Bump (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Startle Reflex

"We will put the enemy in the position
where they will have to choose
between giving us death
or giving us freedom."
So, who knows when Emmeline
Pankhurst gave that speech?
- 1913.
- Very good, Oly.
And, someone else,
to which enemy was she referring?
The First Order.
Very funny, Vince. No, it was
- Men.
- Well, yes.
At least that majority of men
who opposed the women's vote.
It took another seven
years after that speech
Psst! Brazainiac.
for white American
women to get the vote
and another 45 years
for women of colour.
It wasn't until 1989
- that the black feminist legal scholar
Kimberlé Crenshaw coined
the term 'intersectionality',
which is a way of describing
Oh, look at you.
You want a cuddle?
Oh, fuck my life.
Canguro. Are you awake?
Not really.
Ohh, he's tired. He's working so hard.
I'm not really in the
mood for this, Angel.
What are you in the mood for?
- Forget it.
- No! Don't go.
Come here.
Let me just grab a condom.
- Santi.
- Shit.
Go. Go, go, go.
You should stand up to your father.
You should get your own place.
- Come on, let's do our session.
- No.
Get out!
Can you pass me the washer?
I can't believe this is how it works.
There are zero consequences for the guy.
I'm literally torn up and bleeding.
- Mmm. Biology's a bitch.
- Seriously, Mum?
You sound like a double
agent for the patriarchy.
Isn't Lachie being supportive?
That is not the point.
You've got a visitor.
So the cream worked.
What the actual fuck, Oly?
I didn't know.
I would've told you.
You didn't even tell me
you and Lachie had sex.
You didn't know? How
is that even possible?
I just thought it was
weight gain from stress.
But you didn't have your period.
I did. A couple times.
Didn't you use contraception?
- You know how this works, right?
- Reems.
Oh, babes.
You really scared me.
What was the birth like?
Only like being split
open from the inside
by some demon alien.
Like, seriously, if that
is how humans are born,
I don't even know how
we've survived as a species.
Like, if men had to give birth,
they would've figured out a way
to have babies in jars by now.
Oh, babes.
I thought I was gonna die.
How does the baby's head
fit out your ?
It doesn't.
Mate, have you heard of Occam's razor?
The fuck are you talking about, Vince?
It means that the simplest
explanation is usually right.
What's it got to do with me?
She's got a boyfriend.
Baby's his, so you're off the hook.
I just
She doesn't even talk to me, man.
Why do you care? You're
banging your hot cousin.
Again, Vince, she's not my cousin.
- Yeah?
- My godparents' daughter.
Sounds like a technical defence.
Ava! Ava, don't get out.
Don't get out of the
pram. We're going home.
You can have one later. Sit!
You dodged a bullet, bro.
I know. I know, breast is best.
It is like the 'Handmaid's
Tale' around here.
Blessed be the boobs.
It's weird.
It's gross.
And this whole earth-mother
breastfeeding fetish
is basically about
keeping women enslaved.
So, sorry, but I'm not doing it.
Formula's fine.
Ah. Perhaps you haven't
read the research.
There is arsenic in
85% of baby formulas.
- That's not factual.
- It's from an academic study.
- So
- Formula is fine, Oly.
- You were bottle-fed.
- Oh, well, thanks a lot, Mum.
Great to know you were there for me.
It's certainly not too
late to start breastfeeding.
It's a good way to bond with the baby.
I'll pump the milk.
Now we've got that sorted out,
Oly, you have to take her home tomorrow.
But I have no idea how
to look after a baby.
Do some research.
She's OK, Ol.
Now, I just have to go in for
the department meeting, OK?
What? Now? Today?
It'll be for two hours.
Mum and I have purchased
everything you need
to help with the baby.
Dad, it's only for a few weeks.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, I know. Mmm. Sure.
Hey, Dad, have you seen my schoolbag?
I've gotta get back.
I'm gonna be way behind.
What? You you can't go to school.
- Oh, darling, are you crying?
- No!
Course not.
I'll just do a half-day and get
back into it properly tomorrow.
That is completely insane, Oly.
Jesus Christ. What about the baby?
You ran a company with 500 staff.
I'm pretty sure you can
handle one little baby.
Ah! Here it is.
- See ya.
- But Wait.
Oly, listen.
Oly, what are you doing here?
You OK?
I'm fine. Thanks, Mr Hanover.
Angie, what's going on? Are you OK?
I love you.
Uh, do you want milk?
Um, yeah. Uh, just
with no sugar. Thanks.
Um, sorry to interrupt.
Angie, Olympia's here.
You right?
Oly, what are you doing here?
Why does everybody keep asking me that?
'Cause you had a baby four days ago.
Yeah, a baby.
Not a tumour.
Still OK for me to come
round tonight, yeah?
Ow! What are you doing?
Um sorry.
I um
I have to go.
Come on.
Let's go home.
Oh, don't cry. Oh
Hey, why won't my baby take a bottle?
Sorry, I'm not sure I understand.
Oh, come on!
Shh, shh, shh. It's OK,
baby. It's OK, my darling.
I'm just looking it up.
What the fuck is nipple confusion?
Dom-Dom's here now.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
Can you stop crying?
Oh, you're making me worried.
You're back.
Could I make this more
convenient for you? ♪
Like constant white of clouded sky ♪
Sometimes I could
just disappear entirely ♪
I'm heavyweight desperate now ♪
Is everything I'm
doing just for you? ♪
I'll do anything for you. ♪
Nothing about this is simple, Dom.
Of course it's simple. The baby's ours!
We are not giving her away!
Ange, this, this is a
fresh start for you and I.
I was gonna leave you
the day this happened.
I'm in love with someone else.
Alright! Fine! I'll do it.
I don't know how, though.
Oh! Ow! She's got my hair.
Oh! Oh, she's got my hair.
Can you untangle it?
I can't.
OK. It's OK, darling.
Just hold the head.
My midwife said that you sort of
tickle tickle your
nipple across her cheek
and she'll sort of just
turn instinctively and
latch on, like that.
I thought you didn't breastfeed me.
I breastfed, um, Bowie.
Just for a little bit.
It didn't really work out.
Imagine my surprise.
Ah! That's it.
You OK?
Feels really strange.
Ow! You little weirdo.
She looks so much like you did.
I thought Friday was
the worst day of my life.
And then today, my
boob exploded on Lachie.
Oh, God. How's he taking it?
You never said you guys
were sleeping together.
Oh, my God.
Mum, would you like daily briefings?
Am I sorry, am I
supposed to update you
on every single private
moment of my entire life?
I don't know. You used to.
Get a life.
Oh, yes. Mmm, mmm, mmm.
It's definitely dinnertime for Dom.
Hi. Is Olympia home?
It's not a great time, mate.
Right, yeah. Um
Maybe could you give
this to her for me, please?
Shit. Stay there.
- I can take her if you want.
- No, no. It's fine.
I've got this under control.
You stay there, my darling.
I've got two little brothers. I know
Shit. Shit. Shit.
Ah, fuck.
Oh, how'd you do that?
My mum used to sing that
to me when I was younger.
You know, she was born
on my mum's birthday.
- Oh, right.
- Mmm.
Well, uh, I've got it
from here. Thank you.
- I'm sorry.
- That's fine.
Thank you.
You alright?
Are you alright? Did you get a scare?
Oh, he's got a nice voice.
Was that Lachie? I heard
you talking to someone.
No. No, some kid from
school looking for Oly.
A kid? What? From Who?
I don't know. He left that.
Holy shit. I still
can't believe it.
Uh! From dux to teen mum, Ol.
I could do I could
do anything now.
I could like, I could get
arrested for drugs again or
- What?!
- Just as an example.
I mean, I could not
top this if I tried.
No. Um, no, seriously,
how did you not know?
OK, thank you, Bowie.
How are your parents coping, Lachie?
It'll be better when it's adopted.
You're still set on that?
Yeah. Of course.
So, how long will the baby stay?
Three more weeks. And then
she goes to the parents.
It's called an open adoption,
so I can still see her.
I mean, shit,
you two are literally
the last couple
I ever thought would have a baby.
No kidding.
Hey, Santi, I was thinking
of getting Rob and Andy
to coach your team instead of
Just thought maybe you'd enjoy it more.
I was thinking of giving netball a go.
Santi, I know it was your
mother's birthday on Friday.
Got nothing to do with that, Dad.
Santiago, what is it, then?
Do you know how rare it
is to have your talent?
If only you'd put the work in.
I'm really not that good, Dad.
Hey, look at me.
Stop wasting your time
with this bullshit, Santi.
Hijo, I'll still love you
if you don't play football.
Fuck off, Dad.
Um Bye.
Yeah, bye. See ya.
- See ya.
- Bye.
- Take it easy, mate.
- Cheers.
- See you soon, Lachie.
- Alright, thanks.
is Lachie her father?
Oh, my God.
That kid from today
What kid?
Is this is this the boy?
Yes, it's Santiago, OK?
- Santiago
- I don't see how this is relevant.
- Hernandez?
- Jesus Christ. Does Lachie know?
Guys, this is not the point.
What's not the point?
I am keeping her.
It's best for her long-term
wellbeing outcomes.
All the research says.
That's great news, darling.
Wait, wait, wait. Can we
just slow down a moment?
Are you involved with
this boy, Santiago?
No! He doesn't even talk to me.
I'm not telling him.
Mum, I'm not telling him.
Please, I cannot deal with any
more new variables right now.
Please, I'm not telling him.
Can we please just keep this between us?
Hey, let's put you to bed.
Bowie needs money again.
Life or death this time?
He said, "Technically no."
When was he arrested for drugs?
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