Bron s01e10 Episode Script

Afsnit 10

SUMMARY - You're working late.
- I'll find you.
It's Jens.
We worked together.
He blew his head off years ago.
His wife and child died in an accident.
They went off the side.
- They took no fingerprints.
- Saga thinks he's alive.
- Why is he doing this? - His family died in an accident.
He feels that there were made errors.
All that talk about opening people's eyeswas just talk? Sometimes people need to hear something.
- So people want to be lied to? - Yes, Saga.
I'm Sebastian Sandstrod.
Nice to meet you.
- Haven't you got any children? - I had a son.
I got back on my feet.
- Mikaela was Jens's wife.
- She wanted a divorce.
- She'd met someone else.
- The man she met It was me.
He knows it was you.
HELP! I don't like lying to Hans.
I haven't mentioned your affair with Mikaela.
When did we arrange that? We've never chatted online.
Do you remember Frida? It wasn't Frida.
- Let's go, Saga.
- It's Jens.
He's not after the others.
He's after you! THE BRIDGE EPISODE 10 - Wait here.
- What's wrong? - Where are the guards? - Maybe they're inside? - They weren't supposed to go inside.
- Call them.
Go with him.
Saga? August? Saga? Martin? Come.
Yes, as quickly as you can.
- The ambulance is on its way.
- Saga? - Don't say anything.
- He He's got August.
- YE - Y, E.
- .
57 - 5,7.
- Dark blue.
- Dark blue.
Dark blue.
All units: We're looking for a dark blue car.
The registration number starts with YE57.
I repeat: YE57.
- What's happened? - He He's got August.
Where are we going? - What are you going to do? - My son would have been 17 now.
His name was Rasmus.
- How old are you? - Almost 20.
You could have been friends.
Just like your father and I.
Everything could have been different.
What are you going to do? - To you? - Yes.
What did Martin do? Is that what you call him? Martin? Not dad? Does it matter? Has everything you know ever turned out to be wrong? People you think will help you, don't.
Authorities you think will protect you, don't.
Friends, or those you thought were friends, deceive you.
It's a shocking experience, quite an eye-opener.
- What did he do? - Is he a good father? - He wants to be.
- And it's the thought that counts? He knows he's not perfect.
But he does his best.
How insightful of you.
- What did he do? - We're here.
Can't you let me go? I don't understand! Yes, it looks good.
The bullet in your side missed all vital organs.
Your blood values are normalizing.
You were lucky.
Can you squeeze my fingers? Can you squeeze a bit harder? OK.
Thank you.
The shoulder injuries need further examination.
That's not possible.
I have to work.
You were shot.
You lost a lot of blood.
- You said that my values are normal.
- No, they're normalizing.
- It's been a huge strain on the body.
- I feel fine.
Because of your adrenaline and my painkillers.
You're staying.
Europol and Interpol are notified.
He's in the papers and on TV.
- Martin? Are you listening? - Yes.
Has your team found anything in the basement? No, but we've moved everything to Malmà .
- And the number plate? - They're working on it.
Excuse me.
I have to do something.
The waiting is driving me crazy.
Even if we knew what to do, your judgment is impaired.
Don't take me off the case! I'll quit and chase the bastard anyway! That was Saga.
- How is she? - Fine.
She wants me to come.
- Hi.
How are you doing? - Fine.
I had blood and painkillers.
The left arm is injured, but no vital organs.
- But how do you feel? - Fine.
- I brought some of Mette's clothes.
- Good.
Can you help me with the socks? - Will the doctors discharge you? - No.
- Did they say that they can't? - Yes.
And the registration number? - They're on it.
Shouldn't you stay? - He's got August.
- Do you know where he is? - No, but he's alive.
- How do you know? - He wants Martin to suffer as he did.
That's why he didn't shoot August.
- Why does Martin need to suffer? - Do the zip up as well.
- Do you think he'll kill August? - Eventually.
Did you drive here? Why is he doing this, Martin? You were friends.
Why is he doing this to us? Because I slept with Mikaela.
With his wife? - Did you sleep with his wife? - She was going to leave him.
They had a row.
She left, she drove on to the bridge.
They had the accident.
You practically lived with him afterwards.
He didn't know.
Much later he discovered that I'mI'm so sorry, Mette.
I'm really I'm really sorry about all you've been through.
- Mette, I'm really sorry.
- Let's focus on August for now.
- Hello? - Saga? - Hi.
- Are you OK? Yes, I've had blood and painkillers.
It hurts, but I'm fine.
You were lucky, it could've gone much worse.
- Shall we go? - Yes.
- You're bleeding.
- Yes, I know.
Everything's falling apart.
It's my fault.
Yes, you seem to think so.
- I think she'll leave me.
- Mette? You should've seen her when I told her I slept with Mikaela.
- You weren't together.
- No, that's not it.
She sees new sides to my character.
- Then why did you tell her? - I had to.
He locked her and the children up with a grenade.
She has to know why.
What if Jens decided to do everything when he read the notebooks? - You don't know that.
- Even I let him down.
Can you check that one? No connection here either.
- Hi.
How are you? - Fine.
What's new? - Well, it's an awful lot.
- Yes.
What have you found out? It's not always easy to see the relevance.
This is connected to the bridge, the power cut and the women there.
Over there we've got the homeless, maps and poison.
The schizophrenics and the gang in Norrebro.
The school bus and the companies that used child labour.
This is stuff we haven't tied to the five problems yet.
It's mostly maps, but there are also print-outs- -time tables, photos, formulas, drawings We don't know what's relevant.
Maybe he decided against things.
He planned something for August.
Focus on this pile.
I've found the cars.
None reported stolen.
The owners say they're there.
and 15 in Copenhagen.
- None are reported stolen.
- Let's start with Copenhagen.
Hang on, let me have a look.
Anne? That parking ticket Yes, here it is.
It was issued the day before everything started.
Let's see There.
Margrethe Helstad.
- Bakkegards Allé, Copenhagen.
- I know the way.
Yes, he was here a few weeks ago.
- To see Margrethe Helstad? - He's here a few times a year.
- Why? - They're related.
A nephew, I think.
It's early, but we need to talk to her.
Yes, of course.
She doesn't sleep much.
- Good morning.
You've got visitors.
- Saga Norén, Malmà County Police.
The police wants to ask you something.
- Right.
- How come you know this man? He's here sometimes.
He visits.
We know, but why does he come here? - He's my father.
- No, he isn't.
Who are you? This is a home for the senile.
Margrethe's case is severe.
Does anyone else know something about them? - I'm afraid not.
I don't think so.
- Thank you.
Jens wants to take an eye for an eye.
How exactly did his son die'? He was in the car.
He died in the crash or drowned.
- Navid.
- Issue a bulletin about the car.
That was Saga.
We'll issue a bulletin about the car.
We have to leave, Saga.
We're leaving now.
They've found the car.
- Where? - Outside of Bispebjerg cemetery.
- Mikaela is buried here.
- And the son? - He was never found.
- He must have been declared dead.
- Have you found anything? - No.
- Have you checked the trunk? - Not yet.
Martin? Saga? Over here.
- It's Lillian.
- What is this? The gravedigger's on his way.
- It's piled on top.
- Someone's at Sandstrod's house.
- Who? - We don't know, they caught him.
- It's me again.
- Martin, we shouldn't go there.
He knows that everything's under surveillance.
- We can talk to the guy.
- He can't help us.
It's another red herring, like this.
He wants to work undisturbed.
What then? - Saga Norén.
- Hi.
Margrethe is his mother.
- Repeat that.
- Margrethe is his mother.
- Jens's, or Sebastian's.
- His parents are dead.
His adoptive parents are.
He found her through the adoption agency.
- Where did she live? -22 Engmosevej.
- Who's the current owner? - Hang on.
It's still her, but no one seems to live there.
- What are you doing? - What if we don't find anything? - We'll keep searching.
Come on.
- But where? We hadn't spoken for years, and then he moved in.
I left him when he was a child.
We spoke about going away.
Just me and him.
I never thought I'd get that far.
- Jens planned it.
- I know.
And now I'll lose him again.
I won't say that we'll find him, but you can't say that you won't.
What do I do if he's not inside? - Martin.
- Where are you? - We're checking some info.
- Are you alone? Saga's with me.
- I want him sentenced, not dead.
- What about the guy by the house? Did you hear me? You're a policeman.
- If you can't cope, step down.
- No, I'll manage.
- If you get close, wait for back-up.
- Of course.
Jens gave the man by the house - I'll call when we know more.
- Please do.
- It looks empty.
- Take this.
- I'm not allowed.
- I won't tell anyone.
- What if I have to use it? - We'll make up a story.
For my sake.
It's the police.
Is anyone home? - Monique Brammer.
- Yes.
- August? - No.
- It's me.
- Bloody hell, Jens.
Long time no see.
You've done well for yourself.
- Let August go.
Take it out on me.
- Isn't that what I'm doing? - I'd like to talk to August.
- That's not possible.
He isn't here.
- What have you done? - He's alive.
I thought we'd meet up.
- Why? - You're right.
I'm angry with you.
I took August to get you to meet me.
- Where? - Where are you now? 22 Engmosevej.
- Hello? Are you there? - Yes.
I'm impressed.
- Monique Brammer's in the freezer.
- We found her.
- Are you not alone? - Saga's here.
Really? How is she? - Where do we meet? - I'll call again in a minute.
Get in the car, I'll give you directions.
And Martin, it's obvious, but to avoid misunderstandings: You have to be alone.
All alone, all the way.
- OK.
- One minute.
You're not going? There's no reason to think he'll let August go.
- Saga - His son died, he'll punish you.
- He'll try to kill August anyway.
- I have to believe I stand a chance.
Tell Lillian that we've found Monique Brammer.
Don't mention the call from Jens.
This is important.
Don't mention the call from Jens.
Promise me that.
Make up a story.
- I left, you don't know who called.
- But I do know.
This is important to me.
Promise you won't tell.
OK? Martin? He's killed everyone that let him down.
I'm leaving.
I'm walking towards the car now.
This is Saga Norén.
I'd like to talk to Lillian.
- Where are you? - On Jagtvej towards Norrebro.
Go to the roundabout by the square.
Don't hang up, I want to hear you.
Have you thought about me afterafter my suicide? - No, hardly.
- I've thought about you.
What were you thinking when you slept with my wife? - What was your plan? - I didn't have a plan.
Did you think I'd congratulate you? My wife and my best friend.
- Did you think I'd be happy for you? - No, I didn't think so.
Was it easyto seduce her? - Are you and Mette happy? - Why do you ask? She's been very open.
She's been receptive the last couple of days.
If your relationship was fine, she wouldn't have slept with me.
- I'm in the roundabout.
- Turn onto Bryggervangen.
- You can see me.
- Maybe.
Stop the car.
There's a Toyota.
The key's on the left front tyre.
Change cars.
Leave the phone.
There's a new one in the Toyota.
- You don't know where Martin is? - No.
Have we found anything in Sebastian's material? It's Lillian.
Saga Norén.
- Can I speak to Martin? - He's not here.
- Where is he? - I don't know, he left.
- Where did he go? - I don't know.
He got a phone call.
I don't know where he is.
If something happens, it's your fault.
You've never been much of a liar.
- But I'm getting better right.
- Absolutely.
How's it going? - Where's Martin? - He's not here.
How's it going? There's too much that we can't tie to his problems.
We have to narrow it down.
He's got August.
Jens's son died.
Think out loud.
- His son drowned.
- Or died on impact.
- He ended up in the water.
- Nothing's tied to water.
- He was never found.
- Is that of any help? The first thing that happened was the accident on 13 April.
Is there a link to 13 April? No, it's not an anniversary.
Wrong day, wrong month.
- Saga, you're bleeding.
- Yes.
The trial, Henning's trial.
He had no influence, he had to plan around it.
The meeting with August in the park.
It was at a specific time.
Does anything have to do with today? Now? Recent days? - No, nothing.
- What are we overlooking? Maybe there isn't anything about August? Yes, there is.
There has to be.
Keep looking.
To lay blocks Foundation formwork I know where he is.
I know where he is.
Come with me.
- Have you been inside? - There's nothing there.
- You looked in the wrong place.
- OK Come on, one more round.
Tell me about your colleague Saga Norén.
- No.
- Why not? I'm not having this, I've had it.
Do you get it? I'm fed up.
I'm not having this! Do you get it? You're sick! You're so sick! - Where are you? - What the hell do you want? Go to the central railway station.
Go inside.
- We can't find anything.
- We've looked everywhere.
We'll do it again.
He has to be here.
He has to.
He's not here.
I'm sorry, you're wrong.
- Are Martin's whereabouts unknown? - Yes.
Was he going to meet Jens? - Saga, was he going to meet Jens? - I think so.
- What next? - Track 2, get on the Oresund train.
What next? Am I going to Sweden? - Is August in Sweden? - Mikaela was on her way to Sweden.
Are you going to throw him off the bridge, you sick bastard? - Can you hear me? - Yes.
Stay seated.
That's good, Martin.
Sit back and enjoy the journey.
Saga? I've found him.
There's an extra wall.
We wereon our way to the formal opening of the bridge.
Me, Mikaelaand Rasmus.
Were you there? We can be quiet.
Why? I have to know why.
Because she chose me? - All of this because she chose me'? - In a way, perhaps.
Did you kill all those people because you're wife left you? I lost my son, my job, my friends.
- How much does it take? - People suffer losses.
That doesn't turn them into killers.
I thought about killing myself.
I placed the gun in my mouth.
It wasn't my fault.
Nothing was my fault.
So I decided to fight back.
- Is August dead? - No.
You'll get a chance to save him.
That's more than I got.
Stay seated.
That's good.
Further up as well.
Bloody hell.
- What's happening? - Keep quiet, everybody.
Stay seated.
- We're getting off.
Her as well.
- No.
- No, she's not coming.
- Bring her.
I'm Martin Rohde from the Danish police.
Please stay seated.
You have to come with us.
Stay seated.
Keep calm.
- Good! - Good! - Once more.
- Good! Fasten her to something.
- She won't go anywhere.
- Just do it.
What the hell? - Saga Norén, Malmà County Police.
- He's broadcasting.
He's broadcasting from the bridge.
Martin's there.
He has to be told that we've found August.
- He has to be told.
Call Martin.
- OK.
- Draw your gun.
- Where's August? You have to pay a price to save him.
Your gun.
You don't have much time.
- I want you to shoot her.
- I won't do it.
It's Lillian.
We're on our way to Peberholm.
- Why? - The bridge is closed.
Where are you? Saga? Saga? The clock is ticking.
August's chance of survival isn't improving.
- I won't shoot her.
- You don't have to kill her.
You'll have to leave the police, maybe spend a few months in prison.
She'll probably sue, it'll cost you.
But you'll save August.
I promise to tell you where he is.
No matter what you think about me and what I've done- - I've been true to my word.
I said where Mette and the children were.
You can still save him.
Isn't it worth it? Please, please.
Please don't shoot.
You mustn't.
Please, you mustn't! - I have to do it.
- Please! Don't shoot! - Bloody hell.
- He shot her.
- Who? - Martin shot the hostage.
- We have to go there.
- Three on the scaffolding.
People on the train.
Damages in case of an explosion.
No one's going out there.
I'm sorry.
- They won't let me through.
- It's closed.
Sort it out, or you'll lose Martin.
- Did you find August? - Yes.
- She's in shock.
- I can tell.
You did what I told you to do.
Every time.
You deserve to be told that I lied.
Where is he? Where's August? He's not with us anymore.
- What is he doing? - He put the detonator down.
You'll never know if he suffered.
If he was afraid, if he cried.
If it was a long, painful death.
You'll never have a body to bury or a grave to visit.
- Shut up.
- You'll never know what happened.
Shut up! Shut up! Gather up! Group 1, ready to go.
No, Martin, don't do it.
Don't do it.
- Martin! I found him.
I found August.
- No, they haven't.
In the garage in Engmosevej, cemented into the wall.
No, he's not there.
She's lying.
Do you remember when he called? He heard that we were there.
He went quiet and told you where Monique Brammer was.
- He didn't want us to keep looking.
- He's not there, she's lying.
He died somewhere.
Slowly and in pain.
He's unarmed, and he's broadcasting.
Everyone will see you shoot him.
Martin! No matter what he's done, you can't shoot him.
- Why didn't she bring him here? - I was in a hurry.
He's in hospital.
Call him.
Martin would like to talk to him.
You've got his phone.
You can get hold of someone near him.
He's not there.
You can't talk to him.
Do you think she's telling the truth? - Saga.
- We found him.
Are you lying? Are you telling me what I need to hear? - No, we've found him.
- They may have found him.
- But is he alive? - Yes, he is.
- Is he alive? - Yes.
- Is August alive? - Yes.
Can you tell me that August is alive? Saga? ls August really alive? Saga, can you promise me that August is alive? Saga! Can I come in? - I'll wait outside.
- Yes.
How are you? - I shouldn't have given you the gun.
- Do you really mean that? Yes.
He should have been killed.
Then he would have won.
You'd have to leave the police.
- You'd go to prison.
- I'll probably quit anyway.
- I don't know what to say.
- Don't say anything, it's OK.
- I'm sorry I was too late.
- You did all you could.
- It wasn't enough, I let you down.
- No.
When's the funeral? It's not been arranged yet.
- Call me when you know.
- Of course.
- It's been nice to work with you.
- The same to you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Saga? - Bye.
- Bye.
- It's Anton.
- Saga Norén, Malmà County Police.
- Hi, Saga, how are you? - Fine.
That dinner I'm hungry, I'm up for it now.
- Now? - Yes, I've got the time now.
- OK.
- Where do we meet?