG when she was 20.
And she said how much she loved it, wind in the hair and all of that.
So this is my wedding present to her.
No, to us.
We're gonna drive off on our honeymoon in this.
- That's very romantic.
- All men should try it.
It's a good thing.
Okay, now we'll work until 1:15, then I've got a camping stove and a saucepan, some bread and some cheese and some beer.
And I'm going to cook us some scalding hot Welsh Rarebit, and then we'll take stock of things.
That sounds brilliant.
Try a little more oil - just there, two drops, no more.
- Okay, yeah? Yeah, that's it.
- That's great playing.
- Beautiful.
You're like Alan Shearer.
George Shearing.
Do you know "The Shadow Of Your Smile"? The shadow of your smile ♪ When you are here ♪ - Gone.
- What? It's "when you are gone.
" The fellow's gone so she can only imagine the shadow of his smile.
If he's still here, she can easily see his smile.
It's just there on his face.
Anyway, do you know it, sweetheart? Hi.
You all right, mate? Hi, Dad.
What's this? It's a surprise for Granny Leah.
Alex is gonna drive her away in it tonight.
- Well, it's lovely, isn't it? - Yeah.
We've been doing it up in the garage.
- We? - Me and Alex.
Didn't know you're into mending cars.
Neither did I until I tried it.
That's not your usual thing, you know? Oh, usually I'm clumsy.
At least I think I am.
But I love it.
It's a kind of therapy.
Have you ever stripped an engine and reassembled it? No.
I just you know, if a car doesn't work, I get a bloke to come and look at it.
Do you know what I mean? It's all a bit of a mystery, what goes on under the bonnet, to be honest.
I'm just giving it one final polish.
So, Alex and Leah are gonna drive off on honeymoon in this? Yeah, pretty soon.
What are you doing after that? I don't know.
You can't stay at Leah's anymore.
No, I know, Dad.
So you need to come home.
- You need to come home, Luke.
- I don't think I can.
I don't think I can be happy at home.
I've gone along with this for a couple of weeks now, mate, but you're a child, and you have to come home.
Where are you gonna live otherwise? Jacob says they've got a spare room until Granny Leah gets back.
Mm-hmm? Well, Granny Leah's just got married, mate, so she's not gonna want you in the house like a gooseberry.
She likes having me around.
Alex likes having me around.
He's like a - Like a? - Like a dad.
- Is he? - Look, I'm sorry Dad, but you're not gonna change.
You've tried to, and you've wanted to, but you can't.
And I can't be in the same house as you.
I can't take the rage anymore.
It makes me anxious and miserable.
When I'm with Alex, I'm calm.
I can be me.
I've even been able to stop taking my medication.
But hang on, you should talk to a doctor before you stop taking that.
I only need it when I'm unhappy and worried.
And I'm neither of those things at the moment.
Okay, Luke, listen.
We can sort this out.
I'm so sorry.
I'm interrupting.
- I'll go.
- No.
Oh, you're fine.
It's fine.
It's just that I'm ready to show Leah the chariot.
Oh, yeah.
I've been giving it one final polish.
It's perfect.
Thanks in no small part to you, Luke.
Hop in.
Paul, do you wanna squeeze in? No, I'm good, so Yeah.
That's all right? Thank you.
Okay, three steps.
One, two, three.
Oh, Ally, what is it? It better not be a male stripper.
- I've no time for that.
- It's not a stripper, Mum.
All shaved and oiled up, it's distasteful.
Excuse me.
Oh, my word.
I don't often say ta-da, but I think this warrants a ta-da.
This is for us, Leah.
Wind in our hair.
- You bought this? - I got a great deal on it because it needed a lot of work.
But Luke and I have been fixing it up.
So that's where you've been.
Oh, Alex, it's wonderful.
Now, would you like to hop in? See you soon.
- I hope you get your boy home.
- Thanks.
I love you all.
Well, nearly all of you.
- Well done, mate.
- Thank you.
- Hey, Paul.
- Hmm? Hi.
Did you get a chance to speak to him? Yeah, yeah, we had a chat.
- Okay, and? - Well, I think I can persuade him to live at home again.
What did what did you say? What did he say? Um, hmm.
You know he doesn't wanna live with me, Ally.
- You know that.
- Okay.
So Yeah, I think I'm gonna move out for a bit.
What? No, no, I don't want you to move out.
What's the alternative? No.
I mean, if it's about what's best for him, I really think it's his best.
Where are you gonna stay? Um Honestly? - Yeah.
- Mum and Dad.
I know.
Oh, man.
Fucking hell.
If we was in our old place, you could have a proper room, your old room.
No, it's fine, Mum, I'll be fine.
You mustn't roll over, though, or you'll be on the floor, break an elbow.
I'll lie still.
How long is this all for, love? Not long.
We just need to get Luke used to being at home and then, in a bit, I'll spend a couple of nights a week there to make that seem more normal.
This is best for everyone.
Have you told him about the flush? No.
What flush? The toilet is temperamental.
It takes some jiggling.
It's noisy, so if we just do a piddle in the night, we leave it.
Oh, right.
But if anything else occurs, you do have to wrestle with the handle a bit.
- Gotcha.
- Come on.
- Cheers, Mum.
Thank you.
- All right.
- Yeah you go on and thank you.
- Come on, you.
Oh, Jesus.
- Night, Dad.
- Night.
You need to drink some water, or you'll be A lot of people use cast iron valve guides, but Alex says you should use silicon bronze if you can.
They're more precise.
And you should always use conventional oil with an MG.
Synthetic oil is slippery.
- But isn't oil meant to be slippery? - Too slippery, I meant.
- Right.
- It keeps the piston rings from making proper contact with the cylinder.
- Then it won't sit properly.
- Oh, wow.
Look, fascinated though I am by all of this, you guys should be in bed, so I'm gonna say good night.
Okay, good night.
- Good night, Mum.
- Night-night.
- Good night, Luke.
- Night-night.
- Good night, Mum.
- Good night, Luke.
It's good to have you home.
It's good to be home.
Hi, my darling.
You all right? I just wanted to say good night.
Oh, well, good night.
You okay? I miss having you here already.
Well, I miss being there, a lot.
But it won't be for long, I promise.
How's Luke? Fine.
He just wants to talk about engines.
Well it's very late, and you should be asleep.
Good night, Dad.
- I love you.
- I love you very much.
Sweet dreams, okay? Sweet dreams.
Good night, darling, bye.
Fucking hell.
Flush, you bastard!
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