Bump (2021) s03e04 Episode Script

The Argentine

Just extraordinary.
The fried corn ones
are not bad, but these?
Yes, it is from Argentina.
My mother's own recipe.
(CHUCKLES) Well, you have the touch.
You have to make it with corazon. Heart.
I knew I should have ordered online.
Could you hurry up, por
favor? I'm in el rusho here.
What can I get you, mister?
Please, call me Kenny.
I can't quite decide between
the beef and the corn.
Fuck me, it's like waiting
for the next ice age!
I'm almost done, young lady.
I'll have three of the beef
or, um, what would you recommend?
They are all excellent.
Oh, my God, could you two get a room?
Seriously, could you wrinklies
stop batting your crepe-y
eyelids at each other?
Some of us have our actual
lives we want to live here.
- Out of my shop!
- (SCOFFS) What?
Not going to serve you.
You cannot kick me out. It is my
human right to get an empanada.
You are very rude. You
don't deserve my food.
Well, I have a condition
that says I need to eat
every three to four hours.
That is not a condition,
that is a normal appetite.
- Get out of my shop!
Could I get a couple of
the chorizo ones to go?
You're going down, beeyatch!
Bravo! Bravo, Bernardita!
- So, what have you got on today?
- Dress rehearsal for our show.
(GASPS) That's exciting!
I forgot your costume.
I'll bring it before recess.
All your good deeds will be seen, Mum.
My good deeds?
- Caffeine?
- Yes.
It's unbelievable. He just
blanked me in the street.
I mean, how are we supposed
to effectively co-parent
if he's gonna be this immature?
Mm, I know, right?
Mads? I'm sort of going
through something here.
Sorry, sorry, just trying
to tee up a couple bags.
Anyway, what's the problem?
You're with that professor guy now.
No, I'm not, because we
agreed that it was unethical.
- (SQUEALS) Hi, darling!
- Ah!
Hi, hot mamma.
- Stop it.
Teen mum. Hi.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, sweetie.
(SIGHS) Look at us. Yummy mummies.
Is it too early for a mimosa?
It's 9:15. On Monday.
You're right. We'll
give it half an hour.
I am literally gonna die
if I don't get a coffee.
- You guys good?
- Mm-hm.
- Hey, girl.
- Hi.
Hi. Hey, uh, could I
New friend?
Talked her out of a
K-hole in the bathroom
at parent-teacher night.
- How old is she?
- 33?
46? She's fun.
By which you mean ?
She's married to some hedge
fund guy and always has coke.
Mads, she's a human train wreck.
Like I said, she's fun.
Kombucha vodka spritz. Sugar-free.
Mm. Come on, bitch!
Nah, I'm good. Thanks.
One more for me.
Surprise! It's me!
Your erstwhile favourite person!
I'm trying to do a thing where
I apologise for being a dick,
but with visual aids.
I get it.
What's wrong?
I'm not going out partying
with Madison anymore.
I realise everyone thinks
that I'm way more fun when I'm partying
and everyone really prefers
the new chilled-out Oly,
but I just can't do it anymore.
I'm not sure everyone thinks that.
I mean, I prefer the old Oly.
Are you OK?
Bit thrown by Vince's new thing.
Ayesha? She's lovely.
But you got married and you
didn't want to be with him.
I don't want to talk
about this right now.
I'm having a really shitty day with Mum.
Is she upset about your divorce?
She's upset because I dropped out of uni
and now I am completely broke
and stuck here with her
constantly making suggestions
as to what I should
be doing with my life.
Hola, Santi.
- Hola, Santi.
- So, what do we need to do?
We need to move the
drink fridge out the back.
The new one is coming early tomorrow.
I don't keep track of
her every move, Ita.
But if you want to know, she
blanked me in the street today.
I think Oly's very unhappy.
Well, she has a boyfriend now,
so apparently you don't know
what you're talking about.
A boyfriend? Who?
So, what's wrong with the fridge?
Because apparently, Santi,
your grandmother still thinks
that we're running a food truck
instead of three restaurants.
Sorry I asked.
Hola, Domcito.
G'day. It too late for a bite?
Oh, well. Can I give you
a hand with something else?
Don't you have a business to run?
Yeah, but I like the vibe here.
It's hands-on, you know?
On the tools, at the coalface.
Maybe you can help us move the fridge?
Yeah, no, I've got a bit of
a dodgy disc, so best not to.
Did you see that Ita's
becoming an internet sensation?
You didn't see it? Watch.
How's this for a review?
"I waited an hour for food
while this Jurassic
crone behind the counter
tried to hook up with some
geezer in a three-piece suit,
then refused me service
because I have a condition."
- What?
- (LAUGHS) Yeah.
And she writes,
"Also my friend found a
dead cockroach in her arepa.
Worst service ever. Zero stars."
Oh, my God! No!
Businesses like ours live
or die by online reviews.
It's only an online troll.
I wouldn't worry about
- Aargh!
And what did you learn
about at school today?
About planets.
Oh. What's your favourite planet?
- Earth.
- Good choice.
What are you doing, J?
- J?
- BOY: Over here. Over here.
Yes! The power of prayer, Mum!
J, that's not
Hey, you've reached Santi.
- You know what to do.
Santi, what the heck is
Bernardita teaching Jacinda?
She just prayed to get
a go on the swings.
Can you tell her to cut it out?
Where is Sebastian?
Staying at Dad's this week, Ita.
Oh, Gabe? I need some
help on the computadora.
- Now?
- Now.
- Can't Santi do it?
- Your brother has a bad back.
I'll do it for 50 bucks.
You'll do it for nothing!
And you'll start doing your own laundry.
OK. Yep, alright.
Or maybe your fake tan
gave you mad cow disease.
Ita, I've got this.
Good boy.
"The cockroach in our restaurant
was you, you skanky cow."
Sweetheart, it's OK.
I'm here. You're OK.
I had a bad dream.
Oh, poor thing!
Do you want to talk about it?
I was burning in hell.
Oh, my God, this family!
Ita told you about hell?
- No.
- Wait here.
Hey, you've reached Santi.
- You know what to do.
Santi, tell Ita to cut it out.
How many times do I have to say
we are not indoctrinating
our innocent child
with the delusional superstitions
of an indefensible
patriarchal death cult?!
Oly, it's not Ita. It's
Scripture at school.
I'll look after him.
Can I help you?
Oh, hello.
Um, empanada meal special?
Is Bernardita here today?
Unfortunately, she died.
Oh, my God!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I saw her here just yesterday.
Oh, this is quite a shock.
Um, are you going to order anything?
- Mm? Uh
- No?
- I'll take this.
- OK?
- OK.
And, um, next?
- Hi, Ms Young.
- Hi, Oly.
Hi. I just had a quick question for you.
Is Jacinda learning Scripture here?
- Half an hour a week, Fridays.
- Right.
Why are you teaching kids
Scripture at a public school?
I know, right? (LAUGHS)
If there really was a god,
she'd sure as hell be
doing a better job than this
running this shit-show of a planet.
So, then, why
Parent choice.
You enrolled her in
Scripture instead of Ethics
at the start of the year.
I certainly did not.
Guess her dad did.
Are you
Uh, yeah. Sorry.
As I was saying, we
could get you an MRI,
but based on your work history,
I'm fairly sure it's a herniated disc.
I'm gonna write you a referral
for a CT-guided steroid injection.
That's it?
Heat packs. Take it easy.
And you cannot keep doing
the kind of heavy
labour you've been doing
if you want a life without back pain.
I just moved a fridge.
It's an accumulation over time.
A lot of tradies take
better care of their tools
than they do their bodies.
Keep this up, you'll
need a laminectomy by 27.
Uh, what's that?
Major back surgery.
- Alright. Are you warm enough?
- Yep.
And don't worry.
You don't have to do Scripture
with that mean old nun anymore.
You're gonna do Ethics instead.
It's gonna be really fun.
I kind of liked the animals in the ark.
Mm. Well, the thing is, is
that we're not religious people.
What are we?
We are sort of secular humanists,
if I had to put a label on it.
Ita believes in God.
And Lelo and Tata and Rosa.
Mm-hm, and that's their
choice, and we respect that.
But we don't believe it?
I'm gonna let you make up your own mind
when you're a little bit older.
But what do you think?
Well, I think that organised religion
has caused war and misery and
misogyny for thousands of years.
I think it's completely irrational
and I hate them scaring
kids with this hell rubbish.
- That was Grangie.
- Grangie told you about hell?
Ita, Ita, come check this out. Come.
Give me all your money!
I don't understand what he's doing.
It's, like, people, they
do pranks and film them.
- ITA: Young people want
(READS) " was you, you skanky cow."
Mum, chill. I don't know
what you're talking about.
Good morning, everyone, and
welcome to the KY assembly.
We are especially delighted
to have Principal Whelan
How did it come up?
She just asked if it's true
pets can't go to heaven
like the lady at school said.
So, what did you say?
I said, "There's no such
thing as heaven or hell."
And then she asked, "What's hell?"
Yeah. I said it's supposed
to be people burning forever.
And I also said that
hell is other people,
which is why I like staying at home.
- What?
- Shh.
OK, so would you please welcome KY class
for their musical performance.
MS YOUNG: OK, ready?
MS YOUNG: Hop, hop!
MS YOUNG: Spin. Go.
(WHISPERS) What's wrong with you?
(QUIETLY) I've fucked my back.
MS YOUNG: Arms up, big smiles.
(QUIETLY) Just so you know,
she's not doing your Catholic
brainwashing sessions anymore.
Big stretches up. Hop, hop.
(QUIETLY) They're not
brainwashing sessions.
It's part of Ita's culture. Our culture.
I know. That's why I let her christen J.
I did Scripture.
Seb and Gabe did it too.
It's important to Ita.
So important that
you'd go behind my back?
I'm sorry I went behind your back,
but maybe if you weren't so stubborn,
I wouldn't have had to, OK?
WOMAN: Shh! Quiet!
Hey, Ol!
Hey, sorry.
- Skye.
- Hi.
What are you doing?
Teaching Ethics.
Oh. You're not an obvious fit.
Oh, they needed a
volunteer for kindergarten,
and, just quietly,
I'm not letting these whack-jobs
anywhere near my kids.
Do you mind if I come watch?
Even more quietly, I
am criminally hungover,
so things could get a bit loose.
Do you think it's right for Emma the emu
to get back at Eddie the emu
for stealing her favourite stone?
What if Eddie cuddled another emu
that wasn't Emma?
Oh, no, I'm just
No, I'm just kidding.
Eddie didn't do
No, Eddie said that he was sorry,
so do you still think that's OK now?
- Yes!
- No, it's not!
You're an idiot.
Ooh, Arlo, remember,
respectful disagreements.
- You're gonna burn in hell.
Whoa, OK. Um
What about instead of
getting back at him,
we think about a good way
for Emma to tell Eddie how she feels?
Talk to him?
Very good. And why might she do that?
So Eddie knows why she's sad.
What happens when we die?
My grandma's sick.
Oh, that's all yours. It's yours.
I guess when we die,
the people that we love will
remember us and they'll miss us.
(SIGHS) The book of Keanu.
So, Arlo, you need to make the
most of the time that you have
with your grandma
and forgive her because she loves you
and you love her,
so even if she's done the wrong thing,
that's what really counts.
My grandma didn't do the wrong thing!
Oh, no, of course not.
What I mean is is that love and honesty,
here and now, is what's important.
Don't wait for another life.
Ooh, right, recess.
Thank God.
Ooh, little fuckers are
like raptors testing a fence.
Two cappuccinos, one
flat white, cream and
Alejandro! Alejandro!
Hey, old man. Ready to go to the physio?
Ha-ha, very funny.
Thank you.
What are you drawing?
- Oh, just scribbling.
- Oh, come on, show me.
Did you do art in school?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, it was my
favourite subject, actually.
I was obsessed with drama.
In all the school musicals.
I totally thought I'd
be a Broadway star.
But then I left school
and got real pretty quick.
I sold a few of these paintings.
It's just drawings.
I'm still working on it.
Working on what, exactly?
I'm just teasing you.
Oh. Yeah, I know.
Hola, Rosa.
- What?!
- What is it?
SANTI: Just here.
- I'll go get a park.
- No.
I'm sorry. You should go home.
Good luck.
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