Bunnicula (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Mumkey Business / Walking Fish

1 [Theme music playing] [Snarling] [Giggling] Ugh, here we go.
[Groaning] That's it.
I can do this.
I did it! No one messes with this guy! Now just got to put the paper over like so - A-ha! - Boo! [Laughs] [Screaming] Get it off! There's a giant cockroach - in my hair! - No, that's not a giant cockroach.
- This is a giant cockroach.
- Oh my [Screaming] - I think he's here for Bunnicula, yeah.
- What makes you think that? - Bunnicula.
- Oh.
Sure, I know him.
- Are you a friend of his? - COCKROACH: Bunnicula.
[Grunting] Help me.
Aww, don't eat Chester, man.
That's gross.
[Groaning] That's it.
I can't take it anymore.
Bunnicula always attracts monsters like this.
We'll bring you to Bunnicula.
But then you have - to get out of our house! - Bunnicula.
[Purring] You like this key, don't you, Bun-Bun? My great aunt Marie said it was magically protected to keep it out of the wrong hands.
[giggles] But if I hadn't used it, I would - never have found you, now would I? - CHESTER: Psst.
- Hey, Bunnic.
- Don't be cute.
- Who is this creepy guy? - Bunnicula? [Speaking gibberish] Bye.
GIRL: Chester, Harold, bed time! Ooh, bed time, I've been waiting all day for bed time! I can't deal with this anymore.
Bunnicula has turned our lives into a horror show.
All these crazy monsters are attracted to him.
Come on, Harold, come on, boy.
[Giggling] Hey, Chester.
But But where's Bunnicula? [Speaking gibberish] There you are, you crazy little rabbit.
Sometimes, I wish Mina just left Bunnicula locked in that - chamber in the cellar.
- Oh, Bunnicula, you are so funny! That's it! That key is the answer to the problem! - Harold? - Yeah, Chesty? Yeah, don't call me "Chesty".
Look, I'm going to need your help with something in the morning.
We're going to take care of this Bunnicula problem once and for all.
- Okay, night-night.
- MAN: Lights out, Mina.
It's late.
Good night, guys.
Good night, Dad! [Snoring] [Stomach rumbling] [Speaking gibberish] [Giggling] [Speaking gibberish] [Slurping] [Giggling] [Rooster crowing] [Hissing] [Snoring] Sorry, Mina.
I need to borrow your key.
- Harold, wake up.
- That's not real bacon.
You know what, I'm probably better off doing this on my own.
# - Sir, Harold the dog reporting - Aah! - for covert operations, Chester, sir! - What the heck, man? - Do you even know what "Covert" means? - Nope.
- It means "Quiet".
- Reporting for quiet operation, sir! [Creaking] Uhh, what's happening? Okay, that's weird.
That's weird.
It's a bit of a box.
Box is floating.
Don't know what's in the box! Not sure I want to.
[Sniffing] Oh, it's a cool little monkey statue.
[Laughs] This is the most covert operation ever! Chester, it's shaking.
[warbling] It's shaking a lot now! Put it down! Put it down! Whoa! [Chittering] It came to life like that Pinocchio guy! [Chittering] [Zapping] Whoa! [Groaning] [Chittering] It's after me! You got to be kidding me! This is not my day! [Chittering] [Grunting] [Chittering] Whoa, that's an angry little monkey! I need to hide! I need to hide! Where? Where?! Open up.
Hmm, pickle.
[Chittering] Morning, Harold.
- Have you seen my key anywhere? - [Spitting] Bleh.
You guys can be so weird sometimes.
[Chittering] Harold, don't let it get through.
Aah! Ooh, it's got cold hands.
[Zapping] MINA: Harold, Chester, breakfast! - No, Harold, it can wait.
- I'm sorry.
Stomach's a stronger muscle than my brain, so Nooo! [Chittering] That monkey is out of control.
I got to show Mina! She'll love him.
[Chittering] Her name is Mina, she's getting clean-a And now she's living here in New Orlean-a [Grunting] Chester! Where are you, Chester? - Psst.
Over here.
- You know, Bunnicula would love this monkey dude.
We should get them together for a playdate.
Yeah, I may or may not have locked Bunnicula in his lair to take care of the monster problem.
- Uhh, I guess you may not have.
- I did, okay? I locked him in.
And we've still got monsters.
- I got to let him out again! - You taste like pickles.
You want to ride in my mouth? [Chittering] - He's back.
- Ah! [Chittering] Harold, help! - He's doing that purple thing again! - Uhh, oh.
Run! Don't worry about me! [Chittering] I'll be okay! [Muffled chitter] Hey, Bunnic.
I guess Chester did lock you in there, huh? He couldn't remember.
[Growls] Yeah, maybe I did lock you down there.
I was only trying to keep the monsters out of the house.
But hey [forced chuckle] didn't work out.
Now we need you to work your monster magic to keep that thing from eating me na, Mina.
If that thing eats Mina's brains, you know who we have to thank for it.
Why would we want to thank someone for eating Mina's brains? That would be awful.
I don't think we would thank them.
The answer is "Bunnicula.
" [Blowing raspberry] Look, we're out of our league.
We don't even know what this thing wants.
[Speaking gibberish] Yeah, that makes perfect sense, Bunnic.
Yeah, that makes perfect sense.
[Speaking gibberish] [Roars] You know what, just take it.
[Giggling] Of course, he's going to try and lock the monkey in! [Chittering] What is he doing? He's going to lead that thing right to Mina! Yup, that's the plan.
[Giggling] Don't let him do the purple thing.
Her name is Mina and she's looking for her key-a But no one's seen-a [Chittering] [Giggling] [Chittering] [Zapping] My key, my key! How did it get in my boot? What just happened? It's like the monkey just wanted Mina to have the key instead of me.
Well, yeah, just like Bunnicula said.
Where have you been? Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wha When did he say that? [Speaking gibberish] Yeah, like that, you said it made perfect sense, Chesty.
That was sarcasm.
And don't call me "Chesty".
What's a sarcasm? [Music] So, the key is cursed by that monkey to keep it out of the wrong hands, pretty clever.
I guess that means Mina's got the right hands, huh? We have paws.
- You can't really compare the two.
- Right, right, no, that's fair.
And for now, the vampire bunny stays free.
Yeah, sorry about trying to lock you up, little guy.
[yawns] [Speaking gibberish] Chester, do you have anything you want to say to Bunnicula, hmm, hmm? Uhh, Chesty? [Growling] Help me! New Orleans by night! There is nothing like it.
And it's one of the most haunted cities in the world.
And we're lucky enough to live right above Madame Polodouri's spookarific Curiosities Shop.
[Sighs] We can't stay long though 'cause it's almost bedtime.
"Early to bed, early to rise" is what I always say.
Who's with me? Don't all chime in at once.
[Bell ringing] Oh boy, Madame Polodouri's Curiosities Shop and fortunes.
Ooh, so creepy.
The only thing creepier is [Thunder crashing] [Screaming] You! "Creepius Maximundi"! And where do you think you're off to? I forbid you from entering that shop! Forbid you! [Chatters] Huh? Bunnicula, when did you get here? Who's my little bunny-wunny? [giggles] Who? You are! You are! There are no "bunny-wunnies" allowed in my shop.
- Argh! - I can barely tolerate children.
Oh, Madame P, no worries! We promise not to touch anything.
I see a great loss in your future.
Did I mention I take cash up front? [Gasping] Oh, my gosh, is that a real iron maiden? - That is so rad! - If by rad you mean terrifying.
- Ah, ooh! - What you got, Buns? - Pretty! - Pretty awesome! Not awesome! Aagh! - Woo-wee! - Gross! Eww! Eww! Gimme that! Didn't Mina promise we weren't gonna touch anything? [Laughing] - Let's touch more stuff.
- Ugh.
[Bunnicula laughing] Bunnicula! - Ooh, that's fragile.
- CHESTER: Gimme that mask! [Grunting] - [Laughing] Oh, wait for me! - CHESTER: Ow.
This part of the shop is totally dark and scary.
It's like if we had a brain in our heads we wouldn't - even be in here.
- Wow.
Pretty, pretty! [Sniffing] [Laughing] [Teeth clinking] Hmm.
Oh! Check out this massage chair.
[whirrs] Ah-h-h! [Laughing] Consider me soothed.
[Chair whirring] - You really gotta try thi - Play! A candy bar? Well, dogs aren't supposed to have chocolate, you know [Blowing] Oh, musical candy bar! No, that's fine.
[Harmonica playing] Ooh! [Laughing] [Chattering] # [Groaning] # [Straining] What are you doing!? Stop the music! I'm putting this harmonica back where it belongs.
It's a musical candy bar.
MINA: Come on, gang, it's time to go.
Thank you, Madame Polodouri! Hmmm.
[Sniffing] Ah! - Sugar beets! - HAROLD: Hey Bunnicula, where are you? And what are you doing out here? [Thunder crashing] [Scowling] - DAD: Mina, time for bed! - Okay, Dad! [Spitting] [Bunnicula chattering] Goodnight, guys.
Oh, make sure you turn off the TV before you go to sleep.
MAN: Now, we flip the steak so it may sizzle in its own delectable juices.
Don't you ever watch anything else? - I'll be in the study reading a book.
- [chuckles] I know.
It's making me hungry too.
[Sniffing] Hey, Bunnic.
[Chomps] You know, it's funny how the pantry is the smallest room in the house but it has all the snacks.
It's like when I feel small sometimes I remember I love snacks so much! Am I alone in this or what? - Play, play! - Uh, that thing tastes kind of fishy.
- Play, play, play! - All right! I don't know know how I can play it so "goodly".
[Harmonica playing] [Laughing] # # [Gentle piano playing] CHESTER: "Rational Explanations For Everything.
" I can't wait to read the chapter on Bunnicula.
[Water churning] That's it.
Harold, are you drinking out of the toilet again?! [Splashing] [Screeches] [Screaming] [Hissing and screaming] [Harmonica playing] We're under attack! It's an all out night of the screaming zombie fish invasion! - Yay, yay, yay! - No "yay, yay, yay"! This is bad, bad, bad! [Laughing] Uh-oh, they're invisible.
Hurry, we need to board up the doors and windows! - Play? - What is that harmonica doing here?! Sorry, little buddy.
[Swallowing] Why are you laying around?! - I, uh, swallowed the musical candy bar.
- What!? [HARMONICA PLAYING] - But, the zombie fish will be here any second! - It's stuck in my food hole.
- It won't stop playing.
- Well, maybe I can squeeze it out.
[Harmonica blasting] [Laughing] [Growling] Oh, hoo, hoo! Friends! No, Bunnicula, not friends.
Zombies are scary.
- Zombies will scare Mina.
- Mina.
# Mina.
[Growling] # CHESTER: We're doomed! [Screaming] Hmm, every time you breathe the harmonica plays and they start moving.
That's it! You have to stop breathing.
[Music stopping] Phew, good news! It worked! Bad news: you can never breathe again.
And as for you, I knew you would get us into trouble.
[Harold straining] Now, you better use your creepy little vampire weirdness to fix this.
[Chattering] [Harold straining] [Chattering] Oopsie.
We have to get that harmonica out of you.
[Pounding] [Laughing] Okay.
[Grunting] [Straining] [Harmonica blasting] [Growling] # - Oh! Sugar beet! - Wait, where are you going? - Sugar beet! - We are in big trouble! # [Humming] [Lid rattling] [Croaking loudly] No, sir! Barney's Vegan Crawfish Étouffée is made from tofu shaped like crawfish.
Ah, sugar beet! WOMAN: What part of vegan don't you understand? [Laughing] [Ricochets] I really need to call an exterminator.
[Snoring] [Roars] [Sighing] All right, that's far enough.
Stay back! Yuck! There's a fish licking my eyeball! [Smacking] [Harmonica playing faster] The sugar beets made Bunnicula hyper fast! [Snarling] You're making this worse! [Snarling] [Harmonica playing even faster] Bunnicula, stop! My ear drums'll burst! [Snarling] # [Popping] [Groaning] [Popping] [Harmonica playing very fast] [Harmonica music stops] He did it! Zombie fish threat eliminated and no one is the wiser.
[Sighing] Now let's put this where it'll never be a problem again.
Oh, man, that was crazy.
Hey, I wonder if that candy bar will play music if I stick it in my [Mina yelling] Huh? How did I get on the roof!?