Briarpatch (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Snap, Crackle, Pop

1 Previously on "Briarpatch" You really have been gone a long time.
- 12 years.
- You sticking around? Till I find out what happened to Felicity.
Someone just blew up the landlady.
I'm Calvin Strucker, Miss Dill.
This is Captain Gene Colder.
Your sister and I, when my divorce comes through, we were going to be married.
She said you were some kind of investigator.
I work for a Senate subcommittee.
- Cyrus.
- The senator would like to meet.
Your loss, while tragic, presents an opportunity.
You know Spivey well.
While in town, you could depose him.
So glad you came.
All right.
A deposition? They found Clyde Brattle, Jake.
- And where was he? - Mexico City.
The senator only needs one of you.
You offering immunity? There's also the matter of her property.
A multi-unit fixer-upper with a price tag of 400,000.
No one lived in that apartment.
Certainly not my sister.
I can show you something.
Where Felicity actually lived.
Where you two headed on a cool night like this? - It'll keep until tomorrow.
- Suit yourself.
[engine starts.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
[insects chirping.]
[leaves rustling.]
[cat meows.]
[rustling continues.]
[cat meows.]
[rustling continues.]
[cat meows.]
[cat snarls.]
[light music.]
[clock ticking.]
[clock chimes.]
[toy squeaks.]
Donna! Kitty! [squelching.]
Gene? I'm I'm just getting the paper.
- [car alarm chirps.]
- Donna! Where are you, my kitty girl? Gene, why is the front door open? [engine turns over.]
[funky music.]
[high-pitched ringing.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
Yes? Jesus Christ, Pick.
What's this I hear about you getting blown up? Almost blown up.
That's a very precarious distinction.
[knock on door.]
You all right? [sighs.]
I got a doctor on call who'll come by and give you a shot of whatever you want.
Vitamin B.
Ow! Sorry.
Clyde Brattle slipped surveillance in Mexico City.
Considered extremely armed and extremely dangerous.
Strike first "extremely.
" Stop.
Please deliver Spivey depo ASAP.
The tamales were indeed excellent.
Anyway When can I get a copy of the deposition? All business, huh? Well, I can get it over to you this afternoon.
Kind of a busy morning over here.
Today, Jake.
I don't have time to babysit you on this.
Say, did you get my flowers? I did.
You trying to warn me or woo me? Why, Pickle Dill.
That's another precarious distinction.
The deposition, Jake.
I'm asking nicely.
They're not gonna be this polite when they're coming for your goddamn throat.
Head trauma.
I tell you, it makes you grouchy.
When I heard that you checked yourself out the hospital, I headed straight over to explain What the hell was that last night? - What did you know about the bomb? - I swear I did not know about the bomb! I brought breakfast.
Okay, I know how this looks.
Why did you get me out of that car last night? I don't trust cops.
Especially not in this town.
Felicity was a cop in this town.
And she's the one that told me not to trust them.
So, what, you were just following me? No.
I figured that you might be at the apartment.
And when I saw you about to get into that car with Strucker [sighs.]
Look Felicity she was there for me when I needed her.
She just about saved me.
And when it mattered, I couldn't save her.
I guess I just thought if I if I stayed close to you [sighs.]
I just had a lot of loss this year.
You want to help? I don't need a friend.
I need a lawyer.
Get me all the documents related to the sale of that apartment complex.
I need to find out where the money came from.
What, you don't think she paid for it? I don't think she lived there.
[rock music.]
[dog barking.]
You know, most people think identifying a body is like it is on TV, with the big bag, and the unzipping and all.
But, really, it's just this.
I know.
I've done this before.
[high-pitched whine.]
[rapid ticking.]
I got two of my best men down, Sergeant, and one of them was also my best girl, so I'd appreciate it kindly if you shut your mouth - and got to work, is that clear? - Yes, ma'am.
[door slams.]
[sobbing and exhaling.]
[exhales deeply.]
You're the sister.
I am.
Well, good Lord, sweetie.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
I am so very, very sorry.
By God, this has been a hard one.
I'm Eve Raytek.
I'm the chief of police in this town.
What's left of them.
Remind me of your name? Allegra.
They named you both "happiness"? Huh.
Well, your folks must have been real characters.
Uh, may I? [exhales.]
She still looks beautiful.
She looks dead.
That's because she is.
But you best believe I'm gonna do everything in my power to find out who made her that way.
I owe it to Felicity.
We all do.
- Okay.
- But, I mean, a serial bomber is a new one, even for an established hive of criminal what-the-fuckery like this fair city.
Listen, Allegra, how about you and I get a drink later? 5:00 p.
? Jolly's? - Sure.
- Okay.
Your man, Strucker.
He was Did he have a family? He's got a wife.
I expect she's with him now.
Oh, they didn't tell you? Calvin's not dead.
He may wish he was, but he's hanging in there.
Come on, Timmy, That's not the grip I showed you.
I'm tired of curveballs, Jimmy.
Why can't we just throw it straight? [laughs.]
That's a great question, Timmy, and one being asked by folks in our home state of Texas and all across this great land of ours.
Why can't politicians in Washington, D.
, say what they mean and mean what they say? Yeah! Since being elected to the Senate six years ago, I made it my mission to cut through red tape, be honest with voters, and make sure that American money stays in American pockets.
- All right! - Yeah! [chuckles.]
This November, I'm running for re-election to make sure that everyone plays by the same rules.
I'm Senator Joseph Ramirez, and I approve this message.
[high ringing sound.]
Well, I'd say you're looking well, but I have a reputation for honesty to uphold.
That must be quite a lift.
And at your age.
I've never known you to be indecisive, Dill.
Nasty, sure.
It was the same when your parents [whistles.]
But even back then you were never wishy-washy.
Did you start early this morning, Freddie? I thought they cut you off at dawn.
Last night you get out of a car with Strucker.
He blows up.
You don't.
Now, not more than 12 hours later, you're making a social call.
- What changed? - You're fishing.
Well, I don't have to wet a line to land a big one, girl.
Have a nice day, Freddie.
Try not to fall overboard.
What about Clyde Brattle? Ooh! Feels like a nibble to me.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm sure not.
You know, Clyde Tomerlin Brattle.
Part-time American gunrunner.
Full-time international fugitive.
Asshole buddy of Jacob Spivey, your oldest friend.
And the subject of a senatorial investigation run by You.
I'm on leave.
And I'm on deadline.
What are you really doing back in town, Dill? Whatever it is, it sure don't look like grieving.
And this sure doesn't look much like journalism.
- [chuckles.]
- Go to hell, Freddie.
You're not as good at this as you think you are, girl.
You don't have the miles on you.
[dog barks distantly.]
[woman laughs.]
["Touch Me" by Samantha Fox.]
Oh, touch me - This is the night - Oh, touch me [laughs.]
It's cold.
I want to feel your body Well, hi.
I'm looking for Harold Snow.
He's out.
Are you Mrs.
Snow? [laughs.]
I'm Cindy McCabe.
I just live here.
Hi, Cindy.
I'm Allegra.
Do you remember me from last night? Oh, my gosh.
You're the sister.
That was crazy, what happened.
Could I have one of those? Oh.
I know what this looks like.
You know, putting on a show for the fuzz and all.
But the AC is on the fritz.
Usually the landlady'll fix it, but Gosh.
You don't talk much.
Your sister was like that too, though.
Quiet, I mean.
I liked it in her, you know? Never a peep [can hisses open.]
Except when Harold was late with the rent, of course.
Or that time that boyfriend came by.
Colder? I pulled that one fresh out of the cooler.
No, I mean the boyfriend.
Was it Captain Gene Colder? Uh, this guy looked more like a jock than a cop.
He scared the piss out of me, truth be told.
He was hammering on that door so hard, I thought he was gonna rip the whole thing off at the hinges.
Kept coming by after that, too, riding around in his rattly old truck.
Oh, my gosh.
I just realized, you're probably gonna be wanting the rent too.
I don't know what we're gonna do about that.
Cindy, let's just call it even for the month.
I mean, we've all been through a lot.
Well, that is mighty decent of you.
Do you want another beer? No, you go ahead.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
[engine rumbling.]
It's funny.
You know, you're both awful pretty, but she had a very different vibe, you know? Like things were always gonna start looking up.
And me? You make it seem like things are moving in the other direction.
Cindy, are you making a pass at me? Kinda.
Well, I'm flattered.
You ever make a pass at my sister? Once.
How'd she take it? About as well as you.
So Sorry.
Thanks for the beer.
Hello? [sighs.]
I should have known it was you.
I just needed a change of clothes.
I figured you'd be wanting the closets empty soon enough.
Take as much time as you need.
It may not show, Dill I'm almost falling apart here.
So am I.
Falling apart, almost.
- I'm married to a bitch.
- It happens.
She's the daughter of a deputy chief back east.
That's why I married her.
I got hungry, made a mistake.
- I make them all the time.
- I don't want you thinking Felicity busted up a happy home.
The wife and I, we were having problems long before we moved here.
Felicity, she was wonderful.
How did she afford this place? Again with the questions.
Look, she wasn't dirty, okay? You're right.
She couldn't afford it.
But I could.
I I gave her the money for our future.
You? I'm sorry I didn't tell you the other day.
I was embarrassed.
It's already messy enough with my wife.
Look, if my name's on the lease, then she can get her hands on it in the divorce, so well, joke's on me, isn't it? This place is yours.
Tell me about Felicity's boyfriend.
Big guy.
Floyd? Wait a second, did she tell you about him? Seems like there was a lot of things she didn't tell me.
Well, it was kind of a fling, really.
Floyd Ferness.
The best running back to ever come out of this town.
High school hero.
Played at UT.
Even got drafted.
He made exactly one play in the bigs before his knee went snap-crackle-pop.
Anyway, bounced back here.
Joined the force.
More of a photo op than real policing.
Felicity dumped him just before we did.
What happened? He happened.
You know how jocks get.
A few too many shots to his head.
He wasn't happy with the job.
Tell you this, he wasn't happy about losing it either.
Seems like an obvious suspect.
You know I can't answer that.
What are you gonna do with it? The place? I hadn't given it any thought.
Well it may not look like much, but well, it sure was something to me.
Bye, Colder.
Hey, Pick! [chuckles.]
You shouldn't have.
But I did.
You're a cherry girl, right? That was Felicity.
But I'll take it.
Frosty's? Been waiting long? Oh, only about four snowballs' worth.
You realize how long we'd have had to save to buy half as many of those? Well, that was then, Pick.
We were poor as shit.
And now? Now I'm rich.
I had Eliseo here buy out the store.
Well, hey want to take a stroll? - Sure.
- Come on.
[engine starts.]
[light music.]
That hurt? You should see the other guy.
Can you believe it still smells the same? Like burnt sugar, blood, and motor oil.
Take a few days for it to get into your clothes, but after a while you'll be smelling it in your sleep.
I never stopped smelling it.
One day you'll have to explain to me why it is you moved back here.
That's easy.
Things are bad all over.
At least here I know which way things are going.
Which way is that? My way.
All right, now, before I forget.
What you've been waiting for.
I signed my name with curlicues and everything.
Did you add anything since yesterday? Now, Pick, that doesn't sound exactly ethical.
Then you've given me two things with the exact same nutritional value.
Oh, come on.
Hey, that's a gold mine, okay? Hey, look, buy me dinner tonight, ain't no telling what I won't remember.
No? I think we're done here.
Oh, come on, Pick.
What about the art of the deal, and the quid pro quo, the magna cum "lude," and all that shit? You're not exactly negotiating from a position of strength here, Jake.
Immunity only comes in exchange for a full and honest testimony.
You do realize that prison is still a very real possibility? Oh, your little senator's going to ride my testimony like a prize pony all the way to the White House, Pick.
I ain't going to jail.
- Then why are you stalling? - Hold on.
- You hear something? - What? No, it's a very particular "tick, tick, tick" I didn't hear yesterday.
You got a clock on this.
What aren't you telling me? Did the Feds collar old Clyde? Would that make a difference? Well, shit, yes! Why would I go naming names before you even arrest the guy I'm naming? Look, let's just settle down and go have a couple steaks.
I have a job to do and a sister to bury, Jake.
I don't have time to play footsie with a scared, lonely boy.
Scared? Look at me out here, Pick.
I look scared to you? I've seen four of your guys following us with guns since we started walking.
So, what does that make you, exactly? Well, if there are four of them, then I'm certainly not lonely.
Hey, look, I'm having a little garden party tomorrow.
Why don't you come by? Hell, bring a date.
Good-bye, Jake.
Or come solo.
It's cool.
I don't know what your situation is.
[engine rumbling.]
- Keep it running.
- Yes, ma'am.
[shop bell rings.]
Well, by God, I wondered if that was you, and it turns out I was right.
Oh, my God.
Barbara Jean Littleton.
- Remember? From high school? - Of course.
Well, I suppose we haven't seen each other since graduation, huh? Yeah, your hair's different.
It's flatter, kinda.
Well, I guess you heard about my divorce.
- No, actually, I haven't.
- Yeah, I got divorced.
I'm with Duke now.
He's a provider, so yeah.
And, of course, the Dollar Mart's closing down, and I tested positive for the mold gene.
- The - The mold gene.
You should get tested.
It turns out 20% of everybody has got it.
You know, except for Duke.
Duke doesn't.
But he can't eat dairy, - so there's that.
- Okay.
But, yeah, so many changes around here.
Man, your head just must be spinning, huh? I'd love to stay and chat, but my ride's here.
I'm gonna see you next week, though, right? For the reunion? It's our 20th.
Ugh! Yeah, my God, but everybody's gonna be there.
Tammy, and Jimbo, and Duke if he can get his shift covered at the clinic.
[car door closes.]
Take me to the zoo.
Oh, Lord.
They ain't half done cleaning up the rubble over there.
- What's in the bag? - Just drive.
Yes, ma'am.
[dramatic guitar music.]
Now I think on it, her hair always was kind of flat.
[horns honking.]
[indistinct shouting.]
Are you looking for something? No.
I found it.
- Keep it running.
- Well, I ain't going nowhere.
What the fuck? - You're the boyfriend.
- What are you doing? Floyd, you've got about 30 seconds before your tire deflates, maybe 90 seconds before the car in front of us moves, and that means roughly 92 seconds before the lady in the truck behind you starts leaning on her horn so loud that sweaty cop up there will have no choice but to slosh on over and see what's happening.
- Hey - 80 seconds.
Why are you following me? I just I need you to know I didn't do it.
- Okay.
- But they're gonna say I did.
I don't know, Floyd.
You've been chasing me around for two hours.
There are better ways to look clean.
I loved her, okay? And she loved me.
60 seconds, Floyd.
She was onto something, okay? Something big.
- A homicide? - No.
And she was gonna take them all down.
That's why she had to go.
Time's running out, Floyd.
First they're gonna say he's a nice guy.
Shame about the temper.
And then they're gonna say I had some grudge against Strucker.
And the next thing you know they'll be finding wires and shit in my apartment.
You watch, there'll be a full manhunt by tomorrow lunch.
Why are you so sure? Because that's how they taught me to work it.
Felicity too.
I can't protect you if you don't give me something.
- [car horn blares.]
- [woman shouts.]
Hurry up, piece of shit! Can't nobody protect me now.
Damn it.
[high ringing noise.]
[breathing heavily.]
The headaches, right? Ringing in your ears like you got an old rotary phone jammed up there? [panting.]
Just rest, drink fluids, and quit chasing running backs in the open field.
It'll pass in a day or two.
Then come back in 20 years and kill you.
I'll bring you something.
[elevator dings.]
[elevator dings.]
[elevator dings.]
We need to talk.
I'm here to update you on events.
I've just returned from Mexico, establishing Clyde Brattle's activities before he crossed the border at Nogales.
It appears he was hiding out with a former CIA associate in Tepoztlán, a town otherwise famous for ice cream.
As of 11:55 a.
local time, there was nothing left of the man's hacienda or his family.
Thanks to satellite imagery, we know both existed.
But now neither does.
Did you try the ice cream? I did.
It was excellent.
Our hope is that federal agents will quickly be able to locate and detain Brattle.
How many pictures like this have we seen since Syria? How many times has he slipped through our fingers? I have faith in the FBI.
And in your understanding how helpful this will be to the senator's work, not to mention his image.
- Bully for him.
- Yes, indeed.
One wonders, though, if Jake Spivey is ready to fulfill his half of the bargain.
Were you able to acquire a notarized copy of the deposition? He won't talk until we have Brattle.
He's coming to kill Jake, isn't he? If he's not willing to tie every one of those millions of missing dollars around Brattle's neck, it's of no concern of ours if Spivey's taken out.
- Brattle is everything.
- You can't No, he can't know about Brattle.
Be professional, Allegra.
We need him clean.
Or dead.
Would you permit me a personal question? - Okay.
- Is it possible being home, being in mourning as you clearly are, has confused your loyalties? - Of course not.
- You've been sloppy, you've been reckless, and you've let your personal business interfere with ours.
- The senator - The senator and I value you for your focus, which is why we remain willing to overlook certain lacunae in your résumé.
Lacunae means blank space.
I know what fucking lacunae means, Cyrus.
If I may borrow a phrase, "bully for you.
" I have a message from the senator.
Would you like to hear it? "Get it the fuck together.
" Have you received the message? Good.
Get me a real deposition.
Ice cream.
[door opens and closes.]
And I said, "Well, boys, "if you're not dunking them or juggling them, you can't be mad at me for kicking them.
" [all laugh.]
Well, hey there, sweetie.
Thanks for coming.
We're taking the edge off.
Care to join? I don't know.
I'd rather just get drunk.
That's a lady after my own heart.
Gene, why don't you get Miss Dill a drink? Chardonnay? - Beer.
- Okay.
Come on, let's have a seat.
I wanted to let you know that we've identified our man.
It's Ferness, the ex-boyfriend.
Judge Bien granted a warrant for his place today.
We found Semtex, wiring.
Everything you need for a bomb except the bang.
You hearing me? It's almost over.
I mean, if we're looking at boyfriends, why not that one? Gene Colder? He's good police.
Besides, he's got an alibi.
He was at the station all night last night when that second bomb blew.
It seems too easy.
Well, honey, that's 'cause it usually is.
I've been doing this 20-something years.
At the end of the day, men just aren't that complicated.
Did you tell her about the grudge he had against Strucker? Well, if it isn't San Bonifacio's finest, doing what they do best.
You got about ten seconds to waddle your fat ass back out that door, Chuckles, before these fellas do it for you.
- What? - You heard me, you miserable old clown beetle.
Clown beetle? Clown beetle! It's the bottom-feeder that eats the maggots that eat corpses.
There's nothing lower on God's verdant earth.
- What the? - Yeah, so just skitter on out of here.
Go find something else rotten to nibble on before I stomp you like I would any other garden bug.
- Get out of here! - Oh! - [laughter.]
- Jesus Christ! Get out of here.
- Shame about the wings.
- [laughs.]
Look, you know what? It's okay if you're hurting more, not less now that we've ID'd the killer.
I mean, solving a murder case is not like finding your keys.
There's no happy ending.
There's actually no ending at all.
The grieving just starts once the arrest is made.
And then what? We all just go back on with our lives? Honey, that door closed the moment the bomb went off.
[loud country music playing.]
Hey, have you eaten? [mariachi music.]
[speaking Spanish.]
How'd you find this place? Felicity.
She was real good about finding places like this.
Speaking of I spent about nine hours at her bank and the hall of records.
Best I can figure, the person who bought the complex is [taps fingers.]
Captain Eugene Colder.
But you knew that, didn't you? [inhales sharply.]
I'm gonna need another.
So, what's your story? Grew up in Port Arthur.
School in Austin.
Moved here two years ago to look after my grandma.
She passed about three months back.
So you just Dropped everything to take care of her? Moved here? When it's the person that knows you best It's what you do.
[phone line ringing.]
Hello? Are you the person that knows me best? I suppose that's probably true.
Why? Clyde Brattle crossed the border at Nogales this morning.
Feds don't have eyes on him.
Safe to assume he's headed this way.
And why are you telling me this, Pick? [snorts.]
You trying to warn me or woo me? [laughs.]
Why, Jake Spivey.
I thought that was a distinction we didn't recognize.
Well, how can I return the favor? Just don't be the dead girl, Jake.
[hangs up.]
It's working.
["High Pressure Days" by the Units plays.]
Saw Johnny tonight But we didn't say hello to each other We're all moving pretty fast these days Bumping around like bumper cars Slippery kelp in the tide It's awful hard to hang on to each other Flying around hot H2O molecules Balls that come in contact often alter their direction High-pressure days High pressure High-pressure days High pressure High-pressure days Bump around bumper cars High-pressure days High pressure Our paths still cross In these high-pressure days Crowd pattern will emerge Exchange phone numbers, wither away Our paths still cross In these high-pressure days Crowd pattern will emerge Exchange phone numbers wither away High-pressure days Finding that our motions High-pressure nights Fit into a pattern High-pressure days Finding that our motions High pressure nights Fit into a pattern High pressure days Finding that our motions High pressure [grunting.]
[door closes.]

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