Bull (2016) s03e20 Episode Script

The Good One

1 I wish I have better new for you Donovan.
But that akward testimony I'm not sure we can pass them.
How long's it been, Keith? 30 years? And Donovan's never been convicted with you at his side.
We thank you for that.
But now you got to be honest with us.
What should we be preparing for? Barring a miracle, a "guilty" sentence.
And with Judge Stanley, a former D.
, his history on sentencing for this type of thing and Donovan's record we are almost certainly looking at the maximum.
The full 25 years.
My God That's the rest of your life.
He did say "barring a miracle.
" I guess I'll just have to pray for that, huh? You'll pray, too.
Won't you, son? Evening, Judge.
How you doing tonight? Uh, I'll tell you in a couple of hours.
Hey, Brendan.
- Get in the car.
- I've got something I got to do.
No, I know what you think you got to do, but just get in the car, Brendan; you're only gonna - make things worse.
- Says you.
Go home and study.
Hey, wait.
Drive, Dolittle, drive.
Brendan, what did you do? Punch it, Doc.
Go away.
I'm trying to find a reason to live.
Am I not reason enough? First thing they teach you at law school, don't ask a question if you don't know the answer.
Good morning to you, too.
They just phoned from downstairs.
A woman who claims to be Colleen McCandless was inquiring whether or not she could get an appointment with you.
Right now.
Colleen McCandless is married to Donovan McCandless.
He's on trial for extortion and racketeering.
He was supposed to be sentenced two days ago, when the judge in the case inconveniently got his throat slit on Montague Street in Brooklyn.
Is the conference room free? Do we have a metal detector? Answer the second question first.
McCandless? Ten letter word for the guardianship and control exercised by the Lord our God? Providence.
Thank you.
Sorry to have dropped in unannounced, Dr.
Ah, well, how can I be of help? Or was it just the one word you came up for? - Do you do crossword puzzles? - Once in a great while.
I can't stand having nothing to do.
Feeling powerless.
Now that there are crosswords on my phone My two sons Brendan, my oldest, and Connor, who just turned 22 were arrested last night.
Charged with the murder of a judge.
Judge Weston Stanley.
I'm familiar.
It's a federal crime to kill a federal judge.
Death penalty crime.
And apparently this happened in the middle of the street with a whole lot of witnesses around and I'm sorry, but I'm actually not sure how I can be of help to you.
Let's begin at the beginning.
Do you even want to be of help to me and my family? You understand how it looks, right? Your husband's trial isn't going well, so his sons murder the judge in hopes of getting a mistrial.
See if maybe they can do better the next time around.
You didn't answer my question.
I'm not in the habit of assisting career criminals, no.
My sons were apprehended in a car identified at the scene of the crime.
And the knife that was used to slit the judge's throat was found in my oldest's possession.
Are you trying to convince me? I think you should also know that my firstborn has a very lengthy criminal record.
Duly noted.
I'm not unaware that juries go in with opinions already formed about what it must be to be a McCandless.
My attorney indicated that this sort of challenge was your specialty.
- As I mentioned previously - I'm not asking you to help a career criminal.
I'm not asking you to help my older son.
Just my youngest.
Just Connor.
He's innocent.
He's why I'm here.
So you just want me to help the one, not the other son? Brendan's lost to me.
Has been for a long time.
He's Runs call girls and numbers, he's his father's boy.
But Connor, my youngest he's never been involved in the business.
He's a year into med school.
No one in our family has ever even gotten a college degree, let alone thought about becoming a doctor.
- Mrs.
McCandless - Connor didn't choose his father.
I did.
He shouldn't have even been there.
It was my fault.
I asked him to go.
I don't understand.
How is it your fault? Connor was the one driving - the getaway car.
- I knew my husband and Brendan were up to something and I called Connor and I told him he needed to get into the car and get his brother, make sure he didn't do anything stupid.
It's my fault.
You at all interested in my opinion? I'm pretty sure I can guess.
You know, these guys they're accused of killing a judge.
Before we even walk through the door, everyone in that courthouse - is going to be against us.
- Two things: I haven't agreed to take the case.
Only to meet the younger son.
- And what's the second thing? - The younger son is the only one we would represent.
And he didn't pick his father.
I'd also point out that we have represented clients accused of every kind of crime there is and the courtroom is always biased against the accused.
Yes, but in this case, the accused is a member of a crime family.
Whether he chose to be a member or not.
And as a former prosecutor, I have a difficult time turning a blind eye to that.
And-and look, I get it.
I get it.
Everybody deserves a defense.
But Donovan McCandless and his clan? Benny, the only promise I made was to meet the boy.
All right.
You're the boss.
I wasn't there to help him, I was there to stop him.
After I talked to my mom, I-I called Brendan.
But his phone was off.
So I started asking around to see if anybody knew where he was.
This guy my father works with told me that Brendan had been trying to get the home address of Judge Stanley.
I put two and two together.
Got on the Internet, it took about five minutes.
I mean my brother's done some bad things before, but I thought I-if I could just talk to him.
So when I got there, it seemed like I had made it in time.
But I couldn't get him to get in the car with me.
A-And the next thing I know, the judge is leaving his house and Brendan sneaks up behind him slits his throat, then jumps in the car with me - and orders me to drive away.
- Orders you? H-He put a pistol to my head.
Anyway, like five minutes later, the cops pulled us over.
- What'd you tell them? - Uh, nothing.
Some things you just learn sitting at the kitchen table.
I learned young not to talk.
So you didn't tell them that story you just told us? Okay.
Well, if we got involved, I'd want to file a motion to sever your trial from your brother's.
Right now, you're being charged together with murder.
Meaning, you'll both be tried at the same time with the same jury.
We'd be requesting for your trials to be completely separated.
The more we can distance you from your family's reputation, the better.
Benny's right; your best chance is for you to just tell the truth.
Explain that you were trying to stop your brother and the only reason you drove away is that you were afraid for your life.
I don't think you understand.
I can't say that.
I'd effectively be testifying against my own brother.
If you won't speak up for yourself against Brendan, we don't have a case.
You don't have a case.
Look I never wanted anything to do with my family's business.
But that doesn't mean that I don't love my family.
My brother and I have always been different.
But there were times when we were all each other had.
We made a pact a long time ago.
We do not turn on each other, we protect each other.
No matter what.
No offense, but it doesn't sound like he was honoring that pact when he put a gun to your head.
He was scared.
Brendan's always been scared.
Of Dad, of being a screwup.
Being a disappointment.
Brendan would never hurt me.
You could spend the rest of your life in prison.
And if I testify against him, he could get the death penalty.
I'm not gonna be responsible for killing my brother.
Well, notwithstanding the investment in time, I think that worked out for the best.
I'm telling you, no good could come from representing people who have spent their lives engaging in criminal activity.
As far as I can tell, that boy's never spent a minute doing anything outside the law.
I'm telling his mother we're taking the case.
Excuse me? Wa was I not in the same room as you? The boy does not want to be pitted against his brother.
He made that point crystal clear.
And the only way in hell to get him off is to sever his trial from the man who did the actual killing; and he won't do it.
What am I missing? You haven't met the mother.
He'll do it.
He'll do whatever Mommy tells him to do.
You gotta know this wasn't my idea.
I wasn't born yesterday.
All rise.
The Honorable Judge Hamilton presiding.
I understand you'd like to be heard on a motion, Mr.
Colón? Yes, Your Honor.
Thank you, Your Honor.
My client, defendant Connor McCandless, is asking for the court's permission to sever his trial from that of codefendant, Brendan McCandless.
Your Honor, for the record, the prosecution vehemently objects on the grounds Motion denied.
Forgive me, Your Honor, I was not given the opportunity to argue the motion.
The law's the law, Counselor.
Any argument you choose to make would be beside the point.
I I beg to differ, Your Honor.
I think it's only reasonable that you hear out the particular circumstances surrounding Are you calling me unreasonable, Counselor? This court finds you in contempt, Mr.
Really? You can't be serious.
This court hereby fines you $1,000.
Serious enough? But, Your Honor Let's make it 2,000.
And lest you mistake my intentions here, if I hear one more word from you, Mr.
Colón, you will be taken into custody.
Now is there anything else? That's everything, Your Honor.
Very well, then.
The trial begins this afternoon, 1:00 p.
Court's adjourned.
Please tell me you got it.
But I'd be lying.
I'm not doing any better.
My number one source over there put me on hold 17 minutes ago.
I've called in every favor I can, but no one is willing to slip us the jury list.
Who knew? Nobody at the courthouse is willing to help the folks who are defending the judge killer.
Everybody over there looked at me like I had stole their dog.
Ah So, what did Marissa have to say? Well, looks like we're gonna do voir dire old-school.
No earwig, no jury list, no research in advance.
Just you, me and a yellow legal pad flying by the seat of our pants.
Oh, so it's not just the judge who hates us.
No, I'd say the entire courthouse is united in their contempt for TAC.
I hate to say I told you so.
No, you don't.
So, what's the game plan, General Custer? We'll be battling something called an "anchoring bias," which is when a person possesses a trait so dominant that it colors everything else about them.
It could be age, it could be race, it could be income.
- Or even a family's reputation.
- Precisely.
And, lucky us, we won't just have one McCandless sitting at the defense table, we'll have two.
That's quite an anchor.
What we really need are people with a kind of tunnel vision.
People who are prone to making decisions based solely on what they have directly in front of them, as opposed to all the baggage a person might bring into the courtroom with them.
So, who do you like? - See juror number nine? - Mm.
Holding a newspaper.
It's open to the movie timetable.
Let's start with him.
Good afternoon.
All right.
Sir, I couldn't help but notice your newspaper.
You had it open to the movie page.
You a fan? - All my life.
- Okay.
So, let's say you head over to the movies.
You've got it in your head to see that big blockbuster everybody's been talking about.
But when you get over there, it's all sold out.
The only movie you can still get tickets to is one that does not have good word of mouth.
You still buying a ticket? Probably.
Frankly, I don't much care what anyone else thinks.
And when I'm in the mood to see a movie, I'm in the mood to see a movie.
We could also use some black sheep.
Jurors who know what it's like to be stuck in a group, and branded with a label they did nothing to earn.
Show of hands.
How many of you are under the age of 30? Okay, now, how many of you own three devices or more? Phone, laptop, desktop, tablet.
Two devices or more? Just one device? You, sir, do you not own a cell phone? I did, but I don't.
No laptop, tablet? I know, it's like I'm a traitor to my generation.
But I really prefer reading books and newspapers, and choosing when I want to talk to someone, and when I want to be available to be talked to.
I like my music on vinyl, and I do most of my shopping in person.
Your Honor, this juror is acceptable to the defense.
Didn't see the mother in court today.
Yeah, well, I figured the potential jurors had enough McCandless family members to look at.
Did you convince Connor to take the stand, talk about his brother? Not yet.
Not that I've heard.
Not that I'm aware of.
How long have we known each other? Long time.
We both know these people do not testify against each other.
Do not rat on each other.
Just doesn't happen.
And then I heard a scream and I knew something terrible had happened.
And when I turned around, he was on the ground, and blood was just pouring out of him.
And did you see the attacker? Yes.
He's that man.
For the record, the witness has identified the defendant, Mr.
Brendan McCandless.
And then what happened? That man, who slit the judge's throat, he ran back to his getaway car and pulled off his mask.
That's when I saw him, as he was getting into his car.
A-a silver sedan.
- Was this the car? - Yes.
And did you see the driver? Yes.
For the record, the witness has identified the defendant, Mr.
Connor McCandless.
No further questions at this time, Your Honor.
Hartley, I believe you used the expression "getaway car," am I correct? I think so, yes.
And when you were interviewed by the police, you told them you were standing about 50 feet away from the vehicle.
That's correct.
And could you see anything inside the vehicle? No, it-it was too dark.
But you just identified the driver as my client.
Can you explain that? When the car took off, it drove right by me, and I could actually see right into the driver's side window.
That's when I saw your client.
I see, but at the moment the judge's killer actually entered the car, you couldn't see if he punched the driver or held a gun to the driver's head, or forced him in some way to drive? - Well, no, but - Thank you.
No further questions, Your Honor.
So much for the eyewitness.
Yeah, I'm not so sure.
It didn't move the needle over here.
I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but have you heard from the mother? No.
Connor said anything to you? 'Cause he certainly hasn't said anything to me.
Well, not to belabor the obvious, but in the very near future, the prosecution is gonna rest their case.
And all we really have is Connor.
And if he's unwilling to talk about what his brother did I know.
Tomorrow at lunch, we'll sit him down, we'll have the talk.
In fact, I'll call his mom tonight, make sure she's there.
Get this done, once and for all.
Thank you.
Counselors, if you're ready to begin Actually, Your Honor, Mr.
O'Leary and I have a bit of business before you bring in the jury.
Yes, Mr.
O'Leary? Your Honor, the defendant, Brendan McCandless, would like to change his plea to guilty.
And he also agreed to testify on behalf of the prosecution against Connor McCandless.
Order! Order in the court! Brendan? So, what exactly does this mean? It means your older son is gonna lie and sacrifice Connor to save himself.
"Connor McCandless was the architect of the judge's murder.
"Connor McCandless drove the getaway car.
Connor McCandless provided the murder weapon.
" Now, this is a copy of your brother's statement, and this is what he's gonna say about you in court.
He testifies against you, and in exchange, the death penalty is off the table.
I have spent my whole life being loyal to my brother.
I know.
We all know.
But there are times you just have to look out for yourself.
This is one of those times.
Maybe he just doesn't really understand.
Could you talk to him? Make sure he knows what he's doing.
Connor, I promise you, he knows what he's doing.
I know this isn't gonna make you feel any better, but a man will make a lot of selfish decisions when facing the prospect of death by lethal injection.
And now, what happens to his deal if I go up there and I tell the truth? Well, if the court finds that Brendan's statement was not truthful, then he will have perjured himself.
And that will negate the plea deal.
That would mean that the death penalty would be back on the table for him.
Look at me.
There's nothing to think about.
Your brother murdered a man.
You did nothing but try and stop him.
Your whole life's been about trying to help people.
His life has been about preying on them.
Whose soul is it you think the Lord wants to survive? Okay.
You were right about her.
- She's a force, all right.
- Yeah, I still think we have a problem, though.
I mean, if I'm a juror, and I'm looking at two kids named McCandless pointing the finger at each other, I I don't know if I believe either one of them.
Brendan McCandless has a rap sheet longer than the New York State Thruway, and Connor? He's clean as a whistle.
Wish we had someone whose name wasn't McCandless to back up Connor's version of what happened that night.
I just had a thought.
- Okay.
- So I've been knocking on every door of every apartment, brownstone, storefront in the area, and I haven't found a single witness who can corroborate Connor's story about his brother forcing him to drive.
Then I realized, all of this happened at 7:00 at night.
There's lots of food being delivered.
Any way I can get you to tap into the different food delivery apps, and get me some names of the delivery people that I can interview who might be in the area? Legally? Sorry, we're not open.
Ah, my name's Dr.
Jason Bull.
I'm supposed to meet a friend? She's by the patio.
Thanks for meeting me before court.
Well, I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.
Never heard of this place.
It's mine.
Uh, my grandmother's, actually, but then it became mine.
Only thing that I have that's truly my own.
Only thing that has absolutely nothing to do with Donovan.
The only place I can come where nobody cares who my husband is.
Best Irish stew in the city, if you're a fan.
Well, I'll have to keep that in mind.
So tell me it's gonna be all right.
I can't.
Connor will be a far more credible witness than Brendan.
But no matter what they say about each other, Brendan pled guilty.
And so, if we can't present enough evidence to show that Connor wasn't a willing participant, they will both go to prison.
You think I'm a monster? Praying for one of my boys to lose his life so the other can have one? I think you've seen enough to know how Brendan's story ends.
And Connor, well, his story hasn't been written yet.
And for what it's worth, I think it takes a lot of courage to fight for the son you can save.
You know, I tried to save Brendan, too.
He's so good with his hands.
Always fixing things.
I reached out to a cousin in Ohio, a plane mechanic? I thought maybe, you know Brendan couldn't bring himself to walk away.
Maybe he was afraid of what his father would think or do.
Or maybe it's just who Brendan is.
Who he's always been.
So what if I took the stand? Put my hand on the Bible and swore to God I was afraid of what Brendan might do that night? Tell-tell the court how I made Connor go stop Brendan? I'm sorry, Mrs.
I don't think it'll make a difference.
You weren't there when the judge was killed.
And you may have told Connor to stop Brendan, but we can't prove that Connor listened.
So what do we do? We go to court.
We fight.
And in about an hour, your son Brendan takes the stand and says whatever he's been prompted to say, a pack of lies, I'm sure.
And we put on the best defense possible, ask the toughest questions.
And put our faith in the wisdom of juries.
Vasquez, Mr.
O'Leary, this court is not in the habit of waiting for a witness, particularly when that witness is the accused.
Can either one of you provide any clarity? I To the best of my knowledge, he's in the prison van on his way here, Your Honor.
Think he got cold feet about testifying? From your lips.
Your Honor.
Marshal, can you please clear the gallery? I was just informed that the government's next witness, Brendan McCandless, was murdered in the prison yard this morning.
I know this is sort of coverage, a tactless question, but is this good for our side or bad for our side? In my opinion, it would've been almost impossible to overcome Brendan's testimony.
His death may have actually saved our case.
What do you say? The fact remains, a federal judge was murdered in cold blood and that jury is gonna want someone to pay.
And now our client's the only one left to do it.
Bad time? Good time? What do you got? Well, I just back from Rikers.
Turns out, the inmate who stabbed Brendan has a reputation as a killer for hire.
I think we all assumed as much.
A McCandless is killed in prison, it's probably a hit.
But that's not all.
The killer grew up with Connor.
Are you saying that Connor I'm not saying anything.
It's me and Benny.
We just wanted to let you know how badly we feel about your brother.
And you don't need to get dressed.
We've asked for a continuance.
Oh, no.
Can you undo it? I don't think I'm gonna feel any better tomorrow than I'm gonna feel today.
I don't think I'm ever gonna feel any better.
I really just want to get this over with, uh, however it turns out.
This continuance isn't really about how you feel.
Your brother's killer.
We know you knew him.
We know you know him.
We went to Catholic school together.
I haven't seen him in, like, I don't know, five years? And before that, we weren't close.
Maybe not since s-sixth grade.
What are you implying? I'm not implying anything.
I'm asking you the question that's gonna be on everyone's mind when we walk back into that courtroom.
Did you have your brother killed? - Seriously? - Connor, it's our job to protect you.
And to do that, we have to ask.
God, no.
He was my brother.
I believe you.
But we need to be mindful of appearances.
Less than 24 hours ago, Brendan was killed, and we are about to walk back into that courtroom with the one person who could contradict your version of events no longer able to do so.
How do you think that looks? Yeah, but the jurors won't know.
Jurors always promise not to watch the news, read the paper or go on the Internet.
But somehow, miraculously, they always know what's going on in the world.
And I can guarantee you they will know about Brendan's death.
In fact, I'm sure they already do.
And like it or not, they're all gonna come to their own conclusions about who had the most to gain by killing him.
Let's let a couple days go by.
I know you want this over with, but who knows, maybe by the time we're back in court, we'll find out who ordered the hit on your brother, and none of this will be an issue.
Your Honor, the defense would like to call Yuri Pasternak to the stand.
You found a witness? I didn't.
My staff did.
So Mr.
Pasternak, will you please tell the court what it is you do for a living? I deliver food.
Food from restaurants.
People order it on an app on their phones, and I bring it to them.
And on the night that Judge Stanley's throat was slit, you were there.
You were making a delivery? Yeah.
I just finished dropping off some vegan food to an apartment down the street.
Vegan? You remember that.
Uh, you always remember the bad tippers.
- Ah.
- Plus, all the stuff that happened after.
And can you tell us what happened after? After I dropped off the food, I was walking back to my bike, and I could see this guy running with a mask on his face.
Uh, he was running towards the silver car.
And at the same time, I could hear some guy scream, like he'd been hurt.
But you couldn't see him.
Not from where I was, but I could see the guy that was running towards the silver car take his mask off and open the door and jump in, and in a second, they sped past me and down the street.
And how close were you to the car when it passed you? Probably as close as I am to you.
- About 12 feet away? - Yeah, that sounds right.
And could you see anything inside the vehicle when it passed you? Yeah.
I could see the running guy holding a gun to the driver's head.
To that guy's head.
Tell me what you're seeing, Marissa.
Well, I'm not seeing much, Bull.
What're you talking about? How many did we win? We didn't win any.
And the few that we had, they just went away.
We lost them.
We've lost them all.
We even found an eyewitness.
A man who actually saw Brendan put a gun to Connor's head, but it doesn't matter.
The damage is done.
The jury is convinced that, not only did he help kill the judge, but he had a hand in killing his own brother.
It's because they don't know Connor.
It's just not in him.
If you're gonna drive a killer's getaway car, if you're gonna order a hit on someone, you got to be wired in a certain way.
It's not about your last name.
It's about: are you wired to do it? And very few people have that kind of wiring.
I know.
Very few.
Precious few.
Anyone spring to mind? You think it was me? That I killed my own child? Why would I do that? He betrayed your family.
Turned state's evidence on his own brother.
I've always heard that people in your line of work take enormous exception to things like that.
It made me sad, not vengeful.
And his death his death means that everything I've built, everything I've fought for, I did for nothing.
Who's gonna run it? Who's gonna watch over it? My wife? Connor? Why would I kill the only person with any interest in keeping my name alive? You're right.
It makes no sense.
It's okay.
I'm making my peace with it, all of it.
I'll probably spend the rest of my life behind bars, and my name, the McCandless name, and everything it meant will soon be forgotten.
You know, that doesn't have to be the case.
You still have a son.
And believe it or not, I think there is something you can do to save your legacy, your name.
Save your blood.
I loved my sons, both my sons, but Brendan I'd look in his eyes, I'd see myself.
I'd hear his thoughts, I'd hear myself.
I loved that boy more than anything, and he loved me.
He'd do anything for me.
The death of Judge Stanley caused a mistrial in your own criminal case, didn't it? Yes, it did.
Would it be fair to say that no one has benefited more from the judge's death than you? It was certainly fortuitous.
McCandless, did you order the murder of Judge Weston Stanley? I never said the words, but as I mentioned before, we understood each other.
The two of us knew what the other wanted.
He did what I needed him to do.
Now I realize you didn't directly tell him to do this, but at some point, did he communicate his intentions to you? Did he share his plans with you? He would speak, I would listen, but I never told him what to do.
It wasn't a conversation.
He would talk, I would listen to what he had to say.
And when you were listening, did he ever mention Connor? Was he ever in the plans? Your children, they each get different parts.
Different parts of you, different parts of their mother.
Connor and I say this with love got all the best parts of his mother, - very little of me.
- Objection.
Can the witness please just answer the question? Sustained.
Witness will answer the question.
Connor was never part of Brendan's plan.
He never would be.
Boy doesn't have a violent bone in his body.
He has no appetite for it, no appetite for mayhem of any kind.
Bothered me for a long time.
Now He's studying to be a doctor.
Makes me very proud.
Baffles me, but makes me very proud.
And what about the death of your son Brendan? The son you said you understood the best.
Any chance Connor might've been involved in that? Objection! Calls for speculation.
My apologies, Your Honor.
I withdraw the question.
Connor loved his brother.
The witness will refrain from answering.
The prosecution's objection has been sustained.
That boy wouldn't kill a roach.
That boy couldn't kill a roach.
This is my final warning, Mr.
If you utter another word, I will have you removed from this courtroom.
The kid loved his brother almost as much as I did.
Marshal, I want this witness removed from the courtroom and taken back to his cell.
I don't know who killed Brendan, but it sure as hell wasn't Connor.
The jury will disregard this witness's testimony.
And all of the witness's testimony is hereby stricken from the record.
In the matter of The United States v.
Connor McCandless, we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty.
I can't believe this.
Believe it.
Now go live your life.
Bull? To what do I owe the pleasure? Your husband got it wrong on the stand the other day, didn't he? Connor didn't get the best parts of you, he didn't get the best parts of him.
He's very much his own man.
I'm not sure I'm following you.
From the beginning, I told anyone who would listen, you're a force.
And I was right.
It was you that had Brendan killed, wasn't it? I have no idea what you're talking about.
What I do know is that Connor's a very special boy.
He's not like his father, not like his brother.
You know, when I first sent him to stop Brendan from killing that judge, it was because I was sure my husband was about to go to prison for life, and that would've been the answer to so many of my prayers.
But sometimes things don't work out the way you plan.
They just don't.
The key is to have faith, to persevere.
What was the crossword clue I couldn't get the day we first met? The one you helped me with? It was a-a ten letter word for the guardianship and control exercised by the Lord our God.
We have to have faith in providence, even if it costs us our husband, even if it costs us our firstborn.
By the way, I signed your check yesterday.
I'm sure you'll see it in the next day or two.
Who knows, perhaps we'll have the opportunity to work together again at some point.
I strongly doubt that.
Oh, you just don't know.
Providence, Dr.