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Breadknife Weather

1 Previously, on "Briarpatch" Why are you in my dead sister's apartment? I'm just looking for my bug! - Who paid you? - Ferness.
- Floyd Ferness.
- Felicity's boyfriend.
She was on to something.
Okay, something big.
After this week's double car bombings We are declaring a manhunt for Floyd Ferness.
I can't protect you if you don't give me something.
Can't nobody protect me now.
One wonders, though.
Jake Spivey is ready to fulfill his half of the bargain.
He won't talk until we have Brattle.
If he's not willing to tie those millions of missing dollars around Brattle's neck, it's no concern of ours if Spivey's taken out.
Ever heard of Al-Namur? Jake has done some terrible things, and I can prove them all.
I know you.
You're my husband's dead fiancée's sister.
Your man, Strucker, did he have family? He's got a wife.
I expect she's with him now.
Several animals, including the fearsome jungle cat, remain unaccounted for.
In other news, the funeral service for fallen San Bonifacio homicide detective Felicity Dill is set to take place at Trinity Baptist Church today.
The 28-year-old hero died as a result of a car bombing.
The following resulted in significant injuries.
Cody is in what we call Uh, to his head and his extremities, have left his brain scarred Oxygen.
We are, unfortunately uh, running a little low on his blood type, so Oh, no The manhunt for double bombing suspect Floyd Ferness continues to escalate.
Once a hometown hero, Ferness is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.
Yes? Imagine walking through a dark tunnel, and there's a tightness in your stomach you can't seem to shake.
Floyd? A square light appears at the end of that tunnel.
You walk towards it.
Tightness increases, and you step through.
Look up.
You're in the middle of a packed stadium.
It's your first pro game.
You made it.
The crowd cheers.
Applause echoes like thunder.
You line up behind the quarterback.
The play is called.
The ball is in your hands.
The only thing left to do now is the thing you do best.
And then suddenly, you hear something different.
Pop! You look down.
You're not running anymore.
You're falling.
It wasn't my knee got wrecked that day.
- It was my whole damn life.
- Jesus Christ, Floyd.
I had a headache before you called.
It's not fair.
What? That you got hurt? It could have been your last game anyway.
You could've got cut.
A sinkhole could've swallowed the stadium.
Shit happens, Floyd.
You're not special.
Felicity thought I was special.
She thought you were a creep.
She had a secret apartment so she could hide from you.
You found it and you had Harold Snow bug her.
I loved her.
Honestly, Floyd, it just sounds like she dumped you.
You know what still haunts me? You'd think it would be the sound in my knee, but it it's the silence, in the stadium.
They knew, before I did.
They all knew it was over.
You ever have that? A moment you can't come back from? It's not too late for you, Floyd.
You can still do something for her.
Tell me what's on the tape.
Floyd? Floyd? Floyd? God damn it.
Clyde Brattle picked me up last night, took me for a ride.
I don't know, Cyrus, a camper van.
I'm fine.
Thanks for asking.
Not over the phone.
Meet me.
I'll find the time.
I have nothing better to do today.
Miss Dill! I am Sergeant Henry Mock, and welcome to your chariot for the day, courtesy of the San Bonifacio Police Department.
We heard you don't drive.
I don't.
Aces! I do.
I volunteered to be yours for the day.
Uh, a chauffeur, that is.
I am spoken for by a Ms.
Beatrice Mock.
We have been married 17 years this March, and, uh, if you need my qualifications for this assignment, she can attest to my expertise in driving her, uh, crazy.
You might want me to shut up.
A little hung? Well, just take a peek inside that cooler to your left.
I put a few cold beers in there just in case.
You're a saint.
Oh, I always do that on a funeral detail.
First thing I do when I get up in the morning, pop a few in the freezer.
Get 'em good and cold.
Lots of people, they just, need a little something, to get 'em to a funeral.
That is a sad thing.
Well, I will shut up now.
Thank you.
Uh, you mind if we just stop by the station? There's something the chief wants to bring you in on.
There she is.
Dan, put your feet down.
We need to talk.
Ferness called me.
What? When? Just now, this morning.
He sounds desperate.
What'd he say? That he didn't do it.
Oh, honey, they all say that.
Even when they're scrubbing the blood out from under their fingernails.
- You need to do - Allegra.
Trust us.
I'm gonna do my job today.
All I ask is for you to do yours.
Mourn that sweet sister.
And speaking of which, reason I had Mock bring you by.
Boys! Meet Felicity's sister.
Allegra Dill.
Mm? Mm.
First time I saw Felicity, she was sitting at that desk right there.
It's my first day on the job, all my luggage is still down in El Paso, and I thought I'd, you know, drop by early, get a feel for the place.
It was 8:30 a.
I walk in and who do I see but this slip of a girl? Just sitting there, working her way through a box of kung pao and a mountain of paperwork.
Every single day, Felicity damn Dill is sitting perky-assed at that desk before I can even park my car.
So, finally, I figure I'm gonna do something about it.
So, 4:15 a.
, I march in, feeling like I got the jump on this little brown-nosing flatfoot can't find the time to go home.
So, I walk in this room.
What do I see? Yep.
Officer Felicity Dill.
She turns to me with that that innocent expression on that petite face, and she says, "I know you like to come in early, Chief, so I thought I'd make you a cup of coffee.
Ain't that the tits? I know when I'm beat.
That afternoon, I grabbed Calvin Strucker and I said, "I want you to promote that Dill girl just high as common sense will let you.
" And he said, "Why? 'Cause she's good?" And I said, "Hell, no.
'Cause she's a pain in the ass!" Yeah, that's right.
To Felicity Dill.
May she be frustrating the shit out of St.
Peter in heaven.
That's right.
What? Just didn't know she had a sister.
Long night? Long week.
Have a seat.
You sure you don't want to say a few words today at the service? Not my style.
I just thought maybe you could add something, about her childhood or your childhood.
What did she tell you? Nothing.
Ever think there may have been a reason for that? It wasn't like what it was supposed to be.
Our family.
How old were you when they passed? Felicity was seven.
And you were responsible for her? After the accident? I did what I had to do.
For the both of us.
And that was boarding school.
I didn't want her to grow up here.
But if she had, maybe she'd have had sense enough not to come back.
Well, I'm sure you did your best.
But "anger gives the devil a foothold.
" At least according to this book right here.
Anger gives you a chance to fucking survive.
Hear that? He's at the high school.
You heard dispatch.
Let's get out of here.
All right, team, let's go.
- High school? - Yeah.
Can't wait to see his face when we nail him.
We'll do our job, You do yours.
The first guy gets shot at.
Floyd better be saying his prayers.
Attention all units, we have a visual on Floyd Ferness.
Last spotted at SD High football field.
- So sorry.
- Mm.
I'm so sorry, Allegra.
She was a good person.
Thank you, Lalo.
I'm sorry about your sister.
And about the other day.
Oh, she had the most angelic smile and beautiful blonde curls.
Oh, come to think of it, that woman told me her name was Francine.
- I-I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- All right, come on.
- Oh, God.
Vultures, the lot of 'em.
They feed on grief.
The only solution is make yourself unpalatable.
Care to join me in a little blood of Christ? Thanks.
What was that shit you pulled with the mayor yesterday? - Hmm? - Humiliating him? You angling for his job? No, come on, Pick.
Now, all that political stuff can wait.
This here is important.
To Felicity.
A sweet, sweet girl, and she would never, ever stop following us.
Even when we took her to the town dump.
Glad you're here.
- Boss.
- Yo.
Oh, hey.
The, uh, lawyer, right? Oh, not today.
Just friend.
Well, then, friend, you've come to the right place.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
Is he the only guard you brought with you here? Uh Eliseo's the only one who can wear my suits.
Oh, well.
Think I just realized something.
This must've been the room he stole 'em out of.
Oh, my God.
You're right.
Who stole what now? Uh, about 20 years ago, the good Mr.
and Mrs.
Dill went driving up to Colorado.
In search of an investment opportunity.
It was a ghost town.
A literal ghost town.
- For sale.
- Yeah.
And what they found instead was the one corner on Earth that Ambrose Dill couldn't cut.
Out on Highway 21.
90-yard drop.
Right over the side of the mountain.
My God.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know that They said that Dad died from the impact, but Mom died from relief.
All of a sudden.
I don't have to just finish my calculus homework.
I have to plan a funeral.
Oh, every two-bit con artist, hack, and grifter south of the panhandle showed up.
There's this one real extravagant fella named Chubb Hancock.
And, uh, oh, he's just making a show the whole time.
Weeping and carrying on during the service, so much so that he had to excuse himself.
And he excused himself right back here, where we had the ashes and the the pimento - cheese sandwiches.
- The cheese sandwiches.
Which he helped himself to both.
This man stole your parents? Ashes.
Both bags.
I guess Dad had said he'd pay Chubb the money he owed him over his dead body.
So Chubb stood right over that body and swiped it.
And Mom's.
That is a horrible story.
Oh, perspective, Counselor.
Levity is a part of life.
What was it you said back there, Pick? Uh, about funerals being too much fuss.
"The dead don't need 'em, and the living don't deserve them.
" Mm.
I was 17 and Furious.
And now? Now I'm 38.
She set aside her own fears so that she could protect the innocent from those who sought to harm them.
In doing so, Detective Felicity Dill reflected our highest ideals.
On a personal note, I would like to add that Felicity was an exceptional colleague and And a a good friend.
I will I will reflect upon our intimate conversations fondly in the days and years to come.
We take comfort in the knowledge that Felicity has finally found peace in heaven.
Reunited with her loving parents Ambrose and Isadora Dill.
We hold Felicity in our hearts.
Just as we hold her only surviving relative.
Allegra Dill, you are not alone.
The San Bonifacio Police Department grieves with you and stands by you.
Today and always.
Please rise and and join me for a hymn.
What's up? I need some fresh air.
Guide me, oh, thou great redeemer - You're early.
- So are you.
Brattle wants to come in.
Immunity might be tricky.
He's willing to do time.
Well, well, well.
That is a curveball.
There's nothing in his file that suggests he'd be open to this.
What changed? Assuming he's not bluffing? Well, for one, I think he's trying to ratfuck Jake.
A given.
And for two? I think he's tired.
Did he say as much? He's living in a van, Cyrus.
He drove me to an abandoned slaughterhouse.
It was full of drones.
How many? At least two dozen.
Livestock? The slaughterhouse.
What did it process? - Beef.
- Mm.
Unmanned drones suggests drug smuggling.
That's not Brattle.
Or Spivey, for that matter.
I think he was trying to send me a message.
He mentioned Al-Namur.
It's a village about 45 miles south of Aleppo.
They grow figs.
Forget about the figs.
I'll look into it.
In the meantime, you try and meet with him again.
You're not seriously considering doing a deal with Brattle, are you? - He's a savage.
- Allegra, don't be squeamish.
Cyrus, tell the FBI he's here.
Or at least let me speak to the senator about it.
We both know that's not a good idea.
Brattle is the target.
He has been since you put me on this.
Don't switch it up now.
The hearing is imminent, and Spivey is stalling.
Cyrus, God damn it.
I already offered Jake the deal.
He won't talk until Brattle is in custody.
What am I supposed to tell him now? You tell him nothing.
Not about this or anything relating to our business.
You walk into the church.
You dab your eyes.
You mourn your loss.
And you will await further instructions.
This is horseshit.
Fake it if you have to.
Don't let these people see what you really are.
That was a great speech, bud.
It wasn't a speech.
It was a eulogy.
Did you rehearse it or That's not how this works.
Got it.
Got it! So that was the first time in the room? Oh, man.
You killed it, bro! Killed it! Word choice.
My bad.
Oh, hell, yeah, we were close.
We were real close.
We talked just about every day.
In fact, I'm the last one she talked to before You know? She thought of me as someone she could confide in.
I just wish she hadn't kept so much bottled up inside.
Human connection is such a gift.
Well, that doesn't sound right.
What part? So, you were her lawyer? I was.
I was also her friend.
Are you allowed to be both? Don't tell anybody.
You know, I'm surprised we've never met.
You know I practically helped raise Felicity, you know? Yeah, bought her first fishing rod, first Barbie.
Well, the Barbie I stole, but yeah.
Anyway, I figured since your wife was at my house yesterday, I might come over and introduce myself.
My wife was at your house? Oh, well, come on now.
You can't exactly hide a little firecracker like that away.
Am I right? Huh? I mean, hell, not even today.
Wait, she's here Oh, she's over by the sacristy making small talk.
Ooh, boy.
Oh, but I tell you, she is fine.
Excuse me.
You're excused, Captain.
I just needed some fresh air.
Can I have one of those? Thank you.
Do you smoke? No.
Funerals are hard.
I went to my mother's.
14 years old, stoned, in goth makeup.
But I went.
It's about the only place in the entire world you don't want to be, but it's the place the entire world expects to find you.
Front and center.
So I get it.
And I'm sorry.
I know it's odd.
But I had to come.
I'm worried about Gene.
He just loved her so much, you know? I think it's probably good to be able to love more than one person.
I wish I could.
Lucretia, you shouldn't be here.
But here I am.
Is she bothering you? No.
I'm not a bother, Gene.
Don't treat me like I'm a bother.
Excuse us.
What is that? Dill.
Freddie Laffter.
We're going with the stuff about your sister's insurance policy.
And the money sunk into the apartment building, all that crap.
Any comment you want to make? No.
No comment, Chuckles.
I heard some of what the boyfriend said in there.
Awfully pious for an adulterer.
Made her sound like some kind of saint.
And she wasn't? That a question or a statement? I know you've got doubts too, Dill.
You can hate me all you want, but we're the only ones that see it plain.
All I see is a sick old man who's getting a sneak preview of what's around the corner.
Even the cops weren't sure about her.
Word has it that she got into a screaming match with Strucker, her would-be father figure.
About? Well, apparently, young Detective Dill couldn't keep her nose out of Packingtown.
Even after he took her off the beat.
When was this? Three weeks ago.
Around the same time she took out that policy making you, what, the second richest person to ever come out of the old neighborhood? After your jarhead pal, of course.
Don't print anything you can't verify, Freddie.
All of this shit is unverifiable.
The dead are just clay for the living to mold and shape into whatever makes them sleep better at night.
Speaking of which, how are you sleeping at night, Dill? Hmm.
I thought so.
It's breadknife weather.
- Come again? - It's breadknife weather.
What Felicity used to call it.
Soon as it hit the triple digits, she knew she'd be busy.
People in this town? When you crank the burner this high, they don't even bother reaching for the pointy stuff before they start stabbing each other.
Yeah, that sounds like her.
Sure does! Sergeant Mock.
Did my sister and Strucker have a falling out? Uh, well, um, a family quarrel, more like.
Yeah, about three weeks ago.
Um, and Calvin, uh, he must've been awful sore about Are you working right now? Are you seriously telling me you're buying what they're selling? This is not a transaction, Allegra.
People mourn in different ways.
You think Floyd Ferness killed her? I think today it doesn't matter who killed her.
I think what matters is that she's dead.
We've got to accept that.
They don't get to decide who she was.
They don't get to have her.
The funeral is not for Felicity.
It's for the people who loved her.
To bring closure.
I don't want closure.
My grandmother's gravesite is right over here.
I'ma pay her a quick visit.
You come here often? Why, do you? Oh, I visit Daddy.
Every month or so.
I figure since he gave me the silent treatment most of my childhood, there's time enough to return the favor.
What was she doing here, Jake? She had to come back to this poisonous shithole.
Poisonous shithole would look good on a postcard, I admit, but, you know, she and I had another word for it.
It's home.
You ought to give her more credit, Pick.
She really wanted to fix this place.
When's the last time you actually saw Felicity? Three years ago.
In D.
And how was that? It was fine.
Pick, how fine could it have been if you never saw her again? I didn't ask her to come.
She heard something in my voice, I guess.
How bad was it? Bad.
The senator was on finance then, and I was investigating a guy for insider training.
And I pushed too hard.
He didn't want to take the fall.
So he took a swan dive off of a ninth-story building instead.
And then one night, there was a knock on the door.
And that's Felicity.
That sounds nice.
She got me back on my feet.
And at the end of three days, I started walking and talking again.
Went to the movies, even laughed a little.
And then she was gone.
It wasn't special.
It wasn't anything.
I get it now.
You must have hated that.
Hated her for it.
Well, Felicity taking care of you when it's supposed to be the other way around.
Ready, aim, fire.
Pick! Would you like to say some final words? Allegra.
I remember now.
Allegra? Uh, hi, uh I'm A.
Like "Scorch.
" Uh, I'm a good friend I was a good friend of Felicity's.
What Come on.
What Fliss.
God damn you.
Why'd you have to go and die on me? Fuck you for making me come back here.
You dummy.
No one should ever have to be alone here.
Who are you talking to? Whoa! Oh.
Keep this somewhere safe.
Is this It's the recording.
From Felicity's apartment.
I think it'll tell you who killed her.
You didn't listen to it? Nah, it was encrypted.
Only one with the key is Harold Snow.
Yeah, I couldn't get to him.
Never had a chance.
Guess I'm used to that.
You need to scream now.
What? I need you to scream.
What? No! No! - This needs to look real.
- Freeze! They can't know I gave it to you.
Don't you move, Floyd! Let go of her now! Let go of her now! Oh, shit.
Don't do this, Floyd.
Take your hands off her now! Move, move! Go! Shit! Come on! Floyd, listen to me.
You were right about Felicity.
Okay, she got herself into something that she shouldn't have.
Strucker figured it out, and that's why they were targets.
Get the perimeter, go! I know it wasn't you.
It doesn't have to go this way.
It doesn't.
It's already gone.
I don't want to do this, Floyd.
Don't make me do this.
It's fine.
It's fine.
It's fine.
- Figure this out, okay? - No, please! No! - Stop! - Floyd! Hands off to Ferness, and he's hit, but he's still on his feet! He's at the 40! Nobody can run at him! 30! 15! He's gone.
We got one.
Floyd Ferness.

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