Bron s04e03 Episode Script

Avsnitt 3

PREVIOUSLY Did someone really stone her? The murder of Margrethe Thormod, Director of Danish Immigration - We'll talk to her husband, Niels.
- No, they know nothing.
Continue as planned.
- Red October? - They've made serious threats.
No films where you see them, no spokesmen, no manifestos.
That gay Iranian, where's he? I didn't kill her.
She jumped into a black car.
The call Margrethe Thormod received was from this phone.
I got that phone today from two girls.
We have 11 reported pickpockets.
The same pattern.
Young girl acts sick, they discover they've been robbed.
If they stole from our suspect, we need to find them.
Violence against women, Dan.
Margrethe was a woman.
You were the last to see her alive.
- My daughter is afraid of clowns.
- Oh, I didn't know that.
- Does she want a balloon animal? - No, she doesn't.
Get out! Hello? Get out! - Patrik Dahlqvist.
- Twin brother of Richard Dahlqvist.
- Richard was in contact with Red October.
- We think they're murdered more people.
- Where is Richard now? - Where the hell is he? - What's wrong? - I don't know! I don't know! EPISODE 3 Hi.
Do you have a passport or ID card? - Okay.
- Thanks.
Have a good day.
Come on.
What are you doing, man? Fuck! Out! Over there! Down, down, down! Look down! Look down! Look down! THE BRIDGE IV - Have you done therapy before? - No.
- What made you come here? - I'm not doing well.
What do you think is the reason for that? A form of post-traumatic stress syndrome.
Can you tell me a little about your background? How far back? My first memories were when I was 4.
I don't know if they're relevant.
I was thinking more background on what brought you here.
My mom had Münchhausen by proxy and she tried to kill my little sister - - so I got my parents sent to prison and took care of Jennifer.
She committed suicide when she was 14.
My boss and friend, Hans Pettersson, was murdered by Emil Larsson.
He used a paperclip I took in his cell to cut his wrist - - and I don't know if I forgot it or if I left it on purpose.
Why would you have left it on purpose? When he tried to hang himself, I hesitated to save him.
I think I wanted him to die.
I reported my colleague and friend, Martin Rohde, for poisoning the person - - who murdered his son.
He got 10 years in prison.
Then my mother came back, but she killed herself - - and also made it look like I had murdered her.
I was in prison for a little over a year and was released a few days ago - - after being stabbed in the neck with a broken table tennis racket.
Okay We certainly have a lot to work with.
- How could Richard just disappear? - He or they must've taken a backdoor.
- There's nothing on the foyer cameras.
- Where were the guards? There was a misunderstanding on the Swedish side.
- I found him.
- How? It wasn't that hard.
He's broadcasting live.
I'm sending this because Red October contacted me.
They have nothing to do with the murders.
Neither Margrethe Thormod's nor my brother Patrik's.
He met them, and the first thing he does is make a statement.
Based on what I know about them, I believe they have nothing to do with it.
They haven't killed my brother - - so I implore the police not to get stuck on one trail - - but to look other places so my brother's murder isn't forgotten.
- Where's Saga? - She's in Malmo.
- She had to meet someone.
- Bring her to talk to that idiot.
- What are you doing here? - Waiting for you.
How'd it go? We have a lot to work on, she said, so it went well.
- And you can work? - Yeah, why couldn't I? Because of yesterday.
That type of reaction could very well be a one-time event.
You need to come with me.
I need to show you something.
So I implore the police not to get stuck on one trail, but - He met them? But why did they want to meet him? Maybe it gives them more credibility.
He's a well-known journalist.
Why take the risk? The video they posted said the same thing.
But we're still going to investigate them.
Richard Dahlqvist? - How did they get in touch? -They texted me again.
- We have your phone.
- I have another one.
Where is it now? - They took it when we met.
- Okay.
What happened then? I went behind the hotel with a blindfold, and they picked me up in a car.
- So you never saw them? - No.
The road behind leads to an intersection.
Did they turn right or left? - Right, I think.
- Good.
There are cameras there.
What happened then? Hello? We drove around and they said what they wanted me to say.
- And then they dropped me off.
- Where? I don't really know.
- Didn't they take your blindfold off? - Yes.
- Was it Malmo center? - A little outside.
- Where? - I don't know.
So you don't know if there were cameras.
None of this happened.
Everything you've done has been to clear Red October.
The video, the press release, what you said to us.
You are Red October.
You're on the wrong track - - and you need to find the people who killed Patrik.
Did he figure it out himself? He started mapping left-wing groups a while back - - but nothing was happening, and then he found Red October.
That's bringing crazy to a whole new level.
You should switch places.
You sat there yesterday.
Do you get 24 hours in each place, or what do the rules say? There are no rules.
It's cool.
It's flexible.
But was he behind all the rest? The brand and the hacking? We sent him to the Swedish Security Service.
He has nothing to do with the murders of Margrethe Thormod and Patrik Dahlqvist.
Now we have to put our trust in those girls.
That took a long time.
I don't think the Swedes have any idea how much they're being watched.
But I found one place where there aren't any cameras.
If you turn the corner of that shop and go 50 meters - - you get to a little place where there's a ton of people.
- See you in a bit.
- See you then.
She's breathing.
- Are you with her? - It's my little sister.
Is there someone we can call? Your parents or someone? No, their number was on my phone, but I forgot it.
We were going to meet our parents at the train station when it happened.
But first we need to examine your sister.
You'll have to wait here.
I can't go in? She doesn't like being alone.
You need to wait here.
We'll take care of her.
I'll show you the waiting room.
Hey, cutie? What's up? That black car Taariq said picked up Margrethe Thormod There are no cameras in front of the gay bar.
I've checked everything up to two blocks away in that time period.
There were a whole lot of black cars.
And you can leave the gay bar without being seen.
But I was thinking.
You have a witness.
- Do you have a file? - It's already on your computer.
What's up? If you need help, just ask.
No, it's fine.
I said I didn't know anything about cars.
Even if you don't know about them, you might recognize it.
Do you recognize anything? No.
Are you sure? Why should I help you? Because Margrethe wanted to help you and then she was killed.
Yeah, she tried to help me.
- Are you going to help me? - I can't stop a deportation.
Do you think it's right that I'm going to be sent back? No.
But the people who can do something about it don't give a shit about you.
So can you recognize anything? I don't know anything about cars.
Without Red October, there's no link between Richard and Margrethe.
What about between Margrethe and Patrik? We were so sure the killer made a mistake that we never checked.
I'll do it now.
He knows something, but he's not talking as long as he's being deported.
Yeah, yeah.
Lillian wants to talk to you.
About what? If she told me, I could say more.
Niels Thormod? Saga Norén, Malmo Police.
I want to talk about Patrik Dahlqvist.
I don't know who that is.
I'm positive she didn't know any clowns.
No hospital clowns, either.
But I've never heard of Patrik Dahlqvist.
I don't know who he is.
Yeah, positive.
You can follow me.
Everything looks good, but she needs to take it easy.
She's in here on the right.
Get up.
We need to leave.
- Now? - Yeah, now.
Hurry up.
- Do you remember your name? - Christine.
You need to come with us.
You're wanted in Denmark.
We have newcomers here, as you can know.
Sofie and Christoffer Björk.
Stand up, so everyone can see you.
We'll do the best we can to make you feel comfortable Are there any other points of interest? Bad news.
I had a break-in.
What? My computer and camera are gone.
It must have happened yesterday.
As most know, I never lock the door.
It's never been necessary.
Until now, apparently.
Has anyone seen any unauthorized people in town? Any cars not from here? Frank, check who's driven in and out.
I think we can start one of those neighborhood watches.
Maybe do an extra round in the evening.
No, we're not doing that.
- Are we going to do nothing? - You need to sit down and be quiet.
We're not going to do an extra round in the evening.
That's what scared people do.
And scared people are dangerous people.
They break up the community.
And the community is everything.
Remember to drink a lot of fluids.
I need to work for a bit.
Aunt Sarah is coming to see you.
- When are you coming back? - As fast as I can.
- Hey, there you are.
- Oh, good.
Hey, sweetheart.
Well, have fun.
- Love you.
- Love you too, Dad.
He's gone.
Which do you want? - That one.
- There you go.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Are you free? - Yeah.
Where are you going? They knew about the delivery, so someone must have talked.
How much were you paid? It wasn't me.
I've driven for you for years, man.
- Tell me who it was.
- I don't know who it was.
I don't know, for fuck's sake.
It wasn't me, man! What happened? A car came A black Jeep with three men in masks.
They knew exactly what to look for.
One of them had a kind of birthmark here.
A birthmark? Taariq confirmed it.
It's them.
- Okay.
Who are they? - We can't identify them.
- No one's looking for them? -No, no one knows their names.
So we have no idea if they're in the Social Services register.
- Are we waiting on Social Services? - Yeah, we are.
And it's children, so we need to be a bit careful.
Here you are.
My name is Henrik.
Saga Norén, Malmo Police.
Her name isn't "Malmo Police".
That's just where she works.
- Will you tell us your name? - Where's my sister? - In another room.
What's your name? - I want to see my sister.
We just want to talk to you a bit first, and then you can be with her.
Okay? - You stole this.
- But we don't care that you stole it.
You're not going to jail.
We just want to know who you took it from.
Look at the photo.
- I would like to see my sister.
- Do you understand what we're saying? If you answer the questions, you can see your sister.
- Your sister's next door.
- I can't see her.
Where is she? I want to see my sister! Don't you hear what I'm saying? You can sit there, and you sit there.
You can see her in there now, right? Yeah.
Is that better? Do you recognize him? He says he got this phone.
Did you give him this? Listen.
Two people were murdered.
We think you stole that phone from the person who killed them.
We don't care if you stole.
We just want to know who you took it from.
I don't know.
I take what I can.
I don't see who I take it from.
- Did you take more from the same person? - I don't know, I just said.
We've gone through your things.
Do you have more somewhere else? We sold everything.
- To who? - To everyone we could.
How old are you? I don't think I have to tell you.
You're about 1.
6 meters tall.
Developing breasts.
You have light acne.
You're probably menstruating, so you're in puberty.
13? Can I go see my sister now? Yeah, just go right in.
- Christoffer! - What is it? - What's that? - It was in the dresser.
And this.
I have no idea.
It must've been there when I took the dresser.
- Didn't you look in the drawers? - No.
- Christoffer - Stop it! It wasn't me! How the hell did you hear about the delivery? I don't know.
Dimitri knew.
I don't know how.
Tell Dimitri that No, you know what? I'll do it myself.
No, don't! - Was that a good idea? - I need to set an example.
You know Dimitri.
Maybe he'll think about it next time.
I found these in Christoffer's dresser.
He says he didn't take them.
Well, then he didn't.
But it wouldn't be the first time.
It was a long time ago, and it may have been small things, but - I don't want to leave here.
- You're not going to, either.
I'll take care of it.
You're so nice.
Everyone's so nice, and we just come here with all this shit.
What did we say about thoughts like that? That they don't help me, and they definitely don't help Christoffer.
I'll fix this.
Come here.
Okay? I'll fix it.
Yes, you can put that there.
What are you doing? Is there something wrong with Danish desks, too? It is Danish.
It's mine, and it isn't included in your flexible office.
What are those two still doing here? - Social Services couldn't find a place.
- Where will they sleep here? They have to sleep in the jail.
- They're children.
- It's better than sleeping on the street.
Let go! Let me go! You idiot! Let me go! Come here! Let go! - No, it's not up for discussion.
- They can't be in jail.
They're kids.
Can they at least get permission to be together? They only have each other.
- There's rules for these things.
- For locking up kids, too.
If they'd been my girls, I'd have been happy someone helped.
Yeah, so this is where I live.
And there's a living room here if you want to watch tv or whatever.
Over there.
There's a remote on the table.
You'll sleep down at the end here.
I can show you it.
Yeah, but You can sleep where you want.
- Do you have kids? - I did.
Where are they now? There's a bathroom and toilet out here.
I'll get some towels.
Are they dead? They disappeared.
- Are you hungry? - Yeah.
I'll cook something for you.
Is there anything you don't like? Okay.
- Should we go? - Now? Yes.
Tomorrow they will send us to the orphanages.
I'm too tired.
My head hurts.
And we get food and a bed here.
Then we'll stay.
One night.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- What did you want? - Those are yours.
- No, they're not.
- They're from your mother.
She sold most of it before she went to see you.
Your inheritance is still frozen, but those came today.
- I don't want them.
- They can't stay here.
Our beloved daughter Jennifer Norén 12.
1981 - 9.
1995 Hey.
Look what I found.
It was out in the woods.
And you want me to believe that? You're protecting them.
Their names are Sofie and Christoffer.
I had hoped I wouldn't need to protect them.
Not here.
He's a good boy who's had it rough.
Show him he's found a good place.
How do you explain that our first break-in in years happened when they moved in? I can't.
You can't, either.
- Harriet said we shouldn't patrol.
- I'm just taking a walk.
She didn't say anything about that.
Do you do theater? I dress up when I'm tired of myself.
This is Marlene.
Marlene von Wolfenburg.
Young lady of the castle, lives all alone.
Loves dogs more than people because they never fail her like her parents did.
- What did they do? - They married her off against her will.
He wasn't a good husband, von Wolfenburg.
But he was killed by a stray bullet during a hunt.
Maybe Marlene shot him.
Do you think I'm crazy? - No.
- You can read about everyone.
- Their backstories.
- Backstories? Who they are, where they come from, their houses and families.
Who do you think I should be? - You don't need to be anyone else.
- I know, but if you had to choose.
- Her.
- Not Agnes.
- She's not nice.
- Then why is she in here? Because one doesn't always want to be nice.
- Does it taste okay? - Yeah.
What are they doing here? They need to stay here tonight.
- What's wrong with the jail? - Everything.
Lillian approved it.
- Are you two together? - No.
I'm living here temporarily and we have sex sometimes.
- Do you want any food? - No.
Where are the case files? They're over on the bookcase.
Do you want any more? Bring your plate here.
There we go.
Is that enough? Yeah.
If you need anything, we're just over here.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
We can DNA test them.
We don't need to do that.
If they'd been mine, I'd have recognized them, and them me.
They're dead, and I need to accept that.
They're not going to be found.
- You don't know that.
- Eight years have passed.
There's many examples of missing girls who were found alive after I can't think about that right now.
But you do want to know what happened to them.
I have the list of the men Alice might have confided in at work.
If she confided in someone.
12 guys.
I'll start with them.
These are Alice's colleagues.
Do you recognize any of them? No.
Why aren't you sleeping? Because I woke up.
I couldn't breathe, and the girls were sitting on my chest.
That's a reaction to you admitting that they could be dead.
I know that.
- Hi.
- Hi, girls.
- If we help you, can we live with you? - Help with If we have something that can help you.
- Do you have something? - Can we stay? That's not how it works, unfortunately.
- What do you have? - (Nothing.
) Come.
Let's go to their hiding place.
Those two are hiding something.
I'm pregnant.
But I'm going to get rid of it.
What's that you said? You're pregnant? - Yes.
- Are you sure? I haven't menstruated in six weeks, hunger, and strong reactions to smells.
And I'm the father? I've only had sex with myself and you for the last two years.
We used protection.
Copper coils are 99% safe, but not 100.
And you've decided to get rid of it? Yes.
What about me? Do I not have any say? Not legally.
- Do you want it? - Do I want the child? Yes.
I just found out.
I really don't know.
Okay - We're not going to find anything here.
- What? There's nothing here.
Saga, come here a minute.
Susanne Winter.
Niels Thormod's secretary.
I canceled all the cards right away and reported it to the police.
- Did you lose your cell phone, too? - No, only the wallet.
- When did this happen? - Three days ago.
At some place on the way to Niels.
I noticed in the afternoon.
- So they didn't take your phone, then? - No.
Do you recognize this? No.
You never saw your assistant with one like this? - Are you sure? - Why do you think it's Susanne's? - For technical reasons, we can't - Reveal any details.
The 28th.
- The day your wife was abducted.
- Yeah, I know what happened on the 28th.
- Where were you then? - I told you that.
Not to me.
I wasn't part of the investigation then.
Reading about it isn't the same.
One misses body language and tone - - that can show if a person is lying.
Am I a suspect? We'd be in the interrogation room in that case.
The 28th, where were you? - What did they say? - That wallet I lost They found my driver's license with a phone they were interested in.
- What was so important about the phone? - I don't know.
They didn't say.
- Were you in an interrogation room? - Yeah, I think so.
Why? Because you only go in the interrogation room if you're a suspect.
- That's what the Swede said.
- Niels.
I know this is all confusing right now - - and I know how much you miss her.
I'm sorry.
Susanne Winter reported her wallet stolen on the 2nd and canceled her card.
- But no phone? - Only the wallet.
Winter's fingerprints didn't match the ones we found on the phone.
- Do I really need to? - Yeah.
Taariq, you're going into custody while you wait for your deportation.
Here you go.
There's your things.
Last chance.
I know you know more than you told us.
Did you recognize anyone? Okay.
- Yeah? - Can't you help me? You know what's happening to me in Iran.
Hop out.
Hop out.
- What? - Come on, man.
Get lost.
- Went well? - According to plan.
- Remember that I offered to do it.
- He needed to believe it.
- Do you have him? - Yeah.
- He didn't suspect anything? - He seemed really surprised.
Almost grateful.
- Surveillance lost him.
- Amateurs.
We still have the signal from the watch.
He's moving east on Møllegade.
- What's up? - I need to borrow a computer.
He stopped.
45 Møllegade.
There's a salon there.
We know where Taariq is.
This isn't enough.
It costs more.
That's all I have.
Wait here.
Take care of yourself.
We're here.
Is he still in there? Yeah, he's still in there.
- What do we know about the salon owner? - Reza Frank.
33 years old, Danish.
Not in our records.
There's no connection between Frank and The Cave, either.
He's a hairdresser.
He could know Taariq in a more biblical sense.
It seems he's staying the night.
Surveillance is there.
John and Barbara, you stay here.
Everyone else, go home and rest.
That applies to you, too, Saga.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you then.
Is it true you took those girls home yesterday? Yeah, why? - Was it Lillian's idea? - No, it was mine.
They have permission to stay here one night.
- You said that yesterday, too.
- I know that.
It wasn't nice where they were.
They would've arrived there after lunch at the earliest.
They can't have given it a chance.
But now they have permission to stay here a night.
- I'm going to a hotel.
- Because those two are here? Shouldn't we talk about what we're doing with the child? - It isn't a child.
It's an embryo.
- I wanted to talk about it.
It will have to be another time.
We have at least ten weeks.
- No action? - No.
We don't both need to be here.
You can go home.
- Want one? - We're still working.
- But we're working in Denmark.
- You're such a good Swede.
- Should I get a coffee instead? - No, let me just have the one.
Cheers! We have a person leaving the salon.
He's locking the door behind me.
It's not Shirazi.
- He must still be in there.
- No, he's moving.
- In which direction? - West.
That's where we are.
A man is walking, but it's not Taariq.
Take him.
We're going in.
Stop, police.
Up against the wall.
Hands against the wall.
Come on.
- Yeah, Hello? - Morgan Sonning? Who am I talking to? I know what you did.
We need to meet.
Sorry, I need to take this.
- Hey.
Something happen? - The doctors were just here.
Everything looks good.
She can come home at the end of the week.
That's fantastic.
It's so nice.
Thanks, Sarah.
I'll come as fast as I can.
Tell her that.
I will.
See you later.
Hello! You can't go in there.
She's really afraid of clowns.