Burn Notice s01e12 Episode Script

Loose Ends (2)

My name is michael westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned,you've got nothing -- no cash,no credit,no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
- A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend -should we shoot them? An old friend who's informing on you to the fbi you know spies --a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family,too is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help.
Bottom line -- until you figure out who burned you,you're not going anywhere.
That'll kill you,you know? Yeah,no kidding.
No,the bucket of trans fatyou got there.
Did veronica call you? 'Cause if you're takingher side on this wholecholesterol thing, it's gonna put a serious strainon our friendship.
No,you can bingein peace,sam.
Yeah,well,thanks,but that's not the only reasonwhy I'm here.
I got a job offer.
Here we go.
Pete,one of my buddiesfrom the seal teams.
He's got a lady who's gotsome problems, so she called him'cause he's in special forces.
But he's got this blood-pressurething,so he called me.
What do you say? My plate's a littlefull,sam.
What,you mean with this wholephilip cowan thing? Mike,you're doingarmed sit-ups.
I'm worried about you.
I thought this might getyour mind off it.
Cowan burned me,cowan sent someone to kill me,now he dropped off grid.
I need my mind focusedon this.
All right,fair enough.
Mind if I run with this?The money's not bad.
- No.
Knock yourself out.
- All right.
Bayshore Park Fountain 1:00 What's that? Wow,it looks like your buddycowan finally made contact.
You want me to come with,back you up? Sure.
Bring your bucket of fat.
I'll bringmy chicken,too.
Yeah,sam? Well,it's the witching hour.
Looks like your buddydidn't show.
He wouldn'tjust not show up.
He's watching.
You think? Where do you thinkhe would be? I know where I'd be.
So,why not just meet? He doesn't trust me.
Fair enough.
I don't trust him.
The first step in dealing with a covert op is establishing a way to communicate privately -- a code.
Could be a key-encrypted cypher, but really all you need is a base of knowledge that you share.
He knows my entire career -- falsified a good bit of it.
It shouldn't be too difficult for him to figure out a way to talk to me.
Ah,the mating dance of the spy.
It's a wonder spies ever get close enough to kill each other,isn't it? Ohh,got to go.
Veronica has you on a pretty tight leash,huh? Hardy har.
I'm meeting with a prospective client.
Mike,buddy,you call me if you need anything.
Fiona,just keep doing whatever it is you do.
Thanks for meeting me.
I-I thought there were two of you.
But my partner's on something else right now.
But it's fine.
GILLAN THE CLIEN So,um,pete says you're having some trouble.
I'm a supervisor at sxg.
We build planes,satellites,weapons systems -- government contracts.
I've been working there Are you okay? - I - look,it's okay.
I'm like a doctor or a lawyer.
Well,not a lawyer.
But the point is,you can tell me whatever you want -- just between the two of us.
My friend melissa -- we work together.
She was having an affair.
Her husband,kent,is abusive,controlling.
The only time she has alone is at the office,but to sign in guests, you have to have security clearance,so so you did her a favor.
Her boyfriend stole files took photos of them together in the building.
I'm the one who signed him in.
I could lose my clearance,my job,go to jail,even.
He's blackmailing us.
What does this guy want from you? I have to sign for packages,and melissa smuggles them out.
Any idea what's in these packages? They're from a subsidiary of sxg in turkey.
I checked one.
It's -- it's drugs.
I don't know what kind.
Well,that part of the world,it's probably heroin.
There's another one coming in this week.
I just want to get out.
I'll see what I can do.
I-I don't want help.
MELISSA THE OTHER CLIEN I-I want to keep my secret.
I have to.
I don't want to get anybody in trouble here,and I'm not here to judge.
I've made plenty of mistakes myself.
God only knows.
I was lonely.
And dave was -- I made a mistake.
I want to put it behind me.
Okay -- dave.
Gillian was saying you met this dave at a bar? Which one? I don't know.
I-I don't remember.
My husband's home! Come on,please.
You have to go! Okay.
You know how to get ahold of me.
Don't worry about it.
We'll just fill in the blanks ourselves,I guess.
Now,when was the first time melissa ever talked about her new friend dave? Mom? Got here as fast as I could.
What's the problem? I got a phone call,michael.
I was scared.
Phone call? What kind of phone call? It was for you --some man.
He wouldn't leave his nameor his number -- nothing.
All he said was,van buren avenue.
And then he hangs up! What's that supposed to mean? Oh,it's probablyjust a friend.
That isn't how friendsbehave,michael.
All right? The way he said it scared me.
Michael! Ma? I lost my key! Worried it wasyour friend? Hey,bro.
You look tired.
You look clean.
You shaved the ferretoff your face.
So,what couldn'twait,mom? I had to walk out on a pretty big investor.
What do you meanby investor? Yeah,a buddy of mine,he's got a process that recyclestitanium golf clubs.
It's gonna totally revolutionizethe golf club -- forget it.
Mom,why did youcall nate? I called your brother,too,because I was scared! What's going on here? A strange man phoned here.
Michael won't tell me anythingabout him because it's alla big mystery.
Mom,it's just betterif I don't get into it.
Trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
There's nothingto worry about.
This man who called,he just wants to talk.
Well,you can't talk to us? In 20 years,michael,I havenever asked any questions.
But this is my home.
It's not like it's some waroff in some country that I've never even heard of.
This --this is your family.
Oh,I know.
Okay,you can tell me.
Seriously,what's going on here? Nate,I need youto watch mom.
It's just a precaution.
I need you to lay lowfor a while.
Keep a low profile.
Don't leave the house.
You can do that,right? Yeah.
Safety's off.
Of course,you know,I will betaking time off work.
And I'll need to get some,you know,supplies in casethings get dicey around here.
Recycled titanium,huh? What is that --a name of a horse? Oh,fiona.
Hey,how you doing? Thanks for coming.
Boy,you look great.
Sit down.
So,to what do I owethe pleasure of this invitation? Am I to be yournew drinking buddy? Uh Yeah.
It's this job that I'm on.
I need some backup,and mike's mind is pretty muchon this whole cowan business.
- So I thought - - of me! I thought of you.
Yes,that's what I thought.
What's the job? Well,it's a blackmail thing,and one of the victimsgot spooked, so she's not sayingwhere she met the bad guy.
But I think I got enoughto put it all together.
She met him out at a bar,and I have an approximate date.
That's not much to go on.
I got a guy who's pullingher credit-card statement.
Find the charge,find the bar,find the guy.
And you need a wingman.
Damn straight,skippy.
My fee is $500 up front,expenses and an hourly as we go.
You never charge mike.
Oh,I expect other thingsfrom michael.
Sam just hired mefor a job.
I thought he was goingto be ill.
It was so much fun,michael.
I wish you could havebeen there.
Cowan sent me a message.
I'm searching the cafésof south beach for a cutout.
Don't you thinkhe'll come himself? He seems eagerto meet you.
I doubt it.
He'll send someone.
I did something similarin belgrade years ago.
Long story.
Have fun.
There's a reason I never hadthe patience to be a spy.
All right.
The truly paranoid don't go to meetings themselves.
They use a cutout -- someone unrelated to them,hired to show a pre-arranged sign and deliver a message.
The sign is something innocuous,but hard to miss.
My favorite is the tourist guide from madison,wisconsin.
No one will look at it twice,but unless I'm in the midwest, I know they're waiting for michael westen.
You herefor the envelope? Who are you? I ain't nobody,man.
Look,some guy gives me100 bucks,he says, give thisto the first guy that comes byand bugs me.
You are bugging me.
LOOKING FORWARD TO OUR SPECIAL DAY- Thursday 4pm alone TERRORIST KILLED IN BUDAPES So,this is where melissamet her boyfriend? Seems a little unlikely,but she definitely paidfor drinks here.
How do you wantto handle this? Well,I think the ballsare in your court.
What the hell am I paying youfor,anyway? Hey,how you doing? Um,I'm looking for a friendof mine.
I just want to seeif you can help me out.
Handsome guy right there.
How you guys doing? How 'bout those dolphins,huh? So,how did we do? Well,my new friendshave informed me that the mysterious dave is actually a hustlernamed ray wagoner.
So he was just stepping upto the exciting world of blackmailand smack dealing.
I guess he's brokena few hearts and lifteda few wallets here.
But I have his address.
You know,sam,I have to say You were captivatingover there.
Well,hey,a free drinkis a free drink,baby.
They like the shirt.
RAY WAGONER HUSTLER That's not a very nice wayto say hello.
Let's try that again.
I'm sam.
Now you say,hi,I'm ray.
What do you want? We want you to find a new wayto import your heroin.
I seriously don't know whatyou're talking about.
Gillian walsh.
You're gonnaleave them alone.
Her? I never messed with her.
We went on a couple dates.
All she ever wanted to dois take pictures in some building -- She took the pictures? Yeah,and her husband paid.
Some guy,flattop --weird.
I didn't ask questions.
Melissa lied to us.
- I knew it.
- You did not.
I suspected.
Suspected doesn't count.
We got to talk to mike.
If she was setting me up,why would she be in the photos? Why not just stealthe files? Well,she's the only onewho could get the packages out.
If melissa wasn't beingblackmailed,you'd know that she wasin on it.
Oh,my god.
I-I can't believeI fell for this.
Don't be so hardon yourself.
Double blackmail'sa classic.
It's as old as the pyramids,you know.
You pose as a fellow targetof your own blackmail scheme, that way you'll always knowwhat the victims are up to.
Pros use itall the time.
So,what do we do? We got to get near kent.
If we can get evidencelinking him to the heroin,we can do our ownblackmail -- get you off the hook,start fighting fire with fire.
But melissa knowsI hired you.
We'll have to makeher think that the investigation'sstalled.
Plus,we're gonna getsome more help -- a little relieffrom the bullpen.
Do whatever you needto do.
I'll -- I'll pay more.
I'll dip into my savings.
Don't worry aboutthe money,gillian.
We got you covered.
She running again? More or less.
How's your dancewith cowan going? I don't know.
It's hard to trust someoneunder these circumstances.
But I don't have a choice,do I? Yeah,that part of the job,I don't miss it.
You guys set a meet yet? I think so.
He sent an articleabout a job I did in budapest.
I met a contact thereon the steps of city hall.
I assume that's wherehe wants to meet.
Cowan gets the gold starfor clever,doesn't he? Or he just likes watching merun around in this heat.
Want me to come with you? Thanks,but I think he wants a littlealone time with me.
Um,this new clientof mine -- gillian.
She's in kind ofa tough spot.
I was just giving hera ride home, and,well,there she is,uh,in my car right there.
Shameless,sam,even for you.
Look,mike,I know you're busy,but I need a fresh faceon this.
It's a tiny littlebit part.
You'd be posingas a green beret -- like falling off a log.
What's the job? Well,it turns out thatmelissa's husband, kent,is running all this smugglingdown at sxg.
It's a double-blackmailthing.
I got to tell you --I saw it coming.
- Really? - Yeah.
What I need you to dois make friends with kent.
Okay? Just encourage himto expand his business.
Open his horizonsa little bit.
So we threatento tell his bosses and get him killedunless he lays off? Exactly.
See,you're way ahead of me.
Call that a littlebit part? Well,look,mike.
Come on.
I'd do it for you.
Oh,it's sweet.
It's black with a charger.
I haven't seen it before.
Hold on for a minute.
I'll call you back.
Nice phone.
What is that -- the razr? Want to get off my truck? HEAT THE HUSBAND Sure.
I noticed the sticker.
Marines? Used to be.
Rod bucksey,green beret.
I got out in '97.
Get outof my way.
I'm in a hurry.
I just want to talka little business first.
How'd you know my name? I know morethan your name,kent.
I know you got a sweetsmuggling racket over at that sxg facility.
Packages leave the buildingcompletely unchecked.
Unchecked is somethingI'm very interested in.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I do.
My service buddiesover in istanbul clued me into what's going on.
What's going on is noneof your damn business.
I don't care who your friends are.
Calm down.
We're just talking here.
You show upout of the blue,you know about meand my operation.
- We are not just talking.
- Sure,we are.
And I'm telling you I'm willingto pay top dollar for your hook at sxg.
Look,I've been where you are,taking orders.
Everyone else sits backwhile you do the heavy lifting.
I can change all that.
It's like they teach usin combat training.
You look for the opportunity,you take your shot.
- The guys I work for - - don't ever have to knowabout it.
We're not steppingon anybody's toes.
And nobody besidesyour bank account will ever knowthe difference.
I have to think it over.
You take your time.
You think it over.
You call mewhen you're ready.
We'll talk terms.
Semper fi.
Fi,give me that little tweezerup on the dash,will you? That's okay.
I got it.
You about done there? He usually goes out for a runbetween 7:00 and 8:00.
Yeah,well,I'm hoping for 7:00.
As much fun as it is hanging outwith you, this little stakeout'scosting me a fortune.
Can't you at leastcut your hourly? I bought the snacks.
I'll reimburse youfor the snacks.
There we are.
Okay,let's make this count.
I'm glad I caught you.
What are you doing here? I-I told you.
- If my husbandsees you here - - I understand.
I'm sorry.
I know that you wantedto be discreet,so I waited for himto leave.
I just thoughtyou'd want the update.
What --did you find something? No.
I mean,if you don't give meany leads on dave, there's not muchI can do.
You got anything? No.
I told you.
I-I don't know anything.
If you want to bug a cellphone wirelessly, you'll need a lot of specialized scanning equipment and a computer to deal with the encryption.
I prefer a hands-on approach.
You just bug a duplicate phone and swap out the sim card so the new phone has the same number.
Your target will talk all day,certain that no one could possibly be listening.
I bumped into this guy when I was on my wayout to the store.
I'm telling you -- he's just some half-ass P.
Or something.
He's not helpinggillian anymore.
I don't needanyone sniffing around.
I got the meeting tomorrow.
Don't you think you shouldtalk to our connection about the green beret guy? Hell,no! Hell,no,are you crazy? Yeah,buddy? Yeah,you're good to go.
Kent's keeping our littlemeeting a secret.
I think he's terrifiedof his supplier.
I don't even think he knowsthe guy's name.
I'll back you up.
Let's get this chump on tape.
Yeah,about that -- how much are you paying meon this job? Because my ratesare a little -- ohh,I got to go.
Mom? - What are youdoing here? - You gave your brothera gun? I'm sorry,mike.
I tried to stop her,but she -- michael,what is going on? - Nate,I told youto keep her at home! - You know how she is! What are you doing? Stop it! Both of you!Stop it! May I have a moment? Michael,what is this about? It's complicated.
I've had enough of,it's complicated,it's a secret, it's for my own safety.
What do you thinkI do,mom? - You thinkI'm playing games here? - No.
No,I don'T.
We're your family,michael.
I'm askingthat you trust us.
And when would I have learnedhow to do that? Well,sometimes trust issomething that you work on.
You were gonefor a long time,michael,and you were the onewho left us.
I left you? Mom,I and you stillgot the car.
What? I have a meetingto get to,so if we couldwrap this up let's go,nate.
He's got a meeting.
Don't forget your gun.
Mom! Get yourselfsome furniture,michael.
I didn't raise you to livein a warehouse and eat off a bench.
You ready to get rich? Let's talk about that.
Before we go any further,we need to go overa few details.
First shipment comes innext week.
Your cut is 10 granda shipment.
Oh,damn it.
How do you likethose details? I need to know who told you about me --specifically.
- It doesn't really matter who - - it does matterto me to the men I work for.
They'd kill meif they found out I was running productfor someone else, found out you heard about me --loose end.
That's the point.
They don't know.
This is yours.
Not another scoreyou got to cut them in on.
Having a gun to your head is all about timing, finding the right moment to make your move.
Who told you about me? Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Best to snap the trigger finger first.
After that,it's mostly downhill.
Oh,man,I just fixed that! A minute after your dealwent sour,kent and melissawere on the phone.
Son of a bitch had backup! Someone put three slugsin my engine! How much does he know? Too much! We need to shut this down.
We can't -- not yet.
There's another packagein lockup.
Have her get it out.
And I'll clean up this mess.
I can't let them knowwe got sloppy.
Kent's running scared.
It makes things complicatedfor us.
Was he talking about me whenhe said,clean up this mess? Well,that's whatour little dance at the construction sitewas all about.
Mike was their firstcleanup project.
I am so sorry.
- Kent - - busted my windshield.
I'll just repair it again.
He tried to kill you.
Happens all the time.
Don't worry about it.
Especially with the part-timehelp on easy jobs.
The problem is,we don't have enough evidence to use against him.
So,what do I do now? You could run.
Kent might not find you.
But you'd have to stayon the move for 5,10 years.
Plus,he still has allthe blackmail materials,so he can stilltake you down.
But if you help melissa getthat package out of sxg you want me to do it again? I know you're afraid.
But I'm gonna be outsidethe whole time.
Once kent has that heroin,we can use it to bring him down.
You need to trust us.
Oh,come on.
Goddamn cellphone shielding.
Whether you're protecting a client monitoring electronic surveillance Hello? Can you getthe package today? I told you.
Gillian's signing for it.
We can get it tonight.
Or meeting the man who burned you,you've got to be patient.
In the real world,covert ops doesn't involve many car chases or gunfights.
Mostly it's just hurry up and wait -- not too exciting.
But you wait and you watch and you stay alert, because,at any minute,the job can get way too exciting.
I just wanted you to knowwe're good to go.
We're getting it out today.
And the woman? I-I set her car this morning.
It's done.
It's not doneuntil it's done.
Get a visual,then tell me it's done.
Can I call you back,fi? We got a problem.
Kent's gonna hit gilliantonight.
- Call sam.
- I can'T.
There's no cell reception.
All right,I'm on my way.
It's always tough to reschedule a covert meeting.
You can't exactly leave a note, so you have to leave behind just enough to get them where you want them to go.
Working late tonight? Yeah,you know engineers.
Got to get this crapdown the machine shop,get it fixed.
Have to have it all doneby tomorrow.
So my husband's hereto take me down to bal harbour.
I hear you.
Good luck with it.
Thanks! Can't we just go home? I don't want to watch.
Then don'T.
- Miss me? - Oh,yeah.
Kent wired gillian's carto blow.
Well,that's whyhe's watching,then -- the white van,10:00.
We have to warn herwhen she comes out.
Think kent's just gonna siton the sidelines for that? Oh,great,sam.
So we sit here,we do nothing,and she winds up dead.
That's not what I meant! Guys,guys! Which one's her car? It's the black jeepover there.
Keep the guard busy.
I'm borrowing your floor mat.
- Hey,good evening.
How you doing? - Evening.
We have a reservationfor 8:00 P.
A reservation? This is the chart house,right? The chart house? Yeah,it's a restaurant.
- No.
- What?No? I told you not to get offthe freeway! Oh,hush,muffin.
This guy'sjust having some fun with us.
Chuck finley --party of two.
Oh,hey,hey! Come on.
A little service here,you know? I'm trying to eat.
I'm hungry.
This is notthe chart house.
- This is notthe chart house? - There's noreservations here.
I need to clarifysomething here.
There are two basic ways to blow up a car -- use the gasoline in the tank or provide your own explosive.
They are two techniques that use opposite ends of the car and are disarmed differently.
Some people prefer the gas tank.
It tends to look more like an accident,but it's less reliable.
Others prefer plastic explosive on the battery wired to the ignition.
Come on.
Come on.
- I thought you said you rigged her car! - I did! There must be something wrongwith the detonator.
- They're gonna be pissed,kent! - Don't you thinkI know that? they really triedto kill me? I'm afraid so.
Was that under my car? Well,yeah.
It's a car bomb.
This may be kind of hardto get your head around,but this is a good thing.
They're scared of you.
That's why they put this toynext to your engine.
Scared of me? They're afraidof a lot of people -- the police,the people they work for.
And now they've got a big box of heroin theyhave to get rid of.
So,what should I do now? Take a vacation.
By the time you come back,we'll have your problemssorted out.
New hampshire's nice this time of year.
And what will you do? Kent and melissa are goingto have a little,uh, well-documented transactiongoing on -- a buy.
We're going to takethat evidence,go to kent, get him to shut downhis little operation,and have him back off.
Thank you.
I-I can't believeyou did this for me.
We haven't done it yet.
Why don't you go makeyour arrangements? - This deal -- the timing.
- You got this wholecowan thing.
It's good.
We're covered.
Don't sweat it.
You sure? We're just taking pictures.
You need the backup.
No,I'm doing this alone.
Okay,I get it.
Good luck.
Don't look at me.
I don't get it.
I don't get why you'reso dead set on getting back in.
Why go back to workfor the people who've put you throughall this? I want to clear my name.
I want to knowwho did this to me.
I spent my entire career doing somethingI believed in,fi -- something important.
You're doing something importanthere,michael.
Think about it.
Next time you are riskingyour life to talk to this philip cowanfella, you think about it.
All right,that's where kent'slittle meet is going down.
I'm gonna take the car downthere on the opposite side, use the telephoto lens onthe camera so we get something.
Okay,no rush.
I'm on the clock.
I'm gonna work on my tan.
I want a flat ratenext time.
You sureyou told him 3:00? Yes.
When you're communicating in code,sometimes you just have to hope that whoever you're talking to is smart enough to figure out what you're saying.
Use a code that's too simple,and it will get broken.
Use a code that's too complex,and you're just talking to yourself.
No greeting card.
I'm hurt.
Glad you made it.
Yeah,something came up.
Sorry I missed our meeting.
John's at Are you ready to meet? Are you here? W-we'll meet on my turf.
I'm back where you gotmy first message.
Come alone,or I leave.
Unarmed,or I leave,in It's over a mile away! Yeah,well,I guess you better run.
Please calm down.
They were supposed to be here20 minutes ago.
Something's wrong.
I'm sure they'reon their way.
Maybe the boss was right.
Maybe we're compromised.
Kent,you told him? Melissa,yes! These are very seriouspeople,okay? They would kill us if theythought anything was wrong.
It's better to hear itfrom us.
It's better to hear itfrom me.
What are you doing now? I'm calling the buyer.
He's got five minutes.
Come on.
Get in the car.
- What? - Come on! - What?What is it? - Go.
Just get in the car.
Hurry up! Son of A out of the car! Whoa,hey,hey.
Move it! Let's go! Michael! Hello again! I always find my hand shakesa little after a run like that.
Any advantage I can get --well,you know.
Can't be too careful.
I'm not here to kill you.
Really? I slept with a gununder my pillow every night since I heard you werehunting for me.
To hear you say that now,it's almost disappointing.
I want to knowwhy you burned me.
You think I burned you? I know you did.
Why? Because you read it on a file? Wow,you really unraveled thatlittle mystery,didn't you? You thinkthis is about me? One man watched you,targeted you,burned you? Throws your accounts? Cut off your travel? One guy did all that,and then he decided to cometo miami and explain himself.
You triedto have me killed.
Nothing personal.
You'd do the samein my position.
Michael,you keep thinkingthat this is about me.
Banish that thought.
You're on the edgeof something much,much biggerthan us,my friend.
People I work for,they have plans for you.
People you work for? Powerful,dangerous people.
And,man,are they upset with me.
I misread you,michael.
Didn't expect you to buckquite so much.
You're makingeveryone nervous.
Nate,get in your truck and meet me at the cornerof pembroke and fletcher.
Leave now.
- Mike,what? - Nate! Get in your truckright now and meet me there.
What's going on? Truth? I have no idea.
This cowan guy tell youanything or what? He was about to.
You think that's whyhe got shot? Maybe.
I don't know.
Maybe they thoughtI'd kill him.
It was a setup.
The copswere there way too quick.
Somebody called thembefore the shot was fired.
This is deep,bro.
Nate,I want youto go pick up mom.
It's about time you twogot out of town.
Thank you,nate.
I just,you know no,don't talk like that.
You're not good at it.
But the next time I ask youfor Actually,I think I'll go with you.
- Michael? - Fi,can I call you back? Michael? Kent and melissa's dealwent bad.
They're dead.
- And sam is -- - whoa,whoa,whoa.
What,what? Slow down,fi.
Slow down.
Kent's boss is cleaning house,I think.
They were watching us.
They took sam.
- Who did? - I don't know! Whoever they are,they're damn good.
Where are you,fi? I can't talk.
I'm in the warehouse districtby the first street bridge.
They're coming! You drop me offand you go.
Got it? It's too late.
You need me.
Nate,sam and fi are dealingwith heroin smugglers.
They already killedtwo people.
Sounds like it'sa bad time for me to bail.
No,it's the perfect timefor you to bail.
Look,man,something happens to you,and mom is on my ass forever,all right? And not to getinto your business,but it seems likeyou could use the help.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Family first,right? She's in there somewhere? I mean,she could be inany one of those buildings,man.
She'll let us knowwhere she is.
In any operation,communicating silently is often essential -- chalk marks,an unusual arrangement of objects -- anything that stands out from the background will do -- a piece of cloth on a window.
She's there.
What are we gonna doabout it? Those guys are all overlooking for her.
I'm gonna need to drive.
A warehouse door is going to be reinforced,but the walls aren'T.
Hold on.
And the areas under the windows don't have load-bearing beams.
- Fi? - Through there.
You cover that door.
You don't let anyone through.
Hurry up.
I love machine shops.
They have polyesterthermoset resin.
They should have some --ah,here we go.
Benzoyl peroxide --yummy.
Guys,you wantto hurry it up,please? Hurry up.
I got them pinned down.
A good trap doesn't scare people.
It makes them curious.
A speeding truck makes people scatter.
A slow-moving truck,on the other hand,makes people want to take a closer look.
Take cover! Go,go! that was insane.
Those peoplewere heroin smugglers? Sam had a job.
Things didn't go as planned.
You're out of your mind.
What happened with cowan? Yeah,things didn't goas planned with that,either.
He's dead,fi.
They shot himwhile we were talking.
Did you get anything? A little.
He said the peoplehe works for -- they have plans for me.
Yeah,well,that's intriguing.
What the helldoes it mean? Without knowing who they are,hard to say.
They might wantinformation.
They might have a jobthey want me to do.
I mean,they shot himfor a reason.
It better bea good reason.
This is your place? Yeah.
Well,it's a foreclosure.
You know,I guess they ranout of money in the remodel.
Usually,I can hang outabout three months in a place like this.
You know,you blew up my truck.
Anyone knowyou're here? No,no.
I got a couple clientsin my golf-club business.
They weren't real happy with the way their investmentworked out,so nate,I need you to go get momand bring her here.
Seriously? Come on,man.
Once she starts smoking,we'renever gonna get the smell out.
The people who shot cowan areprobably watching her place.
When you go get her,bring her here.
Make sureyou're not followed.
I know how to lose a tail,all right? I hate to break it to you,but spies aren't the only peoplewith enemies.
Tell me what happenedwith sam.
That was pretty good.
But you gotto follow through.
Okay,now we'regetting somewhere.
Yeah,that was pretty painful.
How was that for you? You were taking pictures.
Who you work for? Me? I don't work for anyone.
I go out there sometimesjust to -- to think.
Take pictures of the birds and the local fauna,you know? You're getting goodat that.
The guy that camefor the woman -- he knew what he was doing.
Maybe D.
? D.
Comes with a team.
Brings cops.
Does notblow up a truck.
You know,buddy,if I were you,I'd watch itwith the stupid comments, 'cause,you know,your boss just killed a lot of his own guysoutside,so HARRICH HEROIN IMPORTER Let me guess -- trying to buytime for your team.
Is that it? Team? Uh,there's --there's no team around here.
I work alone,in a cubicle.
- You work alone? - Mm-hmm.
Pretty talkativefor a loner.
Called this numberthree times at the docks.
Let me guess --that your boss? Nah,that's my boyfriend.
Okay,okay! Look,I'm D.
We've been watching you guysfor months.
We got a grand juryready to go.
I'm cia.
That's right,cia.
We've been trackingyour turkish heroin connection for terrorists! Who do you work for,huh? Okay.
We got an informant.
Your guy there --he works for us.
Isn't that right,frank? Come on,tell him.
No use lying now.
He's got us! Come on,frank! You're a funny guy.
You're trained,aren't you,huh? Let me guess --special forces? See,me,I'm an ex-green beret.
Admit nothing,deny everything,make counteraccusations.
Special forces? No,no.
I was a boy scoutfor a while.
Hey,take these restraintsoff me,I'll show youhow to tie a slipknot.
Let's just kill him.
And then what? The girl saw us.
We got to take careof the whole team,plus gillian.
By the way,it seems likeshe packed up and left early.
We went by her house.
Must have been in a hurry.
But don't worry.
I'll find her.
I'm really good at that.
Excuse me.
I'm tired.
You know what? Show him what green beretsare all about.
There's more -- stashed undera fort lauderdale overpass.
For any operative,stashing weapons is second nature after a while.
Spies hide guns like squirrels hide acorns.
You never know when you'll need some firepower or where you'll be when you need it.
If we needmore than this,we're doing somethingvery wrong.
Or something very right.
Hello? I've got someone herewho says he knows you -- sam.
Yeah,he works for me.
Oh,yeah? And what kind of workdo you do? Choosing a cover I.
On the fly is always a challenge.
My work? Yeah.
Your work.
What was your man doing downat the docks taking pictures? When there's no time to think,it's best to go with something simple.
That keeps your options open.
I'm in the same businessyou're in.
We're interestedin your operation.
I sent sam downto do some research.
Oh,yeah? That's not what sam says.
I don't train my employeesto talk about my business.
Listen to me,not to him.
Who am I talking to? I think you knowenough about me for now.
So let me ask youa question.
You thought,what,you could just come downhere and rip me off? I'm just checking outthe competition -- you know,move to a new market,check outthe lay of the land.
Point is,the man you haveis a valued employee.
I want him back.
I'm willing to deal.
Let's set a meet.
We'll figure out a price.
I'm happy to negotiate,but I do not payfor damaged merchandise.
I want proof of life.
You got e-mail? Wake up,sammy boy --picture time.
So,probably gonna bemy last photo,right? I mean,you've got these plansto kill everybody.
So I'm thinking I shouldlook good for this,huh? Let's see.
I'll send it to your mama.
Freon is available at most computer stores.
Buy a can of screen duster,turn it upside down, and you've got it in liquid form.
It's cold enough to crystallize the metal in many commercial locks.
A hammer can take care of the rest.
So,this issam's storage locker.
Phew! We're lookingfor an old photo.
It'll befrom the mid -'90s,when we wereworking together.
You really think samis sending us a message? He's trying to get usany information he can.
It's the pose in the photo.
I've seen it before.
One advantage of working with the same team is that secure communication is simpler.
You don't have to work out a secret code.
If you have enough history,the code is in every picture, every memento,every autographed leg cast.
What is it? Sam leda hostage-rescue operation in venezuelafor some U.
It was a setup.
The hostageswere bait for sam's team.
He lost a few men.
He's saying,stay away.
He's not gettingout of this alive.
You made it back.
Was anyone there? Government types,bro --suits.
There was a fewplainclothes guys there,too.
I didn't even see themtill after I got mom.
I wasjust getting in the shower.
In a sec,mom.
As soon as we leftthe house,they came outlike roaches,bro.
Did you get rid of them? Yeah,I drove aroundlittle haiti for an hour, out to virginia keyand back.
I mean,it was a bitchand a half.
But unless they got invisiblehelicopters,I lost them.
Did you leave the car unattendedwhen you went inside? Don't worry,I ditched that car.
I picked up a new one.
Uh-huh -- stole it.
It was likea I did the guy a favor taking it.
The point is we lost them.
We're clean.
You think they're the same guysthat shot cowan? Yeah.
- Michael,what is going on? - I'm not sure.
All I know is this isn't justabout following me anymore.
They want to bring me in.
Who is it? - I don't know what you're -- - I don't know! Covert intelligence agenciesdon't call you up and tell youwhy they're hunting you! Mom,just for now,I need you to stay here.
No calls until I figure outwhat's going on.
Here? Are you serious? Mom,just until I know more.
Nate,I need you to pick upsome disposable cellphones for emergencies only.
What are you gonna do? Fi and I are gonna probe theseguys,see how serious they are.
Well,it's nota perfect location,but it's not bad,either.
Just need somethingnice and traceable -- a trail that the guysthat killed cowan can follow.
Who are you gonna call? My old handler.
If they're not listeningto his line,they don't deserveto catch me.
Yes,dan siebels,please.
This is michael westen.
I need to talk to him.
It's urgent.
I havegovernment agents following me.
I'm not sure what agencythey are,but I need help.
Could you send a helicopter -- Okay,good talking to you,too.
Surveillance is a two-way street.
If you know someone's looking for you,you've got an advantage.
They follow your lead,go where they think you are.
Nice response time --10 minutes.
They're good.
They're not that good.
They're staring at a pay phone.
Oh,no,fi,they are that good.
Those guys arejust to keep us busy.
They know we're here.
- It's armored.
- I'll see youback at nate'S.
Who drives armored cars? People who expect gunfire -- usually people with some firepower of their own.
- Hey,what are you doing? Hey,hey! - I'm sorry about that.
What are you doing? Hey,you! Give me my keys! You ready to talk about how to getyour guy sam back? Yeah.
You got a price? We'll get to that.
First,I want to meet youand the girl -- together.
The girl? You forgot already? Sure went to a hell of a lotof trouble to get her back.
She has nothing to dowith this.
She's partof your operation.
I want to knowwho I'm dealing with.
Those are my conditions.
Fine,but it's gonna takea couple of days to track her down.
A couple of days? After what happened,she went underground.
If you want to see her,you're gonna have to waitfor me to find her.
Don't take too long.
I'm not sure if samcan hold out.
He's got decent stamina,but everyone's gota breaking point, and I'm goodat finding them.
In a hostage situation,you have to be cruel to be kind.
The more you care,the more leverage they have,like buying a car.
You have to make them think you can walk away.
Just so we're clear,I don't take damaged goods.
You break it,you buy it,got it? Call mewhen you find the girl.
I take ityou just bought us more time.
It won't do us much good unlesswe find out who this guy is.
All we know now is he's got samand he intends to kill us.
Any ideas? Well,it'sa pretty small world when you're importing heroinat that level.
I'll make a call.
Well,it's your lucky day.
Your bossreally wants you back.
Guess that's loyaltyfor you.
You thinkhe's gonna deal for me? He's playing with you.
Oh,really? Look,I got caught.
He's gonna kill me himself.
Believe me,pal,you'd be doing me a big favor.
You got some death wishor something? You're gonna do it anyway,aren't you? What,I got to stay another dayin this crappy metal box? Look,there's this sweet littlepark in coral gables.
Just dump the body.
Give me a piece of paper.
I'll draw you a map.
He knows if we kill him,his team won't show.
We need him alive.
Fellas,you're only hurtingyourselves,I'm telling you.
Come on,a little rat poison --easy-peasy! So,you want me to put youin touch with a heroin dealer? That is what I want.
Look,heroin --I'm allergic to it.
BARRY THE MONEY LAUNDERER Don't need to touch it,don't need to see it.
I think about it,I get,like,hives.
Heroin dealers? Seriously.
This is not a favor.
No,it's not.
Favors don't get you killed.
I give you a name,it gets back,we're in a barry facedownin the river situation.
I'm not asking,barry.
We're friendsor we're enemies here.
Well if you put it that way I put it that way.
You want the biggestheroin dealer in miami? If this guy's as bigas you say,they're probablyworking together.
Who's the second biggest? there's this clubup on 22nd,dito'S.
It's a placeusually for smack trade.
You're looking for carmelo.
He hangs out there,does a lot of businessin the V.
Yeah? Uh,mike,it's for you -- somethingabout your burn notice.
Come out,come out,wherever you are.
Who's this? We need to talk,michael.
We've been tryingto bring you in.
Talk about what? About your past,about your future.
Oh,sweetie,I'm a little busy right now.
Can you call me back? Keep it.
It's yours.
We friends? We're friends,barry.
Anything I can doto help in here? No,mom.
We got to get herto stop smoking,bro.
She's making me nervous.
She just wants to help.
She can helpby making sandwiches.
Making explosives,are you,michael? Mom,there is some seriousbusiness going on here.
I'm not stupid.
I can see that.
Look,I was hoping to get youhome in a couple days, but that doesn't looklike it's gonna happen.
What do you mean? I don't wantto stay here longer.
I only brought a week'sworth of clothes,and I got a poker gameat the house tomorrow.
You're goingto have to leave town.
Leave town? With nate.
No! I'm not going anywhere.
I'm staying here.
You're obviously in trouble.
No,it's not safe.
You can'T.
I don't careif it's not safe here.
- I'm not leaving you! Michael,I'm not afraid! - Mom,please! I know you're not afraid,but I am.
It's okay.
I'll go.
There's our manright there.
CARMELO HEROIN DEALER(SECOND BIGGEST) He looks likehe's ready for trouble.
I'll bring him trouble,then.
There are some fights you just can't win.
A force can be so overwhelming that no tactical approach in a fight is going to lead to a victory worth having.
You sureyou don't want me to stay? No,fi.
You need to go -- now.
I'm usually all for thehigh-risk,high-reward option,but this if there was any other way,believe me knock 'em dead.
When you can't win in a fight, sometimes you have to settle for making sure that if you lose,everyone loses.
It works for nuclear weapons.
It works for me.
- Hey! - Sorry.
Private party.
My bad.
You got a death wish,my friend.
Back off.
What do you want? Send someone outinto the club.
I need them to checkunder the bar, under the stairs,under the chairsfor more of these.
That's exactlywhat it looks like -- c-4 explosivewith a remote detonator.
And this a remote detonatoron a dead-man's switch.
You shoot me,I let go of this button, and the city of miami gets some brand-new,undeveloped real estate.
What do you want? I just want to talk.
What are you drinking? Champagne.
Would you like some? Please.
Ooh,that's nice --a little dry,but sometimes dryis a little refreshing.
Glad you like it.
That why you're here --put a bomb in my club so you could drinkmy champagne? Partially.
Also,I need the nameand location of a certain heroin importer.
I need it quietly,and I need it now.
And I should do thisbecause Because he's an importer --he sells to your competition.
I put him out of business,it's a win for both of us.
And if you don't dowhat I want, I will rain hell down upon youuntil one of us is dead.
And I am really,really goodat raining down hell.
I want an answer tomorrow.
Who are you? I'm michael westen.
I used to be a spy.
You have a name for me? The guy's nameis glen harrick.
He's got a boat on the rivernear the 27th avenue bridge.
It cost me a lot of moneyto get that information.
You've just done yourselfa great favor,carmelo.
Do yourself one.
Don't let me see you again.
You take care of this guy and you stay out of my way,we're good.
If I ever seeyour face again,I'll kill you,bomb or no bomb.
Oh,look,they survivednate's exploding truck.
Think they'rekeeping sam here? Fits the backgroundon sam's photo -- lots of rusted metal,and they probably got him downin the hold.
Makes sense,a barge -- it's isolated,easy to defend.
Guess it's timeto set my meeting with harrick.
We could go in there now.
We're gonnado this the right way.
Yeah? I'm readyto make a deal.
All right.
Let's set it up.
I can meet today.
The girl coming? Yeah.
I tracked her down.
Be at the grove harbor marina.
Sounds good.
One more thing -- I talk to sam before I cometo the meeting.
If he can't talk,if he doesn'tsound healthy,I walk away.
If he's anythingless than 100%, just kill him nowand save us both some time.
We'll takegood care of him.
You do that.
It will be over today.
I was thinking about it.
Maybe you should draw me a picture of themap to that park.
I'm gonna have to putyour body somewhere,right? Hey,um,did he askto talk to me before you meet? 'Cause I've got newsfor you,buddy -- I'm not gonna play ball.
So you might as welljust finish this right now.
You'll dowhatever I want you to do.
But until then,please,keep him quiet.
Hey,um,so,what were you,army? I'm a navy man myself.
But,you know,I've seenyour boss's type before, and whatever shallow gravehe dumps my body in, you're gonna be keeping mecompany there real soon,pal.
You know,I read in a book once that the things that make you the angriest are the thingsyou know are true.
Wise words,huh? I am getting so sickof your mouth! Take a good look,buddy,'cause this is gonna be youreal soon.
Oh,I get it.
I kill you,your mandoesn't show,right? Nice try.
I,uh --I got your buddy's c I had a friend who dealsin secondhand cars check it out.
It looks clean.
He also fixed the windshieldon the charger.
So,mom said that you wanted meto go away with her? I want you twosomewhere safe.
Why is it,if you'rethe responsible one, every time you run offand you do your spy thing,I got to pick upthe pieces? Please.
I like this.
You coming to me for help,it -- it feels good.
It's like a fresh thingfor us,you know? It's great.
You gonna do it? Of course,bro.
You probably needa moderate-sized blast.
The metal on that boatlooked pretty worn.
I'd go with somethingwith more direction.
But it'll do.
The sticky bomb was originally developed in world war ii for mining tanks.
For the homemade variety,tile adhesive works best -- sticky,waterproof,and it comes in an easily portable plastic bucket.
Mom,I'll call you when --if it's safe to come back.
Take this.
It's a new phone.
It hasn't beenused,so it's untraceable.
It's for emergencies only.
We want to keep communicationto a minimum.
We're not taking your car from you,are we? No.
Whoever's coming after memight have eyes on it, so I'll drive you and nateup to fort lauderdale, and that's where I'llfind you another car.
I remember the timeyou stole your first car.
Dad was up god knows where,and I had to get nateto the doctor.
You must have been,what,12? You were pretty angry.
I was also proud.
You did a lot of thingsI didn't understand.
But you did themfor the family.
You know,michael I did,too.
I know,mom.
I know.
I know.
Nate,you make any calls today? No,bro.
You said not to.
Mom? Um,I -- I called hometo check messages, but I used the secure phonethat you gave me.
If you call a tapped phone from an untapped -- never mind.
That's how they're following us.
I need that phone right now.
This phoneis no longer secure.
From now on,let's makethis simple -- make no calls! Fine! Nate,I'm gonna pull overand get out.
You said they werefollowing us.
They want me.
When I get out,you go.
You don't stop for anything,you got it? Yeah.
Be careful.
Stay in the car.
I know this line is tapped.
I know you're listening.
I don't know who you are,but I know this.
You want me to come in alive,you call me now,or I will end this right here.
Michael,don't do anything stupid.
I have a proposalI'd like to discuss.
I'm listening.
I have a job to do.
I need 12 hours.
You give me that,I will come in alive.
If you don't,if you even comenear me before that,I will put a bulletin my head.
You wouldn't do that,michael.
You've gotsuch a bright future.
Maybe not.
You give me 12 hours,you don't need to find out.
I believe we have a deal.
You think it's okay to takesam's car on the street? Those government types I bought myself a coupleof hours before they pick me up.
I might as well drive ittill then.
You're really gonna gowith them? Yeah,fi.
They shot cowanin front of you.
They didn't shoot me.
I want to knowwhat's going on,and I told themI'd meet them.
You're a spy,michael.
Why don't you just lie? That's what spies do,you know? You want to run -- this is not about honor,and I'm not running anymore.
I want answers,and this isthe only way to find them.
You ready? It's been fun,michael.
At least this timewe get to say goodbye.
Thank you,fi.
You get overto the grove harbor marina.
I'll call,put his guy on the phone.
You wait until he gets therewith the girl,understood? Yeah.
Put twoin both their heads and call mewhen you're done.
You got it.
Get out of here.
Let's go.
Looks like they're leaving a three-man teamon the boat.
I'm off to crash the party.
A lot of people think the word commando means superhero, or at least something close to it.
In the popular mind,they're thought of as the ultimate elite soldier -- the solution to every problem.
The fact is a commando is just someone trained to fight under a specific set of circumstances.
He's the guy you send in when there are more bad guys than good guys, when surprise is the only advantage you can get in an operation.
When it works,commandos seem unstoppable.
Those are the operations that make the papers.
When it doesn't work,commandos get killed just as dead as anyone else.
Are you there? Okay,good.
Here's what's gonna happen.
When they get there,you kill them both,but make sure they're dead -- you got that? I'm gonna call the guy now.
Here's what we're gonna do.
We're gonna call your boss.
You're gonna say hello.
And if you act really nice,I'll finish you quick.
And if I don't? Well,then I'll have to findanother way to hunt him down, which means I'll haveto kill you little by little until I find him.
But,hey,sam,your choice.
Boy,they both soundpretty good.
Can I have a few minutesto make up my mind? No.
Kick his ass! Come on,mike.
Come on! I've seen that wound before.
I don't know what ammoyou have in here, but if it's teflon-coated,you have about a half an hour.
But if they'rehollow-point I wouldn't make any plans.
I told youto stay away,mikey.
I tried to warn you.
I was never goodat taking orders,sam.
That's why you were a soldierand I was a spy.
Fair enough.
Come on,michael.
I was thinkingabout this car when they had me.
I thought,I'm gonna die before the cadillac losesits new-car smell.
I'd neverlet that happen,sam.
Mike,uh,seriously you would havedone it for me.
Damn right,brother.
Mike,you've been usingthe navigation thingy? No,I didn't -- Onstar.
Westen? How do you know my name? ******* ************* My destination? Mike,what's going on? Time to get some questionsanswered,one way or another.
Burn notice,huh? Uh,I needto borrow the c No problem.
Good luck,mike.
********* Hello? Michael,we're so lookingforward to meeting you.
When you work in intelligence, you get used to the idea that some information is worth risking everything for.
You sign up for the lifestyle or the chance to serve your country or the millions of frequent-flier miles.
But finally,it all comes down to putting your ass on the line to learn something.