Bump (2021) s02e02 Episode Script

Tickle Time (1)

- Oly?
- Mum, can you please come here?
- What?
- There's been an emergency.
There's no time to explain.
Just, please, Mum, come
- What's happened?
- right now.
What happened?
What happened?
- Did somebody say tickle time?
- Tickle time!
When did you get back?
Hey, hey, you know, I thought,
"How can anybody beat a surprise baby?"
- But here I am. Hey? Hey?
- Oh!
What's wrong?
I'm just Oh, I'm just so
happy to see your face again.
So happy you're back.
I knew the separation would
take its toll on you, Mum.
No, it
It was actually a really cruel prank
you guys just played on me.
Oh, after the back of a boozy night?
How about I get you some water, Mum?
- Are you still seeing him?
- Who?
Do we have to have this
conversation right now?
- Mmm
- Whoop!
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, my shaman
would say it's better out than in.
Is that a direct quote?
Oh. Oh, no. Well, maybe
you're just pregnant.
- Oh! Oh
- I'm definitely not.
Can we not argue? Hey,
are you jet-lagged?
Why would you say that?
- Whatever.
- This is a lot.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Oh. Thank you.
This is Katerina.
She's my girlfriend and she's,
uh she's gonna stay for a bit.
Rise and shine, uce!
Thanks, bro.
All good.
So what happened to 'no
bongs before breakfast'?
What are you doing, bro?
I told Reema I'd bring it
so we could keep our terrarium
misted throughout the day.
You get to mist Reema's terrarium?
Disrespectful, bruh.
I'm sorry, bro. I'm just
That's quite a statement you're making.
Oh, "Hey."
Is that all you're gonna say?
What's the matter?
I saw you last night.
And you obviously haven't gone home.
I'm sleeping in the
back of the food truck.
Yeah, right.
Can you chill out?
- "Chill out"?
- Please?
Yep. Yep, OK.
Loud and clear. I can chill out.
I can be fucking glacial, you prick.
Oh, do you ever see other people
and feel really together in comparison?
- Uh, yeah.
- Yeah.
- J! Look up there!
- Hey.
Look up there at those branches.
Hey. Couldn't find you this morning.
Yeah, sorry. I was late.
Are you not sleeping?
Is my bed uncomfortable, or ?
Oh, my gosh! Come here.
Is there something else going on?
Well, someone's extra
snuggly today, huh?
Are you still OK to
take her this afternoon?
Yeah. Of course.
- OK.
- OK, time to say bye.
- Yeah.
- Bye!
It's not for handing in.
Well, they're really interesting.
Didn't fucking ask.
Excuse me, what was that?
Do you have any idea how hard
I have to try not to swear all
day at those little fuckers?
Very hard?
No offence, but your
son-in-law is being a dipshit.
Santi's not my son-in-law.
I've tried so many times to help him
and he just turns around
and acts like an ungrateful dickhead.
He's still not my son-in-law.
I don't care how cute that baby is.
Hmm. Now, she I will take credit for.
Well, then in return,
you'd better spill on Matias.
Croaker got a call
for a reference check.
Is he leaving?
How would I
I'm not the Hernandez oracle.
I have no jurisdiction
over what that family does
or how they behave
or if they are going
to apply for a transfer
without telling anyone.
I've got more than enough to deal with.
You know, be agile or die.
- Huh.
- OK.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I know.
What, is that, uh, something you learnt
in your dog-walking
accreditation course?
No, it's something I
learned living in a tent.
But, uh, you know, nice try.
But Katerina already knows
I'm an accredited dog walker
and it's not embarrassing to her.
OK, helping you find your
next step is important.
So what about a delivery
support consultant?
That sounds kind of agile, eh?
Oh, don't worry, Katerina.
I've sighed many times like
that at the old B-train.
Is everything OK there?
What? I'm serious.
OK, so, yeah, OK.
If thinking I had rabies
taught me anything,
it's that time with loved
ones is all we've got.
- OK.
- Yeah, so
- Since you were fired
- Redundant.
In fact, 'sabbatical' is
probably more accurate.
Yeah, yeah, sabbatical. Yeah, yeah, no.
'Cause, yeah, that sounds great.
That sounds expansive, you know?
So maybe, just maybe,
you don't wanna go back
into the same sort of thing.
What, you mean having a job?
Dad. Dad!
You are vibing a really
nice frequency at the moment
and and it could be cool if
you keep that same frequency.
And not
Not? Not? Not what?
Not be such a grumpy old man.
See, English is her
second language, remember.
Ah, yeah. What what was that?
Uh, she said the grumpy thing again.
Since when have I been grumpy?
I'm never grumpy!
Maybe not grumpy, hey?
Maybe a workaholic?
Preoccupied, unavailable.
But, hey, hey,
you're way better now.
- Good to know. Great to know.
- Yeah, yeah, great.
Right. So we'll go to the beach, yeah.
And and and you can think about
freeing yourself from
that bloody whatever thing
it was you were doing before.
"Whatever thing"?
I ran an entire division
of people, Bowie.
You know exactly what I did.
He doesn't.
I mean, does anybody really
know what their parents do?
Is it too late to fix Bowie?
Do you know what I used to do
for my job?
Um, yeah, for the most part, yeah.
OK, and how do you
describe it to people?
Um, has something happened with Bowie?
You don't know either, do you?
Oh, yes, of course I do.
Um, I've gotta go.
Oh! Hi, Santi.
Um, you know, you should probably
call me Ms Davis when we're at school,
just to keep things clear.
Oh. Yeah.
Sorry. I'll do that.
You're very good at that.
Yeah, if I'm, um if
I'm really in the zone,
I can smash it out.
Oh, and are you in the zone today?
Not really.
Hey, um
can I ask you something?
I mean, is it to do with school?
Hmm no.
OK, well, um, I know we have
a beautiful, gorgeous
little baby in common,
but if it's personal,
um, or if it's about my daughter,
I'm I'm just always gonna
take her side on things, so
That's fine.
I guess, um,
that's what mums are for, eh?
Oh, Santi, I
Hey, it's OK.
Don't worry about it.
Thanks, um Ms Davis.
Oh, you can call me Angie. It's
Hey, I was thinking you
should come over for dinner
and meet Bowie once he's unpacked.
And, well, showered.
And you could you
could stay over again.
Unless it's too hard to sleep in my bed.
And then I was thinking
that we could go have
sex in the toilets.
We could go right now and
have sex in the toilets.
Why not?
No reason. I just don't get it.
I'm kidding.
Maybe he just didn't feel like it.
No, but it was like the whole thing
was an alien concept to him.
Like, I thought they were
supposed to want it all the time.
Maybe he had a big lunch.
Or hadn't had any lunch,
so was really hungry.
Or he just didn't wanna have
sex in front of his daughter.
We do that all the time.
She can't tell.
Can she?
Oh, my God.
Have I already ruined
my daughter's psyche?
Shush or share, ladies!
Shush or share. What will it be?
- Sh-shush.
- OK.
Like, I don't know,
like, is he upset at me about something?
Maybe he just had a sore penis.
Or he has an unusual spot on it.
Yes, and it's a heart-shaped mole
and he didn't wanna look desperate.
Or he got your name
tattooed on his penis
and he wants to surprise you.
Or there's a spelling mistake
and he just needs to get it fixed up
before he shows it to me.
See? He really knows you.
No, that is obstruction.
- I'm nowhere near you.
- Obstruction!
Hey can we talk later?
Yeah. Yeah, totally.
Do you just wanna come with us?
Nah, it's OK. You guys do your thing.
We're this way. Goodbye!
- Bye.
- Bye.
Oh, yeah, ball sports
for kindergarteners is
State champions, you mean?
State champions!
You OK?
Yeah, we're all good.
I can't tell who's who.
We just have to follow the numbers.
Is that Tanya Plibersek?
Oh, my God.
Pleasure to be here. It's
great. It's a great initiative.
I thought she was in Canberra.
I thought that Parliament
was sitting this week.
Do you know the House of Reps
schedule off by heart, do you?
Well, I thought I did.
She's not listed.
Yeah, she was just supposed
to send a representative.
OK, folks, well, if you
could please take your seats
for the first sitting.
Hey, what's the matter?
It's just I have to leave
early to get back to J,
so I might not get to meet her.
It's OK.
Let's be cool.
- Excuse me.
- Oh.
- Hi.
- Hi. How are you going?
- I'm good. How are you?
- Good. Nice to meet you.
Where do you go to school?
- Hello.
- Hi.
Shh. Hey.
You OK?
You have enough to worry about.
And the rest of us,
we have to go to work.
Are you, uh
Are you leaving?
He's a hypocrite.
OK, folks, if the young leaders
can be the ones to stand up, please,
and move one space to the right.
It was very nice to meet you.
Thank you. You too.
Uh, look, I'm sorry. I think
you need to go that way.
Oh! Yeah. Sorry. I knew that.
- Nice to meet you.
- Very nice to meet you.
Everything all right?
Uh, yeah. Yep. Sorry. Yep.
- It's really hilarious.
- Oh, really?
I hope you don't mind me saying so,
but checking your phone
straight up like that?
Bit of a no-no.
Oh, sorry. Um So so
I have a baby at home.
Oh, yes! You're the one.
They mentioned it.
Could we start again?
It's OK. Hey, come here.
It's OK.
What the fuck ?
Oh, no.
Hi! Hi. Hello.
I'm sorry. I'm normal.
That was weird, yes.
Um, I was just wondering if
I could borrow your phone,
um, to make a phone call.
It's just that mine just broke
and I have to get back to my
baby, who needs to feed in
- Oh! You've got a baby.
- 11 minutes ago.
Oh, here you go, hon.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
That's so embarrassing.
I don't know his number.
Could I order an Uber on your
phone and I'll pay you back?
I'm so sorry. I'm just waiting for one.
- Are you on Insta?
- Digital detox.
- Sorry!
- Ohh!
Ah. OK.
Um Er
- OK. That's all right.
- Oh. OK.
Um Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Uh Thanks.
Far out!
I don't know, J. Shh.
I don't know, JJ!
Come on.
Oh, no. No, no, don't
What's happened?
Hi, I just I wanted to
apologise for today about Oly.
- Something's happened to Oly?
- What do you mean?
She's not answering her phone.
I haven't been able to get
a hold of her for hours.
- Oh, that's not like her.
- I know. I know.
I'm here!
Oh! I'm so sorry.
I dropped my phone. It broke.
- I don't have your number.
- Where have you been?
- Hey! I'm so sorry. Hey, J!
- Oly
I had no idea where you were.
Hey, I told you where I was.
I was at the networking thing.
You could've been anywhere.
Oly, you could've been dead.
I thought you were dead.
- Hey, you don't have to go.
- No.
- No, no, hey
- But I want to.
My parents will love you.
It's not they're not
usually like this. Sort of.
It's not because of that.
Well, then why?
I thought you live near Bondi.
I know we said we'd see what happens,
but me arbitrarily disappearing
isn't one of the challenges
I'd factored into the equation.
She just
She just wasn't there anymore.
I didn't know what had happened.
One day, she just left
and then never came back.
it could happen to you.
It sounds so dumb, but I, um
- It's just, like
- You don't want me to die.
I didn't know you were
so worried about that.
Neither did I.
You know I'm gonna die one day.
- You're gonna die
- Oly.
- J's gonna die.
- Shh.
- We're all gonna die.
- Uh-uh.
I reckon we're gonna be the
first family to live forever.
Remember that when we're
35 and we hate our lives.
J's not speaking to us
because we're mad at her
'cause she got a tattoo in Bali.
Did you get a tattoo on your penis?
- What?
- Nothing. Nothing.
- Why did you ask that?
- It's nothing. No reason.
I'm so sorry about your mum.
If you're freaking out,
can you just tell me
that you're freaking out?
did you still wanna
have sex in the toilets?
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