Bridgerton (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

A Bee in Your Bonnet

1 Easy now.
All right, take your time.
He's bloody huge.
Yet no match for a bullet.
Now, all it takes is one clean shot to the heart to fell even the greatest of beasts.
It's impossible.
Now, now.
There'll be plenty of other opportunities.
I've failed each and every time.
I can just hear what Benedict will have to say about this.
- Colin too.
- All the more reason to keep trying.
They'll be insufferable.
Shh, shh.
Whoo! You have to show me how to do that! Come along.
It's more about confidence than anything else.
You decided that stag was too large to shoot before you even touched the trigger, I'm afraid.
But you'll learn.
You'll learn in time.
You make it sound so easy.
Nothing ever rattles you, does it? Oh, I believe your mother would have quite a few things to say about that.
You do know that you cannot show someone your best without allowing them to see your worst.
Speaking of which, she would adore those.
They're quite lovely, are they not? Daphne will be jealous if we return with nothing for her.
Ugh, this bloody Ah.
Father? The damn thing stung me.
Whatever Father? What is it? Father! Wha What? - I can't - Help us, someone! Someone, please! Help! Father! Help! What happened? I don't know! I don't know! I don't know! Was it a bee? A bee, I think.
- Edmund, you must breathe.
- I can't No, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Please don't.
Do not leave me.
No, Ed Edmund! Do not leave me! Oh, God! The other children.
They cannot They cannot see him.
Anthony! Go! We all know the great lengths a young lady will go in pursuit of a proposal.
And apparently, she will travel great distances too.
Lord Anthony Bridgerton appears to be inching ever so closer to selecting his viscountess, and to that end has invited our diamond to join him for an excursion at his ancestral home, Aubrey Hall.
Perhaps I'll wear the pink silks at dinner tonight.
Do you think Lord Bridgerton will like it? Of course he will, Bon.
You need not worry about the viscount's favor, Miss Edwina.
It is an exceedingly good sign that he has invited us to spend a few days with the family, before the rest of the ton arrives for the real party.
Perhaps by then, you will have an engagement to announce.
He will be assessing me, I know.
Considering how I might perform as viscountess.
And he should not be the only one.
You too must consider if Lord Bridgerton is everything you want in a match as well.
We should all pass the week with open minds.
I shall be the very picture of amiability.
Very well.
Pink it is for dinner.
Country air indeed clears the mind and invigorates the body.
Might this be the final gust that pushes the viscount over the precipice of a proposal? Of course, the luckless souls remaining in town will have to find new diversions in the absence of their most precious of stones.
For goodness' sake, Penelope.
Stop your pacing before you give me indigestion.
Apologies, Mama.
We have much to do before joining the Bridgertons in a few days.
We will head to the modiste after breakfast.
The modiste? Today? Oh.
Are you off to make calls this morning, my lord? Anyone in particular? - I thought to pay a visit to White's.
- Excellent idea.
I'm sure you'll find the gentlemen there very good company.
Good day, ladies.
I suppose I should be glad that he's not already out courting his future bride.
It's only a matter of time before he brings home some young beauty to oust us out onto the streets.
Perhaps it will be Miss Uxbridge.
Now, there's a chickabiddy if ever I saw one.
Not helping.
What we need to find is someone malleable.
Someone stupid enough not to know any better, and certainly not to know how to take on and manage a household.
That would be in our best interest.
The question is - where? - Hmm.
I want to move into Philippa's room.
Why she always got the bigger one has never been fair.
What? We were just saying what an eligible match Lord Featherington would make.
- For whom? - You.
But he's our cousin.
- Oh, Penelope.
- But he is our cousin.
And since when has that ever created an issue? It is not odd to marry one's cousin.
It is regal.
Just look at the royal family.
Besides, he's your fourth cousin, nonetheless.
Do you not wish to be lady of this household, Prudence? Hosting dinners and balls, the envy of all your friends? - Would I have such authority? - If that is what you wish.
You will charm him with some assistance.
You will need a new dress or two, to appear rather more tempting.
Tempting for what? Never you mind.
Off to the modiste, indeed! Sister! Oh, I am so pleased you were able to come.
As if I would allow dear Augie to miss out on watching his mother win this little family tradition.
- Second year in a row, if I might add.
- Charming words from a duchess.
A duchess who is still a Bridgerton.
Oh, come and see the baby, Eloise.
Why? Has he changed since I saw him last? He's grown at least an inch, haven't you? Who's that, then? Oh, my lovely.
- Here we go.
- Yes.
There we are.
There we go.
Do not mind your Auntie Eloise.
She's too busy reading to notice anything else, as usual.
Is it not nap time? Perhaps Uncle Colin will lull you to sleep with his many tales from his travels.
I seem to be missing the peace and solitude of the Greek isles already.
Enjoying your brief respite from the ferocious packs of marriage-minded young ladies, Brother? Quite the opposite, Sister.
I have invited one such young lady and her family to join us today.
Anthony has invited a young lady to Aubrey Hall? Yes, and she is quite lovely.
My word! Well, I cannot wait to meet the woman who has captured your heart.
Tell me, what is she like? Miss Edwina is the picture of grace, beauty, and charm.
Unfortunately, she has a most annoying sister who has styled herself as something of a gatekeeper.
I'm afraid you must all help me win over both sisters, if I am to find my bride.
And now you appeal for help.
My, you must be smitten by this miss.
Or the sister is a formidable obstacle, indeed.
Fear not, Anthony.
Seeing as though you were such a help to me last season, it would only be fair of me to return the favor.
Is that a promise or a threat? Hmm.
Now, the only reason to endure such a journey is to see my great-godson.
Well, it is a joy to see you as well, Lady Danbury.
Oh, Your Grace.
Lady Mary.
- So pleased to have you.
- Thank you for having us.
- This is my daughter Edwina, you remember.
- Lovely to see you.
I do.
And, of course, Kate, my eldest.
You're smiling.
I see my plan to win you over is already working.
I was smiling at the view, which you are now blocking.
- Oh, you brought your dog.
- Yes.
Newton is an excellent judge of character.
Mark my words, Miss Sharma.
By the end of your stay, your opinion of me will be much improved.
As will his.
I did not think you such an optimist.
Since your schemes to manipulate me are now out in the open, I suppose it would be an improvement, indeed.
And you must be Miss Edwina.
This is her sister.
Miss Kate Sharma.
Forgive me, Miss Sharma.
I'm entirely flattered, Your Grace.
Allow me to introduce my sister, Miss Edwina.
It is an honor, Your Grace.
Miss Edwina, I am pleased to introduce you to Aubrey Hall.
It is a beautiful home.
Thank you so much for inviting us.
I very much look forward to spending time with you and your family.
Well, now, you must be weary from your travels.
Please show our guests to their rooms so they might get refreshed.
- And ready for battle.
- Mm, indeed.
What can you mean? Do not mind Eloise.
She's always so spirited in the country.
Then we have that in common.
- Mother? - Mm? I believe there is something I shall be needing now.
So you're quite set on your decision, then, I take it? I made my intentions clear.
You must know there is no need to hurry such a momentous occasion.
The Sharmas have barely unpacked their things.
You should take the opportunity to get to know one another.
Miss Edwina will make the perfect viscountess, to be sure.
This house carries many memories, good and bad.
I only hope you are acting with a clear mind.
You have wanted me to marry for years.
And now you suggest I wait? I did not say that.
I only want you to be certain.
My lord? My lord, might we begin with the arrangements? The minister will need to be called, and the casket, of course.
One will need to be built.
Forgive me, my lord.
I have questions about the body.
Should I move it from his chambers? Also the business of the letters.
- The letters? - To give notice of the death.
Not just to the other family, but to the village too.
We should send for the doctor.
She's still hysterical.
I also must ask, my lord.
Might you already have the keys to your father's office? We've been searching.
With the baby, this cannot be good.
I'll have your mother's things arranged, but I'll need to know which room you'd like her moved to.
Why would Mother be moved? Because those rooms belong to you, my lord.
You are the viscount now.
This will teach Colin.
Last time, he put a wicket behind the goat barn.
What exactly are the rules of this game? Pall-mall is less about the rules, more about the goal.
Which is, of course, to hit your ball through each wicket.
The first player to send their ball through the last wicket wins.
Simple enough.
Though, if you are feeling devilish, you can use your turn to knock an opponent's ball as far away from their next wicket as you would like.
Why waste a turn if the point is to get one's own ball through the wicket? To infuriate your opponent, I gather? Precisely.
It is a poor player who plays the game, and a wise one who plays their opponent.
I believe I shall rather enjoy this game.
Now, Benedict is a solid shot, but he avoids conflict.
Colin is crafty.
He will strike when he thinks you are least suspecting it, so always be suspecting it.
Eloise concentrates entirely on defeating her older brothers.
The hope is that she gets so absorbed by them that she forgets about you.
I, of course, am a complete enigma who will divulge none of my secrets.
And, well, then there is Anthony.
Let me guess.
A most ruthless, cutthroat player.
Why, you have made his acquaintance.
That is not to say he has no honor.
He's usually the most genteel sportsman.
Except as far as this field is concerned.
I'm sure the viscount is an excellent player.
We will all pass a very pleasant afternoon.
No, it should be lower in the bust.
We must make the most of the young lady's figure.
Madame, I must protest.
- I don't pay you to protest.
- The line of I pay you to fashion the dresses as I see fit.
On second thought, perhaps it is this fabric.
I hear there's a new modiste across the street, just arrived from Vienna.
Perhaps she'll have something that will display your assets to their better advantage, Prudence.
Let's get you dressed.
I quite liked your design.
Merci beaucoup, Miss Penelope.
I am always so clumsy with my dresses, it seems.
Well, just the other day, I ripped my bodice, and I had to borrow a dress from my maid to return home.
- I believe you might have seen me.
- I do not recall.
Are you often in that part of town? Seems it is rather far from the fashionable side, is it not? Perhaps I might ask you the same thing.
But I will not because I happen to believe a lady's business is her own.
- Would you not agree? - I Yes.
I most certainly would.
The silks you ordered, ma'am.
You may leave them at the back.
I only hope I may have use for them.
Let's toss a coin.
Last year, we promised to let the youngest pick first.
We pick based on alphabetical order.
- That's the precedent.
- It's meant to be a game, is it not? Everyone, please, now.
The only fair thing to do is to let our invited guests choose their mallets and strike first.
Please, take your pick, Miss Edwina.
An excellent choice.
- The mallet of death.
- Would you look at that, Brother? Is this yours? Not at all.
You're welcome to it.
You threatened to beat me last time I touched - You exaggerate.
- Are you the superstitious sort? I know some men cannot perform without their familiar tools.
Like a child with a blanket.
I can play perfectly well with any mallet.
I wish you the best of luck.
Are we to stand around deliberating all day, or shall we play? No! - To the field of combat! - Mm-hmm.
Come on.
Out of practice much, Brother? Here, allow me.
Yes! What a shot! Good start.
- Eloise, stop cheating.
- No.
Would you take your shot? Ha! Rather unfortunate.
Are the demands of the day affecting your game, Brother? Not a chance.
Miss Edwina, I believe you are next.
I did not wish to leave my ball in your path, so I've left an open space so you can send yours.
How very kind of you, my lord.
Just wide.
- Very good, Edwina.
- Very good.
Come on, Benedict.
It was good.
You'll find it gets easier.
Your head is clearly elsewhere, Brother.
Otherwise, you never would have given me such an easy shot.
Yes! I will admit, my thoughts are far from the field.
I have applied to become a student of art at the Royal Academy Schools.
- Have you? Congratulations.
- Well, do not celebrate yet.
I await word of my acceptance.
They only invite a select few to study there, it seems.
But still, it is an exciting prospect.
Well, it's hardly a grand tour, as you had with your travels.
But, yes, I do hope to distinguish myself too.
Watch it, now, Eloise.
Yes, then.
Send it.
Send it! Brava! Oh, I must compliment you on your daughters, Lady Mary.
They are a credit to you.
They are my greatest blessing indeed.
And perhaps our greatest challenge too.
During the marriage mart, at least.
Yes, the season can be quite cutthroat.
It has been some time since you have been on English soil, has it not? Not since I left with my late husband.
A lifetime ago, it seems.
I quite understand.
Aubrey Hall holds many such memories for me as well.
Well, they are off to a slow start, but I have hopes of bloodshed yet.
Lady Danbury jests.
My children may be rivalrous, but we have yet to lose any limbs.
Motherhood seems to suit the duchess very well.
Yes, it does.
Our matchmaking efforts last season were quite wise indeed, Lady Bridgerton.
Perhaps we will have such success again, Lady Danbury.
Your follow-through seems widely off-course.
If they can somehow stay the course.
Yes! Mark me, Brother! Cracking shot! Yes! - Oh! - Oh, what luck! You have the chance to best him.
That would not be very sportsmanlike, would it? I was told unsportsmanlike conduct was a requirement for this game.
A fast learner you are indeed, Miss Sharma.
What do you say, my lord? Are you in a losing mood? My mood shall remain unchanged, regardless of your choice.
Ah, is that so? You would bravely bear the crushing shame of defeat? - Play pleasant, Didi.
- Not to worry, Miss Edwina.
In light of my brothers' and sisters' tactics, Miss Sharma conducts herself with much grace indeed.
Then you shall not mind this.
Well done! - I knew I liked her.
- Miss Edwina.
It's your turn.
I am bested, I see.
You could still retrieve your ball if you wish to stay in the game.
I think I shall cut out.
I sh I shall, uh join you if you like? There is no need to spoil your fun on my account.
I shall enjoy some refreshments with our mamas.
Oh! Ugh.
I missed it.
Colin, it's your turn.
Oh, what a shot, Brother! Yes! What a shame.
You two better go fetch them.
Unless you would like to quit, here and now? Absolutely not.
After you.
You best hope your play does not hand victory to my brothers, or we shall never hear the end of it.
While you would be magnanimous in victory, I am sure.
Dash it! We could pluck them out.
No one would be any the wiser.
But I would know.
So, you do have honor, then.
At least as far as sport is concerned.
That, and the fact I suspect you'd loudly advertise my cheating the moment I stepped out of line.
And vice versa.
There's nothing for it, then.
Your play, my lord.
Unless you do not wish to dirty those fine boots of yours? Do not worry about my boots.
Just pull.
I am trying.
It is stuck.
- Ow! - Do you want my help or not? It is not amusing.
I did not say it was.
I can't I believe I underestimated you, Miss Sharma.
That seems to be the theme of our acquaintance, does it not? Well, since we are long past formalities tell me frankly.
What must I do to win your approval? I do not withhold it out of spite, my lord.
I simply wish to steer my sister to the greatest possible happiness.
I'd have thought you could understand my position, seeing as you too have sisters to protect.
It's different.
It's my duty as their I am the same for Edwina, in every way that matters.
Then let us put our past acrimony behind us, and allow me to prove I can offer your sister all the happiness and security you seek.
Could you Could you do me that favor? Truce or not, I shall never surrender to you on the sporting field.
Ha! Your turn, my lord.
Is something the matter? I have won! She will be amusing company at dinner.
Lord Bridgerton, do you not wish to retrieve The game is over.
You cannot do this.
You get him back in here now! My lord.
You must come in.
Me? It is imperative.
All is well.
You must not be standing.
All is not well.
I have done this seven times.
I know what well is, and this is not well.
He cannot do this.
I will not allow it.
You stop him.
The baby is not in position.
- What does that mean? - It's turned the wrong way.
I need to know what you'd like us to do.
- I don't know what you - I'll do my best.
But there may need to be a choice made.
Who would your lordship prefer? - What? - What are you saying to him? I told you, you may not speak to him.
Speak to me! It is a conversation for his lordship.
His lordship is a child! He's my child.
He was born in this very room, from this very body.
It is no matter to him.
Let us speak in the hall.
No, Anthony.
Do not leave this room.
Mother, please.
Lie down, still your mind.
I will find out what he is asking of me and return immediately.
He is asking of you to decide which one of us should live.
Me or the baby.
You kill the baby.
You save the mother.
You cut the mother.
You save the child.
It is not your choice to make.
- It is mine.
- It is his lordship's choice.
Edmund is his lordship! The choice is Edmund's.
It could only be Edmund's because he loved me.
He loved me so much.
This wouldn't even be a conversation.
Because that kind of love, the answer, this choice, is obvious.
I should not have to explain this to anyone! Edmund should be here! Do what she wants.
- Your lordship - Whatever she chooses.
I will do my best to save them both.
Do not leave me! Flutter it so, to draw his eyes to your bosom.
And remember to laugh at his jokes.
Every man wishes to be thought a sharp wit.
Good afternoon.
It is a good day, indeed.
It's hot, though.
Is it not, Prudence? Yes, it's very hot.
Unseasonably so.
Mama, might I return to the modiste? - I need new ribbons.
- Not now, Penelope.
Uh Prudence was just asking about the Americas.
- Were you not, Prudence? - I Yes.
You have an interest in travel? Adore it.
I mean to say, I would adore it.
I I have not been further than Sussex.
Mama says everywhere beyond Hampshire is positively uncivilized.
How she jests.
Dear Pru is such a wit.
Well, the Americas are certainly further than Hampshire.
Oh, I have invited the Cowpers to dinner this evening.
The Cowpers? Uh, could this have anything to do with the necklace you gifted Miss Cowper, I believe it was? Do I need a reason to enjoy their company? You'll make the arrangements? Venison, perhaps? It did not work.
Cousin Jack did not glance once at my bosom.
Stop calling him that.
And stop that too.
I do hope the afternoon was not too taxing for you.
Not at all, my lord.
My brothers and sisters, they can be wearying.
I find it is impossible for me to grow weary in the fresh country air.
That is a happy outlook.
You shall need it if you are to spend much more time with the Bridgertons.
Do you imagine you should like to raise your family out here in the country, my lord? It is likely my responsibilities will keep me moving around quite often.
It is entirely possible that there will be stretches of time where I'll be apart from my children.
My wife too.
I do look forward to supporting my husband in whatever his endeavors may be.
You do express yourself so agreeably, Miss Edwina.
It is refreshing and rare indeed.
Though, to be clear, my lord, that is not to say I do not have a mind of my own.
I have found that one may easily remain agreeable when one also has inner resources.
I myself am fortunate to have found a love of literature, but also of learning as well.
It is why I am quite content in different circumstances.
Fulfilled even, in all my varied interests and employments, you see.
I must admit to you.
The only books I have read this year are ledgers of the estate's accounts.
And, um, they're all dreadfully boring.
It is perfect, then.
You are much too busy to read, and I am very much in need of someone to tell about my stories.
I so enjoy talking of books.
Go on, then.
Have you read Ghalib? Never.
He is quite funny.
- A good thing, I suppose.
- Intelligent too.
I would have not expected otherwise.
And the conversation, there were no awkward pauses.
No truly disastrous lulls.
What What did you talk about? His family, to begin with.
So it was all about him, then? Bon, if the conversation felt one-sided Only it did not.
I was convinced my poor showing on the pall-mall field left the viscount feeling indifferent.
But he asked me questions about myself, about our family.
He was interested in everything I had to say, Didi.
In the books I have read, even in the books I have not.
Well, uh, I I only hope his intentions were genuine and nothing less.
I truly believe something will come of this.
A proposal, Didi.
I can feel it.
So, it is all going well, then? Extremely.
And did Miss Edwina mention pall-mall? She did not appear to be having much fun.
Well, how could she have done, when the lot of you were downright gladiatorial out there? As if the game can be played any other way.
I was surprised she played for as long as she did.
It is no matter.
Miss Edwina did not need to win a silly game in order to win my heart.
Who are you, and what have you done with my brother? - Daph.
- Has this young lady truly won your heart? You met her.
You met her family.
She is delightful, and pleasant, and interesting.
Even wise.
What exactly are your objections? Well, I s I suppose I do not have any.
If you say Miss Edwina is the one for you.
If you say she is the one in whose presence you cannot properly think, or even or even breathe.
If you say you feel that feeling.
Feeling? What Uh The one that makes it impossible for you to look away from them at any given moment.
When your body and soul feel as if they could burst into flames whenever the two of you are near.
When all you are able to do in their presence is to fight the urge to lean forward and and touch their lips with yours.
If that is the feeling you have when you are with Miss Edwina, I am quite happy for you indeed.
I could not have described it better myself.
Do I really wish to know? Do not answer that.
How agreeable that you could all join us this evening, and on such little notice.
Of course, Lady Featherington.
How dare we decline an invitation from the man of the hour? Apparently.
Yes, the new Lord Featherington has certainly made a splash in town.
Has he not, Prudence? Lord Featherington, I'm quite interested to hear more about your gemstone mines back in the Americas.
They certainly do make for the most exquisite of necklaces, my lord.
Why talk of rubies across the ocean when there is so much to discover just here? Tell me, Miss Cowper, do you have brothers, perchance? Alas, I am an only child.
But I consider myself particularly maternal.
Pardon me.
You were saying, dearest? Well, I would never dream of bragging but I have always been told I have a warm, affectionate disposition.
You are a credit to your sex, indeed.
I say, Featherington, I bet you could never find a venison like this in the Americas.
There is certainly nothing like English cooking.
Then you must be our guest.
My cook is renowned for her trifle.
Is that the cook you stole from the Evans household? I am curious, my lord.
All those years traveling, you have not been tempted to marry? I wished to establish myself in the world first.
Uh, but now, as Lord Featherington, there comes a time in everyone's life when one needs a partner.
Someone who sees you as you truly are to help ease the burdens of the day.
Is that a new dress, Cressida? Is it not lovely? That new modiste is most accomplished.
Madame Delacroix's designs seem rather tired by comparison.
Could you stop your interruptions? - I was merely asking.
- Prudence, did you say something? I did, in fact.
I was wondering if, perhaps after dinner, I might display my singing voice for everyone? Oh, dear Lord.
Have I mentioned my Cressida is accomplished in both song and the pianoforte? Oh my.
I could never do that.
Philippa Miss Cowper, are you occupied on Thursday? Might I ask you for the honor of your company for a promenade? Rotten Row, perhaps? I would be simply delighted, my lord.
I really would be happy to sing Enough, Prudence.
If it is a clear mind you seek, Brother, I may know how to help.
Worldly travelers use it as a way to open their minds and transcend ordinary anxieties.
Smells rather foul, does it not? It only takes the smallest of doses to feel the effects.
Whatever is the point? I hardly think a tea will distract me from the momentous decision the proctors at the Royal Schools are making at this very moment.
Or perhaps it will allow you to escape the thoughts that've been plaguing your mind.
The doubts, the questions that seem to linger, no matter how far you go to escape them.
- Are you quite well, Brother? - You will see.
This tea is quite the elixir.
On one occasion, in Paxos, I found myself meditating for hours upon a single blade of grass.
Uh Hell and the devil.
That's bad.
You must not let the game of pall-mall dismay you.
Antagonism is, I'm afraid, what you must expect.
Can I ask you something, Miss Eloise? Did I purposely make the third wicket two inches narrower than last year? Yes.
I fear I may have upset the viscount during our game.
You were near our father's grave? Well, then his mood was not on your account.
He rarely goes near if he can help it.
Can I ask you something? Was it your choice you never married? My brothers tell me I have a habit of being rather direct.
But everyone tells me it is fate worse than death to end up a spinster.
But you seem perfectly content with your situation.
You must know, it is hardly ideal.
The world is not exactly welcoming to an unmarried woman.
There seems to be no place in society for us, except at the edge of things.
That rather seems to be society's flaw, not a woman's.
Indeed, it does.
There you are.
Here I am.
You look well.
I slept.
I bathed.
I went for a walk outdoors.
I saw the children.
I went to chapel.
Now I'm making myself useful with embroidery.
Perhaps join us for family dinner? I know this is hard.
I know you miss him.
- Please - But we all miss him.
- And I think - Anthony, this is it.
This is my best.
I am doing my best.
Every day, I get up, I get dressed, I feed myself, I try to breathe in and out.
I force myself to stop by the nursery.
And I think about how sorry I feel for little baby Hyacinth because she will never know Edmund's laugh.
Or the way he smelled, or what it is to be hugged in his arms.
I feel even sorrier for myself because, most of the time, all I am thinking is that this little baby did not do me the kindness of killing me so that I could be with my husband.
Edmund was the air that I breathed.
And now there is no air.
So, do not ask me about family dinner.
I am doing my best.
Anthony? Anthony.
- I can take my leave.
- No.
Lilacs were his favorite.
I hate to see you like this.
So weighed down.
Courtship, the consideration of a proposal, choosing the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with.
My darling boy, it should be a time full of joy.
- I am content.
- Mm.
I'm fulfilling my duty to this family, Mother.
That is what takes precedence above all else.
Just because you are dedicated to this family does not mean that there should be no room left for love, Anthony.
Your father took his role as viscount seriously, but he also loved deeply.
I know that is what you want too.
I know that, deep down, it is what you have always wanted.
You're quite certain how well you know me.
I know how sweet and earnest you were as a boy.
Always with a kind word and a joke.
But then, after your father died, a wall went up inside you, as if love had become some some weakness instead of your greatest strength.
And that is not you.
You deserve the feeling that I had the moment your father placed that ring on my finger.
It was a promise, not just of the sacred commitment that we were making to one another, but a sacred love.
- Love shall have no place in my marriage.
- You cannot mean that.
I seek an amiable partner with whom I may share a pleasant life, untouched by heartbreak and the ravages of grief.
You were barely even there after he died.
And yet, I, myself, am cursed to remember every waking moment.
I could never I could never be the cause of such pain, no matter how cruel and hard-hearted everyone else may find me to be.
This room is exceptionally well-lit.
Have you noticed, Col? The twinkle of the candles, it is as - It's as if we sit among the stars.
- What is wrong with you? I was just telling Benedict how brilliant the stars were in Greece.
Are you enjoying your time here, Miss Edwina? I am, very much.
The buzz of the city is thrilling indeed, but I quite enjoy the peace of the country.
As do I.
Though I dare say.
It is not quite so peaceful with my entire family in residence.
I understand, my lord.
Certainly, I cannot compare my family with your seven brothers and sisters, but, my sister and I were known to be a handful growing up too.
I can imagine.
But Kate always has had my best interests at heart.
She bears a heavy responsibility for our family.
That sounds remarkably similar to you, Anthony.
Much familial responsibility to bear, indeed.
It was a revelation.
Made all the better by the knowledge that I may have been the only Briton to see it in decades.
Mmm! Benedict, dear, you alarm our guests.
- It's all right, Lady Bridgerton.
- Perhaps it is time for a toast.
A good idea.
To cheer our guests.
Or to tend to other pressing matters.
My I believe my sister and I have grown rather weary.
A toast.
My sincere gratitude to the Sharmas for joining us.
It has been splendid having you here to witness what is now my second annual loss at pall-mall.
Not to be repeated, I assure you.
And my special gratitude to Miss Edwina.
It has certainly been a privilege to truly make your acquaintance these past days.
In fact, I believe there is a question I would like to ask you.
I should like to, uh I should like to ask you to please refrain from telling anyone back in London about yesterday's loss.
I fear the harm to my reputation would simply be too great.
Um To the pleasant days ahead.
- Uh, pleasant days.
- Hear! Hear! - Days ahead.
- Hear! Hear! Yes.
- You must know you did nothing wrong.
- I must have done something.
The rest of the ton are now set to join us in the country.
Surely, if the viscount were to propose, he'd have done it by now.
Yes? - What if I have missed my chance? - Edwina.
Perhaps I should've found out more about the Bridgertons.
I should've known more about their interests.
I should've been better.
I have bungled this entire affair.
And now I feel like a fool.
Never say such a thing, Bon.
I knew he would only end up hurting you.
Come here.
I hate seeing you like this.
I thought he liked me.
You are the diamond of the season.
There is nary a gentleman back in London who does not wish for your hand.
You have choices, Bon.
All will be well, despite this disappointment with the viscount, I assure you.
Are you still up? Ugh.
You may wish to bathe before you see Mother in the morning.
It's magical, Brother.
You were right.
I've allowed my doubts to plague me for too long.
The Royal Academy Schools are not the arbiters of taste.
The world is! You are a fatwit.
Benedict, something has apparently arrived for you.
A letter from London.
I have a place.
The Royal Schools have accepted me as a student.
I got in! I thought they were not the arbiters of taste? They must see great promise in my work.
 Oh my! You shall all bear witness to my talents! Shh! It's the middle of the night! He will be as insufferable now as you.
Me? If I must hear one more tale of your extraordinary adventures from Greece Tell me, Brother, if you loved it there so much, why did you ever return home? Well Do you ever hear from her? Miss Thompson? Are you ladies not always writing letters? I'd have thought your travels banished Miss Thompson Lady Crane, rather, from your mind completely.
Funny how distance is no match for memory, is it not? She lives not far from here, you know.
"I am honored to accept your acceptance.
" You think it will last much longer? Well, devil if I know.
An artist must be free to follow their muse.
But it appears the ton has fallen prey to the fickleness of fashion.
For how else might one explain the tawdry, dare I say vulgar, gown sported lately by Miss Cressida Cowper? Mayfair's newest modiste has one thing, and one thing only, going for her.
She is new.
Whereas Madame Delacroix might be old, but at least she is capable.
You may leave the silks there.
Miss Penelope.
It is your job to be observant, is it not? To hide your clients' secrets with a well-draped piece of fabric or a cleverly embellished rosette, just as I too hide.
Behind my pen.
I have no interest in revealing your identity.
That is not why I'm here.
I believe I can trust you, Madame Delacroix.
In a world of men, you have built a thriving business, much like myself.
I think we can be of use to one another.
My enterprise grows more difficult for me to maintain on my own.
If I was spotted by you so easily, it is only so long before I get recognized by someone less discreet.
I have proved to you how I can help you in your business.
Now I'd like you to help me with mine.
Did you have to call me old? I could not be so obvious with my flattery.
But is it not working? Madame Delacroix? I require your expert knowledge.
I believe I was first.
Of course, not everyone can always get things so right.
Though I suppose, for some, it may be simply too late to change course and undo any damage.
My lord.
Miss Sharma.
Is your sister She is in her room.
Not feeling her best this morning, it seems.
I did not mean to disappoint her last night when I did not declare myself.
And I'd like to thank you for not She shall not be disappointed for long.
Assure her, I still intend to propose.
Last night was a lark, at best.
My brothers were up to no good, and with everyone sitting there, staring back at me, well my feelings would not allow me to speak.
So your feelings are too strong for you now? - Miss Sharma - No.
All you are doing, my lord, is toying with the emotions of an impressionable young lady.
Miss Edwina seems perfectly capable of forming her own impressions.
If you took notice So now you claim to know my sister better than me? I know she wishes to be happy.
This is precisely what I wish for her.
I can assure you, happiness is not your strength.
Exasperation, perhaps.
Fixation, most definitely.
The only feeling you are, in fact, capable of engendering, my lord, is that of discontent.
- Do not move.
Stand still, damn it! - Do not tell me what to do! - No! Do not! Leave it! - It is only a bee.
Ow! - Are you hurt? - What? Can you breathe? It is only a sting.
Of course.
Are you certain? - My lord? - No, no.
Do not - My lord? - Do not I am unharmed.
I am unharmed.
It was just a bee.
It was a bee.

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