Bull (2016) s03e18 Episode Script

Don't Say a Word

1 (TIRES SCREECHING) (ENGINE STOPS) (KEYS JANGLE) - (TV PLAYING INDISTINCTLY) - Get him, get him oh ANNOUNCER: He's changing it up, mixing levels.
You're drunk.
You swore if I let the girls sleep here tonight, - you wouldn't drink.
- And I didn't.
Not till I tucked them in.
For God's sake, woman.
Who died and made you sheriff of Boring? Look at you, you can barely stand.
What if there was an emergency? What if you had to take one of the girls to the hospital? The girls are fine.
And you lost the right to lecture me when you walked out.
So why don't you give me those keys? Not with my girls here.
Oh, really? This is my ranch, those are my keys and I want you off my property.
(GRUNTS, COUGHS) (GROANING) - I'm going and I am taking those girls with me! And as soon as I can find a lawyer, I am gonna demand full custody.
The hell you are.
(GUN CLICKS) (GUNSHOT) (GROANS SOFTLY) DEREK: Well, the girls and I, we did our regular bedtime routine.
Gave them a bath, read to them.
One book turned into three.
And then we said our prayers together.
And after I'd finally gotten them down I turned on the TV and I had a few drinks.
DIANA: And then what happened? Mr.
Reed? I heard a squeak, on the stairs.
As if someone was making their way up towards the bedrooms.
To the bedrooms? Where your daughters were sleeping.
And-and like I said, I-I'd had a few drinks, the-the whole house was dark.
(CLEARS THROAT) I grabbed my gun.
I mea I really couldn't see, and I just wanted to protect my girls.
Could you see that it was a woman? Not in the dark, and not from the back.
She was wearing a-a coat and a baseball cap.
(EXHALES) But when she fell down the stairs, and when I finally saw her, I No more questions, Your Honor.
JUDGE: How does the jury find? FOREMAN: On the charge of murder, we the jury find the defendant Derek Reed - not guilty.
- Thank you, Ms.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you for saving my life.
Victor, Sandy.
I can't thank you enough for taking care of Lila and Mae for me during this horrible ordeal.
But now it's time for my girls to come back home.
Hell no.
I don't give a damn what that jury said.
You murdered our daughter.
And there's no way on God's Earth I'm gonna let you anywhere near our grandchildren.
I'd just like to grab a seat at the bar.
Bar's full, sir.
Well, then, could I get a table? For one, sir? It's just me.
It's Friday night, sir.
We're fully committed.
I know you have that room back there where you keep extra ties and jackets for people who show up without.
Do you think maybe you've got someone back there that would sit with me? Ha, ha.
You don't want to go take a look? Who knows, you might stumble across your sense of humor.
You say you feeling flexible For you, I could be clearing out my schedule (LAUGHS) Your bag have jokes printed on them? "Why don't Americans eat snails? Because they like fast food.
" Huh? Huh? But wait, there's more.
"How did the burger propose to the fry? With an onion ring.
" (CHUCKLES) Big finish: "Why do hamburgers go to the gym? To get better buns.
And people say there is no God.
Hello, No Caller I.
What can I do for you? DIANA (OVER PHONE): You doing anything this weekend? Diana.
(STATIC OVER PHONE) Uh, damn, we're going into a tunnel.
I'm gonna lose you.
Can I call you back in ten minutes? (SIGHS) Diana.
I asked you a question.
Listen, I have been trying to get ahold of you for two months.
And, look, I know I invited you to New York and then I uninvited you to New York, but You doing anything this weekend? Excuse me? There's a plane ticket for tomorrow's noon flight to Houston - waiting for you at Kennedy Airport.
- (PHONE CHIMES) And I just texted you the address of a hotel and a room number in a town called Katy, Texas, about 30 miles outside of Houston.
Rent a car at the airport, meet me at that room at 4:00 p.
, but leave your bags in the car.
Bring a week's worth of clothes and don't tell anyone Wait-wait a sec, wait-wait a sec, wait a second.
So you think that I am gonna hop on a plane just 'cause you snap your fingers and I'm feeling a little guilty? Oh, I'm certain of it.
(LINE CLICKS) You say you feeling flexible For you, I could be clearing out my schedule Welcome to Katy, Texas, sir.
What are we doing here? Well, it's 30 miles outside of Houston and I don't know a soul who lives here, and I'm guessing neither do you.
And I wouldn't want people to know we're gonna be in this room together.
I guess this means you forgive me now.
This means I don't forgive you.
Not yet.
So I've been representing this very wealthy man, Derek Reed.
He was accused of murdering his wife.
Okay, and you need help.
No, trial's over.
I won.
- I'm impressed.
- Mm.
Now his wife's parents are suing for the custody of their two little girls.
Blake Powers, my firm's senior family law attorney, is handling that case.
- He any good? - (CHUCKLES) Well, if you listen to him, he's the best in Texas.
I'm waiting for a punch line.
Well, here it comes.
Did you know that Texas is the only state of the Union where you have the right to request a jury trial in a child custody case? I did not know that.
So is that why I'm here? You want me to help this colleague of yours? No.
I want you to help the other side.
I want you to help these children's grandparents.
You think your guy did it, don't you? Murdered his wife.
You know I can't answer that question.
In fact, I will go to my grave denying we ever had - this conversation.
- What conversation? I'm serious, Jason.
Me reaching out to you like this, it could get me fired, even disbarred.
(PHONE CHIMES) Excuse me a moment.
That's my car.
So, are you gonna do this for me? What, we can't have dinner? I haven't forgiven you yet.
When will that be? Well, when you win.
What's this? The keycards for this room.
You're only to come here when I call you.
On that piece of paper is the grandparents' name and address.
They're expecting you at their house tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.
I called from a public phone, pretended I worked for you.
You're scary.
No, baby, I'm thorough.
You stay here ten minutes, I'm leaving now.
Don't you think you're being a little dramatic? How about we order room service? I'll hide in the bathroom when they deliver the food.
I'm very good at hiding in bathrooms.
In fact, I've won awards for it.
This room is a place for you and I to talk.
About the case, period.
Thank you.
I don't even remember saying yes.
Well, I do, and I'm very grateful.
I don't get it.
You are a New York City trial scientist, and you came all the way down here to help us.
And how did you even come to hear about our case? An attorney here in Houston was outraged by the verdict in your daughter's murder trial, reached out to me.
But that attorney insists on remaining anonymous.
And is he paying you? No.
Derek Reed paying you? No.
SANDY: Hey, Victor, bring the doctor out front! That Derek's a charmer.
Had us completely fooled.
I realized pretty quick his ranch foreman was doing all the heavy lifting out there.
Left Derek with a lot of free time on his hands which he spent mostly drinking.
Brought out a mean temper in him.
And how long had they been separated? Barely three weeks.
She'd just moved herself and the girls in here with us.
Hadn't even filed for divorce yet.
BULL: Any idea what possessed your daughter to go over to the ranch at that late hour? No.
The girls were spending the night with Derek.
Amanda went out to the grocery store and then she just never came back.
Police said he called her about 15 minutes before the killing.
It's a good sign, don't you think, that the custody judge is letting us keep Lila and Mae through the trial? Well, maybe.
But it'll be up to the jury to make the final decision.
Well, that Derek sure knows how to charm a jury.
Harper, figuring out what to say to a jury is what I do.
I'd like to help you.
But I can't make you take my help.
Well, as far as I'm concerned, you're our man.
Isn't that right, Victor? You just get me those kids.
I'm in Houston.
Say hello to Diana for me.
This has nothing to do with Diana, it's strictly business.
Whatever you say.
I need you to clear everyone's schedule for a few weeks and book a flight to Houston for you and Benny.
The two of us? H-How soon? Well, right now; tomorrow's Monday.
The thing is, I don't think that I can.
I have this doctor thing.
It was really hard to get and it's very time-sensitive and You all right? I'm fine.
It's just it's really just something I need to attend to.
Well, talk to Taylor, see if she can make arrangements for her son.
Since the parties cannot agree as to what's in the children's best interest, let me share the guardian ad litem's recommendations.
The guardian found nothing in her investigation to warrant overturning the preference for keeping the children with their biological parent.
Moreover, she reports Here it is.
"While Lila didn't wish to choose between "her father and her grandparents, "her younger sister Mae definitely wants "to live with her father.
Therefore, "it's the guardian's recommendation that the children be returned to their father, Mr.
" BULL: Forgive me, Your Honor, but if I understand you correctly, this court-appointed guardian is basing her decision solely on the whims of a four-year-old girl who's grieving the loss of her mother and misses the house she grew up in? Does that make sense to you? (SIGHS) We're the grown-ups in the room.
And we're the ones who should think long and hard before handing these girls over to the man who shot their mother.
It was an accident.
Everybody knows it was an accident.
Your Honor, my client has come here today with a fair and reasonable offer and has only been met with hostility - and outright provocation.
- Save it for the courtroom, Counselor.
It is obvious the parties are too far apart to resolve their differences in mediation.
Therefore, we will commence with trial.
But I want to make one thing absolutely clear.
This is a custody hearing.
Not a retrial of Mr.
Reed's murder charge.
Reed was acquitted in a court of law.
And I will not allow any evidence attempting to prove that Mr.
Reed intentionally killed his wife.
Is that understood? Yes, Your Honor.
Well, make yourselves at home, why don't you? Everybody comfy? What's not to like? They make your bed, they bring you food.
- Life is good.
- She's only saying that 'cause she doesn't have to go into court.
- Hmm.
- BENNY: Now, I'm not gonna lie.
Being able to tell the jury that Derek murdered his wife would have made a real difference.
Not sure we have much of a hand to play anymore.
Well, we just got to shuffle the deck a little.
Find some other way to show the jury that Derek is an unfit parent.
Well, first thing tomorrow, I'm gonna start looking for domestic disturbance reports, um, complaints from neighbors, medical records.
Benny's right, there's got to be something.
And I'm gonna keep boning up on this Texas custody law.
And I am going to bed.
I will see you both in the lobby, 8:00 a.
See you then.
VICTOR: And the more Derek drank, the more worried I got for my daughter.
And for those little girls.
BENNY: And what makes you say that? Did you ever witness an incident where Derek put Lila and Mae in danger? Well, about a year ago, Derek and Amanda and the kids, they came over to our place for a barbecue.
Derek went through the better part of a bottle of whiskey that night.
And when Amanda told him there was no way he was driving the family home, he got angry.
Screamed at her.
Got so riled up, he slammed the porch door and broke the window glass.
Lila and Mae were terrified.
And my Amanda I should have done something then.
Protected my child.
Protected my child's children.
(SNIFFLES) Before it's too late.
BULL: Talk to me.
Unless these people are made of stone, you got to be staring at more green than red.
The mirror jurors appear to be very moved by Victor.
Of course, it's still early.
That's okay.
I try my best to savor the good times when they present themselves.
Now, taking care of two active little girls when you're in your 60s, that can't be easy.
My wife and I relish it.
Lila and Mae, they, they keep us young.
Of course, if you are awarded full custody, well, you'll be able to afford some help, won't you? Much bigger house.
All the things that make life easier.
Maybe a nanny, maybe a cook.
'Cause you will have control of the trust fund that Derek's parents set up for the girls before they died, isn't that true? If you're implying my wife and I want those girls for any reason other than that we love them and that we believe that their father is unfit to care for them, you are dead wrong.
We don't care about Derek's family money.
He can keep it.
We have plenty enough to provide for those girls.
Marissa, do they believe him? They certainly do.
That is very admirable, Mr.
Clear to me to the jury, I'm betting you're a man of high moral character.
I'd like to think so.
Not a doubt in my mind.
Hey Mr.
Harper do you happen to know a woman named Nadine Johnson? Yes.
POWERS: Did you have a romantic relationship with Ms.
Johnson roughly 45 years ago? BENNY: Objection.
- Relevance.
- I promise, Your Honor, I'm about to make the connection.
Witness will answer the question.
POWERS: And did you and Ms.
Johnson have a child together? Yes.
(GALLERY MURMURING) Did you have any role in raising that child? No.
No, I did not.
Well so will you mind telling the court why you think you should be granted custody of your grandchildren when in the past you saw fit to abandon your own child? (QUIETLY): Did you know about this? No.
(SIGHS) BENNY: You should have told us about the child, Mr.
If you had just filled us in, we could've gotten ahead of it.
There's not much to tell.
Her name was Nadine.
We were both 19.
It was a summer fling.
Not a care in the world.
Then one day, boom (CHUCKLES) out of nowhere, she's pregnant.
I figured it was a sign.
So I said, "Okay.
Let's get married.
" And she said the damnedest thing to me.
She said, "I really don't want to.
" She wanted to go back home to Indiana.
She had a high school sweetheart back there she wanted him to be the man she brought up the baby with.
She wouldn't even discuss it.
Name's Jimmy.
He's a civil engineer in Colorado.
Got a boy of his own.
I've been married to you for almost 40 years.
I never once heard you say that name.
Your son's name.
Not when we decided to get married, not when we decided to have a baby.
And not even when our only child was murdered.
I wanted to tell you.
No, you didn't.
You've been lying to me our whole marriage.
Now your lies are gonna cost us our granddaughters! Our granddaughters! We are gonna lose Lila and Mae over this! Are you happy? - Are you proud of yourself? - LILA: No! Stop it! Stop yelling at Grandpa! Stop! SANDY: Honey, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Grandma was just upset for a little bit.
But everything's okay.
Come here, baby.
It's okay.
Tell me you can fix this.
SANDY: Honey, I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
Tell me there's something we can do.
Tell us there are no more secrets.
Shh You have my word.
(PHONE VIBRATING) (SIGHS) (LOCK BEEPS) DIANA: Derek and Powers have been in the office celebrating all afternoon.
They're gonna give him those kids, aren't they? You know the answer to that.
He's gonna get what he wants 'cause 40 years ago a 19-year-old kid got a girl he met one summer pregnant, and I know one has nothing to do with the other, and you know one has nothing to do with the other, but juries What are we gonna do? (SIGHS) Well, I know what I'm gonna do.
I am gonna plead with you to tell me everything you can about this guy, anything that could make a difference, - 'cause short of that - Jason, I can't do that.
You know I can't do that.
- It's such a gross violation of ethics.
- (SPUTTERS) I was this man's lawyer.
Well, now I'm basically these little girls' lawyer, and I would like to win, for them, for you, for me.
So for God's sakes, will you talk to me? - I can't! - Then what the hell did you rent this room for? You won't talk to me.
You won't eat with me.
You won't sleep with me.
- You are a pig! - You're damn right.
- I'm a pig who likes to win.
- (DOOR OPENS, SLAMS) (SHOUTS) TAYLOR: And as that moon Drifts through the sky Mama's gonna sing you A lullaby.
Okay, sweet pea, it's time to go night-night.
No, I'll sing to you again tomorrow night.
I love you.
(KISSES) You mock, you die.
No, no, no, not me.
I am mock-less.
Mauricio had a bad dream.
Doesn't really understand his mom being so far away.
You and your ex must be pretty amicable for him to reach out to you like that.
Mm, I wouldn't go straight to amicable, but we do both really love our little boy.
And I've never once worried that Mauricio's unsafe with him.
Or that I might get shot in the back.
The thought that that killer might get custody of those little girls I know.
I take it you didn't find any dirt on Derek? No, and I know Bull's got it in his head that there's something to find, but I'm coming up empty.
What're you doing? Finish your food.
No, no, I got to see this through.
Amanda's social media feeds.
I keep hoping I'll find a picture of Amanda or one of the girls with a bruise or a cast.
Ah, what a wonderful thing to wish for.
POWERS: Now, Mr.
Reed, did you and your wife ever fight? All couples fight, and we had our fair share.
And then, when Amanda came and told me she wanted a divorce, maybe we had more than our fair share, but we did our best not to let it affect the children, not to let it upset Lila and Mae.
Now we have heard stories about your drinking.
It's true.
I let my drinking get out of control for a while, and, uh, I know it's-it's no excuse, but I-I'd just lost both my parents, and I was trying to run a ranch, and on top of that, my marriage was falling apart, so I drank.
They're feeling sorry for him, aren't they? I'm afraid so.
I've not had a drink since since the night of the accident.
And the love that used to That was quite a performance our sharpshooter dad gave.
Any ideas about what to come back at him with? Wait a minute.
Looks like we have company.
Found you guys.
I hope that's not all you found.
Any luck with the photos? Actually, interestingly, I found a peculiar absence of photos.
You lost me at "actually.
" Turns out Amanda and Derek went to Italy last year.
Soon as she got there, she started posting photos, but by day two of the trip, nothing.
Wait a minute, they went on vacation? Who only posts a day's worth of photos when they're on vacation? Nobody, certainly not a obsessive poster like Amanda, so I worked every Italian contact I ever had from my Homeland days, and well, you can read for yourselves.
Reed, it is our understanding that you and your late wife took a big trip to Italy last year.
Objection, Your Honor.
Relevance? Mr.
Powers, you just spent the entire morning questioning Mr.
Reed about events in his marriage.
Why shouldn't I allow opposing counsel the same liberty? Overruled.
Witness will answer the question.
We did go to Italy.
Amanda had always wanted to go, so I surprised her - with tickets for her birthday.
- BENNY: Aw.
That's nice.
And while you were in Rome, Amanda ended up at the hospital with a broken cheekbone, is that correct? She did.
We were staying at this beautiful old hotel very quaint um, but the bathtub was super slippery, and there was nothing to hold on to, nothing to give your feet traction when you were getting in or out.
So sure enough, one night, Amanda fell and-and she cracked her cheek on the edge of the tub.
No, I know, I know, that-that's what you told the hospital, but according to hospital records, when Amanda had a moment alone, she confessed that the injuries were a result of you hitting her.
POWERS: Objection.
Your Honor, these records have not been introduced or authenticated.
BENNY: Right you are.
My mistake.
Your Honor, I'd like to introduce as Exhibit 27 these hospital records and a notarized affidavit from the hospital administrator.
So admitted.
So, exactly how hard did you have to hit your wife to break her cheekbone, Mr.
Reed? Must have been quite a wallop.
POWERS: Your Honor.
Never mind.
I withdraw the question.
He's very good at this.
Ow! (LOCK BEEPS) Well don't you look like the cat who ate the canary.
Actually, I haven't eaten yet.
Which is why I ordered room service.
You could hide in the bathroom when they knock.
You got my text? "The worm turns.
" - You the worm? - Worm.
Whatever works.
We had a very good day in court today.
Thought you'd want to hear about it.
I gathered as much.
Looks like you're doing just what I thought you would do.
You're kicking his ass.
I'm sorry I called you a pig.
I'm sorry I said I want to sleep with you.
Okay, that's a lie.
That's okay.
Mine was a lie, too.
Have you eaten? Mm-mm.
Prove it.
- Bring that mouth over here.
- (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) (PHONE CHIMES) You should get that.
It could be Benny about the case.
It's a text.
It'll hold.
Benny's a big boy.
He can hold down the fort all by himself.
(PHONE CHIMES) I don't have a Benny.
Wonder what this is about.
I've been summoned to the judge's chambers at 8:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
Well, how weird is this? I got summoned to the judge's chambers at 8:00 a.
tomorrow morning.
I just lost my appetite.
Me, too.
Powers, I gather that your client believes the integrity of this trial has been compromised? Yes, Your Honor.
Reed has concerns that one of my partners, Ms.
Diana Lindsay, who represented him in his criminal trial, divulged privileged information to the petitioners' legal team.
Your Honor, that is absolutely not true.
Reed, this is a serious accusation.
Do you have any evidence to back it up? I do.
While we were preparing for the last trial, I told Ms.
Lindsay about what happened to Amanda in Rome.
I figured it could be misconstrued if it was brought up in court, and I wanted her to be prepared.
But the D.
never mentioned it.
Apparently he never even heard about it.
But out of nowhere, these folks from New York show up, and they know all about it.
So I did some research.
Turns out that Ms.
Lindsay and Dr.
Bull have worked together in the past.
Is this true, Ms.
Lindsay? I do know Dr.
Bull professionally and socially.
But I swear to you, I would never and I have never divulged confidential information about Mr.
Reed or any other client to him.
Or Mr.
Or anyone else.
I can assure you, Your Honor, my team discovered the incident in Rome independently.
And I'm happy to have my employee, who is a former Homeland Security agent, provide you with all the documentation of her search.
Well, I may circle back and take you up on that offer.
But let me ask you a question, Dr.
How was it you came to represent the Harpers in the first place? We're an awful long way from New York City.
Actually, I received a call from an attorney here in Houston.
I asked him to.
You asked him to? I did, Mr.
I'm so sorry.
JUDGE: As I'm sure you're aware, Ms.
Lindsay, this is a very serious violation of your duty of loyalty to your client.
Now how am I supposed to believe that you haven't also violated your duty of confidentiality, as well? I'm afraid I have no choice but to refer this matter to the state bar for disciplinary action.
You understand that? You may very well be facing suspension, even disbarment.
I understand.
POWERS: Your Honor, on behalf of myself and my colleagues at my firm, I want to apologize for this astounding breach of ethics.
And I also want to move for a mistrial.
The jury heard about that incident in Rome.
You can instruct them to disregard, but the damage is done.
Actually, Your Honor, I'm gonna save you the trouble.
(CLEARS THROAT) Given this turn of events, I feel that I have no choice but to discharge my current attorney.
And I think that you will agree that it's not really fair that I should have to go out and find new representation mid-trial.
BENNY: Your Honor, any calls for mistrial is completely unwarranted.
Closing arguments begin tomorrow.
I don't want to hear it, Mr.
I am granting the mistrial.
And just to be clear, if there is another trial, I will not allow any evidence concerning the incident in Rome.
VICTOR: I asked you point-blank why you were here and you never once mentioned that woman's name.
The woman who defended the man who killed our daughter, the woman who convinced a jury to find him innocent.
She had the best of intentions.
We all had the best of intentions.
Colón is at the courthouse right now filing for a new trial.
Well, you call him right now and you tell him to stop.
You and your company no longer represent us or the girls.
I am bringing in an attorney from Dallas, see if there's any way to salvage this thing at all.
and Mrs.
Harper SANDY: These came just before you arrived.
It says we have to surrender the girls to Derek in less than 24 hours.
Listen, I know we have failed you, I know I failed you and I know you want to make a change, but please, let me get into this.
Let me talk to the judge.
Let me see what I can do.
I've already seen what you can do, and you've done enough.
You watching a movie? Can I show you something? (SIGHS) Didn't you get the bulletin? Case is over.
The children are going back to their dad, Victor and Sandy are getting a divorce, the forecast calls for 40 days and 40 nights of rain.
I'm trying to keep a good attitude, but What am I about to look at here? Remember way back when we were trying to discredit Derek's story that he didn't know - Amanda was coming over that night? - Mm-hmm.
I went and got security footage from the grocery store where she got his call.
I don't know what I was hoping to find.
Footage of a woman taking a phone call? But then I found it.
I don't hear anything.
That's because there's no sound.
It's security footage.
You don't need sound to nab shoplifters.
I'm lost.
I don't understand the purpose of this exercise.
I was in the middle of a perfectly good funk.
Nothing suicidal, but still, dark, tiptoeing toward some form of self-destruction and you interrupted me.
Back when I worked at Homeland, I spent a lot of time looking at CCTV footage without audio.
And I got really good at lipreading.
So when I saw this (KEYS CLICKING) I enhanced the video and, okay, look at her.
She looks worried.
I think she's saying, "Calm down, Honey Bear, it'll be all right.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
" Who calls their ex they're in a custody battle with - "Honey Bear"? - Exactly.
I don't think Derek called Amanda, I think Lila did.
Which makes me wonder, if Lila was so upset that her mom felt she had to rush to her side, do we honestly feel that she would be asleep 15 minutes later after Amanda showed up? I need to talk to that little girl.
BULL: Lila, you've seen me around here, haven't you? I'm a friend of your grandparents.
You know, a lot of people are trying to figure out where you and your sister should live, and I would like to know what you think.
Hmm? I know, it's, it's hard to say what you want sometimes.
Maybe you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings? Maybe you're scared? Does this guy have a name? Tuxedo.
(CHUCKLES): Oh Tuxedo.
You know what people call me? Bull.
It's my name.
Well, it's kind of a nickname, because my first name is actually "Jason.
" - Bull.
- Bull.
I know.
It's funny.
Your mom had a nickname for you, didn't she? Was it "Honey Bear"? Mm.
You loved your mom a lot, didn't you? You remember the other day, you got upset, when your grandma was yelling at your grandpa? I think I might know why.
You were scared, weren't you? Married people, yelling at each other? It's scary, isn't it? The last time you saw your mom, she was yelling at your dad, wasn't she? Daddy shot Mommy.
You saw it, didn't you? It's all my fault.
I am the reason she came over.
I called her.
Oh, no, no, no.
Lila, it's what mommies are supposed to do.
They come when we need them.
They were yelling, and then she came upstairs to get us and he shot her in the back.
He said if I told, I'd never see my sister ever again.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Bull, Mr.
I thought my order was quite clear: the girls were to be returned to their father's custody today.
Turns out there is a problem, Your Honor.
We have it on good authority that Mr.
Reed is going to be unavailable to take care of the children in the near future.
What are you talking about? That's preposterous.
We had a little chat with the D.
this morning, and he was very interested to hear that there was a witness to your wife's murder your daughter and that you threatened her so that she would not say what she saw.
You can talk to the district attorney all you want.
Double jeopardy still applies.
I can't be retried for Amanda's death.
Ah, you're right you can't be tried again for your wife's murder.
But you can be tried for witness tampering.
Gentlemen! Fun fact: In Texas, if you tamper with a murder trial, you get the same punishment you would have gotten if you were convicted of the murder itself.
Remind me, Benny, - what is the punishment again? - (HANDCUFFS CLICKING) Life in prison.
Derek Reed, you're under arrest for witness tampering.
You have the right to remain silent (SIGHS): Well I could've done without the theatrics.
- Eh.
- And I certainly can't condone how you came to be involved in the case, but I do believe that you did what you did in the best interest of the children.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
- Thank you.
You know, Judge, there is someone else who did what she did in the best interests of the children.
(BEEPS, BUZZES) DIANA: I checked out yesterday.
You got my text.
"The worm turned again.
"This time I stepped on him.
"Then I dragged my shoe along the sidewalk "till there was nothing left of him but a dark smear - on the concrete.
" - Hmm.
(CHUCKLES) You're quite the poet.
- Well, it's a gift.
- Mm.
Girls are with their grandparents and seem very happy.
Thank you.
Sorry you lost your job.
Well, sometimes you got to choose between being a good lawyer or being a good person.
I'll get a new job.
Heck, I might just start my own firm, if I don't get disbarred first.
That's not gonna happen.
How do you know? What did you do? I told the judge that I was in the doghouse with you, and it would go a long way if maybe he could not press "send" on that e-mail.
And then I appealed to his sense of fair play, and then I told him I'd be thrilled to have his son do an internship at TAC next year.
That may not have been the exact order of events.
What are you doing this weekend? I've heard that line somewhere before.
(CHUCKLES) What's this? Plane tickets to New York City.
Seat next to mine.
We leave in three and a half hours.
That is, if you want to come.
Please just come.
Think you could get me one of those internships at TAC? Well I'll put in a good word.
So, a spontaneous weekend in New York City.
- Mm.
- Sounds great.
What hotel you put me in? (CHUCKLES): Hotel.
I knew there was something I forgot.
Baby, are you flexible?