Burn Notice s02e07 Episode Script

Rough Seas

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until - [Man] We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
- [Whistles] [Michael Narrating] When you're burned, you've got nothing no cash, no credit, nojob history.
- You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
- You rely on anyone who's still talking to you - [Laughs] - a trigger-happy ex-girlfriend - Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the F.
I You know spies.
Bunch of bitchy little girls.
- Family too - Hey, is that your mom again? - if you're desperate.
- Someone needs your help, Michael.
Bottom line: Until you figure out who burned you you're not going anywhere.
Your arms dealer friend couldn't just meet us at the Café Carlito? He wanted to meet here.
I bought an assault rifle from him last year.
He doesn't know you.
- Seymour has trust issues.
- I don't wanna date him, Fi.
I just wanna find out what the people who burned me are doing with a Russian sniper rifle.
And Seymour's the perfect guy to track it down.
He's just a little eccentric.
- [Cell Phone Rings] - Oh.
- [Beeping] - [Michael Narrating] When you work with people you wanna know everything about them their history, their associates, who's contacting them.
- Is that Seymour? - Hmm? - That That Seymour? - Oh, no.
This guy I met.
He just asked me out.
Although sometimes there are details you'd rather not know.
Fiona, baby.
Good to see you.
Michael, right? Hey, man.
Heard a lot about you.
Come on.
We're going for a walk.
Fiona, keepJackass company.
He'll like you.
He's attracted to shiny objects.
So, Fi tells me you want a gun.
- Rifle, actually.
- Well, I got plenty.
What do you need? - I got semi, automatic, European.
- I need a Dragunov, actually.
Yeah, nice gun.
Course, there are not too many of them floatin' around.
How about a nice Romanian P.
Instead? - No.
I'm not looking to buy, Seymour - Hold that thought.
I got some business I gotta attend to here.
Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
- Vladimir, right? - Pavel.
Anyway, you got my money? Uh-uh-uh-uh.
I gotta count it first.
So, what, they don't teach arithmetic in the Ukraine? - We're Bulgarian.
- I don't even know what you just said.
The deal was 100 grand, okay? Not 50.
Are you trying to rip me off? Nobody rips me off.
- Fiona said you were badass.
- This is really none of my business.
Well, it is now.
And this is the part where we haul ass.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
All right.
So we'll talk later, okay? Let's go, Jackass! Punch it, man! They're shooting at us! [Michael Narrating] If you're driving a sports coupe you're not going to be able to lose an off-road vehicle off-road.
Your best bet is to get them on the road, where you have the advantage.
[Horn Honking] [Horn Honking] It's less about speed than it is about maneuverability.
You need to put yourself in a position where you can do something they can't.
[Chuckling] Okay then, what about Gerta from East Berlin? You remember her? You kiddin'? I wanted to invade the Soviet bloc in 1983 just for her.
- Nice.
- [Both Laughing] Hey, Mike.
You remember Virgil.
Mike! I brought us some tall, cool ones.
I seem to recall you promising to stay out of Miami.
Last time I saw you, there were people looking for you angry people, with guns.
That's That's all blown over.
I was planning on staying away, but He needs help, Mike.
Not for myself.
I had a partner in the repo business.
Fella name ofJay Flores.
He died several years back.
His daughter, Marcela, runs a medical relief agency in town.
They got hit hard.
Big shipment of medicine got ripped off.
Virgil's trying to track it down.
He needs some backup.
- Backup? - I figured that was in your wheelhouse.
- She doesn't have anywhere else to turn.
- Can't hurt to talk to her.
It could.
It could hurt a little.
Could hurt a lot.
Come on.
Gathering intel, lending tactical support to a worthwhile mission? I mean, this is our old gig, Mike.
This is why we signed up back in the day.
Fine, I'll talk to her.
All right! Oh, mind if I use your phone? I need to call Madeline.
- [Beeping] - Yeah, about that.
Special lady.
There's a magnetic thing about her.
She offered to put me up, so I need to get on over there You'll stay here.
You tell her you can't make it and you'll call her when you're back in the Bahamas.
Mike, you serious? Last time you were in town, you nearly got her killed.
That's not going to happen again.
Mike, I'm telling you, you're not gonna regret this.
Marcela's done great things with this clinic.
They send medicine to kids in every country of the world that has diseases.
- [Boy] Hey! - [Laughs] Kick it, kick it! [Woman] Hey! No ball on the sidewalk.
- He started it.
- I see you brought the cavalry.
Listen, if anyone can find this stuff, it's these two.
- We really need your help.
- Why don't you start by telling us what we're looking for.
We spent months on a fund-raiser for kids in Rio shipped nearly a million dollars worth of medicine.
Yesterday, an hour out of Miami these guys boarded the freighter, took everything.
Well, unless they're starting a medical clinic, they're gonna wanna sell this stuff.
Whatever this stuff is worth on the black market it's nothing compared to what it means to those kids.
- If you can bring it back - We'll see what we can do.
[Woman] ** Willie, bounce with me ** ** Willie, bounce with me **** Thank you so much, Michael.
I've been meaning to move these out here for ages.
Any particular reason why you had to do everything today? Uh, just spring cleaning, you know.
- So, have you heard from Virgil? - Virgil? Yeah, he called and said that, um, he was coming to town to see you and Sam.
Well, you know Virgil.
Just being Virgil.
[Cell Phone Rings] - Yeah, I gotta Yeah? - [Sam] Mikey, good news.
We gotta head up to Boca.
Got a lead on a guy who deals in black-market pharmaceuticals.
That could be our way in.
I was thinking we could head up there and check it out.
Just the two of us? Yeah, yeah.
Virgil's gonna see some friends while he's here in town.
Yeah, I think it'd be better if I went with him to Boca.
Okay, sure, that's a good idea.
It'd be good for you guys to have some bonding time.
Uh, listen, Virgil needs to ask you just a little favor.
Listen, I didn't pack enough underwear so I borrowed a set of your boxers the blue ones with the stripes.
They will never fit you.
Stay out of my closets.
They're a little snug down under, but I got it all packed in.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Mike, be glad you didn't have to see that.
[Beeps] Someone staying in the loft? Yeah, good old Sam, back at the loft.
- You don't say? - Yeah, I'm gonna go, Mom.
[Virgil] That store there? It's owned by a guy named Feldman.
Last few years, a bunch of ships have been robbed the same way.
Thieves are in and out in five minutes.
- They like to hit pharmaceutical shipments.
- And this guy likes to buy them.
Well, he's a one-man pharmacy.
He got caught some time ago for selling Vicodin taken off some boat in Naples.
Charged with receiving stolen property, but his lawyer got him off.
Doing a pretty brisk business now, it appears.
[Shutter Clicks] Um, Michael, this thing with your mama and me - I know you're a little uncomfortable about it - I'm not uncomfortable.
- You attract bullets.
It's too risky.
- Come on.
What's a few bullets? Uh, you know what? I've got enough here.
I'll run down to the photo store and you can run in and raise a little hell.
Can I help you? My friend here is looking for a 5-iron, graphite shaft, nothing too heavy.
And a million dollars' worth of high-grade pharmaceuticals stolen off a freighter a couple of days ago.
Excuse me? I sell golf equipment.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Really? I mean, this is nice golf equipment but this store isn't paying for that Porsche out back.
You are selling something else.
- Hey, hey - Oh, would you look at this? - Who are you? What is this? - Quite a clientele banker, superior court judge.
We thought we'd mail everybody a copy of their photo coming out of this store in one of these lovely, handsome frames.
All right.
Just stop it.
This guy came by.
I sell Viagra, Vicodin and tranqs.
What am I gonna do with a million dollars worth of antivirals? - Who is this guy, anyway? - His name's Gerard.
He's a total psycho.
You are gonna call Gerard.
You are going to tell him you have a buyer for his drugs.
No, no, that's insane.
I can't I can't call him.
What will the neighbors think? They've been living next to a drug dealer! - Shh, shh! - He seemed so nice.
All right, all right.
I'll get you a meeting.
- And, uh, throw in one of those shirts.
- Yeah, sure.
Well, it sounds like you and Virg made some progress.
You found our thief.
Yeah, I'm told he's a total psycho.
You know, this is the reason why I don't look forward to Virgil's visits.
- [Snoring] - One of the reasons.
Listen, we're in the homestretch here.
We just gotta get the medicine out in the open.
Look, I'll run point, okay? I'll go in as a buyer.
- Fine.
The sooner we get this done - I'm all over it, Mikey.
So you gonna hook up with Fi's arms dealer friend? How's that going? Yeah, another total psycho.
Seymour, you might have mentioned we were going to a gun buy.
Look, that jackass I call a bodyguard is worthless so I figured you come along as backup, and I know for sure you're not a cop.
See? Kill two birds, right? - Whoa, whoa.
What's this? - You said you wanted a gun.
No, no, no, I wanted information about a sniper rifle.
Oh, right.
The Dragunov.
I mean, I could maybe import one from this guy in the Czech Republic.
No, I'm not looking to buy a sniper rifle, Seymour.
I just need to track down a place where someone can calibrate it.
- Do me a favor.
Wave at that guy.
- [Groans] Uh, if I'm not mistaken, that's one of the guys who shot at us.
He is bringing the rest of the money, see? Fifty G's.
- And why would I wave at him? - I told him you and me don't have a beef with him anymore.
We We, Seymour, do not have a beef with him.
- You have a beef with him.
- Whatever.
Look, here he comes.
And he's not bringing your money.
He has a gun, and I'm not part of this.
Damn it, l-l-I told him We'll talk later.
[Tires Screeching] ****[Rock] [Michael Narrating] For certain kinds of criminals partying hard serves an important management function.
You can keep your eye on your employees during the off-hours and keep them spending money so they're hungry for the next score.
- Did you miss me? - Scotch and soda.
- You Finley? - I am.
You're Gerard? Get out of here.
Yeah, Feldman said you'd be by.
He didn't tell me a whole hell of a lot.
- So you're what, a gun dealer? - I deal in everything.
Guns so people can shoot each other.
Medicine to get 'em ready for round two.
Even Somali warlords need penicillin, my friend.
So I hear you're in, um, acquisitions? - Hostile takeovers.
- Ah.
I got a client breathing down my neck for antivirals.
Feldman said you had a shipment to spare? Antivirals.
That's bad timing.
I sold those a couple hours ago.
Well, that's a shame.
I assume they haven't been delivered yet.
Maybe they can be unsold.
My client has deep pockets.
The deal's done.
We deliver next week.
- [Men Arguing] - Excuse me a second.
- [Man] Don't touch me! - Why don't you calm down and go play with your boyfriend? [Michael Narrating] Bar fights aren'tjust a way to blow off steam.
They're a great way to showcase your leadership skills and they're a team-building exercise.
Watch it, there.
Broken bottle can hurt someone.
[Michael Narrating] There's also no better way for someone new to get noticed.
Okay, if this guy Gerard sold the medicine, what can we do? Maybe we could get the cops to sting the buy.
Buyer shows up, cops swoop in.
We don't know when the delivery is.
And if the cops get involved, Gerard might find out.
No, forget it.
Wait a minute.
I got an in with this guy.
We can use that to find out where he's keeping this medicine.
- We just need an inside man.
- An inside man? What does that mean? He wants me to join Gerard's crew so I can find out where he hides the stuff that he steals.
No, Sam, I can't.
Mikey, come on.
Let mejust pitch a whole new heist.
Something where he's gotta bring you in.
We'll never actually have to do it.
Just has to look good.
Get him talking.
Virgil, can you get us a yacht? You know, I think I probably can.
I helped a rich guy out in Fort Lauderdale.
Sank his catamaran before his ex-wife could get it.
He might be in an accommodating frame of mind.
Guys, you think you can find the medicine? I don't really have any idea, but we gotta give it a shot.
- [Knocking] - [Madeline] Michael, you home? You are not here.
- Aren't you gonna invite me in? - Oh, I'm in a hurry, Ma.
I'm going to meet Fi.
- But I made you this.
- You baked a pie.
Okay, I just sprinkled cinnamon on it.
But I thought maybe you could share it with Sam.
- And Virgil.
- Virgil? Michael.
Michael, I may not be a super spy, but I'm not an idiot, all right? I got a call from Virgil saying some story about being stranded in the Bahamas with boat trouble.
I mean, that wouldn't fool a two-year-old.
So what's going on? Nothing is going on.
I have to go to work.
But if I hear from Virgil, I'll let you know.
Can I walk you to your car? I can walk myself.
Okay, I'll call you later.
Keeping Virgil away from your mom, that's just about keeping her from danger? What else would it be? Well, they did have a connection, Michael.
A romantic connection.
An intimate, steamy connection.
I'm just saying that when an important woman in your life meets someone it can be an adjustment.
- Is this about your date? Because I'm fine with it.
- [Laughs] I don't think so, Michael.
Not one question about who he is? You're not in the least bit interested? No, not interested.
I thought spies were meant to be good liars.
You are getting rusty.
****[Dance Pop] Oh, hey, how you doing? Jackass.
Fruit smoothies for my friends.
That's all he's good for.
And lay off the wheatgrass, will ya? Hey, guess what? That Ukrainian guy finally paid me my money, and here is your cut.
Seymour, we don't work together! No more tests, no more buys, no more Bulgarians.
I just want information about where I can get a certain rifle serviced.
- Oh, right, the Dragunov.
- Yes.
Do you know anyone in Miami who would modify it, calibrate it? I just want a name, and keep it quiet.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'll make some calls.
- Thank you.
But first, you gotta have a fruit smoothie.
Because you wanna be a badass, you gotta eat healthy, right? Come on.
I made 'em just for you.
He doesn't like fruits? I thought you and me Badasses, yeah! ****[Rock] Scotch and soda.
Make it two.
Nice to see you survived yesterday's little brawl.
Some people don't understand their place in the food chain.
Not afraid to get your hands dirty.
I like that.
- I got a job for you.
- No, thanks.
I don't do work for hire.
Well, then consider yourself a partner in a very lucrative business opportunity.
What do you know about designer performance enhancers? - You mean like steroids? - More like steroids on steroids.
I know a lab that makes undetectable stuff.
Next generation.
Human tissue, 100% biological.
It's worth millions.
They're running a shipment up north on a yacht.
- You want us to hit it? - Shipment's worth $2 million.
You'd get a third.
How does that sound? A third sounds like work for hire.
Half sounds like a partnership.
All right, done.
You handle the heist, but you gotta bring in a pro to keep the drugs at the right temperature and humidity.
- You got someone in mind? - Yeah, works at the lab.
His name is Jackson.
He used to cook meth before he got into designing steroids.
You're gonna convince him to help.
- Convince him.
- I'm sure you can be persuasive.
- Why don't you do it? - Me? Oh, no.
No, in my line of work, you stay in the shadows.
So the name Finley is never mentioned.
We clear on that, partner? [Michael Narrating] Dealing with an aggressive adversary isn't always about showing strength.
[Gerard] You Jackson? Sometimes it's best to show weakness.
If they believe they can dominate you, they'll drop their guard.
- Of course, that means getting dominated.
- [Groans] A heist? Seriously? No, no, no, I'm a chemist.
I don't do heists.
Guys with guns, violence.
That's why I got out of meth.
I mean, it's just not my thing.
It makes my chest tight.
- I can't breathe.
- I can stop your breathing real quick.
Please, you don't wanna do this.
The guys that own the lab, they're Chechnyans.
If they ever found out that I was in on it Don't worry about it.
They're not gonna know it was you.
Can I get that as a guarantee? Can you put that in writing? - [Cocks Gun] - Here's your guarantee.
You do this, we never see each other again and you make some money.
You don't [Michael] That's the guy that moves the stuff.
He takes off in the morning.
- How big's your cargo? - Uh, six canisters.
Not so big.
- So what do we need to do with them? - You gotta pack it in coolers.
You gotta get it inside a custom liquid air rig ASAP.
As soon as Uh, because you let this stuff warm up and it is a It's a nasty cocktail.
[Laughs] Cocktail.
I can train one of your guys to move it off the boat.
- One of my guys? You're the guy.
- What? No, no, l-I got a thing with boats and-and water And l I get I get I get seasick.
I mean, look at me.
Can you crack a window? - We'll scrounge up some Dramamine.
- Then they'll recognize my face.
- We'll get you a mask.
- All right, well, if we're gonna do this, man then I need to know where's this stuff going, all right? Is it a warehouse? Is it a garage? You don't need to know.
We'll store it.
Come on.
I mean, power issues, humidity.
Have you been outside? Look, you tell me what you need, and we'll set you up, all right? Well, look at that.
Old guy's got a girlfriend.
Uh, can we can we go before, you know, somebody recognizes me? - I don't know who, but someone.
- [Engine Starts] Madeline! What are you doing here? I followed you from Michael's loft.
Did Michael tell you to stay away from me? Look, Maddy, sweetie, listen.
He's just looking out for you.
See, the thing is, I tend to attract bullets, and he just doesn't want you to get hurt.
Well, you can tell Michael that I can take care of myself.
Um, Madeline I'm kind of in the middle of something right now, and you need to leave.
Please, Madeline.
Can I know about the storage space, the room temperature, the sunlight sensitivity? I mean, we got to have these at a certain temp range.
I'll tell you what.
You talk to Evan about what you need, and we'll get it to you.
- It's gonna take a while.
- Take your time.
You'll have all night.
You're staying with us till we pull this job tomorrow.
He never leaves your sight.
I gotta call in sick.
- You're not calling anybody.
- What's gonna happen when I don't show up? I gotta call the office.
I gotta leave a message.
They'll think something's wrong if I don't show up.
They'll think something's wrong.
What do you say? Take a One call, and I'll be listening.
- Ah, got it.
- [Beeps] [Cell Phone Rings] Not a good time, Michael.
I'm going to a movie.
Boris, it's [Wheezing] It's Jackson, yeah.
I'm not gonna make it into the office.
- What's going on, Michael? - Yeah, yeah.
The doc said that I can't get out of bed.
So I came down with something.
So, um, if you need anything, you can call me at extension 1820.
- All right.
- That's one [Coughs] - [Beeps] - [Sam] Hey, Fi.
Michael just called me from a bar.
Does the number 1820 mean anything to you? Yeah, a place in the marina.
Why? I'm gonna miss my movie.
****[Rock] [Michael Narrating] When you need to distract someone without raising suspicions it helps to play to preconceptions.
Tourists are fat, old people are cranky, and girls can't drive.
- [Tires Screeching] - [Crash] What the hell.
[Fiona] Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
L I was putting on my makeup and I didn't see you, and Let me give you my insurance information.
Oh, so silly.
[Laughs] - Okay.
- How about just your number, and we'll call it even.
[Giggles] Do you have a pen? - Do you have a pen? - [Woman] Sorry, no.
Oh! - Do you have a pen? - They're not letting me leave.
Tell Sam the fake heist is on for real now.
I missed my date.
Thank you.
Here we go.
They're getting ready, Sam.
How much longer? We'll be there.
We're just trying to do this right.
Mikey's donating his fridge to the cause.
It better look good.
Gerard's gotta believe the drugs he's stealing are real if he's gonna lead us to his stash.
We got it covered.
We're trying to find a place to put Mike's yogurt while we do the job.
- How's he doing? - Fine.
I wish they'd smack him around a bit.
I had to tell my date I got food poisoning.
Come on, Fi.
Don't be like that.
I don't want him dead.
Just bruised.
Hurry up.
Looks like the show's starting.
[Man] Beautiful.
There you go.
[Michael Narrating] Counterfeiting pharmaceuticals is pretty straightforward.
Fill some vials with your choice ofbeverage.
The trick is to keep people from looking closer.
With some compressed gas from your local farming supply store and a few cryogenic containers you can convince people that if they get a little too curious they could lose a finger to frostbite.
Where Where's my mask? I need my mask.
- You don't need one.
- What are you talking about? I told you.
The guy on the boat will recognize me if I don't get a mask.
So I need a mask.
Let him.
He can tell it to the fishes.
The fish? What, you're gonna kill him? Trust me, Jackson, it's better this way.
No loose ends.
[Michael Narrating] Dealing with a trained operative is like playing chess with a master.
Dealing with criminals, on the other hand is like playing checkers with a three-year-old.
They like to change the rules.
- Well, I need a gun.
I need a gun.
Gimme a gun.
- You said you didn't want one.
Yeah, well, man, that was before I knew people were gonna be shot.
And if you're gonna shoot people, they're gonna shoot back.
And if they shoot back, they'll probably hit me.
So I need a gun.
I'm not going on the boat unless l - You happy? - Yeah.
[Michael Narrating] Using a Zodiac to catch a yacht has certain advantages.
It's low to the water, so it's hard to see coming.
It tops out at a brisk 60 miles per hour and it's designed to turn on a dime.
Of course, the one disadvantage is it can make for a bumpy ride.
Shut it down.
Take it.
Anything you want.
Boat, anything.
- Where's the shipment? - It's the steel canisters in the fridge.
Get to the bow.
- Find them.
- [Evan] All right, let's do this.
Check in there.
We got something.
Virgil, you go with this.
Hey, shut up! I don't even know what you're talking about! Shut up! I never met you before in my life.
- Did I miss something? - Yeah, he says he knows me.
No, I do know you.
You're that guy from the lab, the chemist! - No, shut up! Stop saying that! - Everyone's gonna know you did this.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Navy SEALS are trained to hold their breath for three to five minutes underwater.
If you're an ex-Navy SEAL, you probably still have the chops.
But there's only one way to find out.
Oh, God, what did I do? Good for you.
You broke your cherry.
[Wheezing] - Hey, you wanna lose a finger? Put that down! Put it down! - What's the matter? You lose a finger, you keep doing that.
You have no idea what you're doing! This is my work, and I don't want it messed up by some idiots! - What did you say? - I said you're an idiot.
- Let it go! - Come on! - Load 'em up! - [Man] All right.
Let's go.
Load 'em up.
- Hand 'em down to me.
- Easy, easy, easy.
[Michael Narrating] Great.
[Zodiac Engine Starts] All right.
We're all set.
Let's go.
[Exhales] Gonna get you drunk, Jackson.
Maybe even laid.
Let's just make sure we get this stuff into storage and not get spoiled because, you know, I'm not gonna be responsible for this if, you know Stop worrying about the storage space.
You'll be fine with it.
[Michael] I almost slipped.
[Sam] Looks like Mike's got 'em hooked pretty good.
[Fiona] Let's see if they lead us back to where they've hidden the antivirals.
Watch out.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Watch out.
That's rusty.
Here we go.
Don't lose 'em, Fi.
I know how to tail a car.
[Man] Come on through.
[Sam] Well, there's no barbed wire.
Just one guard with a Beretta, so getting in shouldn't be a problem.
Why don't we wait for Mike and Gerard and the guys to leave, and we'll make our move.
- Why not go in now? - Because Mike could get hurt.
Doesn't sound so bad.
[Michael] What-What What is this place? [Gerard] Big office supply company uses it for inventory.
We got a guy on the inside, keeps us off the paperwork.
I got building security on the payroll too.
Aren't you, uh, you know, afraid someone might find your stuff? In here? Good luck.
Everything you need's right up here.
Oh, okay, all right, this'll do.
You're gonna have to have power sources clear 'cause this thing will suck up a lot ofjuice.
Yeah, oh, all right, good.
Now, listen.
Uh, my rig will generate a lot of heat so you have anything that's yours that's nearby that's pharmaceutical, it'll fry it.
Is this yours? Any of this yours? Don't worry about it.
All our other stuff s scattered around, nothing nearby.
Oh, yeah? Oh, good.
Oh, good.
So then Then, uh Yeah.
Yeah, it'll work out.
I guess I'll go out to the van and, uh, get some tools.
- Give him a hand.
- Okay.
He's waving us off.
I guess we won't go in then.
That's the warehouse he hides the medicine in, but it's massive.
- I mean, it could be anywhere.
- So we got to the end zone and no touchdown.
You wanna search through 10,000 boxes? Be my guest.
[Sam] Sounds like the world's worst game show.
Sorry about the fridge, Mike.
It was kind of a last-minute thing.
Hungry? Look, I gotta do something.
Where's that warehouse? I'm going down there.
- Maybe there's somebody I can beat it out of.
- Virgil, it's not gonna work.
No, we [Exhales] We gotta get Gerard to move the medicine.
- We do that, and we might be able to get it back.
- You got any ideas? Yeah, I think it's time to bring back the mysterious Mr.
I like where you're going.
I just want my money.
I just want my money.
Can I have my money? Can I have my money, man? I just want my money! What the hell's wrong with you? You said this was a simple heist.
You never said Chuck Finley was involved.
So Finley's involved.
What's the big deal? What's the big You have no idea, dude.
You don't get it.
You-You-You don't get it.
We're dead.
We're dead.
We are dead.
What are you talking about? He's the buyer! Chuck Finley's the buyer? Oh, man.
You don't get it.
He comes in.
He gets you to bite on a job.
He tells you a story.
He says, "I deal in everything.
I got guns to shoot people up.
I got medical supplies to patch 'em up for round two.
" - I've never heard of him.
- Because everyone he's worked with is dead.
He's everywhere.
If the devil had a name, it'd be Chuck Finley.
Who is he and what do you know about him? He did the same thing to a couple of guys I worked with out West.
He used to run black ops for the government.
Assassinations, man.
Stealing secrets.
But now, he just steals from people like you and me.
He takes what he wants and he just leaves a trail of bodies.
He's not stealing from anybody.
We got the warehouse.
You don't think he already knows about the warehouse? Are you kidding me? And if he doesn't, he'll figure it out one way or another.
And notjust this stuff.
He's gonna take everything.
He's gonna clean you out.
In fact, yeah, he's he's probably already done that.
He's-He's-He's gone.
I'd like to go.
Give me my money.
I'll get on a plane, a train, anything.
You're not going anywhere.
You're gonna help us move the drugs.
No, no, no, I am not going back to that warehouse.
Are you crazy? Are you You tell me.
- [Grunts] - [Fiona] Hello, police? I'm on the corner of 29th and First Ave.
There are these men here with guns.
I think they're drug dealers.
- [Panting] - [Ticking] Oh, you have patrols in the area already? Thank goodness.
[Michael Narrating] Need the police to respond right away? Call ahead.
If you've reported a few minor crimes within a six-block radius you can be sure someone will show up when you need them.
What's that? What are the boxes? What's that? - Antiviral drugs.
- Antiviral? I can't be responsible for that.
Don't worry.
You won't be.
They're already sold.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
He's here.
That's the guy! That's Finley.
We gotta go! - He's one guy.
- One guy? You don't understand.
He's not alone.
He must have guys in that truck! We gotta get outta here! You're not going anywhere.
Keep loading the stuff.
We'll take care of Finley and his guys.
[Groans] [Michael Narrating] Most people think that shooting the gas tank of a vehicle makes it explode.
Unless a car's on fire, you'll just spill a few bucks worth of gas.
An explosion requires something extra like a few bags of acetone peroxide taped to the gas tank.
[Siren Wailing] [Policeman] Hands in the air! Get down! Don't move! You don't know what this means for us.
May I suggest that you fly the medicine next time? What can I do to repay you? You know some guys who can help move a fridge? The cooler doesn't hold much beer, Mike.
- Your daddy would have been so proud of you.
- [Sighs] Thank you.
- Mike, I didn't call her.
- I know.
Michael told me what you were doing here in Miami and it's a wonderful thing you did, Virgil.
- I'm sorry about before - It's okay.
You can make it up to me over dinner.
Take her someplace nice.
No guns.
You got it.
[Laughs] [Chuckles] You know, Mike, if you had to have a stepdad, you could do worse.
- Seymour has our information? - He didn't say.
Just wanted us to stop by his place.
He sounded more paranoid than normal.
- You missing a date for this? - Oh, don't flatter yourself.
Seymour promised to upgrade my laser targeting assist.
- [Bell Ringing] - Said I could pick it up tonight.
Should be quick.
I have no intention of missing any more dates.
You look beautiful, Fi.
[Door Closes] So this guy, is he nice? Your date? Yeah, very.
He's a paramedic.
- I think you'd like him.
- Yeah, I wouldn't count on it.
- [Groans] - [Gasps] What the hell did you get me into? - I was wondering the same thing.
- Who the hell are you, huh? Why do you keep asking me about that sniper rifle? You start answering questions, or your girlfriend gets a bullet in the head.
I'm not his girlfriend.
[Michael Narrating] Anyone who played soccer knows there's a long nerve that runs down the shin.
Hit that nerve and people lock up in pain.
[Screams] Arms dealers keep gunpowder handy to manufacture custom-made rounds but gunpowder doesn't need to be in a bullet to be dangerous.
Even muzzle flare can set it off.
So when dispersed through a room anyone with half a brain puts his gun away.
No, no, no, no, no! Jackass, don't shoot! You'll blow us all up! - [Groans] - [Grunts] Seymour! You wanna tell me what that was about? [Seymour] Dude, look.
I tracked down a shop that had done some work on the gun you're asking about.
The place was burned to the ground, man.
They killed the guy who owned it.
I thought you were setting me up for something.
- Who brought the gun in, Seymour? - I don't know.
No, I swear, I swear! All I know is some guy picked up some stuff for it, okay? [Spitting] Specially calibrated muzzle brakes, night sights and a fiber optic camera.
[Spits] That's all I know! Who's the guy? What's his name? They said his name was BillJohnson, okay? That's all I know, I swear.
Please don't hurt me.
We were never here.
You understand? I got it.
Never saw you.
[Spits] - Sorry about the dress, Fi.
- I'm not.
I got this baby with laser targeting assist.
You thinkJohnson has something to do with the people who burned you? Have to assume so.
He's putting a fiber optic camera on a sniper rifle.
That's for proof of death.
We'd better find this guy.
Now we've got his name, but he could be anywhere.