Bump (2021) s03e06 Episode Script

Can't We Just Have a Few Nice Things...

Listen to the bird ♪
Listen to the sound ♪
In the rainforest ♪
Listen to the sound ♪
Musical ♪
Listen to the bird ♪
Listen to the parrot ♪
- Uh-huh.
I mean, I might wonder if
low geomagnetic activity
is to blame for the style of your dream,
but, really, this couldn't be
a more straightforward reading.
And how long will the
dream analysis take?
Real life is so much more
complicated to understand.
This could all be a simulation.
OK, can we simulate a helpful
end to the dream analysis?
Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You've got to be with the birds. Mum.
You've got You've
got to be with the birds.
You need to spread your wings.
Yeah, what does that
actually mean, though?
DOM: Greetings!
ready for the tech event?
- Dad, no.
- Calm down.
I'm just limbering up. (GRUNTS)
Are you wearing that?
Yeah. Some of my
followers might be there.
Not for long.
Hey, hey, spread your wings.
Yes, thank you, Bowie.
- Be with the birds, you.
- Mm-hm.
God. Did I raise a charlatan?
Be with the birds.
- Well, uh
Ooh, sorry.
Curiously, that, uh, also was
the motivating factor in my app.
Um, I was seeking help, uh
with an intimacy, uh, issue -
and I mean that in a friendship,
not, um, in the bedroom -
and, uh, I had met a
gentleman at the cinema
and I wanted to reconnect with him
but had no way or no
how, in fact, to do that.
And so, my son helped me
- who's joined us here today -
code the app.
Well, it was more me and
my, um, pet bird, Turtle.
- May he rest in peace.
But the central idea behind Brover
is to connect men with other
mature blokes who hate people.
Bros before hoes!
Uh, well, they don't
necessarily need to be before
another demographic, so, um
Any other questions?
I might I'll give you a call
in a week, yeah? Yeah. Cool.
Dad. Dad, you beautiful man.
Not too waffle-y, was it?
Always. Always, Dad, but you know what?
I think people like an authentic
story behind their tech.
And you know what?
Good on you for being cool with
a little men's rights activist vibe.
Men's rights?
Incels need love more than anybody else.
I don't wanna be the
one to foster that love,
but props to you.
What's that supposed to mean?
Hey, uh, love the app, man.
Oh, you're a brov.
I'm a brover. I'm a
brover and I'm a lover.
- I really love the app, really.
Thank you. Thank you.
We at Brover are always looking
to help our brethren connect.
Oh, well, thank you.
Actually, it's
Thank you very much
'cause it can be really,
really brutal out there.
Yeah, well, you gotta
find your brethren.
That's so true, that's so true,
'cause otherwise you find
yourself getting cancelled
just for saying that we gotta
balance out the misandry.
You know what I'm talking about.
You know it's women
behind penis mutilations?
- Are you across this?
- Women?
- Penis mutilations.
- No, but, um
- Well, it's gotta stop.
- Sure, any
- It's gotta stop.
- mutilation needs cessation.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about the law of the jungle.
It's one rule for the alphas.
It's a whole other bunch of
crapola for betas like us.
I'm an omega.
Omega, epsilon, whatever.
You know, my point is we're
all getting cucked into oblivion
by these feminazis
with their little apex fallacy bullshit
and we're being dragged into
the muck with them, aren't we?
Mate, thanks for your support.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you and thanks for the app.
I've got a podcast. I'll
I'll I'll message you.
Welcome to the manosphere.
Ay, I love this wine.
Mm. I can get you some more.
Bring it to your house. Home delivery.
No, no, I like this wine here
in this room, not in my house.
Hey, do you want to
finish the movie tonight?
But isn't mi papi coming to get me?
Yeah, but you could stay another night
and we could have whatever
you wanted for dinner.
- Fish fingers?
- Yeah.
Yeah! Fish fingers and jelly.
Can do.
Yay! Oh. I need to wee.
- Hey.
Just leaving now.
Yeah, that's what I was
just calling you about.
Um, J's a little bit under the weather.
- Is she OK?
- Yeah, she's just
- She's got a cold or something.
But I just thought maybe she
should just stay another night.
Rather than handing her over
sick and tired, you know?
Uh, I guess.
Um, do you not have any plans or
Oh, nothing that I can't get out of.
OK, yeah, I'm cool with that.
Can I say goodnight?
- Uh Oh, she's just crashed.
Aw, poor puchita.
Well, um, just tell me
if anything changes.
And I can pick her up in
the morning if you want.
- JACINDA: Jelly!
- OK, I will. Alright, bye.
J's not feeling well.
She's already gone to bed.
Hope she's OK.
Let's go to the Continental.
- Go out?
- Yeah.
More, please.
More, please.
- More, please.
Alright, is that enough?
I know you are ♪
Who you say you are ♪
You're a beautiful star.
- I know you are ♪
What you say ♪
But I can't lock
eyes if I can't decide ♪
I know you are ♪
So, who am I? ♪
And then there you are again ♪
I know you are ♪
What you say you are ♪
And I couldn't stomach another bite ♪
Or another night apart ♪
There you are again. ♪
Tie? No tie?
Only if it makes you feel good.
Tie it is.
I'm not saying power couple,
but I'm not not saying it.
I haven't got it yet.
But, when you do,
we'll be able to,
like, drive in together,
go to that yum salad place for lunches.
- Yeah.
Oh, puchita! Hey, how are you feeling?
Splendid! We went to the pool!
J, put your shoes on now, please.
Hey, Santi.
Hey, Ol. What's going on?
Uh, nothing. We're just getting ready.
Did you really take her
to the pool if she's sick?
Yeah, she had a dream about swimming
and she was dying to go.
Is she OK to go to school?
Yep, yeah. She just woke up way better.
Hey, can we talk about this later?
We're literally walking out the door.
Yeah, sure. I
Is everything OK?
Uh, yeah.
I think Oly lied about J being sick.
Oh. That's, um
It's weird, right?
It's, like, so not an Oly thing to do.
We should probably get
going, so you're not rushed.
- What?
- Nothing.
I'm just listening
to what you're saying,
that it's out of character.
Oh, right.
Sorry. I must have misunderstood.
Except, um,
only because you're worried about it,
when I bumped into you
with Oly the other day
she was wearing the same shoes
as the person with the fox mask.
The weird vase chick?
You think that was Oly?
Does she have a friend called Madison?
OK, what are you saying?
I'm just agreeing with you
that her behaviour might be off
and if she's lying to you
- I didn't say she was a liar.
- You just did.
I don't need this right now.
I've been working on site
for the last few years
and I thought it would be
good to move into something
with a career trajectory
that's, you know,
more aligned with my personal goals.
And Keeks - sorry, Kiara -
mentioned that there may
be a spot on the team,
so, you know
You wrote in your cover letter here
that you're enrolling in a
project management course?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm definitely
looking to get that done.
So, are you gonna tell me
what's going on?
Uh, I'm preparing an ethics lesson
for our daughter's class
that I volunteer for,
is what's going on.
Oh, well, that's great.
Are you gonna tell them how you
stalked my girlfriend in a fox mask?
Yeah, I know about that, Oly.
OK, it wasn't like that.
Is there something I
should be worried about?
OK, well, then, what
about the sneaking around?
The lying about J being sick?
Well, you went out and had a
big night with your girlfriend,
so you should be thanking me
for giving you the night off.
- What?
- I saw it on her Instagram.
I'm just saying that
you weren't very bothered
about it last night.
I don't get why you're lying to me, Oly,
or why you think it's a problem
that I went out last night.
I don't get who you are at the moment.
ROSA: Mm, thank you
for the lovely dinner.
I could come in for another drink?
The night is young.
Yes, the night is young.
I got it. My time is over.
So, now you don't like
our topic of conversation?
No, no, no, no, that's not it.
Your mistress? Mm-hm.
I was a teenage boy once.
It's confusing.
I was angry all the time, and sad.
Thank you for the lovely dinner.
- Ay, Rosa
- No.
- Amor.
- No.
I'm not saying that Brover
has been overrun by incels.
- He is, though.
- No, I'm just curious.
Hey, I'm just curious to know
if there might be particular things
that some of the users have in common.
- Like being incels.
- And if, you know
If the make-up of the users
are accurately represented
Shit, Bowie, you're
not an incel, are you?
I am voluntarily celibate,
not involuntarily.
So, you're a 'volcel'?
Ha-ha, really? Shut up.
If those people at the panel
are reflective of the user base,
if, then Brover is
Overrun by incels.
DOM: Oh, goddamn it!
Can't either of you even
at least pretend to care
how I feel about this?
- Oh, no, we do care.
- Bullshit!
And you're wrong, both
of you. And you, mate.
Look, I'll show you. Watch this.
First person that comes up. A
Ha! A perfectly normal-looking bloke.
Does his T-shirt say
'Men's Lives Matter'?
- Well
OK, well, that's a bad example.
No, thank you.
Thank you, bye.
- Tight-arse!
- I know.
These are quality.
Wait, what?
Yeah. Mum said sell whatever.
OK, this whole garage sale
is testament that some things change,
but a teacher's corduroy
jacket is forever.
And, actually
Please have this.
Just throw it on for a school pick-up?
Wear as you wish.
I can't anymore, but I also
can't sell it to a stranger.
- Take this off?
- Yeah.
I was in Daunt Books in Hampstead.
OLY: Mm?
Like, I wanted to look
at every book in the place
rather than go home.
And I saw this one that
they made into a podcast
about a woman who was found
asphyxiated in her house,
but with no evidence anyone had done it.
And I was, like, "That me."
Totally suffocated.
Not his fault, not really mine,
but that's where I realised
I needed to get divorced.
Then I walked out
and immediately saw this jacket
in a window across the road.
- It is a shit-hot jacket.
- Facts.
Oh, you're the best.
I know, babe.
So, do you think this will
make me decisive and powerful?
- I hope so.
- Or just divorced?
Hey. Wow.
Reema the jellyfish instigator.
Michael the tutor.
I'm actually not her
tutor anymore, though.
So I've heard.
And I've heard that you're
going back to study law. Yeah?
- What practice area?
- Criminal.
Oh. Good choice.
You know, I could
actually help introduce you
to Professor Crossing.
She's a She's a
good friend of my mum's.
If you want, you know, or not.
Oh, that's actually really thoughtful.
- Thank you.
- No worries.
So, are you just browsing
or are you looking to buy?
Uh, no, I'm ready to buy.
Well, we have a weird range of things
you'll be sure to find confusing.
Uh-huh. Uh, can I buy you for a date?
Sorry, that came out kind of wrong.
Um, no, that's fine.
I know what you mean.
- Yeah, sure.
- Lovely.
Great, thanks.
Cool. Um Ooh, what about this?
- Cute.
- REEMA: Mm-hm.
- Um, and that guy.
- This?
- Yeah, I need him
- Oh.
in my life.
I mean, who doesn't
need a wooden pig, right?
And this.
OK, you really don't need to
buy that many things, Michael.
No, no, it's cool.
Nah, I just, you know
I want to get into the spirit of things.
Hey, so, uh,
how's your scholarship
application coming along?
Oh, yeah, it's good.
You know I got the same one, right?
So, I can help if you like.
OK, that's 180.
That's that's great.
Yeah. Good price.
- Just here is good.
- Thank you.
Thanks for coming by.
No, thank you. Um, it's good to see you.
Sorry, but you look amazing, right.
Anyway, uh, I'll see you soon, then.
Sorry. Is that OK?
Um, I'll see you soon.
- OK.
So, did you get a D in that class?
ANGIE: Do you think we'll
ever truly be able to fathom
how big 46 billion light-years is?
Like, really wrap our minds around
even the idea of the universe?
And by the time we've done that,
it's expanded further
beyond our comprehension.
Like always elusive.
OK. Something's shifted
in you, hasn't it?
You were right about the birds.
You're a genius.
You're not a charlatan.
No, no, no, it's not your fault. No, no.
Thanks for getting in touch with me.
Not good news?
No, he said the app
is What are you doing?
What's gotten into you?
(SIGHS) He said the app, Brover,
is now basically a digital dog whistle
for men's rights activists.
There must be some nice, normal
guys using it as well, though.
They've ruined it, though.
I can only, like, sell it or crash it.
Oh, take the money.
Shutting down Brover won't end misogyny.
Yeah, you should kamikaze it.
Just go out in a blaze of glory
or at least a really emphatic
press of a button, man!
You just need to ask yourself,
"What would Radiohead do?"
Play Tel Aviv?
That's it.
My app came from a pure,
beautiful, vulnerable experience
and these arseholes have hijacked it
and completed ruined the app
and none of you pricks give a shit
how devastated I am about it!
So, thank you!
Sell their data.
Is that a joke or a serious suggestion?
A serious suggestion.
Sell their data, then shut it down.
You'd still remove at least one
of their creepy little networks,
but you'll get a bit of pocket
money and, most importantly,
you'd spam those pricks to death.
No, no, no, no. Excuse
me. What are you doing? No.
Hello? No.
This is the most expensive
part of the house.
Nobody else can use it.
- Hola.
For a new retreat?
New project.
(GASPS) J-Bear!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Say bye to Daddy.
- Bye.
- Bye, puchita.
Do you want to take
your bags into your room?
One for you. Two for you.
If you want in the future,
you can just text me when you're
outside and I can bring J out
so you don't have to come in.
I felt sad, OK?
I didn't want her to go. I wanted her.
So why didn't you just say that?
Don't know.
You know, you can still tell
me if you're down in the dumps.
Well I guess I
didn't want to admit it.
Mum, where's my lipstick?
SANTI: I'm not condoning that.
You don't own lipstick.
JACINDA: Bollocks!
Did you want to stay for dinner?
- I'd love to, but
- You've got plans.
Just some stuff to do.
Yeah, sure. Of course.
No problem.
Well, I'll, um I'll
speak to you later.
Hey. Are you OK?
Yeah, and so are you.
Uh, it isn't official
and pretend I'm not saying anything,
but I know for a fact
that you're getting a second interview.
Well, don't be so surprised,
but you'll need to act
surprised when they tell you.
Yeah. Yeah, yeah, no, of course.
That's that's great news.
Do you want to come with
me to hot yoga tonight?
Um, you know, I would
I'd love to, but I've just
I've just picked up J,
so I'm on duty tonight.
OK. Well, talk to you later?
OK, I'll speak to you soon. Bye.
Well, the handshake has happened.
The deal has all but gone through.
Their data has been sold, thanks to you.
Not for much, but
it's the end of an era.
It's a beautifully
elegant solution, Dom.
- Hear, hear.
- Thanks, guys.
Wait, you're not taking
the piss, are you?
No, we're saying well done!
- Well done.
- Yeah. You're a tech genius.
- Come on! Bubbles!
- They're just being merry, Dad.
- They're in support.
We're all loving your example
of living with purpose.
- Well, thank you, Boz.
- Yeah.
To Brover.
Ooh, wait for me.
An admirable ambition.
An admirable ambition.
- Yep.
- Good to be us.
Wait till my next app, hm?
It'll blow your socks off.
EDITH: Oh, yeah?
It's gonna be biggerer and betterer.
- BOWIE: Do you need a hand?
DOM: Maybe. No, thank you.
You don't think I should
add a couple more references
just to give a better idea of the scope?
Um, yeah, or you could
I mean, you could add
another reference or two
just to round it out.
Yeah, I just said that.
Yeah, um
I mean, the other option is,
well, we could both acknowledge
that you've definitely got
the application in the bag
and use this time for
something more fun?
Oh, yeah? Like what?
Well, um, you could imagine
that I am slowly unclipping your bra
Um, sorry, I can't hear you.
Ooh, OK, I have to go
and talk to my daughter
who's standing right
next to me in this room.
OK, bye.
What are we doing?
We are investing in
our intellectual future.
Investing in our intellectual future.
I want to.
I have an idea for a game. Look.
But, um, I did a lot of
this stuff a long time ago.
I didn't know that.
Thank you, Ita.
I'll be there in a sec.
There's a soft green canopy ♪
From my door frame ♪
It's a nice bright light ♪
Against this crying sky ♪
And I can't see where it leads ♪
But that's OK ♪
At least there's mystery in my mind ♪
What does a good love look like? ♪
I wanna hang a new picture ♪
I never want to reconstruct you ♪
But the pieces don't
look like the man I know ♪
I know these streets so well ♪
I walk the back lanes ♪
To find hell ♪
There's a local's lounge ♪
In every corner ♪
Of every hotel ♪
At least there's
height in all the depth ♪
Or I like to think so ♪
What does a good life look like? ♪
I wanna hang a new picture ♪
I never want to reconstruct you ♪
But the pieces don't
look like the man I know. ♪
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