Bump (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Sin Salida

White women can be so toxic.
- Are you being sexist or racist?
- Both.
Hey, Oly's named the baby.
- I think after Jacinda Ardern.
- She texted to tell you?
- It's an Insta post.
- Santi, this is your baby!
You should be having a say in her name.
- It's her baby.
- She's our baby.
Well, I like the name.
And there's nothing we
can do about it, so
The law is there to protect
us from those things,
and who does those things?
Other people!
More wine, Edie?
Human beings are a
bunch of fucking monsters
that need to be protected
from one another.
I'm not sure I subscribe to your
interpretation of Sartre's
I don't give a shit
what you subscribe to.
I'm making a point about the law!
Oh, OK, right, sorry.
So what's your point?
You need to protect
Oly from those people.
You are sounding a little bit like
Pragmatic is how I fucking sound.
You really want to give them the power
to dictate Oly's life?
If I were you,
I'd be making moves to
limit their ability
- Oh!
- Oh, God, are you alright?
Did you break anything?
Sarah left me on Wednesday.
Oh, Edie.
What are you doing?
You can't sleep in here.
It's all my fault.
Haven't coped since the redundancy.
Ran away to my boat. What happened next?
My teenage daughter got pregnant
and my wife went batshit crazy.
Decided she was in
love with someone else.
I don't think I said I was in love.
- It's a crush.
- Jesus Christ, Ange.
The PE teacher!
I don't know which one
of us looks more stupid.
Anyway, I'm back.
It's time we sorted things out
and look after our beautiful daughter.
You can't just come back
in here and take the bed.
Dom, I'm serious.
You're being drunk and obnoxious.
And you're being a bitch.
But at least I'll be
sober in the morning.
Oh, laugh. Ha-ha-ha.
I know I'm a joke to you.
And to Oly, but I've had enough.
This is my house too. That's my bed.
OK, sleep on the couch if you want.
Or the boat's free.
Oh, hey! You forgot your pillow.
Why did you let me sleep in?
You were up four times with Jacinda.
I thought you'd need a rest.
I wanted to get in early! You
were supposed to give me a lift.
Well, Dad can do that,
can't he, now he's back?
He's asleep!
Is Dad back?
I don't know.
He was a bit drunk last night.
Yeah, I heard you arguing.
I can drive you.
OK, well, then, get up, get ready, go.
- Hi.
- Hey.
That's just, like, snacks,
and then you've got warm meals
- Um
- Yeah?
Can I come in?
To see my daughter.
Your biological daughter.
You saying the words "my daughter"
implies a whole bunch of
things socioculturally.
She's just a human baby
that shares half of your DNA,
but beyond that
I mean, I I don't
expect anything from you.
Is that why you named her
without asking what I thought?
I haven't settled on Jacinda.
- I was just trying it out.
- Really?
My family had a heart attack.
- About what?
- Nothing.
It doesn't matter.
OK. But you like Jacinda?
She's beautiful.
The first time I saw her,
I felt like I knew her.
Did you get that?
I don't know.
Hi, doh-doh-doh-doh-doh!
Oh, hey.
Did you guys stay long at salsa?
No, no, not so long, no.
Yeah, right.
Rosa's a good dancer.
We need to work out times
for Santi to spend with his daughter.
We need a schedule.
You want to schedule a newborn baby?
Well, she's part of our family,
whether you like it or not.
Matias, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Last night on social media,
Oly announces that the
baby's name's Jacinda.
Oh, right, Oh. I
- I didn't know she'd done that.
- He's the father!
Is his name even on
the birth certificate?
Well, we haven't filled it out yet.
Santi's been keeping his distance.
The two of them hardly
even know each other.
Does he seriously want to take this on?
Like, it's a massive commitment.
He has to. He doesn't have a choice.
Yeah, well, some fathers say that,
but then they don't
really come through.
My boy does. He's responsible.
OK, well, let me find a
time to talk to Dom and Oly
and we'll see if we can
all sit down together.
Yes! Thank you!
OK! Great!
I know you've got the shits.
But you're gonna have to get over that,
because we have to sit
down with the Hernandezes
and talk about Jacinda.
Where's this coming from, Ange?
Uh I I just spoke to Matias
and he was pretty pissed off.
I mean, he was hurt, really.
He's hurt?
He's hurt? You're
worried because he's hurt?
OK, we need to be
grown-ups. This is about Oly.
No problem.
I will.
Hey, bro, have you seen
the videos of funny babies?
There's, like, these dudes
who give them voices and shit.
There's drunk baby, crystal
meth baby, shit like that.
- No, man. Sounds hilarious.
- Yeah.
We could do that.
Let's go down there, grab your baby,
do some funny shit, you know?
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Let's go.
Is it the baby or Reema you
want to get close to, Vince?
Fuck off!
Are they like a like a thing?
Shut the front door.
What does he think he's doing?
Wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute.
Are they gonna fuck in the quad?
Oh, he's totally gonna
get school captain now.
Wait, did Lachie dump Oly?
Good for them.
The kid wants to be part
of his daughter's life,
what's the problem?
- Is he a psycho?
- No, he's a really nice kid.
It's the dad I've got a problem with.
- Why?
- I don't want to talk about it.
But say Oly wants to move
cities in five years' time,
can she do that?
- Without the father's consent?
- Yeah.
Depends how much a part of
the kid's life he's been.
Yeah, see, there's the rub.
Oly wants to work at the UN
and I'm not going to let her
dreams be derailed by that penis.
What, who, the son or the dad?
The dad!
It's got nothing to do with him!
Well, he's the one that's
pushing, apparently.
What about a parenting
agreement or something?
Oh, they don't mean anything legally.
Well, what's the point of them,
then? I need to protect Oly.
Dom, can I make an observation?
You're sounding like a bit of a cunt.
Remember, these people
are gonna be in your life
for the rest of your life.
They're the baby's family too.
What about the birth certificate?
Maybe we can keep his name off it.
- That won't make a difference.
- It won't?
- Well, it's symbolic.
- Yeah, 'cause symbolism counts.
Well, does his family get a say in it?
Not necessarily. I mean,
they could fight it, legally.
That's it, then. That's good.
That's what I'll go with.
That's good.
How are things going with you and Angie?
Mum warned you about her.
The problem with punching
above your weight.
- You've got an accident.
- I've got what?
I think it's pooing itself.
Oh. Um
It's I Oh.
Oh! Oh, God.
Really don't know how
to help you right
Oh! Oh.
Shit girl!
What? Is this funny?
- Can I help?
- No, you fucking can't!
How big do you think I am, Mum?
Um, it was the best lost
property had, darling.
- Can you change Jacinda?
- Yep.
Oh! Hello! Hey, you!
What did you do to your mum?
I don't understand how that
much shit can come out of her.
You did the same thing to me once.
- In a cinema.
- Well, I apologise.
Oh. Thank you.
Ooh, it's up the back.
What's going on, Ol?
I got covered in shit and
everyone laughed at me.
- Is that not enough?
- Not really.
You're gonna have to toughen
up. This was your choice.
Having a baby was my choice?
Bringing her to school was, yeah.
Lachie's started seeing someone else.
Now my boyfriend,
my ex-boyfriend,
he was gay the whole time.
- I've got no-one.
- Well, you've got me.
- And Dad's come home now.
- Has he?
Are you and Dad separating?
That's not something
that we've talked about.
Mum, do you still love Dad?
Yeah, of course I love him.
Oh, that's him.
He's here.
And you can go home.
- So, you and Zac.
- Yep.
Right, well, you didn't think
that you needed to
tell me that you're
What are you? Are you gay? Are you bi?
I don't know.
Well, it looked like you
fucking knew in the quad today!
Can you not swear at me, please?
Do you understand how
humiliating that was for me?
Wait, I'm sorry, I humiliated you?
You're actually saying that right now?
You slept with someone else.
So this is payback?
It had nothing to do with you.
I wasn't even thinking of you.
So that's it?
We're strangers now?
I'm sorry that you felt humiliated.
But I've been feeling
really confused lately,
and Zac's been there
for me and I like him.
And it's
I don't know if I wanted
to, like, reassert myself
or reinvent myself or something.
I don't know, I
Well, you're lucky.
You get to choose how
you reinvent yourself.
I'm just shit girl now.
I should have stepped in
before. I'm really sorry.
Hey, I'm I'm really
sorry about everything.
- How you doing, darling?
- I'm great.
Yes, you are.
What was one thing you
learnt at school today?
Oh, don't have babies.
forgot to bring the
balls and the cones again.
Please, mate, just go back
Hey, um, I'll be back in a sec.
Oh, come on, guys, I
can smell that from here.
You guys are in a lot of trouble.
Miss, how are you?
Oh, shit!
Vince, put it out!
OK, we're off to Mr
Croaker's. Grab your bags.
Look, the thing is it's cleaner
if your son's name's not
on the birth certificate.
- Cleaner?
- Yeah.
- I mean, he's off the hook.
- There is no hook.
Jacinda is his daughter.
He'll step up, you'll see.
Yeah, mate, maybe we don't want him to.
You don't want him to
be a part of her life?
All I'm saying is,
at this point in time,
let's leave his name off
the birth certificate.
We can see what happens from here.
- But he's the father.
- Allegedly.
OK, so, name doesn't go
on the birth certificate,
that just means he's
not legally recognised.
Maybe in your family
fathers don't count,
but they do in mine.
OK, I'll tell you what, mate,
I've spoken to my lawyer
who's advised me that you
don't get a legal say whatsoever.
Now, if you've got a problem,
you can challenge it in court.
It'll cost an arm and a
leg and upset both our kids.
I'm here as a courtesy
to you and your family.
I'm trying to keep things amicable.
So am I.
Well, OK then, we'll
see where we end up.
Your wife's calling me.
Smoking illegal substances
and arson, Vince,
that's what I'm talking about.
I'm going to have to
suspend them for two days.
Apparently Santi wasn't smoking, so
I want him punished like the rest.
- That's not fair.
- Shut up, Vince.
Santi, what do you think?
Fair, unfair?
I didn't realise Santi was with them.
- Didn't you?
- No!
I'm not going to target Santi
because of this whole situation.
Yeah, this situation, which
your husband is making worse.
I'm not gonna get pushed
around, Angie. You tell him that.
You've spoken to him?
I rang you so that you could
calm the situation down,
not come to the school
and intimidate someone
while they're in their workplace.
Because you just exacerbated everything.
We haven't even discussed Santi's name
being on the birth certificate.
We haven't even talked to Oly about it!
But once we do, we
present a united front.
We don't make legal threats.
I wasn't threatening him.
Did he say I was? Oh, what a pussy!
Oh, Dom!
I'm just trying to protect
our daughter and granddaughter!
You're using them to
score points against Matias
because you're jealous.
Well, I think I have
a right to be, Ange.
We're done.
We're over. There's no coming back.
- That motherfucker.
- Por favor!
I mean, maybe they're
doing Santi a favour.
He made a stupid mistake and
they're giving him a way out.
No! No!
We are going to have a Chilean
name on the birth certificate.
We didn't survive all this shit to
There goes the next
three hours of my life.
- What's that mean?
- What were you about to say?
Matias. Tell me. No, don't
tell me. Wait. Pinochet.
If we survived him,
then I'm not backing down
when this
threatens us with lawyers.
Where are you going?
No, no, no, no. You're grounded.
I don't care if my name's on
the birth certificate or not.
I mean, my family do, but
it's not up to them.
As far as I'm concerned,
you're the mother.
You're in charge.
Thank you.
I'm sorry for yelling at you today.
It's alright. Things
looked pretty hectic.
I'm so not coping.
Things suck at home at the moment.
Yeah. Same.
Do you really want to be
part of Jacinda's life?
Yeah, if you want me to.
But what do you want?
What were you saying about
socially, uh, cultural
expectations of fatherhood.
I think I want all of that.
I want to be her father.
I know that sounds dumb,
because I'm still doing
dumb shit myself, but
I want to protect her.
I want to teach her.
I want to make her proud.
And, like, if it helps,
maybe being there for
you is part of that.
Like, just helping out,
just as much as you need.
Do you want to hold her?
- Oh.
- There you go.
Hello, puchita.
How are you?
Where are you going?
I'm sleeping on the couch.
Goodnight. Goodnight, darling.
Are you doing OK?
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Oh, there you go.
I messed everything up.
Spun out of control and
I keep messing it up.
Me too.
I'm glad that you're back, Dad.
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