Bump (2021) s02e04 Episode Script


- Ah! Hi! It's Birdie.
- Hello.
I'm so sorry. I can't quite place you.
Oh, no, that's OK. It's Angie.
I'm I'm Dom's ex. I've
seen your social media.
Angie! Wow! Hi!
I I've been telling Dom
we need to get together.
Dom is great, but he's
really quite hopeless
at organising get-togethers.
Then we'll just have to go round him.
Oh. Yeah.
Oh, God, please tell me
you're not feeding that bird.
I've been hoping it'll cark it.
Aw. Don't say that.
I love Turtle.
The bird's name is Turtle?
Oh, he's not ours.
Dom named him because he
had a pet when he was a kid
that was a turtle called Bird, so
- Can't argue with that.
- No.
It's just so loud in
the mornings, that's all.
Mmmm. Yeah.
Sort of majestic, that squawk, really.
Shit, was that a bit loud?
Not loud enough, if you ask me.
Let's catch up soon, yeah?
Can't wait.
It's nice to meet you.
I'm so sorry. I-I
I didn't mean to go for the lips.
We went to do this hug
and there was, like, this
weird lip-brushing kiss.
You kissed? You actually kissed?
It was funny.
I don't think that was an accident.
- It was.
- Mm-mm.
Maybe Birdie only knows how to
connect through her sexuality.
Oh, no.
Oly, we're not gonna do
this passive-aggressive
'hate other women' thing.
I'm happy for your dad.
How enlightened of you.
Hmm, yeah. He's punching
above his weight.
So you and Dad's new
lover are friends now?
We are bosom buddies.
- Soul sisters.
- Right.
- Kick! Kick, kick, kick!
- Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick!
Well, some of us actually
have to have dinner with her.
OK. Well, enjoy that.
I definitely won't.
Keep an open mind.
She's nice.
Maybe a little bit too nice.
She might try kiss me.
Your dad told me that you've
been looking for a mentor.
Is that right? You did some networking?
Didn't go anywhere, though.
Reema got an internship.
- Oly could have.
- I didn't.
Who can guess the secret ingredient?
- Easy. Nutmeg.
- Incorrect. Bzzz!
- Turmeric.
- Who puts Turmeric in a stir-fry?
My mum puts turmeric
in literally everything.
- Yeah.
- Is it turmeric?
The correct ingredient is
- Tamari.
- Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
On top again.
I've got our next Wayside
Chapel fundraiser coming up,
if you want to come to
that, maybe meet some people.
Professor Neha Tiewari is speaking.
Ooh. Oly loves her.
Dad, I have a baby, remember?
Can't just swan in and
out of fundraisers, like
- Fair enough.
- Bring Jacinda along.
The family/work juggle resonates
with so many successful women.
- Totally.
- Yeah.
- Show them that you can have it all.
- Yeah.
We've just about
locked down the details.
Let me show you
- Here we go.
- Food.
Excellent paella, Santi's favourite.
- Bloody colonisers.
- Right on cue.
My people don't have the best
record with colonising either.
- Thank you, sis.
- Sorry.
They should have Picá del Sabor instead.
Eh, oath, bro.
- That's your food truck, yeah?
- Mm-hm.
- Empanadas.
- Hmm.
You guys should do, like, a
chorrillana-flavoured empanada.
Like, it's such a
popular dish these days.
Like, like, chorrillana?
Oh, dude, it's like it's, like
all this stuff,
it's, like, meat and egg
and, like, chips.
Yeah. We've got our menu sorted, bro.
- Thanks, though.
- Sick. Yeah.
Have you worked many fundraisers?
- We can do it.
- Yeah?
OK. Consider yourself booked.
OK, so
I kind of overpromised, but
- This is
- I know.
It's a lot, and I'm sorry, but
This is amazing, this is amazing!
It's a whole new market. Ah!
We should think about rebranding.
- Like a new logo?
- Yes! No. Yes!
A new logo, but it has
to be something authentic,
you know, to get the
ricachones all excited.
Would you?
- Yeah. I can think
- Yeah?
- Go!
- OK.
Never been on a date that
required a life jacket.
Never say never.
You are aware the
last sea vessel I owned
completely sank?
Are you nervous?
Oly seemed quiet at dinner.
Maybe it was too soon.
I thought she opened up by the end.
Mm. Don't know.
Oh. Who's nervous now?
Our first meeting wasn't
exactly the best way
to start a friendship.
No, it wasn't.
But people can change.
She'll come round, because she's great
and you're great and we're great.
Whoa. Whoa!
- I meant to do that.
- Jesus Christ!
Ready? Three, two, one. Oh!
Oh, sorry.
- Wait, same time, or opposite?
- Opposite.
Opposite. There we sorry, sorry.
Polyakova is the founding
director of the Project
"Birdie's special honey."
working group.
She's also a fellow in the
Not so special.
Like, you know, really focus
on these events that you do.
I think J worked against
me at the networking thing
because my focus was split.
So, let me get this straight
- you agree with Birdie now?
I think so.
Agree about what?
Oh. Nothing.
Tell me!
OK. Um
Birdie is introducing me
to some of her clients.
She's hosting a fundraiser,
and she says that I should take Jacinda.
That's great.
You don't need to hide that from me.
OK. I just didn't want you
to think I was picking teams.
Oh, God.
I like Birdie!
Even if I didn't,
I'd be wanting you to
exploit her connections.
So, who is going to the fundraiser?
- I don't know. Not sure yet.
- Yeah.
Uh, your washing's over there, darling,
and yours, Santi.
I think I'm welcome here now.
Yeah, a little bit
too welcome. I'm sorry.
Don't be.
God, you don't have to
whisper on my account.
Well, it's certainly true that
the United States has shifted
to see the rise of China, the
return of China to global power,
along with Russia and the
two big foreign trade states
as the most dangerous
Mum probably can't hear us.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
the biases, agendas
so, and the same
thing in medicine
OK, this is it.
This is as authentic as it gets.
I love it!
I look old.
I would call it traditional.
That's what I was going for.
But, Ita, you're gonna be
the face of Picá del Sabor.
Exactly. You're gonna be famous!
Fine. Use it.
But I no happy.
Oh, uh, one more thing.
We wouldn't do a chorrillana
empanada, would we?
Thought so.
Look at us now!
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh.
I think I might put kayaking
on my Brover profile.
No! This is our thing.
Well what if Oly
wants to join us too?
What do you know? No,
don't tell me. No, tell me.
Tell me!
Just that the word 'inspirational'
may have made an appearance.
Maybe stir-fry needs to
become a weekly thing.
Ooh! Ow!
- Did you grunt at me?
- No, I said 'ow'.
Oh. OK. Did I hurt you?
Not yet.
Have a lovely day, guys. Enjoy.
- You too.
- Thanks, Dad.
- That was weird.
- Ooh!
- Hi!
- Oh, this is nice.
It's so soft. Mmm!
Where did you get it?
Um, Birdie was getting rid of it.
Oh! Wow. Expensive hand-me-down.
It's cashmere.
Wow. Are there no
boundaries with this woman?
Mum, you
You said that you weren't gonna do
the passive-aggressive
'hate other woman' thing.
Can't you see what she's doing?
It's got a hole in it.
Oh. Are you wearing her
socks and undies too?
Well, I hope the event goes
really smoothly for you.
And I hope that you exploit
all of the opportunities
that this very
well-connected woman provides.
Is she What the fuck was that?
Show me the money.
Tuck it in, tuck it in, tuck it in.
Tuck it in, tuck it in.
Bernie, yours is in the truck.
I don't need a T-shirt.
I'm Camila. I'm running
ops this afternoon.
Yes, good afternoon.
You're really only serving empanadas?
Well, we have seven flavours.
Seven flavours of street food?
Where are you from?
- Double Bay.
- Oh, no, I mean originally.
- I was born here.
- Oh.
But my parents are from Spain.
top shelf.
I don't speak Spanish.
Um, you've used one
of these before, yeah?
- Yes, of course.
- Good.
Catering's on channel two.
And you'll need to get all your
staff to the PDA before doors.
OK, well, you heard the woman.
We need to get all the
staff PDA before doors.
- Now!
- 'BDA' or 'PDA'?
You OK?
I'm fasting.
Being around all this
food is ruining my life.
I'll fast with you, in solidarity.
You would do the same for me.
I really wouldn't.
So, you ready to smash this thing?
Yeah. Ready to smash.
- Ready to smash!
- Yeah.
Gotta keep up with my
graphic design king.
This logo looks so cool!
- Aw.
- Aw.
Thanks. You look cool.
Oh, she needs a change.
Here, let me take her.
You should start shmoozing.
- Really?
- Santiago, I need you.
- Hold on.
- It's OK, I got it.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- Hey, happy shmoozing.
- Vamos!
I know it must not
seem like it right now,
but one day you will be able
to tell your kindy friends
that you had your nappy
changed in the same place
that Professor Neha
Tiewari ate Ita's empanadas.
So, it is only up from here, kiddo.
Oop. Oop.
Oly. There you are, my superwoman.
Hello! Come on.
There's someone here I
know who wants to meet you.
Professor Neha Tiewari,
this is Oly, who I've
been telling you about.
- Hi!
- Oly.
I have heard so much about you.
Oh, well, yes, I'm quite
quite famous for raising
the next generation
of proletariat workers.
Ooh. Right on cue.
Shh. It's OK.
She's very enthusiastic about
your work on global education.
Oh, don't worry, I have twins.
But I'm sure one is more than
enough to keep you on your toes.
Oh, yeah.
- Oh.
- Oh.
- God.
- OK.
- It's OK.
- Yep. Sorry.
- Ooh.
- Um
Um, I need to take you away to
meet some people before we start.
- I'm so sorry.
- No need to apologise.
- Lovely to meet you.
- You too.
- So nice.
- Bye.
I'll see you later.
Just through here.
I'm glad I was covered in spew for it.
Yes, you want to sleep, I know you do.
I know you do.
Multitasking for the win.
I'm, like, the CEO of baby logistics.
Mmm. Well, I hope you're not kidding,
because I am in serious need of help,
if you're looking for another job.
What is it that you do?
Well, I'm in foreign aid,
but we're desperately
hunting for a new babysitter.
It's mainly school pick-ups,
get their homework done.
It's nothing out of the ordinary.
- If you're interested
- Yeah.
- What's your rate?
- Pretty standard.
- 25 an hour?
- Yep.
Lifesaver. Call me.
OK. Thank you.
- Santiago.
- Yeah.
Make sure everyone takes a napkin.
I want every rich person wiping
their face with these napkins.
Claro, claro.
Hector! Hi.
It's been so long.
I know. What are you doing here?
We're playing tonight.
- Mm-hm.
- Rosa!
Who is he?
A friend.
I bet.
I should go.
Rosa, are you there?
Yes, no, I'm here. I'm here.
I've been trying you for
the last five minutes.
What are your vegetarian options?
Yes, of course.
So, we have chilli mushroom, we
have onion and we have cheese.
Go again.
I said we have chilli Can you
Can you hear me?
- Copy.
- Why is she using the radio?
This place not big.
Put the microphone closer to your mouth.
I can't understand your accent.
I said
we have chilli mushroom,
we have onion and we have cheese.
I wasn't gonna eat one.
It's OK.
You're amazing.
I mean, your dedication is amazing.
- To your religion.
- Huh?
I'm intermittent-fasting.
Did you think it was a Muslim thing?
Maybe. But who cares?
You're doing something you believe in.
How cool are the serviettes?
Ladies and gentlemen,
now it is my great honour
to introduce our guest,
Professor Neha Tiewari.
Thank you, Birdie.
And thank you, Wayside Chapel,
for having me on this
gorgeous afternoon
and allowing me to conjure
all the money from all these
pockets, clutches
and tote bags before me
and allowing me direct it
to such a vital and compassionate cause.
And we mustn't forget that
while need is universal
it's also very close to home.
As you may know, my work has taken me
to some of the most challenging
communities in the world.
You are my support animal.
I am Superwoman.
What is happening?
Interestingly enough, I have
been developing my own app,
which is short for 'application'.
Thanks to this one here
we've already got some
potential investors lined up.
Dad. Dad, something is really wrong.
I'm seeing snakes.
I'm seeing snakes, Dad. Please help me.
That hurt.
Why did you do the fast with me today?
Solidarity, I guess.
You know we're just friends, yeah?
We can't be a thing.
I'm playing the long game anyway.
You've been so generous. Thank you.
Goodnight, guys. Have a good night.
- Hey, Rosa, your radio, please.
- Ah, yes, yes.
I told you I don't speak Spanish.
Do you prefer French?
- OK. Bye.
- Oh.
Portuguese? Oh. OK.
Rosa? Come in, Rosa.
You put this whole thing together.
Come in, come in.
- Actually, it was Santi.
- Oh, thanks, Rosa.
OK, it was me.
- Ready?
- Teamwork!
- That's great!
- Thank you!
Thank you.
My baby is a whale.
Your baby's not a whale, darling.
It's Jacinda.
My baby is a whale!
The test confirms Oly's
ingested psilocybin mushrooms.
It's highly unlikely they would have
made it into your
bloodstream when you fed her.
Highly unlikely?
We're gonna monitor you
both overnight to be safe,
and we recommend not breastfeeding
for the next 36 to 48 hours,
while the drug exits your system.
But she doesn't take a bottle.
You'll find a way.
What if she starves?
She won't. Is there anything else?
No, that's everything.
Thank you very much.
What are we gonna do?
Keep drinking.
Hey, Mama.
How was Vince?
I can't let him down just now.
Can I have a sip of that?
You are happy with your decision, then.
What was I supposed to do?
I have never told you how to
practise your religion, beta.
It's your choice.
Exhibit A.
Meanwhile, you eat steak like
it's going out of fashion.
Can't you make an exception for Vince?
He sounds like a darling.
He is.
That's enough.
Compatibility isn't always about faith.
Turns out her surname was 'Ankles'.
Ooh, I have a V-mail from Oly.
Oh, poor Oly.
Who says 'V-mail'?
Dad, Dad, something is really wrong.
I'm seeing snakes.
I'm seeing snakes, Dad. Please help me.
I think you left
your special honey at the house.
Oh, God, no.
And I think Oly's tripping balls.
Oh, no. Oh, God, Dom.
Why would you leave
it anywhere near her?
I'm sorry! I thought that we
- Well, is she OK?
- I don't know!
Peace at last, eh?
Peace at last.
Mm, yes.
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