Bull (2016) s01e19 Episode Script

Bring it On

1 - (buzzer sounds) - ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the hottest halftime show in New York City.
Where's your fiancé? Give it up for the Bronx City Dancers! (applause, cheering) Formation, formation! (whoops) Go, Lauren! (applause, cheering) (buzzer sounds) (cheering, whooping) Lauren, you okay? (whistle blows) (excited crowd chatter) I'm so sorry, Kelvin.
- I totally blanked.
- No, you're doing an amazing job.
It's okay, it happens.
Okay? Come on, shake it off, okay? Shake it off.
You got it, you're okay.
All right.
LAUREN: Baby, it's me again.
I'm on my way home; hopefully, you'll be there.
Call me back.
I know you're angry, but please, just let me explain.
(thunder crashing) Babe? Jules? Babe! It's good to love, it's good to love, It's good to love I've got a right to give So good to love, so good to love But when you give yourself away It always hurts too much So you pray to get it back Only God can give you that Make my body come alive (gasps) It's good to love, it's good to love It's good to love.
TV REPORTER: In a shocking development, controversial celebrity defense attorney Jules Caffrey has been arrested for the murder of his fiancée, Lauren Wilson.
Of course, Caffrey first garnered national attention 15 years ago, when he won the landmark Abel Alcindor case.
In the years since, Caffrey has defended a number of infamous criminal clients, including a long list of celebrities.
Jules Caffrey is a successful black man in America.
Of course they're going after him.
There's only one JC I'd pray to if I got in trouble: Jules Caffrey.
The guy's a legend.
He's scum.
He deserves to go to prison just like any other killer.
I think it's pretty clear we have a rock solid case against Jules Caffrey.
Fingerprints, DNA evidence, and a key eyewitness that all link Mr.
Caffrey to the murder of his fiancée.
JC cannot talk his way out of this one.
He is going to prison.
(horns honking) BENNY: Whoa, Bull.
Bull, look.
Ooh, purple tank, 4:00.
She's checking you out, my friend.
You gotta see this, Bull.
Look closer.
Purple tank has a wedding ring.
Although, that was a valiant attempt at trying to distract me.
(groans) Well, you bet me twice in a row, I had to try something.
Next drink's on you.
Look what I found.
A cupcake for my cupcake.
Oh Wes.
Computer nerd humor.
GAYLE KING (on TV): and now, he's fighting to clear his own name.
Please welcome Jules Caffrey.
CHUNK: Jules Caffrey on Gayle King? Now this should be entertaining.
KING: What do you have to say about that? The charges are a complete fabrication, Gayle.
Lauren and I were in love.
These vindictive attacks by the NYPD and the DA's office is an insult to me, to Lauren and to the entire justice system.
Confident body language, expressive, emotional.
Knows how to play to an audience.
- Not to me.
- MARISSA: Says the former prosecutor who lost to him how many times? - CHUNK: Wow.
- (Bull chuckles) KING: So how do you intend to prove your innocence? Well, when the entire system is trying to bring you down, then you hire the best.
That's why I've brought on the world-renowned trial consultant Dr.
Jason Bull.
What the hell is he talking about? KING: Dr.
Jason Bull is a highly regarded psychologist, widely considered a pioneer in the field of trial science.
But let's talk about the facts of this particular case.
Why didn't you tell us we took on Jules Caffrey? Because we didn't.
(reporters clamoring) (Jules chuckling) The great Dr.
Jason Bull, everybody.
My partner.
BULL: Jules Caffrey.
You've got a lot of fans.
I'm not exactly one of them.
You don't get my help by lying about hiring me.
(laughing): It got you here, didn't it? (laughing): Yeah.
Well, so would a text with a smiley face emoji.
You pull that crap again and I'll be on Gayle King saying how you did hire me, but I quit, 'cause I couldn't believe - how guilty I found you.
- (laughs) Wait, wait.
I'm not guilty.
Just hear me out.
Thank you, guys.
Thank you so much.
I see.
Well, renovations can cause a lot of tension in a relationship.
Eh, it's Lauren's idea.
She wants everything to be Tiffany blue.
She says it'll calm me down.
She “says” that? I, uh, I meant, uh, “she said that”" SHELLEY (on TV): Jules Caffrey is a jealous, controlling man who could not stand to be disobeyed.
The people of New York owe it to Lauren, and to all the women who live in fear of their abusers, to stand up and say enough is enough.
She's everywhere.
This whole thing is a witch hunt.
I even set up a tip line to help them look for the real killer.
BULL: Any leads? None that the police will follow-up on.
They just want me.
Vindictive bastards.
So tell me, Jules.
What's your theory? I'm sure you have one.
It's possible that Lauren had a fling with someone.
A fling? Wow.
That's not the ideal fiancée.
It was recent.
A week before all of this, she was hiding something.
I Phone calls she didn't want me to hear.
I came to surprise her at the rehearsal, she wasn't there.
Never showed up.
Well, she was 25.
And 20 years younger than I am.
She gets a lot of attention.
And I wasn't always around, so I I don't know.
Looking at your wall here, one of these plaques kind of stands out.
The New York Foundation for Mankind Humanitarian Award, Jules Caffrey, 1999.
Where'd that guy go? He has three expensive exes.
Now I got a question for you, Mr.
Trial Consultant.
Do you believe in justice? Because you're looking at an innocent man.
BENNY: Why would you take the case? 'Cause he didn't do it.
BENNY: And you can tell that just by meeting him once.
Jules speaks about Lauren in the present tense.
The murder was three months ago.
It's as if he can't believe she's dead, and killers aren't in denial.
CHUNK: I'm with Bull.
I mean, look, the guy's theatrical.
He's a showman in every way, but he's also done a lot of good.
I don't believe he did it.
The evidence, the witness, this voice mail.
LAUREN (on voice mail): I know you're angry, but please, just let me explain.
Hear that? She's scared.
The prosecution is honing in on their narrative.
Jules was Lauren's sugar daddy.
Rich, powerful, controlling.
Killed her in a jealous rage.
It's true.
The mock jurors hated the Jules and Lauren May-December romance.
Well, if he was a saint it would be easy.
- He doesn't even have an attorney.
- BULL: Yeah.
I was thinking about that.
No, no, no, no.
Jules' only defense is that the police want payback.
Come on, Bull.
I-I can't sell that.
And I'd never expect you to.
- (Jules chuckling) - And that was the day that I realized I loved Alfredo sauce.
(both chuckling) Hello, trial consultants.
Ready to get to work? BULL: Team.
Meet our client, Jules Caffrey.
And the man who's gonna represent him Jules Caffrey.
You want me to defend myself? Seems to me you're the only one who can.
CABLE: I cross-referenced the last six months of Lauren's texts, phone calls and e-mails.
All her top pings are basketball people.
Any family, exes or whatnot? None.
She's a foster kid that bounced around a lot.
Who were her top two contacts? Dance squad leader, Kelvin Li, and power forward, Grant Combs.
Looks like Kelvin held a lot of private dance sessions with Lauren.
And Grant, just look at him.
I know the squad's wardrobe person from my days at Vogue.
I'm sure she's got some intel.
Let's see what it is.
SHELLEY: Okay, so I want to offer you a gift, because you're my friend, and because I want to see The Jules Show canceled, and this master of media manipulation behind bars.
So man one, 25 years.
Parole in 15.
We're going to trial, Shelley.
Wait a minute.
Are you defending him? Am I going up against you in court? No.
He's going pro se.
(laughing): Oh, my God.
You know, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”" You know who said that, right? Uh, yeah.
Abe Lincoln, you, pretty much everyone who studies law.
You know what? I don't even want to offer you a deal.
Everyone knows that Jules is a traveling circus, and he's gonna make Bull his clown.
Well, then we'll make sure to keep the coulrophobics off the jury.
People with an irrational fear of clowns.
I know what it means.
I am one and it's not irrational.
Unlike having Jules defend himself in court.
Don't get too confident, okay? Bull's tactics tend to pay off.
I can't wait.
(sighs) Statistically, black jurors are more sympathetic to black defendants, especially in celebrity cases.
I want to shut that down right now.
I don't want the perception to be that I got off because of a black jury.
- This is about me being innocent.
- BULL: Good.
Because we actually found in your case race isn't the primary factor.
Your best jurors tend to be those with low NPI scores.
That's Narcissistic Personality Inventory.
So doormats.
People with no ego.
Why? What's my score? On a scale from one to 40 a 38.
Our ideal juror would be under ten.
(chuckles) Call me whatever you want.
But the people know when Jules Caffrey speaks, it's the truth.
It's also illeism.
You really like referring to yourself in the third person, don't you, Jules? - A lot of people do that.
- The only ones who do it more than you are Donald Trump and Elmo.
Okay, which is why our focus will be on people who don't like high-drama.
Spectacles of any kind.
- Canadians, essentially.
- (chuckles) No, no, no.
You guys are eliminating my fan base.
This is wrong.
We need the opposite.
We need people who can be swept away by emotion and people who know that I am the thorn of justice in this system's underbelly.
That works for Jules Caffrey, the defense attorney, not Jules Caffrey, the defendant.
Prosecutor's narrative is that you are a jealous, jilted and vengeful lover.
But this jury is gonna buy into reasonable doubt because Shelley doesn't have the facts to convince them.
Trust our process.
Ooh COACH: Come on, defense.
Move your feet.
We can dance all Drive, drive.
(whistle blows) All right, good practice, guys.
Hit the showers.
Kelvin Li? We're full up, sweetheart.
You're gonna have to audition next summer like everybody else.
Well, I'm an investigator with the Trial Analysis Corporation.
I have a few questions to ask you about Lauren Wilson's murder.
Don't worry.
I'm not here to try out, either.
I'm looking for an old friend.
Rita in wardrobe? Um, yeah, she's upstairs.
(chuckles) You drive me crazy So, what was Lauren like? What was Lauren like? - She was warm.
- CHUNK: So, Rita, what was Lauren like? She was cold.
Everyone loved her.
The other girls hated her.
She had raw talent.
She had two left feet.
Maybe three.
We were devastated by her loss.
Angela practically did cartwheels on her grave.
CHUNK: But if she wasn't a good dancer, how did she even make the squad, let alone team captain? Really? DANNY: Now, you and Lauren were spending a lot of time together.
Were you having an affair? Uh, no.
Well, yes.
Do I have to answer that? Was Lauren sleeping with someone? How do you think she got on the squad? Lovers have disagreements, sometimes they get heated, turn violent.
Any of that happen between you and Lauren? I'm not gonna comment on my personal life.
I'm sleeping with a colleague, which is against the rules.
Lauren knew and was our go-between so I wouldn't get fired.
Jules Caffrey is a part owner of the team.
He wanted his girlfriend hired, she got a uniform.
DANNY: So you needed her to cover for you and Tiffany? Amber? Angela? (chuckles) Grant.
- (gasps) - (chuckles) WOMAN: And up.
Get any good dirt? Oh, yeah.
You? - Oh, yeah.
- (cell phone beeps) DANNY (over phone): Hey, Bull.
So, Lauren wasn't having an affair.
She was helping Kelvin and Grant hide their relationship.
That's what friends are for.
CHUNK: Well, the only problem was Lauren's dancing.
Jules is part owner of the team.
He demanded that Lauren get a spot on the squad.
All right.
Look into the dancers.
It's totally wasted on you, Chunk.
- I got to go.
- (phone beeps) (crowd chatter, people chanting) - Okay, you ready? - I'm always ready.
Give 'em a crumb, let 'em want more.
(reporters shouting questions) (camera shutters clicking, reporters shouting) All right, all right.
All right, all right, all right.
This trial is about showing that the American judicial system works.
(reporters shouting questions) How many of you think that Jules Caffrey is inauthentic and over-the-top? And who thinks that a person can be charming in public and abusive at home? - Sir, why do you dislike the defendant? - Objection.
Giordano is trying to poison the jury pool.
Settle down, Mr.
You have plenty of time to do that on your own.
MARISSA: So much for an impartial judge.
Just remind Jules: low NPI scores.
Shelley's creating an anger index.
She's looking for amped-up jurors.
We want the opposite, right? Low-key, no drama queens.
No, Canadians.
I know.
Who here doesn't own a television? BULL: Juror number 5 has a humble soul.
No glitz.
He's perfect.
The defense excuses juror number 5.
MARISSA: Looks like Jules didn't get the memo - on Mr.
- What are you doing? You look at me before you cut a potential juror.
I don't trust a guy who doesn't watch TV.
Well, we don't need your trust.
We needed his.
I got this.
MARISSA: All right, one juror down.
We can still bounce back.
BULL: Juror number one.
Body language screams self-involved.
MARISSA: Kendall Nagel.
Communications major.
And she posted five selfies in the last two days.
Did you play competitive sports? I did gymnastics in high school.
I was a track star.
I'm s Is he flirting with Miss Selfie? Yeah, he is simultaneously turning on juror number one (chuckles) and turning off juror number six.
MARISSA: Juror number six, Ellen Crayford.
She has an NPI score of nine, but she's divorced her husband left her for her kid's 23-year-old teacher.
(clears throat) MARISSA: You've got to rein Jules in, Bull.
His usual charm tactics - aren't gonna work - Excuse me.
When he's a defendant.
I don't know what you think you're doing, but she is biased by your three ex-wives and your late cheerleader fiancée.
We need to bounce one and six.
I've picked hundreds of juries.
The jury's acceptable to the prosecution.
JUDGE: Great.
What does the defense say? - You hired me.
This is what I do.
- Bull.
JULES: This is my life that's on the line, not yours.
Caffrey, is this jury - acceptable to you or not? - Do you want to win or not? - Bull.
- It's a simple question yes or no? - Yes.
- JUDGE: Excellent.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please stand to be sworn in.
BAILIFF: Members of the jury, please raise your right hand.
I'm gonna have to teach you sign language.
JULES: Bull.
What are you doing? The show is over there.
You don't want them to hear this, trust me.
Jules, I am not window dressing.
I'm the damn window.
- You hired me, remember? - You bet I did.
And image is everything.
- And you don't rep guilty men.
- Listen to me.
Science is everything.
And my team and I have spent every waking hour culling research and data to formulate this game plan.
Look, I didn't mean for the judge to hear me.
- I'm sorry.
- Lie to others, not to me.
It's the fastest way to wind up in jail.
You really think juror number one is gonna be a problem? (chuckles) Oh, boy.
Kendall, the fangirl? Yeah, she's gonna be a problem.
She's going to enjoy every minute of this trial and every look you give her, but she's gonna find you guilty because Shelley's gonna convince her that you're abusive.
That is the prosecution's game plan.
Now wake up.
Start listening to me.
Talked to internal affairs.
The officers on Lauren's murder are clean.
They double gloved, dotted every “I,” crossed every “T”" No one wanted to make a procedural error that could cost them a conviction.
We're gonna have to find the guy Jules thinks his fiancée was sleeping with.
ALLIE: Special delivery.
- Ooh.
- (grunts) Hi.
(gasps) Oh.
(squeals) (chuckles) It's a giant purple cat thing.
It's Rubio Shoyra from the Tokyo Spiritchasers shojo manga.
- It's from Wes.
- Cute.
I'm gonna not pretend that I understood that.
Is it Japanese? - Yeah.
- And the second gift - from Wes this week.
- (giggles) I know.
What? - Nothing.
- No, really, supermodel, - what are you trying to say? - Well, are you mad at him? No.
Why? Well, you know guys.
They don't give gifts “just because.
” I actually don't know guys.
They're a complete mystery.
Trust me, Wes is no player.
You know what? You guys are the behavior experts.
I'm sure the modeling world's totally different.
(chuckles) So just Maybe I'll take this.
(clears throat) CHUNK: We have a new suspect.
Angela Miles.
Finally made it up to captain of the squad in Bronx City and then lost it when Lauren came on board.
And got back on top after Lauren died.
Doesn't quite seem enough to kill for.
Have you ever met a cheerleader? - Have Cable do a deep dive on Angela.
- (phone buzzes) Pay her a visit, see if you can ruffle her pompoms.
What is it, Danny? - Turn on the TV.
- (crowd cheering) This ought to be interesting.
JULES: I want to thank you all for gathering here.
Not for me, but for Lauren.
I followed him to Washington Square after the court let out.
The NYPD and the district attorney want to bring Jules Caffrey down.
They want to harm Jules Caffrey, and they want to bury Jules Caffrey.
(scoffs) I hate the third person thing.
This is gonna polarize our jury.
It's time for Bull to shut this down.
CROWD (chanting): Jules! Jules! Jules! Jules! Jules! (horns blaring) JULES: Why haven't the NYPD looked into my tip line? Why aren't they looking for the real murderer? We need answers.
We need accountability.
We need justice.
Giordano's gonna hammer us with this.
- Justice for Lauren.
- What is Jules thinking? - Justice for Jules.
- CROWD (chanting): Justice for Jules.
He's trying his case in the court of public opinion.
Justice for Lauren and justice for Jules.
(chanting): Justice for Jules.
Justice for Jules.
BULL: Marissa, are the mirror jurors watching this? Like it's the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.
And they were specifically instructed not to follow any news about Jules, just like the real jurors.
This is Jules taking the stand.
Right there, my friends, right there is a tireless defender for just causes.
Jason Bull.
(cheering, applause) Come up.
Bull, you are not going to believe this Jules' stunt isn't hurting him, it's helping him.
Big time.
Look, I know this is not what you wanted.
Well, it's not normal, but then again, you're not normal.
(chuckles) Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today because Jules Caffrey is an innocent man.
(cheering, whooping) Yeah, we're not in Canada anymore.
CROWD (chanting): Justice for Jules! Justice for Jules! You made a genuine emotional connection with the jury.
- The crowd.
- (chuckles) I told you your strategy was wrong.
Even your low-drama jurors got swept up in the moral authority of my cause.
Okay, first of all, you're a case, not a cause.
And my way would have worked, too.
So “wrong” is the wrong word.
Let's focus on Shelley's next move, shall we? You know she's bringing out your exes to show that you're possessive, temperamental and jealous.
Someone who'd go into a violent rage if they found out their fiancée was cheating on them.
Here's how you proceed.
SHELLEY: Please state your name and your relationship to the defendant.
Ginny Caffrey.
I was Jules' first wife.
We were married for five years.
Leslie Caffrey.
I'm the second wife.
Lasted four years.
Claudine Caffrey.
I was three and three: third wife, three years.
Notice how Jules gets older and his wives always stay the same age? Once a sugar daddy, always a sugar daddy.
BULL: Why do you think your marriages ended? I was an attentive husband, but I was often preoccupied with my clients.
I can get stressed.
Miss some birthdays, weddings, anniversaries.
Was Jules ever violent around you? He could be, sometimes.
He'd get short with me, he'd get angry.
SHELLEY: Anything else? He'd yell, throw dishes, kick doors.
I called them his adult temper tantrums.
But it was frightening.
Can you describe your ex-husband in one word? He was a monster.
- A monster.
- He was a monster.
(computer beeping) The mirror jurors' biometrics are through the roof.
They're upset, Bull.
Don't worry yet.
If he wins back the exes, he wins back the jury.
You're gonna have the rarest of opportunities: you're gonna get to cross-examine your ex-wives under penalty of perjury.
JULES: Ginny, were you upset about my ego or were you upset about my job? Both.
JULES: I was trying to build a practice, so I worked late.
- You resented that? - (chuckles) I resented you sleeping with Leslie.
JULES: But, Ginny, you kicked me out of our bed a year earlier.
So is it fair to say that I started seeing other women when you stopped seeing me? Yes.
JULES: And I always said it wouldn't be fair raising a kid with my hectic life.
And you agreed, correct? - I thought you'd change.
- JULES: The red carpets, the galas, the VIP suites.
I provided a lifestyle.
And you knew what you were signing up for.
At first.
But then I didn't want that life.
JULES: So it really was you who changed, not me.
- Yes.
- JULES: And in all of our time together, did I ever, ever lay a finger on you? No.
JULES: And when we were together with no interruptions was it good? Yes.
It was great.
The best.
JULES: No further questions, Your Honor.
Wow, he actually did it.
BULL: Even Kendall was moved.
I was devastated when Lauren died.
That's why I took her torch and led the squad through their grief.
It's what Lauren would have wanted.
You know, it's funny you should say that.
Your junior year in college, you pushed another student off the stage.
That girl fell, broke her ankle and had to step down as the lead in the dance recital.
That's not my fault she couldn't stick her landing on her grand-jeté.
The school agreed it was an accident.
Good thing you took up her torch, too.
Somebody had to.
Other people's tragedies seem to work out really, really well for you.
What you want me to say? Lauren was a talentless fraud.
I was a nationally- ranked cheerleader.
The closest she ever came to professional dancing was a run of The Nutcracker at a community theater in Indiana.
- Resented her much? - Yeah.
She slept her way to the top.
I had to work my whole life for this.
Come on, you're trying to say that I killed her? - No, I'm sure you have an alibi.
- Every Sunday, including the night that she died, I party at Output.
It's a club.
Check it out.
(elevator bell dings) (sighs) (clears throat) That was (chuckles) Intense? Draining? Hopefully cathartic.
My exes have never been that open with me.
Felt like we came to an understanding.
It's funny how honesty can do that.
Well, you did good in there.
Let's not do that again.
(crowd shouting angrily) WOMAN: Stop the abuse! (angry shouting) Justice for Lauren! CROWD (chanting): Not okay! Justice for Lauren! What the hell is going on? (chanting): Not okay! BULL: That's your jury.
Right on time.
For what? She wanted to make sure the last thing these jurors saw before going home was people protesting your behavior towards women.
She stole your thunder, Jules.
You're not the only one who's got game.
Good night, gentlemen.
(chanting): Not okay! Not okay! - Not okay! - (sighs) Bull, Shelley's stunt on the courthouse steps yesterday turned two more jurors against us.
And this next witness isn't gonna help.
All the mock juries believed his testimony.
BULL Derek the contractor.
(whispering): That's why we're gonna leave Derek alone.
Do not cross.
Miller, you were at the defendant's house the morning Lauren Wilson was murdered.
Can you tell us what happened? I arrived early to deliver the material for the kitchen work.
Wilson came down the stairs, crying, and Mr.
Caffrey ran after her, screaming.
SHELLEY: Could you hear what he was saying? DEREK: Yes, ma'am.
He said he wanted to know where she was the night before, who she was with.
She said “Nobody,” and he called her a liar.
MARISSA: Oh, boy, Bull, the engagement levels are spiking.
This guy's honest, polite.
He's catnip for the jury.
That's why we're gonna leave him alone.
SHELLEY: And then what happened? Um I stepped in, for her sake.
I got Mr.
Caffrey to let go of her arm.
She left the house crying.
SHELLEY: Did the defendant do or say anything to you after that? No, ma'am.
But he did punch a wall.
No further questions.
Caffrey, any cross? Uh, no questions, Your Honor.
I need to hear it from Mr.
Well you know what I want you to do, but you think you know better so light yourself on fire, and I'll watch the show.
Derek, you said you stepped in for Lauren's sake.
Did she ask for help? DEREK: No, sir.
Were you attracted to her? DEREK: No.
No, sir.
Heart rates are up.
Jules is coming off as an angry jilted lover.
Bull, you need to stop him.
I am not gonna get in front of that runaway train.
So there's no reason for you to get involved, correct? Well, I saw that look in your eye.
I'd seen it before.
I thought you were gonna hurt her.
Admit it: you just wanted to be a hero.
DEREK: If I was a real hero, I would've stopped you from killing her.
(gallery gasps, mutters) BULL (whispers): And crash.
(sniffs) - BENNY: Hey.
- Hey.
- Question.
- Yeah? Jules identified Lauren's body after she died, right? - Right.
- Under NYPD protocols, that means they don't need to verify the victim's ID through her prints.
(chuckles) You're right.
Lauren's prints aren't in the case file.
I'll call the M.
- and get those ASAP.
- Well, they may also have them in the Indiana registry.
That's where she's from.
I'll see what I find.
So, um, listen, about the other day we weren't saying anything bad about Wes.
I did a profile on him.
A deep dive.
I checked everything.
- Because of what Allie said? - He's not the type that gives gifts.
Well, maybe you you changed him.
Maybe? Danny James, are you becoming a romantic? - No.
- (chuckles) I just know that any guy with half a brain would not cheat on you.
- Okay? - Okay.
I assume you would have called if you found us a new suspect.
You know me.
Tell by your tone, guess we need a new one? What did our dance captain, Angela, say? - Would it help to put her on the stand? - She has an alibi.
Angela was at a club at the time of the murder.
Cable verified her Lyft receipt.
And she is no fan of Jules.
All right.
We've got one card left to play.
Don't go home yet.
I've got a witness for you to prep.
- Any idea who this last witness is? - Nope.
But on this case, nothing would surprise me.
Your Honor, I call myself as my next witness.
(scattered laughter) Your Honor, sidebar.
Approach the bench.
This is just another act in his circus show, in which Mr.
Caffrey attempts to ask and answer questions of himself.
I have a constitutional right to testify on my own behalf.
What's your plan, Mr.
Caffrey? Dr.
Bull is gonna be asking me questions.
Your Honor, Dr.
Bull is not an attorney.
BULL: New York State law allows that any member of the pro se defense team may ask the defendant questions.
That will be me.
Caffrey, people call you a trophy wife hunter, a sugar daddy, a player.
What do you say to them? It's true.
I've fallen in love more than once.
But I've never bought anyone's affection.
I mean, you've met my exes.
BULL: What about Lauren? There was a 20-year age difference.
(chuckles) Believe me, I couldn't buy Lauren.
She was the one who wanted to sign a prenup, not me.
And I wouldn't have proposed a fourth time unless I believed we had something real.
But you thought she was cheating on you? Lauren was being evasive the week of her death.
I confronted her and jumped to a jealous conclusion.
But the truth is, as I later found out, she was discreetly helping a friend avoid being unfairly judged for his sexual orientation.
Which makes me love her and miss her even more.
(door opens) BULL: Your Honor, I would like to introduce the following photos into evidence.
This wasn't in discovery.
BULL: Um, some leeway here, Your Honor.
Uh, we only just discovered this information.
Tread carefully, Dr.
Hey, this isn't what we prepped.
- Are we allowed to do this? - Bull, you are already three feet off the ledge.
If you ambush Jules, I have no idea what he might do.
BULL: Thank you, Chunk.
(quietly): And calm down, Marissa.
You recognize this woman? Yes.
That's Lauren.
BULL: And would you please read the name that's printed? Robin Cleary.
BULL: And what about these photographs? Are these also Lauren Wilson? Yes.
Why? Bonnie Henson, Austin, Texas.
Nicole Markey in Chicago, Mandy Mitchell in New Orleans and Robin Cleary from Indianapolis.
Caffrey, did you know the woman you were engaged to had five different identities in five different cities? Objection.
There's been no offer of proof.
No prior discovery.
Hold on, Ms.
- Well? - We obtained Lauren's fingerprints from the medical examiner.
We ran it through the FBI identification database.
And this afternoon we got a match.
Lauren Wilson, your fiancée, wasn't Lauren Wilson, your fiancée.
She was Regina Preszler, and she was a grifter.
Prosecution's trying to paint you as some kind of player.
How does it feel to know that you were the one who got played? (exhales) BULL: So, Mr.
Caffrey, did you have any idea that Lauren Wilson was actually Regina Preszler? - No.
- Did you know Regina Preszler was a grifter in the middle of running a con on you at the time of her murder? - No.
- And given that she was a con artist, would it make sense that she had a lot of shady characters in her life? Objection.
Well? It's a hypothetical.
I am merely asking Mr.
Caffrey, who maintains he did not murder his beloved fiancée, if it's possible that someone from this lady's sordid past could possibly have killed her.
Because thieves make enemies.
JUDGE: Answer the question, Mr.
I suppose it's possible.
I just know it wasn't me.
BULL: No further questions.
Do you need a moment, Mr.
Caffrey? A tissue? An Oscar? No, thank you.
I have one line of questioning.
Are you sure you didn't know Lauren was conning you before she was murdered? I had no idea until right now.
SHELLEY: Because that would make one hell of a motive, that kind of betrayal.
- Objection.
- Yeah, I'm sure you object.
Let me reframe.
Person like you, a wealthy public figure, neglected to do a simple background check on your fourth wife? I thought (voice breaking): what we had was real.
- (scoffs) - (taps foot twice) (elevator bell dings) (beeping) (gunfire sound effects) You're gaming again.
I knew it.
Oh, uh, hey.
Um, uh, it's-it's not what it looks like.
It looks like you're binging on Titanfall and Ray's Pizza.
I'm sorry, Cable.
I'm really sorry.
You should be.
You ever lose to a girl before? Because you're going down.
Next time, don't buy me so many presents.
You look like a Rodin sculpture.
(chuckles) You got hustled, Jules.
It happens.
I know it happens.
Just not to me.
I didn't run a background check because I didn't want to find any deal breakers.
Love is blind.
You will mourn.
You will heal.
And you will live to love again.
I will never forget her laugh, how she cried every time she watched Casablanca, even, uh, how she tugged at her brow when she got tense.
Man, I just What did she do? Um, she tugged at her brow when she got all tense.
You don't have a picture of her doing that, do you? Um Yeah, a video.
(chuckling) - Even better.
- Yeah.
Oh, Bull.
This was when sh-she was trying out for my cheerleaders.
(chuckles) She was so mad I recorded it.
Ah, there it is.
God, I love her.
(chuckles) (phone buzzes) Yeah.
(phone beeps) Jury's back.
It's decision time.
BAILIFF: Will the defendant please rise for the verdict.
JUDGE: Madam Foreperson, do you have a verdict? FOREPERSON: We do.
We, the jury, find the defendant, Jules Caffrey, not guilty.
- (exhales) - (murmuring) (exhales) Oh, man.
You're gonna be okay.
(sighs) Thank you.
So, Shelley Look, I'm not gonna pretend, Bull.
It makes me sick when a killer beats the rap.
Then let's go find a killer.
Hey! Check the bearing partition on the second floor, huh?! MAN: You got it! Chris! BULL: Jared Preszler.
Name's Derek.
SHELLEY: Derek, Matthew, Ben, Jared.
You're all under arrest.
For what? The murder of your sister, Regina Preszler, aka Lauren Wilson.
BULL: Your tell is called trichotillomania.
It's a physical tic where you tug at your eyebrow.
- Your sister Lauren did it, too.
- (siren whoops) SHELLEY: Turns out it's often a shared trait among siblings.
Just like your DNA, which was found at the crime scene.
BULL: They missedit the first time, since - (Sirens) - it's so much like Regina's.
It's a good thing you testified.
Jared Preszler! On the ground! On the ground! On your knees.
Thank you.
Well, The Jules Show deserved a satisfying ending.
You hungry? I am.
- When the lights go dim - OFFICER: On your feet.
I drift off to sleep - Check me out.
- (chuckling) BULL: Well, Jules, there is an upside.
Now you know Lauren loved you back.
You started out as this guy who well, you got arrested for fighting injustice.
And that's what you did.
And that's how you earned that humanitarian award.
Well, I thought by becoming the player, or aggressor, defender, I would never become a victim myself.
I think you're ready to reboot The Jules Show.
Second act.
(chuckles) So says the man with his own three-ring circus.
Those clowns? (chuckles) No, you have your own show.
You just put it on behind the scenes.
Maybe you should try taking the spotlight more often.
You know, a very wise man once said to me that you can get anything you want out of people as long as you're not hung up on taking the credit.
Nobody needs to know my name.
Excuse me.
Can I take a picture with you? You mean with Jules? Yeah.
Who are you? Nobody important.
All right, let's play some darts.
I think Benny's the only one that owes me money.
So, it's a simple game.
You just go like this.
Oh, what? What? No one say it, please.
MARISSA: Bull's-eye.