Bull (2016) s02e20 Episode Script


1 Your car is 17 minutes away.
Guess what I did today.
I played hooky.
Had my teaching assistant cover my two classes.
And I went to a pub, sat by myself and read something that I did not have to read.
What the hell are you doing over there? Huh? Where are you going? Not going anywhere.
I just thought this thing takes up so much room in the closet.
Might make more sense keeping it under the bed, but doesn't fit.
Really? Not going anywhere, huh? Who do you think you're messing with huh? Haven't we already been through this? I wasn't I needed to get away for a bit just to to write and to think.
Oh, that's a bunch of crap, Kate.
That is a bunch of crap! We both know that you don't write.
Okay, buying garbage on the Internet that you don't need is not writing.
Reading articles that other people wrote is not writing.
I'm sorry.
I should have I should have told you, not surprised you.
I just I knew you'd be upset.
You have any idea how stupid that accent makes you sound? Say it again.
Say "I'm sorry," and say it without the accent.
I'm sorry.
I'm so s-sorry.
You can do it.
Let's see what else you can do.
Uh no.
No, this is Kate Martin's husband.
Who's this? I'm sorry.
Yeah, she changed her mind.
Yeah, Kate Martin isn't going anywhere today.
Katie, what are you doing? Doesn't matter where you go.
I'm gonna find you and I'll bring you back here.
I did it before.
I'll do it again.
Hey, where's Benny? Downstairs, I think.
All right.
Oh, and that's that's an amazing gift.
Well, she's an amazing girl.
Benny? Your sister called me three times last night.
Hung up before I could answer.
Something I should know about? You got me, but if she called you, you should call her.
I did.
I left a couple of voicemails; she never returned.
Can't be an alimony thing.
I mean, it's not an alimony thing, right? I have no idea, but you know Izzy.
She's not shy.
If she has something important to tell you Point taken.
Good morning to you, too.
I just have a bad feeling about something.
Well, I want to warn you.
I-I just put Dr.
Grint in your office.
Grint from the Survivors' Justice Project? Is she looking for money? - I have no idea.
- Oh.
'Cause now is not the time.
Izzy's been calling me, and I I just have a sense something's up, and it's gonna cost me.
All I know is she said it was important.
For the millionth time Marian.
What can I do for you Marian? Dr.
Bull, you once told me if I ever needed a favor I've been seeing her on and off for two years, urging her to get out.
- And of course she didn't.
- Of course she didn't.
Now she's being charged with murder.
Well, that's what happens when you kill someone.
She's been appointed a public defender.
Sounds about right.
And I was hoping you might whisper in his ear about juries and who to look for and all that good stuff that you're so wonderful at.
Happy to do it, but the truth is, I'm sure whoever they've given your client is more than up to the task, and I don't need to tell you, the courts see a lot of these kinds of cases.
And there's nothing unusual or exotic about it.
She shot him in the back.
That makes it a touch more complicated, but presumably, it was self-defense, so While he was fast asleep.
That's a tough one.
What have we here? Dr.
Jason Bull, this is Mark Burns.
Mark has been appointed Kate's public defender.
Mark, Dr.
Jason Bull.
I'm, uh, just here to help.
It's your show.
Well, it's pretty cut and dried.
It's not rocket science.
It's one of those stories I can pretty much tell you the ending of right now, but I'm happy to listen to anything you have to say.
Is she with us? That's the enemy.
That's A.
Amy Lake.
She's a tough one.
But I've been talking to her, seeing if we can't find some common ground.
What's she doing here? Same thing I'm doing, waiting for the judge.
The girl's banged up pretty good.
She's got a couple of broken ribs and a punctured lung.
They're still doing some tests, but they want to do the arraignment here in the hospital.
You think I can have a few minutes with her? The accused, I mean? Of course.
I should have warned you.
They do look somewhat alike, don't they? She and her husband have been married almost four years.
He taught writing at Hudson.
Apparently, he's one of their most popular teachers.
It didn't help that he was smart.
He only hit her in places that clothing covered until now.
And she was the kind of wife never went to the police.
She went to the emergency room once last year.
Paid cash, gave a false name.
He was sleeping.
It's really gonna be a tough sell.
Why now? You her family? If she wakes up, tell her we just got the test back.
The baby's fine.
Aren't we being a little dramatic? You got something against hospital cafeterias? They serve coffee.
They have walls.
Did you know she was pregnant? Nine weeks.
Doesn't change anything.
She shot him in the back while he lay sleeping.
That's all the jury's gonna hear.
You ever heard of "battered woman syndrome"? They have a syndrome now? My older sister was married to a gym teacher.
Ran the youth ministry at church.
Chaired the big school carnival to raise money for cancer research.
And when they'd fight which apparently was more than anybody realized he'd get her on the ground and kick her.
He weighed 215.
She weighed 122.
And one day, he kicked her too hard.
Ruptured her spleen.
And six hours later, she was gone.
I'm sorry.
But I know that you know that has nothing to do with this.
I'm telling you, I have this handled.
- I've been huddling with the A.
- Oh.
They're gonna try her for first-degree murder Is that your applause line? reducible to second degree manslaughter, which means that all we have to do is create some kind of doubt, and then we've got a 90% chance that the jury's gonna convict on the lesser plea, and she's looking at seven to eight years instead of life.
You've given up on her already.
Her being found innocent isn't even on your menu.
She isn't innocent.
She shot him in the back while he was sleeping.
Have you spoken with her? Have you conferred with your client? No.
She's been sedated, but what is it that you think she would say? You're fired.
Excuse me? Okay.
Two things.
One: I didn't ask for this job, and two: you're not the one who hired me.
Trust me.
By the time you get downstairs, I'll make sure you're fired, unless you go to the judge and you demand that she be tried on first- degree murder charges, only first-degree.
It's all or nothing.
You're out of your mind.
And you're out of your depth.
And you're fired.
Fine by me.
I'm sure it is.
Benjamin Colón.
It's time to go to work.
This happy couple is Kate and Brian Martin.
He was a writing professor at Hudson College.
She had her master's and was working on her first novel.
In addition to being a serial adulterer, Kate claims he physically and psychologically abused her for at least the past three years.
Last week, while eight weeks pregnant with their first child, she shot him in the back while he slept.
Then she went to sleep while he bled out next to her.
Sounds horrible.
- I gather she's our client? - Yes, she is.
And it is horrible.
It's also daunting from a legal perspective.
I mean, how do you prove that shooting someone while they slept is, in fact, self-defense? Between you and me, I don't think you can.
Your opinion notwithstanding, Bull believes she's innocent.
In fact, he believes it so strongly that he and I argued in front of a judge yesterday that the only charge that the jury should consider is first-degree murder.
No lesser charges, no manslaughter, no assault with a deadly weapon it's all or nothing.
Life in prison or no jail time at all.
Right now there is precious little evidence to offer with regard to Brian's propensity for violence.
Kate didn't talk about it with anyone.
So I need the two of you to drill down on Brian's romantic life and find some other victims victims willing to testify on Kate's behalf.
Finding exes online? That's my area.
Can I ask a highly inappropriate question? How much of this has to do with Bull's sister? Uh, how did you know about Bull's sister? I came here from the FBI.
I wasn't about to change jobs without knowing everything I could about my employer.
Wait a minute.
What do you guys know that I don't know? I got to go.
I'm meeting Bull.
And I have a jury pool list I need to pick up from the county clerk.
Danny? You have a keyboard.
Use it.
Professor Jameson.
Professor Jameson.
You failed me.
I did nothing of the kind, Mr.
You failed yourself.
All I did was record and aggregate an average of your grades in my class.
Grades that you gave me.
Grades that I'm convinced reflect your biases far more than they reflect my work.
You're entitled to your opinion, Mr.
It's not my opinion.
I got A's in my other two courses.
Well, I can't speak to your work in other courses, but in mine, your work was deficient, and your grade reflects that.
And by the way, I don't take kindly to being shanghaied in the hallway.
Well, I tried for a week to get an appointment with your office, but no one returned my calls.
I can't imagine why.
Is it just that I work for a trial scientist? Or is there more? What does it matter? I'll almost certainly never see you again, and you'll almost certainly never see me.
I prefer to focus on the positive.
I prefer to focus on that.
Good day, Mr.
She told me she left once before.
Headed down to Florida.
Within a week, he found her, begged her to return, said that it would be different, that he had changed.
Apparently, on their whole car trip back to New York, he was wonderful funny, charming, loving.
And then as soon as they got back in the apartment, he broke her collarbone.
Boy, I'd love to get somebody to testify to that a doctor or insurance adjustor They don't exist.
He covered his tracks very well.
And because she loved him, she helped.
And having fled once, she realized running wouldn't solve anything.
That no matter where she went, he'd find her and keep hurting her, and, by extension, hurt the baby.
So no witnesses, no hospital records.
How do we get the jury to understand what her life was like? For that matter, what kind of jurors are we looking for? It's actually easier for me to tell you who we're not looking for.
We're not looking for people who are rigid and rule-bound.
They're just gonna follow the law and send our lady to prison for life.
Forgive me, but how do you find something like that out? How do you see if a person is rigid or rule-bound? It's all about the questions.
It's Christmas morning, and your kids are opening up presents.
Lots of toys to put together.
Anybody here actually look at the instructions? Your Honor, we'd like to thank and excuse this juror.
Once we weed out the rule-bound, we need to identify folks with strong survival instincts, people who listen to their intuition when it comes to dangerous situations and act on it without fear of the consequences.
You're on the street, and you see an older man with a child who seems frightened and is pulling away.
What do you do? What do you mean? How do you know it's not the kid's father? Maybe the kid's being difficult? I'm not sure there's anything to do.
Your Honor, we move to strike this juror.
We're looking for people who, when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation, don't hesitate, don't ask if it's the right move they just act, like Kate did.
And you, sir, what do you do? If I'm reading it as a dangerous situation, maybe I pretend to be the kid's dad.
Get him away from the guy so I can find the real parents.
This juror's acceptable to the defense, Your Honor.
Nice to see you again, Kate.
You're looking better.
I'm guessing they're weaning you off the sedatives? I was never on a lot to begin with because of the baby.
Kate, remember you did what you had to do.
You can't let go of that.
I have been staring at you from across the courtroom, and last night I finally got the chance to do a little homework and find out something about you.
Lake, you've been assigned to the Domestic Violence unit for the past 15 years.
You've made a career out of putting abusers away, protecting people like my client.
What's wrong with this picture? Nothing's wrong with this picture, Dr.
Sometimes it's harder than you might think to tell the abused from the abuser.
Sometimes it's harder than you might think My God.
His whole family is here.
Maybe I made a mistake.
Maybe I should have let you call my family.
Oh, it's okay.
We'll make some calls after court.
It's been said that every marriage is its own secret society, with its own rules and customs and understandings.
Was abuse part of the Martin marriage? Yes, it was on both sides.
That's not what happened at all.
Were there infidelities? Yes, as we will prove, on both sides.
That woman certainly can spin a yarn, can't she? Officer Levy, can you please tell us about your visit to the Martins' home some two years ago on April 8, 2016? A noise complaint was called into the station.
I responded.
And what did you find? I arrived on scene, where the defendant and her husband had clearly been fighting.
Broken pictures, knickknacks on the floor, laptop computer looked like it'd been thrown against the wall.
They had apparently calmed down prior to my arrival.
And both assured me everything was okay.
While I didn't see any evidence of physical abuse, I followed protocol, separated the defendant and her husband, urged Mrs.
Martin to speak candidly to me.
It's a tiny apartment Brian could hear everything.
And what did she say? She appeared calm.
Said it was a misunderstanding.
And what happened the next day? Mr.
Martin reached out to me at the station.
He was interested in filing a restraining order against Mrs.
I thought it couldn't get any worse, but it actually has.
What restraining order is he talking about? I-I have no idea.
Danny here.
Look, no restraining order was ever actually issued.
And no official report was filed with the station house.
So are you saying that the victim was afraid of his wife, that he felt the need to protect himself? Objection, Your Honor.
There is no restraining order, not that we've been able to determine, and not that the prosecution offered in discovery.
Can I answer? Go ahead.
I never said Mr.
Martin actually filed the order.
I only said that he inquired about the process.
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about that.
Bearer of bad news here.
The jurors find Officer Levy credible, and they're buying into the idea that Brian could have been afraid of Kate.
It's all feeding into the prosecution's story.
Officer Levy, isn't it true that sometimes people seek out restraining orders for duplicitous reasons? People can and do abuse the system, sure.
And isn't it true that sometimes abusive partners will go through the motions of taking out a restraining order against their victims to create a false narrative or to neutralize a situation should they ever be taken to court? Objection.
That is not a question.
Jury heard it, though.
Ask a question, Mr.
Are restraining orders ever sought as a preemptive defense? So, in case the abuser ever got caught, they could point to the order and say that they were defending themselves.
I've heard of that happening.
Not a lot, but But you are aware of it, aren't you? I am.
Thank you, Officer Levy.
No further questions.
Good job, Benny.
We finally picked up a juror.
One down, 11 to go.
A girl's first day in court a memory I'll always cherish.
And by the way, I was never unfaithful to my husband, and I never struck him.
It's easy to get discouraged.
Just remember, nobody's heard our side yet.
Okay? So, you and Izzy connect yet? Nope.
I left her three messages.
I guess whatever the reason for her call was, she decided it wasn't so important after all.
Well, no matter what, I'm your guy.
I don't remember asking for a loyalty oath, but I appreciate the gesture.
You know I've never felt less prepared to do my job than I did today.
We know precious little about this woman.
Now wait a second.
Grint Marian from the Survivors' Justice Project, she Marian is not a lawyer.
She's not a detective.
She is a doctor of social work.
She knows what Kate tells her.
I know you trust her.
I know she did everything she could to help your sister.
I don't know.
Two and a half years and all these supposed beatings, not a-a single doctor to testify for us? Not a single hospital bill? Not a single friend? Everybody's working.
Everybody's trying.
I know.
I know.
Like I said, I'm your guy.
But I need you to know that I don't have a lot to work with.
And I just don't want to let you down.
I just went through the witness statement for Alyssa Bell, Brian's current teaching assistant and the woman he was having an affair with when Kate shot him.
According to her, he wasn't violent, he never struck her, barely even raised his voice.
Not to pile on, but I've gone through all of his social media and even hacked his e-mail.
The guy was clearly a dog.
I mean, every semester, he would get a new T.
, and by "get," I'm pretty sure you guys know what I mean.
But I guess I'd be lying if I said there was even a hint that anyone was afraid of him or concerned for their physical safety.
I was able to get a set of medical files from the walk-in clinic that she told us she went to in the fall for her collarbone injury.
The problem is, is the patient name she used when she checked in is Jane Doe, and the doctor who attended to her no longer works there.
Any other discouraging news on the investigative front? Excellent.
We need to talk strategy for tomorrow.
The A.
is gonna call Brian's sister to the stand.
- Surprise, surprise.
- We need to get ahead of it.
Counteract what we know is gonna be emotional testimony without making it look like we are attacking a woman who just lost her brother.
You think she knew about Brian's abuse? Judging from the way she and everyone else in her family are glaring at Kate I don't think she had a clue.
Can't we use that in our favor? How do you mean? She's just like the jurors.
In her mind, there's no abuse.
There's no possible justification for what Kate did.
But if we can educate her, show her while she's on the stand what she didn't know about her brother, make her see the truth, the jurors are gonna see it, too.
That's a nice plan, Chunk.
Unfortunately, we have no evidence to support any of Kate's assertions.
Can't just say things to the woman without being able to back them up.
Well, I'll get to work on this list of exes.
Yeah, I'll keep hacking away.
Maybe one of the T.
s texted a friend or their mother something we can use.
You gonna be okay? No.
They're all correct, you know.
I've done a stupid thing.
Relied on a faulty piece of calculus.
Helping this woman will not change the fact that I did nothing to help my own sister.
It's true.
You failed at being God.
You are responsible for everyone and everything.
Just indulge me.
Let me wallow in my own self pity.
You know what, Jason? Your sister was an adult.
She made her own decisions, her own choices about who to be with.
And nothing you could have done would have changed that.
You loved her.
And that is really your only obligation as a brother.
As for our client, you can only do what you can do.
She's giving you very little to work with.
Get some sleep.
Tomorrow is gonna come whether we're ready for it or not.
And as a brilliant trial scientist once said to me, if anyone tells you they know how a criminal proceeding is gonna end, they've never been to more than one.
See you in the morning.
My brother had a really good heart.
He loved his wife.
He always spoke so highly of her.
It was like he was constantly selling her to us.
I was like, "We already bought her.
We love her.
" I just I don't understand.
Objection, Your Honor.
Relevance? Take your seat, Mr.
You may continue.
What do you mean? What don't you understand? All of it.
How you can say you love a man and then kill him.
Can't say you love him knowing you watched him bleed out on your bed.
Now, Kate and Brian were married almost four years.
In all that time, how often would you say you visited their apartment? Actually, uh, I've never been to their apartment.
Really? I find that surprising.
He was your brother.
Well, they lived in Brooklyn.
It's hard to get to from where we are.
But they invited you, right? Tried to get you over? Actually, I'm not sure that they did.
I mean, he was always talking about how small the apartment was, and-and I'm not sure that they felt comfortable entertaining there.
We had a house.
But they visited you.
Am I correct? All the time.
Brian loves loved my daughters, his nieces.
He and Kate would play with them for hours.
I always thought when the time was right, they would have a beautiful family of their own.
She really had no idea.
What about vacations? Did you all vacation together? We'd try, but Brian's schedule was so unpredictable.
Something was always coming up.
What about the Hawaii vacation last summer? They had to cancel.
Um, something at the university.
What if I told you Brian canceled because he didn't want anyone seeing Kate in a bathing suit with all her various bruises and injuries on display? Objection.
No foundation.
Your Honor, I have a good faith basis for asking the question.
Answer the question, please.
Well, that's just not true.
I-I don't, I don't understand what you're saying.
He-he had a meeting come up, a lecture, something.
What about the hiking trip last fall? What if I told you that Brian fractured Kate's clavicle just two days before the trip? Objection.
Facts not in evidence.
Your Honor, I'd like to submit the following Chelsea West Walk-In Clinic records under the name Jane Doe, which our client was just able to provide us with this morning.
I've got medical records, X-rays.
May I please show the witness? I'll allow it, subject to future verification.
Well, that's fine.
I But I don't know what I'm looking at here.
It's what your brother did to his wife.
No one has authenticated those images.
My apologies, Your Honor.
I'm getting ahead of myself.
Now, let's just talk about the long sleeves in the summer.
The fact that you never met Kate's family.
The fact that Kate never spoke for herself when Brian was there and he was always there.
Perhaps 'cause he was afraid of what she might say.
What she'd tell you.
What she'd show you.
Objection, Your Honor.
They were a beautiful couple.
He adored her.
Your Honor, those are not questions.
Counselor, ask the witness a question and give her a chance to answer.
Actually, I have no further questions, Your Honor.
Wow, Bull.
You and Benny just doubled our green jurors.
Meaning we have two jurors out of 12.
We're like a runaway train.
So, in all your time together, you never saw a propensity to violence? He never lost his temper? Um, never made you feel afraid? Okay.
Well, um, I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.
Enjoy your new home.
Enjoy Florida.
I found one more, and she's local.
Hailee Sparks.
She dropped out of the grad program a couple years ago, transferred to a different school.
Cross your fingers.
Maybe he scared her away.
We made some progress today.
I know.
I felt it.
What's our next move? You're our next move.
It's time for us to tell our story, and we have no one to tell it but you.
But isn't that a risky thing to do? I've always read that you try to never put an accused murderer on the stand.
That's true.
But we really have no choice.
My best guess is we have two jurors on our side.
If no one in the jury room is able to-to sway them during deliberations best case is you're looking at a hung jury and a mistrial.
With ten jurors ready to convict, the district attorney's office is definitely going to move to retry, which means you spend a year in prison pregnant having watched your baby taken from you and put into foster care.
You testifying is the best chance we have to change some minds.
I think we have to take it.
Did you know your husband Brian was having an affair? I assumed he was having an affair.
I realized shortly after our first anniversary that he was always having affairs.
Affairs were his oxygen.
I think they made him feel better about just being the most popular professor, instead of the acclaimed novelist, which is really what he always wanted to be.
In her opening statement, the A.
mentioned that you were also having extramarital affairs.
Is that true? Not only have I never cheated on my husband, my husband is actually the only man I've ever been with.
I met him when I was 19, and I was instantly besotted.
I love that word.
Brian taught me that word.
So let me ask you the million-dollar question.
If you knew your husband was having an affair, if he beat you, as you claim, why not leave? Because I loved him.
And maybe I I hated me a little bit.
And also, because he'd always sense when it was too much, and he'd tell me he was sorry, that he was putting a stop to it, and I believed him.
Our ten to two just became nine to three.
But isn't it true that you tried to leave once before? Yes.
I left once.
Why? What happened between you that finally made you willing to leave? He was drunk.
He came home.
Told me I was boring.
He told me I was a boring person, a boring woman, and most of all a boring writer.
And that was the straw that broke the camel's back? No.
He, uh punched me in the vagina.
Your Honor, this woman, this murderer is telling stories about a dead man that no one can corroborate.
Sit down, please.
You'll have your chance to cross-examine.
Continue, Mr.
What happened? Um he found me, drove me home, promised to change.
Broke my collarbone.
Can you tell the jury what compelled you to leave this last time? Uh, a hundred things.
A million things.
And then I I found out that I was eight weeks pregnant.
No further questions, Your Honor.
I'm staring at eight red and four green.
It's not good enough.
I know you feel I sent you out there half-naked, but for what it's worth, you acquitted yourself beautifully.
She acquitted herself beautifully.
I only wish it were enough.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
If only there were one other person, someone who would testify that this guy was genuinely dangerous.
Actually, there is.
Two years ago, I T.
'd his class.
Helped with lectures, small groups, that sort of thing.
He was charming, flirty aggressively so.
I knew he was married, I knew it was wrong, but I started sleeping with him anyway.
I told myself I didn't really have a choice.
He was on the faculty board in charge of my scholarship, grading my thesis.
It was easier to just go along with it.
I wish I had been smarter, stronger.
Relevance? Overruled.
Continue, please.
Did you ever have occasion to meet with Mrs.
Martin during your relationship with her husband? I did.
Sort of.
There was this one night.
It was winter.
I went back to the office late, which I never did.
I had left my laptop there.
Anyway, there's an outer office where I worked and an inner office where Brian worked.
And as I unlocked the front door, I could hear him in there.
And I could hear a woman's voice, as well.
So, anyway, I didn't flip on the light, didn't do anything.
Just stood there in the doorway.
They were yelling, fighting.
Brian had this tone.
I had never heard it before.
It was it was so vicious.
He was calling her names, calling her "stupid," calling her his "bitch wife.
" And then the woman was crying, telling him she was going to go to the police.
And then he laughed, and then there was this sound.
I didn't know if he punched her or if he kicked her, but you could hear him make contact, and you could hear her moan.
And then I heard him tell her that if she ever went to the police, he'd kill her.
And what did you do? God.
I did nothing.
I was just kind of frozen.
And then, like, a second later, the inner door office opens, and it's Brian, and he sees me standing there, and I must have just had this look on my face.
Why? What did he do? He just blew by me, just disappeared, through the door, down the hall, just left the building.
And what did you do? Once I knew he was gone, I called out.
I didn't leave the doorway, but I called out.
I asked if whoever was in there was all right, and she said she was, so I grabbed my laptop and I left.
Next morning, I withdrew from school.
Never saw Brian again.
And I'm so, so sorry.
What you feeling, boss? Nine days.
We certainly know they thought about it, struggled with it.
That's all we know.
Why did I plead with that judge to disallow manslaughter or any other lesser charge? What possessed me to go for all or nothing? I should have left those jurors a door to walk through.
But I think you need to pull yourself together, Bull.
That girl is depending on you.
I know.
I know you know.
Good afternoon, Dr.
Bull, Mr.
Colón, Dr.
I'm sorry.
I I can't stop shaking.
Hold on to me.
That's better, isn't it? Now you just hang on and don't let go, 'cause I'm here.
This thing's gonna go one of two ways.
Either it's all been one big bad dream and you're about to become a free woman, in which case I'm gonna take you for a walk, because walking is very good for pregnant women, you know.
My sister told me that.
Or if, for some reason, things don't go our way in there well, you're not rid of me, 'cause we're just gonna appeal the living daylights out of this thing.
I mean, you are gonna be so sick of me.
Not possible.
You'll see.
I'm very unusual.
I'm actually an acquired dislike.
We the jury find the defendant, Kate Martin not guilty of murder in the first degree.
Thank you for your service.
This court is adjourned.
Good call on the all-or-nothing strategy.
Hey, when you've been doing this as long as I have And you should reach out to your family.
You're gonna need them, now more than ever.
It's okay.
Let him go.