Bridgerton (2020) s02e07 Episode Script


1 A jilted groom.
A broken-hearted bride-to-be.
A royal wedding in shambles.
Sensational? Quite.
But true? This author may traffic in chatter and speculation, dear reader, but misinformation? Never.
Explanations of why Miss Edwina absconded from the altar may be greater in number than anyone could possibly fathom.
But we must not forget, it was Her Majesty the Queen who placed the young miss on that special stage so that she could make her grand exit.
Allow this author to hope My carriage.
for Her Majesty's sake, as well as both the Sharmas and Bridgertons, that an official explanation emerges swiftly, lest the ton are run away by their tawdry imaginings.
Miss? The baths are ready.
I'm finished.
You should try the lily soap today.
It is good for the nerves.
Where is your brother? He should be here by now.
Perhaps he is still waiting at the altar for Miss Edwina.
There will be no mockery today.
She mocks me incessantly.
Are we not overlooking the benefit of this tragedy? - Leftover cake? - You wonder why I mock you? Brother! How good of you to join us.
- Have you all eaten? - You will need to break your fast later.
For now, it is of the utmost importance that we act swiftly to limit the damaging consequences of the unfortunate events of your Bungled nuptials? Is all of this truly happening because a woman merely changed her mind? Unfortunately so, Eloise.
Yet, I suppose the reason does not signify.
We simply must deal with the consequences.
Now, I think it a pleasant morning for promenade.
Together, united, as the most respectable family that we still very much are.
Respectable? A respectable family is headed by a gentleman, is it not? Brother Is there something more we should know? Or, perhaps, more than just I should know? Forgive me.
If a promenade is what you feel is wise, Mother, then we shall leave within the hour.
I shall be a little late.
I need a new pair of gloves, so as to look that much more united and respectable.
Oh, never mind the heavy cloaks.
I will be quite sweltering where we are going shopping in town.
Miss Bridgerton.
Straight into the fire.
A favorite pastime of mine.
Now, remember, it was a mutual understanding about a private matter between Miss Edwina and the viscount.
That is all we are to say on the subject.
Good day, Lord Fife.
For some of us.
Is this truly our plan? Simply to pretend nothing has happened? We are not pretending nothing has happened.
We are choosing to deal with it in private, in our own time.
Scandals may cast aspersions, but they do not obligate us to answer to anyone.
Besides, the ton has a remarkably short memory.
With any luck, by this time next week, there will be a bigger story for them to sink their rapacious teeth into.
We may find you a husband this season still, Miss Edwina.
I give credit to your imagination, Lady Danbury.
A bigger story I cannot foresee.
Don't look.
Miss Patridge.
Such a pleasant afternoon, is it not? Yes, indeed, my lord.
My dear, I believe we will be late for the Gorings.
Make haste.
Is this not a surprise, to see you out in public, Lady Bridgerton, so soon? Lady Featherington, it is not as though we are in mourning.
No one understands the pain of a broken engagement better than myself.
I never thought we would recover after Mr.
Bridgerton and Miss Thompson's falling out, and yet here we are.
Miss Thompson now Lady Crane, Philippa now Mrs.
Finch, and Prudence now engaged.
It is rather amusing how things work themselves out, is it not? Indeed.
I do wish you good fortune with all of your things, Lady Bridgerton.
We are truly sorry, Lady Bridgerton.
Come along, Penelope.
We don't want to talk their ears off.
It's a beautiful carriage, Your Majesty.
Your horses must be strong to pull all of this gold.
What were you doing visiting that printer shop in the middle of your brother's so-called wedding? - Oh.
- I know it is you.
Lady Whistledown herself.
Oh, Your Majesty Your denial shall only enhance your punishment.
You were quite clever, Miss Bridgerton.
Why, just last season, I recruited you to uncover the writer's identity, and you, rather conveniently, found not one credible suspect.
I am not clever enough to manipulate Your Majesty.
Is it not curious that you are so rarely mentioned in those pages? I also hear you have a great distaste for society, just as the writer herself does.
You do realize the power you wield in that pen of yours can be used for greater purposes than ridicule and gossip-mongering, yes? Lady Whistledown could be a strategic ally to the Crown, should she so please.
And I would gladly help, ma'am, but I wield no such power, I assure you.
So, you would rather be my rival? Have you any idea what will happen once I reveal this secret of yours, child? People will seek their revenge.
However bad your family's situation seems to you now, it will only get worse.
I might be able to solve that problem.
I shall give you three days to consider my proposal and come to your senses.
If you do not, then I will deploy my resources to crush you like a serpent.
Pride may not be as precious to you as your breath.
Lady Cowper.
Lady Eaton.
Oh, Lord Hall.
Lord Cho.
After everything that happened with his scullery maid last season, and Lord Cho cuts me? We know what we are to deal with, at least.
We shall not remove ourselves from this fight.
All will be lost if we run now.
I should like to remove myself from this room.
Every day that goes by without our altering the ton-shared sentiment will harden it.
Perhaps we need another story as to why things ended.
We have already started to tell one.
We cannot change course now.
If we cannot speak about the reasons, might we at least act as though they are of no consequence to us? A ball.
We prove to the ton that our story is true.
It was indeed a mutual decision between all interested parties, and there is no scandal or ill will between our families at all.
A ball would give Edwina another chance to find a suitor.
Another ball? So that the ton might inspect this wreckage with an even closer eye? A ball may very well work.
After all, the viscount and my sister have been so good at hiding their true feelings from everyone in public this far.
It should not trouble them to do the same a little longer.
Edwina Ugh, Newton.
Oh, Newton.
My apologies.
Newton, out.
Newton, out.
Was I truly that blind? Were they always this obvious? If this plan is to work I suggest the two of you stay on opposite sides of the room at all times.
Lady Danbury! All we need would be for someone to witness something untoward I beg your pardon, Lady Danbury.
I do not know what you mean to say.
What she means to say, is that those of us in this room at present are the only ones who know the full truth of the matter.
And we would prefer to keep it that way.
As should you.
If there is so much as a passing look between the two of you, then this plan of ours will be for nothing.
Are we all in agreement? Of course.
Quite, Lady Danbury.
Is this plan going to be a problem for you? Mother I ask because of what happened the last time you found yourself in such close proximity to Miss Sharma.
We'd not be in this situation if You have nothing to worry about.
I will play the part.
And then? This plan Well, it is a temporary solution.
If it is successful, of course, the rumors of scandal will die.
Yet, no matter what, it still leaves you with no one to marry.
Unless your designs for the season have changed? You do realize it is still possible for our family to endure whether I decide to marry or not? This line does not end with me.
No, it does not, but Are you to rely on your brothers as your solution? Do you need me to admit I made a mistake? Is that what you want? To tell you I never should've asked Miss Edwina for her hand? That I never should've taken things this far? I realize.
I realize I have indeed failed at more things than you and Father will ever know.
This plan will work.
I am quite certain both you and Lady Danbury will make sure of it.
You saved them all? You must have, what, every issue ever printed.
Double that.
There are two copies here of every one.
- Eloise, why ever - The queen thinks it is me.
- That I am Lady Whistledown.
- Are you being humorous? She has given me three days to confess.
She is threatening my family, Pen.
I should get rid of these.
If the queen discovers I have all of these, it will only make me appear that much more guilty.
But you are not guilty.
El, this is a terrible mistake.
We will somehow arrange to see Her Majesty.
We must implore her to listen to reason.
Oh yes, because Her Majesty has always been so reasonable.
But why would the queen think it is you? Yes, you are outspoken and opinionated and One of her footmen saw me visiting Theo.
I know.
I should have listened to you.
I was selfish, and now I may have even put Theo into harm's way too.
The queen must think he has something to do with Whistledown.
But he does not, and neither have you.
El, this is madness.
- I should warn him.
- No.
No, you should not.
You should stay as far away from Theo and that print shop as you can.
You should wait for Lady Whistledown to print her next issue.
Then, with any luck, you can use that in order to prove your innocence.
I must speak with Madame Delacroix.
- You should not be here.
- It is urgent.
Her Majesty the Queen is now involved? She always has been, I suppose.
I gather she has felt threatened by Whistledown for quite some time.
I have questioned Her Majesty's taste, challenged her judgment.
That was not part of our agreement.
Our businesses both reaped substantial rewards.
You understood our arrangement came with risks.
Yes, but that did not involve the Queen of England.
I was hoping you would've heard something in your shop.
Something to satisfy Her Majesty.
A way to give her what she clearly wants.
Admiration, favor, praise.
Uh, you are to tell me you could not think of something yourself? I do not know what to do.
My best friend is in trouble because of me, and I do not know what to do.
You could turn yourself in.
Take Miss Eloise's place.
Only, Her Majesty would need to believe you, of course.
Well, I cannot be certain she would.
Her Majesty would merely dismiss me as a friend trying to help a friend.
That's if she would even see me at all.
They are quite beautiful.
- Your designs.
- Ah.
I was hoping to submit them to a revered house of dressmakers in France.
Take my business to a higher rank.
Though, now I may be aiding and abetting the most notorious gossip writer in London.
I will ensure your name remains unsullied.
You have my word.
I should go.
I am sorry I disturbed you.
The one thing a lady would never do is wear something she knows makes her look ugly, Miss Penelope.
Were you to write something about Miss Eloise she would never write about herself.
Well, I do not need to tell you what that might make the queen believe.
I could never do that.
I could never ruin my friend.
Of course not.
Good night.
I did not know you'd be stopping by tonight.
Neither did I.
The Royal Schools seem to be providing a different sort of education than what I had pictured.
Or perhaps, exactly as I had pictured.
Can I Can I get you a drink? Is there somewhere we can go that is quieter? It is a party, Brother.
It is something.
Do you do this every night? Did you come to admonish me? I only mean to say you may be a second son, Brother, but that does not exempt you from familial duty altogether.
It merely makes you second.
Does this have to do with whatever is truly going on with you and the Sharmas? Particularly the eldest? Mother is not the only one who sees the way you look at her.
How long do you plan on punishing yourself for, and wallowing in such misery? Forget I came.
Have a good night, Benedict.
Look, no.
Things may seem bleak now, Brother.
But if I'm learning anything from my art studies, it's that it is almost always a matter of perspective.
I look at my art, and if I do not like what I see, I may always alter the color palette, but I certainly do not toss the entire design aside.
Perhaps you, too, could do the same in your own life.
Back to taking the tea, are we? At least just shave, will you? - Lady Danbury.
- Hmm.
- Lady Mary.
- Thank you.
Miss Sharma.
Miss Edwina, I How thoughtful of you, Lord Bridgerton.
Now, remember, before we are to send out our invitations, we must appear to be enjoying each other's company.
Shall we? Do not be deterred.
If we can put the wedding behind us, so can they.
You must forgive me, Lady Mary.
I have yet formally to apologize.
It is not exactly a surprise.
Men often take time to realize their culpability in such matters.
It is quite the privilege, is it not? You have every reason to scorn me.
But I would be very much remiss if I did not tell you it was not my intention ever to cause your family as much strife as I now know I have done.
In truth, I cannot place blame entirely at your door, Lord Bridgerton.
I myself have been absent for far too long.
When my husband died, it should've been me taking on my family's burden, not Kate.
She sacrificed far too much for us, indeed.
Lady Hood.
How good to see you today.
And you, Lady Mary.
And Lord Bridgerton too.
I'll, uh, take a brandy.
Um, not exactly the kind of welcome I was expecting.
Forgive me, my lord? I was hoping for the owner of this fine establishment to regale me with many stories, indeed.
Of his boxing days, perhaps? Truth be told, I never really enjoyed the sport myself.
Boxing is not for all to enjoy.
It requires a strong stomach and an even stronger jaw.
A rather interesting assertion.
My cousin had neither, but Lord Featherington, may God rest his soul, was quite an admirer of yours, I've heard.
I am honored.
Though his regard was unknown to me.
Surely, your paths must have crossed.
He attended many bouts.
Yes, well, I likely was preoccupied with the fight at hand.
It is dangerous to become distracted in the ring.
Of course.
Dangerous in your occupation.
But my cousin did keep meticulous records of all debts, and wagers.
I just came across a rather significant one myself.
I do not wish to defend myself against baseless accusations, my lord.
And I do not wish you to do so.
I respect a self-made man, no matter what means he uses to make himself.
I will ask no more questions of you than you ask of me.
Baseless accusations, I cannot imagine, would be good for either of our businesses.
And, from the looks of it, you might need all the help you can get with yours.
Master printer's gone for the day.
You'll have to come back.
It is not printing I wish to solicit.
Are you mad? What? What? Not even a little excited to see me, then? People from the palace have been asking about me.
I was almost thrown out today.
I think that may be my fault.
The queen, she she saw me visiting you the other day and now believes me to be Lady Whistledown herself.
Ridiculous, yes? What is ridiculous is the fact that you thought it wise to come back here again.
Come for more books, did you? What? No.
I came to make sure you were all right, to get our story straight.
Our story? This is not the least bit surprising.
What is that supposed to mean? That you are a lady who's never had to endure any real difficulties in your life.
You may have the protection of your family, of your society, but I'm I do not.
You took your pleasure from low life, Miss Bridgerton.
Now I think it best you return to Mayfair before you get me into any more trouble.
It seems both Miss Cowper and Miss Goring are swallowing the story about the wedding being halted due to a mutual decision.
That is good.
Well I appear to be a very good liar.
Something else you and the viscount have taught me, perhaps.
Edwina, what will it take for you to forgive me? If I must apologize every day for the rest of my life, I will.
Your happiness is all that has mattered to me, Bon, and now, believe me, I am reaping the consequences of destroying it.
I remember the books you used to read to me from Appa's library.
The stories of true love and happy endings against all odds.
Did you yourself ever truly believe them? Or has everything you told me been a lie? Of course I believe in true love.
Of course I believe in happy endings.
How could I not? You saw Appa and Mama, how happy they once were.
What I saw is how even that ended in tragedy.
Happy endings do not exist, Kate.
At least not in real life.
Miss Sharma.
I've been wishing for a moment to be alone with you.
To speak.
There is nothing to speak about, my lord.
- We kissed.
- We did not.
Nothing happened between us.
How could it? You were my sister's intended.
There is no world in which we could kiss.
Are you quite serious? We did a terrible thing.
We should be ashamed of what we did.
Lady Danbury.
Lady Bridgerton.
What a surprise to see you here.
You do know my family has its very own room here, yes, Lady Cowper? Over there, is it not? The one with the, uh Danbury name just above the door.
How nice it is to see you both.
Though I'd have thought you required a respite after the strenuous events of the past week.
Oh, on the contrary.
Well, I myself am hosting a ball later this week.
Have you not received an invitation? - Oh.
- My.
Well I will see if there is still room.
We shall have a full house, no doubt.
You truly are a Jack of all trades.
When one is in such wild country, one sometimes must do wild things.
But if I'd not gone on that hunting expedition, I'd never have discovered my mines.
- The lady of the hour.
- Colin.
Cousin Jack.
I was just telling Lord Featherington that my interest in his mines was sparked quite naturally when I viewed that exquisite necklace you wore to my brother's wedding.
Was it? You make a compelling case, Bridgerton.
Allow me to give it some consideration.
I shall eagerly await your response.
The rest of the ton is dazzled by your exploits.
I only wish to be too.
Would you see me out? I did not know you fancied yourself an investor.
Even I did not.
Yet, I am beginning to think differently.
I know it is a large sum to risk, but I am sorely tempted.
It is a chance to make a name for myself, as your cousin has done.
And once our profits come, both our families will benefit, which is just what makes it so enticing.
You think highly of my family? I am not in the habit of consorting with those I hold in low esteem.
I never thought of it like that.
I understand.
Our relationship has taken shape so naturally over the years, one could take it for granted.
You have always been so constant and loyal, Pen.
I do not believe I deserve such praise for my loyalty.
Does something trouble you? No, not at all.
I almost forgot.
Perhaps I might rely on your loyalty one last time.
Until this agreement with your cousin is confirmed, I do not wish for word to get back to Anthony.
Could you avoid telling anyone? Especially Eloise.
I know there are no secrets between you two, but Mr.
I did not know we had a caller today.
Miss Penelope was just seeing me out.
While I have been talking her to death about matters so foolish I'd have blushed to share them with anyone else.
Need I remind you of our discussion about who is and is not to invest in our business? I love it when you call it our business.
I tried to dissuade Mr.
 Bridgerton, but the lad is quite persistent.
Despite his family situation, he seems fixed on it.
Because it is precisely that situation that is prompting him.
He is not foolish in wanting to come to an agreement now before everyone wishes to stop associating with him and his family altogether.
More bills, Mrs.
Varley? Invitations, my lord.
And there are quite a few.
And why should there not be? Look at that one.
The invitations are ready to be distributed, ma'am.
Oh, excellent, Mrs.
Oh, dear little Augie is still suffering from his cough, so the duchess will naturally not be able to attend.
But that is precisely why it is so important that the rest of us embrace this theme of harmony and work together to impress our guests.
If we garner enough support, the queen may even be swayed to forget all about this wedding business.
- It is positively suffocating in here.
- Eloise, dear? Are you feeling unwell? Do not fret, Mama.
I'll still be in attendance at your ball.
Participating in this farce along with the rest of us.
I am doing this for all of us.
Perhaps there is still time to change your theme.
Has there truly been no Whistledown delivery today? Good day, Bridgertons.
- I am going to confess.
- What? I know all I need to know about Whistledown.
I shall find a printer, publish a counterfeit paper, and give Her Majesty exactly what she wants.
An ally.
And you'll use the assistance of that apprentice, Mr.
I do not wish to speak of that boy ever again.
I am doing this for my family, Pen.
I make the queen, once more, our supporter.
It'll make the rest of society overlook all the scandal we've recently caused.
Eloise, I do not wish you to do anything rash.
There is little sand left in this hourglass.
If I have to say I am Whistledown, then so be it.
That'll only last for so long.
You cannot continue lying like that.
What will happen What will happen when the real Lady Whistledown decides to publish again? I no longer care what the real Lady Whistledown does, or does not, decide to do.
She is dead to me.
Pen, I have made my decision.
At the very least, it will allow me a little more time to finally find the real writer and make her pay for all of her crimes.
I only wish to thank you.
For always being such a loyal friend, whatever the circumstances.
What is it about betrayal that excites us so? The ton itself has certainly felt its peculiar kind of frenzy after the promise of the wedding to end all weddings was broken.
Yet this author has it on very good authority that the viscount's failed nuptials may not be the only betrayal our dear Bridgertons must manage at present.
Well, this is unexpected.
It is still quite early, I suppose.
- Would you still like us to play, my lady? - That will not be necessary.
If there's no need for my presence, I'll head to my studio.
I do not wish to be around such misery all evening.
- Wait.
- I know of your opinions.
You will stay for a dance.
There shall be dancing.
A new perspective, yes? Dancing? With whom? Anthony.
Hyacinth! Yes, Brother? Come down here and do me the honor.
If she gets to dance, so do I.
Show this dowager the benefit of all these lessons I hear you've been taking, Mr.
He's much better than me, I'll say.
Something lively.
A country dance, perhaps? I believe the theme you have chosen tonight is harmony, Mother.
Come on! Hey! Hey! Whoo! Perhaps a quadrille? Uh Perhaps we should start eating some of that food.
Given the ton's usual gullibility, I must admit, I am rather surprised they did not give credit to our story, Lady Danbury.
Whatever happened? Perhaps we should ask them.
Wilson? Is something wrong? It was just delivered, ma'am.
Is that Lady Whistledown? Has she published, Mama? Indeed, she has.
And now we may know why we are the only ones here.
Should our lives be distilled down to the sum total of our choices, then Miss Eloise Bridgerton has certainly made a dangerous, perhaps ruinous one.
For she's apparently been associating, unchaperoned, with improper company.
Political radicals, in fact.
You seem happy, my lady.
It seems our neighbors are to remain afflicted for quite some time.
Colin Bridgerton, go ahead.
Seal the agreement with him.
It might be that the young miss spent a great deal of time considering her decisions.
Or, perhaps, they were made in haste.
Whatever the case may be, we all must remember, as one makes one's bed, so one must lie in it.
Might we return home, Bon? As if you truly care what I would like to do.
Edwina, this is cruelty Do not dare try to make me out to be the cruel one.
I may not know who I truly am, but at least I know I am kinder-hearted than you.
What are you doing out here? - My apologies.
- No, no, please.
You were here first.
- I was just leaving.
- It is your house, my lord.
- It does not signify - Perhaps it should.
- Must you always? - You were the one insisting.
- And this is you compromising? - Good night, my lord.
Can you ever just agree? You have been like this from the moment we first met in those woods.
Obstinate, inflexible, unyielding to good, plain common sense.
Well, I can certainly understand why that would be so troubling for a man like you.
A man used to always getting his way.
- A man used to giving orders - I do not give orders.
You give me orders and you expect me to listen.
I do not - Perhaps you should.
- I'll never listen to you! Or to anyone I wholeheartedly disagree with! The fact it's taken you this long to come to terms with that, to accept that fact - You wish to know why? - I am uncertain you even know why.
- I know why.
- Enthrall me with your self-awareness.
It is because I have never met anyone like you.
It is maddening, how much you consume my very being.
My family is on the brink of ruin.
I am nearly certain every last one of my brothers and sisters secretly despise me.
My own mother, at that.
Despite the fact I have lived the better part of my life for them.
And yet still, all I find myself thinking about, all I find myself being able to breathe for is you.
Do you think that I want to be in this position? Contending with these thoughts of wanting to be nowhere except with you.
Wanting to run away with you.
Of acting on the most impure, forbidden desires, no matter how much I must remind myself I am a gentleman, and you are a lady.
Of that of that scent.
It has remained imprinted on my mind ever since the night of the conservatory ball on that terrace.
- You have to stop.
- I have to stop? There is no other course of action to be concluded.
You must stop! It has been you.
It has been you this entire time.
Spinning my world off its axis, making me reconsider everything I have ever told myself.
I came here resolved to save my family.
Everything I have ever done has been for them.
- Has been for them.
- Yeah.
You are the one who must stop.
You are the one who must stop.
Before Before what? Before we both finally do something for ourselves? Please go inside.
Go in side What did I tell you about you and your orders? I will stop.
- Do not stop.
- I will stop.
Do not stop.
I must speak with Miss Sharma.
I know it is early, but can you please tell her I'm here? I am afraid that is not possible, my lord.
She does not seem to be here.
One of the horses is gone too.
Come on.
Come on.
Miss Sharma! Miss Sharma! No, no, no.
Miss Sharma! Kate! No, no, no, no, no, no.
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