Burn Notice s03e01 Episode Script

Friends and Family

My name is Michael Westen.
I used to be a spy until We got a burn notice on you.
You're blacklisted.
When you're burned, you've got nothing no cash, no credit, no job history.
You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.
- Where am I? - Miami.
You do whatever work comes your way.
You rely on anyone who's still talking to you.
- A trigger-happy ex-girlfriend.
- Should we shoot them? An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI You know spies, a bunch of bitchy little girls.
- Family, too - Is that your mom again? - if you're desperate.
- Someone needs your help.
Bottom line as long as you're burned, you're not going anywhere.
Give us the man who killed our operatives, and you and I can have a little chat about your future.
When Carla finds out you hid me, your questions will be resolved - with headshot for both of us.
- What does it have to do with me? It's all a way to get to Mike.
Get your bag, we'll go.
We got to create a distraction.
It's not a goodbye.
It's just in case.
Management's on the way.
Any story I tell them has to begin with Victor's dead body.
They get me alive, they'll take me apart.
Get out while you can.
I want you people out of my life! All your old enemies, did they just forget about you? Or has someone been keeping them at bay? You want out? You've no idea what hell will rain down if we stop watching out for you! I'll take my chances.
As an operative, you get used to being in uncomfortable situations.
Whether it's resisting interrogation in a foreign prison, fighting guerilla forces in a tropical jungle, or swimming five miles to Miami beach in your suit pants, it's just part of the job.
What's harder to get used to is going into a situation you don't know anything about.
Just because you're exhausted and disoriented doesn't mean you can stop looking out for trouble.
Danger isn't always obvious.
It can be as subtle as a glance from a friendly-seeming tourist, a car that slows down at an odd time, or a cop that suddenly seems a little too interested in you.
Get back here.
I think he ran into the hotel.
Send all available units.
The backbone of most hotel phone systems is secured by nothing more than a door and a cheap lock which makes them convenient for people who need to make quick, untraceable phone calls.
- You're all right? - More or less.
Your helicopter ride was not as long as I expected.
- How'd it go? - It was interesting.
It looks like the people who burned me are gonna leave me alone for now, anyway.
Thanks for saving my life.
It's always a treat to get you out of trouble.
I appreciate it.
I checked the police radio for news of our adventure.
There was a call about a mystery man washing up on the beach.
A going-away present from your helicopter friends? How bad? You wouldn't happen to be at the McAlpin hotel.
The police think you're armed and dangerous.
I'll have to find another way out.
Now is not the time to blast your way out of a building.
Talk to the cops now, or get ready for a citywide manhunt.
Fine, can you call Sam, see what he can figure out about my situation? Of course.
And, Michael? I'm glad you're alive.
Try to keep it that way.
Just because you can escape from a situation doesn't mean you should.
It's a risk/reward thing.
Sometimes you have to take your chances.
Down on your knees! Hands behind your head! Sometimes you have to remember it's easier to dodge questions than bullets.
Thanks for coming, Sam.
What do we know? The bad news is you're still as burned as ever.
You're still the top of the travel watch lists, and your assets are frozen like popsicles.
- And the good news? - The good news is that, your status has changed.
Whatever magic they were working to keep you out of the police computers, they stopped.
You're back on the radar of foreign agencies, too.
The good news is I'm being investigated by the cops and the foreign intelligence agencies.
Yeah, it's a change.
- It's progress of a sort.
- Any luck getting me out of here? Until they charge you with something, there's not much I can do.
They're stalling.
I guess somebody hasn't been talking much.
Memory loss.
You know how that is.
The cops, they love that one.
And, you know, the whole,"no ID, no bank account" that's not helping.
So I had to be in touch with your mom, trying to dig up a driver's license or something.
- My mom, is she okay? - Yeah.
She's just a little upset about the You know, the house blowing up.
It's not the whole house.
It's just the the sun-room.
It came out okay, but the bottom line is you're better off in here until your ma cools off.
Just sit tight, Mike.
Oh, one more thing Your shades got delivered to the loft, along with this.
As a spy, you expect to get locked up from time to time.
If you're on the job, you just keep busy until someone negotiates your release.
If you're working alone, you may have to get used to steel bars and baked beans.
All right, you, let's go.
- Go where? - You've been released.
- Why? Has something changed? - I don't know.
You want me to check to see if you can stick around? Now, where can I get myself a pretty shirt like that? Harlan.
- Harlan, what are you doing here? - That's it? I haven't seen you since, what, Lebanon, Bosnia? - Don't I get a, "Hey, old buddy"? - Hey, old buddy.
I heard through the grapevine that you were in the clink, so I called Sam Axe and offered my help.
One of my security clients is a big lawyer, and he accused them of holding you as a political prisoner.
I got a big laugh out of that one.
- Michael Westen and Nelson Mandela.
- Thanks, Harlan.
I just got you out of jail, bud.
Don't I get some love here? Look at you.
I track you down for ages, and suddenly, you're popping out computer databases? Poof! Right out of the blue.
There's stuff on there about you going rogue, selling secrets.
Someone wanted to use me.
Make sure I'd no other options, they fabricated a bunch of stuff and used it to burn me.
Axe told me.
Anyway, I got my ass on down here.
Come on.
I'll give you a ride.
Look who's here! It's good to see you, Michael.
- Mom.
- So glad you're not dead.
I did a little remodeling with Sam.
You like it? - I'm so sorry, mom.
- Who's your friend? This is Harlan.
We did some work together in some other countries a while back.
It's very nice to meet you, Mrs.
It's always nice to meet Michael's mysterious acquaintances.
- Mom, he's a friend.
- When we were in those other countries, Mike always used to say how much he missed his mom.
You're a bad liar, Harlan.
I like that about you.
You want a beer? Sure.
Sounds good.
Sam and Fi are in the back, drawing up plans to fix this mess.
I imagine they could use some help.
Harlan, tell me about yourself.
What do you do? You destroy houses, too? I'm telling you, It's harder rebuilding a sun-room than blowing the damn thing up.
You have no one to blame but yourself.
If you blow something up correctly, you have nothing left to fix.
- Look who came home from jail.
- It's nice to be home.
Hey, I hate to rain on the whole homecoming-lovey thing, but we got problems.
Carla's people were the only thing keeping the cops off our backs, Not to mention who are looking to put a bullet in you.
Third-degree burns prevent acne.
It doesn't mean you set your head on fire.
The point is, we got a whole new set of worries.
We need all the help we can get.
- I was talking to Harlan earlier and - You talking about the gig? The gig? - You told him? - I was about to.
We're helping a girl that he met.
Pays top dollar.
Axe volunteered you and Fi for duty.
Sorry, didn't mean to just spring this on you.
No worries.
He does this for fun.
my family's farm and told us to move.
They said that it belonged to an American company now.
I was doing security for a company down there.
These corporations are bribing officials down south to steal land, and it's all run in Miami.
They paid a judge to put my father in prison.
It's only a matter of time before he dies.
I checked it out.
The guy who runs the scam is Rufino Cortez.
He's wanted in Venezuela as part of a corruption probe.
He'll spook if they try to extradite him, we gotta grab him off the books.
He goes down, we take a few corrupt judges with him.
Sunshine's a great disinfectant.
If we do this, it's not just for Marta's family.
Rufino's been going after all kinds of folks down there.
Marta, let's go get something to drink.
Ever had a mango mojito? What's going on? And don't tell me it was coincidence that you bailed me out of jail and then you just happen to have a job for me.
No, I Listen, I'm sorry.
It's just I've been seeing her, when I heard this thing, you needing help, I figured that I'd - Kill two birds with one stone.
- This Rufino, he's evil.
He's had people come after him, so he's guarded like the Pope.
But I think I've got an angle.
- I need some help.
- My help? You always were the smart one, and I was the pretty one, right? Listen, I looked her in the eye, and I told her I would help.
Please, Mike.
I'll see what I can do.
When I scouted this place, I thought, "Michael's gonna love this".
- Get to play dress-up.
- What's your plan? This is Rufino's club.
He's here every night.
I figured we'd have a better time separating him from his security team in here than outside.
Is that what you figured? He's back there.
Private booth.
You know, he's the boss.
I forget how they say it in spanish.
He's a real charmer.
That scumbag next to him is Falcone, Rufino's main man here in Miami.
You see, the guy almost always has a security detail, even taking a leak.
Almost always? Except for when he takes his nightly skirt to the back.
Private room.
In the highest security places, uniforms are for show.
The real security doesn't announce itself with anything but wary looks and shirts loose enough to hide a gun.
Come on.
The old perv does his thing in there, that door there goes out to the alley.
We just grab Rufino and hustle him out.
I conned a key from the storage company.
You'd have been proud of me.
Classic Mike Westen.
- Harlan, hold on.
- Now we just hang tight.
You think a guy like Rufino would allow the most sensitive part of his club - to be beaten with a storage key? - What else do we need? How about the alarm's code? Break that.
I need a pry bar.
Security devices are generally one-way.
They keep people in, or keep them out.
Most high-security locks are a lot less secure if you come at them backwards.
- What are you doing? Open up! - Just like old times.
- Just like old times.
- Open this door! My God! - Men with guns? Are you alright? - It was fine.
- It's gonna take longer to grab Rufino.
- How much longer? - My father's not well.
We can't do - We're working on it, okay? We're just gonna use a different plan next time.
Yeah, can you give us a minute, babe? I need to talk with Mike.
Hey, I got careless, man.
I'm sorry.
You know, it just - It seemed like it was the right play.
- It's all right.
No, you know, it's like how you always used to say.
Don't get personally involved.
But I'm involved.
And I got sloppy.
Kind of proves my point, though.
I needed your help, right? Anytime, Harlan.
So what happened to you, man? You just disappeared for all that time.
Whoever burned me wanted me out of sight, they were powerful enough to make it happen.
Now you're just a burned spy tossed out into the cold, huh? Might as well tattoo a bull's-eye on your forehead.
That's one way of looking at it.
Well, now you're helping me with Marta.
No matter what happens from here on out, I got your back, brother.
Thanks, Harlan.
And I'll do the planning next time.
You got it.
Feeling thirsty? Rufino Cortez? Are you serious? You want to grab Rufino Cortez? I'm gonna need another mojito.
Have as many as you want.
Just tell me about him.
He's a bagman for this land-grab thing down in Venezuela.
It's a lot of money, a lot of guns.
Not my style.
I'm more of your "friendly neighborhood hide your cash from the tax man" kind of guy.
And Rufino? Rufino is a "rob and kill for hire and call it an investment" kind of guy.
We need you to put together a package, make Mike look like somebody Rufino would want to talk to Business records, bank accounts.
Just promise me you'll have Rufino out of Miami before tax season.
Can do.
You know, when your father was alive, he used to do all the repairs himself.
Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.
The walls were made with four different kinds of lumber.
Frank used to just go out and find stuff.
I wouldn't call tearing wiring out of your neighbor's air conditioner "finding".
- Hey, guys.
- Oh, look! There's the guy who blew up my house! Nice to see you're having such a sunshiny day, Sam.
- Sam, whose car is that? The buick? - Maddy's neighbor.
I took it over there to drop it off, and, well, we got a little friendly.
So she's letting me hang on to the car.
Reynolds? You're romancing an 80-year-old woman for a car? I'm talking about her daughter, Miss Reynolds.
She's 39, going on 22.
Great lady.
Great car.
- Hey, how'd it go? - Good.
Mikey's all set.
He's got a meeting with Rufino's guy, Falcone, later today.
Awesome! That's great.
Mike, your new cover ID.
You're Tom Wellington, esquire.
Lawyer for a shady international investment group.
Hey, you wanna pick the names, you gotta go to the meeting, and listen to Barry talk about his skin-care regimen.
High-status cover Ids are rarely effective.
Claim to be a big shot, and people get suspicious.
Claim to be a big shot's errand boy, people don't think twice.
Act like you don't want to be there because you're tired, you're underappreciated, or you're sick, and people tend to trust you even more.
- Mr.
- Thank you for coming.
Word is If I wanted a meeting with Mr.
Cortez, you are the man to talk to.
I am, indeed.
You can think of me as the gatekeeper.
Now, I had a look at your proposal, Mr.
Very attractive.
Tell me, why is it that your investors are so interested in land in South America? Listen, I'm just a lawyer on the deal.
My job is to set up a meeting with Cortez and my clients.
These clients of yours Tell me a little more about them.
They're people who want to meet with Mr.
People with security concerns.
That's all I can say.
I'll wait for your call.
I don't mean to be rude, but, you know, Mr.
Cortez has security concerns of his own.
I'm just here to set up the meeting.
I have attorney-client privileges.
I understand and respect the importance you attach to your professional ethics, but, you see, in my profession, we have our own code, a code that compels me to break your arm if you don't answer my question.
Do you understand? I don't know their names, okay? They chose me because I had no connection to them, all right? I see.
Now, Mr.
Wellington, sometimes people try and steal from us, or they talk to the police.
Do you wanna know what happens to them? Does that interest you at all? Nope.
No, I just want to make the deal, okay, man? Would you Please let go of my arm.
Well, I think we understand each other.
Be at the train yard in Kendall tomorrow morning at 10:00.
Like a wedding, an armed extraction requires a lot of planning, if you want it to go well.
And like a wedding, it's not the sort of thing you want to do twice, which is why you hold a rehearsal before the big day.
Seriously, Michael, you just let him dislocate your shoulder? It was either that or lose my cover ID.
Couldn't you have just, you know, accidentally snapped his neck? Make it look innocent? I like her style.
You should listen to her more.
Thank you, Harlan.
It's nice to be appreciated.
Okay, let's do this.
This guy knows what he's doing.
I couldn't have picked a better location myself.
They'll come in from over there.
It's the best visibility.
I think our only play is to create a distraction over there.
How distracting? More than a firecracker, less than a neutron bomb.
They'll fall back to there.
We go in heavy as a son of a bitch and shoot their car to pieces.
His security holds us off so the Vips can escape behind those containers.
Where I'll handle Falcone and grab Rufino.
What could be easier? Easy on the explosives, Fi.
We're trying to nail this guy on corruption charges.
It could be tough if he's in little pieces.
It'll save on shipping.
What do you think Michael's gonna do, now that he's just a Miami resident? Well, he's still burned, and he's still Mike, so - I wouldn't say he's a Miami resident.
- You know what I mean.
You think he's ready to leave it behind and just live? I think it's a little tricky.
Can you help me with this? Answer the question, Sam.
I think he'll try and get back in.
Why? When he's got so much here? He might be able to make money, finally.
And look at Harlan.
He might be getting friends.
He did his government work, as you call it, for a reason.
For what? His country? What have they done for him lately, other than betray him, leave him for dead, ruin his life? The fact that you have to ask means you're never gonna get it, Fi.
Hey, sister, don't be throwing explosives at me just 'cause you can't take the cold, hard truth! Any ambush depends on knowing where your target is going to be and when.
Unfortunately, there are times when the only way to put your target in the line of fire is to be there yourself.
- You see anything, Hercules? - Nothing yet, boss.
Those are the times you just have to trust your team, and hope everything goes right.
Where's Mr.
Cortez? Unfortunately, he couldn't be with us today.
I'm authorized to discuss any terms.
What? We agreed Mr.
Cortez would be I find it best to keep agreements flexible, Mr.
Where is Rufino? My job is to meet with Mr.
Cortez, not you.
If he finds out that my clients are doing a deal with someone else, it's your ass.
Yeah, just pull the arm out again.
Feels good.
I don't get to go back to my client without anything short of a meeting with Rufino.
I said you can discuss this with me.
And I said I can do it with Rufino.
You don't like it, shoot me.
- Let's go in.
- No.
Fi starts the show when she sees Rufino.
We move then.
Why are you waving me off? Is this supposed to scare me? Is that what this is? Let me be clear.
You can shoot at me as many times as you want, but unless I get a face-to-face meeting with Rufino, I cannot give you what you want! You're a determined man, Mr.
I'll tell you what I'll call you with a place and time.
We'll pick you up.
You'll meet Mr.
Cortez in the car.
If he likes what you have to say, we'll see about this deal.
If not And I meet with Mr.
Cortez on the way.
I'll be there.
Now, I assume I'll be meeting with the actual Mr.
Cortez this time.
That's a nice combo.
What? It's good this way.
- You get the pickup location, Mikey? - Train tracks on 10th Street.
Looks like the meeting is gonna be on the move so no one can hit it.
Have to hit it on the move, then.
Security levels vary widely for different kinds of vehicles.
So, do you guys do this sort of thing a lot? More than most I suppose.
Garbage trucks, for example, are expensive, but the fact that they're hard to hide and harder to sell means that you don't find a lot of garbage-truck alarm systems.
How long did you and Michael work together? About a year.
You know, he's a pretty damn good guy to have around when things get rough.
He has his moments.
Listen, thanks for helping out with this, seriously.
You want to pay me back? Take Michael for a beer.
Tell him life is worth living when you're not sneaking around for the government.
Will do.
So, I'm thinking, they're gonna follow the tracks, Make sure nobody's after them.
When they get to dollars to doughnuts, they turn around, come back down this way to drop you off when they're done.
And we hit them right there.
Sounds good, Sam.
Harlan's got some Venezuelan commando types coming to take Rufino.
So I poked around.
Sounds like these guys are frothing at the mouth to get this guy down there.
Murder, corruption, conspiracy.
Nice leather briefcase.
Shame to ruin it.
Guess it's for a good cause.
In close spaces, a knife's often more effective than a gun.
Easier to handle, easier to hide, and in the right hands, scarier.
When you asked to borrow your father's old briefcase, you didn't mention you were planning on stabbing someone.
- This is more of a "just in case".
- In case what? I'm gonna get a beer.
A fresh one, from the garage.
Mom - Forget it.
I don't wanna know.
- It's probably better.
I do wanna know if you've given any thought at all to what you might be getting your friend Harlan into.
He's nice, but he's not exactly a rocket scientist.
Hanging out with you isn't the safest thing to do.
- Mom, he's special forces.
- Whatever.
He's got a lot to prove with you.
It's written all over his face.
That's dangerous.
You know, he's your friend, but if something happens to him, I'm just warning you.
Are you through here? I've one more thing to do.
The rolling meeting is a popular security measure among high-end criminals.
It's hard for law enforcement to bug, and it's a lot easier to detect any surveillance.
Do it in an armored car with an armed team, it's not just a secure place, it's a fortress on wheels.
I love these SUVs.
They're roomy.
If you're going to take on that fortress, you'd better have an army.
Wellington, meet Mr.
It's an honor to get a meeting with someone so shy.
Let's focus on the matter at hand.
Your clients want to buy a lot of land in my country, Mr.
Coffee plantations, soybeans, corn - These are men of great appetite.
- I just do the paperwork.
I ask myself, "Who needs so much land?" Farm importers dodging taxes? Chemical companies dumping waste? Or perhaps, an american law-enforcement agency? You think I'm a cop? You're joking! You think I'm wearing a wire? You wanna check? Look.
Nothing there.
- Nothing there.
You wanna see this? - That's enough! Can we do this, please? A deal like is means many enemies.
There will be officials to bribe, judges Lives will end.
Tell me why I should do a deal with ghosts who hide behind numbered bank accounts and lawyers? I don't like this.
Stop the car.
Wait a second, here.
What the hell? Come on, Mikey.
Something's wrong.
They stopped.
Do you think that I don't want to tell you? Get out.
You're done.
When an operation depends on clockwork timing and position, you have to do whatever it takes to make sure it comes together.
I can't go back empty-handed.
You don't know who I'm dealing with.
These guys are serious.
It's a billion dollars.
The way these people work, if I don't close the deal, they'll put a bullet back of my head, and they'll find another guy to do it.
I cannot go back to these guys and say, "Sorry, men, the deal didn't go through".
Just hear me out, please.
Tell me more.
Okay, we're back in business.
You guys ready to go? - Do you have to ask? - Ready, ready.
And Fiona.
The principles behind a snatch-and-grab are straightforward, Separate the target from security, then keep the security occupied while the target is acquired.
Simple enough, but like anything, it's all in the execution.
- What the hell? - Get down! There's a reason it's called bullet-resistant glass, not bulletproof.
The right bullet will take out any glass.
Put the gun down.
Gun down, gun down! You've a slug in your engine block, your team is pinned down, and I'm leaving with your boss.
If I were you, I'd think about another line of work other than security.
Nice work, Jefe! That was a beautiful thing, Mike.
Just like the old days, buddy.
It'll be a beautiful thing when we get Rufino on a boat to Venezuela.
Everything's taken care of.
The team's gonna pick him up at dawn.
Man, I'm sorry.
I forgot to tell you.
There's one change in the plan.
They're not coming for Rufino.
They're coming for you.
It's Sam, again.
It's been a while.
We're just worried about you.
Call me when you get this.
Think we should order him another couple of drinks? You've ordered four beers and two coffees.
You stop ordering, when someone doesn't show up after three hours.
Right, but he was so specific.
We ditch the truck, they ship off Rufino, we meet them here.
- They should have at least checked in.
- How well did you know Harlan? I don't know.
We did four or five missions.
Always had your back.
- You think? - I think sometimes people change.
Jesus, what a beautiful night.
Smell that ocean air.
You sure this is the smart play here, Harlan? - Don't you talk to me about smart play.
- How long have we known each other? Not long enough for you to show me a little respect.
Is this how you get respect? You betray a friend and kill a man? As a matter of fact, yes.
I spent a lot of time carrying the bags, kicking down doors, getting the guns ready.
I need a change.
Please don't do this.
You're making a mistake.
I disagree.
I got to say, I'm pretty proud of this.
Rufino's partners back home are getting a little nervous about this anti-corruption thing.
They knew the federales want to bag him, start a big probe, so they asked me for help.
Yeah, they asked me.
I went the white knight with Marta, and I got myself the gig to grab.
And when you showed up on the radar, it was perfect.
I get someone to help me out with the old man.
- Thanks for that, by the way.
- No problem.
Of course, we needed somebody to blame for smoking Rufino.
I'm gonna give the federales Mike Westen.
The dirty spy who denied them their chance for justice.
You were the cherry on top of the whole thing.
- And Marta? - Marta Rufino stole every farm within 50 miles.
It's not too hard to find some desperate chica who needed my help.
She's very grateful.
You should think about that while you stand in front of the firing squad.
It might help you feel better.
You know, Fiona wanted me to talk to you.
She wanted me to tell you that there's a life after you're done being a spy.
Not very long, in your case.
How do you know you can trust Rufino's partners? What's stopping them from turning on you the way they turned on him? Man, don't you dare patronize me! I'm not patronizing you.
You won, you beat me.
You're smarter than me.
I'm just asking you to think about it.
You're better than this.
I know you.
You're a patriot.
We served together.
You sure this is who you wanna be, a mercenary, betraying his friend for blood money? - I'm sure.
- That's all I needed to know.
Pretty clever, Mike! But I still can kick your ass! When you're trying to hide in the water, fire is your friend.
The light turns the surface of the water into a mirror.
Then it's just a matter of finding a place to surface where the fire isn't consuming all the oxygen.
You think you're gonna run, make it out to the road? Give it a shot, buddy.
Come on, Mike.
Let's do this.
Just you and me.
Right now, man to man, buddy.
One of the things covert operatives have to give up is the idea of a fair fight.
Spies aren't trained to fight fair.
Spies are trained to win.
I'm sorry.
Who is this? The man on the docks there, the one who you wanted to get Rufino Cortez for you, he works with Rufino's partners.
They wanted to make sure he was dead before the trial.
You want to put someone on trial, Harlan's the best you're gonna do.
Mike, this is not good.
You've been swimming away from bad guys a little too often these days.
I know.
I'm not saying you're not popular, but you're a guy who's had a lot of disagreements over the years.
- You can't even trust your buddies.
- It's nothing we can't handle.
Michael, you really need stitches.
I'm fine.
The cuts are shallow.
I know.
I made them.
You know, I never liked that Harlan.
Do you remember? I told you You told me I was going to get him killed.
No, you misunderstood.
That's not what I meant.
It doesn't matter.
The point is You three need to stick together.
- Are you gonna be all right? - Yes.
I'm going home tonight.
The newspapers are already saying that the land will be returned.
My father will be released from prison soon.
That's good.
I'm glad.
Sorry about Harlan.
He seemed so nice Like a good man.
He was a good man once.
- I didn't mean to bring you to trouble.
- It's not your fault.
Trouble seems to find me without any help.
Good luck.
- How you doing there, brother? - I'm fine, Sam.
- I could have done this meeting alone.
- I know.
Just wanted to get some air, go for a ride with my pal in sunny Miami.
Sunshine, you know? What the hell am I gonna do? You got a target on your back.
- There's nobody else protecting you.
- I don't need a bodyguard.
I need an agency.
It's time for me to get my old job back, my real job.
We went through this.
Just because folks that burned you are laying off doesn't change the fact that you're radioactive.
Government types aren't gonna touch you.
You're still out.
Then I'll find a way to get back in.
Simple as that? Alright.
You're buying the mojitos.