Bull (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

The Illusion of Control

1 (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) ANNOUNCER: And now, receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, two-time Oscar winner Amaya Andrews.
Are you ready, Ms.
Andrews? Almost.
Sweetheart, do you want to help him? Okay.
We're ready now.
(CHEERING, APPLAUSE) MAN: Security! (CROWD GASPING, CLAMORING) Please, don't do it! Please.
Please, stop! You don't understand.
I'm not trying to hurt him! No.
(CRYING): He's my son.
He's my son.
He's my son! (GROANS) Come on.
She's here.
And I cleared them to come upstairs.
- Everybody knows how to behave? - Oh, we are gonna be so nonchalant.
It's gonna be completely chalantless out there.
You're gonna be starving for chalant - by the time this meeting's over.
- Ms.
- Dr.
Thank you so much for agreeing to meet with us.
It means (SIGHS) more than I can say.
Uh, this is Kellan King, my attorney, whose idea it was to call you in the first place.
And you must be Mr.
Andrews? - I'm Alexander.
I'm her son.
- Oh.
(CHUCKLES) Of course.
Well, it's very nice to meet you.
You like candy? You like cookies? Things like that? It's okay, she's not listening.
It's just between us guys.
We don't have any of that stuff here.
- Marissa? - Yes? Would you please take Alexander to the kitchen and show him that we don't have any of that stuff here.
Maybe get him a root vegetable? A small kale salad with radishes? - Whatever you say, Dr.
- Very good.
AMAYA: My marriage was over.
There were fertility challenges.
I was burnt out from work.
I just felt stuck inside myself and (SIGHS) Sounds like real movie star problems, right? (CHUCKLES) Sounds like people problems.
I just wanted to go somewhere I'd never been before, somewhere where no one would know it was me.
A friend of mine had gone to Ethiopia the year before on a humanitarian mission, and I just thought, "That's what I'm going to do.
" Well, that's very admirable.
It's not.
I was looking for a place to hide.
And then one day I walked into I-I didn't know what it was.
A nursery school? Day care center? And there was this sound of kids.
Children laughing.
- It's just one of those great sounds.
- (CHUCKLES) Turns out it was the New Life Orphanage in Addis Ababa.
And this little three-year-old walks over to me and starts wrapping his arms around my legs.
And that was that.
So, I'm guessing we're all here because of that fellow who jumped out of the crowd in L.
last month claiming he was Alexander's father? (SIGHS) He is Alex's father.
He volunteered some DNA.
Tests came back over the weekend.
Obviously, I had no idea.
I was told that Alex was an orphan.
According to Alexander's father, the boy's mother had malaria.
While he was caring for her, he dropped the boy off.
At an orphanage? In many developing countries, orphanages don't work like they do here.
Families sometimes use them to fill gaps in childcare when they're having a tough time.
They drop their kids off fully expecting to pick them up when their situations improve.
Point is (CLEARS THROAT) he is the father.
We're not disputing that.
Amaya has her paperwork, but the paperwork on the Ethiopian end is apparently incomplete, and the orphanage no longer exists.
Which is why I suggested we come to see you.
(CHUCKLES) I get it.
And I won't lie I'm flattered.
But I think it would be a mistake.
So you won't help us? Oh, no, I'll help you.
But I don't think you should go to court.
CHUNK: Where are you going? BENNY: Get him, Chunk.
(LAUGHS) I just think it's an enormous mistake to take this (SIGHS) very private, very sensitive matter and put it out there for public consumption.
And if you go to family court, it's what's gonna happen.
Amaya, you're a gigantic celebrity all over the world.
This is gonna be big news.
Trust me.
At some point, things will be said about you, about your child, that you don't like, and I don't think you want that.
Not for yourself, and not for your son.
So, what do you folks suggest? Well, I suggest you sit down with Alexander's father privately.
See what you can work out.
Would it be such a bad thing if every year, he spent the month of July in Ethiopia with his father? Or every other Christmas? Given your resources, maybe you can offer some sort of financial help.
Give Dad the wherewithal to come and visit his son.
Have a better life back in Ethiopia so that when Alexander visits, it's a nicer, safer environment.
The thing about common sense? It's not really very common.
So, when you hear it, when someone shares it with you, you can't help but be very grateful.
(ELEVATOR BELL CHIMES) - She's taller in person.
- Shorter.
- Prettier.
- Eh, I didn't think so.
I don't think that's her natural hair color.
Can't wait to tell my mama.
My son is gone.
Gone? Gone.
We're guessing he's somewhere in Ethiopia.
That man, Abel, he never brought him back.
Oh, my I'm so sorry.
Have you called the State Department? I've called everyone.
Everyone is doing their best.
But apparently we don't have an extradition treaty with Ethiopia, so their best is useless.
I have an excellent investigator.
- I can have her there - I didn't come here for your help, Dr.
I came here to look you in the eye and to tell you that my son is gone, and that it's your fault.
Andrews, I-I'm not sure what you mean.
(VOICE BREAKING): I had a family.
And then I took your advice, and now I don't have a family.
I am going to sue you, Dr.
I'm going to take every single thing that you have.
I am going to make you feel what it's like to lose everything.
Everything that matters to you.
And then maybe you'll start to understand a sliver of what I'm feeling.
(LIVELY SPANISH MUSIC PLAYING) (TV INTRO MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO) (HORN HONKS) (CHEERING, APPLAUSE) TV HOST: I just want you to know, Amaya, that our hearts go out to you.
Oh (APPLAUSE) Uh, well, Nicole, - I knew I needed to get the courts involved.
- Right.
- But then I met someone.
- Mm.
One of those people who sort of puts it out there - that he's smarter than everyone else? - Oh, yeah.
We know the type.
And he said to me, "No, you don't want to do that.
" - Is there any way we can shut this off? - "Would not involve the courts.
Just deal directly with the boy's father.
" - BULL: Okay, hey.
- Yes.
I've been reading about that.
There's got to be a way - to shut this off.
- AMAYA: You'd think with a name like Bull, I would have known better.
Getman? Ronald Getman? Attorney-at-law? I'm Dr.
Jason Bull.
The trial whisperer guy.
I've been waiting for you.
Hope it's okay I started eating.
No worries.
Sorry I'm late.
I, uh I thought this address (CHUCKLES) Well, I didn't realize it was for a deli.
I thought we were meeting at your office.
This is my office.
What can I do for you? You know, when I was in college, I studied you.
What'd you learn? Anything I can use? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) That video of you cross-examining that Crip? He was a killer.
You made him cry on the stand.
That was a couple decades and many wives ago.
You have any idea how good you are? I followed you the way guys follow baseball players.
If you were a stock, I would have put every penny I had into you.
What are you doing in an outer borough? What are you doing in a deli? There something I can do for you, Dr.
You made it.
That's one way of putting it.
And your boss actually expects you to come back with this little boy? (LAUGHS) Talk about naiveté.
You know, he's here on an American passport.
The law is on our side.
American law.
You're in Ethiopia.
Oh, is that why I can't read any of the signs? So were you able to get me that, uh, appointment at the embassy? He's waiting for you.
Jeff Hill.
And this is our mock courtroom.
Just squint, it almost looks real.
(LAUGHS) Marissa, Chunk, Benny, this is the legendary Ron Getman.
He's going to be representing me in our dispute with Amaya.
- It's so nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
It's an honor, sir.
Well, you got to get out more.
I'm sorry.
What? What's your name again? Getman.
Ronald Getman.
Benjamin Colón.
Colón that's a pretty-smelling name.
I always wanted a pretty-smelling name, huh? Who knows? Maybe next life.
So what do these do? Can I talk to you for a second, please? BULL: Be right back.
What are you doing? - What do you mean? - That guy? That's who you want representing you in court? Yeah, absolutely.
That guy, Ron Getman he's a shark.
Ron Getman is a killer.
Yeah, well, your killer looks like a shoe salesman, and not a terribly successful one.
Look, I know you're disappointed, I know you wanted to do this, but I'm telling you, we need someone from the outside someone, who, amidst all the Hollywood glamour that is Amaya, strikes the jury as authentic.
And people don't get any more authentic than Ron Getman.
I don't know, Bull.
I've never heard of this guy.
You know, my future's on the line, too.
You lose the business, I lose my job.
I just wish he looked more - kempt.
- Well, don't let that fool you.
That man understands the music of the courtroom better than anyone I've ever seen.
And, yeah, he's got a reputation for being not all that user-friendly.
Maybe that's why you've never heard of him.
But I'm not looking for a friend.
I'm looking for someone to save my life, and I'm telling you, he's the guy to do it.
GETMAN: Amaya Andrews is a lot of things.
She's talented, beautiful, rich, and, between you and me, she's also a spoiled brat.
She's a pampered celebrity who's used to getting everything she wants.
And Dr.
Jason Bull he's got three Ph.
s, and 25 years of experience doing what he does.
He sat down this lady, and he gave her great advice.
Advice that she was free to take or leave.
Now, at the time, Amaya, her attorney and the father all made an agreement.
Tragically, the father didn't abide by that agreement.
So spoiled Amaya got mad.
Not at the father who didn't keep his word, not at the attorney who went over the terms of the deal and told her to proceed, but at Dr.
Bull, who wasn't even in the room when everyone shook hands.
Now, Dr.
Bull he's a lot of things, too.
He's a brilliant man, he's a good human being, but guess what? He's not a fortune teller.
So Amaya is suing him for what? For not being able to tell the future? For not being God? Kind of absurd, wouldn't you say, ladies and gentlemen of the jury? I think you would.
Not that's just the, uh, gist of it all.
Kind of popped into my head when I was, uh, coming over from Brooklyn to here.
That was very impressive.
Thank you.
So, Dr.
Genius, how come there's no bodies in the chairs? How are we supposed to run a mock trial without mock jurors? Well, unfortunately, in cases involving celebrities, mock juries tend to be fairly unreliable.
Without the presence of the celebrity herself, it's virtually impossible to create the dynamics of the trial.
The data's almost always worthless.
Okay, so what I was hoping we could do is kind of come up with a plan of action, strategy.
Maybe a media campaign of our own, right? I mean, as you said, she's a spoiled brat.
I was thinking we just turn my team loose.
You haven't met Cable yet, but give her 48 hours on the dark web, and she will find dirt on Little Miss Wonderful that'll make your hair curl.
Now, once all that stuff is out there, she is gonna be running from the media instead of booking herself on every show that has the words "the" and "show" in the title.
Actually, we don't have to look for anything.
Let's just make something up, because that's basically what she's done.
And we're not in a court of law.
Nobody's putting their hand on a Bible.
So, we just have to work together and find the nastiest, darkest stuff that's out there.
It has to be plausible in the world O-O-Okay.
Uh, hold on.
What do you mean "we"? Me.
You, us, the team.
I'm sorry.
We don't have to do anything.
Now, are you listening to yourself? You're so angry right now that you're borderline certifiable.
Now, I'm-I'm I'm happy to work with your team.
I-I could tell that they're lovely people.
But I'm the lawyer, you're the client.
In the courtroom, there's only gonna be one quarterback.
And since you're the one who's being sued Okay, hold on a second.
This is No, no, no, you hold on a second.
Have you ever heard the expression "doctors make the worst patients"? You're gonna do more harm than good if you try to manage this case.
Your judgment is skewed, Dr.
Let me help you.
Let us help you.
With all due respect my reputation, my livelihood, the livelihood of everyone here depends on this.
And lest we forget, I'm actually kind of great at this.
I read people better than anyone.
I read juries better than anyone.
You need me to win this case.
I beg to differ, Doc, and frankly, what I don't need is you acting like the rash egomaniac that the prosecution is gonna paint you to be, and that's exactly what you're doing right now.
You want to win? Sit back, trust your team and do what I say.
Or else fire me and God bless.
It's up to you.
He's right, Bull.
You're too close to it.
I think we need Mr.
Getman here to call the plays.
Let us do this for you, Bull.
Unfortunately, there's not a lot we can do.
By breaking the terms of his settlement with Amaya, the boy's father broke U.
law, but he hasn't broken Ethiopian law.
You've been talking to Harrison.
- (LAUGHS) - I get it.
Ethiopia is a sovereign nation.
State Department has no jurisdiction.
You can't force the father to do anything.
Only Ethiopian law enforcement can do that.
Okay, well, maybe you can help me with the adoption paperwork? There's virtually nothing from the Ethiopian side.
I'll make some calls, but (SIGHS) Okay, so, what's the next step? There's got to be an arm you can twist, a back you can scratch.
Look, I can give you Abel's last known address, but beyond that It's basically musical chairs.
Benny, you will be riding shotgun with Mr.
Getman at the defense table.
I'll be behind you, uh, in the courtroom - with the earwig and transmitter.
- Ah.
Does that mean you're gonna wear the Bull signature glasses, too? Chunk will man the monitors, uh, referencing questionnaires and profiles, while Cable keeps deep diving on the Web and social media.
That's me.
Deep diving, shallow living, making my mother proud.
Yeah, that all sounds peachy.
So, uh, what kind of jurors are we looking for? Well, as you so beautifully explained in your opening statement to our empty chairs, our narrative is that Bull is human.
His job isn't to see the future.
It's to give the best advice possible with the information he's given.
Now, for that to work, we need jurors who can separate certainty from chance, people who understand that there are limits to foreseeability, that choices and outcomes don't always correlate.
We want to focus on individuals who judge circumstances only on the factors that they can control.
I'm sorry.
Was that English? I-I-I just I-I don't know what the hell she's talking about.
BENNY: Think of, uh, texting and driving.
Right? It's illegal, but we've all done it.
Now, you got two people driving on the same road.
First person finishes their text, puts their phone away, keeps on driving.
No one's the wiser.
But as the other person is hitting "send," a kid chases a ball onto the street.
The car hits the kid.
Now, is the second person more culpable than the first because a kid jumped out? Okay, so what we need is people that understand - that sometimes stuff just happens.
- Yeah, exactly.
Well, why didn't you say that in the first place? - (GAVEL BANGS) - MAN: There she is.
All right, brother.
You guys ready? 'Cause this is gonna be an uphill battle.
(GAVEL BANGS) How are you? So, are you a fan of Ms.
Andrews' films? I mean, I've seen them.
Who hasn't? Some of them are better than others.
GETMAN: Uh-huh.
Restricting her arm and leg movement.
Not telling the truth.
Stop it.
She's unnaturally still.
Is she lying about her feelings towards Amaya? It looks like we got a superfan on our hands.
The defense moves to strike, Your Honor.
Good girl.
How are you? Can't help but notice you got what is that, a wrist brace? Did you have an accident or you trying to make a fashion statement? Yeah.
(CHUCKLES) Hand steepling.
Secure and confident.
He's gonna tell the truth.
I'm a I'm a carpenter.
Another guy I work with dropped his hammer on my hand.
No kidding, huh? So, you gonna, uh, file a claim? Eh, no, not my deal.
Could be me dropping the hammer the next time, you know what I mean? Understands that outside forces sometimes shape outcomes.
I like him.
Anything else I should know? CABLE: Not a strong social media presence.
Follows a couple sports blogs, but no red flags.
Acceptable to the defense, Your Honor.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you believe in fate? I certainly do.
Look at her designer sunglasses, designer handbag.
She is into names.
She's Team Amaya all the way.
We need to strike her.
You need to cut it out.
We need to get her out of here.
Oh, my goodness, I love this juror.
- No.
- Stop it.
GETMAN: Um, Your Honor, we find the juror acceptable.
No! No, we don't.
No, you don't.
We move to strike, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Who moves to strike this juror? You are the defendant, not the attorney.
Sit back down.
Sit down.
- (WHISPERS): What are you doing? - (GAVEL BANGS) - My job.
Bull, again, you are out of line.
Your attorney has accepted this juror, and that acceptance stands.
And the next time you interrupt these proceedings, I will find you in contempt.
Do you understand me? (GALLERY MURMURING) Yes, Your Honor.
Excuse me.
Do you speak English? What can I help you with? Oh, good.
Um, is this Abel Bekele's apartment? I was supposed to meet him, but nobody's here.
Sorry, I haven't seen Abel in about a week.
Maybe he and his son went to the countryside.
Of course.
Thank you.
How goes it? So, what am I looking at? What did you just send me? Um, not sure, exactly.
Abel and Alexander aren't here, and I-I don't have much to go on.
But I found this photo by the bed.
It's clearly been handled a lot.
Makes me think it has sentimental value.
Um, I'm guessing that's the mom there with them? Can you help me figure out where it was taken? Let me see if image recognition pulls anything up.
You think that this is where they went, based on one photo? I don't know.
It seems like kind of a stretch.
Hey, it's all I got.
- It's a mosque in Awash.
- Awash? A market town about 200 kilometers east.
All right, well, um, I guess if Bull asks, tell him that's where I'm headed.
Oh, and, uh, I sent some photos to Harrison to be translated.
So just follow up with him, in case I lose cell service, yeah? Okay.
(SIREN WAILING, HORN HONKING) Marissa Morgan? Who's asking? I'm Marissa Morgan.
You've been served, ma'am.
I'm being subpoenaed as a witness.
(SIGHS) A witness for the opposition.
BULL: So, why you? What's their play? Maybe it's just a simple strategy.
They want to question Marissa about the business, suss out how much TAC is worth.
I don't know.
You were in the room with Amaya, King and me when I gave 'em that advice.
What do they think you know? Maybe it's as simple as this.
This subpoena says that I'm sequestered as a witness, which means I can't help you with this case anymore.
I'm not even supposed to be here right now.
See you boys in court.
(SIGHS): Hmm.
(SIGHS) I don't think I've ever done a case for TAC without Marissa.
Neither do I.
We are going to be fine.
Between me and the Jolly Grey Giant, we've got your back.
KING: And how long have you and Dr.
Bull been working together at TAC? A little over six years.
Before that, you worked as a situations analyst for Homeland Security.
Yes, sir.
In fact, he hired you away from Homeland Security.
Yes, sir.
So it's fair to say he values your opinion.
You'd have to ask Dr.
KING: Well, I think you're being modest, but I'll withdraw the question.
Weren't you in the room when Dr.
Bull offered his advice - to Amaya that day? - I certainly was.
And what did you think of that advice? I thought it reeked of common sense and basic humanity.
And I was glad that he offered it and proud that I worked for him.
With him.
KING: I'd like to submit the following electronic mail into evidence.
Do you recognize that e-mail? Did you send that to your boss, Dr.
Bull, that evening, after meeting with me and Amaya? I did.
Would you please read that to the jury? Uh, objection.
Can someone please tell the defense where that mystery e-mail came from? It's listed in discovery, along with all the other e-mails and reports related to this case that Dr.
Bull's company surrendered.
Well, I mean, it's nothing.
It-it was a thought I had.
Will you please read it? "Dear Bull, Thought you were amazing today.
"Two things worth noting.
"Ethiopia isn't party to the Hague Adoption Convention.
"Not sure of the implication of that, but I guess that's what her lawyers are for.
" "Also, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you "that birth parents in these situations are notoriously unreliable.
" (GALLERY MURMURING) KING: So, not withstanding your abundant pride in your boss, you felt compelled to warn him.
I wasn't warning.
I was sharing some concerns.
I thought Dr.
Bull's advice was extremely sound for a domestic case.
I just I was worried, given this was an arrangement with a developing nation.
- That's all.
- Worried that, say, if Mr.
Bekele didn't abide by this arrangement, Ms.
Andrews might have little recourse? Well, as I said in my e-mail, she has lawyers to perform due diligence.
My firm isn't on trial here yours is.
And my firm didn't give her this advice, set her on this path Uh, ob-objection.
Who-Who's testifying here? Sustained.
Jury, you will ignore Mr.
King's comments.
- Please continue, Mr.
- KING: Now, Mr.
Getman has gone on and on about how Dr.
Bull isn't liable because nobody can see the future.
And yet it appears you did just that and warned Dr.
Bull about it, to boot.
Seems like maybe the only folks you didn't warn were the people who would actually be affected by it, like Amaya.
Is the attorney asking a question or is he beginning his closing argument? Withdrawn.
No more questions, Your Honor.
JUDGE HARPER: Defense, your witness.
Um, we would like to request a brief recess, Your Honor.
JUDGE HARPER: So granted.
(GAVEL BANGS) Now, tell me about this e-mail.
What about it? She just read it.
And you didn't heed it? But there was nothing to heed.
She mentioned the convention.
But, like she said, that's what Amaya's lawyers are for.
And what about the other? The other? Where-where she said that birth parents in these situations can be unreliable.
Was she citing a study? Where did that come from? Help me here.
No, she wasn't citing a study.
It was really just a personal opinion, and I didn't think it was relevant to the case.
Wait a second, she has a personal opinion about the reliability of birth parents in adoptions involving third world countries? No.
She has a personal opinion about the reliability of birth parents, period.
And it is informed by personal experience.
And? And it's not my story to tell.
You want to save your company? Do you want to save his job? Marissa's job? The man is trying to help you, Bull.
Marissa was adopted from foster care.
But before the adoption was finalized, her biological mother came back into the picture.
Just like here.
In Marissa's case, she was returned to her biological mother's custody.
Unfortunately her mom was a drug addict.
It was not an idyllic childhood.
Ding, ding, ding, ding.
We have a winner.
Marissa's judgment was shaped by her personal history and not the fact that any reasonable professional could have foreseen what happened.
Thank you, Marissa.
This is perfect.
You can't use it.
I won't let you.
Excuse me? Why not? First of all, it's effective, and it happens to be true.
Like I said, it's not my story to tell.
It was shared with me in confidence years ago.
And it's not like we're in a position to ask permission.
Bull, do you want to win? Hmm? Because her testimony out there, was a knife in the gut.
And if we're gonna survive, I got to stop the bleeding.
And frankly, I don't need your permission.
Morgan, you said in your e-mail that birth parents are notoriously unreliable.
Uh, that knowledge came from where? I'm sorry.
I don't understand the question.
When you brought up the notorious unreliability of birth parents, I'm curious, how did you become an expert on that? Have you read studies? Have you written papers? What qualifies you to offer a professional opinion on this? It wasn't a professional opinion.
GETMAN: Oh, it-it wasn't a professional opinion? So that means it was a personal one.
And in hindsight, I had no business offering it.
It was completely irrelevant.
Irrelevant, because it had nothing to do with Amaya and her adoption, but everything to do with you.
Correct? Is it true, Ms.
Morgan, that you grew up in foster care? Hmm? That just about the time you were going to be adopted, your biological mother appeared, and put the kibosh on it and you ended up - living with her - Objection! - This man's out of order! - while she battled - drug and alcohol addiction.
- Totally out of order! That's what you get when you hire a guy who works out of a deli.
- What are you doing? - JUDGE HARPER: Dr.
Bull, take your seat.
It is you that is out of order.
I have told you once, you have no standing in this court.
You cannot object.
You cannot speak! - Defense has no more questions.
- Sit down, Jason! JUDGE HARPER: You leave me no choice, Dr.
I declare you - in contempt of court.
- (GAVEL BANGS) Officer, please remove him.
CABLE: Naomi? Who's asking? My name is Cable McCrory.
I'm a friend of Harrison's.
Well, actually, a friend of a friend of Harrison's.
And where is Harrison? I don't know.
He texted and asked me to meet with you.
No offense, but I don't know you.
I agreed to do a favor for a former colleague, not for some girl I've never met.
My friend in Ethiopia really needs to know what those papers say.
There's a little boy gone missing.
And my boss could lose everything.
A lot of this is just boring, bureaucratic boilerplate.
But based on what Harrison told me about the situation, I think this might be what you're looking for.
A relinquishment agreement.
What is that? A signed relinquishment agreement.
This guy Abel said he thought his son - was coming back, right? - Yeah.
This paper gives up all parental rights to his child in perpetuity.
- He knew his son was never coming back.
- (SIGHS) This document is enforceable in any Ethiopian court.
So he lied.
He certainly did.
Now all you have to do is find him.
And find the boy, and call the police half a world away.
): Each of you have rotations.
Five minutes.
Standby for the all clear.
I don't have to worry about Amaya taking the business, I put it up for bail.
BULL: Very funny.
How's Marissa? Oh, a little rattled, a little embarrassed, very concerned, but she'll be fine.
Now ask me if I've got any good news.
Do you have any good news? Ooh, as a matter of fact, we booked out of that courtroom so fast yesterday, that no one checked in with TAC.
Turns out that Getman delivered a spectacular closing argument.
Better than the opener he gave to our empty chairs.
If the mirror jurors are to be believed, then our jury is split.
Has the jury arrived at a verdict? JURY FOREMAN: Yes, we have, Your Honor.
The jury finds in favor of the defendant, Dr.
Jason Bull, and his company Trial Analysis Corporation.
Well, just goes to show you, the older I get, the dumber I get.
I was right about you in college.
You are a force of nature, sir.
And you're really great at what you do.
I owe you a million thanks.
And a million apologies.
Oh, truthfully, the only thing you owe me is money.
(CHUCKLES) I'm happy for you, Jason.
You've built something you can be proud of.
And people shouldn't be allowed to take it away from you just because things didn't work out the way they wanted.
Why doesn't this feel better? (SIGHS) I thought victory was supposed to make you feel good.
Hmm, you're the doctor, you tell me.
(LAUGHS) Good job! (SPEAKING ETHIOPIAN) P-Police? (SPEAKING ETHIOPIAN) Do you speak English? Nice to see you both again.
Have a seat.
Sorry we're late.
I thought we were meeting at Mr.
Getman's office.
This is my office.
Well, if this is about filing suit to recover court costs BULL: It isn't.
We wanted to meet with you face-to-face to give you a heads-up about something.
You will be receiving a call shortly from the State Department with some flight information.
Flight information? For whom? Oh, Alex? You mean, he's? He's coming back.
H-How? How did you? I didn't.
He did.
I'll explain everything, but I need you to listen.
I'm listening.
Your son is on his way home.
And his father is awaiting trial in Ethiopia.
You know how much it hurt you to be away from your son, that's how much it hurt his father for the past five years.
You can make this right.
Let Abel come to the States.
Don't press charges.
Let him be a part of Alexander's life in some way.
GETMAN: A-And you know what? Here's another thought.
Maybe consider starting a foundation.
You're good at getting the media's attention.
And it might be nice to focus on something other than yourself for a change.
Excuse me? Ignore the presentation, focus on the message.
It's why he works in the outer boroughs.
Did I say something wrong? Though this has been a difficult experience for all of us, my eyes have been opened to both the profound benefits and potential pitfalls to international adoption.
That is why it is the mission of the Bekele Foundation to make sure that every child brought to America is done so ethically and with transparency.
And now, there's someone very special I would like to thank.
Jason Bull.
(APPLAUSE) Because of you, my son has both a mother and a father.
Because of you, we are all a family.
And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Don't you find this to be a bit hypocritical? - She was suing us three weeks ago.
- I guess.
I like her hair.
I love her clothes.
Notwithstanding the legal thing, I think she's a really nice person.