Britannia (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 10

The Druids say she's the chosen one.
And she is going to drive the Romans back into the sea.
The Dead Man and Lokka have joined forces.
You want the Druid.
I want the maiden.
The time has come for the Druids to fight.
If the Dead Man wins, our time is over.
If you really want to destroy something, you don't use a sword, you use love.
There was a path set for all of us.
- Who sent you here? - The Dead Man.
- You will destroy the Chosen One.
- We need to go! - Wait.
- We don't need this.
The maiden is under the Dead Man's spell.
And if that little twerp was powerful enough to trick me, it's possible he's taking her to the Lake of Tears, which, as you rightfully point out, is a disaster.
I'm the Keeper of the Lake.
The Gods chose you, Andra.
- Just as they chose me.
- Let me tell you something about your sister.
She is not your sister.
- No! No! - I came to mess things up.
- It's all right.
- Thank you.
The gods have a fate for us all.
The time has come, Brother.
Make your play.
Veran gave you one last chance.
- And you failed.
- Oh, shit.
There should be ten thousand voices Singing your name.
And a river of tears.
But it's just me.
I loved you more than anyone.
I followed your light.
I doubted you.
In the end, you saved me.
What have you done, Phelan of the Cantii? Atoned? Oh, fuck.
The Dead Man is a trickster.
Even after you are free, you cannot truly know if your will is your own.
To be free of his web, you need the strength of the gods in you.
Will you do me a favor? Could you just stick that in me? Yeah? Here.
Just Just here, please.
In your own time.
You have suffered much.
No, I haven't.
I haven't suffered "much".
I've suffered too much.
I've suffered more than anyone has ever suffered.
- All those who are called by the gods suffer.
- Bollocks.
Not one of them has suffered as much as me.
Wait here.
- What are you doing? - Hang about.
I don't have time for this.
Wait there.
Do not move.
You bastards owe me this.
What does that say? It will do no good.
What does it fucking say, Druid? Read it.
It says, "Your brother will carry the flame you kindle.
" Beloved brother.
- Possibly.
- Yeah.
When? Because, and forgive me, I don't feel like I've been doing I don't feel like I've been doing a whole bunch of fucking flame-carrying.
I would like to go home now.
Once there were words written here.
I was there when Veran inscribed them.
On a young prince.
Many moons ago.
Wait, I've got it.
I've got it.
"Fucking idiot"? It said "The Flame Carrier.
Forged in fire.
" Well, it's not there anymore.
The words of the gods cannot be erased.
Has your journey not shown you that, at least? Help me up.
My stick.
My pack.
Quane My journey is over.
Your journey isn't over.
Your journey has barely begun.
What do you command? Do we attack their patrols? If we can capture artillery, then maybe Take this to my brother.
- It is you who must be challenged.
- Do as I say, child.
Tell him I'll be waiting.
He'll know where.
Looks like we missed all the fun.
Well, this should do for me.
Lead a patrol to secure the perimeter.
Garrison the cohorts in the lower fort.
- Command post up here.
- Welcome, General.
You've done well for a traitor.
- I am no traitor.
- Spare me.
What do you want me do to her, Master? When the challenge is won, I will deal with her.
Oh, I saw what happened.
You're a dark little lot, aren't you? Burning yourselves alive.
How was all that? I'm not going to lie.
It was very difficult.
At times, heartbreaking.
Families? They all have their nasty little secrets.
What's this? My sister.
Andra? Of course.
Sisters? Nothing quite matches that bond, does it? Indeed.
And Mom? Mother was quite mad.
We barely spoke.
There was little point.
Well, Father must be turning in his grave.
What a waste, eh? - If only they'd seen sense.
- My feelings, exactly.
Well, you mustn't blame yourself.
No, I don't.
Well, you must hate me.
I tried.
Well This apple fell far from the tree, didn't it? Thank you.
But most of all, I realized it's you that I want.
You, I must serve.
Come here.
There we go.
This piece of shit's older than me.
I was going home.
- Home's Rome.
- Home's my river.
- Past the water lands.
- You're a long way off track.
Got a bit lost.
How are you finding promotion, Praefectus? Puts a lot on your shoulders.
Not all of us are cut out for it.
How is the General? Did he find what he was here for? I like to keep things simple.
My motto Stick to what you're good at.
You know one of the things I was really good at? Running down a deserter.
I hated those fuckers.
And I really made sure they knew it.
Chopped all their fingers off.
Made them wear them as a necklace.
And that was me just getting going.
Can I give you a word of advice? Sure.
Biggest thing I learnt, when I was in your shoes.
It's the little details.
People you come across, things that happen by chance.
Things they don't train you for.
It all means something.
You got to keep your eyes peeled.
Look out for them.
Do you get me? Don't know what you're talking about.
Because you were never here.
But if I do run into you again Are we crowding you out? I've been stuck in here for days.
Need to feel the air.
Yeah, I don't blame you.
Don't worry, I'll be back before nightfall.
Get away from here.
For this boy to travel to the Underworld, the gods must be acknowledged, - or his soul will never be at rest.
- I don't trust you.
It is your choice.
Do you wish him peace? - I don't believe any of your lies.
- Do you wish him peace? I see a ghost.
You were sworn to protect them! I had no choice.
You understand that.
You sucked Rome's cock to be a queen.
But in the end, you were just a key to Isca's doors.
It's all right.
What else could you do? His power's infinite.
I loved Veran, but even Veran doesn't know what he faces.
Cheer up.
You never loved the Druids.
What you've done will destroy them.
Your bastard's blood was a small price to pay.
You've made your choice.
We're both ghosts.
You and I.
So if it's revenge you want maybe the dead should stick together.
So how did I do? What do they say? Dream it, and it'll come true.
Very impressive, what you've done here.
Very thorough.
I couldn't have done it without you.
And how about the ashes of Veran, are they here too? Did you settle that little beef? - One thing at a time.
- Quite right.
Well, partner, seems like we're halfway there.
We're talking about the girl? When do I have her? One thing you learn, being dead ten thousand years Patience.
So, we have a deal? Doesn't always go this smoothly, I can assure you.
I remember this one time, we were having a crack at the Gaul.
Came across this holy man.
Breathing fire, floating in the air.
Turns out he wasn't a man of his word.
Just some funny-looking fellow who talked a lot.
- Don't need that.
- No.
I caught up with him, though.
Flayed him for three days, then put his head on a spike.
He wasn't talking so much after.
I'll bet.
Well, partner Happily, our story has a rather different ending.
Wait and see.
It's very good.
The path of the chosen is strewn with loss.
It was always so.
Go back to Veran and tell him it's over.
I've had enough.
Tell him if he waits another ten thousand years, I'll never obey him.
Tell him to find someone else.
Ten thousand years.
Which is the first lie.
Nobody lives that long.
The Veran is ten thousand years old.
But not the man you met.
The man you met was called Hallam.
He lived in the forest with his mother, his father, and his brother.
His brother's name was Elwin.
The boys were taken away by the Druids and introduced to the gods.
The older brother, Elwin, became Harka, abandoned to the woods.
Young Hallam, he became the Veran.
There have been hundreds of First Men, and hundreds of Second Men.
These boys were chosen.
Just as this boy was chosen.
As were you.
Is it a curse? A blessing? Either way, all must play their part.
And perish.
Or transcend.
Cross over.
It is the way the gods have made us.
Nothing's real.
Nothing's real.
On the contrary.
Everything is real.
If you believe it, if you are strong enough, there will come a time when you will forget everything.
You will become pure spirit then.
It's your destiny.
Do you accept it? Hello, little brother.
So many years The challenge is mine, so the choice is yours.
Harka chooses the oak.
Then Veran is the river.
Your prophecy.
The maiden she is lost to you.
I sent her Love, Veran.
Do you understand what I have done? Only the gods can speak now.
The oak.
Kneel, brother.
Kneel! The Veran! Once, you betrayed me.
Now, the gods abandon you! Ten thousand years, I lay on the Dead Man's bed.
Here, now, with one stroke, I am avenged.
See the gods' story now.
See how it ends.
Hallam Elwin.
Hello? Veran? You all right? This guy was going to kill you, right? It's funny, I was on the track, bit lost.
Heard voices when suddenly, fuck me, that's Veran getting robbed.
Or something Is Is Is Is Oh.
You're telling me this dead guy Only the Veran can kill the Dead Man.
Right? I am so Oh, fuck me! - Listen.
No, no, no listen Listen.
- You have so much yet to learn.
No, no Good.
You You are Veran's arrow.
Got it.
Thank you.
I thought I was the Guardian.
The ways of the gods are mysterious.
We all walk our own path, blindly through the dark.
Hoping one day to hear their voice, to receive their guidance.
Sometimes, the path is lost sometimes, it doubles back.
What happened? What happened to us? All we can do is keep walking in hope Blind faith, step by step.
As they watch in silence.
Behold The will of the gods! Watch your struggles please them To receive their light All of the chosen suffer.
Their pain is the gods' joy.
Their tears, the gods' laughter For only through them, can the gods' voice be heard.
We can never know the wonder.
And only the gods know how many times the path has been traveled before.
This lake is the Tears of the Chosen.
Wherever you are, be strong.
Because when the gods choose, they choose the lost.
They choose the desperate.
The forsaken, the forgotten - The nameless.
- The nameless.
Because only those will know the true path.
The path to the beyond.
Only they will be able to see the real future the real horizon.
Well, fuck all of that.
I'm coming for you.
Oh, this is good.

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