Britannia (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 8

A demon will come to these lands, join forces with the dark.
Apparently it's in some prophecy.
I can't be doing with the buggers, but this one has a knack of always getting things right.
- I am the Keeper of the Lake.
- And the maiden is coming.
She will lead us! What? Got a problem with it? Tell it up with the gods.
- That caught my attention.
- Father.
You're not working for the emperor.
So who are you working for? I will give you some advice.
I am Queen Amena, sister to Queen Andra.
- You came as Rome's lackey.
- No.
The demon is Rome, and you will be burned.
Life is about three things.
First thing, everything which is born will die.
Number two, absolutely everything Everything you see, everything you hear - is true.
- is a lie.
Once upon a time, there was a princess.
Her daddy, the King, raped her, she became with child.
Her mother, the Queen said it was the will of the gods.
The third, and most important thing is this The child was born, they named her Andra.
And nobody knew the truth.
Thanks, that really cleared things up for me.
- Any questions? - Where am I? The prophecy, the whole story, it's about to come crashing down.
It's called Isca.
The holiest place.
Take the cavalry.
Main force, three days straight, and through the final night.
- We'll hit the Devni by dawn on the fourth.
- What is the mission? - A routine reconnaissance.
- With the whole legion? Domitius, it seems in my absence you've become a military expert.
- Hang on a minute.
That's me.
- There are no orders for this.
No imperial orders.
You can't do it.
Would you leave us? Who is it you serve? Because whoever it is, I know this It's not the emperor, it's not Rome.
You know what, Domitius, I admire you.
All the hard work, the sheer dedication you put in to being a pointless irritating twerp.
It's amazing, you've got it down, haven't you? This busybody game.
And you know what? Those efforts, I'm gonna reward them.
I'll tell you the whole story.
Before there was an empire, before the first emperor, before the palaces and the temples and the gods that we Romans whistled up to help us through the day, to give us strength and comfort.
Before any of that There was one force, one being who controlled everything.
His name is Lokka.
- This is sacrilege.
- And all the time I have been here has been on his time.
Every move, every choice, is to serve his will.
Every man in this legion is here for the same thing.
Even you, Domitius, you just don't know it.
You see here, we are facing another force, a force that would destroy Lokka, a force that is getting stronger with every passing day.
But Lokka is wily, we have it surrounded.
With the help of the locals, so to speak.
So that's why I am here.
So I hope that clears things up? This is an absolute outrage.
No, Domitius.
This is an absolute outrage.
I've been longing for this all the while.
On the way back, I've been passing the time by imagining the look on your sweaty face.
Your bulging, beady eyes your stupid gurgling.
You know what? It's just as much fun as I imagined.
Vitus, old chap.
Wherever the fuck you've been, welcome back.
Perfect timing.
Can you put him in the pit? - Is there a problem? - No, General.
Now, where the fuck was I? Ania, Ania, Ania.
You found Veran's burrow.
- We were too late.
- Nonetheless, I had a feeling about you.
I thought, "Now there's a clever stick.
" I wasn't wrong, was I? Veran left something.
May I see it? They were headed east.
The tracks are fresh.
- Do we hunt them down, Master? - No.
That's not the way to defeat my brother.
Break camp.
We're moving out.
Every moment she lives, brings us closer to doom.
You surprise me, Aunt Cara.
The worst happens and yet your eyes are still on my sister's fate.
She is poison.
Just being near her poisons you too.
Before you knew she was Rome's queen, you considered her coming here a curse.
Why fear my sister so? She casts a shadow over Isca.
You all right? No dawdling.
We're almost there.
This is it.
We're here.
The Golden Glade.
No resting.
Rest afterwards.
Now, you'll have to use your instincts in the caves.
- How you feeling? - Dizzy.
- A bit sick.
- Excellent.
Can I come? No.
Keep stirring.
Add the nettles slowly.
When she returns she'll need this soup.
- Very important.
- I want to come with you.
Do you remember where you're from? - No.
- Who you are? See Mostly, the gods choose the wisest and the strongest as their instruments.
But on occasion they choose dim wits.
The bewildered.
Plain idiots.
Who knows why? Who are we to question? My point is, you may have a purpose here.
Or you may just be my bad luck.
We'll work it out.
Until then, eagle boy, make yourself fucking useful.
- Ow.
- Oh, poor baby.
Why was I chosen to be a Keeper? Why not my sister? It was the will of the gods.
Mother You need to help me.
The past is fog.
My darling it's a long forgotten dream.
Mother, why did Veran not choose Amena? I need to know.
The only one who can answer your question is Veran.
Only Veran.
What did the Druids hide here? We won't find it unless you concentrate.
This is part of the final task.
Think how far we've come.
Everything I suffered to get us here.
Finish the task tonight.
You'll be ready.
Ready to find the Leg of Tears.
To meet the Keeper.
But if you mess it up it will all be in vain, the whole thing, and to be honest, since eagle toes showed up, your concentration wavers.
Yes, it's much weaker.
- A mentor notices these things.
- I feel something.
Something close.
Burn it.
I hear you, friend.
Do you need help? Call out again.
Speak now, friend.
Your silence makes me fear your purpose.
Ye gods.
No He said you should eat.
I'm not hungry.
He looks after you, doesn't he? He protects you.
Something happened once.
- He hurt you? - No, it was It doesn't matter.
It was a long time ago.
It wasn't his fault.
There's something inside him, something he can't control.
- I must sound mad.
- No.
Hey, no I believe you.
Speaking of horrible, eat.
This took me a long time.
Well, it's delicious.
I'm glad you're here.
Really? I don't think he is.
Why do you think he lets me stay? Don't tell him I told you.
But the prophecy - The one we talk about - Yeah.
It's complicated.
But you might have a part in it.
Me? How? Prophecies, they're not straightforward.
Not always true.
But this one This one says If I ever falter If you ever falter I'll rest in the arms of the eagle.
Whatever you think you're doing here, it's no good for you.
You're wrong.
He sees who we all are.
- He sees us truly.
- You're his prisoner.
The world is my prison.
- Following him, I'm free.
- You follow a demon.
Veran is the demon.
Look, Harka showed me his lies.
- Right there.
See? - Do you know what this says? My sister was a sacrifice.
He lied to her.
And he writes it down here.
To humiliate her.
These runes, I can read them, they taught me.
They do not speak of sacrifice.
They say, your beloved brother will carry the flame you kindled.
- No.
- I swear on the life of our boy.
Pump! Pump it.
Like this! Now you go.
Now pay attention.
Behold, the sacred Crucible of Adona.
Buried four hundred years ago by Veran himself.
Keep pumping.
- What's it for? - To smelt the Golden Hoard.
And so complete your trials of Earth, Air, Water And, tonight Fire.
The bracelet of Nuada, first goddess of the Sky and Wind.
The golden scroll of Gorboduc.
The cobra of mighty Osiris.
The great torc of Rud Hud Hudibras Nice.
Where do I fit in? Excellent question.
When the moon descends, the Crucible of Adona is borne from the fire, down the path of Moggon.
No footprints, there can be no footprints delivering it to the stone of Oshin.
Over here.
Follow me.
Where its sacred, molten contents will forge the great Golden Bow Hold on.
Borne across.
Who bears it across? You.
Who do you think? And without a single footprint.
Sod the footprints.
It's a red hot ruddy crucible.
- The runes keep it cool.
- Do they? It's what it says on the crucible.
On the rim thing Cooling runes To keep the molten crucible cool.
Not cool exactly.
Less, less scalding.
It's the Trial Of Fucking Fire.
It's not the trial of have-a-lie-down-and-relax.
Let's just say I make it across the path of Moggon.
No footprints.
Important that.
Nobody mentioned a golden bow.
What's the bow for? For you.
I don't need a golden bow.
Because it sounds a lot like, at some point, probably quite soon, I'm going to have to fight someone.
Someone you can only fight with a fucking magic bow.
I didn't say that.
Maybe you just wear it.
Maybe you shoot Lokka.
We don't know.
- Shoot Lokka? - Maybe.
Or not.
Only time will tell.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Stop showing off.
In front of - I'm not.
- You are.
- I can tell.
- I'm not.
I can tell.
Keep pumping.
I won't let you hurt her.
Excuse me? I said I won't let you hurt her.
Nobody hurts her.
I won't let that happen.
How is Kerra today? Got anything to say for herself? You lied to me.
- What was that now? - You fucking know.
Shall I let you in to a secret? One my brother would hate me for spilling.
Runes are nothing.
They don't mean anything.
They mean anything you want.
Or rather, anything he wants.
Did I just say that? Did I? - You don't control me.
- That's it.
You don't.
Here's another secret, I never did.
It was all in there, all of it.
I'm just a boy, a little boy lost like you.
- Get away from me! - That's it, Prince.
Are you waking up? Are you finding your feet? - Phelan of the Cantii.
- Fuck you.
You have no power over me.
As long as I can remember, I've had faces, voices crowding me.
Before I could walk, I listened to elders, aunts, Druids, guiding, instructing.
But I learnt to hear the voice beneath their words.
It always said the same thing.
She's not ready.
Not yet.
The truth must wait.
I hear that voice from you too.
I've heard it since you came.
Tell me why you really came here? Tell me what I'm too blind to see.
The truth may spare you.
I only came to save you.
Now I can save you.
Sister, please.
I cannot I cannot speak I cannot.
Forgive me.
I've spent my whole life here.
My father before me.
The Romans killed him.
I was a prisoner.
I cheeked this one Roman, then this other one, he put my eyes out.
But I found it was part of a bigger story.
There was a path set for me.
There is for all of us.
Take my daughter.
The Druids say she's the Chosen One.
She is going to drive the Romans back into the sea.
It's in a prophecy.
You'll have to excuse me.
When company does show up, I talk too much.
So, what brings you here? I don't know.
Say that again.
I don't know.
One more time.
I don't know What was I just talking about? Oh, yes, that's it.
Getting blinded.
The one who did it to me.
I'd remember him.
I'd pick him out in a crowd.
His voice.
His breath.
I'd know him anywhere.
Think about it.
If he hadn't done it, then I'm not the blind father, and Cait's not the daughter of the blind father, and the prophecy is not the prophecy.
So no.
I don't blame him.
In fact, if he were to walk in here now, I'd thank him.
I'd shake his hand.
I'm sorry.
Just promise me this, if your paths should cross, you'll take care of her.
I will.
It's good.
This is good.
It's a good twist.
It all makes perfect sense.
Once you get the hang of the prophecy stuff, it all becomes clear.
Well, it's all upside down and back to front.
Most people would think I was unlucky.
But I found my path.
Now you must find yours, mate.
You need to find your path.
Because I've got a sneaking suspicion that you're gonna have a part to play in all this.
Ready? We'll do this first bit together.
You're leaving footprints.
Concentrate now.
All right, stop.
- You'll have to try it with this - No.
Please try.
Walk to the rock.
You can do it.
- Please, I can't.
- Please try.
- Please.
- I can't! I can't.
No, no, no, no, no.
Thank you.
You should wrap it.
Wrap it in shade leaf.
It doesn't hurt.
No? That thing was pretty hot.
- Yeah, it must have been.
- You didn't feel it? No.
Who taught you to walk like that? - Walk like the air.
- What do you mean? Did your old man know a few tricks? Taught them to you those long nights back there in where was it you're from? Did he show you this one? Have you ever seen this? Look at it.
It's called Big Pebble.
Isn't it nice and round and pebbly? Feels nice.
Try it.
Touch it.
- It's nice.
- I'll let you stroke it.
Like that.
Now Big Pebble has a few questions.
Would you like to hear them? Keep looking at Big Pebble.
Who sent you here? Any fool can get an eagle on their back.
But you know a powerful master, don't you? Let's tell Big Pebble all about them.
- Big Pebble.
- That's right.
Now who was it? - Feels smooth.
- Doesn't it? Doesn't it? Smooth and cool and shiny.
Big Pebble.
Your task here is over.
Let go of it.
That's nice.
- Thank you.
- I know what's inside you.
- I know all about Pwykka.
- Oh.
That's not so good.
My name is Love.
- I was sent by the Dead Man.
- Oh, dear, that's bad.
Harka will destroy Veran's prophecy.
He will destroy the Chosen One.
That's why I'm here.
And you You're going to help.
I'll speak.
I'll speak.
Andra! I'm not sure we've met.
Let me introduce myself.
- I know who you are.
- Surprised? - Trifle scared? - I'm not scared of you.
Surprised, are we? He didn't mention I was around Might drop by.
That's just That's just like him.
He likes secrets and lies.
- This place is built on them.
- Andra.
Andra, I'll speak! I'll speak.
How would you say, it's going, your role, Keeper of the Lake of Tears? That's a tough job.
When the gods choose us, that's a dark day.
If you haven't been there, Keeper, then how do you know it's safe? How can you keep it safe if you don't even know where it is? Anything could be going on.
- I trust Veran.
I love - La, la, la, la Veran tells the truth.
Because Veran never lies.
Tell me, why do you think you were chosen over your sister? - I do not question the gods.
- And then she disappeared.
Quite the chain of events.
Let me tell you something about your sister.
- Your sister - Andra! - As lovely as she is - I will speak now.
Your lovely sister - Andra, I will speak.
- Is not - Your Sister - Andra! Ask your father.
My father is in the Underworld.
Is he? Who told you that? Was it Veran? Andra! Andra! What are you saying? Tell me.
Tell me, where is my father? Now it falls.
Now the silence Hundreds of years Our voices have formed the river that joins us to the gods.
The river is poisoned.
Veran himself fed that poison.
Our faith lies shattered.
My daughter.
By the gods.
No! No! No! No! No! No! Oh! We need to get out of here.
He tried to kill me.
There is a demon in him.
Its name is Pwykka! Come on.
- We need to go! - Wait! No, now! Wait.
Wait! We don't need this.
We don't need this.

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