Brigada Costa del Sol (2019) s01e10 Episode Script

30 de noviembre

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES "Bruno López died on November 30th in the line of duty.
" That's what my obituary would say, if only I hadn't been fired and much drunker than any skunk.
On November 30th, I was dying.
Up at the viewpoint, I could only think of two things.
First I thought, "I'm missing the match between Spain and Yugoslavia.
" Then I thought, "Of all the people who want me dead, who just shot me?" WELCOME TO TORREMOLINOS Mark this date on your calendars.
November 30th.
Go Spain! Tonight, our national team is up against Yugoslavia in the playoffs for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.
-The time is now 8 a.
Radio Popu Bruno López.
He's the biggest pain in the ass at Torremolino's police department.
Are you sure he's the cop who saw you at Uncle Vinegar's? Yeah, I almost smashed his head with a planter trying to get away.
What should we do with that cop? Nothing, yet.
As long as we have supplies and you stay put, it's under control.
No one suspects us.
The cops seem very interested in Moroccan crafts.
Jibia If I got rid of you, the problem would be solved.
I'd prefer some other arrangement, if possible.
Open the door.
We've got the lineup for tonight.
Miguel Ángel "El Gato," José Martínez Sánchez "Pirri," -Good.
-"El Chepas" Asensi, "Tarzan" Migueli, "El Flaco" Cardenosa, Juanito "El Viejo" OK, we'll see.
I don't think it'll be a problem.
It may be that guy from the game show.
What is this? -A holdup, wait out here.
-I'm the owner.
-Where are you going? -I'm the owner! Where's my wife? -Can I talk to your superior? -Wait here.
-I have no idea.
-Please let me in.
Narcotics Brigade.
I'll take care of this.
Where's my wife? María Elena! Have you seen my wife? -Reyes? -María Elena! What happened? Did they hurt you? Are you OK? What happened? What happened? Terrón.
Four suspects.
One shot at the ceiling.
Anyone injured? The doorman confronted them and got beaten up.
Can the witnesses identify the robbers? Sure, their faces were uncovered.
What? They moved around like soldiers.
Why is Yolanda here? They fired her! I haven't spoken to her.
She's your friend, you do it.
We had eight to ten thousand pesetas in the cash register.
How much money was in the safe, honey? About 50,000 pesetas.
Was this man one of the robbers? Yes.
He's the one who forced me to open the safe.
Had you seen him before? -Yes.
We meet a lot of people here.
I mean, you showed us that photo before.
I'm sorry, Inspector, this is a holdup, why is Narcotics looking for him? Because the robber is a drug dealer who holds up other drug dealers.
Are you insinuating that? I'm not insinuating anything, I'm just explaining why we're investigating the holdup.
There you go, here's the daredevil.
Does it hurt? What were you doing here? I came to pick Sole up, and guess who I found? Atilano Pena? Did María Elena tell you that? She recognized his photo.
She and Reyes say they don't know him.
Well lucky them.
I thought you trusted me.
By protecting your uncle, you're helping your father's murderer.
The Penas were regulars here.
Uncle Reyes treated them like VIPs.
They were blackmailing him.
If he didn't pay, they'd rob him.
It was tough, but I thought it was over.
With Cristo's death? Bruno said Atila was dead, too.
Now he's come back from the dead to haunt us.
I assure you Cristo won't be coming back.
I don't care if they shot him twenty times, blew him up or gave him rat poison, I'm glad he's dead.
Rat poison? Was that a lucky guess or did Bruno tell you about it? He mentioned it.
Alsi told me he had killed Atila.
I guess he cheated you again.
If you want something done right, do it yourself.
Don't bust my balls, they stole four million.
It could've been a lot worse.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I won't leave you alone again.
I promise.
If it weren't for Yolanda, Atila What? Don't scare me.
Did he try anything? No He got violent.
He started breaking things.
He put a gun to her head, I didn't know what to do.
If you'd been here, he would've killed you.
He's looking for you.
We'll hire more doormen.
And arm them.
-And give Owlet her job back.
She risked her life to save me! She's seeing that cop, Bruno López.
He's as dangerous as Atila.
They're after the drugs! That's just the idea! To keep an eye on our enemies! That's it, if the cops are after us maybe the girl can help.
I appreciate it, but no thanks.
It was my idea, Owlet.
After today, I want you here with me.
Let's just forget it.
I'm sorry I said all those horrible things.
I treated you unfairly I know you like these, I want you to have them.
Can we forgive and forget? What do you say, Owlet? Can you start tonight? Of course.
Come on! Liven up a bit! The Camelot opens tonight.
See that guy talking to Owlet? Shit! That's the cop who saw me at Uncle Vinegar's.
Then we have a problem.
It's no problem.
I can take care of him.
It's no problem.
By yourself? I just need to catch him alone.
Fuck, I don't know.
He's a cop, damn it! When a cop gets killed, they go crazy looking for the culprit.
I heard no one on the force likes this guy.
Let me think it over.
That's the starting whistle for Yugoslavia-Spain.
The match is starting.
It's going to be high-pressure, judging from the way Kustodic just tackled Juanito.
We have a player on the ground.
The match is off to a shaky start.
Asensi gestures to say Wait, don't leave.
Let's talk.
I owe you an apology, Owlet.
What for? For not standing up for you when I had the chance.
-I'm sorry.
-Well She was just jealous.
She acts like I'm Julio Iglesias.
I'm glad I got you to smile.
I got the impression that cop's visit really upset you.
-He wasn't here to see me.
-No? -Did he ask about the holdup? -It's personal.
I'm sorry, uncle.
I thought he was my boyfriend but but he's just full of lies.
He's too old for you.
I befriended him because I knew he was after the Penas.
-My father's murderers.
One of them is dead, and the other badly wounded.
And there was a third man.
You get all the facts, keep in touch with the police.
But just look, listen and keep quiet.
If the police tells you anything, come see me.
Tell Uncle Reyes and we'll figure out what to do.
Thank you, uncle.
I'd better go back up before María Elena gets mad.
Go home, you've had a rough day.
I'm leaving, boss.
Think about that cop.
That cop.
The cop's on his own, Atila is not.
Let's start with the cop.
All right.
Mark this date on your calendars.
November 30th.
Go Spain! Tonight, our national team is up against Yugoslavia in the playoffs for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.
The time is -Charo! -Coming! Let's show grandma what we made.
-You're late! -Here.
Let me have him.
-I hope he's not too much trouble.
-Not at all.
-Thanks! -You're no trouble.
-Bye! -Say goodbye! Bye! Bye, honey! We're going to have fun today.
Yes, sir.
Mommy must have forgotten something.
Mommy! Coming! -What did you-- -Hello.
-Is Vicky home? No, but tell me your name and I'll have her call you.
I'm Chino.
But I don't have a phone.
I've been away from Torremolinos.
-And I'd really like to see her.
-So would I.
She's never home.
She was out all night.
-I'll give her the message.
What do you say, Owlet? Can you start tonight? Of course.
It took a holdup for the witch to apologize! Let's give the witch a chance.
A chance? If you only knew! What did she do, Sole? Aren't you going to tell me what she did? Nothing.
It's all my fault.
She asked me to look after a special customer, have a drink with him and go with the flow.
At first, I thought, "OK, Sole, go with it.
" "This man could be my ticket out of here.
" "He could make me famous," right? Plus, it's not that big a deal if But, then, I slapped him and left.
We don't need to sell our bodies! That's what Chino said.
Chino's back and already you're acting like an idiot! We don't need Chino or anyone to save us.
-Are you with me? -Yeah.
Be careful with that, you could kill someone! -I'm bring it tomorrow.
-Thank you.
-Thank you, man.
What did I tell you? Did you come to see Vicky? -She's an adult, let her decide.
-An adult? She's so messed up, she tried to kill herself over you.
That's your fault for keeping us apart! Chino Get out of Torremolinos, or I'll put a bullet in your head.
Not if I shoot you first.
You want me to kill you now, Chino? -Quick, call 911! -Calm down, lady! Calm down, it's OK.
I'm 911! I'm Don't worry, lady.
I'll kill you, Chino.
Bro! Come here How are you? -Where the hell were you? -Morocco.
-I'm so happy to see you.
-So am I, Chino.
It's great to see you.
All right.
Chino! You left without warning, don't come looking for work.
Don't worry, man, I've moved up.
Is that true, Chino? -Have you made it big? -Well Right now, I'm broke.
I had to spend money on clothes.
-It's OK, we'll manage.
-You look taller! -Don't exaggerate! Here.
Do you know where Vicky is? Listen, just forget her.
-There are plenty of fish in the sea.
-Look, I know she cut her wrists.
Plus, her mother said that She's never home.
Is she seeing someone else? I don't know.
I saw her with some guy the other day at one of those posh nightclubs.
That's the truth.
I knew that would upset you.
But, you know what? If her brother sees you, you're dead meat.
That's my business.
That's that.
Hey, kid! What are you doing? I'll just be a minute, Jibia.
-You've got some nerve.
I need to ask you a favor.
Madam, your daughter is lovely.
We're getting to know each other.
Mom, don't scare him away! Come on, Edi, let's go.
-It's been a pleasure.
Bruno May the force be with you.
-Goodbye! -My mom is such a pain! Vicky! -I forgot to tell you something.
-What? Nothing.
A friend came looking for you this morning.
-Chino? -Yes.
He said he'd been away and really wants to see you.
Is that all he said? He said he doesn't have a phone.
Let's go, Vicky.
Weren't you in a hurry? Yes.
Fuck! Jibia The faucet's broken, I can't shut off the water.
I'll have to fix the freaking faucet again! Let me do it.
Reyes says we use too much water, he should call a fucking plumber! Or buy a new faucet.
Franchi! Can you get me the monkey wrench? -Where is it? -Where do you think? The toolbox, you idiot! Hello.
Aren't you going to let me in? Go to hell! Chino? Chino! Chino, what's the matter? Chino! You left me in the lurch, and now you're brushing me off? I waited for you.
You left without saying a word.
I went crazy.
I almost died, I was so sad.
I'm sorry.
Vicky, I had no choice.
Tell me the truth, did my brother drive you away? He thinks I'm no good for you.
I'm sure he likes the guy with the car better.
Edi? He's just a friend.
He's helping me through this rough patch.
I found a spot for our beach bar.
In Tarifa.
People there are more laid-back.
Let's go there right now! I'll pick you up outside your house tonight at nine.
-I'm all packed.
-Why not now? I have to do a huge job first so we can buy the beach bar.
We may have to beat it out of here in a hurry, understand? You're scaring me.
What are you up to? It's better that you don't know.
I'll pick you up tonight.
Vicky? Edi, Chino.
Are you coming to watch the game? He can't.
He has other plans.
Right? -Yeah.
Tell us Chino, what did you do in Morocco? I paid a kid 100 pesetas to teach me to drive a speedboat.
Wow! Now you can become a career dealer.
After tomorrow, I'm quitting.
Sure Go ahead and laugh.
Vicky and I are leaving for Tarifa tonight.
I meant to ask How is she? Yes, I know.
Sole found her half dead in the bathroom at the Camelot.
She saved her life.
Is that true? Of course! What else could I do? Thank you.
How's your boyfriend? -Did you move in together? -What? I'm quite happy to be home alone.
He can sleep in his house, in his car or at the viewpoint.
It seems the man of the law was married.
His wife found out and kicked him out.
And Owlet keeps breaking up and getting back together with him.
The poor guy is so confused, he's taken to drink.
What a shame.
What are you doing? -What's up, Franchi? -How are you? Order me a beer.
-Do you want one, too? -Sure.
I got a few bullets.
Chino, what are you going to do with this? Don't worry.
This is just as a precaution.
After tonight, it's all over.
What do you mean? That's the starting whistle for Yugoslavia-Spain.
The match is starting.
It's going to be high-pressure, judging from the way Kustodic just tackled Juanito.
We have a player on the ground.
The match is off to a shaky start.
Asensi gestures to say there was a punch, we could not see it from where we are.
The mess is cleared up and the Yugoslavian team withdraws Yes.
That last drink went right to my head.
-You said you'd take me home! -But we're having a great time! -You promised! -I don't want to leave! You promised, I'm supposed to meet Chino! Let's take some of that stuff you tried the other day.
I know you liked it.
OK? What do you say? Just a little bit.
-Just a tiny bit.
-A tiny bit, like this.
Yeah, tiny.
Come on, sit down.
What's this? A bottle fell on Juanito's head.
He's on the ground.
He could be unconscious.
I repeat: Someone in the bleachers threw a bottle at Juanito.
As we said, his gesture was uncalled for, but the public's reaction is also unacceptable The referee called a foul against Yugoslavia.
Olmo kicks it The ball cuts across the field over to Asensi Juanito, the ball's too far But it reaches Cardenosa, he centers it, passes to Rubén Cano and Goal! Don't do this to me, Vicky! Don't do this to me.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Come on.
Vicky! Come on, Vicky.
We're leaving.
Hey! Vicky? Come on.
What time is it? 2:15.
Come on, let's go.
-Vicky, help me out.
I had to meet Chino at 9:00.
-Come on, let's go.
-Take me home! -No one waits that long, Vicky.
-No, please! No! I didn't realize it was so important.
Let's go.
Please! Take me home! Don't worry, we'll go straight home.
Let's go.
There you go.
It's OK.
Mark this date on your calendars.
November 30th.
Go Spain! Tonight, our national team is up against Yugoslavia in the playoffs for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.
The time is now 8:00 a.
Radio Popular Look, boss! Look at him! He wasn't playing cards! I bet he has a lover there.
-Why? -Look at the way he's walking.
Sticking his chest out, smiling He's barely limping.
He's getting laid tonight.
Look at you, Lucas.
See? He's got to replenish.
This may have been worth staying up all night for.
Do me a favor, Lucas.
Did you get the license plate number? -Yes, I have it.
-Check it at the station.
They've made a deal.
- He's leaving, should we follow him? -No, wait.
Let's see what they do.
-Shit, he saw us! -What? He saw us.
Come on, get out now! Go! Hey! Freeze! Police! Stop! Son of a bitch! Don't move, damn it! Hey! Come out with your hands up.
-Come on! -I'm clean! Hey! Don't move! Welcome to Torremolinos, kid.
Fuck! Yes.
Commissioner, sir.
Yes, thank you very much.
We have two of Roque's associates.
Who said you could tap phones without a warrant? Sorry? I just spoke to Judge Sanjurjo.
He asked me how we got the evidence to arrest Roque the Dog Guy.
I told him we tapped the phone, and it turns out you didn't ask for a warrant.
We never do, we just don't say where it came from.
Don't explain your methods in my office.
You broke the law and you made me look foolish.
What did the judge say? He was so angry, he threw out the case.
What about all those arrests, the photos and the material we've--? You can't snoop on people without a court order, Pulido! Those times are far-gone.
All right, then Should we start from scratch? I can't believe this! Honestly! And forget all that high-tech stuff! Catch the Dog Guy the old-fashioned way, get him red-handed.
Got that? I got it.
The disco owners are lying.
That wasn't a normal holdup.
If you've got the cash, why trash the place? It's classic revenge.
-Are the owners involved? -It looks like it.
But we have no evidence.
-Where's the Cristo Pena file? -Here.
These guys think Bruno did it.
Knowing Bruno, would he lie about that? -I doubt it.
-Plus, look "Cristo Pena was alone and mortally wounded.
" Why emphasize "alone"? You think there was someone else there? What's wrong, Hippie? Nothing.
I'm going to question these guys about Roque the Dog Guy.
No, let them wait! Atila is on the street, we have to go get him.
-We've got evidence on Roque! -No, we don't.
-The judge threw the case out.
-What? You heard me.
Are you coming? No! Our priority is Atila! He threatening Bruno's family! Forget Bruno already! Seriously, forget Bruno! I've lied, man! I've deceived people, I've taken a beating for him, honestly How has he repaid us? Seriously! You know why I have this shitty gun? Why? Your darling Bruno stole my gun, that's why! I'm sick of having everything revolve around him! This brigade This brigade was my idea.
What's your role at the station? Pet? Or whore? My colleagues in Huesca looked up your license plate number.
And that's a shame because it's the same car you used to holdup that bank in Jaca.
I didn't know the police admitted mop heads.
Look, son of a bitch, tell me where you're meeting Roque or I'll book you for the holdup in Jaca and three unresolved crimes.
You can't.
Lucas, call the provincial jail.
Tell them to send a van to transfer the Gascón brothers.
-Boss-- -No buts! Wait! Come on.
They're meeting the Dog Guy at the station at six.
How much dope are we talking about? 20 kilos.
I know it's not a lot, but it won't be a full-time job.
We'll go arrest them, I'll deal with the paperwork.
Then, if you want You can go catch Atila or watch the soccer game.
That's another 20 kilos on our CVs.
What do you think? I want you to promise I'll catch the national anthem.
It's the least you can do.
Anything else, sirs? No? OK, then let's step on it.
I'll catch up, I have to make a call.
-Hurry up! -Yes.
It's Terrón.
Freeze! Police! Come here! Turn off the motor and come out with your hands up.
Get out of the car.
Get out.
-Let me see you.
-Relax, we're not in ETA.
You're done running people over.
I'm just dropping my cousin off.
Sure And that suitcase is full of souvenirs.
Open it.
Get out of the way.
What? No -Where's the hashish? -What's that? Here.
-What's that? -Terrón! Lucas, get in the car.
-Can you crouch down? -Don't let him out of your sight.
Come over here.
They're clean.
I'll send you the bill.
Sure, don't worry.
Bastard son of a bitch.
Someone tipped this bastard off.
The guys we arrested are in jail.
I'm getting out of here.
Hey! Hi, Capitano, nice to see you.
I'll keep it brief.
We're trying to catch a guy red-handed, Roque the Dog Guy, do you know him? You need to get organized.
You're all asking me about the same guy! No fucking way! Bruno? He just can't keep still.
Fuck! I'm sure you already know what the plan is.
No, you're going to tell me.
What is it? The Dog Guy needs someone to cross the strait.
Bruno offered to do the job for Roque.
-He's passing off as me.
-Wait -Bruno infiltrated Roque's gang? -I told him it was crazy! I'll have to flee Torremolinos if anything goes wrong.
You'd better start packing your bags.
Bruno tricked you, he left the police.
-What? -You heard me.
-If you run into him again-- -Fucking hell! If you run into him, find a pay phone and call me, got that? -Got that? -Yes, of course I got it! That's the starting whistle.
Fucking hell The match is starting.
It's going to be high-pressure The match is off to a shaky start.
The match started, but I can't see it.
I should've gone down to the bar.
recovers the ball for Spain.
Why did you do it? Do what, Hippie? Bruno infiltrated Roque's gang passing off as Capitano.
He told him we were waiting for him.
I guess he wanted to impress his new boss.
Is that right? -You know what? -What? I'm not sorry.
Honestly, I don't know who's crazier, him or you.
Bruno's the only one who has the balls to do that.
-You know why? -Why? -To help you catch Roque! -The police needs brains not balls! We need more blood in our veins and fewer chalkboards! You're a fucking lunatic! Bruno! -I swear to God I'll-- -Wait! -Terrón? -Bruno, I'm listening I may have to hang up any second.
I figured, shoot.
Roque and Atila are meeting tonight about ten minutes before the end of the match.
I don't know where yet.
I'll call when I find out.
What if you can't call us? Are you going to confront Roque and Atila alone? After tonight, I'm done.
But I'm going out in style.
We have a double bill.
Bruno, you have to get out of there! If they catch you, they'll kill you! I'm not taking any lectures Bruno! This is fucking crazy, man! It's sheer madness! I can't stay in the brigade if this is how it's going to be.
You can't leave Bruno alone! Like you said, he's got balls.
That's great, Hippie! Take your blackboard with you! Mark this date on your calendars.
November 30th.
Go Spain! Tonight, our national team is up against Yugoslavia in the playoffs for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.
The time is now 8:00 a.
Radio Popular The shithead we're going to rob dicked me over, so everything goes.
We'll use the money to buy hashish tonight.
Hey, listen Do you want us to shoot the cop who killed your brother? Let me handle that.
But you can look, if you want.
Beat it! What are you doing here so early? I'm taking you out for breakfast, what else? -I haven't slept all night.
-OK, let's go.
-I could go for toast with lard.
-Me too.
What's going on? Wha Honestly, how can you get here so early? You look nice with your mouth shut.
Don't move! This is a stickup! You just love saying that! Look! We have a hero! Who's the hero? Are you the hero? You're not much of a hero! Come on.
Be quiet! Or you'll end up like him.
Reyes! My husband's not here! -Reyes, come out! - He's not here.
He's not? Let's go upstairs.
Let's see if that rat's hiding there.
The cash register is wide open.
Go ahead and take it all.
Open the safe for me.
Open it, damn it! -Open it.
-I don't know the password! I've never opened it! Call your husband.
My husband isn't home.
Your husband's a shithead.
It's a miracle I'm alive.
I'm here to screw up his life.
And I'll start by screwing you.
No! Do you want to eat your teeth? I called the police.
Look, lady, I'm going to count to five.
If you don't open the safe, I'll press the trigger, but you're the one killing your friend.
Kid! Let's beat it! Owlet, are you OK? Does it hurt? You have to get this looked at.
But it's OK, it's over now.
It's over.
I don't want people gossiping about me.
I don't want everyone talking about me, please.
This can't go on like this.
I don't want stolen money, I want you to leave.
Don't get so cocky, Lopera.
Remember that corpse in your freezer.
I saved your life.
Look, I swear, when I'm done with my business here, I'll leave.
And I'll take the freezer to a dump.
Do it as soon as possible.
I want to sleep soundly again.
So do I.
I won the lottery and I want to place another order.
I have the money, I want you to sell me reefer.
I lost a sale to some clients up north.
I can give you up to 30 kilos.
I'll give you three and a quarter million.
Why so generous? Have you heard about the Costa del Sol Brigade? I just had a run-in with them.
-I'm looking for Bruno.
-I don't know who he is.
I just need to know where to find him alone.
I'll get rid of him myself.
Vukotic just kicked the ball out of bounds.
It was a good shot at Spain's goal post Should we go? We're supposed to meet before the match is over.
Yugoslavia tried to make a goal and failed.
The ball is back on Yugoslavia's side.
In search of a favorable result.
We're still tied Roque just called.
And? The meeting has been postponed.
Fuck! At least we can follow the end of the game.
-What else did he say? -Something about Bruno López.
What? In a little while, he'll be history.
Goal! Mark this date on your calendars.
November 30th.
Go Spain! Tonight, our national team is up against Yugoslavia in the playoffs for the 1978 World Cup in Argentina.
The time is now 8:00 a.
Radio Popular The Spanish team's coach, Ladislao Kubala, fears our players may be attacked before tonight's match against Yugoslavia.
Spain's coach thinks it is quite possible our players may somehow be poisoned.
-Nice catch! -You scared me! Look, Bruno, I only talk with Martin, that's the deal.
As much as Martin tries, he's not God.
He can't be everywhere, so he sends me.
Great, I'll talk to him later, I'm busy now.
You think you can traffic dope in front of my face? You want two years in jail for this? Bruno, what do you want? I want Atila Pena.
-He's evil.
-I know.
Atila buys dope from a really dodgy guy.
That guy called to offer me a job.
-And? -No, I blew him off.
I don't know him, but I've heard he's the worst.
He has a limp.
They call him Roque the Dog Guy.
So, he doesn't know you, but he offered you a job? I talked to him on the phone, but I've never seen him in person.
Let's go call him.
He's about to meet the real Capitano.
Get in.
Come on! Fucking Bruno! Thank you.
Aren't you Roque? I thought you'd be running around with dogs.
-Why do they call you-- -Who the hell are you? Calm down, tiger.
I'm Capitano, we just spoke on the phone.
-Those aren't sailor's hands.
-But that is a dealer's belly! Listen, I've been thinking about your offer.
And? And I'd like to do it.
I mean it's three months' salary for one day's work.
Unless you've already found someone.
I've asked around.
People say you're a police informant.
Look I like money.
I don't care where it comes from, you or the police.
How do I know you won't sell me out if they offer you more? Don't worry, you'll know.
-What's up, Terrón? -Why all the secrecy? -Well, listen-- -No, you listen.
I'm testifying about your fight with Cifu.
-We should prepare your defense.
-Fuck Cifu and the defense.
-I need a favor-- -The Camelot was robbed.
-I heard it on the radio.
-Atila Pena did it.
Of course, he'll use the money to buy dope from Roque.
-How do you know that? -I'm Capitano.
What? I'm Capitano in Roque's gang.
But they think he's a snitch.
So, I need information, that's why I need you help.
You're crazy, Bruno.
Seriously! Well, maybe a little tired.
I need information on a raid, an operation, whatever-- You want me to betray the group.
When they meet for the exchange, I'll call you and you'll arrest them.
I'm no longer a cop.
You'll even get a medal.
A medal? Look, Terrón, I don't care if I can't be a cop, I'm after Atila.
If I don't stop him, he'll go after my family.
You're a bigger bastard than he is! Drop me off at my mom's.
During office hours, I'll be at my mom's.
I'll be waiting for your call.
Be careful with that, you could kill someone! What did I tell you? Did you come to see Vicky? Do you think your mate Martin would come over for Christmas dinner? Your sister likes him.
I'm sick of Martin, Mom.
Plus, Christmas isn't for a while.
Tomorrow's December 1st.
She's here! Vicky, where-- I won't say anything, but you've got some gall That's not my father, it's my brother Bruno.
And my mother, Alicia.
I'm Edi, pleased to meet you.
-Madam, it's a pleasure to meet you.
-I won't be long.
If my brother bites you, scream.
Have a seat.
-Would you like a beer? -No, I'm OK.
-Come in, have a seat.
-I feel a bit guilty about last night.
We were in Puerto Banús and I had too much to drink.
I didn't dare bring your daughter back in my state.
I drive better drunk, but that's a personal matter.
Do you have a car, E Edi? -Edi.
Yes, but we took the boat to Puerto Banús.
-You have a boat, too? -It's just a little speedboat.
And you wanted Martin over for Christmas Your daughter is lovely, Alicia.
We're getting to know each other.
Mom, don't scare him away! Let's go, Edi.
-It's been a pleasure, madam.
Bruno May the force be with you.
-Hello? -It's Terrón.
-Roque's going to love you.
-OK, shoot.
He has an exchange at the station this afternoon.
We'll be waiting there.
I could kiss you! Talk soon, thanks! Good thing you're sitting down, you're about to faint.
I'm starting to dislike you, Capitano.
You talk too much, and you're smart aleck.
The thing is, I have a crystal ball.
-Really? -Yeah.
Weren't you closing a sale today? Don't do it.
They'll be waiting for you.
They want to catch you red-handed.
You're a mystery to them, they don't know how to catch you.
Capitano really outdid himself! What are you doing here? We're busy, I don't have time to chat.
-Can you serve me a gin? -National or imported? National.
Listen, Owlet How did that happen? That's 100 pesetas.
Are Leo and the guys here? -Are you here to make a scene? -No, that's not it.
-We need to talk, but not here.
-What about? Getting my hopes up again? Going away together? Lying to me again? You don't even know.
I'm about to burn all my bridges.
Meet me at the viewpoint after your shift.
If you don't show up, don't worry, I won't bother you again.
Couldn't we have met somewhere more discrete? We'll meet where I decide.
So let's celebrate.
If it weren't for you, I'd be in jail now.
Now and for the next 20 years.
I loved watching the cops search the car! They looked like idiots! Those sons of bitches.
They can just go fuck off.
I hope you like soccer, we're going to go see the match later.
-At your place? -No.
At a private club that's a bit quieter than this place.
-Rich people.
-All right.
That's the starting whistle for Yugoslavia-Spain.
The match is starting.
It's going to be high-pressure, judging from the way Kustodic just tackled Juanito.
We have a player on the ground.
The match is off to a shaky start.
Asensi gestures to say there was a punch, we could not see it from where we are.
The mess is cleared up and the Yugoslavian team withdraws for Pirri's penalty kick.
Find a spot to watch the game.
Will it be tonight? Or when? Tell Atila to meet me ten minutes before the match ends at the usual place.
With everyone busy watching the game, tonight is perfect for our business.
We're waiting to find out what exactly happened.
-The usual.
the playing field will be cleaned up while they look after the player.
-You're coming tonight.
-Am I your skipper or your bodyguard? You'll soon find out.
Where's the bathroom? -Over there.
Give me some smack, will you? I told you, heroin is addictive.
And be careful, if you take too much, it can kill you.
That guy you were talking to He's a cop.
How do you know? My new girlfriend, Vicky, is his sister.
The Spanish team is creating more risky situations, but they're not making that goal we're all expecting.
-I may have to hang up any second.
-I figured, shoot.
Roque and Atila are meeting tonight about ten minutes before the end of the match.
What if you can't call us? Are you going to confront Roque and Atila alone? I'm not taking any lectures Wow! This place is classy! -What were you doing? -Inquiring about a massage.
I'm a little tense down there.
There's been a change of plans.
You're crossing the strait tonight.
-Tonight? -Yeah.
I need to know where from to plan the route Don't worry, you'll have two guys guiding you.
I thought you had a date with Atila.
Don't think too much, that's my job.
I thought it over, I don't want that stuff.
-Where are you going? -No.
If you don't take me home, someone else will.
-Come on, Vicky.
-Someone will take me.
Shit! My brother's here! He must be meeting someone here.
All he does is make my life miserable.
I can relate to that, I'm the youngest sibling too.
Yeah, but I'm sure your siblings don't threaten to kill your friends to push them away from you.
I hope not.
I hate him so much, sometimes I think I could kill him.
Come on, give me a hand.
This is ready.
OK, relax.
-Aren't you watching the match? -I'm following it on the radio.
I want to talk to you.
Are you going to ask about Cristo Pena again? Bruno lied in the report.
I'm sure of it.
So talk to him.
Tell me about the rat poison.
You were there.
And he covered up for you.
What happened, Yolanda? Tell me.
We had a change of plans.
-Oh, yeah? -Yeah.
That car will take you straight to the pier.
But -Aren't you going to explain anything? -They'll explain it.
You have to be the first one there, you are the captain.
-Goal! -Hey! Spain made a goal! -Let's see the replay! -Tomorrow.
What's the matter? Why the hurry? I'm missing the goal because of you! -Yeah.
You can't imagine how I fantasized about Cristo Pena's death.
What I never imagined is how horribly guilty I'd feel.
Night and day, I see him bleeding, with blood coming out of his nose, his mouth, everywhere.
And now I'm afraid to close my eyes.
I know what that's like.
And Bruno warned me, "You don't want to know what it's like to kill someone.
" He was right.
Have you killed someone too? Yeah, but you're a cop, you don't have to feel guilty.
It doesn't matter, it's still taking someone's life.
What happens now? Am I going to jail? The case is closed.
Thank you, Leo.
You don't owe anyone anything.
I'll wait for you.
Leo! Who did it? Who did it? Who did it? You can't trust the people around you.
If you do, the Devil will come and rip your guts out.
Whoever it was, they betrayed me.
Half of Torremolinos wanted me dead, including my colleagues.
But only one son of a bitch went up there and shot me.
I'm the fucking boss.
And if I make it out of this alive, I'm going to find you, you fucking rat.