Brigada Costa del Sol (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Mentiras II

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES LOBO VIEWPOIN DECEMBER 1, 1977 My old man used to say: "Son, there are two types of people in this world: those who help you when you're down, and those who kick you to finish you off.
But he never explained how to tell the two apart.
Maybe it's time I learned.
WELCOME TO TORREMOLINOS SIX MONTHS EARLIER Just my damned luck! God damn it! Franchi, we're burying a ton of money! Good, I don't want to end up like Owl.
-We didn't kill Owl.
-No All we did was rob him.
Fuck it! -We're done.
-Wait! What are you doing? Just a tiny bit, buddy! To tide me over, I'm broke.
We can try it out and see how we do.
We'll leave the rest of it buried here.
Maybe it'll grow.
-How's the kid? -He's a handful.
-Takes after his dad.
- Oh, you know you love it! When do you get in? What do you care? You won't remember to pick me up! What? Want to make a bet? At nine.
I repeat n-i-n-e.
I'm so excited to see you! We'll go out for shrimp, -you'll end up licking you fingers.
- By the way, did you call your mom? Not yet.
But I'll go see her, Charo.
I'll go.
I'M A GUY YOU CAN TRUS Well, you're obviously not used to working nights.
You fell asleep on the couch! Here I want you to try these on.
I'm giving it all away, so take your pick.
Let's see Try this on first, it should suit you.
Come on! Get moving! WANTED What's up, Lucas? Doesn't the Narcotics Brigade have an office? Not yet, you can leave your things in Inspector Pulido's office.
-Where is the hippie? -He's interrogating the suspect.
That son of a bitch beat me to it.
You don't know who introduced you Are you saying you didn't realize you had 20 kg of hashish in the car? Dandy, be a good boy and tell us where the Penas are.
Go to hell, man.
Show some respect, this is a civilized conversation.
I don't know where they are.
I don't know them.
How about the Moroccan? OK, you don't know the Moroccan, but who put you in touch with him? No one.
We'll have to beat it out of him.
Dandy do you know the penalty for possession and trafficking? It's six to 12 years.
It's up to you whether it'll be 12 or six.
Dandy! Was anyone else involved? Come on, Dandy, you're a nobody! You're a nobody! You steal cars from old ladies! Now, you're a drug dealer? Come here! You know what drug dealers do? Do you know what drug dealers do? Talk, damn it! I won't talk to anyone but the judge.
There's someone else.
"Inside the vehicle, they found a heavy package.
They searched it and discovered it contained the drug 'hashish.
'" -Dandy won't talk, will he? -No.
Dandy's kosher.
I trust him.
-He won't say a word.
-Where are the Penas? -I don't know and I don't care.
The farther, the better.
I still owe the Moroccan for the stolen hashish.
How much money do we have in the safe? Honey bear That's Those are our savings! It's our nest egg! Given the circumstances, the sooner I get out of this, the better.
OK, Dandy, you're off to the penitentiary.
-The pen--? -Maybe it'll loosen your tongue Come on, you shit! -How can he talk if he can't breathe? -We know he has a partner.
-He could have told us the name! -Sure, and his ID number.
Bruno, you can't just go it alone! I thought I didn't have a boss.
Listen to the hippie, he's the one who knows the business.
What is all this? This is our space.
Whatever Lucas, bring the map.
First of all, Dandy isn't the only one selling drugs in Torremolinos.
We've seen dealers selling on the streets in Playa Mar, El Pinillo, La Carihuela We know who they are, but not where they get the hash.
So we know the retailers, but not the wholesalers.
You want us to go shopping? I want you to follow them, but I don't want any arrests.
Dealers are small fry.
We need to find out how, where and, especially, who they get merchandize from.
Yes, Bruno.
When you said we'd have no boss, did you mean you'd call the shots? If anyone has a better plan, please share.
Let's go, Terrón.
No arrests! Yes, boss.
What is that? What is it, he says This is the best shit in Torremolinos.
-It's good shit.
-Isn't it? It's the best you'll find.
Come on! -Oh, shit! -What? -Where are you going, kid? -Wait till I catch you! Don't worry, we'll find you.
-Hey, Jarabo, how are you? -What's up? Let's see what's in your pockets.
-They're empty.
-Really, can I look? -Jarabo-- -What, dumb ass? Let me have it.
-Why are you selling on my turf? -Same reason you are, we're trying to make a living, what do you care? Jarabo, it's really good.
It's good, huh? Yes, it is.
Now get lost.
Let me make one thing clear to both of you.
No one sells here but me.
So -Get out, now! -Give me that slab of hash, it's mine.
You want your hash back? Come and get it.
Come and get your hash! Let's go, Chino! Look, it's the prodigal son! Pull over here! For fuck's sake What's up, Paquito? Watch your step, don't get hurt! Look at him, he's hiding something.
I have nothing on me! I'm clean! Shut up! I'm clean! -I said shut up! -OK! The son of a bitch is clean! Martín said to just follow him! Fuck Martín! -Take the jacket off! -What? -Take the jacket off or I'll hit you -OK! -Were you restocking? -No.
The bastard was restocking! That's some stench, Paquito! -I want to meet your friend.
-Who? The guy who sells this shit! -Come on! Let's go! -Alright.
His temper really worries me.
Cut him some slack, he's got intuition.
They'll probably make him Chief, he did win that medal.
-Were you hoping to be Chief? -No.
But that's not the way to do things.
Hey, kid! Don't you know what shoes are for? Get in.
We'll give you a ride.
People will think I was arrested! Hey, look at this guy! If you don't get in, he'll never stop laughing at me! Look at him! You know what? Just this once, I'll humor you.
How are you? Alright.
Torremolinos Headquarters calling Omega 2.
Go ahead, Headquarters.
This is Omega 2.
Inspector Bruno López from Omega 1 is on surveillance duty on Las Mercedes near Rey Fernando.
-He needs help .
-Copy, we'll be right there.
Let's go! I wonder what mess he's gotten into.
Who the hell is she? -Miss, would you please -Of course.
What is it? -Paquito the dope dealer is back.
-Where's Bruno? He's the guy with the hat.
You're kidding! Is that your idea of discretion? What do I know? -What's going on? -What's up? Who's he? My cousin, he's helping me sell.
Nice to meet you.
How much do you want? Two soap bars.
-Two soap bars? -Yeah.
-Let me see the cash.
What's your story? Are you here on vacation? That's the signal! Beat it! Let's go! You son of a bitch! Go, go! Faster! Bruno! Fucking hell -Get out of the way, damn it! -Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Relax! It's your fault I broke down! Look, it's a one-way street! You son of a bitch, get out of my way! Just forget it, Chino! Chino! Chino, forget it! If my van's busted, I'm filing a complaint.
Are you OK? Relax! -Where's the first-aid station? -There is none.
-Where's your place? -Nearby.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Bruno! Let's go.
Get him up.
Why did you do it? I don't like cops either.
You've got balls, Chino.
You really do.
Yeah I could use a guy like you.
I want you to work for me, both of you.
Yeah? On what terms? Oh, a monthly paycheck, 30 day's vacation, plus bonuses.
What are you, stupid? You think that's funny, kid? Get your hands off me! -You think it's funny? -He's my friend, man.
I'll give you this as an advance.
It's mine.
Got that? So, come on, get to it.
Get out there.
-Thanks, Jarabo.
-Thank you.
Go on! What is that? Acid? -No, it's just alcohol! -It stings.
I thought policemen were tough.
-I'll see if you have any more.
-Who said you could go in the house? Come on, the man just had an accident! Mahamud Alsi.
-Welcome to my home! -Thank you.
Gentlemen, ladies Now I understand why you said you wouldn't be far from your disco.
These are influential people, I don't want them saying that Mahamud Alsi doesn't look after his guests.
I understand.
Champagne, please.
Champagne, ladies and gentlemen.
Whatever they want, it's on the house.
This isn't a social call, we have some unfinished business.
Yes, that's why I called you.
I have the money to settle our debts.
You're a man of your word.
You and I have a future together.
No, Alsi, listen For me, this business ends here.
It's too risky.
Tell me where and when you want me to give you the money.
You'll be hearing from me.
There we were like four assholes, this pretty boy, the hippie, Terrón and I, all pointing our guns: -Freeze! Police! -I almost shot them! So you were all cops? From different units, but we were all on the force.
-Here's to the force.
-Yeah, you said it.
Go turn up the music.
And where are those thugs now? One's in the slammer, the other two are missing.
-You mean the Penas? -They're probably holding up banks.
Dandy knows where they are, that son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch.
And here is the song of the summer.
Where are you going? Help! What's the matter, kid? Nothing.
Stay as long as you want.
Guess the party's over.
I've spent so many nights here waiting for my father.
Does he go fishing at night? Not anymore.
I only went with him once, I thought it would be beautiful but It was cold as hell.
Now I'd do anything to go fishing in the cold with him again.
What's your name? Yolanda, but people call me Owlet.
Owlet? Why's that? You don't really act like a cop.
I can't imagine you taking orders.
No Actually, discipline isn't my thing.
-They didn't kick you out.
They must have their reasons.
I'm good at catching bad guys.
Maybe one day you'll have to arrest me.
Don't test your luck, Owlet.
Are you all better? I'm going to get going.
If I hang out with a cop too long, it'll ruin my reputation.
What's up, Lucas? Earning brownie points to get in the Brigade? Sir, you got a phone call.
A phone call? Yes, from your wife, Charo.
-Shit -She's at her mother-in-law's, -I mean, at your mother's.
-Thanks, son.
You're welcome, sir.
How long will she be staying? As long as she needs.
After all she's been through-- I know what she's been through, but we're not a convent for the poor.
Honestly I can't believe you were in Torremolinos and didn't call me! Alicia, you know how men are.
-They just ignore the rest of us.
-I'm really sorry.
We had a busy day at work and I lost track of time.
I figured as much.
You better get used to it, that's what life is like with a cop.
-You want a beer? -Sure.
-Let's have one.
Since you didn't come, I called her.
Why didn't you tell her? You know my mom and I don't He's such a smart boy! I'm so happy The whole family's here! This calls for a celebration! And forget about staying at a hotel.
Add the wood a little at a time so it catches fire.
Is it catching? Straighten that out.
You're so sloppy! -Mom, what did I do? -It's OK.
-Bruno's manning the fire! -Good morning, guys! Good morning! -My mother-in-law, Encarni.
-I'm Alicia.
Nice to meet you.
-I'm Charo.
-Please, take a seat.
Good morning, Inspector! Aren't you going to search me, just in case? -Here's a beer to cool you down.
How about a toast? What's up, guys? This is Brigitte.
Nice to meet you.
That Brunilde is something.
-Good morning! -Hi! No wonder he's so thin, he has a new girl every week.
Give the girl a beer, will you? And look after her.
Oh, you're Who is she? Where did you find her? She's a friend.
Friend, huh? You've got some friends! Come on, Brunilde, help us slice the watermelon.
You have to cut it.
It was about four in the afternoon.
My boss and I were behind an ice-cream truck staking out three crooks in a house.
We were in 40o heat, they were inside drinking beer.
The ice-cream guy kept staring at us, laughing.
He took pity on us and gave us each an ice-cream cone.
You should've seen me there, crouching down like a tick, with a gun and an ice-cream cone waiting for these guys to come out.
Suddenly, the three guys come out.
I start screaming, "Freeze! Police!" I get up, and my legs are asleep! I start running and I can't control my legs, but I don't care.
I punch two of the guys out, I fall down, look up, and see a third guy pointing a rifle at me.
I thought he was about to kill me and, suddenly My partner fires a warning shot, the guy runs away, and I'm there fighting the other two.
And I notice this sticky goo running down my left leg.
I look at the guy and say, "You just shat on me, you bastard!" He says, "I didn't shit on you!" "You just shat!" "That's impossible!" -Where was your boss? -He was behind the ice-cream truck.
And I was screaming: "Chief, bring the handcuffs, I only have two!" Suddenly, I look back and see his bald head peeking out to see if there's any danger.
Then he stands up with great dignity.
He comes over and drops the handcuffs on the ground.
I put his handcuffs on one guy, and mine on the other, then I stand up in front of him, look down at my leg and, of course, it wasn't shit, it was my ice cream.
I'd spilt it.
I don't know what came over me, but I punched him so hard that he swallowed that ice cream, cone and all.
I was suspended for three months and got sent off to Almeria.
And that was my first disciplinary report.
But that won't ever happen again.
You know why? Because now, we're going it alone.
Come on, let's toast: "To going it alone.
" -To going it alone! - Olé ! -Alright! -There we go.
Bring your mouth close to mine, before the day is done.
Bring your little mouth close to mine, slowly and cheerfully.
You hunk! Give me a little kiss Come with me, Alicia.
Come, let's go for a walk and get some air.
-Come on.
Let's go.
-I'm OK.
-It's hot here.
-I'll be back.
-Come on, it's really hot out.
-Everything was delicious! Let's take a walk.
Don't worry, man, your family is awesome.
I didn't know you had a ball and chain.
Nothing happened with that girl.
I wasn't asking.
I have an idea.
Let's put everything away and have the last round at The Camelot.
-You go, I'm staying.
-You're staying? -Yeah.
-You go ahead, I'm staying.
-Why don't you go with them? It'll do you good.
-You have your wife's permission.
-We'll clean up.
-I'm staying with you.
-I'm staying with you.
-Alright, then.
-Come on, Bruno.
-The man said he's staying.
-That's that.
-Let's go! -See you later! -Bye! Be good! I love you.
Check Jarabo's map and find the red handkerchiefs.
We're almost there, now.
Look! Hurry! -Hurry, damn it! -Don't rush me now! Hurry up! Come on, we don't have all day! Hurry up! You're doing a good job, Chino.
What did I tell you? Here.
Watch your step.
Come on, damn it! Dandy is at the port penitentiary.
Apparently, they think he's dangerous.
I've heard it's a terrible place.
How is he? Not well.
It's full of murderers, degenerates, Moroccans It's the worst place anyone can end up in.
He was caught red-handed.
There were weapons involved.
I think he'll get at least six years.
And he's the only one paying.
But he wasn't alone.
No one suspects you.
The Pena brothers have a record, but no one will know a thing about Mr.
Reyes, owner of The Camelot, unless, of course, Dandy talks which he won't, you can relax.
I know you've been friends for years and Dandy doesn't want you to share his fate.
How much? Just imagine that place It's full of rapists, murderers-- How much? 1.
5 million.
Look at you The queen of the night! You look great! What are you doing here? Someone kick this lunatic out! We were hoping you'd get us some free drinks.
Who did you come with? Oh I know what you're thinking, but I said, "Take me to The Camelot" and he didn't even flinch.
Yeah, well, be careful with your Prince Charming, he's up to no good.
Don't be a party pooper, squirt.
Put a smile on that face and enjoy life! Are you trying to dance like the chorus girls? -I like dancing! Give me a sip.
It's empty, let me get a refill.
Go ahead.
Rocio, two Rum and Cokes and a Martini.
This disco has the best views in Torremolinos.
Where's your friend? He's very responsible, you know.
I hope he didn't hurt his head.
What's the difference? It's empty anyway, nothing but air.
You have two beds at home, and men's clothing.
I told you not to go inside.
I can't help it, I'm a cop.
You know what, blondie, when you gain my trust, I'll let you know.
Mom, do you have any milk? Charo! Vicky brought the crib down, it's in the living room.
I left the baby in his room.
Mom, milk! When you change him, bring him over here.
This is the crib Bruno slept in! You know how the blinds work.
You'll have to make the bed.
Good night.
Good night.
Sweet dreams! Look at that guy! Shit! It's the idiot in the van! He knows all the tourists! Let's find the van! No! Let's just pay him off, I don't want us to end up in jail because of Dandy.
This kid watches too much TV! Antonito, honey, you fell asleep watching TV again! Go upstairs! -Good night! -Go on up Brush your teeth, OK? Really, honey bear, trust me.
If we don't stop him, it'll be all over the newspapers.
Think of the discotheque We'll use the money in the safe, that's that.
The way he talks He's a con artist.
Plus, I still have to pay the Moroccan.
So We don't have enough for them both.
We have to choose our poison: Dandy or the Moroccan.
I had way too many anchovies.
You had three cocktails, it's not the anchovies.
See anything? There's nothing here but shit! He's coming! Oh, my God! -I lost my cigarettes.
-Yeah, sure.
-No -What? -What are you doing? Don't -What? -No means no.
-What kind of girl do you think I am? -Why did you think we were here? I thought we came out to look at the stars, or to go out to breakfast like a normal couple! Since when are we a couple? Give me my purse! Should we give this asshole a scare before he leaves? Let's just follow him a while.
What about your Swedish friend? -She's Finnish! -Oh, excuse me.
Are you asleep? What do you think? Bruno, your mother's had a tough life.
She got rid of my father's photos.
It's like she's erased him.
He's long gone, she has to look to the future.
Why don't you stay one more day? What for? What for? Yeah.
Well I don't know So we can leave this house, look for another one, move -So we can leave.
You can't fool me.
You wouldn't be back in time even if they fired you.
-Oh, no? -No.
-No? -No.
Oops! I'm sorry.
Good night, Charo.
She's a pain in the ass.
Uncle Reyes, I just wanted to say thank you.
I mean it.
I always knew I could count on you.
Your father never failed us.
Not everyone can say that.
He was a great man.
Did you know we had a business together? He had a melon patch, and I had a pick-up truck.
We went from town to town selling melons.
When we finished selling ours, we stole melons from other farms.
One day, we got caught.
I hid in an irrigation ditch, but Owl got caught.
They beat him up, they kept asking where his friend was, where we were from I was hiding right next to him, but he didn't say a word He was dead silent.
Real friends never fail you.
But you need to know who they are.
-Night watchman! -Shit! I got you some churros , kid.
Is that dude still in his van? He's still there.
Where's Martín? Martín! I forgot to call him.
So that brat with the van is in the business! I like him.
-The waitress asked how you were.
-Yolanda So you know her name? She treated my wounds and gave us whisky, we had to ask.
She sure is hospitable.
-Did she provide any other services? -Don't be so vulgar.
Pardon me, sir.
There's the turkey.
-Lucky you, huh? -Leave me alone! Now the hippie would say, "We have to wait and see how he behaves see how drug trafficking, etc.
" Where are you going? I'm going to go walk off the churros.
Good morning! How's the hot chocolate here? It's good.
What do you think? Is the chocolate here good? -I'm more of a coffee man.
-Oh, really? That's not what I heard.
Let's see what's in your pockets.
Come on.
Let's go.
Shit! Look at you! Kid! All those bills and no wallet? You want some? Last night I made more-- Keep those arms down.
You'll spend a fortune in jail.
But, when I get out, I'll buy trainers like yours.
And maybe another pair the next day.
Aren't you clever? Hey, what's this? Huh? That's not mine.
No, God came down from heaven and put it in your pocket.
-Look who's here! -Just the guy I was looking for! Good morning.
Good morning.
I was wondering, is your van OK? Or are you going to report us? No.
Of course not.
Let's go take a walk.
Have a nice day.
Apparently, they're from Barcelona.
They're bank robbers and they used to be in the army.
They're in hiding.
Does it say all that here? The only guy who knows anything is in jail, Dandy, the guy they caught with hashish.
He's at the port penitentiary.
Good! Now forget about trying to find the guy who killed you father.
Owlet don't even think about it.
Why not? He knows where they are! Hold on Weren't you flirting around with that cute blond cop yesterday? Tell him about it.
Are you crazy? Would you ever trust a cop? Never.
There you go.
You're the only person I trust! You're my only friend.
Squirt I need to ask you a favor.
What is it? I caught some fresh fish from Malaga.
He's the catch of the day! Go interrogate him.
-So you arrested this kid? -Yes.
-You were supposed to follow them.
-We did.
We followed him all night.
Then he came along and we decided to intervene.
So you called Bruno but failed to inform me? Great.
Look, there was no need to mobilize the whole unit -to catch this little shit.
-Did he have drugs on him? Yes and, more importantly, he's in Jarabo's gang.
You want the wholesaler? -If we pressure this guy, he'll sing.
What if he doesn't? Don't worry, Einstein, I'll make him sing.
Look, all I'm saying is, if you're following a lead, don't let on.
And that's what you've done by arresting this kid: you've exposed your lead.
Can I help interrogate him, or will you tell me about it later? He's all yours.
Oh, sweet Jesus! -This place is amazing! -Look, look.
Do they really live here? Be quiet! Oh, sweet Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph! Stop it, already! -Did you bring it? -Is this your room? -Yes.
-A full-length mirror! Are those real flowers? Sole, did you bring it? You have your own bathroom! Why do you have two toilets? I don't know.
Look at this! These are fine clothes! -These must have cost a fortune! -María Elena's hand-me-downs.
Did you bring it? -Sole, did you bring it? -Yes, you pest! I love the bed! I got it.
Here, your family register.
My cousin Fele, the altar boy, swiped it.
So we have to write Dandy's name here, and mine here.
That's all.
Be careful.
-Squirt -Yeah? -Can you do it? I'm no good at writing.
-I'm even worse.
I barely know the alphabet! What should we do? FAMILY REGISTER This is illegal, isn't it? Yeah.
But you're going to keep it a secret, because you're a very good boy.
Yeah, well Let's make a deal.
No! The kid's a fast learner.
There you go! Start writing.
So we've agreed on the calligraphy, now if you want me to keep quiet, show me your tits.
Should I tell your mom you smoke? Forget it.
There you go.
That incident with the van was no coincidence.
You're in Jarabo's gang.
I sell scrap metal! -I don't know what Jarabo does.
What's your mission? Delivering the drugs, dealing? If this is about the van, give me a ticket, I'll pay it.
Money is no issue.
You didn't make that money selling scrap metal.
Do you realize you could go to prison for drug trafficking? The only traffic I know about, Chief, is the one I find on the highway.
Look, kid you'd better talk or you'll be in trouble.
Where I'm from, we don't snitch, Chief.
We're legit, unlike you people.
So go ahead and throw me in jail.
That's just what I'll do, rest assured.
-He won't talk.
-Let me make him! -I don't want more violence.
Why don't we keep him in custody a while to soften him up.
Under what accusation? Didn't you find hash on him? I lost it.
We had a little skirmish, I don't know what happened to it.
So you're going to let him go? Chino! What's the hurry? -You forgot this, man.
-Oh! Consider it a gift.
Don't provoke me, Chino, I just did you a favor! A huge favor! -OK, thank you! -I don't want your thanks! I want you to pay me back, Chino.
Let me go.
I'm not snitching.
Don't give me this bullshit about being legit.
You don't want to talk now, but you will one day, Chino.
Fuck you! I'll be waiting for you, Chino.
Antonito! Antonito why do you keep changing clothes? All I do is pick up after you! What are you doing? Who said you could smoke? Put that out before you burn yourself! -You and Dad smoke.
-We're terrible role models! That's what school is for! Hand it over.
-That's all I had.
-You think I'm stupid? Here.
Where did you get this? You could open a tobacco shop! Yolanda gave it to me.
Yolanda gave it to you? Go to your room! -What about-- -I said go to your room! Where did you get this? Don't you trust me? You don't believe I'm a lawyer, do you? We're just a couple of friends trying to help poor Dandy.
-Where's the money? -Let me talk to him first.
Hi, Dandy? I have a friend here who wants to talk to you.
What's up, Reyes? -Why did you call me? -I'm here with your lawyer.
I know, did he tell you what I want? Dandy, you and I are friends! Reyes, I'm doing time in prison.
While you I want the money.
Chino, you know what I'll do with the money I make? What? Open a barbershop.
Don't laugh, I'm a trained barber! I already have my eye on a shop.
What about you? Me? -What will you do with the money? -Tell everyone to fuck off! Don't say that, you jerk! I'd like to meet that guy.
They're probably getting a shipment tonight.
Chino, come here a minute.
The Moroccan had a shipment stolen.
Really? -You can't trust anyone! -That's what I said It's true.
He said to look out for the packages.
They're wrapped in red plastic.
Where'd you get that reefer you were selling the other day? Dude, I'm on your side.
Moroccans are liars.
If you betray me, Chino, it's the kiss of death for you.
Go ahead.
-Jarabo -Stop! We have it.
-Don't tell the Moroccan! -Do I look like I work for him? You have 24 hours to bring me those packages.
You got that? 24 hours.
Now go! Let's go.
Calm down.
Wait! Hold on a minute! Your pal and the van are staying, we have work to do.
-Come over here.
-What are you saying, Jarabo? Chino! Chino, come back before they kill me! What should we do, madam? Should we wait a little longer? That won't be necessary, I've had a good look at the place.
Jarabo seems to have vanished into thin air.
We made a lot of noise yesterday, the rats went into hiding.
Not so much as a hustler.
-We're blind, man.
-And deaf too, without informants.
Freeing Chino was a great idea, Bruno.
A great idea.
Can you believe these guys asked if I was selling hash? Do you remember us? Camelot! Yes.
What do you want? -Do you have any? -No, I'm not selling anymore.
I can offer a lot of money.
How much do you want? 1,000 pesetas? 2,000 pesetas? Hello, there! Good afternoon.
It's my turn to treat you.
Thank you, I'm parched.
There's a solution to every problem.
I have a problem only you can solve.
I brought you this.
What I owe you, plus a little extra as payment for that job I asked you to do.
Keep your money, you'll find a use for it.
Aren't you going to do it? As I said, today it's my turn to treat you.
You don't have to pay your debt or give me money for that job.
Let's just say it's a show of trust.
In exchange, you're coming with me now.
Look, Alsi, I told you the other day, I've retired from this business.
I've done my part, and if you come to The Camelot, I will welcome you with open arms.
I appreciate it but you don't have a choice.
Let's go.
You're coming with us, sir.
Those are some bruises! If I tell you something now we're even, right? No, that's not how it works.
You'll tell me whatever I want to know, whenever I want.
And I'll see what I can do for you.
Is this your way of returning the favor to the guy who beat you up? Next! -ID.
I'm here to see my husband.
Dandy! Who are you? A whore? What happened? Did the Moroccan send you? I don't know who the Moroccan is.
I'm looking for the Penas, I need to find them.
What is this? Are you testing me? Look, go to hell! No Calm down! Please listen, this is important! Please, I beg you, I need to find the Penas.
I'll do whatever you want.
Do you want money? I'll find it.
I'll get you whatever you need-- I didn't say a word, I swear on my mother's grave.
I didn't say a word! Guard! No, please.
I didn't say a word! Guard! I kept my trap shut! Guard! Guard! Guard! Throw her out! She's a whore! Throw her out! -No, Dandy! -Throw her out for Christ's sake! Throw her out! She's a whore! Throw her out! Throw her out! Throw her out.
Are you still with the baby? He's constantly pooping, peeing, or sleeping, such drudgery! Just wait till you have kids.
I'd have to have a boyfriend first.
Don't you want to marry? So he'll make me quit my job like Bruno did with you? Tell me the truth, are you happy with my brother? I knew what I was getting into when I married a cop.
That's what my mother says.
He's more affectionate than ever.
Right He's faithful, doesn't beat you, and hasn't left you, at least not yet.
What about you? Do you have any life plans? No.
What do you mean "no"? You have to do something! Why? I'd rather live one day at a time, or one night at a time.
You can't imagine how Torremolinos has changed! I could never do that.
Sure you could, you just need to stop thinking.
Here you go.
This is the highlight of my day.
See? I'm keeping it.
Hey, hot stuff! Nice ass! What's your problem? -Police! -Sorry I'll rip your head off! Let me go! Let me go, already! What do you want? Who do you think you are, my guardian angel always saving me? Fuck you! You fucking cop! Owlet! My name's Bruno.
The apartment I saw wasn't worth it.
I won't make up excuses.
I just completely forgot.
We're leaving in the morning.
Is everything OK? What are you doing? You're crazy.
I don't want to fail you.
Then don't.
Where are we? Can someone tell me what's going on? Where are we? Please.
What is this? Can someone please explain? Take the blindfold off.
What is this? The men are beating the pollen out, the gold.
Who is it? Some guy I know.
Do you trust him? Bruno we can't just rely on intuition, man.
We won't catch Jarabo by kicking people around.
You're right.
Let's do it your way, following leads.
Thank you.
Hey, we're a team, you have to listen to me.
This isn't a dick-measuring contest.
That would be silly, I know mine's bigger.
You have 15 minutes.
Franchi, are you OK? You bet, Chino.
You bet.
Seriously, Chino Did you just drag the dope through Torremolinos? I had no choice, you kept my van! Can I have the keys? Come on, keep going! I'm not giving you the keys.
You'll get your keys when we're done unloading.
Don't give me that look, I'm doing you a favor! If the Moroccan had caught you Thanks a lot, Jarabo.
I'm going to help your guys so I can take my van.
We have to get out of here.
Chino, come here a minute.
Hey, get me my knife! Come here.
I wouldn't want you to think I'm being unfair.
I'm going to give you some of your hash for you to sell.
No thanks, that's not necessary, man.
Come on, Chino.
What are you, stupid? Are you going to insult me by rejecting my gift? No.
-Chino, take a piece! -Yeah, man, listen to the kid! Of course, you'd better not sell any of it in La Carihuela.
Not one bit, Jarabo.
Don't anybody move! Police! Don't anybody move! Don't move! On the ground! Hands up! Come out with your hands up! Chino, please help me, man! Help me.
Chino! Don't move! Jarabo, don't move! Alright, come on.
Go ahead! I want you to turn around and drop the knife.
Chino! Hey! Bruno! We caught him, damn it! -You son of a bitch! -Hey! Calm down! We caught him! We caught him, OK? Right OK.
I'm relaxed.
Hello? María Elena, it's me.
Honey bear, finally! I've been worried sick! Honey, listen I had to go away but everything is under control.
Who are you with? Reyes, is there something I should know? Yes, the deal with Dandy is settled.
We're not paying the Moroccan? No, that's settled too.
Honey, you were right about everything, even about Yolanda.
She can stay with us as long as she needs.
I love you.
That's right, stack them up so it looks like there's more.
Lift that up! Looking good! Gentlemen, welcome to our new home! Let's have a round of applause for the Costa del Sol Brigade! One more! Leave the kid alone! Lucas Quiet Inspectors, I would like to congratulate you.
I'd like to introduce Chief Inspector Eugenio Cifuentes.
He will be in charge of the narcotics unit from now on.
Hello, Bruno López.
How are you? How are you, Cifuentes? Would you like some ice cream? Is this guy? -Hello -Sebastían Terrón.
Eugenio Cifuentes.
Torremolinos Police Department.
I realize I have a bad temper, and a penchant for getting into trouble.
I seem to drag my problems along with me like a ball and chain.
Gentlemen, let's go fishing! Terrón, go get them.
Haven't you ever made a mistake? I've made a lot.
You reap what you sow, and I've sown a lot of shit.
But I must have done something right.
There's only one thing everyone knows about me: I'm a guy you can trust.