Burn Notice s02e15 Episode Script

Sins of Omission

My name is michael westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn noticeon you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned,you've got nothing -- no cash,no credit,no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
- A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend - should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the fbi you know spies --a bunch of bitchy little girls.
Family,too hey,is that your mom again? If you're desperate.
Someone needs your help,michael.
Bottom line -- until you figure out who burned you,you're not going anywhere.
Let me tell you a story.
It starts with menearly getting blown up.
You remember that,right? Well,the waythe door was rigged,I realized the bomberhad to leave from the balcony.
Sure enough,the security cameradown the block caught him on tape.
Hold that! He was a hard man to find.
But eventually we connected.
Turns out he was a hired gun.
Good guy,really gave me a lead onthe offshore bank that paid him.
I tried to follow the money,but that turned outto be a dead end.
Whoever tired to kill me,he's paranoid,careful,and he knows I'm close.
That is quite a mouthful,michael.
Thank you,carla.
You know,I'd love to believe you.
I'd also love to know why somebody who's normally socareful to keep his mouth shut has suddenly blossomedinto such a storyteller.
You blaming me for playing thisclose to the vest? It was a leakin your organization that nearly got me killed.
I need you to back off.
I can't draw him out with the suits-and-sunglassescrowd following me around.
You can have more leashif your story checks out,but if you hold back on me,michael -- you'll go after my family,kill me? Talking with you is alwayssuch a pleasure.
You have a nice day,carla.
You didn't tell herit was victor,did you? The man hastried to kill you twice,and you're protecting him.
He's the one enemyI know carla has.
I'd like to at least talk to himbefore I turn him in.
You think he'll stoptrying to kill you long enough for the two of you to grab lunchand have a chat? Everybody lovesa free lunch.
Can you show this around in areas victormight be laying low -- cash motels,campsites? Okay,I'll tell peoplehe's wanted in connectionwith a dog-fighting ring.
They'll call.
Don't "hi,mom" me.
You drag me out of my houseat a moment's notice,and you can't even botherto pick me up yourself? - You had to send sam? - No offense.
None taken.
I'm just trying to lockthings down as fast as I can.
It's just a little dangerousright now.
How dangerous,michael? Just a bad guy in town.
But you don'thave to evacuate.
You just have to stay here with me.
With you? Here? In this dump? What? - Sam,you forget to lock the front gate? - No.
- Sam.
- Yeah,mike? He was talking to me.
Who are you? I'm samantha.
Michael and iused to be engaged.
For a spy,compartmentalizing is second nature.
Information is given on a need-to-know basis.
In your professional life,this approach keeps you safe.
In your personal life,it can be dangerous.
So,uh,another sam.
This is gonna be confusing,huh? - Have you ever been secretly engaged to my son? - No.
Then I think we'll be able to tell you apart.
Fair enough.
I can't believe it.
No,I-I can believe it.
It's just like michael.
Look,ladies,don't be too hard on mike.
I'm sure there's a very good reason why he never mentioned her before.
I mean,you know,these things just happen sometimes.
Anybody else need a drink? No? Okay.
Michael,is everything -- sorry,it's just not the best time to be popping in out of the blue.
Why are you so paranoid? Thought you were out of the spy game.
Yeah,that's the problem.
How did you find me? - Your mom's in the book.
- I'm not.
She had your address in her kitchen drawer.
I just needed to find you.
I didn't think you'd ever want to see me again.
I didn't have a choice.
I'm in a lot of trouble,michael.
I could use all the help that I can get.
His name is tyler brennen,a black-market trader.
Used to work in military intelligence.
That's him right there on the balcony.
Evil son of a bitch.
About a month ago,he came to me with a job offer.
What line of work are you in,sam? Acquisitions.
No need to be coy,dear.
If you're a thief,say you're a thief.
You're among friends.
Brennen wanted me to rob afc industries.
It's a defense contractor here in miami.
The prize was a state-of-the-art guidance chip -- something to do with U.
Spy drones.
Drones? Tell me you passed on the job.
Well,I tried to.
Okay,mike,I'm sorry,but I can't help steal military technology.
- I shouldn't even be hearing about it.
- I don't need help stealing it.
Oh,come on! I thought this was a "get to know the ex" lunch.
- Now it's a "19 government agencies are chasing me" lunch? - No,no,I -- I got away clean.
But when they realize it's missing,they're gonna know it was me.
- How? - I had to get a job working there to get access.
My key-card activity will give me away.
I'm new,I went in at night,and if you check my history,you'll see that -- - sam,why would you -- - I didn't have time to do itany other way.
Brennen kidnapped my son.
This is the ransom.
You have a son? Charlie's 9.
- When did you -- - is he No.
No,he's not.
But he needs you.
When I think about whatmight happen to him,I what do you want usto do? The trade's tomorrow.
I don't want togive this to brennen,but I need my boy back.
The site of a deal can tell you a lot about who you're doing business with.
If it's private,they value control.
If it's public,they want to get in and out anonymously.
If they've somehow found a site that gives them both you're dealing with somebody who really knows what he's doing.
We're all clear for now.
Place is a nightmare,mike.
I mean,you got tonsof foot traffic outside here.
We got so many approaches,we'll never see him coming.
If we can't jump himon his way in,we're gonna have to let hermake the trade.
Are you crazy? Putting military hardwareinto this guy's hands? Do you see another way? There's a kid involved.
Nobody wants himto get hurt.
I'm just saying,we got to get that chip backin the right hands and soon.
Otherwise,they're never gonnastop looking for samantha.
Sam,you go with samantha,oversee the hand-off.
Brennen won't expect you,but he won't blow the dealover a little backup.
Fi,you set up with a viewof the meeting.
When you see that charlie'ssafe,give me the signal.
I'll take brennen downon his way out.
- I know I owe yousome answers.
- You don'towe me anything.
I knew samanthabefore I met you.
We were in st.
Petersburgin '97.
She was helping me on a job,and things moved,uh,quickly.
Then I realized we didn't have what we neededto make it last.
What was that -- trust? You know,let's not do this now.
We have a job to do.
I've alwayswanted to tell you.
I was just waitingfor the right time.
Well,it wasn't the right timewhen we met,it wasn't the right timewhen we started dating, and it wasn't the right timewhen I moved to miami.
No,it was the right timeto tell me when she showed upon your front step.
That about right? So,four iced teas? I'm not that late.
You're hiding out.
Is madeline still pissed? I don't want to talkabout it.
Okay,all right.
Look,mike,I know you've beena little wound up, so I brought a little present,something to cheer you up.
This is way too good.
I'm gonna doa show-and-tell.
Buddy of minedid some research on victor.
Victor stecker-epps.
I mean,he's got a last name like a femalemiddle-distance runner, but this is a bad man,mike --black-ops hard-ass.
You're not the first guyhe tried to kill,either,just the first onehe missed.
It's a great read.
If carla's people burned him,it's all fiction.
- How did he get burned? - Good question.
July '04 -- things geta little bloody down mexico way.
Victor denied the hits,but a guy named philip cowanburns him anyway.
Five yearsworking for carla alone.
I have a hunchhe's ready to make a friend.
Mike,I don't know.
This one,you should be careful.
I mean,if half this crap is true,victor's a lot like you,only with,you know,rabies.
Mom,I didn't thinkyou'd still be up.
Mom,what can I say? I'm sorryyou have to stay here.
That's notwhat you should be sorry for.
I was getting to that.
Mom,I'm sorry.
It just never came up.
It was a long time ago.
You know,so was world war ii,but they still talkabout it.
I want to know about the womanwho almost married my son.
Uh,she is a pisces,she does "security," and she hasn't been in my lifein a decade.
And she has a sonwho's been kidnapped.
Sam told me.
- Is he yours,michael? - I don't know.
But I'm gonna get him back.
- Hello? - Michael? You're gonna have speak up! I can barely hear you! Victor,sounds likeyou're enjoying miami.
Well,nothing likea near-death experience to get the juices flowing.
Am I right,or am I right? I'm trying to cut back,myself.
Is that why you didn't shootat me the other night? Or were youtrying to make friends? What's going onin that pretty head of yours? Vic,we have so much in common,so much to talk about.
Let's get together.
I love it.
Let's do it.
When and where? I'll be there.
Yes,you will be,but let's makethat a surprise,all right? - Victor -- - I'll see you soon,sport.
I promise.
Tell mewhat you see,fiona.
- Old sam looks sweaty.
- Fi.
Just trying tocut the tension,michael.
There's brennen.
He used a southwest approach.
Well,I'm in position.
If he doesn'tleave this way he'll have to get past me.
"Come alone" -- I guess that was too hardto understand.
Who's your friend,sam? Call me chuck.
It'll be less confusing.
I'm just here to make sureeverything goes smoothly.
Well,chuck,number one,rsvp next time,and number two,shut up.
I was talking to her.
The chip -- let's see it.
Where's my son? Where's charlie? Trust me.
I'm not looking to adopt.
I'm looking to retire.
But you don't see himuntil I see the chip.
Most black-market transactions tend to go the same way.
First,payment is inspected.
Then,the goods are brought to the table.
This standard sequence is meant to ensure both parties against a blown deal, curley! butThat doesn't stop some people from bringing a little extra insurance.
- Charlie! - Mom! Charlie.
Oh,come here,honey.
Come here.
He's fine.
His arm is fine.
Whether it stays that wayis up to you.
What did they do to you? - Sam,be careful.
That's not just a cast.
- No.
See,you can'ttrot a kid out in public with a bombstrapped to his arm,but I had this nifty idea -- molded plastic explosiveunder the fiberglass,radio detonatorwith a mile radius.
You can cut it offin 10 minutes.
I'd appreciate it if you'd waitto start until I'm safely away.
It's been a real pleasure.
Michael? - Michael! - I got him.
- No,stand down.
- Does he have the chip? Something's wrong,michael.
Let him go.
You've got to let him go.
This isn't the airport.
No,it's not.
- Michael,I -- - samantha,the guidance chipyou stole isn't just expensive.
It's worth lives,and when they realize it's gone, you're gonna haveevery security service in the western hemisphereafter you.
The engineer that built itis at a conference in tokyo.
He doesn't get backuntil friday.
I figure that'sa pretty good head start.
I could fall off the grid,start over.
You could.
What about him? You want charliecelebrating his You really didn't thinkI'd notice he's not old enoughto be mine? Told youhe wasn't yours.
You let me believehe might be.
So,what? You never stretched the truthjust a little bit to helpan innocent person? Come on,michael.
I don't want to run.
I don'T.
I had every intention of puttingit back,but,I mean,it's gone.
No,it's not.
We have till friday.
I'm gonna get it backand help you return it.
- And how do you proposeto do that? - Don't --don't say "propose.
" What,she lock you out? No,I'm just gettingsome fresh air.
Your mom's a chimney,mike.
Plus,little miss commando hereis getting all worked up about an armed assaulton brennen's condo.
He strapped a bombto a kid.
How is charlie? He'll be fine.
Sam's got family in chicago.
He'll be safe there.
I lent her my carto bring him to the airport.
You thinkshe'll bring it back? Well,she isa professional thief.
- Jealous,fi? - Don't be absurd.
I'm not jealous.
You thinkyou could pretend to be? Some cover I.
S are about blending in.
Others are about making a splash.
It all depends on whether it's more important to fool your target or impress them.
Hey,fellas,just give me a sec.
It's okay,curley.
These twoare just showing me they're mysterious,dangerous types that can breakinto my apartment.
I shouldtake them seriously.
That's the idea here,right? Of course,if your target has a background in intelligence,you often can't fool or impress them.
In that case,the best cover I.
Is none at all.
I'm michael.
I used to work in covert ops.
This is fiona.
And you're hereto help me pack? That's really sweet,guys.
Uh,the furniture stays.
It's a rental.
We havea mutual acquaintance.
- Acquaintance? - Fi.
Samantha keyes? She's upset about the dealthat you two just did.
She came to me for help.
That thing she stole -- she's planningon stealing it back.
I'll bite.
You're telling methis because samantha and iused to work together.
Samantha and michael slept together.
We -- we workedmost of the time.
Anyway,everything she knows,she learned from me.
All I learned from heris I can't trust her.
And michael's now moved on,and I don't like to share.
And I figured we could take careof our problem and yours.
We're willing to helpfor the right price.
Even if I bought your tale,which I really don't, I think I can handlea single mom on my own,spunky though she may be.
I know samantha a little bitbetter than you do.
My money's on her.
Samantha told us that she kept a pieceof your little doodad.
You try to unload it,your buyer's either gonnakill you or make you fix it.
And either way,she gets another shot.
You're gonna have tohave it tested.
I know people who can do that.
I'm,uh,just thinkingout loud here,but if I wanted to steala really valuable object, going in as a helpful soulvolunteering to test it might be my first move.
Convince meyou're on my side,and,hey,guys,it's a solid plan.
One little caveat -- I don'T believe you.
Check us out.
I'm michael westen,she's fiona glenanne,and you need our help.
If you're as smart as you thinkyou are,you'll call us.
Looks like he's planning on using the cash from the saleto disappear.
Anybody who's evertouched that chip will be huntedacross borders.
He has to run.
Well,he doesn't need to runto nicaragua.
With the money he can get forthat chip,he can buy nicaragua.
Well,that's why he can'tignore a threat like you.
If you rob him,sabotage the goods,he'll have to run with nothing.
Oh,he'll call.
I think.
Well,if he doesn't,there's always tear gasand a battering ram.
Ooh,my ride is here.
Michael's other womanbeckons.
I never actually thoughtI'd look forward to this.
Excuse me.
You forgot something.
That's just a little gamethe two of us used to play.
It's charming.
- Are you and michael - no.
I have to admit -- you've restored a littleof my faith in your abilities.
I take itmy story checked out.
You keep this up,and you may just beour next employee of the month.
How aboutyou keep the plaque and give memy life back instead? You thinkyou're kidding.
Give us the manwho killed our operatives, and you and I can havea little chat about your future.
Show me you cankeep your promise.
I've started to see guyslike them in my sleep.
Back off,and I'm telling you,this guy will make his move.
We'll leave you aloneto work,but I can't give youmuch more time,michael.
Management'S getting anxious.
Tell themI know the feeling.
Hello? Michael westen,I've been thinkingabout your proposal.
I think we should talk.
Why don't you come byaround 4:00? Knock this time.
I checked you out.
Some of the storiesI heard,I should actually havea higher caliber,probably.
You decideto test the chip? - I sure did.
- Fine.
I'll set it up.
I made my own arrangements,thank you.
But I thoughtit'd be a good idea to have you two where I couldsee you while I did it.
My friend here is gonnatake your cellphones,and we're gonnatake a ride together.
For the record pumpkin,I'm exactly as smartas I think I am.
Uh,testing guy,spies.
Spies,testing guy.
- What's going on? - Everything's fine.
You're keeping itin the caribbean? A little humid out therefor such delicate electronics.
The caribbean? No,uh,not gonna take that chance with guys like you around.
It's in the air23 hours a day.
I know what you're thinking,fi.
Not yet.
That's notwhat I'm thinking.
We've got a visitor.
I have to say,his timing's perfect.
So? I can't vouch for performance,but the parts are all there.
Off you go.
So,the chip is fine Which means your offerto test it is looking less fine.
Samantha lied to me.
If you knew her,you wouldn't be surprised.
It's all so confusing -- her lying to you,you lying to me.
Who can keep it straight? You know,I think a couple of bullets in the back of bothof your heads is gonna simplify thingsa lot.
Yeah,well,it'll certainlysimplify things for samantha.
I think I knowwho the thieves are here.
Really? The guy at the fenceline on the blue pickup truck? You can do better than that.
- Friend of yours? - My friends don't watch mebeing executed.
Samantha's scouting you.
You think it's a coincidencethat that guy's there at the same timethe chip's out in the open? - Do you believe me now? - Not really.
Get in the car.
I want 5%of the sale price to provide securityagainst samantha.
Make no mistake -- she's coming,and you'll need the help.
I'll hear you out.
No guarantees.
Listen,first of all,you'reselling the chip at the airport,the one placeshe knows about.
You're doinghalf of her job for her.
Well,aren't you mr.
Helpful? The locationis a challenge we're just gonnahave to overcome, because my buyersaren't the sort of people you call up and say,"oh,hey,uh,change of plans.
" Here's the deal -- you can help me withmy samantha problem,period.
Works out,you get paid.
How do I provide securitywith you tying my hands? God,I'm gonna missthis table.
Lock down the hangar.
You said you taught hereverything she knows.
Think about what you'd do and then what you'd doto stop that.
But we're doing the dealwith my buyers in my hangar,where I'm in control.
- Understand? Lock it down.
- Understood.
Okay,so,there's no way to getto the chip before the sale, no way to move the sale,no wayto delay the sale.
That south american hut's starting to lookbetter and better.
What we're left withis snatch-and-dash at the airportwhen the sale goes down.
Sounds messy.
Brennen's gonna have that placelocked down tight.
Well,at leastI'm in charge of the lockdown.
We're gonna havea lot of eyes on us,but we might be able to sneak in some specialconstruction materials.
- Like we did in dublin? - Yeah.
She talking about that thingyou and I did in st.
Petersburg? Yeah.
I should take this.
And I'm gonna leave now.
Well,you are an enigmawrapped in a schizophrenic,aren't you,sport? First you don't shootat me,and then you set upa little firing squad.
I needed help selling acover I.
-- Nothing personal.
Oh,we do have some fun,don't we? I really dowant to get together.
How soon can we do this? If you give me till friday,I think I've got a way to make sureguns stay out of the equation.
Didn't meanto startle you.
Now I knowwhere mike gets his stealth.
Samantha,I know you're busy,but when this is over, I would love to take youto lunch,just to chat.
- Now,that he didn't getfrom you.
- What? Well,he's not exactlythe chatty type,your son.
No,guess he's not.
He failed to mentionthat he had proposed to you.
Actually,I proposed to him.
Really? If you don't mind what happened? I'm not really sure.
We had fun.
Mike was the first guywho really understood me.
Then one day,it was just over.
Never knew why.
He just said goodbye,and,uh,he was gone.
Yeah,that soundslike michael.
From private homes to financial institutions to military encampments, security consulting is a multibillion-dollar industry.
And while security consultants constantly tout new materials and technology, the basic techniques haven't changed in 4,000 years -- get a better view of any danger headed your way,make your walls sturdier and arm yourself well enough to fend off attacks.
Hardening a target against attacks from outside is pretty straightforward which is why it's usually best to attack from inside if you can.
Darling,are you readyto watch me become rich? I'm gonna relish this.
Oh,what the hell? This is not good.
If that plane doesn't cometo us,we got to go to it.
What if the buyers show? - We improvise.
We're gonna need a car.
- Sam! Yeah,that's far enough.
You can't be serious.
You're not gonna leave the planeout in the open like this.
It's not that I don't appreciateall your work on the hangar.
I just liketo change things up.
Brennen,you don't understand.
No,you don't understand.
Either your security workedand it scared samantha away -- in which case,I don't need it -- or it didn'tscare her away,she's ready for it,and I don't want it.
Hola,amigos! ¿Cómo est*? Now what? Come on! Do you see? What did I tell you? How did they getinto the airport? I locked down the hangar! I didn't lock down the airport! I thoughtI almost missed my ride.
You said samanthawas gonna try to steal the chip.
Did that looklike a robbery to you? Jesus,you're supposed to be smart! The only way outfor samantha was to steal the chipand put it back.
When she couldn't do that,she knew they'd find her.
So,she didthe next best thing.
She took you downwith her.
You wanted to buy a mansionand a private army in somenon-extradition country? If I'm not mistaken,your money just leftwith your buyer.
Good luckfinding a new one.
,Nsa --they'll all be on high alert.
And after that,in less than 24 hours.
You used to workwith samantha.
You said you were betterthan she was.
That's what you told me,right? I am.
You can put the chipback at afc,and nobody will noticeit's gone.
How stupiddo you think I am? This is what you want --this,right here.
You get the chip.
I have to give it to you.
I have no choice.
This is what you want.
Am I right? Yeah,you're right.
You've got no choice.
You're either gonna be killed or serving a life sentenceby the end of the week unless the chip goes back.
It doesn't matterwhat you believe,brennen.
There's one movefor all of us -- put the chip back.
And unless you know somebodyelse who can do that if you try tosell the chip,if you don't put it back,I will find you.
And no clever story you'regonna tell is gonna stop me from blowing your brainsout of the back of your skull.
Do we understandeach other? Welcome to afc industries.
We manufacture satellite-and missile-tracking systems,we design U.
Guidance chips, and sometimeswe accidentally hire thieves.
That's the clean room.
That's where the chip has to go.
The engineer that built itcomes back tomorrow.
He's got a presentationon the chip at 3:00.
Well,then,that's our deadline.
We put it back,brennen's on the run from his nastysouth american friends, and we're good to go,so long aswe don't hit any snags.
Show me the snags.
Card reader up front.
Now,assuming they haven'tupdated their employee files,I can get us through.
We'll dummy up an I.
That says you work with me.
Handprint reader here? Yeah.
Yeah,but that's not the problem.
The problem isthe clean-room door.
It's got a keypadthat has a Took me 45 minutes to hack itin the middle of the night.
Today we won't have 5.
I mean,there's no way we can get out cleanin that kind of time.
Then I guess we'll justhave to get out dirty.
No large security building is designed to be 100% secure.
Doing business requires flexibility to deal with visitors,repairman,contractors,et cetera.
Getting in,then,requires using that flexibility.
I need your I.
He's got a temporary pass.
I'll sign him in.
And would you mind calling downand just letting them know that we're gonna be by to set him up as a vendor? Yeah,no problem.
Can you get me a raisewhile you're at it? You have to make everybody think you're someone else's problem.
Even advanced security measures are useless when people leave their keys lying around.
And surprisingly often,that's what people do.
People leave their key cards in purses,their passwords on desks, and their handprints on soda cans.
Ooh,you want some? He left a little.
I'm fine.
- Diet mountain dew.
- We don't have much time.
Shall we donour bunny suits? You know,if you're shy,we can break into the ladies'changing room just up the hall.
Oh,we can do this.
Past a certain point in a clearance facility,you stop seeing security cameras.
Lowly security guards don't have the clearance to see what's on the cameras, so there's no one to monitor them.
Usually,in the top security areas of a high-tech facility, it's less about monitoring and more about fortification.
And here we are.
So,tell me,michael,what exactlydo we have planned here? It's a shape charge.
The det cord explodes.
And the reinforced polyester from the hose shapes the blast,and -- you'll see.
Well,it's nice to seeyou've learned some new tricks since the last timeI saw you.
I would stand back.
In a high-security situation,most people try to create the smallest disturbance they can.
The thing is,high security is built to deal with small disturbances.
Trip one sensor,and you're toast.
Trip 100 sensors,though,and nobody knows what to do.
These look expensive.
What? What are you doing? It's got to look likewe broke in for a reason.
We're trying toget everyone out of here in an orderly fashion.
Please have your bags readyfor inspection.
You really thinkthey're gonna buy that someone wentthrough all this trouble just for some lenses? I don't think they're going toknow what to make of this.
Nothing major's missing.
Hopefully,they'll double the security,keep people like you out.
Speaking of that --the bag? - The bag? What do you want to see my bag for? - Samantha.
It's justsome platinum wire.
It's worthlike,what,8 grand? It's done.
Sounds like you invited the miami-dade'ssheriff's office -- not exactlywhat I had in mind.
But it's exactlywhat you needed.
One day,I'm gonna figure out exactly what gameyou were playing here.
No game,brennen.
I'd focus less on methan getting out of the country.
Your buyers looked pretty upsetwith you.
Your concern for my welfareis much appreciated.
See you around,michael.
I love you.
Charlie says hi.
He wants to knowwhen I'm coming to get him.
You leave town today.
And you need to stayout of town,sam.
Brennen won't forget this.
He doesn't knowwhat to think right now,but if he were ever to confirmthat we were working together, well,he wouldn't take it well.
And you needto give up this life.
You got lucky this time.
- Next time -- - I know.
I know.
I just wish my last jobdidn't feel like such a failure.
You have your life,you have your freedom,and you have charlie.
You know,charlie isn't yours.
But he could have been.
A lot of thingscould have been.
Did it go all right? Yeah,it's over now.
- Well,it's late.
I should go.
- Wait.
Whatever you're gonna say,it's -- it's in the past.
It is,and it isn't,fi.
Sam and I workedbecause she was like me.
She didn't mind that my jobwas lying to people.
She loved it.
She did the same thing.
It madebeing with her easy.
And then I met you.
And it was it was different.
It was never easy.
You knew a part of meshe never did.
And I left her because you don't marry someone when you lovesomebody else.
You want to play with thatsomewhere else? You sure slept in.
Late night? What are you doing? Fixing a camera.
Fixing a disposable camera.
I have a meetingto get to.
And if it goes well,you can go home.
You can sleepin your own bed.
You won't have to pretendto sleep in mine.
I'm sorry.
I-I know I shouldn't have beeneavesdropping last night.
And honestly,I didn't hear everything,but still,I should -- mom,it's all right.
I don't give youmuch choice.
I'm sorry.
Michael? You picked the right girl.
I just hope you're not waitingfor her to propose,too.
What,the metal detectorwasn't enough? Oh,it's notthat I don't trust you.
It's just that,uh I don't trust you.
Okay,here's my "one time,expires immediately" offer -- you tell carla someone elsewent after her operatives, and we're friends,the kind of friendswho don't go bowling, don't go for beers,don't even really speak but also don'ttry to kill each other.
Yeah,I was lookingfor a little more carrot and a lot less stick.
I have questions,and I think you can answer them.
You're serious? That was your idea? All life's mysteries revealedin the men's john of the miami-dade city halland municipal building.
Actually,yeah,uh,that's what I want exactly.
Well,that's not on the menu.
What I'm offeringis this -- we're friends on my terms,or we're enemies.
And I'm askingfor answers.
Spend a career in covert ops,and you learn a lot about yourself.
Will you lie to learn something important? Yes.
Will you betray someone to serve a higher cause? Maybe.
Will you trade another man's life for your freedom? You don't really know the answer until you face the question.